The Awakening – Chapter 6

Chapter 6 — A Fractured Soul

Day 23 — Bensonhurst, NY — The Home of Darren and Tara James — The Backyard


“Hello everybody,” JT announced as he appeared in the area as Tara jumped up from where she sat.

“JT, where in the hell have you been?  You’ve been gone for almost a week,” Tara stated with a mean look on her face as she walked towards JT as he held up his hands.

“What has turned you into a sourpuss?”  JT asked as Tara shook her head and then slapped him across the face.  “Tara!”

“Don’t damn ‘Tara‘ me!  How dare you show your damn face around here after being gone for a whole damn week!  No fucking words about you being okay or not!  I’m able to communicate telepathically with you, so you had a way of communicating and contacting me!”  Tara screamed as JT’s expression changed.

“I—I’m sorry,” JT replied as Tara shook her head again as she grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and then jacked him up off of his feet as she pushed him against a tree, holding him tight.  “Tara, put me down!”

“No, I’m not going to put you down!”  Tara screamed as her eyes sparkled with energy as she transformed into her costume.

“You—you transformed into Amazon without spinning around,” JT spoke as Tara smirked and then jumped into the air, taking flight with him in her grasp as he looked down with a scared look on his face.  “Tara, what’s going on?”

“Let’s just say you’re not the only one capable of upgrades to yourself,” Tara stated as the two of them were close to the edge of the planet’s atmosphere, almost in outer space.

“Tara,” JT stated as she shook her head again.

“Shut up JT and listen!”  Tara snapped as JT closed his mouth.  “You were gone for a whole damn week!”

“I know that now Tara,” JT replied as Tara glared at him.

“While you were gone, our new friend, the lady you that you left with us, almost got all of us captured by the police and anybody else that wanted to poke and prod on us because she kept disappearing from my damn house!”  Tara snapped as she pointed her finger in JT’s face.  “It’s hard to find someone when you don’t know jack-shit about them!”

“I…” JT started to say as Tara slapped him across the face again, shutting him up.

“I’m not a real telepath JT; I can’t track that woman down!”  Tara screamed as she rolled her eyes.  “My empathic abilities can only do so much!  I’m not you damn it!”

“Nobody said you were Tara,” JT replied as Tara glared at him again.

“You expected me to be, since you left that woman at my house and didn’t tell any of us, any pertinent information about her, except her damn name!”  Tara screamed as she shook her head as a tear rolled down her cheek.  “Did you know she had problems with her memory?”

“Ah—no, I didn’t know that at all, but that could’ve been a result of Ranger’s tinkering with her or him using that damn collar, that I zapped off of her,” JT stated as Tara frowned.  “I’m sorry Tara, I had to leave.  In that time that I got the call, I didn’t have time to do anything else.  You know when you’re called, you must go.”

“That took you a whole damn week JT?”  Tara asked as JT frowned.  “JT?”

“I… Ahhhh… Well… I sorta went about my regular business, until I thought things were settled with another matter,” JT stated, averting his eyes from Tara as she shook her head.  “I didn’t want to give Brian a chance to…”

“Speaking of Brian, the boy is totally crushing on you and you won’t even acknowledge that he even exists,” Tara stated as she pointed her finger in JT’s face again.  “The boy is head over heels in love with you and…”

“And I don’t need that in my life right now.  I don’t want to experience another…” JT stated as Tara glared at him and then smacked him across the face again.

“Cut that shit out JT,” Tara stated as she said.  “Brian isn’t Jamie, he’s not Drew and he sure as hell isn’t Tyler.”

“You forgot about Tim, Joey and Donovan,” JT stated as Tara shook her head again.

“What in the hell is so wrong with having someone around that wants to love you?”  Tara asked as JT looked at her as if she were crazy.  “Answer me JT, what’s so damn wrong with that?”

“There’s nothing wrong with that, but Brian is so much younger than me and he—he has issues that he’s not willing to deal with,” JT stated as Tara’s eyes widened.

“Are you kidding me here?  I’m hearing this from the man that has more issues than a fucking magazine subscription!”  Tara snapped as she threw her hands up.  “I’ve known you most of my life JT, but sometimes I wonder about you.  How crazy are you?”

“I’m crazy enough to know not to get involved with someone I don’t know, that can cause me to hurt more than I already do,” JT stated as he looked down.

“Did you ever think that the guy has been hurt enough and he needs someone to show him something positive in his life?  It’s not always about you JT, damn!”  Tara screamed as she slapped JT across the face again and then turned away from him.  “One day, I hope you realize that the world doesn’t revolve around you!  Because you’re a damn Prince in a magical dimension, doesn’t mean you’re one here!”

“Tara,” JT said as Tara shook her head and then flew in the other direction, leaving him floating alone.  “I—I can’t believe she just did that.”

Day 35 — Washington, D.C. — The Pentagon — A Secret Restricted Area

“Come on Ranger, I would like to know what’s going on with those super freaks,” a tall white man spoke as he shook his head and then walked around the table, getting in General Ranger’s face.

“Nothing’s going on sir,” General Ranger replied as the man raised an eye at him.

“What in the hell is going on with those super-enhanced humans Ranger?”  The man asked, folding his arms across his chest.  “You’ve had two cycles to get what we want and so far you’ve turned up nil.”

“There’s nothing to worry about sir.  I have everything under control,” General Ranger stated with a smile.  “Pretty soon, we’ll have everything we want.”

“What?  You have everything under control?  Are you fucking kidding me here?”  The man asked as he looked at General Ranger strangely as he turned away from him and then walked over to a computer console and pressed a button as a monitor turned on.  “Does this look like you have things under control?”

“As I said sir, things are under control,” General Ranger replied as he and the man watched footage of JT attacking his mind with his psychic powers.  “I had a minor set back, but things are as I said, under control.”

“Have you been smoking something Ranger?”  The man asked as he grabbed General Ranger by the collar of his shirt and then jacked him up.  “You let that woman get taken from you and your men!  That woman provided a big clue as to how we can remain in power, but you let her get taken away from you!  Tell me David; tell me how you have things under control!”

“Sir, if you’ll let me go, I’ll explain it to you,” General Ranger spoke as the man let him go and he was able to sit back down in his chair.

“Go on,” the man said as he looked at General Ranger closely.

“The woman isn’t fully lost to us,” General Ranger spoke with a sly smile as he pressed a button on the computer terminal and pointed.  “I know where the woman is.”

“You know where she is?  Why in the hell isn’t she back here then?”  The man asked.

“She’s in Bensonhurst, New York,” General Ranger stated as he pressed another button on the computer console.  “She’s been there since she was ‘taken’ from me.”

“If you know where she is, why in the hell haven’t you gone to get her back?”  The man asked.

“Simple, I want to get all of them,” General Ranger stated as the man looked at him strangely.  “I want to get her and her new friends. Once I have them all, then we’ll have what we need to remain in power.”

“How are we going to remain in power David?”  The man asked as General Ranger walked around the table and then pressed a button on another console.

“Here’s what we’ve seen so far,” General Ranger stated as he pressed another button on the console as multiple images displayed on the monitor.  “There’s the original woman that can open doorways to other places.”

“Right and that’s what we need,” the man stated as he looked at the images on the screen.

“Yes, but that could be so much better with this woman here,” General Ranger stated with a smile.  “This woman is a powerhouse all by herself.  She can fly, she seems to have super strength and she does wonders with a lasso you won’t even believe.”

“It sounds like she can be a viable weapon,” the man said with a smile as General Ranger pressed another button on the console.  “And what does that man there do?”

“I don’t know what all he does, but each time I’ve come in contact with him, he’s displayed a different skill,” General Ranger stated.  “In our first meeting, he displayed the skill of levitation and flight.  He was able to take the guns from my soldiers with just a wave of his hand.  He was also able to pull lightning from the night sky the same way.  He threw soldiers around the area like they were rag-dolls.”

“Impressive, but what is the force behind that?”  The man asked as he looked at General Ranger.

“I first thought he was a psychic with telekinetic powers, but I think there’s something more with him,” General Ranger stated as he looked down and then pressed another button on the console.  “This guy here, he said strange words and things happened.  I can only assume that he’s some sort of witch or magician.  The black guy was able to say similar words also, so I think the two men have a similar nature.”

“Isn’t that the same black man that was captured here some time ago?”  The man asked as General Ranger nodded his head.  “Then how in the hell did he get away from here?  Were the power dampeners in their proper place and active?”

“The power dampeners were there and active, the reason which I believe he has some kind of witch-like nature, since that man and woman were able to get in and help him get away,” General Ranger stated with a frown.  “I have a different plan to get them all, including the little one that hurt the maker.”

“How is the Maker right now?  Is he able to proceed with our plans?”  The man asked as he pressed some buttons on the console as the image on the screen changed to display a medical report.  “It seems he didn’t do a good job, his first time out in the field was a disaster.”

“It wasn’t a disaster sir, it was more like he was hindered by…” General Ranger stated as the man interrupted him.

“Is he going to be a liability to the cause?  How is he going to be beneficial to us, if he’s not able to properly defend himself?  Is his skill going to be an asset to us or not?”  The man asked.

“His skill is already an asset to us sir,” General Ranger stated with a sly smile on his face.  “I installed a little device at the base of the Maker’s skull that allows me to imitate his ability, even giving me control over him, just in case he turns his back on the cause.”

“Is that so?  What about the woman?  Did you do the same thing to her?”  The man asked as General Ranger smiled and then nodded his head.  “If she has the same thing in her head, why is she where she is right now?”

“As I stated before sir, I’m waiting for the right moment to get them all,” General Ranger stated as he walked closer to the man.  “Just give me a little bit more time and I’ll promise you, we’ll have the bounty that we want.”

“Fine David, you have a week’s time to have those freaks here, under lock and key,” the man said as he turned, tipped his hat and then walked out of the room as General Ranger saluted.

“Great, how am I going to get those freaks in that time span?”  General Ranger asked as he shook his head, sighed and then walked out of the room as well, leaving the console monitor on with pertinent information to his plans displayed on the screen.

A Few Hours Later — A Few Meters Below — An Exam Area

“Stop!  Let me go damn it!”  A young man screamed as he struggled to get off of an exam table.  “Let me go right now!”

“There’s no need for you struggling here Derrick,” General Ranger stated as he stood at the edge of the exam table, leering at the young man.  “You’re here for a very important reason.”

“Where’s my sister?”  The young man asked as he continued struggling to get off the exam table.  “That man said my sister was in danger and that she needed my help!  Where is she damn it?!”

“I guess your sister is perfectly fine, wherever she may be,” General Ranger stated with a sly smile.  “I have no idea where your sister is, she wasn’t the one we wanted.  Besides Derrick, your sister shouldn’t be your concern right now.”

“If there’s nothing wrong with my sister, then let me go, now damn it!”  The young man screamed as General Ranger shook his head as he waved his hand over the young man’s face.

“In time dear boy, in time,” General Ranger stated as he pressed a button on the exam table as he stepped back quickly as protective covering shield came down from the ceiling and surrounding the exam table as a gas filled the inside as the young man stopped struggling.  “Good, he’s out again.”

“Sir, we have a problem,” a cadet spoke as he stepped into the room behind General Ranger and then saluted.

“What’s the problem cadet?”  General Ranger asked just as a siren sounded.  “Never mind slowpoke!”

= All hands, security level red! =

“What in blazes is happening around here cadet?”  General Ranger asked as he rushed past the cadet.

“Sir, we’re currently under attack!”  The cadet yelled as he followed behind General Ranger down the corridor.


“Damn!  We have to get out of here!”  JT yelled as he swung his psychic sword at a soldier as it fizzled a bit.  “I got Nest, but he’s out cold!  The power dampeners around here are zapping my powers heavily!  I can’t keep up at this level of fighting!  This guy is deadweight right now and I can’t protect us for long!”

“There are more people in the cells!”  Jennifer yelled as she flew past JT.

“Conjurer, Chase!  Do what you can to get those people out of the cells!  Get as many of them as you can to safety!”  JT demanded as he continued fighting with the soldiers.

“Malevolent, are you able to telepathically lock onto the people in the cells?”  Tara asked as she floated near JT.  “Is there a way you can lock onto them and teleport them out?”

“I’m sorry Amazon.  The spell Conjurer placed on us to keep our powers working, isn’t fairing well against those damn power dampeners,” JT stated as he grabbed one of the soldiers and then tossed him through the air as his eyes glowed momentarily.  “They are providing me with enough bio-energy to fuel my tactile telekinesis and strength.  I can’t keep stealing soul energy from these men.  I—I don’t want to do that!”

“We have to do something else.  There are way too many of them!”  Tara screamed as she used her lasso to rope a few of the soldiers together as she flew them into the air and then released them, letting them fall to the floor.  “The more I take them out, the more that come back to fight!”

“I know what you mean,” JT replied as he threw another soldier through the air as he did his best to defend himself and the person he had retrieved from one of the exam rooms.

“Are those guys even real?  I’m not feeling anything from them at all.  They remind me of your demonphages!”  Tara screamed as she flew through the air with a few soldiers in her arms as she slammed them into a wall.

“They are definitely real!”  JT yelled as he slashed a few of the soldiers with his psychic sword.  “If they weren’t real, my sword wouldn’t have any effect on them!  They have to have some kind of mind or soul for my sword to work on them.”

“Malevolent, we’re not getting anywhere here.  We’re not going to win this,” Tara stated as she roped a few of the soldiers with her lasso and then slammed them against the side of a building as JT’s eyes flared with psychic energy as images of himself appeared in different places around the area.  “That’s great, the psi-clones again.  I hope these things work out in our favor here.”

“There’s only so much I can do for now,” JT stated as the person with him opened his eyes just as JT stabbed his sword through the forehead of one of the soldiers, causing the soldier to scream out in agony as the person witnessed this and started freaking out.  “Calm down Walden.”

“Calm down?  What in the hell is going on here?  Who in the hell are you?”  Walden Nest asked as JT moved in front of him quickly, blocking him from being attacked by one of the soldiers.

“My name is Malevolent and I’m trying to keep these guys from killing you,” JT replied as he punched a nearby soldier in the face and then grabbed Walden by the arm, moving them around in a circle quickly, getting away from the soldiers.  “Do you know how to use your powers?  Do you know how to fight, using them?”

“I know how to fight,” Walden replied as JT smiled and then waved his hand as his psychic sword appeared in his hand again.

“Stay close to me so you won’t get hurt,” JT instructed as he continued fighting with the soldiers as Walden pitched in, punching the soldiers that approached them.


“Boss man, we have a big problem,” Darren stated, appearing next to JT.

“What’s the problem Conjurer?”  JT asked as he moved the two of them around as he waved his hand, sending a few of the soldiers crashing into the side of a building.

“I opened one of the cells to release the prisoner and that’s what happened,” Darren stated as he turned JT to face one of the buildings that was on fire.

“That fire,” JT replied as his eyes flared with psychic energy.  “No!”

“What’s going on Malevolent?”  Darren asked as he looked at JT strangely.

“That fire happened because you opened a cell?”  JT asked.

“Yeah and problem is, she looks just like you,” Darren stated as JT looked at him strangely.

“What do you mean she looks just like me?”  JT asked as his eyes glowed brightly as Darren’s eyes flashed the same color, signaling that JT had used his psychic powers to read Darren’s mind.  “Oh God, that—that’s my sister!”

“Damn, I think we have a bigger problem here now,” Darren stated as he snapped his fingers as Tara appeared next to him.  “Darlin’, I think the shit is about to hit the fan.”

“What’s going on Conjurer?”  Tara asked.

“I think they captured your friend’s sister and abused her,” Darren replied as Tara’s eyes widened.

“Oh God no, I hope that’s not the case,” Tara stated as there was a loud explosion as the shockwave knocked her and Darren down to the ground.  “Oh God!  That totally wasn’t a good thing!”

To Be Continued…

After The Glitter Fades – Chapter 5

Chapter 5 — Is It Murder?

May 29, 2004 – Philadelphia, PA – The Radisson Plaza Hotel – Heather’s Hotel Room


“He’s my daddy?”  Caleb asked as he looked up at Ken and then at me.  “Is that why we came here?  Mommy said that he was an old friend, she didn’t say he was my daddy.”

“I’m sorry buddy,” Ken spoke, sighing as he looked down at Caleb. “It looks like the cat’s out of the bag now.”

“Yeah, the cat’s out of the bag,” I said, noticing how Justin was watching me, Ken and Caleb.  With all the shit going on right now, I bet he doesn’t want to be with me anymore.  “Ken, we still need to have a talk, but I guess that talk can…”

“Hey Justin, can—can you do us a big favor?”  Ken asked, looking over at Justin as he looked around again and then walked over to us.

“It depends,” Justin replied as he looked at Ken strangely.

“Could you sit here and keep Caleb some company for a bit?’  Ken asked, pleading with his eyes for Justin to say ‘yes’ to his request.

“Ah yeah, I guess I can do that,” Justin replied as I smiled at him.

“Sweet,” Ken spoke as he knelt down to Caleb.  “Caleb, I need you do to me a favor and sit out here with Mr. Justin, while I go talk with JT for a bit.  We’ll be back as soon as we can, okay buddy?”

“I can do that Uncle Ken,” Caleb stated as he hugged Ken around the neck and then looked up at Justin as he realized who Justin was.

“We’ll be out there on the patio, if we’re needed,” Ken stated, looking over at Justin.  “If you need us, give a yell.”

“Okay,” Justin replied as we walked towards the patio.

Outside on the Patio

“Okay, out with it Ken.  What’s going on around here and I want to know every damn thing right now,” JT said as he pointed his finger at Ken.

“I—I don’t know where to really start,” Kevin stated with a frown on his face.

“Start where Heather and I are now connected for the rest of our lives, when we shouldn’t be,” JT stated, shaking his head.  “Come on Ken, you know me here and you know that women…”

“I’m sorry JT, I’m not the bad guy here,” Ken stated, sighing as he looked down again.

“You’re just the brother of the bad guy,” JT sarcastically said as he sighed also.  “Just tell me what in the hell is going on here Ken.  How is all of this possible?”

“To put it lightly, I’m guessing you already know Caleb is your son,” Ken said, looking over at JT as JT gave him a mean look.

“Yeah, that’s been established already,” JT said as he shook his head.  “Come on Ken, we need to get to the part where Caleb became my son.  You know for a fact that I’ve never had sex with Heather or any other woman.  Hell, I haven’t done anything with Heather that would even lead to sex.  So, how in the hell did I end up with a child with her?  That’s the big question of the century Ken.  How in the world is that possible?”

“It’s all possible because you were taken advantage of at a moment of weakness… You were raped,” Ken stated as JT’s eyes widened.

“I was raped?  She raped me?  How?  When?” JT asked.

“I don’t exactly know the exact date, I just know that one night, after one of your shows, she slept with you, while you were passed out,” Ken stated with a frown on his face.  “From what I know of what happened, you were unconscious and she took that as her go ahead to have sex with you.”

“Oh God,” JT said, shaking his head as some tears fell from his eyes.

“I think your drink was spiked or something.  I also think your manager had a hand in things,” Ken stated, sighing.  “I overheard the two of them talking about what she had done.  From the things that were said, I’m thinking he put something in your Vodka and he was waiting for you to pass out, so he could have his way with you, but Heather beat him to you.”

“What!”  JT snapped as Justin, Caleb and a few other people in the room, turned and looked at the two of them. “So, Marc really did know what happened.”

“Yeah, I guess he did,” Ken replied as he shook his head.

“He knew and didn’t tell me back then when it happened, mainly because his secret would’ve gotten out and he would’ve gone to jail, losing all of his money and damn power!”  JT snapped.

“Calm down JT,” Ken suggested as he placed a hand on JT’s shoulder.

“Are you fucking serious?  You expect me to just calm down after finding out that I was fucking raped!”  JT screamed again, flailing his arms around as Shannon walked over to the patio door, opened it and motioned for the two of them to keep it down as she closed the door back.

“JT, we don’t’ want Caleb overhearing any of this,” Ken said with a frown on his face.

“Maybe he should be hearing it, so he would know just how evil, conniving, deceitful and malicious his mother could be, to stoop so low as to rape me, to…” JT stated as Ken interrupted him.

“JT,” Ken said as JT shook his head.

“No Ken, why did she do it?”  JT asked, sighing as he looked down and then wiped at his eyes.  “Why me?  I’m sure there were other men out there in the world that would’ve helped her conceive a child.  She didn’t have to do what she did to get one from me of all people.  Why me Ken?  Why was I the special person, chosen for this fucked up honor?”

“Come on JT, you know Heather has always had a thing for you,” Ken stated as he looked down, an angry expression on his face.

“No, Heather always had a thing for the damn spotlight,” JT stated as he pointed his finger at Ken.  “Please tell me that she didn’t orchestrate all of this, just to make a name for… Oh God, that’s what it is, isn’t it?”

“Come on man, I don’t think…” Ken said as JT shook his head.

“Ken, she raped me, just so she could be famous.  If I’m adding up the timing of things, she did this way after her career was already over.  From what you just said, she did this while she was tagging along, after one of my shows, that means it was back when ‘Soul Connection’ was going strong.  By that time, her career was non-existence and no one was looking for her to continue acting.  Am I correct or what Ken?”

“You—you’re right about that JT,” Ken replied as he sighed and then shook his head.

“Is that why we broke up?”  JT asked, looking at Ken strangely.

“Let’s not talk about that,” Ken replied as he crossed his arms across his chest and then turned away from JT.

“This bitch has lost her damn mind!”  JT snapped as Shannon returned back to the door and then walked outside with them.

“You two need to keep it down, mainly you,” Shannon suggested as she pointed her finger at JT as Ken shook his head ‘no’ at her.

“Look bitch, I don’t know you from Adam!  I’m not going to stand here and let you tell me I need to keep it down!  I…” JT said as Ken interrupted him again.

“Shannon, just go back inside please,” Ken begged as JT’s cell phone rang as he pulled it out of his pocket, looked at the screen and then shook his head.  “Aren’t you going to answer that?”

“No,” JT replied as he placed the phone back into his pocket.  “She’ll call Justin after I don’t answer.”

“Who is it?”  Ken asked.

“My mother,” JT replied, crossing his arms across his chest as Shannon turned around and then walked back into the hotel room.  “You get back to the shit with your sister.”

“It seems you’ve figured everything out,” Ken stated as he sighed again.  “There’s really nothing more to tell you, except that she’s here now, because she’s tired of raising Caleb and wants to get back into the spotlight.”

“I’m starting to feel a bit… I’m starting to feel like she has something to do with the problems I’m having in the media.  Is she the reason for my problems in the media?”  JT asked, looking at Ken closely as the man averted his eyes.  “This just keeps getting better and better.”

“JT,” Ken said as JT shook a hand at him.

“I want you to answer me Ken.  Does she have anything to do with my trouble in the media right now?  I want you to say it,” JT said as he pointed his finger at Ken, waiting for him to answer.

“Yes,” Ken replied, looking down again.

“This ho is going to wish she never laid eyes on me when I’m done with her,” JT said as Ken’s eyes widened.

“JT, what are you going to do?”  Ken asked.

“I’m calling my lawyer,” JT replied as he turned around to open the patio door as Ken grabbed his arm, pulling him away from the door and closing it back.

“No JT, stop,” Ken said as he held onto JT’s hand.  “Calling your lawyer and taking things to court isn’t going to solve anything.  Regardless of how this played out, you’ll still look like the bad guy in the public’s eyes.”

“How would I look like the bad guy here Ken?  She raped me!  This wasn’t the other way around damn it!  I didn’t rape her, she raped me!”  JT snapped as Justin walked over to the door with his cell phone in hand as he came outside with them.

“The ambulance has arrived and the doctor has ordered for Heather to be placed on a seventy-two hour suicide watch hold,” Justin stated as he looked at JT.  “Are you okay babe?”

“I don’t know right now,” JT replied as he looked down as Caleb walked outside, moving around Justin, to get next to Ken.

“Uncle Ken, they are talking Mommy away now,” Caleb stated as the tears streamed down his face.

“Calm down buddy,” Ken said as he looked at JT.  “Everything’s going to be okay.”

“No it’s not, my mommy’s gone and now I’m going to be all alone,” Caleb said with a frown on his face as he sniffled.

“You’re not all alone buddy,” Ken said as he looked at JT again.  “I’m here and—and so is your dad.”

“I’m glad you here, but why is he here now?”  Caleb asked, looking over at JT.

“I—I’m here because I just found out about you,” JT replied, trying to keep his emotions in check around the little boy.

“Buddy, why don’t you stay right here with your dad, I’m going to find out some information about your mom,” Ken said as he walked back into the hotel room, leaving Justin, JT and Caleb alone together on the patio.

A Few Hours Later – Penn Medicine – Intensive Care Unit – Heather’s Room

“Hi girl, how are you feeling?”  Shannon asked as Heather turned her head, looking at her and then groaned.

“What’s going on?  Where in the hell am I?”  Heather asked, looking around.  “I—I’m not dead, am I?”

“From the way things looked earlier, we all thought that’s what you were aiming for girl,” Shannon stated with a frown on her face.  “What brought this on?  What in the world were you thinking?”

“What are you talking about Shan?”  Heather asked, trying to move her arms, but couldn’t as she noticed that she was strapped down to the bed.  “What’s going on Shan? Why am I tied up like this?”

“You’re restrained because the doctors have you on a suicide watch hold,” Shannon replied, averting her eyes from Heather.  “Until the doctors say otherwise, those things stay on, while you’re here in the hospital.”

“What?  Where’s Caleb?”  Heather asked, looking around as she struggled to get free of the bounds on her arms as a monitor in the room started making a loud noise.

“Heather stop it, you need to calm down right now,” Shannon stated as a doctor, nurse and an orderly rushed into the room.

“Ms. Tate, is there a problem here?”  The doctor asked, looking at Shannon and then over at Heather.

“Why am I here?”  Heather asked, continuing to struggle against the bounds on her arms and wrists.

“You’re here because you tried to kill yourself,” the doctor answered as Heather’s eyes widened and then she shook her head.

“What?  No, I didn’t try to kill myself,” Heather stated as she continued struggling as the doctor motioned to the nurse as she left the room.

“Heather, you…” Shannon spoke as Heather interrupted her.

“Shannon, you have to believe me.  I didn’t try to kill myself,” Heather stated, getting agitated.

“If you didn’t try to kill yourself Ms. Stewart, then why are you here in the hospital right now?  Why did I, along with two other doctors have to work on getting you patched up?  From stitching up the cuts on your arms and pumping your stomach, we have multiple reasons to believe that you should be restrained for your own protection,” the doctor explained as he looked at Heather closely as Shannon covered her mouth as her eyes widened.

“I—I didn’t try to kill myself,” Heather stated as she shook her head from side-to-side.

“Then what happened to you Ms. Stewart?”  The doctor asked.  “Who cut your wrists and who put those pills into your stomach?”

“I—I don’t know,” Heather replied as Shannon looked at her strangely.  “I was sitting out in the main part of the hotel room, watching TV until I got a phone call from someone.  The person did nothing but yell and call me names.  I hung up the phone and returned to watching TV until I fell asleep and the next thing I know, I’m here with you people.”

“So Ms. Stewart, you’re saying that you have no recollection of what happened to you before waking up here?”  The doctor asked with a frown on his face.

“I just told you what happened man,” Heather stated, glaring at the doctor.  “Why would I want to kill myself, I have a son to raise.”

“Ms. Stewart, as a precaution, a crisis worker will be here later on to talk with you.  Maybe then you can get the help that you need… Something to help you with whatever it is that you’re going through,” the doctor said as he smiled weakly and then walked out of the room as the nurse returned back to the room, checked the bounds on Heather’s arms and then left with the orderly.

“Heather, they had to pump your stomach and stitch up your arms.  What in the hell is going on here?  What in the hell is all of this?  Was this part of your plan?”  Shannon asked, watching Heather like a hawk.  “How is you ending up in the damn hospital, trying to kill yourself, going to hurt Caleb’s father?”

“None of this was part of my plan,” Heather stated as she sighed.  “I didn’t do this to myself.  Someone came into the room and tried—tried to hurt me.”

“Who?  Was it that JT guy?”  Shannon asked.

“No, it wasn’t him, but it could’ve been someone who knows him,” Heather stated with a frown.  “Being that I’m here, he probably has put the pieces together that I’m the one behind all of his troubles in the media.  He probably set it up for someone to try to kill me.”

“That’s some cold-hearted shit girl,” Shannon stated as she shook her head.  “Heather, I think you need to get out of this while you can and leave this man alone.  I don’t think this is going to end for you in a good way.”

“Oh, it’s going to end real soon.  He’ll be ruined damn it,” Heather stated as she sighed.  “I just have to get out of here first.”

“Let me get this straight, you’re saying someone cut your wrist and then filled you up with drugs, is that right Heather?”  Shannon asked as she looked at Heather closely.

“As I said to the doctor, why would I try to kill myself Shan, I’m not trying to leave Caleb,” Heather stated as she looked at Shannon strangely.  “I gotta find a way to get out of here, so I can find out who did this to me.”

“I think you better do something quick,” Shannon stated as she looked around the room.  “That doctor is probably writing out a report about you and it won’t look good.  If a custody case arises from this mess you created with Caleb’s father, a judge will favor him, before favoring you.  This can be used against you.”

“No, I’m his mother,” Heather stated as Shannon shook her head.

“Come on girl, you know that guy isn’t going to just forgive what’s going on and let you be free to be you,” Shannon stated as Heather shook her head.

“He’ll forgive this and…” Heather stated as Shannon interrupted her.

“That guy isn’t going to be with you if he’s a gay man,” Shannon stated as she rolled her eyes and then sighed again.

“He’s not gay,” Heather stated as she shook her head.

“Honey, have you seen the news lately?”  Shannon asked as she looked at Heather like she was crazy.  “That man is gay and he’s in a relationship with Justin Tanner.  There are even rumors that the two are getting married.  Wasn’t Justin one of your co-stars from that show you and JT were on?”

“Yes, but JT isn’t gay, it’s just a publicity thing,” Heather stated as Shannon shook her head again.

“I don’t believe that to be a publicity thing girl and it’s not a phase he’s going through either,” Shannon stated as she got up.  “You need to leave that man alone and concentrate on getting out of here, so you can get back to your son.”

“Where is my son?”  Heather asked.

“He’s with Ken, JT and Justin right now,” Shannon replied, dreading to hear Heather’s response to that.

“I don’t want that fucker around my son!”  Heather snapped as she struggled with the bounds on her arms again.

“Which fucker are you referring to Heather?”  JT asked, walking into the room.

“JT?  What’re you doing here?”  Heather asked, her expression changing to a scared one.  “Where’s Caleb?”

“He’s with Ken right now,” JT replied with a frown as he shook his head. “You there, we need some privacy.”

“I—I don’t think that’s a good idea,” Shannon stated as she looked at JT strangely.

“Heather, tell your watch dog to leave us,” JT said as he looked over at Heather.  “Or would you like for her to know what I know right now?”

“Shannon, get out!”  Heather demanded as Shannon frowned and then shook her head.

“I’m not about to leave you here with this crazy man,” Shannon stated.

“Did this bitch just call me…” JT said as Heather interrupted him.

“Shan, just go,” Heather said as Shannon was about to protest more.  “Get the hell out!”

“Fine, I’ll be down in the waiting area,” Shannon stated as she glared at JT and then frowned at Heather.

“Thank you,” JT said with an evil looking smirk on his face as Shannon walked out of the room.

“So, what do you want JT?”  Heather asked, watching JT with a scared expression on her face.

“I would like to know why you did it all,” JT responded as he looked at Heather, while pounding his fist into his palm.  “Why me Heather?  Why did you have to do this to me?  As long as I’ve known you, I’ve never done anything wrong to you, so why did you do this to me?  Please Heather, please tell me why you did this to…”

“I—I loved you JT,” Heather answered as a few tears fell from her eyes.  “I loved you and you didn’t love me.”

“Let me get this straight, no pun intended,” JT said as he shook his head.  “Being that I didn’t love you, the way you wanted me to love you, you thought that was your cue to drug me up, wait a second, have Marc drug me up, so that you could rape me, get yourself pregnant and then have a child, so you’ll be connected to me, is that it?”

“JT,” Heather said as JT grabbed the chair from next to the bed and then moved it closer to the door as he took a seat.  “When I found you the way that you were, I—I thought you were just asleep.  I didn’t know Marc had drugged you up. When I got to your room, you were already out cold, so—so I just went in.”

“You are a piece of work Heather,” JT stated as he shook his head.  “Instead of getting me some medical attention or help, you decided to help yourself and take advantage of me for your own sick and twisted desires.  I could’ve died!”

“I…” Heather started as JT shook his head again, interrupting her.

“I could understand Marc doing something like that to me, but why you?  Why did you stoop so low as to do something as vile as that to me?  You weren’t supposed to be a monster like he is; you were supposed to be my friend Heather!”

“So now I’m a monster?”  Heather asked as JT nodded his head.

To Be Continued…