To Protect and Serve – Chapter 9

Chapter 9 — I Should Be So Lucky

Between Here and There – The Limbo Dimension


“Ah JT, where are we?  Why does everything… Why does everything look so dark and dank?”  Joey asked, looking around his new surroundings.  “What is this place?”

“Welcome to Limbo Mr. Fallon,” JT announced as Joey’s eyes widened.  “I am the gate keeper here.”

“This—this place is Limbo,” Joey said, looking around again and then shook his head.  “I—I expected to see clouds, pearly white gates or something along those lines.  This place looks like it’s never seen the light of day before.”

“Sorry, this place is dark, no pearly gates here.  This place doesn’t see the light of day at all,” JT replied as Joey looked at him strangely.  “Evil mostly reigns here…”

“Evil reigns here?  Is that why you become that evil man?”  Joey asked, stepping back away from JT as JT sighed.

“No Joey,” JT replied as he looked down.  “My job here is to make sure that nothing escapes here and I maintain order.”

“It’s your job to make sure nothing escapes and you maintain order,” Joey stated, grabbing JT’s hand and moving closer to him as he saw what looked like a dragon fly near them.  “Honey, was that a dragon that just flew passed us?  Are there magical creatures here?  Ooooh, I always wanted to see a unicorn.  Are there unicorns here?”

“No, only evil and dark things thrive around here Joey.  You wouldn’t find anything happy in this place.  Things are happy twice in its life here… It’s happy before it gets here and after it leaves.  While life is here in Limbo, there is no happiness to it at all,” JT stated, wrapping his arms around Joey’s waist as his eyes glowed as he used his powers to levitate the two of them to the castle atop the hill in the distance.

“Wow, this place looks huge.  Does a giant live in there, like in the story?”  Joey asked as he an JT reached the gates of the castle.

“What are you talking about Joey?  What story?”  JT asked as he and Joey floated across the bridge that led into the castle.

“Jack and the Beanstalk,” Joey replied, looking down as the two of them floated towards the floor as their bodies glowed brightly.  “Ah baby, what’s going on?”

“I don’t know,” JT replied as Joey moved away from him, looking at different things along the walls of the castle.

“These things look so cool,” Joey stated as he admired the statues and sculptures in the area.

‘Why is Joey glowing like that?  He’s glowing so brightly all on his own, that I didn’t even have to use my powers to light any of the torches in here.  Is this a bad sign?’  JT mentally thought to himself as he watched Joey move around the area, exploring more.  ‘I don’t know what to think about this… Maybe I need to consult the Elders about what’s happening here to…’

Someplace Else – Amongst the Cosmos


“Oh what in…” JT spoke as he looked up to see that he was someplace else.

“We acknowledge that you seek answers to the questions in your heart gate keeper of Limbo.  You may ask your questions,” JT heard as he shook his head and then sighed.

“My question is simple Elders, why is Castle Limbo treating Joey Fallon as if he belongs there? Upon arrival in Limbo, Joey’s body started to emit a strange glow.  Does he even know that he’s glowing or am I imagining things?”  JT asked as he knelt and then bowed his head.

“My child, like you, Joey Fallon is a special child of light.  In the days to come, he’ll be awakened to his true destiny,” JT heard as he looked around, not seeing anything beyond glowing lights that to him, represented watching eyes.

“He’ll be awakened to his true destiny?  What does that mean?”  JT asked.

“He is a chosen one, just like you are.  In the days to come, something will happen to awaken his true self, so he’ll take his place among the others and when he does, he’ll know what he’s needed for in his life.  He’ll finally know what his destiny is and he’ll have the answers to the questions in his mind,” JT heard as he looked down.

“I think he already knows what his true destiny is,” JT stated as lightning flashed behind him as he jumped a bit, almost falling over.

“Right now, Joey Fallon has one dream and that dream is to be a successful singer.  Joey Fallen has forgotten all about the dreams he had as a child, the dreams he had before the stardom,” JT heard as he sighed and then looked down again.

“So, Joey’s not destined to be a singer?”  JT asked.

“Joey Fallon is destined to be so much more than just a singer,” JT heard as he looked up again, but bowed his head quickly when a few of the glowing lights changed color.  “In the time that it took the fates to make things happen, to bring you two together, it was well known that…”

“Wait a minute!”  JT snapped as the lightning flashed behind him again as he turned around quickly, spinning around in a circle as he stopped and then pointed his hand.  “Are you saying that you Elders orchestrated things happening that brought me and Joey together?  What in the…”

“The Fates did what was necessary to make sure that Legacy Saturn and Legacy StarHeart would be the two chosen ones to bring unity to Clan Chosen,” JT heard as he shook his head, ready to speak again as there was a flash of light and he was gone, no longer in the presence of the Elders.

Between Here and There – The Limbo Dimension


“I don’t believe this!  The Elders must be out of their minds!  All of the crap that’s been going on, they were behind it.  Why in the hell would the Elders endanger the lives of these guys, just to put order in Clan Chosen?  With all that happen, someone could have died, mainly me.  I—I can’t believe they brought Marek back into my life, just to introduce me to another chosen one.  I’m sure there was another way they could’ve arranged for me to meet Joey, not the way things happened.  Just thinking about all of this has my blood boiling.  I ought to…” JT trailed off as a strange phenomenon appeared next to him as he stopped walking.

‘Prince Saturn, in this age, your kind are not greatly accepted or appreciated.  Your love for man has always cast you out, but with changes to the world, that love can bring about a new revelation, a revelation that can bring the hearts and souls of many together.  If you love Joey Fallon, then you show him that love and you show it often.  Don’t forget, in his mind, his current career is what’s important to him.  Don’t let the be a hindrance to that love.  Love is love, remember that chosen one,’ JT heard in his mind as he looked around to see that Joey was in the same place he was before he left to speak with the Elders.  ‘Just remember that he might not see things the way you do.  Please my child, bear with him, for things will turn around for you as he realizes his true destiny and takes on his role as Prince StarHeart.  Be there for him.  Be there to show him the love he wants and he will return that love to you.’

“So, he’s Legacy StarHeart… wow, just wait until the others hear about this, they’ll think I lost my mind, yet again,” JT said as he walked over to where Joey stood, admiring a statue closely.

“Baby,” Joey spoke as he turned and looked at JT strangely.  “These aren’t just fixtures and statues around in the castle, are they?”

“No,” JT answered as Joey’s eyes widened as he stepped back away from the nearest statue.

“Oh God!  That’s a demon, isn’t it?”  Joey asked, looking around as he pointed at a few of the creature fixtures on the wall.  “Those things are demons, aren’t they?”

“Joey,” JT said as Joey moved towards a statue that changed to flesh that hopped down from the pillar it was on as it started to chase Joey around the area.

“Baby!”  Joey screamed, running fast as he could as JT waved a hand as the creature froze in place and then returned to stone as Joey disappeared and then reappeared in front of JT.

“Joey calm down, you’re fine… you’re safe now,” JT spoke, touching Joey’s shoulder as Joey opened his eyes, trying to get his breathing under control.

“So are you,” Joey replied, smiling brightly as a strange ribbon-like energy flared around JT’s body, revealing his naked body.

“I—I take it that you like what you see,” JT spoke, looking down as Joey nodded his head.  “Why don’t you join me, I don’t want to be the only one naked here.”

“Okay baby,” Joey said with a wide smile as he started taking his clothes off quickly.

“Don’t hurt yourself,” JT said as he waved his hand as the two of them floated through the air, heading towards a chamber in the castle that was designated as JT’s bedroom.

“Is this room for us?”  Joey asked as he and JT floated down to the floor and then stepped over to the bed.  “Are you sure you want us going to this step, so soon?”

“I’m sure about this, are you?”  JT asked, leaning in close and kissing Joey’s lips.

“I’m sure baby… I just want to make sure that you’re read…” Joey trailed off as JT leaned in close and kissed his lips again as the two of them moved over to the bed, lying down.

“If I wasn’t ready to go to this step with you, we wouldn’t be here right now,” JT stated, rubbing his hand across Joey’s crotch.  “Why don’t we just let things happen as they’re going to happen anyway.”

“Oh God, I—I want you to fuck me baby,” Joey whispered, looking up into JT’s eyes.

“I’m sure they’ll be time for that,” JT stated, wrapping his hand around Joey’s cock and sliding it up and down, squeezing it a bit as Joey moaned in ecstasy.

“More baby, more,” Joey moaned as JT continued stroking his dick, manipulating the fluid that protruded from the tip of his dick.  “Oh God, you’re driving me crazy baby.”

“That’s the idea,” JT responded as Joey pressed his body against him and then rolled over on top of his body, straddling his mid-section.

“I’ve waited long enough baby and I’m tired of you teasing me,” Joey spoke, leaning down as he kissed JT’s mouth as he slid back along his legs, kissing JT’s nipples as he continued moving down as he stopped at JT’s cock and then tickled his balls.  “I’m going to get you ready baby.”

“Oh yes,” JT moaned as Joey licked up the underside of his cock and then slipped the tip of his dick into his mouth.  “Yeah baby… make love to that dick!”

“You like that baby?”  Joey asked, licking the tip of JT’s cock as he tickled his balls with his fingers.

“Yeah, I love it,” JT moaned as Joey went back to sucking his dick.  “If you keep that up, we won’t be doing anything else for a while.”

“In that case, I better stop then,” Joey replied, sliding back up JT’s legs as he straddled his mid-section again, stopping just enough that he felt JT’s cock in between his ass cheeks, right at his entrance.

“Who’s teasing who now,” JT said as he waved his hand as a bottle of lube and a condom appeared from thin air and then dropped onto the bed.

“Someone’s prepared,” Joey said as he grabbed the lube bottle and condom, sitting upright in JT’s lap as he tore open the condom.  “I’m going to put this baby to great use.”

“I’m sure you will,” JT replied as Joey smiled and then slid back a bit as he put the condom into his mouth as JT looked at him strangely.

“What are you doing?”  JT asked as Joey slid back a bit and then leaned down as Joey started sucking his dick, using his mouth to roll the condom down on his dick.  “Oh God, I’ve never had anyone do that before.”

“Now you have baby,” Joey replied as he opened the lube bottle and squirted some of the liquid onto his fingers as he leaned up a bit and inserted two of his fingers into his opening, loosening his hole up.  “That should help loosen me up for that monster you have.”

“It’s not a monster,” JT replied as Joey smiled and then applied some of the lube to JT’s condom-covered cock as he gave it a few strokes and then took a deep breath as he hovered over JT’s cock and then slid down it slowly.  “Oh God, I’m in heaven!”

“Oh shit, that hurts!  I wasn’t prepared for that!”  Joey exclaimed as he closed his eyes as he continued to slide down JT’s cock.

“If it’s causing you that much pain, you can stop.  We don’t have to do this you know,” JT said, placing his hands on Joey’s hips, stopping him from moving more.

“We’re not stopping, we’re going to do this,” Joey said as he leaned down and kissed JT’s mouth and then moved back into his previous position as he took in a deep breath, closed his eyes and then slid all the way down in one go.  “Oh God, you’re so deep in me.  You—you feel so big.”

“Give yourself some time to adapt,” JT said as Joey shook his head and then rose a bit and then slammed down.  “Oh shit!”

“That’s it baby, go with the flow,” Joey said, placing his hands on JT’s chest as he rose again and then slammed all the way down.  “Just like that baby… Fuck my ass!”

“Oh God!”  JT exclaimed, pushing Joey backwards on the bed, still buried deep within his ass as he maneuvered them around and then started fucking him fast, hard and deep.

“Just like that baby!  Just like that!”  Joey screamed, wrapping his legs around JT’s back, holding him in place during their sexual dance.  “Oh God baby, don’t stop!  Don’t stop!”

“You like it like that baby?”  JT asked, pounding Joey’s ass, setting the pace of how the two of them moved in rhythm together.

Somewhere in Waco, TX – All Star’s Tour Bus

“It would’ve been nice if JT would’ve gave us some direction on what he wants done next,” Hank said, walking over and taking a seat.  “As team leader, he should’ve gone ahead and told us our next move.”

“Can it Hank,” A’Mora spoke, looking over at Hank as he glared at her and then frowned.  “With all that’s happened so far, I think JT needs some downtime.”

“I get that he’s tired and all, but he doesn’t need downtime,” Hank stated as A’Mora and Michura looked over at him.

“Alright Hank, out with it.  What’s going on?  Why are you on JT’s case all of a sudden?”  Michura asked.

“I’m not on his case, just drop it already,” Hank replied as he looked down.

“Nope, not going to happen.  What’s going on here Hank?”  A’Mora asked

“We’re out in the open and I just think he could’ve given us some hint of what to do next,” Hank stated as he sighed and then shook his head.

“With all that he’s been through, I don’t think his job as team leader is on the top of his list right now,” Barbara stated with a sigh.  “A lot of stuff has happened in the past few days and I don’t think it’s going to get any better.”

“Why you say that Barbara?”  A’Mora asked, walking over to where Barbara stood.

“We’re in the middle of nowhere and we have wounded that we haven’t seen about,” Barbara replied, throwing her hands up.  “In a way, I agree with Hank.  JT could’ve at least told us what our next move was going to be here.”

“We’re sitting ducks here and Marek or those other freaks can attack us.  With our numbers halved the way they are, they would more than likely kick our asses right now,” Hank stated as he looked around.  “Tyler and Wanda are down, JT’s not here and if Marek and his freaks come back, guess what, we’re over with.  Where are Donna, Telly and Paul?”

“Donna’s with family, handling a problem.  Only God knows where Telly is right now and Paul hasn’t checked in,” Michura stated with a frown.

“It would be nice to have Telly’s teleporting power right now.  I don’t think we should keep relying on Wanda and JT to provide transport,” Hank stated as he looked down.  “With the amount of power that they’re using, it could be causing a bigger problem.”

“It could be causing a bigger problem, like what Hank?”  A’Mora asked, looking at Hank strangely.

“Oh forget it,” Hank stated as he got up and then walked out of the area.

“Maybe it’s just me, but something’s up with Hank,” A’Mora stated with a frown.

“I think he’s pissed off about Marek,” Barbara stated.

“Right now, I’m not satisfied with how things transpired with Marek,” A’Mora stated as Barbara and Michura looked at her strangely.  “Something’s not right… That was all too easy.  Marek was never that easily silenced.”

“You heard what JT’s uncle said, he trapped him in Limbo and he can’t get out,” Barbara stated as she looked over at A’Mora.

“How are we supposed to know that actually happened?”  A’Mora asked, looking over at Barbara.  “Limbo is JT’s domain.  We aren’t able to travel there to see things for ourselves.”

“True, but if a powerful sorcerer tells you that someone is trapped in Limbo and can’t get out, that should be a good enough sign that we’re done with Marek for a while,” Michura stated as A’Mora shook her head and then sighed.

“Look at it this way, we all know that when JT loses his hold on reality, like he’s done several times in the past, things in Limbo tend to end up here in our world,” A’Mora stated as she crossed her arms across her chest.  “What’s to say that won’t happen again and Marek ends up back here again to cause trouble?”

“That’s something we don’t have any control over at the moment,” Barbara stated, walking over to a seat and sitting down.  “Right now, we need to worry about getting Justin and Joshua to a doctor so they can be checked out.”

“I wish Telly were here, he could provide transport faster than I could.  I have no idea where to find a hospital right now,” A’Mora stated with a frown.

“Our only option now is to wait for JT to get back or for Wanda to wake up.  Being that we’re in the middle of some strange town, there’s no point in trying to find something when you have no idea where anything is.  Get my drift?”  Barbara asked, sighing as she shook her head and then waved her hand as snow flurries appeared above her head, falling over her.

“Well JT is team leader and he should be here to make a decision about what we should be doing, but he’s not,” Michura stated as her hair changed to water and then back to her hair.  “Maybe we need…”

“Girl, you need to calm down,” A’Mora stated, looking over at Michura as there was a strange phenomenon in the area where they were.

“Oh hell, what is that?”  Barbara asked, backing against the wall as she watched the phenomenon as it grew.

“Please say that we don’t have more trouble brewing,” A’Mora stated, watching the phenomenon as she gestured with her hand and then tip-toed closer to it.

“What the fuck is that?  Whatever it is, it doesn’t look good at all,” Hank said, walking back into the area.

Between Here and There – The Limbo Dimension – Castle Limbo – JT’s Private Chamber


Dear God, my mind is in heaven right now.  Even though we’re physically between heaven and hell, I feel like I’m not even here in Limbo, but in a happy place, a place filled with nothing but pleasure.  Nothing compares to the way I feel right now, being here with Joey.  I hope this never ends.  We’ve had sex multiple times and I’ve enjoyed every moment of it.  He’s laying atop my body right now, my dick just inches away from his crack and I want to go at it again.  Damn, his ass is just right for love making.

“I feel so wonderful right now.  We’re going to have a lot of fun together and I want to have fun like this often,” Joey stated as he rolled off me into the bed.

“I want us to have fun like this too Joey, but I also want us to be happy with each other’s company.  I would like us to be able to share other things besides just sex,” I said as he smiled at me.

“I’m sure we can share things besides sex, but the sex was so much fun baby,” Joey said as he leaned in and kissed my lips.  “Aren’t you glad we’re together?”

“Yes, I’m glad we’re together Joey,” I replied as he smiled.  “I’m glad I could show you this place.  I want us to be able to be together and love each other for a long time Joey.”

“I’m glad you showed this place to me too, but I would like for us to have another run,” he said, getting up and straddling my hips again as he wiggled his ass on top of me.

“Sorry handsome, but we do need to get back to your friends,” I said as we kissed as I could see the reflection of my eyes glowing in his as I used my powers to put our clothes back on as he groaned.

“Baby, I want you,” Joey said as we both floated into an upright position.

“I know, but we’ve been gone for too long already,” I said as he looked at me strangely.  “I promise you, we’ll do this again.”

“I hope a whole lot,” he said as I waved my hand, using my powers to create a portal to take us back to where his friends were.

Aug 9, 1995 – Waco, TX – All Star’s Tour Bus


“Well it’s about time you two returned.  Where did you go?”  A’Mora asked, looking at JT and Joey as they appeared in the area.  “You two have been gone for two days.”

“Two days?  There’s something wrong with you.  We’ve only been gone for a few hours.  You need to check your watch lady,” Joey said as he let go of JT and then walked over to the sofa and then sat down.

“Actually, she’s right Joey.  We’ve been gone for two days.  In Limbo, time passes differently there, than it does here on this plane of existence,” JT stated as Joey had a confused look on his face.

“Oh,” Joey said with a frown as he looked down.  “So, that means we can’t go there and have fun and get back here without too much time passing?”

“You can save that discussion for another time,” A’Mora stated as she looked over at JT.

“Right,” JT said as Lance and Hank walked out of the bathroom together.  “Let’s get back to work.  What’s been happening around here?”

“Those two over there started dating, Joshua and Justin are still sleeping it off, due to recent events, Chris is in his bunk, reading and talking on the phone with a young lady and the bus driver is looking for a place to park us, since we decided to find their hotel,” Michura stated, giving JT a tattletale’s rundown of what happened on the bus since he’d been gone.

“Well, it seems like we didn’t miss much at all.  Wanda, are you all right?”  JT asked, looking at Wanda closely.

“I’m okay Tim; I’m just a little bit shocked that I almost killed Barbara the other day.  I—I think it would be best if I returned back to the complex and let either A’Mora or Michura take my place in guarding Chris,” Wanda stated as she looked down and then shook her head.

“What?  Are you sure about that Wanda?  Is returning back to the complex going to make you feel better?”  JT asked, walking over to where Wanda stood.

“No, I’m not sure about anything, but it will keep all of you safe from me.  I won’t be here to cause harm to anyone else,” Wanda stated as she looked down as her eyes glowed, her body fading away.

“No Wanda, just talk to me here,” JT said as he reached out quickly, grabbing her arm, stopping her from completely disappeared as she gasped and then looked at him.

“No JT,” Wanda stated as she sighed.  “Marek took control of my mind, body and soul and made me hurt one of my friends.  I could’ve killed everybody with just a thought and where would you guys be?”

“Wanda, you didn’t kill anybody,” JT stated as she shook her head as the glow from her eyes enveloped her body and then she was gone.  “Damn it!”

“What’s going on JT?”  A’Mora asked, stepping over to where JT stood.

“Too much,” JT answered as he turned and then walked towards the bunk area as he stopped outside of the bunk where Chris was.  “Chris… Chris, can you come out here please?”

“What do you want man, I’m sorta busy here,” Chris responded as he slid the curtain back a bit, poking his head out of the bunk.

“I need you to make a quick decision about your safety and the person that would be guarding you from here on out,” JT stated.

“What are you talking about man?  What’s going on?  Why do I need to decide about my safety and the person that would be guarding me?  Wanda does that,” Chris stated as he hopped out of the bunk and then walked to the main area of the bus, acting as if he were looking for something.  “Where’s Wanda?”

“She left and I don’t think she’ll be returning back here anytime soon,” JT replied as Chris shook his head and then sighed. 

“Julie, I’m having a moment.  I’ll have to call you back,” Chris said as he closed his cell phone and then looked at JT.  “Why isn’t Wanda coming back?”

“I don’t know why.  She requested to return back to our base of operations and I couldn’t stop her,” JT stated as Chris shook his head.  “With her gone, you need to choose someone else to provide you with protection.”

“Fine, who is it that I have to choose from?”  Chris asked, crossing his arms across his chest.

“Ladies, come on over,” JT stated as he pointed to both ladies.  “This is A’Mora Asland and that’s Michura Hino.  Get to know these two ladies so you can tell me which one you want to be your bodyguard.”

“Ah… okay then,” Chris replied with a frown.  “I’m going to miss Wanda, but I guess I can make it.  If you two ladies will follow me to the lounge area, we can go there and talk.”

“Yeah, go talk and nothing more than that man.  No need for you trying to get your mack on,” Joey said as Chris glared at him.

“Hello Mr. Jansen, how are things going with you?”  JT asked, sitting across from the bus driver.

“Hello Mr. Mendez, things are going okay with me.  How is the protecting going on with those boys back there?”  The driver asked.

“So far, things are going okay.  It seems things are looking brighter.  All we need to do is survive the next six locations on the tour and then we’ll all be home free,” JT stated as he rubbed the sweat from his forehead.

“It must be tough looking after those guys.  I wouldn’t do it, even if they paid me millions.  I must say for the first time since I’ve been employed with these boys, things have been entertaining,” the driver stated as he shook his head.

“I’m sure,” JT said, keeping his eyes on the driver, using his psychic powers to pick up any stray thoughts from the man.

“You know, I’ve never seen a stalker up close before.  Hell, I never saw people like you, that could do the things that you do, before either.  I just loved the girl that looked like a cat.  What’s her name?”  The driver asked.

“Her name was Wanda,” JT stated as he looked towards the middle of the bus at his comrades and then back at the driver.  “She has left us and she won’t be returning.”

“That’s a real shame.  She seemed like a nice girl, but I guess I don’t know.  I like the kinky stuff with the super powers and all.  I wonder what she could do in bed with that cat tail of hers,” the driver said as JT raised an eye at him as he shook his head.

‘I can’t believe this man just said that and his thoughts are terrible.  What kind of freak is he?’  JT mentally said as he used his psychic powers to sift through the images in the bus driver’s mind.  ‘I can’t have this guy remembering what happened the past few days.  When I’m done he won’t remember a thing.  He’ll just think it was all just a dream.’

‘What’s going on baby?’  Joey mentally asked as he sat down next to JT.

“So, what were you saying Mr. Jansen?  I didn’t quite hear that last part,” JT said as he shook his head and then chuckled to himself.

“What’s so funny?”  Joey asked, leaning in close and kissing JT’s lips as the driver looked away in disgust as JT’s eyes widened.

“Oh nothing,” JT replied as Joey slid into his lap and then wrapped his arms around his neck, kissing his mouth as the bus slowed to a stop.

“We’re at the destination specified,” the driver abruptly said as he pressed a button on the dash as the lights came on around the area.

Half Hour Later – The Santa Carla Hotel – The Lobby

“Sure sir, we can do that,” the concierge spoke as he smiled at JT.  “Here are the keycards you will need for all of the rooms you requested.”

“Thank you very much sir,” JT replied, shaking the concierge’s hand.

“Now, if you all have the time, I’ll take you on a short tour of the resort,” the concierge spoke as JT nodded his head as the concierge walked ahead of him as everyone followed behind him.

‘Guys, I think I’m going to take a short breather here.  I’m going to go to my room and rest a bit.  You guys enjoy the tour,’ JT telepathically spoke to his comrades as he turned and walked away from the group, going down a different hallway as he looked around and then faded away from view as Joey frowned.

Two Hours Later – Around the Swimming Pool

 “Justin, if you don’t stop that, you’re going to hurt yourself,” Lance spoke as Justin did a belly flop into the pool as Lance shook his head and then sighed.

“Let him be Lance, he’s just having some fun,” Joshua spoke as he took off his shirt and then jumped into the pool as well.

“Are you going to turn against me too Hank?”  Lance asked, looking over at Hank, whom took off his shirt also and then jumped into the pool.

“Look babe, don’t be a party pooper.  Just let your hair down and have some fun,” Hank stated as he waved his finger at Lance.

“Don’t be funny Hank,” Lance said as he took off his shirt and then jumped into the pool, going after Hank, trying to catch up to him.


“Hey guys, have any of you seen Joey?  I haven’t seen him since I went to take my nap earlier,” JT spoke as his eyes glowed, alerting him that there was something wrong near him, but he didn’t know what it was.

“Nope, I haven’t seen him at all,” Hank replied with a small smile on his face as JT stood there as Joey approached him from behind.

“Oh well, I wonder where he could be, being that he’s not in the room, he’s not in the arcade, the spa, the sauna or the bar,” JT stated as he turned around and then bumped into Joey, surprised at how he wasn’t able to locate Joey using his telepathic powers.  “Joey!”

“Hey baby,” Joey said as he leaned in and kissed JT’s lips as JT looked around and then grabbed his hand as he pulled Joey into the swimming pool with him.

“JT, what did you do that for?  I didn’t want to get into the pool.  I just wanted to lounge in the sun with you is all,” Joey said with a frown on his face as he shook the water from his hair and wiped at his face.

“Oh, I’m so sorry.  I thought it would be fun to take a dip in the pool, but you’re unhappy about that.  I’m sorry Joey,” JT said as Joey turned away from him with an evil grin on his face as he turned around quickly and then jumped on JT, horse playing in the water with him.

“You jerk!  I’m going to get you!”  JT snapped as he waved his hand in Joey’s direction as his eyes glowed brightly as a large column of water rise in the swimming pool that came crashing down on Joey, sending him and a few of the others sliding out of the pool, landing near the lounge chairs.

“What the hell!”  Joey screamed, coughing and spitting up water as the others still in the pool laughed.

“Uh oh, you’re in trouble now,” Hank said as he moved over to where JT was.  “It seems Joey didn’t like the idea of a tidal wave crashing down on him in the pool buddy.”

“Guess not,” JT responded as Joey got up off the ground with a mean look on his face and then walked away, heading towards the hotel lobby doors.

“Oh man, that was just classic,” Chris said as he continued laughing.  “Good going man.  That’s something I’m sure all of us will remember for a very long time to come.  That was totally cool.”

To Be Continued…

When The Glitter Turns Gold – Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Jun 9, 2004 – Philadelphia, PA – JFK Health Center – Intake & Evaluation

Heather’s POV

What in the hell is going on with my life?  How in the hell am I going to get out of this damn mess that I’m currently in?  Hell, I don’t even know how I got into all of this.  One minute, I’m trying to cook up a way to get back into the spotlight and the next, I’m trying to figure out how to get my ass out of jail.  How in the hell did that happen?

With the way I acted in court, the judge thinks I’m crazy and has ordered that I have some kind of psychiatric exam performed to determine whether or not I’m competent to stand trial and answer for the charges against me.  Hell, I’m not crazy; it seems the people around me are the ones that are actually crazy.  Since all of this shit started, it seems my life has gotten more and more out of control.  What’s happening to me?

Regardless of the legal troubles in my life, I wonder what’s happening with my little baby, Caleb?  Since he left, I haven’t seen or heard from him.  I wonder what he’s doing right now.  Is he okay and doing alright?  Did I make a good decision in allowing my baby to go on a trip with Ken?  Ken is my brother, but sometimes he has his own agenda—an agenda that doesn’t always include what I want.  If it wasn’t for him, JT wouldn’t know what happened to him, regarding Caleb’s conception.  Hell, if it wasn’t for Ken, things could’ve worked out differently for the two of us.

I guess my brother is still pissed off that I had Mom and Dad break the two of them up.  When in the hell is he going to let that shit go?  That was a very long time ago.  It’s not like the two of them are going to get back together, since he’s married to that Kyle guy—the guy I surely can’t stand being around.  When I get out of this mess and see Ken again, we need to have a serious talk about…

“Good afternoon Ms. Stewart, how are you feeling?”  I heard as I looked up to see a young black woman walk into the room.  “Hi there, my name is Stephanie Jenkins, I’ve been requested by the court to talk with you.  Are you ready to begin?”

“Am I ready to begin what?”  I asked as she looked at me strangely.

“Do you understand why you’re here right now?”  The woman asked as I shook my head and then laughed.

“Are you fucking kidding me here?”  I asked as she looked at me with a confused look on her face.  “I don’t belong here!”

“Okay Ms. Stewart, I need you to please calm down,” she spoke as she took a seat closer to the door.

“I don’t need to calm down,” I replied as she frowned.  “In a matter of days, my life has been turned upside down because you people are fucking crazy!  I am not the one in need of psychiatric services, you all are!”

“Why do you believe everyone else is crazy Ms. Stewart?”  She asked.

“I’ve been arrested for raping someone I did not rape!”  I snapped as she looked at me, not showing any emotion.  “I was charged with rape and assault, yet I didn’t do those things.”

“Looking at your file, there seems to be proof of a confession that everyone in your area at the hospital heard,” the woman stated as she looked through some papers as I looked at her, wondering what the hell she was talking about.  She’s the second person that has said something about a damn confession.

“I didn’t confess anything to anybody,” I said as she looked at me strangely.  “Whoever said that I did, they’re fucking lying!”

“Okay Ms. Stewart,” the woman spoke as she got up from the chair and then walked towards the door.

“What is that supposed to mean?  Where are you going?”  I asked.

“Apparently, I’m not needed here.  I believe you’re able to understand what’s going on around you, you just choose not to deal with what’s going on around you,” she said as she picked up a file folder and clipboard from the table.  “I will complete my report of this session before the end of the day and submit it to the court.”

“Now wait just a damn minute here,” I said as she stopped what she was doing and then looked at me strangely.  “For the last couple of days, I’ve had to do what I can to keep from being attacked by three, ugly ass women in the cell with me!  I haven’t done anything wrong to anyone and yet, here it is that I’m the one in jail, on trial, trying to clear my damn name of these heinous charges.  I was accused of raping and assaulting my boyfriend, the father of my child, but none of that happened.”

“Ms. Stewart, I think it’s time someone burst your bubble,” the woman said as she returned to her seat, sat down and then crossed her arms across her chest.  “Ms. Stewart, I read the entire case file.  That file includes the witness statements, the paternity information for your child and…”

“Excuse me, what are you talking about?”  I asked.

“I’m talking about the information that was collected by the police and the detective that arrested you,” the woman stated.

“Those—those are all lies,” I said as she shook her head.

“You’re saying that a police detective with over twenty years on the job, seven nurses at Penn-Med and your own brother are all telling lies about your actions?”  She asked as I’m sure my eyes got big as damn saucers when I heard what she said about my brother.  “Why would eight strangers tell such an elaborate lie about you Ms. Stewart?  What would they have to gain, telling lies about you?  What would your brother, of all people have to gain, by telling the truth or as you say it, a lie?”

“I—I can’t believe what I’m hearing,” I said as she shook her head.

“It’s all here in black and white Ms. Stewart,” she said as she got up from the chair again and then handed me the file to read.  “From what the investigators were able to find out, there’s proof beyond your confession.”

“What do you mean there is proof beyond my confession?”  I asked.

“The little boy with the victim’s DNA in his body,” she replied, referring to Caleb.  “Also, the co-conspirator, that helped you commit the crimes that are charged against you, he has been questioned in this matter also.”

“What?  You people talked to Marc?”  I asked as she just smiled.  Damn, why is she smiling like that?

“Regardless of what you say right now or in the future, there is actual proof in the world that you committed the crimes that you claim you didn’t commit,” the woman stated as she turned around.  “I think we’re done here.  Now that your little reality bubble has been burst, I think it’s time you learned to deal with reality.”

I—I can’t believe all that I’ve heard!  They talked to Marc, they talked to Ken and they talked to those damn nurses at the hospital.  Those bitches must’ve overheard the conversation me and JT had when he came to visit me.  So now that they know, what in the hell am I going to do?  What in the hell is going to happen to me?

Tampa, FL – The Home of Chris Keller

Chris’ POV

Damn it, damn it, damn it!  I don’t have a damn chance with him at all now!  Things are royally fucked up, beyond repair now!  What am I going to do to get Justin to be mine?  With the way he acted towards me in Canada, I have no chance in hell of ever getting with him.  Hell, now that he’s tied the knot with that damn porch monkey, he has what he fucking wants.  With all the other shit that I did in Canada, if he finds out about me turning his so-called loving nigger into the police, that will only make him hate me more.  Damn it!

“If I can’t have him, maybe I have a shot with someone else,” I said as I walked into the house, dropping my bags at the door.  “That guy at the airport in Jacksonville was hot as hell.”

Hell, he was hot, but it would’ve been better if I got his damn name.  That’s just the oddest thing in the whole damn world.  How in the hell can I be crushing on someone and not know their fucking name?  I guess I’ll have to get my investigator on it and see what he can find out.  He found out where Justin was going when he left LA and I’m sure he can find out who the guy is and where I can find him.

“Hi there Christopher,” I heard behind me as I turned around to see my ex, standing at the door with a pissed off expression on his face.

“What in the hell are you doing here?”  I asked as he walked closer to me as I held my hand up, stopping him from coming any closer.  “You know you’re not supposed to be on my damn property.  How in the hell did you get in here, I changed all the damn locks!”

“I know somebody,” he replied with a smile.

“I guess I have to call the police and have them come get your ass again,” I said as he shook his head, bum-rushing me as he knocked me down to the floor as we wrestled around on the floor as he got me face down as he lay on my back.  “Get off of me fucker!”

“Hell no,” he said as he kissed my neck.  “You know you love it when I’m on you like this.”

“Get off of me Regan!”  I screamed, struggling to get him off of me, but he wasn’t budging as I felt him reach under me and undo my pants.

“I’m not going to get off of you until I get off in you,” he said as he started working on his own pants as I struggled more to get him off of me.

“No Regan, no!  We’re not going to do this,” I said as he fumbled with his pants as I got us rolled around with him on his back as I crawled away from him quickly.

“Get your ass back here bitch!”  He screamed, getting up off the floor as he rushed after me as I did my best to get down the hall to my bedroom so I could get my hands on my mace and shocker.  “When I get my hands on you, I’m going to make you pay for making me work this hard for it!”

“I’m not letting you get your hands on me Regan!”  I screamed as I got into my room, slammed the door and jumped on the bed, getting to the bedside table to find the mace and shocker, but I couldn’t.  “Damn it, where in the hell is it?”

“Hey bitch!”  He yelled as he kicked the door open as he stood in the doorway with a sly smile on his face.  “Are you looking for these?  I did a thorough investigation of the house, while you’ve been gone.”

“I—I… Oh God,” I said as he smiled again and then continued undoing his pants as he pushed them down to the floor and then stepped out of them.

“You might as well give me what I want,” he said as I shook my head.

“I’m not going to give you anything Regan,” I said as he shook his head.  “Isn’t it bad enough that you gave me crabs?  Hell, you got those from other men!”

“Shut the fuck up and lie down on that damn bed!”  He demanded, getting closer to me as he slapped me across the face and then pushed me down on the bed, face first.

“This is going to be so much fun bitch,” he said as he climbed on top of me.

Chicago, IL – Chicago O’Hare International Airport – The VIP Area

Vanessa’s POV

Finally, I’m back in Chicago.  Now that I’m back, I’m heading home, so I can get some much-needed rest.  If I don’t get some sleep soon, I know I’m going to pass the hell out.  Trying to stay a step ahead of James’ spy boys, I made some twists and turns so he wouldn’t know I would be in my regular neck of the woods.  I’m back here in Chicago, but his boys think I’m somewhere in California.  While they are thinking that, I’m going to lay low for a bit and try to get things settled down between myself and John. 

How and the hell am I going to put things back the way they were?  John is way past mad at me and the way he put things ‘clearly’ as I was leaving Canada, I’m not allowed back at his place in Jacksonville or any place that he owns.  He said he’ll ship my things to me and once that happens, we’re done.  I have to fix this, but how?  First of all, how in the hell did he find out that I was actually skimming money off the top of the books?  I’ve been so careful over the years, how did he find out?  Someone had to tell him and I bet the damn mole was that fucker Marc.  It seems he can’t seem to keep a lock on his damn mouth lately.  With the way things happened with that shit he pulled with James, I should’ve offed his ass then.

“Damn, I’m tired,” I said as I waved down a taxi.  Lawd knows I’m not headed towards the subway and I’m not looking for mass transit of any kind.

Placing my things in the trunk, I got into the taxi and told the driver where to go.  It’ll be about a good hour before I make it to my side of town, especially in this traffic.  While I’m riding, I can try to get some rest and…  Who in the hell could that be?  I don’t recognize the number, but it has an Illinois area code.  Is it James?  Is it one of his damn spy boys?  Who could that be?  I’m really not in the mood for talking.  So whoever this is, they better make this quick and simple.

“Hello,” I said into the phone, waiting on someone to speak.

“Hey Vanessa, how you doing girl,” I heard as I looked at the phone, not recognizing the voice.

“Who is this?”  I asked, looking at the number again as the driver watched me in the rearview mirror.

“It’s me, your brother, Eddie girl,” I heard as I shook my head.  Lawd, what does this crazy ass fool want?

“Eddie, what in the hell do you want?”  I asked as the car slowed down.

What is it that he wants?  I haven’t heard from him in quite some time.  For him to be calling me out of the blue like this, he must want something, probably money.  Hell, everybody wants money, including me.  If John does what he says he’s going to do, pretty soon, I’ll be out of money and needing some too.

“I—I’m in some trouble and I need a bit of money,” he replied as I shook my head, wanting to laugh and hang up the phone, but I was going to let this play out a bit longer.

“You need money for what Eddie?”  I asked.

“I—I went to a gangster to get a loan to get rid of some debt and right now I’m in default with him,” he said as I shook my head again.

“How much do you owe Eddie?”  I asked, already knowing I wasn’t going to waste my time to get involved in this mess.  I have problems of my own.

“I owe one hundred thousand,” he replied as there was a loud noise as I looked around to see that someone was tapping on the glass behind my head.

What in the hell is this mess?  Are my eyes deceiving me here?  Either there’s a person on the back of the damn car, tapping on the glass or I’m really more tired than I thought.  Why is this person tapping on the damn glass like that?  It’s really damn irritating.

“Excuse me, driver, why is there a person on the back of your car, tapping on the glass like a fool?”  I asked as the driver looked in the rearview mirror again and looked at me as I slid to the other side of the seat so he could see through the glass.

“Beats me lady,” the driver said as I shook my head as I realized it was an older man.

“You might want to do something about that, it’s dangerous,” I said as he shrugged his shoulder.

Hell, it’s not like we’re really moving or anything, being that we’re stuck in traffic right now.  All the cars are bumper-to-bumper, but that doesn’t give this guy the right to jump on the back of the car and tap on the damn glass.

“I’m getting a bit worried here.  You might want to stop this,” I said as the guy started tapping on the horn. “Oh yeah, like that’s really working.”

“Vanessa, I really need some help,” I heard Eddie say as I shook my head again.

“I’m sorry Eddie, but I’m in a bind right now, I can’t really help you,” I spoke as the tapping continued as I looked up to see that the person had a damn pen and a notepad in hand.  Is this person trying to get a damn autograph?  Oh hell naw!  “What about your wife, isn’t she able to help you with this problem?”

“I haven’t seen her in a few days,” he replied as I smiled.  “She ran out of me when Skeeter came to collect his money.”

“Skeeter?”  I said, trying to keep from laughing as I listened to him.

“Yeah, he the one I got the money from and he a stickler for getting his money back, by any means necessary,” he said as I shook my head.

“As I said bro, I’m already in a bind myself, I can’t help you,” I said again as I looked up to see that we were actually closer to home than I expected.

After listening to him for a few more minutes, I gave him the name and number of a bookie I used to know, back in the day.  Hopefully he can get some help because I’m not about to create another problem for myself.  My goal right now is to get into my house, unpack, shower and get into the bed.  Hell, I may forego the shower and just get into the bed.

Jacksonville, FL (Baymeadows Suburb) – The Home of JT Poole – JT’s Bedroom

“Well, there you are,” Justin said as JT and Caleb walked into the room.  “Did you two have a good time?”

“I don’t know, did we have a good time Caleb?”  JT asked as he picked Caleb up off of his feet and then placed him on the bed.

“I had a good time Daddy,” Caleb replied, smiling brightly as he yawned.

“It looks like someone’s tired,” Justin said as he tousled Caleb’s hair and then rolled over on the bed.  “So baby, what are we going to do about dinner tonight?”

“I don’t know, you tell me,” JT replied as he looked over at Justin.  “I don’t want to cook anything, but I don’t feel like going out either.”

“If you don’t want to cook baby, I will,” Justin stated as JT looked at Caleb and then back at him.

“Hmmm, I wonder if it would be edible,” JT said, chuckling as Caleb joined him.

“Ha ha ha, real funny baby,” Justin said as he looked up at JT.  “So, what do you want?”

“That really depends on what’s actually in the pantry and in the refrigerator,” JT stated as he shook his head.  “Speaking of what’s in the pantry, I don’t think we have anything snack-wise that you would like Caleb.”

“That’s okay Daddy, I don’t always have to have sweets,” Caleb replied as Justin laughed.

“Speaking of sweets,” JT said as he looked back at Justin.  “Justin, we don’t have any cereal for you in the mornings either.”

“That’s okay baby,” Justin replied as he grabbed JT’s hand and pulled him down on the bed to sit next to him as he wrapped his arms around JT’s waist.  “I’m sure we’ll make it to the grocery store at some point, so we can stock up on the essentials.  Right now, our main concern should be what are we having for dinner tonight, I’m starved.”

“Why don’t we all go find out and see what’s available,” JT stated as the three of them got up from the bed and then walked out of the room.

“What about Todd and Wes?”  Justin asked as he looked at JT as they walked down the hall.

“I have yet to talk with Todd and Wes about the reasons why they’re actually here, together and what it was that we walked in on earlier today,” JT stated as they entered the main part of the house.  “My concern right now isn’t with them, but our stomachs.”

“I have a feeling that I’m going to get lost, trying to find my way around this place,” Justin stated as JT smiled.

“I’m sure you won’t get lost, the kitchen is that way,” JT stated as he pointed in the direction of the kitchen and then pointed at markings on the wall as they turned a corner and hard heated voices.  “Oh here we go.”

“It sounds like your friends aren’t happy right now,” Justin stated as the three of them walked into the kitchen to see Wes and Todd as the two men saw the three of them and then stopped arguing.

“What’s going on here you two?”  JT asked in a very loud manner as Caleb covered his ears.

“JT,” Todd said as he looked down and then stepped away from Wes.  “We weren’t doing nothing.”

“Yeah, like the nothing you weren’t doing this afternoon, when we got here today,” JT stated as he glared at Todd as the man averted his eyes.

“JT, I—I’m sorry,” Wes spoke up as he walked around the island and stood next to Todd.  “It’s…”

“What is it that you’re sorry for Wes?”  JT asked as he looked Wes in the face.

“I—I guess I can’t say right now,” Wes replied as he looked down at the little boy and then back up at JT.  “Just know that I’m really sorry.”

“I’m sure you are,” JT stated as he shook his head and then rolled his eyes.  “Why are you here Wes?  In fact, why are you here Todd?”

“I—I came here to visit you, because—because I needed some place to go, to take my mind off of things,” Todd replied as JT looked at him strangely.  “Things with Roni finally broke down and—and we’re separated now.”

“You and Veronica are separated now?”  JT asked as he shook his head.

“Yeah, we are.  She doesn’t want to be married to a gay man anymore,” Todd stated as JT frowned and then shook his head.  “So…”

“I say it’s about time that you left that cheating ass… That cheating woman,” JT stated as he looked down at Caleb.  “So, what led to the separation?”

“She—she was caught sleeping with Chad’s boyfriend,” Todd replied as JT looked at him strangely again.  “Yeah, she was caught in bed, in the act with Chad’s boyfriend.”

“And what happened after that?”  JT asked.

“After Chad told me about it, I confronted her and she admitted what she had done,” Todd stated as he shook his head.  “She left with the kids for a few days… She went to stay with her parents, which really wasn’t a good thing, because they only fuel her manic stages and such.”

“Why do I get the feeling that something more happened?”  JT asked.

“A lot more happened,” Todd stated as he sighed.  “She actually exposed me as being gay to the whole town at the county fair.”

“What!”  JT snapped and then covered his mouth.

“Yeah, she exposed me as being gay.  We went to court the other day and she actually got custody of the kids.  The judge didn’t think a gay man such as myself could be responsible enough to take care of his own kids,” Todd explained as JT shook his head and then started stomping his feet on the floor as Caleb just looked up at him as Justin moved to the side a bit.  “She did all of that in a matter…”

“How did all of this happen so quickly?”  JT asked as he looked at Justin and then down at Caleb.

“She’s been planning all of this for months,” Todd stated as he looked down.  “I didn’t know how deep things got until I found out about all the people she had been sleeping with.  I didn’t know there were so many.  What really got to me is that she had the audacity to tell me that she’s tired of having me around and that I—I should go off and find a guy, because she couldn’t handle it anymore.”

“Well you came to the right place,” JT stated as he turned his attention to Wes.  “And you Wes, why are you here?”

“I—I came to apologize for all the trouble I caused the last time we saw each other and…” Wes stated as JT interrupted him.

“And you thought you could come here and apologize and get back on my good side, is that it?”  JT asked.

“He needs to get back on your good side?”  Justin asked as he looked at JT and then over at Wes.  “I thought he was one of your friends.”

“Todd is one of my friends; Wes on the other hand was someone I…” JT stated as he motioned with his head as Justin looked at him strangely as realization kicked in and then he frowned.

“Ahhh,” Justin responded as he looked down.

“But I hope to be your friend again J,” Wes said as he looked at JT.  “I’m not here to cause any trouble.  I see now that—that you’ve moved on and you seem to be happy.”

“Yes, I’m very happy Wes,” JT replied as he looked at Wes with a stern look on his face.

“Maybe I can have that same kind of happiness too,” Wes stated as he smiled at Todd.

“Lawd,” JT said as he shook his head and then pulled Wes by the hand to a corner of the room.  “Look Wes, I’m in no mood for dealing with any drama you can possibly create here.  I don’t know what’s going on between the two of you, but if I see any negativity, one of you will be leaving here.  Being that Todd has never broken my heart, it won’t be him that leaves here if you get the meaning there.  Do you feel me on that note Wes?”

“Yes J, I understand,” Wes replied as he looked down.

“Good, I’m glad you do,” JT stated as he turned and looked at Justin and then over at Todd.  “I don’t know what’s going on between you two, but don’t you dare hurt his feelings.  If you’re just leading him on, now would be the time for you to make your exit.”

“I—I’m not leading him on J,” Wes stated as he looked down at the floor.  “When—when we made love, I—I felt something I haven’t felt in a very long time.”

“And that was,” JT said, covering his eyes as he shook his head.

“I enjoyed satisfying his sexual wants and needs,” Wes stated as JT shook his head again.

“So, you didn’t’ ride the pole, huh,” JT said as Wes looked at him as his cheeks reddened a bit as he smiled.

“No, I decided to take the lead for once,” Wes replied as JT smiled and then turned around.

“Wes, he’s eight years older than you,” JT stated as Wes looked at him.

“How young is Justin these days?”  Wes asked as JT turned and looked at him.

“He—he’s six years younger than me,” JT replied as Wes patted his shoulder.

“You older men know what you be doing when you get a youngun’ in the bedroom,” Wes stated as JT’s eyes widened as he turned back around quickly.

“Hey, that’s not funny,” JT said as Wes laughed.

“No, but the look on your face just now was priceless,” Wes said as he smiled.  “I don’t care about his age; I care about his heart and what we can have together, if he wants it.”

“Okay then, I don’t want to see no evil and hear no evil,” JT said as he pointed at Wes.  “Do you understand man?”

“Yep, I understand,” Wes replied as JT shook his head and then moved over to where Todd stood.

To Be Continued…

When The Glitter Turns Gold – Chapter 5

Chapter 5 — Courtroom Shenanigans

Jun 9, 2004 – Philadelphia, PA – Philadelphia Police Department, 6th District – Arraignment Court

“Well good morning Heather,” Heather heard behind her as she turned to see someone she hadn’t seen in a while.

“William… What are you doing here?”  Heather asked as she looked at the man strangely.

“I heard through the grapevine that you were here,” the man replied as Heather looked down.  “Is this your idea of making a name for yourself Heather?”

“No, not at all… I—I’m being set up here,” Heather replied as the man looked at her as if she were crazy.

“So, what are the charges against you then?”  The man asked.

“I… I… The charges against me… The charges… The charges aren’t true,” Heather stated as she avoided eye contact with the man.  “I didn’t do the things they claim I did.”

“If you didn’t do what they charged you with, why are you here?”  The man asked.

“Because no one is listening to the truth,” Heather stated as the man shook his head while looking at her.

“Why aren’t they listening to the truth?”  The man asked.

“I don’t know why,” Heather replied as she shook her head.  “The charges against me aren’t true.  Those charges are… The charges are dirty and vile.  They charged me with some things that are nasty and perverted.  That’s not something I would—I would never do something like that.  I’m not that kind of person.”

“If you didn’t do the things they charged you with, why didn’t you prove them wrong?  They can’t just lock you up and you end up in court like this.  They have to have proof of something you did,” the man stated as Heather shook her head again.

“I—I didn’t do anything wrong,” Heather stated as the man looked down.

“Then why didn’t you make them listen to you and prove them wrong?  Why are you here in court Heather?  For the police to arrest and charge you with a crime, there has to be some evidence of the crime you are being charged with.  The police must have some probably cause for them to go after you and you end up here,” the man explained as Heather shook her head again as a few tears fell from her eyes.

“There isn’t any evidence, no probable cause.  These people are holding me here against my will and trying to stick some charges to me that don’t belong.  I’m innocent,” Heather stated as everyone in the courtroom stood up as the judge entered the room.

“Good morning,” the Judge spoke as he took his seat behind the stand and then looked over at the bailiff.  “Bailiff, call the first case.”

“First case on the docket is the state versus Heather Stewart,” the bailiff stated, handing the case file to the judge.

“Ah yes, the case where the crazy young woman was held in contempt of court for not knowing how to keep her mouth shut and have some respect for the court,” the judge spoke as he looked over his glasses at Heather.  “Are we ready to proceed this morning?  Ms. Stewart, are you ready to behave in court this morning?”

“Yes sir,” Heather replied as the man that talked with her previously, watched the scene unfold in earnest.

“Alright then, let’s proceed,” the judge stated as he opened another case folder and then flipped some pages.  “Bailiff, read off the charges and…”

“Your honor, we waive the charges being read,” the state’s attorney spoke up.

“Okay then counselors, let’s plead your cases,” the judge stated as the state’s attorney walked around the table.

“Your Honor,” the state’s attorney spoke as he approached the stand.  “Ms. Stewart committed multiple heinous crimes and is considered a flight risk.  The people are asking for re-man.”

“Objection,” the public defender spoke up as he stood up from the defense table.

“Overruled,” the judge replied as Heather looked around at the man and then looked back at the judge.

“There’s no way in hell I’m going down for sexual assault,” Heather stated as the judge shook his head and then looked over his glasses at her.

“Are we having problems again Ms. Stewart?”  The judge asked, placing the file folder down.

“No sir,” Heather replied as she looked down.

“Carry on counselor,” the judge stated as he looked over at the state’s attorney.

“Ms. Stewart has committed multiple crimes and multiple witnesses overheard her confession to said crimes,” the state’s attorney informed the court.

“What!  I never confessed to anyone,” Heather stated as the judge looked over at her again and then shook his head.

“Ms. Stewart, please be quiet,” the public defender spoke as Heather shook her head.

“No, I’m not about to go down for raping and assaulting someone!  I didn’t do that!”  Heather screamed as the public defender shook his head and then covered his eyes.

“Your Honor, as you can see, Ms. Stewart has no respect for this court, nor does she have respect for the man she sexually assaulted,” the state’s attorney spoke as he turned to look at Heather.

“I didn’t rape anyone!  I’m being set up here!”  Heather screamed as the judge banged his gavel.

“There will be order in this court room!”  The judge yelled as he pointed the gavel at Heather.  “That will be your last outburst in my court room Ms. Stewart, do you understand?”

“I advise you to keep quiet,” the public defender whispered to Heather.

“I’m not going to keep quiet and go down for something I didn’t do!”  Heather snapped as the state’s attorney walked back over to his side and then sat down.

“Order!  Order in the court!”  The judge yelled as he banged his gavel again.  “Being that Ms. Stewart can’t seem to control her tongue in my court, I think there’s something wrong upstairs with her.  I order a seven-thirty exam…”

“I object!”  Heather screamed.  “Is he calling me crazy?  There’s nothing wrong with my mind!  I have the right to defend myself against charges I didn’t commit!  I didn’t sexually assault anyone and I stand by that!  I’m not going to just let you people lock me up for something I didn’t do!”

“Bailiff, go ahead and take Ms. Stewart back into custody and place her in holding,” the judge instructed as the bailiff and another officer walked over to where Heather stood.  “I don’t want to see this defendant back in my court room again, until a seven-thirty exam has been performed.”

“Yes your Honor,” the public defender spoke up as he turned around to follow the bailiff and the officer out of the room with Heather as she stopped walking and looked over at the man she had been previously talking to before her trial started as the man got up from his seat and walked out of the room.

“I’m not crazy!  They’re the ones that are crazy here, not me!  I didn’t do anything and I shouldn’t be here!  I am not a rapist damn it!”  Heather screamed as the bailiff and the other officer escorted her out of the room.

Early Afternoon – Jacksonville, FL (Baymeadows Suburb) – The Home of JT Poole

“I’m so glad to be back here, now that my plans were a complete bust,” Justin said as he, JT and Caleb walked into the house

“Daddy, is this your house?”  Caleb asked as he looked around.

“Yes Caleb, this is my—our house,” JT replied as he walked over to a panel on the wall and pressed a few buttons as some lights came on throughout the area and then a TV monitor activated, showing activity in one of the rooms.  “Justin…”

“Is there something wrong baby?”  Justin asked, looking over at JT, noticing the concerned look on his face as he walked over to him.  “What in the world—who is that?”

“We both know it’s not me or us, so I don’t know who that is,” JT stated as he pressed a button on the panel as a loudspeaker activated.  “The police has been alerted, you need to get up and be prepared to give yourselves up to the police.”

“Baby,” Justin said as the activity on the monitor stopped and then the bed sheets moved back as two bodies jumped up from the bed and then started rushing around the room, trying to get their clothes on.

“What… I don’t believe this.  Wes?  Todd?”  JT spoke as he shook his head and then sighed as he pressed the button on the panel again to activate the loudspeaker.  “Wes?  Todd?  Is that you guys?”

“Yes!”  JT, Justin and Caleb heard someone yell as JT shook his head.

“Lawd, what in the world are those two doing here?”  JT asked as he looked at Justin and then back at the monitor.  “Lawd, they were in bed together… They—they were ‘acting’ together.”

“Yeah, they sure were,” Justin said as he looked down at Caleb.  “What’s going on here baby?”

“Your guess is good as mine,” JT replied as he shook his head as Todd arrived in the area first as Wes joined him a second or two later.

“Ah, hi there JT, I’m so glad to see you buddy,” Todd stated as JT shook his head.

“Todd, what are you doing here?”  JT asked as he folded his arms across his chest.  “And Wes, what in the world are you doing here?”

“Ah JT, who’s this little guy?”  Todd asked as he looked over at Caleb.

“That is my son Caleb, but that doesn’t explain why you’re here right now and what the two of us just saw you two doing a moment ago,” JT stated as Todd’s face reddened.

“We—we were ah… Well… We were… Ah… We…” Todd stuttered as he and Wes looked at each other.

“You two were plucking,” JT stated as Justin looked at him wide-eyed.

“Kid friendly word,” JT stated as he looked down at Caleb quickly as Justin shook his head and then giggled.

“Daddy, what’s plucking?”  Caleb asked as Justin laughed full out as JT turned and glared at him.

“Ah—ah, plucking is the removal of… removal of hair or fur,” JT stated as Justin shook his head again.

“Someone didn’t do a good job of plucking, his chest is full of hair daddy,” Caleb said as Justin ran from the room as his laughter could be heard from the room he was in.

“I know son,” JT replied as he looked down at Caleb and then sighed.  “Why don’t we go get you settled in your room and then we’ll have a tour of the place, okay buddy?”

“Okay Daddy,” Caleb replied as he and JT walked away from Todd and Wes.

“I’ll deal with you two later on, so don’t leave,” JT stated as he and Caleb disappeared down a hallway.

“So, it’s true then, the two of them are together,” Todd stated as he smiled, then frowned and turned around to face Wes, who had a sad look on his face.  “Wes… Wes?”

“Don’t say anything,” Wes said as he shook his head.  “I’m used to being just—just a piece of action.”

“Wes… That’s—that’s not what…” Todd spoke as Wes shook his head.

“Keep it to yourself Todd,” Wes said as he shook his head and then turned around. “I should’ve known not to waste my time with a confused guy that—that doesn’t know what he wants!”

“Wes,” Todd said as he looked down.

“No,” Wes responded as a tear rolled down his cheek.

“It’s not what you think… I’m happy for JT and Justin,” Todd said as Justin walked back into the area.  “That had nothing to do with…”

“Is everything okay here?  Did JT go off on you two for freaking in the house?”  Justin asked, giggling as he looked over at Todd and then noticed that there was something wrong with Wes.  “Okay, what did I miss here?”

“You didn’t miss anything Justin,” Wes replied as he sniffled and then walked away.

“Okay, does my breath stink or something?”  Justin asked as he held his hand up to his mouth and blew his breath in his hand.  “No, I’m good.”

“Don’t worry about him, I got him,” Todd stated as he extended his hand to Justin.  “Congratulations man… I’m happy for the two of you.  I’m glad JT finally tied the knot with someone that seems to make him happy.”

“Thanks,” Justin replied, shaking Todd’s hand.

“Justin, don’t you do anything to hurt him,” Todd stated with a stern look at Justin.  “I’ve known that guy for a very long time and he’s—he’s like my family.  Treat him right and love him the way he deserves to be loved.”

“I will—I am,” Justin replied with a smile.  “JT’s in good hands with me, I assure you of that.  But I’m not concerned with JT right now.  What did I walk in on?”

“A misunderstanding,” Todd replied as he sighed and then looked down.  “But hopefully, I can straighten that out before the day ends.”

“I hope so,” Justin stated as he looked around.  “Which way did JT go?”

“He said he was going to show the kid his room and then they were going on a tour around this place.  They went that way, down hall two,” Todd stated as he pointed down the corridor.

“Thanks.  I guess I’ll see you around here later on then,” Justin said as he waved and then walked off.

Los Angeles, CA – The Hyatt Regency Century Plaza – The Lobby

Mo’ette’s POV

Now that I’ve calmed my nerves a bit, I’ve finally gotten a damn clue as to where David’s been held up.  I don’t know why I didn’t think to call his personal assistant first.  Hell, that would’ve saved me a whole lot of time and trouble.  If I’d done that, I wouldn’t have had to go hotel hopping, trying to find him and I would’ve known he was at this hotel all along.  Now, all I need to do is find out which room he’s in, since the assistant didn’t know that fact.

“Lawd, how am I going to find out what room he’s in?”  I asked as I walked over to the counter, but no one was there.

What am I going to do to find out what room he’s in?  I know the person here isn’t going to just tell me that information.  I have to think of a way to get that information, but how?  What can I possibly do that would allow me to find that information out and not get into trouble?  Hmmm, I wonder if my stardom could work for me in this situation.

“Hi there, may I help you?”  A young man asked as he walked over to where I was at the counter.

“Yes, I’m here to meet a friend of mine, but I don’t know which room he’s in,” I replied as the guy looked at me strangely.

“Ma’am, this is not that type of hotel,” the young man replied as I looked at him funny, wondering what he was damn implying of me.

“What’re you talking about?”  I asked as the young man shook his head.

“Ma’am, this is a respectable hotel,” he said as I looked at him and then shook my head.

“Excuse me!  I’m here to find a friend of mine.  I’m not here to…” I said as the young man held up his hand, stopping me.

“Again ma’am, this is a respectable hotel,” the young man said again as I was ready to knock the hell out of him by this point.

“Let me see your manager,” I said as he put his hand down and then walked away.

What in the hell is that young man’s problem?  If I didn’t know any better, I’d think he was implying that I’m a whore or something.  He better watch his damn step, before I put my foot up in his ass.  How dare he imply that!  I’m not a damn whore!

“Yes ma’am, may I be of service to you?”  An older white man asked as he stood in the spot the young man was previously in.

“Yes, I’m here to find a friend of mine, but I can’t remember which room he’s in.  I’ve tried calling his cellular phone multiple times, but I’m not getting an answer.  So, I thought coming on in here to seek help from you all would be fine, but your little boy over there kept implying that I was up to no good, in a whorish kind of way.  How dare he!”  I snapped as the man waved his hand at me as I saw a security guard approaching us from the corner of my eye.

“Now now miss, please calm down,” he said as I shook my head.

“I’m not about to calm down.  I came in here, seeking help and your boy there tried to turn me into some unsavory street whore.  Just wait until my lawyers hear about this.  I’m going to call every media outlet here in LA and around the world and tell them about this mess.  I’m a star damn it and I will not be treated this way!”

That’s it girl, play that celebrity card up and see what that gets me.  The way this man is looking right now, I might get a free room out of this.  Hell, being back in the spotlight may just be a good thing for me.

“Ma’am please,” the man said as I shook my head and then opened my purse, pulling out my cell phone.  “Ma’am, what are you doing?”

“I’m calling my lawyer!  I’m going to have him draw up a suit against this hotel,” I said as the man waved his hand at me again, trying to get me to close the phone this time.

“Please ma’am, there’s no need for that,” the man said as I looked around and noticed that some people had gathered around.

“Hey, isn’t that Mo’ette LaCasta,” I heard someone say as someone whistled.

“Ma’am, who was it that you came here to find?”  The man asked.

“I was trying to find my friend David Boles,” I replied as the man moved over a bit and then grabbed a book off the table as he opened it up and then turned back to me.

“Why yes, Mr. Boles is here in the hotel and I’m sure we can get you two together,” the man stated.

“All I was trying to do was find out what room he’s in, so I could go on up to see him, but you all had to try to make me feel dirty and…” I said as the man waved his hands, trying to get me to stop talking.

“No ma’am, that’s not the case at all,” the man stated as I looked at him as he frowned.

“It is the case… that young man over there was implying that I’m a whore and I was trying to do unsavory things in this respectable hotel,” I said as the young man from before looked down.  “He told me multiple times that this was a respectable hotel, but from the way I see things, it’s really not.  When I’m done with you people, I’m sure no one will ever respect this place, ever again!”

“Oh my God, the hotel treated Ms. LaCasta badly,” I heard someone say as the whispering started.

Alright now, we’re getting somewhere.  All I need now is the room where David and that bitch are staying and then I can get things on the roll.  Once I know where he is, I can confront him and find out what he’s doing with that damn heffa, once and for all, since he slithered away the last time.

“Ma’am please,” the man stated as he picked up the phone and then dialed a number.

“I’ll leave when I’ve seen my friend,” I said as the man turned his back to me and then spoke with someone on the phone.

“Ma’am, your friend is in room twelve-fifteen,” the man stated as I smiled and then walked away from the counter.

“Thank you,” I said, turning around as I continued walking to the elevator as I got to it and pressed the button as I saw camera flashes going off.

Alright, I’m on my way to find out what in the hell is going on with David and why things between us turned sour.  For some reason, I have a sick feeling that this has something to do with his past.  Then again, maybe he has fallen out of love with me and he really loves that ho.  If that’s the case, he’ll get his chance to be man enough for once and tell me the truth and not lie to me.

Halifax, PA – Dauphin County Courthouse

“Well, it’s your turn city boy,” the jailer said as he pushed Jarrod into the room behind some other prisoners.  “Tell the judge about your case.”

“What’s the fucking point?”  Jarrod asked as he and the other prisoners were directed to some seats behind the defendant’s table.

“Keep it up city boy and you’ll get some more charges added to your bucket there,” the jailer said as he laughed and then walked over to the door as the judge walked into the room as everyone stood up.

“The Honorable Judge Larry Raymond presiding,” the bailiff announced as the judge walked behind the bench and then took a seat.

“You may all be seated.  Bailiff, call the first case on the docket,” the judge instructed as he put on his reading glasses.

“The court calls the state versus Jarrod Lee,” the bailiff announced as the jailer motioned for Jarrod to get up and walk forward.

“How do you plead?”  The judge asked as Jarrod looked at him strangely.

“Sir, I don’t know how to plead.  I’ve been in jail for I don’t know how long and no one had told me anything that actually pertains to me being here.  I’ve been refused the right to see any of the charges, the right to know who filed the charges against me and I haven’t been able to call a lawyer to help defend myself of the charges.  The only thing I can remember, after I was beat up, the night they brought me in was something about bail jumping, but I don’t live here, never have.  So, why would I be a bail jumper from here?”  Jarrod asked as the judge looked over the rim of his glasses at him and then over to the bailiff that shrugged his shoulders.

“Rodney, get the Sheriff on the phone… Get him over here right now,” the judge requested as he shook his head.  “You sit right over there, let’s call the next case.”

“What about me your honor?”  Jarrod asked.

“When the Sheriff and the head deputy arrive, we’ll start your case,” the judge stated as he pointed at the chair that he wanted Jarrod to sit in.

An Hour Later

“Court’s in session,” the bailiff announced as the jailer entered the room with the remaining prisoners that needed to stand before the judge, including Jarrod.

“Alright, let’s continue the case with Mr. Lee,” the judge stated as the jailer pushed Jarrod forward as the judge looked over at him.  “Mr. Conway, please read the charges against Mr. Lee.”

“Yes your Honor,” the state’s attorney responded as he picked up the case file, opened it and then flipped some pages.  “Jarrod Lee is charged with failing to appear, relational domestic abuse, assault on an officer, assault on a prisoner, resisting arrest, trafficking and bail eluding.”

“Now that you’ve heard these charges Mr. Lee, how do you plead?”  The judge asked as he looked at Jarrod as Jarrod shook his head.

“Your Honor, I’m not guilty of all of those charges,” Jarrod stated as the judge motioned with his hand to the state’s attorney.

“Why aren’t you guilty of the charges?”  The judge asked as he accepted the file from the attorney.  “It says here that you were arrested earlier this year for a domestic dispute between yourself and your wife.  The police arrived at your home and escorted you out, after you had beaten your wife and kids.  Your wife and kids had to receive medical attention.  Aren’t you concerned about that at all?”

“Excuse me your Honor, but I don’t have a wife or kids,” Jarrod stated as the judge looked over the rim of his glasses at him.  “I’ve never been arrested before in my life, well not until all of this stuff started, whatever this stuff is.  I’ve never had any trouble with the law.”

“It also says here that you resisted arrest multiple times and that when the police finally caught up to you in Philadelphia, you were suspected of trying to smuggle contraband on a plane,” the judge stated as he shook his head.

“Your Honor, I’ve never resisted arrest and as I’ve already stated to you and this court, I’ve never been arrested.  I’ve never in my life, had any personal issue with the law that requires me to resist arrest,” Jarrod stated as he sighed.  “I don’t know what’s really going on here, but I think this is all a matter of mistaken identity.”

“Young man, when the officers arrested you in Philadelphia and your fingerprints were processed, your record was pulled with your name and all vital stats, matching the driver’s license you carried on your person,” the judge stated as he flipped through some pages in the file.

“Your Honor, I shouldn’t have a record of any kind with the police.  There shouldn’t be any pending charges of any kind against me.  The only charge that you’ve read in that file that possibly applies to me is the one that pertains to me assaulting a prisoner.  I admit I did assault a prisoner while I was locked up in the jail in Philadelphia, but I did it to avoid being sexually assaulted by that prisoner,” Jarrod explained as the judge flipped more pages in the file.  “I’m sure there is a real simple solution to solving this problem.”

“There’s a real simple solution, how so Mr. Lee?”  The judge asked as he flipped to another page in the file.

“The dates of those charges are the solution to solving this problem.  I’m sure I can provide proof of where I was at the time those offenses were committed,” Jarrod stated as he looked at the judge.  “I’m sure my boss, my assistant, the receptionist, the expense manager, the recruiters, everyone that I deal with on a regular basis, can more than likely provide an alibi for where I was at the time those charges were made.  If my personal organizer was here with me, I could provide my schedule to the court as evidence of where I was in the world, down to the very minute.”

“Objection your Honor,” the state’s attorney spoke up.

“Overruled,” the judge stated as he looked at Jarrod.  “We’re going to take a recess and we’re going to get someone on this.  We don’t need a miscarriage of justice around here.”

“Your Honor, it seems Mr. Lee is trying to waste the court’s time,” the state’s attorney spoke up with an evil look on his face.

“Maybe so, but if there’s been an error made, I would rather that error be found now and not later on,” the judge stated as he banged his gavel.  “Court is in recess.”

“Do you think you’re going to get out of this one city boy?”  The jailer asked as Jarrod turned and looked at him.

“When it’s proven that I’m innocent, I’ll be sure to make sure I sue you first,” Jarrod stated as he smiled as the jailer grabbed him by the shoulder and then pushed him towards the door.

“That’s the problem with you city boys,” the jailer stated as he laughed.  “You’re always trying to find ways to get out of the trouble you create.” 

“You all created this trouble and when it’s over and done with, I’m going to create some real trouble—trouble you people wish you never created for me,” Jarrod stated as he smiled again.  “Go ahead, beat on me some more, but when all is said and done and things are proven, you be sure you offer your ass up first to be kicked.”

“It would be in your best interest to shut your fucking mouth, city boy,” the jailer said as he ushered Jarrod into a holding cell.

“Whatever you say,” Jarrod replied as he stood at the cell door as the jailer pointed his baton in his face and then walked off.

Somewhere in Grand Junction, TN – An Unknown Woman’s House

“Oh God, I can’t believe what I just heard,” a woman spoke as she shook her head.  “He—he married a man!  He married a damn man!  He promised me!  He promised that he would save himself for me, but that was all a damn lie!”

Getting up from where she sat on a sofa, the woman kicked the television stand, knocking the television over, causing it to hit the floor, catching on fire.  Screaming, the woman rushed from the room and returned a moment later with a fire extinguisher.  Putting the fire out, she sighed and then looked at the mess on the floor as some tears fell from her eyes.  Turning around, she looked at a baby that sat in a play pen as she shook her head and then sighed.

“What am I going to do now?”  The woman asked, walking over to the play pen and picking the baby up as she walked out of the room.  “I can’t believe I listened to those damn lies.  It seems all I ever hear from men is lies.  Are men capable of actually telling the truth?”

“Laci, are you and PJ okay in there?”  Someone asked as the young woman and the baby arrived at the door.

“We’re fine Me-Ma,” the young woman replied as she sighed and then looked down as she sniffled.

“If you’re fine, what’s that burning smell, coming from in there?”  The person asked.

“It’s nothing Me-Ma, don’t worry about it,” the young woman replied with a frown.  “It doesn’t really matter.”

“Okay,” the person replied, walking away as the young woman walked out onto the porch and then sat down in one of the chairs.

“Okay, it’s just the two of us baby.  What—what am I going to do to make things better for us?”  The woman asked, sighing as more tears fell from her eyes, dropping on the baby’s forehead.

To Be Continued…