Month: May 2016

The Awakening – Chapter 8

Chapter 8 — Hometown Clash Day 40 — Bensonhurst, NY — The Home of Darren and Tara James — The Kitchen “I’m sorry man, but that’s a little bit too rich for my taste,” Darren stated as he placed his playing cards down on the table.  “I’m going to fold.” “Not me, I’m still in,”…

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The Awakening – Chapter 7

Chapter 7 — An Unordinary Reunion Day 36 — Washington, D.C. — Outside of the Pentagon “How dare you people!  You don’t know what you’ve done!”  JT screamed as he floated in the air above all of them with a woman in his arms.  “You better pray she’s all right!” “Ah Darlin’, what’s that around…

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