The Past Comes Knocking – Chapter 7

Chapter 7 – A Coming Out May 25, 2004 –New York City, NY – The Hyatt – Hotel Restaurant “Where do you think you’re going?”  Heather asked, looking up at the man.  “We’re not done here.  I have more to…” “Look Heather, right now, I don’t think JT even cares about what’s going on in […]

The Past Comes Knocking – Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – Memory Lane Derailed May 24, 2004 – Somewhere in Pennsylvania – Mutual Attraction’s Tour Bus – The Bathroom JT’s POV “So, what happened between you and Wes?”  Nikki asked, looking at me as I sat back down on the toilet seat. “Wes, after a show one night, he started to act distant.  […]