Hello Gents and Ladies,

This is a warning to let you know that my site contains explicit sexual material that is not appropriate for children. My site contains stories involving mainly men that sleep with other men, as in they are gay.


If you are not allowed to access this site, basically because of age, laws or ordinances of your town or if it’s against your religion, then I urge you to hit the back button or type another address in the bar up there, I am not responsible for what you read on the world wide web.

If you continue to move forward in my site, then you are adhering to the rules of your governing country. So please don’t be a minor, if you are, that’s yo’ azz. Now for all of the rest of you, You are responsible for any stories, music or pictures that you download. If you are not supposed to have that kind of material on your computer, then that’s yo’ azz too.

This is my warning to you, so take note, you have been warned, and have ample option to leave this place, so the decision is yours. View gay and sexually-explicit material or turn away now.

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