When The Glitter Turns Gold – Chapter 9

Chapter 9 — A Musical Experience

Jun 10, 2004 – Jacksonville, FL (Baymeadows Suburb) – The Home of JT Poole – The Hallway

“You don’t know what to do about what Todd?”  JT asked as he looked at Todd strangely as he rubbed at his wrist.  “What’s going on here?”

“Wes is what’s going on,” Todd replied as JT shook his head.

“Lawd, I knew I should’ve thrown his lil’ trifling ass out of here,” JT said as Todd looked at him.  “I should’ve known… I knew that boy was going to cause some damn drama in my house.”

“He—he’s not the one that’s causing the drama, it—it’s me,” Todd stated as he sighed and then looked down.  “I—I don’t know how to act around him and everything I do, I end up upsetting him.”

“What are you doing to upset him Todd?”  JT asked.

“You were there last night when we argued,” Todd stated as he looked up at JT and then threw his hands up.  “He wanted to go out to dinner, but I didn’t’ want to go.  He—he thinks that I’m ashamed to be seen with him, because he’s younger than I am.”

“Is that the case Todd?”  JT asked as Todd shook his head.

“No JT, that’s not the case at all,” Todd replied as he sighed again.  “I—I was scared to go out with him in the open.  I can care less about his age, he’s an adult like I am.  Do you care that Justin’s younger than you?”

“No, I don’t care that Justin’s younger than I am,” JT replied as he looked down and then shook his head.  “Damn, it’s only by six years; it’s not like a damn decade or anything.”

“What are you trying to say JT?”  Todd asked as he looked at JT strangely.  “I’m only eight years older than he is; it’s not a damn decade or anything!”

“I wasn’t saying it was,” JT said as he held up both of his hands.  “I was only saying that I’m only six years older than Justin is all, not ten.  You know in the gay world, if there’s more than a ten your difference, people start thinking there’s something fishy going on.”

“That’s not only in the gay world JT,” Todd stated as he looked down.  “You know people thought it was strange that I was married to Roni… we’re only four years apart.”

“I thought it was strange because you’re gay and you should’ve married a man a long time ago, instead of marrying her,” JT stated as he shook his head.  “But that’s water under the bridge now.  So, what’s the deal with you and Wes?  Don’t you like him?”

“Yeah, I like him, but I—I don’t want to get hurt because of him,” Todd stated as he looked down.  “Look what happened between the two of you.”

“Did you two talk about us?”  JT asked as he looked at Todd strangely.  “Did he talk about our past?  Did you talk about our past?”

“Yeah, he told me about what he did to you,” Todd stated as JT shook his head.  “I also told him what I did to you.”

“I see,” JT stated as he folded his arms across his chest.  “So, all of our secrets are out in the open around here?”

“Pretty much so buddy,” Todd replied as he shook his head.  “I wanted there to be no secrets between us, so I told him about the affair the two of us had and he told me about how he cheated on you and broke your heart.”

“That’s just wonderful,” JT sarcastically said as he shook his head again.

“So—so the problem we have to deal with right now is—is he thinks that I’m ashamed to be seen out in public with him,” Todd stated as JT looked at him.

“Well are you ashamed?  Are you ready to cross the fence and finally be you, the real you?”  JT asked as Todd looked down.

“I—I don’t really know.  I—I’ve been playing the part of a straight, married man for a very long time.  I—I don’t know if I’ll be able to handle it all at first,” Todd stated as he looked down and then sighed.

“Well you have to start somewhere buddy,” JT stated as he and Todd hugged.

“I—I guess you’re right about that,” Todd stated as he sighed.

“Hmmm, you’ve given me an idea for a song to sing,” JT stated as Todd looked at him strangely.

“What kind of song?”  Todd asked.

“Do you remember when I performed the song ‘Charades’ on the Mouse?”  JT asked as Todd rubbed his head and then looked at JT and then nodded his head.  “I think it’s time for that song to make a comeback.”

“Make a comeback in what way JT?”  Todd asked.

“In this way,” JT stated as he smiled at Todd and then grabbed his hand, pulling him down the hall and walking into another room.  “Look in there and find a tux to put on.”

“Find a tux to put on for what?”  Todd asked as he looked at JT as if he were crazy.

“Just do it man and meet me down in my room in a few minutes,” JT directed as he walked out of the room.

“Okay, I’m going,” Todd stated as he walked into the room to do as JT instructed him.

Across Town – The Apartment of Josh Raymond – The Living Room

Josh’s POV

“What a day this has been,” I said as I walked into the room and threw my backpack on the sofa.  “I’m going to start some dinner and then I’ll rest up for tomorrow.”

Walking over to the phone, I saw that someone had called and left a message.  Pressing the play button, I heard a message from a friend of mine that I hadn’t heard from in a long time.  Grabbing a pencil, I scribbled the number down on the pad and then went on to the next message.  Skipping past a few messages, I felt the anger rise deep within me when I heard the voice of my adoptive uncle.

“Why in the hell is he calling to talk to me?”  I asked as someone knocked on the door.

Sighing, I walked over to the door and opened it, not thinking to check the peephole first.  What does she want now?  I’m not in the mood for dealing with her either.

“What are you doing here Layla?  I’ve told you more than once, I don’t want you coming here,” I said as she just stood there as if I hadn’t said anything to her.

“Josh please, I—I need to talk to you,” she said as I shook my head, ready to close the door on her as she moved into the house quickly and then tried to touch my hand.

“Get out Layla, there’s nothing for us to talk about,” I said, pointing at the door.  “Just leave me the hell alone!”

“Josh please, I—I love you,” she said as I shook my head again.

“I don’t love you,” I replied as her expression changed.  It looked like she was hurt and angry at me, but her facial muscles didn’t know which features to keep.  She grabbed my arm and pulled me close, kissing my mouth.  “No Layla, stop this!  This isn’t going to happen.  I just told you that I don’t love you!”

“I don’t care what you say, I know you still love me, just like I love you,” she said as she kissed my mouth again as I wiped my mouth and then pointed at the door again.

“Leave Layla,” I said as I turned my back to her.

“Fine, I’ll go for now, but I will be back,” she said as she walked out the door as I heard it close.

Why can’t she get it through her head that I don’t want anything more to do with her?  I don’t want to waste my time with a woman that can’t seem to stay in one place for long.  For as long as I’ve known her, she’s done nothing but walk out of my damn life and that’s not what I want.

As I sat down on the sofa, I turned on the TV to catch the news.  Flipping through the channels, I stopped on one of the music channels at the mention of my brother’s name.  I wonder what that’s all about.

= So tell me Glitter, what do you think is going to happen to JT Poole and Nikki Knotts of ‘Mutual Attraction’ now that you’ve gone out on your own? =

= I don’t know about those two, but I know the only thing that can happen is I’ll keep rising to the top and they’ll both disappear into the shadows.  They were already heading there anyway.  I’m just glad I didn’t disappear into the shadows with them. =

= So you’re saying that since you’ve gone solo, JT Poole and Nikki Knotts won’t be performing anymore?  Is ‘Mutual Attraction’ over? =

= It might as well be.  Besides, I never needed them anyway.  I was only with them so I could make a name for myself and I have. =

= So do you see yourself surpassing ‘Mutual Attraction’? =

= Yes I do.  JT isn’t about the music anymore and neither is Nikki, In fact, I’m glad to be away from the substance abuser baby daddy and the no-show call girl. =

= What do you mean by that Glitter? =

= I mean that I’m glad I’m away from JT and his drinking and the drama of his baby mama. =

= So the rumors about JT that were in the media recently were true about his drug use? =

= I don’t know about his drug use, but I do know he can drain a bottle.  Don’t ask me what else he’s good at draining. =

= No ma’am, I won’t be doing that; this is a family-oriented show.  So, what is this about the baby mama drama? =

= Yeah, about ten years ago, JT slept with someone, got her pregnant and left her and then she had a child for him. =

= What about the rumors of JT’s sexuality?  Are those rumors true or not?  Is he and Justin Tanner dating? =

= No, they aren’t dating, they are married now.  The dating phase is way past over. =

= And what about the comment about the no-show call girl.  Was that meant for Nikki Knotts?  If so, why? =

= Very simple, she hasn’t been seen since her baby daddy showed up.  Nikki turned her back on ‘Mutual Attraction’ for a man that treated her less than dirt, but apparently that’s what she wanted.  She wanted that man so badly that just the sight of him; she threw away everything she worked so hard for. =

= So there’s no coming back for Nikki Knotts? =

= Have you seen her?  I know I haven’t seen her.  That man has her wrapped around his finger.  He is her vanilla pimp and whatever he wants, she’s going to do.  Oh, I didn’t know I couldn’t say that on TV.  I’m sorry. =

= So, with all that said, I hope you have a very prosperous career Glitter.  Are you going to perform for us today? =

“Yes I am Dave. =

= We’ll see you all after the break. =

“Oh man, was she supposed to say all of that?”  I asked aloud as I shook my head and then changed the channel.

Dang, she exposed a whole lot of information about my brother and his friend.  I wonder how he’s doing.  I haven’t talked with him since I’ve been back here. He gave me his address and his phone number.  I should talk to him and see how he’s doing.  Then again, he knows where I am and he hadn’t been here to see me.

“Would he even want to come here to visit me?  From the address he gave me, he lives out in the ritzy part of town and I live here, in the poor area of town.  He probably wouldn’t even set foot over here,” I said, getting up off the sofa as I walked into the kitchen to go start dinner, something I intended to do when I got home.  I need to catch up and get back on schedule.

Across Town – The Home of JT Poole – The Family Room

Wes’ POV

What in the hell is JT up to now?  What was the point of him coming down to the room and dragging me out, to come here for?  What is it that I’m supposed to see here?  Right now, I’m in no mood for any of the drama that can possibly happen here.

Hell, the way I feel right now, I should’ve just left when he threatened to throw me out of here.  I haven’t caused a problem, but I feel like I should just go.  I—I’ve overstayed my welcome here and I feel it’s time I made my…

“Gentlemen, I present to you, the soulful stylings of JT Tanner,” Justin announced as he walked into the room as the lights dimmed as JT stepped into the room behind him.

“Hello again Wes,” JT said as he looked at me as I wondered what he was about to do.  Is he going to sing?  Oh God, he’s going to sing, but what in the hell for?

[1]I’m all dressed up in my finest attitude
Pretending I don’t care.
Guess I really messed up by trying to be two,
When only one heart can be there.
Why can’t I be just what I am,
And speak my love without any shame?

Why can’t he see what I am,
Is a costumed fool trapped in a tragic game?

What in the hell is he going on about?  Why is he singing this song?  I remember this song; he sang it years ago when he was on the Mouse.  Why is he singing this song again?  He’s married to Justin already, so why is he singing this?  It’s not like he’s trying to convince Justin that he’s okay with his life.  So why in the hell is he singing this damn song right now?

Charades and pretty lies
They hide what’s deep inside me.
Charades do disguise
All the love I keep inside me.
Charades! Can’t see me,
But can you feel the real me,

The real me behind my charades?

Oh, please don’t mind me,
Performing at my hardest
As I paint upon the air.
You won’t find me
Cause it’s a portrait of the artist
As a man who isn’t there.

Charades and pretty lies
They hide what’s deep inside me.
Charades do disguise
All the love I keep inside me.
Charades! Can’t see me,
But can you feel the real me,

The real me behind my charades?

Can’t you feel the real me,
Behind my charades?
Have I lost the real me,
Behind my charades?

“I’m ready Wes,” I heard Todd’s voice in the room as he walked around the corner, dressed in a tux, looking damn fine.  “I’m not hiding behind any charades.”

“Todd,” I said as he smiled and then stepped closer to me as he grabbed my hand, pulling me up into his arms as we kissed.

“Do you like the look?”  He asked as I nodded my head as we kissed again. “Glad you like.  There’s one for you too, we have a date tonight.”

“We have a date tonight, really?”  I asked as he nodded his head.

“Yes we do,” he replied, looking around at JT.  “If we don’t hurry, we’ll be late.”

“We don’t want you to be late,” JT said as an alarm sounded.  “I wonder who’s at the door.”

“I’ll get it,” Justin said as Todd and I walked out of the room, so I could go find what I would be wearing for our date and get it on.  “It’s Howard baby.”

Justin’s POV

“Hello Howard, is everything okay?”  I asked as he looked at me with a nervous expression on his face.  “Howard, are you okay?”

“I—I’m fine Justin,” he replied as I wondered what was really going on.  He looked like the cat that ate the canary that was about to be punished for it.

What’s going on with Howard?  Is there something wrong that involves JT?  Now that he’s in here and all, he looks like he’s about to fall apart and that isn’t good.  As long as I’ve known the man, I’ve never seen him look like this before.  What could be going on in his life that would have him looking like this?

“Would you like something to drink Howard?”  I asked as he looked at me quickly and then averted his eyes.

“Yes, what do you have?”  He asked.

“Do you need something stiff?”  I asked as he gasped and then covered his mouth quickly.  “Howard?”

“I—I’m sorry,” he stated as I looked at him again, trying to figure out what was going on.

“Howard, you’re scaring me here,” I said as I heard a door open and then I heard fast moving footsteps, a sign that Caleb had awakened from his nap.

“Daddy, I’m hungry!”  I heard Caleb scream as Howard looked at me and then looked back down at the floor.

“Maybe—maybe this is a bad time,” Howard said as he made a move to turn around as I grabbed his hand, stopping him from moving.  “Justin…”

“Howard, what’s going on?”  I asked as he looked down again as JT walked around the corner with Caleb.

“Howdy Howard, are you here for our meeting?”  JT asked as Caleb held onto his leg.

“Ah yeah—yeah, about what we talked about last night,” Howard stuttered as JT looked at him strangely.

“Howard, are you okay?”  JT asked as Howard looked down again.  “Ah Caleb, why don’t you run on into the kitchen, I’ll be right there in a bit.”

“Okay Daddy,” Caleb replied as he turned and ran down the corridor, heading into the kitchen as I looked at JT and then over at Howard.

“Howard, are you having a bad day?  What’s going on here?”  JT asked, walking over to where Howard stood and then touched his hand.  “I’ve known you most of my adult life and I can tell that there’s something wrong with you.  What’s going on man?”

“I’m gay JT,” Howard stated as JT’s mouth dropped open as Howard turned around and made a move to walk towards the door as JT’s mouth moved, but no words came out.

“Howard,” I said as JT just stood there, watching Howard, his mouth still moving, but no words still.

“Ah… Oh… Ah… Okay Howard,” JT finally said as I’m sure his mind was just as blown as mine was.

Oh wow, what in the hell is going on around this place?  Is there something in the air or what?  If someone else pops up gay around here, they may need to send a scientific crew out to do a study of the environment.  I mean, like damn, is there something in the air or water here?  It’s like gay people popping out the damn foundation around here.

If one more person around here, pops up gay, I’m going to start thinking this place is magical or something.  First, I find out that JT’s best friend Todd is actually gay and then comes to find out, the other friend Wes is too.  After overhearing the conversation between JT and Todd, when they were out in the hallway, my suspicions were correct when I suspected that JT and Wes had been in a relationship.  The comment that Todd made about Wes, having broken JT’s heart and that he had cheated on him was a dead giveaway.  Now that I know that information, I’ll be doing my best to make sure that Todd and Wes stay on good terms with each other.  I don’t need either of them making a play for my husband.

With all the crap that’s happened between Todd and Wes, hearing this new revelation from Howard is the tip of the iceberg.  Hell, I bet this is monumental news for JT today.  I wonder what could be going through his mind right now—now that Howard has opened up about the part of himself that he normally keeps hidden.  Hell, probably the same things going through my mind.  What made Howard come here and just blurt out that he’s gay all of a sudden?  What made him want to come out to us, well besides the obvious?

“I’m sorry JT, maybe—maybe I shouldn’t have come here,” Howard stated as JT shook his head and then took his hand.

“Is that what you wanted to talk to me about Howard?”  JT asked as he looked at Howard closely. “Is that why you’ve been acting strange around me, whenever you’ve been around?”

“I—I haven’t been acting strange JT,” Howard replied as JT raised an eye at him.

“Come on Howard.  There were many times I wondered to myself if I needed to beat you with a brick for some of the comments you made to me and then there were times I wondered if you needed a mental health evaluation,” JT stated as I covered my mouth to keep from laughing.

“The same could be said about you JT,” Howard stated as JT shook his head.  “Seriously, I…”

“JT, why don’t you two go down to your study and talk and I’ll go get the little man something to eat,” I said as he smiled and then motioned with his head for Howard to follow him as I walked down to the kitchen.

Grand Junction, TN – The Studio of Laci Greylek

Laci’s POV

Laci girl, what in the hell is going through your fucking head?  What was the damn point in coming back here, to this damn hole in the damn wall?  Oh yeah, I felt like I was taking advantage of my grandmother, so I grabbed our stuff and came back over here to this mess.

“Why in the hell did I have to listen to those damn losers?”  I spoke aloud as I cradled PJ in my arms as we sat in the middle of the room, mainly me, looking at the damn walls.

Those fuckers are no relations to us, so why in the hell did I allow what they said, get to me?  Hell, what they said to me or here shouldn’t even matter.  Hell, Me-Ma said it herself, that I shouldn’t have listened to what they had to say in the first place, that family takes care of family.

“It’s true, family takes care of family, but how long is family supposed to do that?”  I asked aloud as I sighed.

So far, Me-Ma has been helping me out most of my life, in between living with my momma and her boyfriends and keeping me away from daddy and his bitches.  Most of my life has been spent living on the road, but I don’t want that life for my baby.  Between Me-Ma and Momma, I don’t think I’ve ever spent a full year in one place.  I’m tired of living that kind of life, I don’t want that for my baby.

“I don’t want that kind of life for you baby,” I said as I kissed the top of his head as he made a noise and then moved around in my arms.

No baby, momma doesn’t want that kind of life for you.  You shouldn’t have to bounce from place-to-place, living like a hermit.  You are the child of a star, you should be living the good life.  We’ve been with Me-Ma since you came along, but now it’s time for us to have our own.  I need to get us settled somewhere, so we both can have the life that’s destined for both of us.

“All I need to do is find out where Justin is and then we’ll go from there.  Once he finds out about his son, then he’ll do the right thing.  Men like him have no choice but to do the right thing,” I said, thinking about how good it would be to get the hell away from here and have the life of a star.

To Be Continued…

[1] Song Excerpt = Charades by Maxwell Caulfield

To Protect and Serve – Chapter 11

Chapter 11 – A Strange Entrance

Between Here and There – The Limbo Dimension – Castle Limbo


I’m so glad to be back here and away from there.  Why did he have to do that to me?  Why did they have to start asking questions?  I didn’t want to answer their questions, the reason I came here.  They can’t get here and I don’t have to listen to them.  I know I was wrong in using my powers on a normal the way I did, but that doesn’t really matter now.

“I can’t believe he did that to me!”  I yelled as the castle walls shook, almost knocking me down where I stood.

How—how could he cheat on me like that?  How could he stand by and idly kiss that man and think it wouldn’t hurt me!  Did he not care about what we were trying to develop?  I—I know we just got together and all, but that doesn’t mean he could just push me to the side and take up time with the ex!

“This is all the Elders fault!”  I yelled, turning around as I walked over to my scrying glass.  “If it wasn’t for their actions, I wouldn’t be here, hurting like this right now.”

Yeah, this is the Elders fault.  If they hadn’t meddled in my life, like always, I wouldn’t be here in Limbo; feeling like my heart had been yanked out of my chest.  I—I just can’t believe they orchestrated all of this to get me and Joey together, only to have him cheat on me like that.  What’s the meaning of all of this?

“I—I can’t handle this… I’m going to go lie down for a bit and once I’ve had some rest, then I’ll deal with this matter,” I said as I walked into my private chamber as something didn’t feel quite right.

“Tim!  Tim, where are you?”  I heard Wanda’s voice as I stopped walking and then turned around.

‘Wanda, I’m in my private chamber, resting.  What do you want and what are you doing here?’  I telepathically asked.

“I’m here to see you,” she spoke aloud as I shook my head and then sighed, regretting ever giving her the power to travel into Limbo.

‘Sorry Wanda, but now isn’t a good time to bother me, I’m not in the mood!’  I telepathically yelled, hoping that would scare off and send her running back to where she had come from.

“Sorry Tim, you can’t just scare me off.  Stop trying to avoid me man!”  She yelled as I shook my head again.  “I felt what you did and I came here to make you go back.  You can’t stay here in Limbo and hide away from your troubles.”

“Please leave me alone Wanda!  I can’t deal with this shit right now.  Just leave me be woman!”  I snapped as I waved my hand, using my magic to send her flying backwards through the corridor.

“Stop Tim, I’m not going to leave you here,” she said as she got up off the floor, vanished and then reappeared in front of me.

“I need to be left alone!”  I snapped, pushing her backwards to the floor.

“Stop this Tim!  You know you can’t stay here in Limbo for too long and you know this.  The more you stay here, the more you become like this place!”  Wanda snapped, using her magic to wrap eldritch bonds around me, holding me tight.  “I’m not letting you go Tim.  Get your ass together and let’s return back to the real world before it’s too late!”

“It’s already too late!”  I snapped, using my powers to cancel out her powers as I summoned the creatures of the castle to defend me.

“Stop this Tim, don’t do this!”  Wanda screamed as a few statues around her came to life and grabbed her, holding her in place.  “We have to leave, you have to go back!”

“I’m not going back and that’s final!”  I screamed as I waved my hand in her direction, as she and the creatures disappeared from view.  “Now, I can go lie down and forget about all that’s happened.”

“It’s not going to be that easy Tim, you forget, I’m just as powerful as you are,” I heard Wanda say as I turned around to see her walking towards me.

“You may be as strong as me, but this is my realm and I reign supreme here,” I said as she shook her head.

“I’m not going to give up until we go back,” she said as I sighed as I created a portal to go back to the hotel.

Aug 12, 1995 – Waco, TX – The Santa Clara Hotel – The Floor Reserved for All Star – Joey and JT’s Hotel Room


“You fucking bastard!”  Joey screamed as JT appeared in the room with Wanda.

“I think I’m going to take my leave now,” Wanda said as she sighed and then walked through the room door, not even opening it.

“Joey, please,” JT said as Joey shook his head.

“Please nothing!  You’ve been gone for two damn days and…” Joey said as JT sighed.

“Please let me…” JT said as Joey shook his head and then pointed his finger in JT’s face.

“No, you made a damn promise to me and you broke it!  I thought you loved me, but I see you didn’t love me enough to trust me or keep your fucking word!  You should’ve given me a chance to explain the situation, before you started reacting with the powers of death flaring all around!  You reacted to things that weren’t right!”  Joey yelled as he walked away from JT.

“Joey, I am so sorry.  Please—please just let me apologize and explain from my point of view of things.  I want you to see what I saw,” JT stated as Joey shook his head.

“I don’t want to see what you fucking saw, you lied to me!”  Joey screamed.

“Okay, I see your point there, but if you see things the way I saw them, then you would understand why I was so mad and upset,” JT stated as Joey shook his head again.  “If you saw what I saw when I turned around and saw you guys…”

“That’s not the fucking point!  You promised me that you wouldn’t use your powers against me like that and you did it again!  You could’ve killed us when you used your powers the way you did and slammed us against the fucking wall!  How am I ever going to be able to trust you again?”  Joey asked as JT looked at him and then looked down.

“Joey… Just let me show you,” JT stated as Joey shook his head.

“Don’t try using your psychic powers to erase my mind of this.  If you did that, that would make me hate and despise you for messing with my mind that way,” Joey stated as he walked out of the room and then slammed the door behind him.

“Damn it, I knew I shouldn’t have let Wanda talk me into coming back here.  I should’ve just stayed in Limbo where I was.  I’m not wanted here and the way things are, I feel my place is in Limbo, a place where I am wanted,” JT stated as he looked around the room, waving his hand at his belongings, teleporting them away.  “With all that’s happened, Joey doesn’t love me at all.  I guess I should just leave here and have someone else take my place as his bodyguard.”

Downstairs – The Hotel Lobby

“Excuse me, can you tell me what all the commotion is on the seventeenth floor?  I’m on the sixteenth and it sounds like someone is throwing a wild party up there or something,” a young woman stated as she stood at the check-in desk, speaking with the concierge.

“I’m very sorry ma’am, I’ll go up and check it out and make sure that everything is okay.  I’ll make sure that it doesn’t happen again, whatever it may be.  I am so sorry that you were disturbed,” the concierge spoke as he led the young woman to the elevator.

“Well I hope they quiet it down up there, I have a very important meeting to go to in the morning,” the young woman stated.

“Again ma’am, I’ll make sure it gets quiet,” the concierge said as he and the young woman stepped into the elevator.

“Good, I’d like to be fully rested for my meeting,” the young woman said as the elevator dinged and the doors opened.

“You can return to your room and I’ll go ahead and check to see what’s going on,” the concierge stated as he waved as the young woman stepped off the elevator, walking down the hall, heading to her room as the doors closed.

Lance and Hank’s Room

“Lance… Lance, are you okay?”  Hank asked, walking over to where Lance sat.  “You haven’t spoken a word since we got in here.  What’s wrong honey?”

“I—I’m sorry Hank; I—I just got a lot on my mind,” Lance replied as he looked up at Hank.  “I wasn’t trying to ignore you or anything.”

“It’s okay,” Hank stated as he sighed.  “What’s going on with you guys?  Since that guy popped up, all of you have been acting strange.”

“I don’t like Kevin,” Lance stated as he shook his head and then sighed.  “When he and Joey first started dating, he always seemed as though he was hiding his true self from everyone.”

“Sounds like your everyday bisexual man,” Hank stated as Lance shook his head.  “Why don’t you like this guy, besides the fact that he dumped your friend?”

“He and Joey got really heavy.  They were making plans to be together and then a couple of months later, he up and dumped Joey without even a goodbye.  That hurt Joey very badly, which hindered his performances with the group,” Lance explained as Hank just watched him.  “After a while, things with Joey returned to normal, or so we thought.”

“Meaning what,” Hank said as Lance shook his head.

“Joey was just putting up a front for all of us,” Lance stated as he stood up.  “We didn’t know what was going on until we found out he had been drinking and possibly using drugs.”

“Not good,” Hank spoke as he walked over to Lance.

“No it wasn’t good, but with some help from us and his family, he came around and started getting better,” Lance stated as he sighed again.

“Well that’s a good thing,” Hank stated as Lance laid his head on Hank’s shoulder.

“It was a good thing until the news broke that Kevin had gotten married and then Joey cracked up again,” Lance stated as he sniffled as the tears fell from his eyes.

“Oh honey, I’m so sorry,” Hank stated as he rubbed Lance’s back.  “I’m here for you, don’t cry.  I don’t know what all that happened to Joey and that guy, but hopefully things will be okay this time around, now that he’s with JT.  By the way, why is that guy hanging around here?”

“He—he said he came here for vacation, but I think he’s lying.  He said he was trying to get away from his friends, but it’s rather odd that he appeared here.  He says he being here with us is all a big coincidence, but I don’t believe that or him,” Lance stated as he wiped at his eyes.

“I don’t know the guy personally, but I hope JT didn’t hurt him too badly when he threw him up against the wall the way he did,” Hank stated as he leaned in and kissed Lance’s forehead quickly and then turned and walked over to Tyler as Joey walked into the room.

“Joey, are you okay?  I heard that JT was back and you two were talking,” Lance stated as he walked over to where Joey stood, looking very angry.

“I’m done talking to him!  He broke his word to me and I don’t have anything more to say about it!”  Joey snapped as Lance looked at him strangely.

“But… But you just found him… The two of you just found each other,” Lance stated with a frown.  “You two can’t be breaking up already.”

“We’re not breaking up, I just don’t have anything more to say to him, for a while at least, until I feel I can trust him again,” Joey stated, sitting down on the sofa in the room as the tears fell from his eyes.

“It’s going to be okay Joey,” Lance stated as he sat down besides Joey and then pulled him close, hugging him.

“He—he promised me,” Joey said as he cried on Lance’s shoulder.  “He said he would never use his powers against me and he… He threw me against a fucking wall.”

“I know,” Lance responded as he sighed, rubbing Joey’s back, hoping his friend wasn’t slipping into a pat condition that would be hard to break out of.

“I—I thought he loved me… He didn’t even give me a chance to explain things, he just jumped the gun and threw me away,” Joey said as there was a bright flash of light in front of them as JT became visible, grabbed his hand and the two of them disappeared.

“I don’t think I’ll ever get used to that sort of thing on a regular basis,” Lance said as he held his chest.  “That man can pop up anywhere, at any damn time.  That’s totally scary.”

Kevin Williams’ Hotel Room

“Who in the hell could that be?”  Kevin asked as he sighed and walked over to the room door, opening it.

“Hello Mr. Williams, is everything okay here?”  The concierge asked as Kevin stood in the doorway, looking at him strangely.

“Yes, everything is fine here, why do you ask?”  Kevin asked, folding his arms across his chest as he watched the man.

“There have been several complaints from the occupants below you that they’ve heard some very disturbing noises.  So again, is everything okay here?”  The concierge asked.

“Everything’s fine here sir.  I think the complaints resulted from my playing of the television too loudly.  I’m sorry for disturbing the other patrons here.  I’ll make sure it won’t happen again sir,” Kevin stated, shaking the man’s hand as he turned to close the door but the concierge stopped him.

“Wait just a moment Mr. Williams,” the concierge stated with a slight smile.

“Yes,” Kevin said in a cold voice.

“See that you do abide by the hotel policies,” the concierge stated as Kevin nodded his head and turned to close the door again as he stopped the door from closing.  “Beyond that, I hope you enjoy the rest of your stay here.”

“Yes sir,” Kevin stated as the concierge back away from the door, allowing it to close.  “I guess the little thing I walked in on the other night with Joey and his new friends has been causing some problems for the people below.  I wonder what got people complaining about me, being that I haven’t done anything remotely noisy.  Since I’ve been here, I haven’t watched TV or listened to any music.  The only thing I can think about is Joey.  Damn!  I wish I had him back with me.  There must be something I can do to get him away from that guy and back in my arms again.”

Kevin walked away from the door and then walked into the bathroom.  Handling his business there, when done, he moved over to the sink and looked at his reflection in the mirror.  Running a hand through his hair, he sighed and then shook his head.  Turning the water on in the sink, he washed his hands and then splashed some water in his face.

“Getting Joey back is going to be a hard task.  Justin and Lance don’t trust me, but I think I can get Chris and Joshua on my side to help me out, but I feel that’s going to take some motivation from some friends of mine,” Kevin stated as he turned around and stopped in his tracks as if he were frozen.

‘Hello Mr. Williams,’ Kevin heard in his mind, while standing in the bathroom.

“Who’s there?”  Kevin asked, turning his head to look around the room as he noticed something strange in the mirror’s reflection.  “What in the hell is that?”

‘Hello Mr. Williams, my name is Marek,’ Kevin heard in his mind as he looked at the image in the mirror strangely and then reached out with his hand to touch it as something strange happened, it looked like electricity had flowed from the mirror, shocking his body as the image in the mirror’s reflection changed and Kevin Williams no longer looked like Kevin Williams.  ‘You’re mine now Mr. Williams!’

Down the Hall – Joshua and Tyler’s Room

“Hi Tyler, may—may I talk to you for a minute?”  Joshua asked, walking over to Tyler.

“Sure thing, what’s on your mind?”  Tyler asked, looking up at Joshua as he put his magazine down.

“I don’t know how you’re going to take this, but I—I want you and I want you bad,” Joshua stated, leaning in and kissing Tyler’s mouth.

“Joshua, what are you doing?  I—I thought you were straight!”  Tyler snapped, pushing Joshua backwards and getting up from the sofa.

“What did it feel like I was doing?”  Joshua asked, moving closer to Tyler as he tried to lean in and kiss him as Tyler did his best to avoid Joshua’s actions, pushing him away again.

“No Joshua, stop!  I don’t know what’s wrong with you, but I’m not going to touch you.  I think something’s wrong with you and you’re not in your right mind right now,” Tyler stated as Joshua smiled and then grabbed his arm, pulling him close again as he grabbed his crotch, squeezing it a bit.

“No lover, I’m in my right mind, are you?”  Joshua asked, unzipping Tyler’s pants as he tried to get them down with one hand.

“Joshua please… I’m not going to do something we both will regret later on,” Tyler stated, pushing Joshua again and then floating towards the main room door as Joshua was amazed at what he saw.

“Cool, you can fly, but I’m not going to regret anything lover,” Joshua said, running behind Tyler as he stopped at the door.  “Come on Tyler, I know you want to do it.  I’ve seen you eyeing me when you thought no one was watching.  I know you want this ass.”

“Just stop it Joshua,” Tyler stated as he pushed Joshua backwards once more.  “I’m locking you in here until JT gets back so he can scan you, to see what’s going on in that head of yours.  I think something’s very wrong with you right now.”

“Come on handsome, you’re worrying about the wrong head,” Joshua said, unzipping his pants and then sliding them down his legs as he looked at Tyler.  “See this cock, it’s aching for you.”

“No it’s not,” Tyler said, walking out of the room, closing the door behind him quickly as he used his powers, melding the door shut so Joshua couldn’t leave the room.

“Are you kidding me?  Unlock the door man!  Come on Tyler, open this damn door!  Let me out of here or you get your cute ass back in here with me!”  Joshua screamed as he banged on the door.

“Not going to happen,” Tyler said as he walked down the hall, heading towards Hank and Lance’s room with tears in his eyes.

Between Here and There – The Limbo Dimension – Castle Limbo


“What the hell did you bring me here for JT?”  Joey asked as he and JT appeared in the main chamber of the castle.

“I brought you here so we could talk.  I want to do what I can to save what little we have left,” JT stated, walking over to Joey and kissing his mouth as there was a strange humming sound emanating within the castle.

“Kisses aren’t going to make everything alright between us.  I—I need a little time to evaluate this… to evaluate what we have and what we may have,” Joey stated as he moved away from JT.

“Fine,” JT said, waving his hand in front of his scrying glass and then moved away as it showed an image of Joey and Kevin, standing in the hotel hallway, kissing.

“That—that’s Kevin and me, we… we’re kissing,” Joey said as he walked over to the scrying glass, staring at it in awe.  “That makes it looks like I welcomed what he did, but I didn’t!”

“You did Joey, you didn’t do anything to stop him,” JT said as Joey turned and then stopped when he saw the look on Kevin’s face in the scrying glass’ reflection.

“I didn’t know he was going to kiss me JT, honest I didn’t,” Joey stated as he sighed and then groaned when he noticed the evil looking grin on Kevin’s face, a grin he knew very well.  “He—he set me up JT.  Look at the grin on his face.”

“Yes, I saw the grin on his face,” JT replied as Joey walked around to him and then looked down as the image faded away from the mirror.

“JT,” Joey said as JT shook his head.

“I’ll send you back to Earth and I’ll remain here.  You’ll have a new bodyguard in the morning,” JT stated as he looked down.  “I do love you Joseph Fallon.”

“Stop it!  You’re not sending me anywhere and you’re not staying here neither!  If I go, you go too!  If you love me so much, then you’ll do as I ask and give me the space that I need so we can work this out,” Joey said as he walked over to JT’s thrown and sat down.

“I don’t want to hurt you or cause you any pain.  It seems that, as you said it, I don’t love you enough to trust you.  When it came down to it, apparently I didn’t.  As I said, I will remain here and you’ll return back to where you belong,” JT stated, waving his hand as he used his powers to create a dimensional portal.

“I’m not leaving here JT!  If you make me leave, then you’re the one ending this relationship for the both of us, not me,” Joey stated as he looked at JT.  “That tells me that you don’t have what it takes to be my lover or partner in the future.”

“You know I love you Joey, but…” JT stated as Joey interrupted him.

“But what JT?  Go ahead and say it, whatever it is.  It seems that what we’ve shared is not worth saving in your eyes!  Damn it JT, I love you too, but things aren’t always automatic,” Joey stated as he looked down.

“Meaning what Joey?”  JT asked as Joey sighed again.

“I love you, don’t you get that?  You’re the guy that I want to try to spend forever with.  I don’t want to be with another person.  I want to be with you, my lover, my partner, my super hero,” Joey stated as he looked down as the tears fell from his eyes.

“I don’t know what to say,” JT said, watching the man in front of him as his body glowed as Joey stopped crying and then turned and kissed his lips.

“JT, be mine.  Be the person that stays with me forever.  Be the person that I grow older with. Be the person that I never stop loving.  Be the person that I start a family with and love forever and ever, until the end of time.  JT I love you and I don’t want to lose you.  When all of this is over, I want you to be the person that I get to go home to, the person that will be with me, no matter what.  I want you to be the person that will love me for me and I want that forever with you.  Marry me JT, marry me when we can finally be together…” Joey said as he and JT embraced as their bodies continued glowing and then they disappeared.

Aug 13, 1995 – Waco, TX – The Santa Clara Hotel – Justin and Barbara’s Hotel Room


“Hello, anyone here?”  Joey asked as he and JT appeared in the room.  “Hey!  Where’s everybody?”

“Where could they be?”  JT asked, his eyes glowing brightly.

“Honey, are you able to sense anyone here?  Do you happen to know where everyone is?”  Joey asked.

“Something’s not right here.  Something’s very wrong!”  JT screamed, his body floating up off the floor as he used his psychic powers, scanning the entire hotel.

“What’s wrong honey?  What’s got you so upset?”  Joey asked as JT’s eyes flashed a red color.

“It seems we have unwanted company here.  Justin’s not here, Hank and Lance are in their room, having sex it seems, Joshua is trapped in his room, Chris is asleep and my security team is out in the hallway, save for Hank, who seems to be having way too much fun,” JT explained, opening the door to the room to see what was going on.

“What are you two doing in there?”  Barbara asked, grabbing JT by the arm and yanking him from the room and then grabbing Joey, doing the same to him.

“Barbara, what’s going on?  I’m getting strange vibes from all over the place,” JT said as Barbara shook her head.

“Earlier tonight, Justin and I were watching TV and well… He disappeared out of the damn blue,” Barbara stated as she looked at JT strangely.

“How did that happen?  Is he special like us too?”  JT asked, looking at Joey and then back to Barbara as she shrugged her shoulders.

“Don’t know JT, we were just sitting there, watching TV and all of a sudden, his body was surrounded by a gold-colored light and then boom, he was gone,” Barbara explained as JT shook his head.

“He was surrounded by a gold-colored light and then he was gone?  Was it anything like when I teleport people?  What time did that happen?”  JT asked, his clothing changing back to normal.

“It happened about an hour ago,” Barbara stated as JT shook his head as Michura walked over with a communicator in hand.


“Wanda,” JT said as the light faded away as Wanda stepped into view.

“What’s going on here?  I felt something strange… I had no choice but to come and investigate it,” Wanda stated, moving over to JT and Joey.

“I’m so glad you came back Wanda,” Barbara stated, hugging Wanda as they all heard someone banging on a door.

To Be Continued…

Summer Catch – Chapter 6

Chapter 6 — One Culprit Too Many

Sunday Morning – Bahia Honda, FL – Memorial Hospital – The ICU Ward – Randy’s Room

“Mr. Tanner, we really do need to get your statement while everything’s still fresh on your mind,” one of the police officers stated as Randy shook his head and continued eating.

“I’m sure it’ll be fresh in a little while when you come back,” Randy stated as he forked some of the grits, placing them into his mouth.  “If you’ll excuse me—us, we’re having breakfast.”

“Now wait just a minute Mr. Tanner,” the other officer stated as Randy shook his head.  “This is an ongoing police invest…”

“No, you can talk to me when all this food is gone and not before then,” Randy said as he forked more of the eggs, placing them into his mouth.  “Could you please escort these men out of here Ms. Sherice?”

“Yes sir,” the nurse stated as she smiled, walked over to the door and then opened it, waiting for the men to walk out.  “I’ll be back in a few to check on you Mr. Tanner.”

“Thank you,” Randy said as he looked at Nicky with a smile on his face.

Out in the Hallway

“What in the heck was that?”  One of the officers asked, looking at Kevin.  “It seems to me like he doesn’t want to talk.  What’s up with that?  Why isn’t he talking?  Hell, If I took the beating he took, I would be glad to talk.  Is he scared to talk about what happened?”

“It does seem that way,” the other officer stated, pulling his notepad out and flipping a few pages.  “I wonder if someone threatened him.  Who’s been in to see him since this happened?”

“No one has been here to see him but myself, Nicky, the young man that’s in there now and his father, Judge Tanner,” Kevin stated with a frown.

“The detectives that spoke to the staff at the camp turned up nothing,” the first officer stated.  “I’m starting to think that the guy we’re looking for that escaped the prison camp is behind this.”

“Wait a minute, what?  Someone escaped a prison camp?  Where is this prison camp?”  Kevin asked.

“That’s classified,” the other officer stated, frowning as the other officer elbowed him in the side.

“I don’t care if it’s classified or not.  One of my staff was hurt on camp grounds and if some crazed lunatic escaped prison and did this, I would like to know about it,” Kevin stated with an angry look on his face.

“Well there’s a prison colony a few ways from the camp, but…” the first officer stated as Kevin shook his head and then threw up his hands.

“So basically, you’re telling me that one of the prisoners escaped and possibly hurt Randy?”  Kevin asked as both officers nodded their heads.  “Oh yeah, that’s just fucking great.  Why weren’t we told about this so-called prison colony?”

“As I said before, that’s classified information,” the first officer stated with a frown.  “So, we’re going to leave for now, allow him to finish his meal and possibly rest and then we’ll be back.  Let him know we’re coming back because we want to get down to the bottom of this.”

“I want you to get to the bottom of this too,” Kevin stated as he shook his head again.

“You have a great morning Dr. Richards,” the second officer stated as he and his comrade walked away.

Camp Henderson – A Campers’ Cabin

Jesse’s POV

I can’t believe I’m stuck in this fucking hell hole all summer.  I’m too damn old to be stuck in this kiddy camp.  I could understand it if I was at a teenage camp or something, but hell, we don’t get to do anything that guys my age enjoy doing.  I just can’t believe that Mom sent me here and then had the nerve to tell me that if I didn’t come here and stay throughout the whole summer, she would send me to military school in the fall.  Damn her!

I don’t understand why I’m here.  I know mom just got married and all, but I didn’t deserve being sent to damn camp, especially this one.  When I get out of this place, I’m going to make her life miserable, a living hell!  When I’m done with her, she’ll actually think, before deciding to do something like this again.  Sending me here of all places wasn’t a good move on her part and I’m going to make her pay for it.  She’ll wish she never got married again and sent me to this dump.

Since I’ve been here, I haven’t seen anything worth getting into.  This place is so damn boring, that I bet watching Barney and Friends for fifteen minutes would be more interesting.  Shoot, I bet watching the damn news is more interesting than this shit.  The nerve of a camp that doesn’t allow TV watching, video game playing or anything that can distract the mind from this boredom.  I need my video games damn it!  I need something to take my mind off of the boredom.  If I don’t get some good mental stimulation soon, I might leave this place as a mindless zombie or something.

What in the hell does a guy have to do to get some dick in this place?  I know there’s plenty of dick around here, but none of it is for me.  It’s been a little over a week since my last piece and I’m starting to feel like I’m a virgin all over again.  I’ve never been so dry like this.  I’m used to getting the dick at least three or four times a week, maybe five if I can coax Jimmy, the football team’s quarterback into breaking me off a little something when his girl isn’t putting out.  I don’t think I’ll be able to take this for much longer.  This is one of the reasons why I don’t like it here.  Most of the guys I’ve seen around here are way too young for my taste and the guys that are old enough seem to be horned out and straight as arrows for the ugly chicks.  What am I going to do?

“So, have you called your mom yet?”  I heard behind me as I turned to see Shawn, one of the other campers in the cabin with me, talking to Aaron, the bratty little brother of one of the camp counselors.

“No, I wouldn’t know what to say to her.  Besides, it’s not my business what Nicky does” Aaron said as he walked over to where his bed was and then looked under it.  “He’s a grown man; I’m not his watcher or anything.”

“I know that Aaron, but he is your brother and the cops want to talk with him about what happened to Randy,” Shawn stated as he leaned against the wall as Aaron unbuttoned his pants, pushed them down his legs and then kicked them off his feet.

“Like I said, I’m not his watcher and he’s a grown man,” Aaron said as he turned towards me as I caught sight of one of the sexiest bodies I’ve ever seen with a big as dick to match.  Damn, for a thirteen year old, he has a big ass dick.  “I don’t think Mom or Dad wants to know about Nicky gaying out.”

“That’s not funny Aaron,” Shawn said, glaring at Aaron as he moved away from the wall.

“I didn’t mean it to be funny Shawn,” Aaron said as he buttoned up the shorts je just put on.  “This conversation is getting on my nerves.  Why don’t we go for that swim in the lake like you suggested earlier?”

“Yeah, okay man,” Shawn replied with a frown.

“Are you guys going swimming now?”  I asked, looking at the two of them closely as it was only a little after eight in the morning.

“Yeah, why not?  It seems like the perfect time to go,” Aaron replied, looking at me like I was crazy.  “The sun is barely out and it’s not too hot.”

“You have a point I guess,” I said, shrugging my shoulders.  “Well ah—ah—could I like join you guys?”

“Sure, come on.  I just hope you’re not wearing that shirt,” Shawn stated as he turned his nose up to what I had on.

“What’s wrong with what I’m wearing?  It’s only a pair of shorts and a shirt,” I stated.

“Let me tell ya, that shirt looks like something my grandpa would wear to play golf,” Shawn stated in a matter-of-fact kind of way.  “I hope you have something better than that to wear.  I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing something as ugly looking as that.”

“Fuck you man,” I said as Aaron smiled and then gave me the thumbs up behind Shawn’s back.  “I like my shirt very much.  If you don’t like it, you can go straight to hell with gasoline drawers on.”

“Hell yeah,” Aaron said with a smile as he laughed.

“Whatever,” Shawn said as he walked past my bed and then out the door.  “Are you two coming or what?”

“Give me a minute,” I said, getting up as I walked over to the shelves to grab a towel so that I could join those two hot guys, mainly Aaron down by the pond.  If I play my cards right, I might get to see that big ass dick again.

An Hour Later – Dr. Richards’ Office

Kevin’s POV

Damn it!  This day started off on a sour note and it’s not getting any better.  It’s not even noon yet and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to get any better.  Since getting back here from the hospital, I’ve been called by Mr. Tanner and to put it lightly, he’s not a happy person right now.  That man has used every vulgar word in the English language against me and I haven’t done anything wrong.  I know he’s upset about what’s going on with Randy, but there’s no reason for him to taking his anger out on me.

What is Judge Tanner’s problem anyway?  I don’t see what the problem is.  From what I overheard Randy say, he already has a gay son.  What’s the problem with having another gay son?  I know if I was a father, I probably would have a problem with my son being gay, based on how society treats gays now.  I would want my son to be happy and to be able to have a family.  But above all else, I would want him to be happy.  If I had a son and him being gay made him happy, then I would be happy for him too.  I don’t see what the problem is with Judge Tanner going off the deep end the way he did at the hospital last night.  I listened to him and Randy argue and it seems that he doesn’t care about the brother being gay, why care about him?  I guess I don’t know the whole story there, but oh well.

Regardless of the crap going on with Randy and his dad, Nicky came back to camp with me.  To say the least, he wasn’t very happy about leaving the hospital.  In the short time that Randy’s been at the hospital, Nicky’s gotten closer to him.  Why does Nicky like him and not me?  Randy is a spoiled brat that needs to learn a thing or two about being a nice and respectful person. Randy knows nothing about life and that’s where most of his problems lie.  As for me, I am a stable man and I can provide things for Nicky that he needs.  I can provide him with a home, love and support.  I don’t see what Randy can provide him, except for a broken damn heart.

Once we arrived back here, he decided to go back to the counselors’ cabin to get a shower.  He said that he was going to try to get back into the swing of things to try to take his mind off of what happened to Randy and the argument he had with the police officers that questioned him at the hospital.  Hell, him just telling me that he was going to shower had my mind in a haze.  The last thing I remember him saying was he was going to shower and I didn’t hear anything else.  If he asks me later about anything he possibly said, I’m going to be clueless because the only thing my mind can think about is his naked body under the shower spray, washing his sexy body.

Damn, if I don’t do something quick, I’m going to fuck up my life.  I can’t keep pining after him like this and not doing something about it.  I have to tell him that I love him and that I want to be with him.  I’m sure that after he hears that revelation, he’ll want to be with me, mainly since we’ve known each other for a long time.  Hell, I know him and his family; they’re like family to me.  That should be a plus right there.  He can’t say the same for Randy.

“Hello, earth to the Doctor, earth to Dr. Richards,” I heard in front of me as I looked up to see Ana and Christina, standing before my desk.  “Someone is lost.  Should we send a search party in or something?”

“What is it that you ladies need?”  I asked with a frown.

“One of the campers got hurt while hiking,” Ana replied as she crossed her arms across her chest, looking like she wanted to smack me.  “I bandaged and wrapped her knee, but it’s still bleeding and she’s complaining that it still hurts.”

“Well put her up on the table and let’s have a look,” I said as I got up from my desk and walked over to the exam table as Christina brought the little girl into the room and got her up on the exam table.  “Hi there, what’s your name sweetie?”

“My name is Kimmie,” the little girl replied as I unwrapped the bandages that Ana had applied to her knee.  “Does this hurt?”

“Yeah, it kinda does,” the little girl replied as she closed her eyes and squeezed the side of the table.

“I’m sorry sweetie,” I said, turning around and grabbing the antiseptic spray and then spraying some on the small gash on her knee.  “This should make it feel better.”

“Are you sure?”  She asked with a frown as I could imagine what’s going through her mind as I’m working on her knee.

“Yeah sweetie, I’m sure,” I said as I heard a commotion outside of the room.  “Could one of you girls go see what that…”

“Oh Lord, it’s Aaron again,” Ana said as she shook her head.  “He’s fighting with another camper, nothing new there.”

“Tell him that if he doesn’t stop, he’ll be put back on restriction again and I don’t mind having him on KP,” I said, tearing off a piece of tape to finish off the bandage on Kimmie’s knee.  “Alright Kimmie, you’re good to go for right now.  If you have any problems with it, you let me or one of the counselors know, alright?”

“Alright,” she responded as I put her down on the floor as she looked up at me and then over at Christina.  “Thank you Doctor.”

“You’re very welcome sweetie,” I said as she waved and then left the room.

“You need to behave yourself Aaron,” Ana said as she drug Aaron into the room with a black-eyed Shawn Riker, one of the other campers.  “I won’t hesitate to tie you to a chair in the corner!”

“Let me go you lesbian bitch!”  Aaron snapped as he pushed Ana away from him as he grabbed for Shawn.

“What in the world is going on in here?”  I heard behind me as I looked up to see JT standing in the doorway with Joey.

“That’s what I would like to know,” I said as the door opened again as Nicky walked in with a mean look on his face.

“Aaron Carlson!” Nicky exclaimed as Ana stopped what she was doing and then let Aaron go.  “I’m getting really tired of having to come get you out of trouble.”

“You’re tired, no partner, we’re tired,” Ana said as she shook her head as Aaron kicked her on the leg.  “Owwww!”

“Stupid ass lesbian!”  Aaron screamed as Nicky popped him on the back of the head.

“Shut up Aaron!”  Nicky demanded as he crossed his arms across his chest.  Damn, he’s so cute when he’s angry.  “I’ve had just about enough out of you for one summer.  I’m really considering sending you back home to Mom and Dad.”

“Do whatever you want,” Aaron said as he pushed Ana away from him and then ran out of the room.

If I didn’t know any better, I’d say Aaron was acting like a scorned lover or something.  I don’t think that’s the case or anything, being they’re brothers.  With the way that Aaron acts, he’s putting on like someone that no one cares about and he’s not feeling the love.  Maybe I need to go and talk to him and see if there’s something wrong where Nicky is concerned.

“That boy is getting on my last nerve,” Nicky said as he sighed and then walked out of the room.

“Nicky wait,” I said, walking towards the door as Ana grabbed my arm and then pointed towards Shawn and his black eye.

“I think you need to look at his eye first.  I’m sure Nicky can handle his brother,” Ana said as she shook her head and then rolled her eyes.

Sometimes I wonder about Ana.  If I didn’t know any better, I’d think she hates me and was trying to keep me away from Nicky or something.  I wonder if she somehow knows about how I feel about him.

Down by the Lake

Aaron’s POV

I hope he drops dead somewhere and I never see him again!  How can he be so insensitive and rude to me!  I’m his brother and he’s treating me like crap!  What do I have to do to get some love, affection and attention from him?  I’ve done just about everything I can think of to get a reaction from him.  I thought that getting into fights and being bad all the time would make him stick to me, but that only made him mad.  Hell, I thought taking on the role of a troubled kid would get me some attention from him and all I’ve gotten is a lesbian trying to feel me up and a pervert of a doctor talking crap to me.

What is the deal with Dr. Richards anyway?  I really don’t like him and if I have to listen to another one of his corny ass lectures, I might have to hit him in his damn mouth to shut him up.  There’s something about him, but I don’t know exactly what it is.  Every time he’s around me, I feel like I have to keep my guard up.  What is it about him that makes me feel that way?

“Aaron!”  I heard behind me as I turned around to see Nicky.  “What in the world has gotten into you?”

“Why do you even care?”  I asked.  “It’s not like you care about me.”

“What do you mean by that?”  He asked, looking at me like I was crazy.

“You know what I mean by that,” I said, turning back around and looking at the water.

“Come on Aaron, if I knew what you meant, I wouldn’t have asked the question,” he said as I could see and hear him walking closer towards me.  “What’s going on with you?  Why are you acting out the way you are?”

“It doesn’t matter now,” I said as he stood behind me.

“What doesn’t matter Aaron?”  He asked, putting his hand on my back as that slight touch sent shivers down my spine and right to my dick as my knees got weak and I fell forward.  “Aaron!”

Oh God, he touched me!  He touched me!  Damn, my head is spinning and I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to get him out of my mind.  I know it was only a small touch, but still it was a touch all the same.

I know I shouldn’t have thoughts like this about my brother, but I just want him to touch me all over.  Just the thought of him touching me, kissing me, doing naughty things to me is what’s keeping me going at this dump.  If there wasn’t any chance of us hooking up, I wouldn’t waste my time of being here at this place.  I could’ve been back home, getting my ass fucked by that cute guy from the school’s chess team that I sucked off before spring break.  I just wish Nicky would be like him.  I want him to touch me again, more.

“Aaron!  Aaron, are you okay?”  I heard as I snapped out of my reverie, looking up to see that Nicky was in fact, holding me in his arms and I was against his chest.  Oh shit yeah!

“I—I don’t know,” I replied, closing my eyes.

“Why did you fall?”  Nicky asked as I didn’t know how to answer him.

“I—I don’t know why I fell,” I replied.

“Does it have anything to do with the fight you just had?”  He asked as I shrugged my shoulders.  “Why do you keep getting into fights Aaron?  You fighting like this isn’t like you at all.”

“I don’t know why Nicky,” I said, breathing his scent in, my eyes still closed.

“Well you better figure it out quickly,” he said as I could feel his eyes on my face.  “I’m really getting tired of this Aaron.  I’m considering sending you back home to Mom and Dad.  You’ve been acting out since you’ve been here.  First the fighting, the curse words and the thing you did with me.”

Oh God, he’s talking about the kiss.  I thought he had totally played that off and forgot.  I was hoping we could talk about it and now’s my chance.

“What do you mean by the thing I did with you?”  I asked.

“You know what I’m talking about Aaron.  I’m talking about you kissing me the way you did,” he said as I looked down and then smiled to myself.  “Why did you kiss me like that Aaron?”

“I kissed you because I was worried about you and I wanted you to know that I’m here for you,” I replied as I looked up into his eyes.

“That’s not how things are supposed to go Aaron,” he said, looking away from me.  “I’m your brother; you’re not supposed to kiss me to show me that you’re here for me.  A hug would’ve been just fine.”

“I know that, but I wanted you to really know,” I told him.

“You could’ve just told me Aaron,” he said with a frown.  “I feel that you’re hiding something from me and it has something to do with the fighting.  Aaron, are you on drugs?”

“No, I’m not on drugs damn it!”  I snapped, getting up out of his arms.  “Damn!  Can’t a guy love his brother and not be suspected of using?”

“What kind of love are you talking about Aaron?”  He asked as I turned away from him.

“The kind of love that involves my heart, your heart and both of our bodies,” I said, hoping that I wasn’t fucking things up.

“What?  Are you serious?  That’s sickening Aaron,” he said as I could hear him backing away from me.  “I’m your brother Aaron.  I’m not down with incest.  What you’re talking about is wrong and disgusting.”

“It’s not disgusting or wrong,” I said, turning around.  “I love you and I don’t see nothing wrong with that.”

“I love you Aaron, but the kind of love you’re talking about is wrong,” he said as he turned around and started walking away.  “I think it’ll be best if I sent you back home to Mom and Dad.”

“What?  No Nicky!  I don’t want to go back home!  I love you damn it!  I won’t go!”  I screamed out, not really caring who heard me.

“You’re going home Aaron, go pack your stuff,” he said as he continued walking.

A Few Feet Away – Behind Some Trees

Jesse’s POV

What in the hell did I just witness?  I don’t believe what I just heard.  Are my ears deceiving me?  Aaron Carlson is in love with his brother.  So, that’s the big problem with him.  He had the nerve to his Shawn in the fucking eye for telling him that he was hot, but here he is, telling his brother that he’s in love with him, but in the wrong way of course.

What a fucking double standing that boy got going on.  He got upset because Shawn likes him and tried to flirt with him, but he’s out here, trying to put the moves on his brother, his brother!  That’s some fucked up shit there.  The way things are going, it doesn’t seem like his brother is interested, so maybe I’ll have a chance with him, since I can tell he’s not interested in Shawn.  I guess I’ll just have to see what I can do about that.  Maybe I can get what I want… I want a chance to have that big dick of his inside of me, making me happy.

Across the Lake


This day is turning out to be a wonderful one.  I can’t believe I’ve been happy all day.  Since talking with Joey and talking about some of our common interests, mainly superheroes, I’m shocked.  I never knew someone could talk so enthusiastically about comic book characters.  I’ll have to remember to not start a conversation about superheroes again.

Since we got the campers into the water, we’ve been sitting here, just holding hands and enjoying the atmosphere.  The way he’s acting, I feel he has something on his mind, but I don’t know what, since he hasn’t told me.  The only thing I know is that his mood seemed to change when Nicky returned here from the hospital.  He’s been quiet and I’m thinking that whatever’s wrong has something to do with him.  I know the two of them are friends, maybe it has something to do with what’s going on with Nicky and Randy.  I guess I’ll find out when he’s ready to talk to me about it.  I just hope whatever’s wrong has nothing to do with me.

“Damn, I forgot to call Mom,” Joey said as he looked at me and then reached into his pocket and then pulled out his cell phone.  “I promised her I would call her last night and I totally forgot with all that was going on.”

“Hmmm, did you forget to call her because of me?”  I asked.

“No baby, it wasn’t because of you,” he replied as he looked at his cell phone and then back up at me.  “Then again, you have been occupying my thoughts a lot lately.”

“Oh really now?”  I said with a smile.

“Yeah and that’s a good thing,” he said with a smile as he leaned in and then kissed my lips.  “With all the stuff that’s happened around here, it’s a welcomed escape to think about you.”

“How sweet,” I said, keeping an eye on the campers in the canoes in the lake.

“Yeah, it is sweet,” he said as he leaned in and kissed my lips again as I heard giggling behind me.  “If if isn’t the Cheshire cat known as Ana Morgandorfer.”

“Oh hush up man,” Ana said as she sat down next to me and then eyed Joey.  “Well hello Mr. Fatori, what you be doing out here with the crazy man?”

“We were making out until you interrupted us,” Joey replied with a smile as Ana shook her head.

“Oh that’s just sickening,” Ana said as she giggled.

“I bet it is you nut,” I said as she got up and then looked at her watch.

“How long have they been out in the water?”  Ana asked as she looked at me and then over to Joey.

“About a half hour, give or take a few minutes,” I replied.

“Lawd, the children could’ve been out here for an hour and you wouldn’t know any different,” she said as I got up, dropped one of my crutches and then fell backwards.  “JT!”

“Damn it!”  I snapped as a few campers looked over at me.  “Sorry, I know I said a no-no word.”

“Are you okay babe?”  Joey asked, trying to help me up as I shook off his hand and got up by myself.

“I’m fine,” I coldly replied as I grabbed the clipboard and walked towards the edge of the lake.  “Come on in guys, it’s time for you to bring it back in!”

“Are you okay JT?”  Ana asked with a frown as she walked up next to me.

“I just said I was fine,” I replied, looking at her as she closed her mouth and then looked down.  “Don’t worry about me.  All I need to do now is fix the problem.”

“Fix what problem JT?”  She asked as I shook my head, mentally kicking myself for saying that.

“Don’t you worry about that,” I told her as I looked at the crutches and then back at Joey.  “Pretty soon things will be alright finally.”

“What’s going through that mind of yours JT?”  Ana asked as Joey walked over to the two of us.

“None of your business, now help me get the campers off the canoes and back up to camp,” I said as she shook her head again and then helped Joey get the campers out of the canoes.

Pretty soon, I won’t have to worry about anyone else trying to help me up or anything like that.  I think it’s time I did what’s needed to get my problems fixed.  I need to do this as soon as possible, if not, Joey Fatori won’t love me like he says he does.  Once I do that, I’ll be normal like everyone else and things will finally be alright.  I just hope it will work out.

To Be Continued…

To Protect and Serve – Chapter 10

Chapter 10 — A Chosen One Awakens

Aug 9, 1995 – Waco, TX – The Santa Carla Hotel – Joey and JT’s Hotel Room

“Joey, Joey wait,” JT called after Joey as he walked into their hotel room.

“That wasn’t funny at all!  You didn’t have to do that to me!  That was very embarrassing damn it!  Everyone laughed at me!”  Joey snapped as he threw up his hands and then walked over to the bathroom, grabbed a towel and started drying himself.  “You did that on purpose so that everyone would laugh at me!”

“Honey, I wasn’t trying to embarrass you.  I was just having a bit of fun with you.  Would you please forgive me?  I wasn’t trying to hurt your feelings or upset you in any way,” JT stated as he stepped closer to Joey and then kissed his lips.

“Alright, I will forgive you, but only on one condition,” Joey said as JT looked at him strangely.

“Which is?”  JT said.

“Next time, don’t use your powers against me.  I thought you were trying to kill me the way the water crashed down on me and knocked me out of the pool.  That really hurt,” Joey said as he leaned in and kissed JT’s lips.

“I’m so sorry… Sometimes I forget how strong my telekinesis are,” JT stated as he snapped his fingers as his clothing changed.  “I’ll do my best to never do that again.”

“Okay, you’re forgiven then.  What’s with the clothing change?  Are you going somewhere?”  Joey asked.

“Yeah, we’re going out,” JT replied as Joey’s eyes lit up.  “We’re all going out to a club downtown.”

“Oh,” Joey responded, looking down with a frown on his face as JT walked over and touched his shirt, using his powers to change his clothes also.

“Don’t forget, while we’re out, you have to keep your distance from me and keep it straight-acting,” JT stated as Joey frowned again and then perked up a bit.

“You know, I can really get used to you dressing me like this.  I can also get used to you undressing me like that too,” Joey said, winking his eye as he leaned in and kissed JT’s lips.

“No time for that now, we have to get going,” JT said as Joey sighed as he opened the room door as the two of them walked out of the room, heading down to Justin’s room.

A Few Hours Later – A Local Night Club

“Why aren’t you four dancing?  Come on, this is a night club.  You have to get up and shake your thangs,” Justin said as he gyrated to the beat of the music.

“I think we’re good, not shaking our ‘thangs’,” JT said as he shook his head, keeping a watchful eye on the guys, mainly Joey, who was dancing with Lance, while Justin went back over to dance with a red-headed girl that looked rather familiar, while Chris danced with a set of twins and Joshua had drawn a crowd around him, showing off his new solo dance moves.

“We’re in a nightclub man,” Hank said as Justin waved at them, trying to get them out on the dance floor.

“We’re also on duty too,” JT stated, shaking his head as the building shook all of a sudden as a few people looked around as a few things fell from the ceiling.

“What’s going on?  Is Texas known for having earthquakes?”  Lance asked, moving over to where JT and Hank were.

“Something’s not right, that shaking wasn’t a natural occurrence.  I think the shaking was generated by a person,” JT stated, his eyes glowing brightly.  “X-Ternals, it’s time for us to rock and roll!”

“Okay boss, what’s the plan?”  Hank asked, looking around.

“Get the guys to safety and let’s find out what’s causing the problem,” JT stated as the building shook once more as people started running outside.

“Look!  JT, isn’t that your sister Tanya,” Hank spoke, pointing at a woman near the entrance as his clothing changed into his costume.

“Tanya?  What in the hell are you doing here?  Are you responsible for the shaking?”  JT asked, his clothing changing into his costume as he moved over to the woman.

“I’m glad I found you.  I need your help with something,” the woman spoke, standing in front of JT.

“What kind of help are you trying to get Tanya?”  JT asked as he looked around, his eyes glowing brightly, his body emanating psychic energy all around.

“I need you and your X-Ternals to help me,” the woman spoke as she looked around quickly as if she was looking for something.

“What’s going on Tanya?”  JT asked.  “Are you responsible for what’s happening right now?”

“The only way I was able to get your damn attention was to shake things up this way,” the woman stated, floating in place as she looked around again.  “I’ve been searching for you for days, trying to track down your psychic energy signature, but I got lost and I figured you had ran off to Limbo or someplace strange.”

“What can possibly be wrong that the powerful Maxis couldn’t handle things all by herself?”  Hank asked as JT glared at him and then shook his head.

“Something like this,” the woman stated, handing JT a magazine as JT just looked at it strangely.  “I just discovered that my girlfriend is a witch and she’s been using her powers to manipulate people in high places.”

“Wait a minute, I know her,” Justin said, looking at the woman as he took the magazine from JT.  “That’s my friend… Are you talking about her?”

“Do you know Christina Merritt?”  The woman asked, looking at Justin strangely.

“Yeah, I know her, she’s a good friend of mine,” Justin replied as Joshua walked over to them.

“Well then your so-called good friend is a witch,” the woman stated, turning her attention back to JT.

“Look lady, Christina isn’t a witch and she sure as hell isn’t gay!”  Joshua snapped as the woman’s eyes crackled with energy.

“Girl, calm it down.  I don’t need you zapping my employers to oblivion,” JT stated as the woman’s eyes stopped crackling as she sighed.  “That’s better…  Was that an explosion?”


“Oh no,” the woman said as she shook her head.

“What the hell was that?”  JT asked, looking around as he tried to find the source of the loud noise and the smell.

“Don’t know, but I don’t like it,” Hank stated as the smoke cleared and there stood Christina Merritt, all dressed in black.

“Really Josh, the last time I checked, I don’t remember seeing you in my bed!”  The woman identified as Christina snapped as she gestured with her hand as everyone was slammed into a wall.  “Know, let’s get things rolling in the right direction.”

“Damn, that hurt!  Now it’s my turn!  I hope you like a mouthful of solar energy, because that’s what you’re going to get!”  Tyler exclaimed as he jumped into the air, projecting beams of solar energy at Christina.

“Really dude?  You’re throwing sunlight at me,” Christina said as she laughed as the energy beams passed through her body, not touching her at all.

“What’s up with that?  My energy had no effect on her!”  Tyler exclaimed, landing on the floor.  “Warrior, it’s your turn to see what you can do to put her down!”

“Isalu Askomi Laschi!!!”  Christina yelled as vines sprouted up from the floor, wrapping around everyone.

“That’s not good!  We seem to have a big problem here.  She’s speaking a different language and it sounds ancient,” JT said as he projected beams of energy from his eyes, zapping the vines.  “Maxis, what have you gotten yourself into?”

“This is too tight!  I—I can’t breathe!”  Joey yelled as JT tried using his psychic powers against the vines, having no luck at all with his sword.  “I can barely breathe!”

“Hold on Joey!”  JT yelled as his eyes crackled with energy as he waved his hand in Joey’s direction, trying to get rid of the vine that was wrapped around him as his body faded away, reappeared and then was grabbed by another vine.

“These things are going to kill us!”  Justin yelled.

“These things just won’t quit!  I must do something to null her spell or find a way to get all of us free,” JT said as he gestured with his hand as his body glowed.

“What are you doing man?”  Christina asked as she watched JT as though she was watching a star form as she had to shield her eyes.

“Stop this Christina!  Why are you doing this?  Why are you hurting us?”  Joey asked as he struggled to get free of the vines wrapped around him.

“No, what is he doing?”  Christina asked as she floated over to where JT was as she grabbed his head as he screamed out, sounding as if he were in pain.

“What are you doing to my brother bitch?”  The woman identified as Tanya asked, zapping a few of the vines with energy beams from her eyes.

“Don’t you worry about that,” Christina replied as she laughed as Tanya floated closer to her, trying to grab her, but her hands passed through her body, not able to touch her.

“What is she doing to him?  He’s screaming like someone’s trying to rip out his soul or something!”  Lance yelled as the moonlit sky got bright as it looked as if a hole had opened between their world and heaven.

“I’ve waited a long time for this.  I’ve found a chosen one.  I’ve found the last human on this planet that has the power to control the earthly gateways!”  Christina yelled as she laughed, continuing to hold onto JT as the energy poured from his body into hers.

“Get off of him Christina, you’re hurting him and I won’t allow it!”  Joey yelled as he got free of the vine that held him as he ran over to Christina and punched her in the face.

“You will regret ever doing that to me Mr. Fallon.  You’ll pay dearly for that!”  Christina yelled, using her other hand to grab Joey’s face as he started screaming like JT.

“What in the hell are you doing to them?”  Hank asked as Christina stood there with a smile on her face.  “Why are you smiling like that?”

“Simple, I have what I want,” Christina replied, looking in Hank’s direction.  “I have a powerful being in one hand that will allow me access to the earthly gateways and I have a hated enemy in the other.”

“What… Did… Joe… Ever… Do to you?”  Lance asked, struggling to get free of the vines that squeezed his body tight.

“That’s none of your damn cancer Lance!”  Christina snapped, looking at Joey as she laughed again.  “It seems Joey here has some extra energy to spare.  Had he been a regular human being, he would’ve been dead already.  It seems someone’s fantasy to be a hero could be true.”

“Let us go witch!”  Hank yelled as Tyler, Michura, A’Mora and Barbara tried multiple times to get free.

“The names Pythoness and I’ll never let you go as long as I have this chosen one in my grasp!  You’ll be my prisoners forever!”  Christina yelled as JT stopped screamed and then groaned.

“How does she know he’s a chosen one?”  A’Mora asked, looking in JT’s direction.  “What’s happening?  Why did he stop screaming?  JT?”

“Joey, Joey are you okay?  Joey, can you hear me?”  JT asked, his eyes glowing an eerie purple color.

“He can’t hear you handsome.  For a guy, you sure are cute.  If I would’ve met you a couple of years ago, before I changed and jumped the fence, maybe I would’ve loved having some fun with you,” Christina stated as Tanya shook her head.

“You’re nothing but a nasty ass bitch!”  Tanya snapped, struggling with a vine, trying to get close to Christina to grab her as she was zapped with a beam of energy from Christina’s eyes.

“Call me what you want, but it doesn’t really matter anymore,” Christina stated, letting go of Joey’s face as she looked at him closely and then tossed him to the floor.  “I don’t think lover boy here can hear anything any of you have to say right now, he’s dead!”

“What!  No!  He can’t be dead!”  Lance screamed as he struggled more to get free with no luck in the process.

“What have you done to him?  What are you trying to do to me?  Let me go, you don’t know what you’re doing!”  JT snapped, struggling more to get away from Christina and her vines.

“I know damn well what I’m doing.  I’ve drained him of all of his energy and I’m going to do the same thing to you.  Since you’re a super being, it seems the process is taking a bit longer than expected.  When I’m done draining you, I’ll use that power of yours to open the heavens and bring forth the end of all things!”  Christina exclaimed as Lance shook his head as tears slid down his face.

“You can’t do that!  You’re out of your fucking mind!”  Lance screamed.

“I’m not out of my mind.  I’m going to cleanse this world and make it the way it should be,” Christina stated, laughing as she pointed her finger at Lance.

“No!  I—I won’t let you!”  JT snapped, his body enveloped in a bright light, taking on the form of a giant bird made of energy.

“What in the hell is happening?”  Christina asked, looking away because the light was too bright for her to look at.

“That doesn’t look so good!”  A’Mora screamed as the vines hardened and then turned to dust as JT and Joey disappeared as the light faded from the area.

“No!”  Christina screamed as she looked around and then stopped when she noticed ten new people standing in the area with all of them.  “What’s going on here?  Where did those two go?  Who in the hell are those people?”

“Christina Merritt, you have done a bad thing,” JT stated as he stepped forward from the small crowd of people.  “You must be held accountable for what you’ve done.”

“Who are you and what do you think you can inflict on me?”  Christina asked as she laughed, her hands glowing with energy.

“The name’s Legacy Saturn and they are Legacy Chosen,” JT stated as he moved closer to Christina.  “You’ve committed an unjust offense against the planet, an offense that threatened to destroy all of reality.  That cannot and won’t be overlooked.”

“Whatever,” Christina said as she laughed, waving her hand in JT’s direction, but nothing happened.

“You will be taken into custody and you will stand trial before the Elders of the Universe,” JT stated, stepping closer to Christina as she laughed again and then gestured with her hand, this time her powers working, sending him sliding backwards across the floor as he sighed, got up and then shook his head as he snapped his fingers as she’s enveloped in a bubble of energy.

“What?  How did you trap me so easily?”  Christina asked, trying to get out of the bubble that surrounded her body, having no luck.

“JT, what’s going on here?  What happened to you and where’s Joey’s body?  That bitch killed Joey!”  Justin snapped as the tears streamed down his face.  “Why are you just standing there, the bitch needs to go to jail!”

“Calm down Justin,” JT stated as Justin shook his hand, moving past the others.

“Where is Joey’s body?”  Justin asked.  “What happened to Joey?  Why are you wearing those clothes?  What’s going on here?”

“I will try to explain all of this later, but Joey’s not dead, he’s right over there, standing beside Legacy Neptune,” JT stated, pointing across the room as Justin turned and looked and then turned back to look at JT strangely.

Across Town – The Santa Carla Hotel – The Lobby

“Good morning, I’m Kevin Williams and I’m here to check in.  Is my room ready?”  A tall white man asked, standing at the check-in desk.

“Good morning sir, let me check,” the concierge responded, typing some information into the computer and then opening a folder on the desk.  “Why yes sir, your room is ready and waiting.”

“Has the modifications…” the man started to say as the concierge raised a hand, stopping him.

“Everything you requested has been prepared and placed in the room,” the concierge stated as the man smiled and then looked down.  “Here is your room keycard sir.”

“Thank you,” the man said as the concierge walked from behind the check-in desk and led him over to the elevator.  “If I need you, I’ll call for you.”

“All right sir, you have a great morning and again, welcome to the Santa Carla Hotel,” the concierge stated as the man stepped into the elevator.

The Floor Reserved for All Star – The Hallway


“JT, are you okay?  What’s going on?  Why are Legacy Chosen here?  I know it’s not the end of the world, is it?”  Michura asked as she looked around as they all appeared in the hallway at the hotel.

“I’m fine Atlantis, I just need some rest… Where’s Joey?”  JT asked as the glow around his body dimmed and then he collapsed to the floor, his body hitting like a sack of potatoes.

“I’m here honey, please—please be alright,” Joey said as the elevator doors dinged and opened as he looked over at the doors.

“What in the hell is going on here?  What happened to the man that’s lying on the floor?”  The gentleman asked, stepping off the elevator and rushing over to where JT lay on the floor.

“What in the hell?  How did he get on this floor?”  Justin asked, looking over at Barbara.

“Justin Lake?  What are you doing here and who’s that with Joey and why is he dressed like that?  Is that part of you guys’ show?”  The man asked as the Legacy Chosen members started fading from view.

“Kevin Williams?  What in the hell are you doing here?”  Lance asked as he turned around quickly, recognizing the voice of the person that spoke.  “Are you damn following us or something?”

“I came here to get away from the guys.  I—I had no idea that you guys would be here,” the man replied as Lance shook his head.

“Okay, who are you and what’s with all the commotion?”  Barbara asked as she walked over to the man.  “How did you get on this floor?”

“I—I… Ah… Yeah… I’m Kevin—Kevin Williams.  I don’t know what’s going on here.  I was about to head to my room, until I saw all of this going on with this guy here on the floor and all,” the man stated as he looked up at Barbara like she was crazy.  “By the way, what’s going on here, like I asked the first time?”

“Frankly, that’s none of your business Kevin, just leave us alone!”  Joey snapped as Barbara, Hank and A’Mora raised an eye.

“Look babe what’s with all the hostility?  I haven’t done anything wrong to anyone and almost all of you have jumped down my fucking throat!”  The man yelled as he stood up and stepped back from Joey and JT.

“Just leave here Kevin!”  Joey yelled as the man shook his head and then stepped closer to him.

“No, stay back, don’t you come any closer!”  JT snapped, his body glowing and floating up from the floor as he grabbed onto Joey’s hand as the two of them floated down the hallway.

“What the hell!  He—He’s… They’re flying!”  The man yelled as he stepped backwards, falling against the elevator doors.

“I don’t know how we’re going to explain this one,” A’Mora said as she rolled her eyes and then sighed.

“Joey honey, what’s going on here?  What’s with the black guy with all the light and the flying?”  The man asked as he moved away from the elevators, getting closer to where Justin and Joshua stood.

“Honey?  Don’t call him that!  You’re not screwing around with him anymore!”  Justin snapped, pushing the man backwards as Barbara looked at him and then folded her arms across her chest.

“Leave the man alone Justin,” Barbara stated as she zapped some ice bolts at Justin’s feet, freezing him to the spot he stood in.

“Barb?  What in the hell did you do that for?”  Justin asked as he bent down, trying to get the ice off his feet as he trembled.

“You stay put Justin and don’t move from that spot.  Lance, Chris and Joshua, I need you guys to come with me please,” Barbara stated as she led the three men down the hall to Justin’s room.

“Justin, what’s going on around here?  I’m watching things happen that I was brought up not to believe in.  Can you or someone around here explain what’s going on, please?”  The man asked, looking around.

“Look, these guys are our new bodyguards and they’re here to protect us,” Justin stated as the man just looked at him.  “We had some strange stalkers and it seems we needed people like them to handle the stalkers.  One of the stalkers, which I thought was you, had this strange obsession with Joey and the other one had one with me and they did everything they could to get to us.  Hell, even Lance had a damn stalker.”

“Hey, you act like Lance isn’t good enough to have a stalker,” Hank stated, glaring at Justin as A’Mora looked at him and then shook her head.

“So you’re telling me that someone actually tried to hurt Joey?”  The man asked.

“Oh stop with the lovey-dovey stuff Kevin.  Stop acting like you actually care about him.  Joey has moved on and you should too.  You dumped him and broke his heart.  Then to top it all off, you went on to marry a woman,” Justin stated as he pointed his finger in the man’s face.  “Leave him alone.”

“I can’t leave him alone, I love him,” the man stated as Justin shook his head.

“He’s moved on and he’s with his new boyfriend now,” Justin stated as he looked down the hall towards Joey and JT as the two men sat on the hall couch, talking.

“He—he moved on?”  The man asked as Justin smiled evilly.  “So, is that guy his bodyguard?  Is he dating his bodyguard?”

“Yeah, yeah he is.  Why do you even care?  If you’re here to do something to hurt them, I’ll step in and handle you myself.  You hurt him and you hurt him badly!  He doesn’t need you coming back into his life, trying to hurt him again.  Joey doesn’t need that kind of hurt in his life again.  After you left him, I thought he had abandoned his bisexuality and become fully straight, but I was wrong,” Justin stated as the man shook his head.

“I just told you I still love him,” the man said as Justin shook his head.  “Besides, why do you care about what Joey does?  You have never been one of his supportive friends in the first place.”

“You’re right, I don’t agree with him being the way he is, but I’m not going to allow you to hurt him either,” Justin stated as the ice around his feet melted a bit and he was able to get his feet free as he pointed his finger at the man, turned and then walked down the hall to his room.

Down the Hall

“Honey, can you explain what happened to me, now that you’re awake and somewhat conscious.  I look like the opposite of you, just a little bit taller though,” Joey said as he giggled.

“Your questions will be answered in due time.  Just don’t think about it right now and things will go back to normal,” JT stated as he noticed Justin walking towards them.

“Hey guys, are you two okay?  I—I was kind of worried when you both started glowing and then disappeared the way you did, especially when Christina said you were dead.  Joey, are you okay with that lunkhead back there being here?”  Justin asked as he pointed towards the man that stood at the elevator.

“Not really, but I guess I better go get to the bottom of this,” Joey said as he got up and then sighed as he walked towards the man that started walking towards him.

“Joey…” The man said as Joey shook his head.

“No Kevin, what in the hell are you doing here?”  Joey asked as he stopped in front of the man.

“I came here for a small vacation to get away from the other guys,” the man stated as Joey shook his head.

“How did you know we were going to be here?”  Joey asked.

“I didn’t know you guys would be here,” the man stated as he reached out a hand to touch Joey as Joey stepped back, avoiding his touch.  “Joey, honey… what’s going on here?  What have you gotten yourself mixed up in?  What’s with the clothes you’re wearing?”

“I haven’t gotten myself mixed up in anything that concerns you.  Why are you even worrying about me at all?  Don’t you have a wife and kid to worry about?”  Joey asked, looking at the man.

“Joey, honey please…” the man said as Joey shook his head.  “I’m worried about you here.  This is some strange shit going on here.”

“You didn’t worry about me two years ago when you dumped me and then married that skank!”  Joey snapped as he turned as the man grabbed his arm, stopping him from walking away.  “No Kevin…”

“Joey,” the man said, pulling Joey close as he looked deep into his eyes, searching for the love the two of them once shared as Joey tried to pull away again as the man turned him back around and then kissed his mouth passionately.

“Joey… What in the hell are you doing?”  JT asked, appearing in front of Joey and the man.  “Why I ought to…”

“JT, it’s not what you think!”  Joey exclaimed as JT’s eyes glowed brightly as he threw his hands up, his body expelling energy that slammed both men against the elevator doors.

“JT!  What are you doing?  Joey?  Mr. Williams, are you okay?”  Barbara asked, walking over to the two men that lay on the floor.

“His name is Kevin Williams and he’s here under false pretenses!”  JT snapped, using his telekinetic powers to pull Barbara out of his way.

“JT stop!  What are you doing?  Let me go and keep that psychic claw of yours to yourself!”  Barbara screamed as Hank, Tyler and A’Mora rushed down the hall from Justin’s room.

“What’s going on JT?  Why are you holding Barbara in the air like that and why is Joey and that guy lying on the floor?”  Hank asked, walking over to where Joey and the guy lay on the floor as he started to inspect them.

“They’re lying on the floor because they were doing something wrong!  Joey kissed him!  Joey kissed him!  This is the guy Joey dated before he met me!  This is the no-name boyfriend that he didn’t want anyone knowing about.  This is the guy that left him, the guy that married a woman to escape being gay,” JT said as the tears streamed down his face as his body glowed brightly and then he disappeared.

To Be Continued…

The Awakening – Chapter 15

Chapter 15 — General Ranger’s Revelation

Day 150 — Washington, D.C. — A Restricted Area of the Pentagon — The Prisoner Cells

“It’s morning gene-freak,” General Ranger spoke, standing in front of one of the cells that contained one of his captured victims.  Smiling, he pressed a button on his wristband as the energy bars disappeared, allowing him to step into the cell.  “Today’s your lucky day freak.”

“How in the hell is it my lucky day?”  The person asked, looking up at General Ranger.  “You fuckers kidnapped me!  You’ve kept me here for only God only knows how long!”

“It’s your lucky day because you finally get to leave this cell,” General Ranger replied with a crooked smile on his face.

“You—you’re letting me go?”  The person asked, looking down and then back up at General Ranger.

“Not exactly, I said you get to leave this cell,” General Ranger stated as he pressed a button on his wristband as some soldiers rushed into the cell.  “I have a little something I want you to do for your country.”

“What?  You want me to do something for my country… what the hell are you talking about?”  The person asked, looking at General Ranger as if he were crazy.  “You fuckers are really off your damn rockers!”

“Come now, don’t you want to serve your country?”  General Ranger asked, smiling slyly.  “One should be happy to serve her country.”

“As I said, you fuckers are really off your rockers!”  The person screamed, jumping up from the cot in the cell as she made a move to run past General Ranger as one of the soldiers pulled an energy rod from his armor and then used it to knock the person down to the floor.  “Owwww!”

“Play nice now and that won’t happen again,” General Ranger stated as he turned and then walked out of the cell.  “Men, bring her along, I want to show her something.”

“Yes sir,” one of the soldiers responded, saluting General Ranger and then turning to one of the other soldiers.

With a smile, two of the soldiers forcefully helped the woman up off the floor, lifting her off her feet as they poked her in the sides with the energy rods.  Flinching from the pain with each step she took, they stopped at a door, waiting for General Ranger.  With the motion of his head, another soldier entered the area and placed something over the woman’s head.  With a smile, General Ranger pressed some numbers on a keypad and walked through the door when it opened.

“Escort her down to the conference room on the left.  We’ll set up in there,” General Ranger instructed the men as they lifted her off of her feet and carried her into the room.

“What’s going on?”  The woman asked.

“Take the dampener off her,” General Ranger instructed as one of the soldiers removed the device that was placed over her head before she left the cellblock.  “Ms. Burns, do you remember this?”

“Do I remember what?”  The woman asked as General Ranger pressed a button on his wristband as he pointed at the screen across the room as the woman’s eyes widened.  “I’ll take that as a yes.”

“Where—where did you get that?”  The woman asked as the door to the room opened as more men walked into the room.

“Ranger, what have you called us here for today?”  One of the men asked, taking a seat in one of the chairs at the table.  “Make it quick, I have other things to do with my time.”

“I brought you here today because this young lady is going to help all of us solve some of our problems,” General Ranger stated with a smile, pressing multiple buttons on his wristband as a video played on the screen before all of them.

= This young lady is Elaina Burns, she’s ten years old and she’s one of the strongest minds in America.  At an early age, it was discovered that Elaina had a latent psychic talent; a talent that allowed her to move things with her mind.  We scientists eloquently dubbed this talent psychokinesis. =

“Is this her?”  One of the other men in the room asked, looking over at General Ranger.

“To answer the questions floating around in your little minds, yes she’s Elaina Burns,” General Ranger spoke as he turned around with a sly smile on his face.  “She’s the answer… This young woman is going to solve all the problems we face.  She has a power like that of the black man I told you all about months ago.”

“You said the black man was psychic and was able to communicate with others, using only his mind.  You said that man could move mountains with just a thought.  Can she do the same?”  One of the men asked.

“We’re going to put her to the test real soon,” General Ranger stated with a smile as he pressed a button on the table.  “Shall we get things rolling now?”

“What are you up to Ranger?”  One of the other men asked with a curious grin on his face.

“Let’s just say that I’ve already put something in the works.  Let’s watch the monitors to see what happens,” General Ranger stated as he took a seat and then pressed another button as a few monitors activated across the room.

West Jacksonville, FL — A Private Gentlemen’s Club — Patio Area

“So, are you having a good time baby?”  Brian asked as he and JT sat in a booth, embracing and kissing one another.  “I’ve never been to a place such as this before.  I’ve seen stuff like this in movies, but I’ve never been.”

“I know baby, the reason why I chose for us to spend the weekend here,” JT responded as he motioned with his hand, getting the attention of the waiter.

“What’re you doing baby?”  Brian asked as the waiter walked over to the table.

“I’m hungry, aren’t you?”  JT asked as he leaned in and kissed Brian’s lips.

“I’m hungry, but what I want, I don’t think it’s on the menu he has,” Brian replied as JT smiled and then shook his head.

“I’m sure there are some hot dogs on the menu, but I’m sure those aren’t the kind that you want,” JT stated with a chuckle as Brian’s face went red as he leaned in and pinched his nipple, eliciting a yelp from his lover.

“No baby, stop,” Brian said as the waiter cleared his throat, trying to get the two men’s attention.

“What would you guys like?”  The waiter asked.

“I would like to get a grilled chicken caesar salad with the dressing on the side with breadsticks instead of croutons and I would also like a raspberry sweet tea,” JT answered as the waiter wrote down his order on his order pad and then looked over at Brian with a smile.

“Do you have pizza?”  Brian asked, looking at the waiter as he noticed JT’s eyes shimmering.  ‘Baby, is there something wrong?  Your eyes, they’re glowing.’

‘It seems we have some unneeded company approaching our location,’ JT mentally replied to Brian’s mental thoughts.  ‘It looks like our little getaway from things is about…’


“What the fuck!”  The waiter screamed as some soldiers stormed the area, knocking things over and destroying property as they arrived on the scene.

“Oh this isn’t good!”  JT snapped as Brian vanished in a blur and then returned, wearing his costume.

“Baby, go ahead and transform already,” Brian said as JT held out his hand as his eyes glowed an eerie purple color as the strange ribbon-like energy surrounded his body, changing his street clothes into his costume.  “See, Chase and Malevolent are in the house now.”

“I guess so,” JT responded as he rolled his eyes.  “We have to take these guys down and quick, before they hurt innocent bystanders.”

“On it babe,” Brian stated as he disappeared as a few of the soldiers’ rifles disappeared and then reappeared in multiple pieces on the floor at their feet.  “That didn’t take long at all.”

“It didn’t, but I feel there is something else going on here,” JT stated as his eyes glowed an eerie green color as his facial expression changed as he’s lifted off his feet by an invisible force and then he was thrown into the wall.  “Owwww!”

“Malevolent!”  Brian screamed as JT groaned as his body caught on fire as he moved along the wall as it seemed as if something was trying to hold him in place.

“I don’t know which one of you are doing this, but you’re going down when I find you!”  JT snapped as his eyes flared with magical and psychic energy as his sword of psychic energy appeared in one hand and a strange metallic-like rod appeared in the other.  “Cosmic stella potest immutare – Up[1]!”

“Malevolent, are you okay?  Why are you transforming again?”  Brian asked, running around the area, using his super speed to knock a few of the soldiers down and out.

‘Someone or something is blocking me… somewhat holding me back!  It seems I’m not allowed to use my regular powers.  So, to even the odds, I figured it was time for an upgrade to my ultimate form so I could use my other powers,’ JT mentally spoke with Brian just as his eyes glowed an eerie purple color as he gestured with his hand as the metallic-like rod glowed brightly.  “Gloria Mundi[2]!”

Motioning with his hand, a wave of magical energy emanated from the rod that JT held towards the ceiling, the energy bathing the whole area in a golden light as the remaining military soldiers were knocked backwards, sending them smashing through a wall and landing outside on the ground as patrons that were walking by, quickly turned and ran in the other direction, trying to get away from the scene.  With the sound of a strange scream, the strange ribbon-like energy flared around JT’s body, transforming him back into his regular street clothes as his body floated down to the floor.  Brian rushing over to JT’s side, he removed his goggles, trying to make sure his boyfriend was okay.

“Are you alright baby?”  Brian asked, holding JT in his arms as he looked at him closely.

“Don’t worry about me.  I need you to check on the regular people here.  Make sure that they’re all okay,” JT stated as his eyes glowed the eerie purple color again as he vanished from the area.

“No!  Where did he go?  Is he okay?”  Brian asked as he looked around and then took off running to do what JT had asked of him.

Washington, D.C. — The Pentagon


“Ranger!”  JT yelled, appearing in the air above the Pentagon.  “Come on Ranger, come on out!  Go ahead and show yourself damn it!”

Floating in mid-air, JT emanated telekinetic energy all around his body as the bolts of energy zapped the ground, causing things to shake and rumble.  Hovering lower within the atmosphere, closer to a few buildings within the Pentagon airspace, JT lashed out with his powers, shaking a few buildings near him, trying to get the attention of the person he sought.

Not getting the results he was aiming for, JT used his powers to warp the weather as the sky filled with dark clouds.  With a smile, JT motioned with his hand as multiple bolts of lightning struck different areas on the ground.  After a moment, a few helicopters with sharp shooters took flight while tons of military soldiers stormed the grounds, firing their weapons of JT.

“Come out, come out, wherever you are Ranger.  I know you’re down there some damn where!  Don’t make me come down there to find you!”  JT yelled as he motioned with his hand, using his telekinetic powers to strike at one of the helicopters, sending it hurdling towards the ground, crashing and catching fire.  “Stop playing with me Ranger, I don’t like being toyed with!  Let’s go ahead and get this over with!”

More moments passed as more soldiers arrived on the scene, firing their weapons at JT.  Shaking his head, JT waved his hand in the soldiers’ directions, sending them flying through the air, crashing into other objects.  Tired of waiting for what he was after, JT waved his hand through the air as his eyes glowed a strange goldish color as a strange portal-like phenomenon appeared before him as he reached his hand into it and then the phenomenon disappeared as General Ranger materialized in front of him.

“Hi there Ranger, I’m sure you heard me calling for you!”  JT snapped as he held General Ranger by the collar of his uniform.

“What… How… You aren’t supposed to be able to do what you just did!  How did you do that?”  General Ranger asked as JT laughed, holding him tighter.

“How are you to know what I’m supposed to be able to do?”  JT asked, his eyes flaring with psychic energy as their surroundings changed from day to night, trees and other plants taking on a demonic-like appearance as a mirror appeared behind General Ranger.  “I’ve grown tired of you and your little friends down there in that damn building!  I’ve come to the conclusion that a direct approach was necessary to solve things with you and your little friends down there that are currently plaguing this world.”


“Well hey there buddy, what’s going on?”  Darren asked, appearing in a burst of light near JT and General Ranger.  “Malevolent, what’s going on here?  What are you doing?”

“What’s going on here is that I’m solving a very big problem,” JT answered, turning and looking at Darren.  “Why are you here Conjurer?”

“I’m here because I detected the use of myriad levels of…” Darren replied as JT interrupted him.

“So, you detected the use of magical energies here and you came a runnin’?  Is that right Conjurer?”  JT asked as Darren nodded his head.  “Guess what, that’s not going to change at all around here.  I’m about to do what I should’ve done a long time ago.”

“No buddy, not that way.  I can’t let you do that,” Darren stated as his eyes glowed a strange, eerie blue color as he pointed in JT’s direction as magical energy projected from his eyes, zapping JT as magical energy bonds appeared around JT’s hands, holding him in place.

“What in the hell do you think you’re doing?”  JT asked, looking at Darren as General Ranger’s body floated away from the mirror that floated behind him.  “You must be mad!”

“I’m not mad, but I think you are,” Darren responded as JT shook his head as his eyes glowed brightly as the magical bonds around his hands dissipated.

“Are you out of your damn mind?  You dare pit your puny manipulation of magic against mine?”  JT asked as he waved his hand in Darren’s direction, sending his body plunging backwards, slamming into a tree on the ground.  “You must have me confused with some parlor trick peddler that performs in Vegas or something!  I am the sovereign ruler of the realm of Limbo!  Do you understand what that means?”

“It doesn’t mean that you can’t be stopped,” Darren replied as he floated closer to JT as his eyes glowed a goldish yellow color, zapping JT with magical energy again as magical energy bonds wrapped around JT’s entire body, holding him tight.  “I’m not going to allow you to kill this man, especially if you’re going to use magic to do it.  If you do that, the balance of this plane of existence could be offset.  That would doom us all!”

“Are you crazy?  Open your eyes man, we’re already doomed!  If we leave that damn monster in control of what he and his damn friends are doing, we’re all as good as dead!”  JT snapped, his voice causing things around him to shake and rumble.  “He’s a very evil man!  He’s trying to kill all of us!  He doesn’t care if you’re human or not!  If you’re different or special in some way, he’s going to do his damn worst!”

“No Malevolent, that’s not true,” Darren stated as JT shook his head as his eyes crackled with energy as the magical bonds around his body dispersed as Darren held his head.  “He’s not the evil…”

“He’s evil!  It’s time for you to finally see the truth about what he’s done!”  JT yelled as he flew towards Darren as he vanished quickly and then reappeared behind Darren, almost looking as if he were a shadow as his hand connected to Darren’s head as the man screamed out.  “See the truth of what that monster has done!”

“No, stop it!  Stop it now!”  Darren screamed as images flooded his mind of the things that General Ranger had done to others.  “No, make it stop!  Please make it stop!”

“No you need to see what that monster has done to others… our own kind!  You need to see all the things that he’s capable of doing to each and every one of us!”  JT screamed as a portal appeared as Tara, Brian, Walden, Carter, Helia and Zee emerged as General Ranger’s body fell to the ground as Zee transformed into her hybrid cat form, leapt into the air and then caught his body before he could hit the ground.

“What in the hell is going on here?”  Tara asked, looking around as Zee laid General Ranger’s body on the ground.

‘I’m showing your husband the error of his ways Tara,’ JT mentally spoke to Tara as Darren’s eyes glowed brightly, projecting magical energy around the two of them as they vanished just as she flew up to confront them.

“What in the hell just happened to them?  Did Malevolent do that?”  Brian asked, looking up at Tara.  “Where did they go?”

“I’m not sensing either of them nearby,” Tara replied, landing on the ground next to Brian and Walden.  “Is that creep okay?”

“I think he’s unconscious or something,” Zee replied, looking at General Ranger closely.  “I felt a pulse, so he’s not dead or anything.”

“He may not be dead, but even unconscious, he’s still a shifty character to look out for,” Tara stated as there was a strange phenomenon above them as the sky caught on fire as JT and Darren appeared.

“That doesn’t look good,” Helia spoke as she shielded her eyes, trying to look up at the sky.

“What in the hell is happening up there?”  Brian asked, looking up at the sky.  “Malevolent, are you okay?”

“Can it man, now isn’t the time to be concerned about your boyfriend,” Walden stated, shaking his head.  “We’re in the middle of enemy ground… we need to be concerned about keeping ourselves safe.”

“He’s right,” Tara stated, flying into the air, heading towards JT and Darren.

‘Are you even listening to me Darren?  Why are you fighting me on this matter?’  JT mentally spoke to Darren as the two of them tussled in the air, zapping each other with magical energy beams.

“I’m not going to allow you to use magic to destroy anyone, especially that man.  Regardless of how evil he is, there has to be a different way of solving things.  Magic isn’t the answer,” Darren stated as he pushed JT away from his body just as his body shimmered with light as his costume appeared.

“Fine, have it your way,” JT stated, floating backwards as he lashed out with his powers as magical flame, psionic energy and lightning struck Darren, knocking him backwards a bit, leaving his costume smoking.

“Stop it!”  Tara screamed, reaching Darren as she grabbed his hand as her armor disappeared from her body and then reappeared on Darren’s body as JT lashed out again, striking the two of them with his powers as he vanished and then reappeared on the ground in front of Zee and General Ranger.

“Thanks, he’s what I was looking for,” JT said as Zee jumped back as JT grabbed General Ranger and then disappeared with him.

“No!”  Darren yelled as he and Tara landed on the ground in front of Zee.  “Damn it, you should’ve stopped him!”

“What did you expect me to do, I’m just a cat.  I’m not going up against him and all of his powers,” Zee stated as she glared at Darren.  “We’re supposed to be on the same side here, stopping that evil creep from hurting people like us and here you are, trying to help him.”

“I’m not trying to help him, I’m trying to save all of us,” Darren stated, shaking his head as he turned his back to Zee.  “If Malevolent uses his magic to kill General Ranger, like he plans to do, that means our world is in grave danger.  If one uses magic to take a life, that life must be taken also to balance out the universe.”

“What are you trying to say here man?”  Brian asked, looking at Darren closely.

“I’m saying that if Malevolent kills General Ranger with his magic, he must also be killed to balance the universe out,” Darren replied as Brian shook his head and then ran off, disappearing from view.

“Come on, how do you know he’s trying to kill General Ranger?”  Walden asked as he looked down and then shook his head.  “Never mind, he’s always trying to kill somebody.”

“We have to stop him, before the world is doomed,” Darren stated as he looked around just as there was a loud crash as a bolt of lightning struck a building near them as JT’s body appeared in a burst of light and then fell to the ground.  “Over there!”

“No!”  JT’s voice was heard as Tara landed on the ground where he lay.  “Stop!  Make it stop!”

“Malevolent, what’s wrong?  What’s happened?”  Tara asked as she knelt close to JT’s body, trying to touch him as the strange, ribbon-like energy surrounded his body, keeping his costume constantly changing between his costume and his regular clothes.  “Come on Malevolent, what’s going on here?”

“Did you fools really think I was just going to let you actually walk in here and hurt me?”  General Ranger asked with a smile on his face as he appeared from the shadows, standing over JT and Tara.  “I want to thank you all for coming here.  You made things very easy for me to capture all of you.  I finally have the powerhouse, the magician, the speedster and the amazon warrior.  You all will be the perfect weapons I need to stop the coming war.”

“What in the hell did you do to him?”  Tara asked, standing up quickly, taking on a defensive stance.

“Oh come now, you shouldn’t be worried about him, you need to be worried more about yourself,” General Ranger stated with a smile as he pressed a button on his wrist module as there was a loud noise as Tara looked around quickly and then back at him.  “Now I have the strong man, a cat and my prized possession that you all stole from me.”

“Forgive me Malevolent,” Tara stated as she leaned down to JT, kissed his forehead and then flew off into the air, leaving him on the ground with General Ranger.

“Come back here you freak!”  General Ranger screamed as he pressed another button on his wrist module as the air lit up like it was filled with energy as Tara flew into the area, being shocked as if she was being zapped with electricity.


“Noooooo!”  Tara screamed out as her eyes flared with energy, her eyes closing as her body fell to the ground, hitting hard as a few soldiers rushed over to where she landed, aiming their guns at her.

“Is she out?”  General Ranger asked, speaking into a microphone on his wrist.

“Yes sir,” one of the soldiers responded as General Ranger smiled and then laughed.

“She actually thought she was going to get away from me,” General Ranger stated as he walked towards Tara.  “Now that she’s out, I can get what I need from her.”

“What are you doing to us?”  Darren asked as a few soldiers walked him over to where General Ranger stood.

“That’s none of your concern for right now,” General Ranger stated as he grabbed Tara by her throat, lifting her up off the ground as he injected something into her arm as he pressed a button on his wristband and then threw her down to the ground.

“No, stop!”  Darren screamed and struggled with the soldiers.  “What did you do to her?”

“Shut the hell up!”  General Ranger snapped as he slapped Darren across the face, knocking him unconscious as he injected something into his arm also.  “I have their DNA now and I’ll add it to the others.  Make sure my new toys are inside and ready for phase two.  Be sure to put him in with Ms. Burns and let’s see what happens when the two telepaths encounter each other.”

“Yes sir,” another soldier responded as the soldiers started collecting the fallen comrades.

To Be Continued…

[1] Translated from Latin = Cosmic Star Power, Change-Up!

[2] Translated from Latin = Silent World!

The Chastayne Life – Chapter 4

Chapter 4 — The Past Comes a Knocking

Saturday Evening — Albany, NY — The Chastayne-Donovan Home – The Living Room

“Where is Kevin now baby?”  Alex asked.

“No one knows where he is,” JT replied as he looked down again.  “He’s been gone for so long, we all—we all think he’s dead.”

“That’s because he is dead,” Alex stated with a frown.  “You know as well as anyone that James isn’t going to allow any loose ends with his business.  Kevin was a very big loose end.  Right now, you’re a loose end to him and his business.  The one thing that James loves besides his family is his money and he’s not going to let you do something to cause a problem for his money.”

“I—I’m not worried about him,” JT stated as Alex shook his head again.

“You may not be worried about him, but I am baby,” Alex stated as he pulled JT into his arms.  “I love you and I don’t want to lose you.  Come on baby, I’m not ready to become a single parent here.  I along with those two boys upstairs need you.”

“You’re not going to lose me Alex,” JT stated as he leaned in and kissed Alex’s mouth.

“I hope you’re right baby,” Alex stated as he rested his head on JT’s shoulder as more of his tears fell.

Sunday Night — The Chastayne Family Estate — The Patio

“Well hello darling, how is my loving daughter doing this evening?”  Geraldine asked, walking out onto the patio as she took a seat in one of the lounge chairs.

“Hello Mother,” Ashley, the youngest daughter of the Chastayne children replied in a cold tone as she looked up from the book she browsed through.

“Why darling, why do I get the feeling that I’m treading through muddy waters, being here, talking to you right now?”  Geraldine asked.

“Did you hear what’s going on with Daddy and John?”  Ashley asked s she turned on the lounger chair to face her mother.

“What’s happened now?”  Geraldine asked as she fanned herself and then motioned with her hand, getting the butler’s attention as he walked over.  “I need a drink.”

“Yes ma’am,” the butler replied, walking over to the bar that was nearby as he picked up the Vodka bottle, filled a glass on the counter and then added some soda as he opened a box, picked up a toothpick with a cherry on it and then placed it in the glass as he carried the drink over to Geraldine, handing it to her.  “Madame.”

“Thank you,” Geraldine spoke as she turned her attention back to Ashley.  “It’s always something with the men in this family.”

“Mother, John quit the firm,” Ashley stated as Geraldine waved her hand dismissively at her.  “And then Daddy went to John’s house last night and tried to talk to him and they got into an argument or something.”

“Okay, hold the phone, what you say now?”  Geraldine asked, looking at Ashley strangely.  “They talked at the office when John walked out, but that was it.”

“No Mother, Daddy went to John’s house last night and got into a big argument with him,” Ashley stated with a mean look on her face.  “Why is Daddy always trying to start trouble with him?”

“You know how they are,” Geraldine replied as she snapped her fingers as a woman rushed over to where she sat.  “I need another drink Magdalena, make sure it’s stiffer than the one he made.”

“Yes ma’am,” the woman replied as a shadow loomed over Geraldine and Ashley.

“Whoever you are, you’re standing in the light,” Ashley stated as she turned around to see her father standing there.  “Sorry Daddy.”

“Hello Baby-girl,” James said as he leaned down and then kissed the top of Ashley’s head as he moved over to Geraldine and then kissed her lips.  “Baby, what are you doing here?  I thought you were going to be out with Dahlia and the other girls tonight.”

“Plans changed,” Geraldine stated as she looked up at James.  “So, what happened with you and John last night?  I don’t remember you telling me anything about it.”

“What are you talking about?”  James asked as Geraldine raised an eye at him.

“You know what I’m talking about James.  Don’t play dumb with me.  What happened with you two last night?”  Geraldine asked as she accepted the drink from Magdalena and then sipped it.  “Thank you, this is fine.”

“Don’t start no mess with me woman,” James stated as Ashley sighed, got up and then walked away, going into the house.

“James, I’m getting tired of this mess,” Geraldine stated as she looked up at him.  “There’s something with you every time I see you.  I’m really getting tired of playing referee between you and our children.  Enough is enough already.”

“I’ll say when it’s enough,” James stated as he looked over at Geraldine.  “We’re the parents, not them.  They walk around here, acting like they damn crazy!  I’m not going to have a child of mine, talk to me like I’m no damn body!”

“What did you expect to happen James?  You the one that had been spying on the boy,” Geraldine stated as she took a sip of her drink.  “Did you really think he was just going to be buddy-buddy with you?  He’s a grown ass man that has a life of his own, a life that you have nothing to do with.  Because you don’t agree with the things that he does, doesn’t mean you can do what you do.  There has to be boundaries James.”

“This coming from the woman that used to set up dates for her daughter and niece,” James stated as he shook his head.  “I’m not going to have you telling me how to deal with our children!”

“Either take my advice or you deal with the consequences when they cut you out of their lives,” Geraldine stated as she shook her head.  “From the sounds of things, John has already done that.”

“He can’t cut me out of his life, I’ll make him keep me in it,” James stated as Geraldine shook her head again.  “He…”

“Listen to yourself James,” Geraldine stated as she sighed.  “Do you think I enjoy being in this house with no laughter, no happiness?”

“What are you trying to say woman?”  James asked as he glared at Geraldine.

“There’s no happiness in this house James,” Geraldine replied with a frown on her face as she took another sip of her drink.  “Because of your actions, I can’t even have a relationship with my—our grandchildren.”

“What grandchildren?”  James asked as he looked at Geraldine strangely.

“Your son’s kids,” Geraldine stated as she took another sip of her drink.

“Our son doesn’t have any kids, he just have those adopted kidlets, that cause so many distractions for him, when he should be working for me,” James stated as Geraldine shook her head.

“For a man that claims he knows everything, you don’t know nothing,” Geraldine stated as she got up from the lounge chair and stood in front of James.  “Mason and Caleb are his kids, they are not adopted.”

“What do you mean they aren’t adopted?”  James asked as Geraldine shook her head and then walked past him.

“You’re a grown ass man, I’m sure you can figure it out,” Geraldine stated as she walked into the house.

“Excuse me, Mrs. Chastayne, you—you have a visitor,” a young woman spoke as she walked up to Geraldine.

“Well who is it Vivian?”  Geraldine asked as she looked at the young woman strangely.

“She—she says her name is Donna,” the young woman replied as Geraldine looked at her strangely as the young woman continued.  “She—she doesn’t seem well.”

“Where is she?”  Geraldine asked.

“She—she’s down in the study,” the young woman replied as Geraldine shook her head, handed her drink to the young woman and then she walked down the hall quickly.

The Taurus Club

“Hi there, may I help you sir?”  A woman spoke as she walked up to the man that had walked into the area.

“Your name is?”  The man asked as he looked at the woman closely.

“Sir, is there something I can help you with?”  The woman asked as she looked at the man closely.

“Why yes, you can tell me what your name is,” the man stated as the woman motioned with her head to a man that stood near the door.

“Why is my name of any concern to you?”  The woman asked as a man walked up behind the man she spoke with.

“I would like to know the name of the woman that is here in my building,” the man stated as the man that stood behind him, cleared his throat and then moved around in front of him as he stopped in his tracks and then covered his mouth quickly.

“Oh God,” the man spoke as he looked at the other man, looking as if he had seen a ghost as he shook his head and then stepped back.  “Who are you man?”

“You know who I am Dougie,” the man replied as the other man shook his head quickly and then backed up, turning to leave as the other man smiled, opened his blazer and then pulled out a gun as he aimed and then shot the man through the back of his head as he turned his attention back to the woman just as the body hit the floor and the woman covered her mouth quickly, trying to keep her scream from escaping her lips.  “Now, back to you.  Who are you and why are you in my building?”

“Oh God, you just… Ah… Well… My… Who are you?”  The woman asked as the man looked at her as if she was crazy as she took a look at the man that lay on the floor in front of her as she turned her attention back to the man that held the gun that was pointed at her.  “Please… Please don’t kill me.”

“Who are you?”  The man asked.

“My name is Janet… Janet Rayner… Please sir… Please don’t kill me,” the woman begged as she covered her chest as the man smiled at her and then lowered the gun.

“So tell me Janet… Janet Rayner, who are you working for here?”  The man asked.

“I’m not working for anyone here,” the woman replied as the man raised an eye at her and then held the gun out at her again.  “All right, I work for Mr. Chastayne… He—he owns this place, please don’t kill me!”

“If you holler like that one more time, killing you will be a reality,” the man said with a small smile as he laughed and then turned around.  “If you want to live, you’ll get your shit and come with me.”

“Go with you where?”  The woman asked as the man stopped walking and then turned back around.

“You can either come with me right now or you can stay here forever, resting in peace,” the man spoke in a cold tone as the woman’s eyes widened as she moved quickly, grabbing some things from a nearby table as she stepped over the man that lay on the floor and then stood next to the man.  “See, you see things my way.”

“Yes sir,” the woman replied as the man opened the door as the two of them walked through the doors.

“When the big man shows up to see that, he’ll know what’s up,” the man stated with a smile as the doors closed as he and the woman walked over to a waiting limo and then got in.

Half Hour Later — The Chastayne Family Estate — Geraldine’s Study

“Why in the hell are you here Donna?”  Geraldine asked, looking at the woman with a mean look on her face.  “For the life of me, I don’t understand why you chose to brang your nasty ass here of all places!”

“I—I came here because I had no place else to go,” the woman replied as Geraldine shook her head.  “Please Geraldine, please… I—I need help here.”

“No, you don’t need help from here,” Geraldine stated as she shook her head.  “I’m not traveling down that muthafuckin’ road with you again.”

“Please Geraldine, please help me,” the woman pleaded as Geraldine turned her back on the woman.  “I don’t have any place else to go.  My—my…”

“Can that shit Donna, I’ve heard it all before.  I’m not up to hearing your little story and I’m not fucking interested in it!”  Geraldine snapped, turning around as the woman clasped her hands together, acting as if she were praying.

“What am I supposed to do Geraldine, you—you were my last resort,” the woman stated.

“Do you think I give a damn Donna?”  Geraldine asked as she crossed her arms across her chest.  “Out of all the places you could’ve gone, why in the hell did you crawl your ass here?”

“I—I came here because you’re my friend Geraldine,” the woman replied as she stood up and then walked towards Geraldine.  “I came here because we were girls and…”

“Donna, that was way before you did what you did!”  Geraldine snapped, throwing her hands up..  “That boy doesn’t need to see you here!”

“But—but I want to see him,” the woman replied as she looked down at her closed hands.  “I’ve thought of nothing but him for the last… I couldn’t help it that Harold didn’t want a child.”

“You silly fucking bitch!”  Geraldine screamed, turning around and pointing her finger in the woman’s face.  “You should’ve chosen your child, not some damn man that turned his back on you when you really needed him!”

“No Geraldine, it wasn’t like that, really it wasn’t,” the woman stated as she shook her head.  “I…”

“That fool made you choose between being the mother of your child or being with has no-good, low-down, dirty ass!”  Geraldine screamed as she pointed her finger in the woman’s face.  “You made the wrong fucking choice Donna, but that’s okay!”

“I made the right choice Geraldine,” the woman stated, shaking her head as the tears streamed down her face.

“You are out of your fucking mind woman!”  Geraldine screamed as she pointed her fingers in the woman’s face.  “His dick wasn’t that damn good!  Hell, I’ve seen and fucked better!”

“G—Geraldine,” the woman said as Geraldine shook her head and then smacked her across the face.  “You… You…”

“Damn right I did!”  Geraldine screamed as the tears streamed down her face.  “That boy needed you, but you choose some damn man that…”

“I chose a man that decided to take care of me and not kill me or my child,” the woman stated as she sniffled as she pushed Geraldine backwards, trying to get away from her grasp.  “If I hadn’t done what he wanted, he would’ve killed me and Dylan.”

“What!”  Geraldine screamed as someone knocked at the door to the room.  “Go away!”

“Geraldine, open this damn door!”  James’ voice could be heard as the knocking continued.  “Open this damn door right now woman!”

“I said go away!”  Geraldine screamed as she turned and looked at the door as she shook her head.

“I’m not leaving from this damn door until I get some answers woman!  Open this damn door!”  James yelled as he banged on the door again.

“Fine,” Geraldine relented as she unlocked and then opened the door as James stood there watching her.  “What in pray tell do you want James?

“What’s with all the damn yelling woman?”  James asked as he walked further into the room and then looked around.  “Donna Owens, what in the hell are you doing back here?”

“That’s none of your business James,” Geraldine stated as she glared at James, walking around in front of him, trying to block his view of the woman.  “She’s not here to be your whore anymore James.”

“Woman, don’t you start no shit with me tonight.  I’m in no damn mood for anything you want to start,” James stated as he eyed Geraldine and then looked over her shoulder at the woman.  “I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow and I would like to get some damn sleep.  I can’t do that with all the hootin’ and hollerin’ you two are doing here.”

“Get out of here James and…” Geraldine said as James shook his head and then held up his hand, interrupting her.

“I’m going back to bed.  Don’t make me come back down here woman,” James stated as he pointed his finger in Geraldine’s face and then walked out of the room.  “Goodnight women.”

“Bye,” Geraldine stated as she closed and then locked the door again.  “Now back to your ass.”

“Please Geraldine, I—I need a place to stay and I… I would like to see Dylan,” the woman stated as Geraldine’s eyes widened.  “I’ll get a job and do what I can to prove to you that I’m a changed woman.”

“The only thing that’s changed about you is your damn hair color ho,” Geraldine stated as she shook her head.

“Please Geraldine, I—I just need some time to get back on my feet and then…” The woman stated as Geraldine shook her head and then sighed.

“And then what Donna?”  Geraldine asked as she turned to look at the woman.  “You get enough money and then you run off again?  Is that the plan you have in your head Donna?  Do I look like a damn fool to you?”

“No Geraldine,” the woman replied as more tears fell from her eyes.  “I—I just need a chance here Geraldine and you’re the one that can give me that chance.  I want to prove to you that I have changed.  I can’t do that without a place to live and a job.”

“Fine then Donna, you have a job,” Geraldine replied as she turned around and then pressed a button on the wall.  “Vivian, come down to my study please.”

“Thank you,” the woman spoke, getting up off the floor, dusting off her knees and then looking at Geraldine.

“To start, I’ll have one of the maids set you up, in a room here, in a different part of the house.  In order for you to stay here, you can’t tell anyone that you’re Dylan’s mother.  Do you understand that Donna?”  Geraldine asked as the woman nodded her head.  “Good, then see that you don’t break that rule and I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Thank you Geraldine,” the woman said as someone knocked on the door.

“Go ahead and get that, it’s probably Vivian,” Geraldine stated as the woman walked over to the door, unlocked and opened it, only to see Dylan Chastayne standing there.

“Dylan,” the woman spoke softly, backing away from the door as Geraldine’s head snapped up.

“What’s going on?”  Geraldine asked, moving past the woman to see Dylan at the door.  “Boy, what are you doing down here right now?”

“Hi Mom, I came to talk to you about something, but I see that you are already busy with a visitor, I guess I’ll talk with you in the morning.”

“You do that,” Geraldine stated as she ushered Dylan out of the room and then closed the door back.

“That was my baby,” the woman softly said as she looked down at the floor.  “He’s all grown up and he’s so handsome.  He looks like his father.”

“Yes, he looks just like that bastard and that’s not a good thing,” Geraldine stated as she turned back to the woman.  “Dylan lives in this house.  If you want to remain a guest here, you better keep your distance from him.  Promise me Donna.”

“I…” The woman trailed off ad Geraldine forcefully turned her around, looking her in the face.

“Promise me Donna,” Geraldine spoke as some more tears fell from the woman’s eyes.

“I promise,” the woman replied as she sniffled and then wiped at her eyes.

“You stay away from him and everything will be fine and dandy,” Geraldine stated as she sighed.  “I don’t need that young man getting to know you and then you up and disappear from his life again or better yet, you introduce him to that bastard of a father and cause a way bigger problem.”

“I’ll stay away from him like you said,” the woman responded as she looked down, wiping at the tears of her eyes as Geraldine shook her head.

To Be Continued…

When The Glitter Turns Gold – Chapter 8

Chapter 8 — Simple Things Are Free

Jun 10, 2004 – Jacksonville, FL (Baymeadows Suburb) – The Home of JT Poole – The Music Studio

Justin’s POV

Look at my baby, sitting there, playing his heart out at the piano.  I hope he’s not too mad with me.  I guess this is what he does when he gets upset.  I guess I better get used to this action and do what I can to try to calm him down and show him that I didn’t mean any harm by what I said to him.

“I got fire in my touch… there’s nothing I won’t do… and I’ll bend over backwards… just to give it all to you,” he sang as he played the notes on the piano.  “Cause there’s only one man… that can handle all this love… cause there’s only one man… that I want to be with tonight… cause there’s only one man… that can squeeze me tight… there’s only one man in my life… and that’s you, you and you and you.”

“Is he singing that about me?” I said to no one in particular as he continued playing the piano and singing.

“I said there’s only one man… that can handle all this love… cause there’s only one man… that I want to be with tonight… I said there’s only one man in my life… and that’s you,” he sang as he stopped playing the piano and then turned around, noticing me standing there.  “Justin…”

“I hope you were talking about me,” I said as he smiled and then got up from the bench as he walked over to where I was.

“There’s only one man in my life and that’s you, you, you and you and you,” he sang as he leaned in and kissed my mouth.  “I’m sorry Justin.  I’m sorry for acting like—like a…”

“It’s okay baby,” I said as we kissed again.  “I like the song.  Is it yours?”

“No, you would have to thank Aunt Donna for that one,” he replied as I shook my head.

“Your Aunt Donna has contributed a whole lot to the soundtrack of our lives baby,” I said as he smiled.

“She’s known for singing a lot of love songs,” he said as he yawned as I laughed.  “What time is it?”

“A little after two baby,” I told him as he yawned again.

“I guess I better go get my shower now,” he said as I nodded my head.

“You want some company baby?”  I asked as he looked me in the eyes and then kissed my mouth again.

Hot damn, I guess that’s a yes.

Albany, NY – The Home of James Poole

“Sir, please forgive me if I’m overstepping my authority here, but why did you have us come here to New York, instead of going back to Chicago?”  David Marin asked as he and James walked through the door of James’ second home.

“We’re here because I feel things in Chicago are about to get a bit too hot for my liking,” James replied with a small smile as he placed his hat on the rack behind the door and then walked over to the sofa and took a seat.  “I need a drink… You already know what I want boy.”

“Yes sir,” David responded as he walked around the house, flipping switches as lights turned on in various places throughout the house as he walked into the kitchen to prepare James’ drink.

James’ POV

Now that I’m here, I wonder what both of my boys are doing.  One just got married and the other—the other has been lost to this family for the longest time.  Now that he’s back on the radar, I have to do what I can to make sure that nothing else happens to him because of ‘Nessa’s actions or anyone else’s.

This family has been broken for far too long and it’s time I did something to heal all of us.  I have to get the Poole family name back on the right track.  I may not be able to undo the damage that ‘Nessa has caused, but I can sure as hell try to bring some love and care back to the lives of my boys.  All I have to do is keep ‘Nessa away from both of them and things should work out just fine.

When we all left Canada, to all go on our own separate ways, that’s really what happened.  I don’t know where ‘Nessa or any of the others went to.  I should’ve been more attentive to the lives of those around me when I had the chance.  If I had done what I normally do, I would know where everyone went, just in case I needed to pay someone a special visit.

Where in the hell is ‘Nessa?  When she left Canada, her ass disappeared.  I don’t know where in the hell she is, and no one knows where she was headed when she stepped foot on that plane.  Her ass is like a damn ghost right now, no one has seen or heard from her since she left Canada.

I know how ‘Nessa thinks and since I can’t find her right now, something must be going on.  Is she hiding out from me, now that she knows that I’m back around and I mean to cause her a great deal of harm if she does more to cause harm to our boys, or is she hiding because of something else she’s gotten herself into?  Since she tried to kill me and that scene we had in Canada, she knows that I mean business and I’ll stop at nothing to make her pay for all the wrong she’s done to me, my boys and all the others she’s come in contact with over the years.

To help make things better for my boys, I called in some of my resources to help keep a watchful eye on her, but it seems none of my men can locate her.  Before I left the sovereign country of Canada, I should’ve taken care of that task myself.  Where in the world can that woman be right now?  She’s not at her home, she’s not with John and she’s not with any of those damn men I’ve caught her with over the years.  So, where can she be right now?

“Here you are sir,” David spoke as he walked back into the room, handing me the drink I requested.  “Is there anything you need me to do right now sir?”

With all the things I’ve discovered as of late, my boy David has been a bit dishonest with me.  I had to find out through other means that he’d been lying all these years about his past.  When I first met David, I had no idea that he and John’s tour manager were related.  He’s been in my employ for a long time and come to find out, he—he’s the brother of one of the people responsible for causing so much hurt to my boy.  Why didn’t he tell me about this relationship sooner?  Why did I have to find out through other means and not from him?

“First, I think we should have a little conversation boy,” I said as he looked at me strangely.

“Okay sir,” he responded as he knelt down in front of me.

“I would like to know why you didn’t tell me that Marc Prestige is your damn brother,” I said as his eyes widened.  “What, you didn’t think I was going to find out?”

“Excuse me sir,” he said as I shook my head.

“No David,” I said as he looked down.  “If you want to remain in my employ, you’ll tell me why you didn’t tell me that evil man is your damn brother!”

“He—he’s my half-brother sir,” he replied as I shook my head.

“He’s still a part of your family and you didn’t tell me that information, why?”  I asked as he took in a breath.  “When I hired you, I asked did you have any connections to the music industry and you flat out lied to me!  You lied to me David!  I want to know why?!  Why shouldn’t I toss your ass out on the damn street right now?  Tell me damn it!”

“Because I—I’m a good boy and I’ve served you faithfully for the last…” he replied as I held up my hand, stopping him.

“This isn’t about your service to me young man, it’s a matter of your truth and sincerity to me,” I said as he sighed.

“I—I’m sorry sir, but I—I don’t communicate much with my family,” he said as I shook my head.

“That’s not the point David,” I said as he sighed.

“I’m really sorry sir, I didn’t mean to…” he said as I interrupted him.

“So again, why shouldn’t I throw your ass out on the street right now?”  I asked as he closed his eyes as I could see the tears sliding down his cheeks.

“Please sir, I—I’ll do better,” he spoke.  “Please sir, how can I make this up to you?”

“I’m sure you already know the answer to that,” I said as he looked up at me and then started unbuttoning his shirt as he moved around, exposing his back to me.  “How many years have you been with me?”

“Five years sir,” he answered, his voice trembling.

“How long have you concealed the fact that you’re related to Marc Prestige from me?”  I asked.

“The same amount of time sir,” he replied.

“With that revelation, what should be your punishment boy?”  I asked.

“Whatever you say boy’s punishment is sir,” he replied as he held his head down.  “I will submit to whatever punishment you say sir.”

“Were you aware of all the things that your brother has done to my son?”  I asked.

“No sir,” he replied.

“So, when I first had you look into my son’s life and you noticed that your brother worked with him, why didn’t you tell me that information then?”  I asked.

“I—I don’t have an answer for that sir,” he replied.

“Why don’t you have an answer for that boy?”  I asked.

“Because I—I’m ashamed of that part of my family sir,” he replied as he sniffled. “Marc, his brothers, my father, they are all evil men that will do any and everything to get what they want.  They have no cares for others.  I am not like them sir.  I hope you know that sir.”

“How am I to know that boy?”  I asked.

“My loyalty and faithful service to you sir,” he replied as I footed him in the side as he looked up at me as I motioned for him to stand up.  “Sir?”

“Get up boy, I am not going to punish you this time,” I said as he smiled and then nodded his head.

“Thank you sir,” he said as he leaned in and kissed my hand as he stood back up and started buttoning his shirt up.

“Now go prepare us a late dinner,” I instructed him.

“Yes sir,” he said as he turned and left the room, heading into the kitchen as I wondered what else he had hidden from me.

Somewhere in Chicago, IL – A Local Diner

Vanessa’s POV

Now that I’ve rested up, why did I decide to come to Chicago of all places?  I’ve been to James’ house four times and he’s not there.  Where in the hell has he gotten to?  He’s not here and it doesn’t seem like he’s been there in a while.  It’s odd that he not there.  Hell, it’s odd that I decided to come back here.  I should be picking my shit and heading for an unknown place.

Why am I here?  A part of me wants to confront James about what happened in Toronto and cause him the same amount of pain that he caused me, but then again, it seems like we’re going around in a damn circle, being that I shot him and left him for dead in a damn hotel.  Then the other part of me misses the way we used to be so long ago, before the music and fame.  Seeing John and Justin get married, that—that scene showed me what I’ve been missing for a long time.  James and I were good together, but I—I let the music and the fame go to my head.

“Well look at that, if it isn’t the famous and sensational Vanessa Clemons and she’s slumming,” I heard someone say as I turned around to see a tall black man I hadn’t seen in a long time.  “Or should I just call you Vanessa Jameson?”

“Well hello to you to Michael,” I said as he smiled and then walked over to where I sat in the booth.  “Funny, I run into you here.”

“No, it’s funny that I run into you here,” he said as he sat down across from me.  “It’s been a long time since this part of Chi-Town has seen the likes of you.  You’ve come a long way, since you were singing in dives like the ones we used to hang out in.”

“I didn’t forget my roots Michael,” I said as he shook his head.

“Come on now, you made it big and none of us around here, ever saw you in person again,” he said as he shook his head as the waitress walked over.

“May I get something for you sir?”  The woman asked.

“A coffee please,” he requested with a smile at the woman, a smile I used to be privy to see often before I met James.

“Right away sir,” the woman replied as she walked off.

“So, what are you doing here Vanessa?”  He asked, looking at me closely.  “Have you moved back to our side of the bridge?”

“No, I’m just looking for someone,” I replied, seeing that got his attention.

“Hmmm, was it me that you were looking for?”  He asked as I looked back up at him.  My mind wanted to say something totally rude to hurt his feelings, but my heart kicked in instead.

“It could’ve been you, but you weren’t the one I gave my heart to,” I said as the smile faded from his face.  “I’m sorry Michael.”

“It’s okay Vanessa, besides I moved on,” he replied as I looked over at him.  “When you left, I was hurt for a long time, but that changed when I met Joneatha.”

“Joneatha Crosby,” I said as he looked at me.

“Yeah, you two know each other?”  He asked as I just looked at him, wondering how damn crazy is he.

“Come on Michael, I know you’re not that old to forget that,” I said as he just looked at me strangely.  “When I moved here from Georgia, she was the first girl I met.  We hung out almost every day.  She was at all of my shoes when I started singing.”

“Really?  That’s not ringing any bells with me,” he said as I just shook my head.

“It’s alright, I’m just shocked that she didn’t talk about me,” I said, looking down, remembering that when I hit it big, I cut ties with everyone before then.  “I—I think I need to go.”

“Where are you going this morning?”  He asked as I stood up.

“I’m going to catch a plane,” I replied, preferring to spend the rest of my time, somewhere else, instead of being here.

“But you just got here,” he said as he stood up.  “Can’t you just spend some time in the place where you started from?”

“I—I wish I could, but I have some place else to be,” I said as he grabbed my hand as I was about to walk off, stopping me.  “Michael, my heart is someplace else, just as yours is.”

“No Vanessa, my heart could’ve been yours, but you chose fame over me,” he said as he turned me to face him.  “I loved you woman, but you pushed me aside for the lights.  You just had to be in the spotlight, so now I guess you have what you want.  Are you happy Vanessa?”

“Yes, I’m happy,” I replied as he shook his head.

“You sitting here, in this damn diner, in the middle of the night, by yourself… You sure don’t look happy Vanessa,” he stated as he let my hand go.  “Has that damn spotlight brought you the happiness that you wanted?”

“Is that the question you really wanted to ask me Michael?”  I asked as he sighed, accepted the coffee from the waitress as he gave her some money as he gave me a final look as he walked out of the diner, leaving me the way he found me.  Upset and confused.

“Are you okay Miss?”  The waitress asked, looking at me strangely.

“I’m fine,” I replied as I gave her a few bills and then walked out in search of Michael.

As I got outside, I looked in both directions, but I didn’t see any sign of him.  Damn it!  Why in the hell did I have to see him?  Is God trying to punish me for all of my mistakes in life?  My life is fucked up enough; I don’t need any more damn drama in my life.

Damn it all to hell!  Was I led over here to this damn place to see James or Michael?  Michael Fischer was a nice part of my life, but it wasn’t the part that mattered.  Both James and Michael had qualities that I loved, but those qualities didn’t make the whole.  I loved Michael, but he couldn’t offer me the things I desired.  I admit Michael probably would’ve been a nice husband, but I met James and he never got a chance to prove that.

James Poole, I don’t know what it was about that man that made everything wrong in the world, right to me?  At that time of my life, when I met James, he seemed like the type of guy I’d always wanted to be with, the nice and romantic kind.  Michael had his good qualities, but James had something more.  After meeting James, my life changed, I thought for the better, but looking back at things now, I don’t know if that was a good thing or a bad one.  I agreed to marry James and a few months later, I was discovered by a music representative and my singing career took off.  After that, I never had to sing in a low-down dirty bar or nightclub again.

James Poole was the man that made all of my dreams come true.  I thought James was the one for me, forever.  Because of James, I had the career, the money, the fame, the love and the family I wanted.  Because of my actions, that all changed and now my life seems to be in shambles.  But was it my actions alone, solely to blame for my current situation or what?  Am I really to blame?  Is James to blame?  Is that damn Daniel Graves to blame?  Who do I blame for the way my life turned out?

A Few Hours Later – Jacksonville, FL – The Parks International Building – A Conference Room


I—I can’t believe this madness is going on right now.  How—how could the label allow this mess to happen with Glitter and not give me a damn warning that this shit was coming?  Telling me that everything is going to be okay isn’t the damn answer I’m looking for at the moment from them.  If they don’t do something about this mess, I’m surely walking away from this damn label and not coming back.

I’m sure they saw the same video I saw last night.  What I and probably a million other people of the world saw on TV is not the image I want conveyed as ‘Mutual Attraction’.  What Glitter did in that video, she—she acted like—like a damn hoochie momma or something.  I don’t care what she does in her personal life, but when she does something like that and the public starts associating it with the group, that’s a whole different story.  Every talk show I saw on TV this morning, they were all pointing fingers at the so-called new look, direction and image of ‘Mutual Attraction’.  That can’t be allowed to continue.  There’s where I’m drawing the line.

“Good morning JT, what is it that I can do for you today?”  Darren Haynes asked as he walked in with that smug ass look on his face that I couldn’t stand.  “Oh and by the way, congratulations on your recent nuptials.”

“Yeah, thanks,” I replied as he shook my hand.

“I would’ve told you that sooner, but one of your bouncers wouldn’t allow me to.  So again, what can I do for you?”  He asked, running his hands across his suit, like he was trying to test the fabric or something and then straightened his tie.

“You can start off by telling me how Glitter was able to get that damn music video out to the world, the way she did last night,” I said as he looked at me strangely.

“To start, while you and Justin Tanner were up in Canada, getting married, Glitter was here, in the studio, busting her ass, making her video and cutting her first single,” Darren stated with that fake ass smile of his that made me want to smack the taste out of his mouth.  “You guys should’ve been here, working on something together, but that’s not possible now.”

“What’s not possible Darren?”  I asked as he looked at me and then shook his head.

“JT, the label has decided to go in a different direction with ‘Mutual Attraction’,” He stated as he smiled again.  “We’ve decided to give Glitter what she wants.  We’re allowing her to pursue a solo career; while you and Nikki take care of whatever it is that you two seem to be too busy taking care of, since neither of you have been here to handle your obligations to the label.”

“You’re allowing her to pursue a solo career now?  Really?  Why is that Darren?”  I asked as he smiled as I held up my hand, stopping him from his new spew of lies.  “When Jarrod tried to add Starletta to the group, unsuccessfully I might add, why didn’t she start her solo career then?”

“Mainly because Starletta wasn’t added to the group,” he replied as I shook my head.  “Starletta wasn’t under contract with the label, therefore Jarrod wasn’t able to add her.”

“Oh come now, we both know that Jarrod only did that shit to get some ass out of the pretty young thang,” I said as he shook his head.

“Regardless of that, other legalities are out of the way for the time being and you and Nikki seem to have your focus set on something else.  We’re going to allow Glitter to pursue this opportunity, while she can of course,” he said as I just looked at him, wondering when he was going to speak the truth about things.

“I see,” I replied as I shook my head.

“Do you have a problem with the way the label is handling things JT?”  He asked as I nodded y head.  “You do, why?”

“That video was crazy and…” I spoke as he smiled and then held up his hand, stopping me.

“It was edgy,” he said as I shook my head again.

“No, it was trashy and—and it was—it was just wrong,” I said as the images of the video played around in my head.  “You people had Glitter dressed up like—like some damn hooker on the street!”

“Yep, that’s the look we were aiming for,” he said with another smile.

“She looked skanky and trashy… That’s not good for the group,” I said as he folded his arms across his chest.

“It’s not for the group, it’s for her image and the music she’s singing,” he said as I shook my head again.

“Her image is making ‘Mutual Attraction’ look cheap and—and nasty,” I said as he shook his head.  “This isn’t good for my image or Nikki’s!”

“Come on JT, nothing can tarnish your image, now that you’re married to Justin Tanner,” he said with a strange look I hadn’t seen on his face before, almost a look of disgust or something.  “But, regardless of that, since you’re married and you haven’t been handling your obligations to the label, we’ve decided to let you have that break you’ve been asking for.”

“Meaning what Darren?”  I asked as he smiled again.

“Meaning that we’ll call you when we think you need to record again,” he said as he got up from his chair and then walked around in front of me and then extended his hand for me to shake.  “Have a good day JT.”

“So that’s it Darren?  That’s all you have to say here?”  I asked, getting up from the chair and moving away from his hand as I walked towards the door.  “Fuck this shit!”

“Come on JT, don’t be that way,” he said as he followed behind me to the door.

“Fuck you Darren!”  I snapped as it looked as if he were getting a rise out of my pissed off demeanor.  “I’m outta here!”

“Okay JT,” he said as he walked over and grabbed his things from the table.  “Oh and JT, if you’re thinking about going to another label, don’t try it.  You’re still under contract with us.  Anything that you record is still the property of the label.”

“Whatever you say Darren,” I said, shaking my head as I walked out of the room, slamming the door as I went as I heard him laughing.

Late Afternoon – Jacksonville, FL (Baymeadows Suburb) – The Home of JT Poole – The Master Bedroom

“Hey baby, Caleb just beat me again,” Justin said, walking into the room with a bag of chips in hand as he noticed JT lying on the bed, face down.  “Baby, baby are you okay?”

“No, I’m not okay Justin,” JT replied as he turned over on the bed and then sniffled.

“Okay baby, what’s going on?”  Justin asked as he sat on the edge of the bed as he placed his chips down on the bedside able and then rubbed JT’s feet.

“In not so many words, I’ve been fired,” JT stated as he sniffled again.

“You’ve been what?  What are you talking about?”  Justin asked as he looked at JT strangely.

“At my meeting this morning… I talked with Darren about Glitter’s new music video and he… They—they all wanted that and—and I was told that I was on a break and that if I tried to go to another label, I couldn’t,” JT replied as he sniffled and then covered his head with a pillow.

“Baby, calm down,” Justin said as he got up and then moved around the bed so that he was in front of JT.  “What did Darren really say?”

“He said that I finally got the break that I wanted and that they’ll call me when they want me to record.  He said that if I tried to go to another label, I couldn’t because I was still under contract with them.  They—they’re going to ruin my career and stop me from singing!”

“Nobody’s going to stop you from singing baby,” Justin said as he leaned in and kissed JT’s mouth.  “Hell, if I have to, I’ll start my own record company and you can record for me; if that’ll make you happy baby.”

“I can’t do that Justin,” JT stated as he shook his head and then sniffled again.  “I can start my own record company if I need to.”

“I’m sure you could baby, but…” Justin said as JT shook his head and then hopped up from the bed.

“But nothing Justin… Those fools are going to let my career go up in smoke and they’re letting Glitter light the fucking match!”  JT snapped as he shook his head.

“Baby, what do you want me to say here?”  Justin asked as he watched JT with a saddened expression on his face.  “Right now, I don’t know what to say to make this situation better in your eyes.”

“There’s really nothing to say here Justin,” JT stated as he sighed and then turned around.  “Maybe this is what I need for right now… I can spend time with my son and my husband.”

“That sounds good to me baby,” Justin said as he walked over to where JT stood and then kissed his mouth.  “Why don’t we go get Caleb from the arcade room and go out some place?”

“We’re going shopping later on and then we’ll have dinner,” JT stated as he sighed.

“Ah, going t get the clothing and the…” Justin started as JT interrupted him.

“We’re going to find him some clothes and new furniture for his room,” JT stated as he shook his head.  “I need to make his room more child-like.”

“Yeah baby,” Justin said, laughing. “I’m sure a lot of places around in here could be more child-like… especially the kitchen, in the cereal department.”

“Awww, poor Justin, I guess we can stop somewhere and get you some cereal,” JT stated as he laughed at the expression on Justin’s face.  “I guess you really can’t function in the mornings without the sweet stuff.”

“What can I say baby, I love my cereal,” Justin stated as he wrapped his arms around JT’s waist as a buzzer sounded in the room.  “Someone really has crappy timing.”

“Yep, they sure do,” JT said as he pulled away from Justin and then moved over to the door and opened it.  “What is it that you want man?”

“We need to talk,” Todd stated as he grabbed JT by the hand and led him out of the room.

“Todd,” JT said as Todd walked down the hall quickly, pulling him along.  “What in the world is wrong with you?”

“JT, I—I don’t know what to do,” Todd replied as he looked down.

To Be Continued…

Celebrity Fantasy – It’s Your Birthday

Title: It’s Your Birthday (1/1)
Author: JT Poole
Starring: JT Poole, Wes Ramsey, Tyler Posey, AJ McLean, Melissa Benoist and Julie S.
Rating: Who Knows
Disclaimers: I don’t know any of the celebrities mentioned.  I don’t know anything about their sexuality or any other bit of information about the people mentioned.  This story is all fiction, for entertainment purposes only.  It’s not real, so don’t take it for real life people.  Again, this is for entertainment only.  Nothing written in this little work of fiction isn’t meant to imply anything about the celebrities mentioned.
Warnings: ‘Love For All Seasons’ sang by Christina Aguilera.  I don’t own the song and I didn’t write it.



June 5, 2017 – Manhattan, NY – Club Synergy

I must’ve been out of my damn mind, agreeing to come out to this club when Julie suggested it.  I know it’s my birthday and all, but I could’ve just stayed home.  That was the problem, she didn’t want me staying home.  She claims that since she’s known me, all I do is spend all of my time at home when I’m not working.  In her words, “Every year on your birthday JT, you do the same thing, you stay home with Jinxy and that’s not how you’re supposed to celebrate a birthday.”  After all, she was trying to do her friendly duty to get me out of the house to have some fun.  So, to stop her from whining and poking at me, I agreed to go out with her and her other friends.


After a half hour ride on the subway and a short walk, we arrived at this strange place called the Synergy Club.  It didn’t take us long to get in, the bouncer looked at Julie, smiled and ushered us right on in.  I thought only celebrities got into clubs that quick, but oh well, here we are.  I’ve been sitting at the bar, knocking back sodas for about an hour while Julie was out on the dance floor, dancing with her friend Chip.

So far, so good.  Nothing bad has happened to me and I’m not being picked on or harassed by anyone.  I guess I can take that as a good sign and just go with the flow.  This place seems like a nice place to hang out, but I would rather be home, relaxing with Jinxy.  Turning around to get the bartender’s attention, I spotted Julie dancing with this cute blond-haired guy.  Damn, the guy was all up on Julie like he was trying to be a new part of her body or something.  My mother always told me that if you dance like that, a baby would be sure to follow.  Well, being that I’m gay, I don’t have that problem.  Finally getting the attention of the bartender, I got my drink and knocked it back.  I guess this is a good way to celebrate a birthday as any.

The DJ was spinning some cool tunes that had me bopping my head to the beat.  As I took another sip of my drink, I looked around and noticed a guy standing across the room, watching me.  Feeling a bit self-conscious, I grabbed my glass and moved to the other side of the bar, hopefully getting out of his line of sight.

“Hey JT man, come on and dance with us,” Julie said as she grabbed my hand, smiling widely as I looked over her shoulder to see the blond-haired guy waiting for her to come back.

“What happened to Chip?”  I asked.

“Chip is dancing with his friend, I’m dancing with my boyfriend AJ.  Come on JT, stop being a bore and come on, hit the dance floor with us,” she said as I caught another glimpse of the guy from the other side of the bar, watching me.

“I guess I can,” I said as an up-beat techno song started playing.  “Who’s that messing with your friend?”

“Oh hell naw, that’s that ho Melissa I was telling you about,” Julie replied, surely changing into diva bitch mode.  “She best be getting away from mah man before I have to kick that ass.”

“Julie,” I said as she held up her hand, stopping me from talking as she moved away from me quickly and the next thing I knew, I saw her pulling the woman by the hair and pushing her face into the floor, over and over again.  “Julie, girl you better stop before the bouncer gets over here.”

“Tiny’s a good friend of mine, he’ll probably help me beat this ho down!  Look at the SuperGirl wannabe beach.  You ain’t so super huh!”  Julie snapped as the bouncer walked over and pulled her away from the woman as she struggled to get away from him.

“Come on Jules, leave the heffa alone.  I’m sure she’s had enough,” Tiny, the bouncer said as he helped the woman named Melissa up off the floor and then escorted her off the dance floor.

“Julie baby, I need you to calm down,” the guy named AJ said as he wrapped his arms around her and then kissed her cheek.

“I’m calm now baby.  I just can’t stand to stomach the thought of Melissa putting her hands on you again,” Julie stated as a strange white guy walked over to the three of us.

“Hey Jules, the VIP lounge you requested is ready for you and your party,” the man said as he hugged her and then shook AJ’s hand.

“Come on JT, we’re about to celebrate your birthday,” Julie said, grabbing my hand as we followed the guy through the crowd of dancing people as I noticed that strange guy from earlier, that was watching me, was moving in the same direction.


What in the hell have I gotten myself into?  I’m at some club I’ve never been to before.  Julie’s kicking ass and I have some strange guy following me around.  This is turning out to be a strange birthday for me.  Since we’ve come into some light, I notice that Julie’s mystery boyfriend is AJ McLean of the Backstreet Boys.  Talk about someone leading a secret life.  I never knew she was rubbing elbows with celebrities.  Knowing how Julie is, who would’ve known that?  So I wonder what else my friend is hiding from me.

Since we came into this VIP Lounge, I’ve met AJ, his band mates, Grant Gustin, Alex O’Loughlin, LL Cool J, Chris O’Donnell, Eric Christian Olsen, Candice Patton, Danielle Panabaker and Carlos Valdes.  I was shocked that Julie hung around these people all the time.  You learn something new about your friends every day.  As I turned around to head towards the door, the guy that had been watching me from the dance floor walked in and AJ walked over and shook hands with him.  Stopping in my tracks, AJ led the guy over to me and introduced him as Wes Ramsey.  I knew he looked familiar when I saw him the first time; I just didn’t make the pieces fit.  It’s the hair; he looks nothing like he does when he’s on TV.

After an hour of socializing with most of the people in the room, I was ready to call it a night and go home.  Almost laughing myself to death watching Alex O’Loughlin get sauced was a good enough birthday present for me.  I bet that’ll end up in one of the tabloids soon.  As I made my way over to Julie and AJ, I noticed that Chip had come back into the room and he had Tyler Posey with him.  When I saw Tyler, I almost died right there.  Damn, the guy is hot… Even in a night club with drunk people around, he’s still hot.  Regardless of all of that, he can maul me anytime he wants.

“Hey Julie, I think I’m going to call it a night,” I said as she grabbed my hand and stopped me from walking away.

“Come on JT, please stay here with us.  The party isn’t over yet,” she said, looking at me closely as Chip, Tyler and Wes walked closer to us.

“Hi there, so you’re the birthday boy,” Wes said as he extended his hand to me.  “Are you enjoying your birthday?”

“I can say it wasn’t boring like all the others over the last couple of years,” I replied, not looking up at him.

“Maybe we can do something to make up for all the other years,” Wes said as he took my hand.  “Why don’t you join me on the dance floor?”

“I… Ah… Well…” I stuttered as I saw his hand move towards me as he lifted my hand to his mouth and kissed the top of my hand.

“Come on, I think you’ll have a better time with me, Tyler and Chip,” he said as he pulled me closer to him.  “I think us gay guys need to leave these hetero freaks alone.”

“I… Ah… I guess so,” I replied as Julie smiled at me as she went back to kissing on AJ as I allowed Wes to escort me back out to the dance floor.


Damn it, I couldn’t take it much longer; I had to have him in me and in me right now!  We had been teasing each other since JT’s party in the VIP lounge and I’m sure he was just as horny as I was.  When JT left with Wes, I had nothing more to worry about, well except for getting some and that is what I plan on doing and I’m going to do that right now.

I grabbed AJ’s hand and planted a huge kiss on him.  Our lips locked and our tongues began their sexual, lust-filled duel as I’m sure that was all that was needed to wake up what I wanted from him.  As I laid back on the leather seat in the back of the limo, I lifted my arms and took off my shirt, while he loosened the belt to my pants and snapped the button.  Breathing hard, I tried to get his shirt off as I kissed his mouth again, not caring that we had barely gotten the door shut.

“Oh God AJ, I really need you baby, I can’t take it any longer,” I breathed out as he leaned down and kissed me hard as he got my pants down and my bra off.

“Oh God Jules, you’re so hot!”  AJ exclaimed, attacking my neck as I started working with his pants.

I enjoyed the heat of his mouth on me.  I always loved the feel of any part of him in contact with me.  As he continued working me over, I could feel the shivers shooting up and down my spine.  At that very moment, I felt his hand move up my leg and he was rubbing my clit.

“Oh God!”  I screamed as he closed his mouth over mine to muffle my screams.

He began to move his hands down more but once he brushed my spot again, I knew I wanted him to keep doing that.

“Don’t stop AJ, don’t stop!”  I yelled, turning the tables on him as I pushed him down in the seat as I got his pants down his legs, leaving them hanging around his ankles as he leaned up on his elbows, looking me in the face.

“Jules, I can’t wait, I need to be inside you and now,” he said, looking at me with lust and desire in his eyes.

“What are you waiting for baby, you know what to do,” I replied as he pulled me close, attacking my breast as I shank down on his lovestick, feeling him slide quickly into me.


We had been dancing for a while when Wes pulled me close and then kissed me.  To say the least, I was shocked to hell.  What did he think he was doing?  He just made a big mistake and that’s a mistake I won’t let happen again.

“I’m sorry, I have to go,” I said, looking down at the floor as I moved away from him and then walked away.

“JT wait, where are you going?”  Wes called after me as I started moving faster, trying to put some distance in between the two of us.

“No, I’ve had enough of this.  I’m going home,” I replied, getting to the door as Tiny looked at me strangely.

“Is there a problem JT?”  He asked.

“No, I’m just leaving.  If you see Julie, would you tell her I went home?”  I asked, not looking up at him as he patted me on the back.  “Thank you and have a good night.”

“Goodnight JT,” Tiny replied as I got outside, heading towards the subway terminal.

“JT!  JT wait!”  I heard Wes call out, still walking behind me.

“What is it that you want?  You had your fun, now it’s time for me to call it a night,” I said as I looked away from him quickly, not wanting him to see my anger and my sadness.

“I’ve had my fun?  What about you?  Didn’t you have fun too?”  He asked as he reached out to touch my hand as I moved back from him.

“Yeah I did, a little bit too much,” I replied as I turned around and started walking again.  “Thanks for the fun, good night.”

“Good night?  I’m not ready to call it a night yet!”  He yelled behind me as I ignored him and kept on walking.

“Whatever,” I said, shaking my head as I continued walking.

“JT, don’t leave!”  He yelled as I stopped for a second and let a few tears fall before I let my heart knock me back into reality and I started walking again, heading for the subway terminal.

Just keep on going JT, he’s not going to follow you forever.  When I make it home, I can take a long hot bath and forget that this night ever happened.  That’s what I need, a nice hot both.  That should do the trick.

“JT please, I’ll just keep on following you,” I heard Wes say as I looked up to see that he was almost behind me.

“No you won’t man.  I know how to walk into a police station or somewhere and wait until you leave me alone,” I said as he frowned and then stopped walking.

“Did… Did I do something wrong?  I—I thought we were having a good time together,” he spoke as I noticed the tears in his eyes.

“We were having too much fun, the kind of fun that I don’t need!”  I snapped as I took a breath and then took off running for the subway terminal.

“Wait!”  He yelled, making a mad dash to catch up to me. “Will you just stop and tell me what I did wrong!  Can you at least tell me that?”

“You didn’t do anything wrong at all,” I softly spoke as I leaned up against the railing of the terminal entrance.

“If I didn’t do anything wrong, why are we both out here crying then?  It’s your birthday and I’m trying to help you celebrate it, but instead, we’re out here, shedding tears.  We should be somewhere happy, together,” he stated, stepping closer to me again and then lifting my chin as he kissed my lips.

Julie’s Condo

Damn, I’m surprised we made it into her place without drawing attention to ourselves.  I’m sure we did enough of that back at the club.  I’m sure someone heard her scream a few times while we were fucking around there.  I’m sure she had came at least two of three times before the car started moving to bring us back here.

When we arrived here I was shocked that we could run out of the car, get through the lobby and into the elevator without being spotted in our half-dressed condition.  As soon as we got in here, she pushed me up against the door and we got started again.  I thought I was the horn dog, but she’s an animal.

As soon as we were in her bedroom, she commanded me to sit on the edge of the bed and to pull my briefs back off.  As I sat there, doing what she wanted, she threw her pants and shirt across the room someplace and then she sat down in my lap, pushing me down on the bed.  Before I knew it, she was rocking her hips, back and forth, teasing my cock the way she was.

“Make sure you have some leverage baby,” she said, easing back a little bit more as I slipped back into my rightful place inside of her.  “I’m going to ride you like you were one of those horses on JT’s uncle’s ranch!”

“Oh shit yeah baby, you’re mind!  Whose ass is this?”  I asked, smacking her ass playfully as she licked her lips and then kissed my mouth.

“You know whose ass it is.  It’s been yours for the last year or more, but who’s counting,” she answered as she rocked her hips faster and harder, causing my orgasm to approach a little quicker.

“Stop that baby before it’s all over with,” I whispered in her ear as she took that as a sign to rock faster anyway.

“Do it baby, do it!  I want to feel your love!”  She screamed as someone banged on the walls.  “Mind your own fucking business!  I’m fucking my man over here!  Damn crazy ass neighbors!”

“Baby, you’re an animal,” I said as she rocked on top of me frantically this time as I knew she was climaxing.

“Oh God!  Oh God!  That’s it!  Yeah baby, that’s it!”  She screamed as she collapsed on my chest, breathing hard as I started to shoot my load as I held her tighter to my body.  “Oh Damn, that was so awesome baby.”

“Damn right it was awesome baby,” I said, kissing her as I could feel myself harden again.  “I think I need another round.”

“You need another round?  Uh oh,” she spoke, closing her eyes, knowing what I was about to do.  “Let me catch my breath first baby.”

“No time,” I said as I flipped us over on the bed as I placed her legs on my shoulder and then thrust into her missionary style.  “Shit yes baby, I love it like this.”

“Oh God, I think… Oh yeah baby… Shit yeah… fuck me baby, fuck me!”  She screamed as the banging on the wall started again.


“Look, I know something is upsetting you, but why don’t you just tell me what it is.  I’m sure we can solve the problem” I spoke as he looked at me and then looked down at the subway entrance.

“Look Wes, I’m just a normal guy.  I don’t just get into situations like this with…” He said as I kissed his mouth again.  “Wes…”

“Is t the celebrity thing JT?”  I asked.  “Are you scared this might turn into a one-time thing or something?”

“Yeah, that’s what you celebrities do.  You love and leave ‘em and I’m not really in the mood to have my heart broken again,” he said as he looked away from me as I could see more tears falling from his eyes.

“JT please… I’m not that kind of man.  I’m not going to love you and leave you.  I would like to love you and stay,” I said as I lifted his chin so he could see my face.  “It’s like love at first sight with me JT.  When Julie said that she knew someone that I would like, I thought she was pulling my leg, but you’re the most handsomeness man I’ve seen in a long time and I surely believe you have a nice heart.”

“You know nothing of my heart!  You hardly know me damn it!”  He snapped.

“That’s because we’ve been wasting our time with you running away and me having to chase you.  Please JT, will you please come back with me?”  I asked as he looked away, making a move to move as I grabbed his arm, stopping him as I started to sing to him.

Hey there boy did ya happen to know
Wherever you go I’ll follow
Ooh baby like a cool breeze
On a summer day

When you’re near me
I don’t know what to do
I feel like a fool
Like a school boy
A true blue boy
Who wants to know
Can you come out and play

You make me feel the way
A man is supposed to feel
Let me show you
Show you that my love’s for real

“I—I know that song,” he said as he looked up at me strangely.  “That’s Christina Aguilera’s song, ‘Love For All Seasons’.  I know you can sing and all, but you can’t be biting her song like that man.  That’s a beat down in the making.”

“I’m not trying to bite her song JT, it’s not like I’m going to rush into the studio and record it for myself or anything.  That was the only song I could think up to convey what I’m feeling for you right now,” he said as he smiled and continued singing.

I’ll be the rain in your summer
The chill in your fall
I’ll be watcha want
Anything at all

I’ve got a love for all seasons
A love for all time
I’ll be the fire in your winter
The sun in your spring
I’ll do what you want
Give ya everything
I’ve got a love for all seasons
A love for all time

“Oh really?  What’s to say that you won’t grow tired of me by daybreak?”  He asked as I shook my head at him.

“If I was going to grow tired of you, I would have done so back there when you made that mad dash down here.  I may not be older than you, but that run took it out of me.  How old are you anyway?”  I asked as he looked at me, looked down and then shook his head as I grabbed his hand.  “Age is nothing but a number, remember that.”

“I’m 42 and how about you?”  He asked.

“I’m 39, not that much of a difference,” I said as he looked up at me.  “I was shocked when you took off the way you did.  I wasn’t expecting you to do that.”

“I’m capable of doing a whole lot of things that you wouldn’t expect,” he said as I moved closer to him, hoping he wouldn’t push me away as he took my hand and held it in his own.

“I’m sure you are,” I said as he looked down again.

“I’m not looking to get hurt,” he said as he looked up at me again, looking like a little child would.  “I’m taking a big chance here and I don’t want to regret this.”

“I don’t want to get hurt and I don’t want you to regret anything either JT.  I feel the same way you do.  So I ask of you the same thing you ask of me,” I said as he pulled me in and then kissed my lips.  “Why don’t we go back to the club now?”

“No, I think we need to go to my house,” he said as he kissed my mouth again.

JT’s House

When we arrived at my place, the first emotion I felt was fear.  What if this does turn into one of those one night stands?  I know what, I’d be crushed is what!  As we stood in the living room, I started to get self-conscious about every part of my life and myself.  What in the hell does a big-time celebrity see in me anyway?  I would be some nameless person to add under his fucking belt is what I would be!  Damn JT, what in the hell have you gotten yourself into here?

Alright JT, calm down.  You haven’t done anything with him, you haven’t lost anything yet.  Just bow out gracefully and call it a night.  I don’t need to get my feelings hurt because I can’t hang with the rest of the world.  What am I saying here?  He’s Julie’s friend too.  She would probably ream me for this one if I do something to hurt this man.

“JT, are you okay?”  Wes asked, stepping closer to me as I tensed up a bit.

“Yeah, I’m okay Wes.  I’m just trying to work some things out in my mind is all,” I replied as I looked down at the floor as we moved closer to the bed.

“This is so cute, it really is,” he said as he kissed me on the cheek.  “JT baby, we don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.  This is our time.  Whatever we do, we do because we want to.”

“True, but I don’t know what I want to do to you… Oops, I can’t trust my emotions right now,” I said as he smiled at me.  Lawd, if I could blush, I was probably doing it.

“So, what is it that you would want to do to me JT?”  He asked, stepping closer to me as he kissed my mouth again, this time unbuttoning my shirt and then pulling it out of my pants.  “Does it involve something like what we’re doing right now?”

“Y—yes it does,” I stuttered as he nibbled on my ear as he pushed my shirt open and over my shoulders, allowing it to fall to the floor as he worked on my belt buckle next.

“How about this here?”  He asked, his hand resting over my crotch.  “It seems like that’s a growing spot.”

“It is,” I answered, my breathing picking up as he massaged my manhood through the cloth of my boxers, since he had slid my pants down my legs.  “I feel so underdressed here.”

“Why don’t you help remedy that situation,” he said, kissing my mouth again as I unbutton his shirt and then pulled it off him as I quickly moved to his belt, working hurriedly with his pants.

Damn, if he didn’t think of me as an aggressive person, I’m sure he’d changed that view by now.  Within seconds I had him completely naked, while I still had my boxers on.  He looked down and then smiled as he reached over and pushed my boxers down my legs as he stepped closer to me, allowing our cocks touch.

Oh God, this feels so fucking good!  It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten this kind of action.  Come on JT, get a grip man (no pun intended), don’t go showing your nervousness, now isn’t the time for that.  Just go with the flow and show him that you’re happy and enjoy the THINGS he’s doing.

“That feels so good,” I said as he eased me back on the bed and then sat down on top of my hips.

“Yeah, it does feel good JT.  I think it would feel better if it was exercising within me right now,” he said as he leaned forward, kissing my mouth hard.  “I want you JT, I want you to make love to me.”

Damn, this was getting intense and going a little bit further than what I had planned in my head.  The passion that was building between us for the whole night was being released now.  I sat up on the bed and then moved the covers away, sitting there admiring the man in front of me.  My heart skipping a few beats, I thought of a life of having this man with me all the time…


with the look of fear and excitement on his face, I’m sure I was moving things a little bit fast for him, but I knew he wanted it as much as I did.  I wanted to feel every inch of his body connected to mine and to start, I wanted the two of us to make wild, passionate, monkey love.

I pushed JT on his back and then climbed on top of him, straddling his hips.  Facing him, I leaned down and kissed his mouth as my ass lingered inches away from his cock as I gyrated my hips, feeling his cock rub teasingly on my ass.  Damn, I was so hot for his body.  I’m sure the love making is going to be spectacular.  Please God, please don’t let this end badly.

Moving things along, I felt his stiff cock teasing my ass and lower back again.  I leaned down and kissed his lips again as I wrapped my arms around him, holding him close as we continued to kiss.  Taking the hint, he wrapped his arms around me, bringing us even closer, or in my mind we were closer.  Damn, his manly scent is driving me crazy, making me hotter by the second.  God, if we don’t do something now, I might just shoot my load without him.  I don’t think I’ve ever been turned on this much.

Thank you God for allowing me to find such a beautiful black man that has so much love and emotion in his heart, that he’s scared to let it out.  Oh God, just let him fuck me and make me his.  I don’t know if I can take much more of this.  Sliding my ass down so that his cock would press harder against my back door, I kissed his mouth more and touched him to occupy my mind until things started happening.  With each touch of his cock to my ass, sent shiver after shiver up and down my spine.  Oh God, he doesn’t know what he’s doing to me here.

“Oh God JT, I need you baby, I really need you inside of me,” I said, moving my ass a little bit more urgently as he moaned.

I eased my body downward, letting his cock slide across my cock as he moaned a little louder.  As I moved down his body, I started paying attention to his neck, his shoulders and his nipples.   As I slid past his bellybutton, I used my tongue to lick around his navel quickly as he laughed at that as he ran his fingers through my hair.

Thinking of the song I sang earlier, those words were replaced with something by ‘2 Live Crew’ that would surely get things going here, but I held my composure enough not to do that.  This is his birthday and our first time.  We can save that ghetto ass stuff for another night.  Tonight is totally different and it’s going to be all about making him happy on his birthday.  I’m going to be making love to my—my new boyfriend.

Oh thank you God for allowing us to be lying here, touching and exploring each other this way.  I’m totally in control of things right now and I like this.  I’m liking this just as much as he is.  He seems to be happy with what I’m doing and that’s totally okay with me.  As long as I have him here, I’m going to act out a few things I’ve fantasized doing with the person I would fall in love with.

“Don’t be afraid to ask me to do something you want me to do, I’ll do it you know,” I said as he nodded his head as he opened his eyes.

Looking up at me, I saw that lustful look in his eyes and I knew he was thinking about some of the things I wanted to do.  This guy is really out for my heart.  The closer I got to his dick, I would tease him by touching his balls or going back up to kiss his mouth quickly, causing him to tremble a bit.  As I got back up to what he was begging me to get to, I held his cock in my hand and then licked the precum that had settled at the tip of his dick.

“Oh God Wes, do it, I need that so much,” he whispered, urging me to keep going with his hands on my head and his thighs, rubbing my chest.

I knew he wanted me to suck him, his eyes told the whole story for him.  Watching him, I went down on his dick and then came all the way off of it quickly as he gasped.  Not taking my eyes off his, the look on his face said that he wasn’t happy with what I just did, but he wasn’t angry either.  The sounds coming from his mouth told me that he was really in need of me pleasuring him and he wasn’t in the mood for more of my teasing.  Kissing the side of his leg, I decided to give him what he wanted.  Using my tongue to lick teasingly around the head of his cock, he moaned out and then grabbed the sheets as he thrust his hips upward.  Taking him fulling into my mouth, I sucked his dick and played with his balls.

“Oh God yes!”  He exclaimed, his voice ringing throughout the room as he pounded his fist into the mattress.

Massing his dick with my tongue, I made love to his dick as he thrust his hips upward, fucking my mouth.  Not wanting him to cum, I pulled off of him and paid some attention to his balls and his taint.  Opening his legs more to give me access, he allowed me to use my tongue and fingers to play with his ass.

“That feels so good Wes.  Don’t stop, please don’t stop,” he moaned as I caressed his legs.

Upon my return to his cock, I found it covered with more precum, which had oozed out and down the side.  I knew that it was now time to give him what he really wanted.  Tapping his legs to get his attention, he looked up at the smile on my face.

“Are you ready baby?”  I asked.

“You know I’m ready baby,” he replied, smiling widely as the realization hit that we needed some lube and a condom.

Rolling around on the bed, he opened the nightstand drawer, pushing things around inside the drawer, finding the lube and a condom and then returning to his original position.  Positioning myself over him, I stroked his dick a bit while applying the condom and the lube.  Getting everything ready for our first time, I crawled back up the bed to kiss his mouth as he wrapped his arms around me and then pulled me down to him.

Damn, I’m so starting to like this more and more.  I’ve been craving this for a long time now and I have it.  As my mind was occupied with things of the future, I hardly noticed his manhood sliding into my ass as he thrust into me and I felt his pubic hair on my ass.  In one big swoop, he was all in me, all seven and a half inches of him.  God, this feels so wonderful.  It’s been a while since I gave myself to anyone like this.


I awoke to some strange noises outsides of the bedroom and the smell of coffee.  I crawled out of bed and searched the floor for any signs of my underwear.  As I walked into the bathroom to handle my morning ritual, I wondered to myself was last night all a dream.  Sighing, I took a piss and then washed my face.  Looking at the reflection of myself in the mirror, I sighed again and then brushed my teeth as the smell of eggs, grits and bacon filled my nostrils.  Strolling into the kitchen, I spotted Wes cooking breakfast and saw Julie sitting at the table with a cup of coffee in one hand and the newspaper in the other.

“Well look who decided to wake up.  How you doing sleeping beauty?  Did you sleep well?”  Julie asked, looking over the top of the paper at me.

“I hope he slept alright, he had me to keep him company in that big boring bedroom,” Wes stated as he turned the gas off and then walked over, kissing my mouth as he playfully smacked my ass.

“Yeah, I slept all right,” I said with a smile as he walked back over to the stove.

“I hope you didn’t mind me raiding the refrigerator and cooking us some breakfast,” he said as he smiled and turned his attention to stirring the grits.

“No, I don’t mind at all, I’m starved,” I replied as Julie winked at me and then placed her hand on top of mine.

“Happy Birthday JT,” she said as she leaned over and then kissed me on the cheek.


The End

When The Glitter Turns Gold – Chapter 7

Chapter 7 — A Family Affair

Jun 9, 2004 – Halifax, PA – Dauphin County Courthouse

“Court’s in session,” the bailiff stated as the jailer escorted Jarrod back into the court room as the judge took a seat behind the bench.

“Thank you, bailiff,” the judge spoke as he looked over at Jarrod and then over at the state’s attorney.  “Are we ready to proceed with this case now?”

“No sir,” the state’s attorney replied, looking over at Jarrod with a frown on his face.

“Why aren’t we able to proceed?”  The judge asked.

“The information provided by Mr. Lee has proven that he’s not the person the court should be prosecuting,” the state’s attorney spoke as he sighed and then lay the file folder on the table.

“What did you discover?”  The judge asked, leaning back in his chair.

“May counsel approach sir?”  The state’s attorney requested as the judge nodded his head as the man walked over to the bench and handed the judge some papers.  “The person in court today is not the Jarrod Lee the court should be prosecuting.  A schedule of events, an itinerary for a tour, multiple hotel bookings, airline flight schedules, video footage and the word of four record company executives prove that this man wasn’t available in the places where the charges were created.”

“I see,” the judge stated as Jarrod looked at the man.  “Rodney, release the prisoner.  Mr. Lee, I hope you accept the court’s apology here today.  You are free to go.”

“Thank you sir,” Jarrod replied as he looked at the judge and then rubbed at his wrists when the handcuffs were removed.  “Due to me being held captive here in this place for days and the violation of my rights, I’ll be sure that my lawyer has a long conversation with the mayor here and I’ll sue this town and the county for all it’s worth.”

“Boy, I don’t think you need to be making threats, while you’re standing in a courthouse,” the jailer said as Jarrod turned slightly to look at him.

“If it hadn’t been for the harsh treatment I received here by this man, I might’ve let this issue go, but being that he put so much effort into making my stay in your loving county a memorable one, I’ll make sure this county is famous for its wrong doings,” Jarrod stated as the judge stood up from his seat, looking as if he was going to say something, but stopped.  “I’m not going to worry about changing into my regular clothes.  I’m going to walk out of here and make sure that everyone sees me like this.  I want everyone to see me like this so there’s proof of what happened to me here, at the hands of your trusted prison officials.”

“There has to be a way to fix this matter Mr. Lee,” the judge stated as Jarrod shook his head.

“I’ll feel so much better after I’m away from here and my lawyer confirms that the sheriff, the deputies, the state’s attorney and all the people responsible for not listening to me, when I said I was innocent, but you held me here against my wishes anyway, have been fired and are of their job with no recourse of being rehired.  That’s when I’ll see this matter as fixed,” Jarrod stated as the state’s attorney frowned and then shook his head.

“I ought to beat the living tar out…” the jailer said as he grabbed Jarrod by the collar of his shirt as the judge pointed at him.  “I have a family to feed, how dare you threaten my livelihood!”

“Stop that, we don’t need this getting bigger than what it already is,” the judge stated.  “Mr. Lee, I urge you to reconsider.  This has all been a big misunderstanding and…”

“There hasn’t been a misunderstanding here.  I told multiple people between here and Philadelphia, that I wasn’t the person that had committed a crime, but I was still humiliated and abused anyway,” Jarrod stated as he shook his head.  “I was drug out of the airport by the police and then transported here, where these guys kicked my ass, just for asking questions about why I was here in the first place.  I told everybody that I hadn’t done anything and nobody listened to me.  So again Judge, there wasn’t a misunderstanding, your guys here didn’t care, they just wanted a body to punish.”

“I—I understand where you’re coming from Mr. Lee, but there has to be a different way of solving this matter,” the judge spoke as he stepped down from the bench and walked over to where Jarrod stood.

“Once my lawyer confirms that all of these people have been fired and this county and town has been sued, then I’ll consider this issue solved,” Jarrod stated as he walked towards the door.

“Mr. Lee, please,” the judge stated as he grabbed Jarrod’s arm, stopping him from walking as Jarrod looked at the man as if he were crazy.  “I—I’m sorry.”

“You will be real soon,” Jarrod stated as he walked out of the room, got to the pay phone down the hall and then dialed some numbers.  “Operator, I would like to make a collect call to Daniel Graves, the number is 321-235-XXXX.  Thank you.”

Jacksonville, FL (Baymeadows Suburb) – The Home of JT Poole – The Kitchen

“Anyway, what were you two doing in here?  We’re looking for food, what were you two doing?”  JT asked as he looked at Todd and then over at Wes.

“We were trying to figure out what to have for dinner, which led to the argument you guys walked in on,” Todd stated as JT looked at him and then shook his head again.

“A talk about food, led to you two arguing like fools?”  JT asked as he looked at Todd strangely.  “Come on, what were you two really arguing about, it couldn’t have been about food, was it?”

“I—I want to go out to a nice restaurant, but he wants to just get junk food at a drive-thru,” Wes stated as JT sighed.

“I don’t believe that,” JT said as he looked over at Todd as Todd looked down at the floor.  “Todd, you’re trying to get junk food, you?”

“I—I just wanted to get something quick and simple, not really in the mood for waiting in a restaurant,” Todd stated.

“No, more like he doesn’t want to be seen in public, in a restaurant with me,” Wes stated as Todd sighed. “He’s scared of…”

“Wes,” Todd said as Wes shook his head and then walked away, leaving the room.

“Okay, enter the drama that I so didn’t’ want around here,” JT said as he sighed and then threw his hands up.

“JT,” Todd said as JT shook his head.

“Todd, go handle your business,” JT stated as he pointed in the direction that Wes had gone in.  “Justin, have you found any food yet?”

“It would probably be best if we ordered in,” Justin replied as he closed the pantry door.  “I didn’t see anything in there or in the refrigerator that was worth it right now.”

“What do you think Caleb?  Do you want to hit a burger drive-thru?”  JT asked as Caleb nodded his head quickly.  “Then it’s settled, fast food it is.”

A Few Hours Later – Caleb’s Bedroom

“Alright little man, you’ve seen the lights and sights around town, you’ve had dinner, you’ve had fun with daddy, you’ve had a bath and you’ve beaten Justin at a few video games in the arcade room,” JT stated as he placed Caleb down on the bed.  “It’s time for you to get some sleep buddy.”

“Okay Daddy,” Caleb replied as he yawned as JT laughed.  “Goodnight Daddy.”

“Goodnight Caleb,” JT spoke as he leaned down, kissing the top of Caleb’s head as he pulled the bedspread over him and then pressed a button as the lights started to dim in the room.  “If you need me, I’m right down the hall.”

“I know Daddy,” Caleb replied with a giggle.  “Tell Justin goodnight for me Daddy.”

“I will,” JT replied as he waved as he turned around and walked out of the room.

“It seems like we tired him out,” Justin said as he walked up behind JT and then kissed his cheek.

“Yeah, I guess we did,” JT responded as he looked at Justin.  “Caleb said goodnight.”

“I heard,” Justin replied as he kissed JT’s lips.  “You ready for bed baby?”

“Not yet, I’m ready for a shower though,” JT replied as he and Justin walked down the hall.

“Before you go take that shower, I think you need to call Howard,” Justin said as JT looked at him strangely.

“I need to call him for what?  Is it about things in Canada?  Is there something wrong with Ken?”  JT asked as he looked at Justin closely.

“No baby, has nothing to do with Canada, it’s Heather, she’s in jail,” Justin stated as JT shrugged his shoulders.

“I already knew she was in jail, that Lawrence Hudson guy told me while he was questioning me about Ken’s problem,” JT stated with a frown.  “I wonder why Howard wants to talk about that.”

“Don’t know that answer baby, you’ll have to call Howard to find out,” Justin stated as he and JT walked into the bedroom.  “He said for you two call him, he has a lot to tell you.”

“Okay, I’ll go ahead and do that right now,” JT stated as he walked over to the bed, sat down and then picked up the phone, dialing Howard’s number.


It’s really late in the night.  I wonder what’s happening with Heather that would have Howard call and request that I call him back at night.  What in the world is going on with Heather now?  Why in the hell is she really in jail?  What is she in jail for?  Does this have anything to do with Ken and the reasons he’s lying in a hospital bed in Canada?

“Hi there JT,” I heard Howard’s voice on the phone.  “Thank you for returning my call.”

“You’re welcomed Howard, but I would like to know what’s going on, that you would have me call you at night,” I said as Justin rubbed my leg.  “Couldn’t this have waited until morning or something?”

“No, it couldn’t have waited until morning.  What I have to tell you, involves you and your son,” he said as I looked at the phone, sighed and then kicked my shoes off as I moved onto the bed, getting comfortable.

“Go ahead and lay it on me, what’s going on?”  I asked as Justin patted my leg and then squeezed as he rolled over on the bed.

“Heather’s currently in jail,” he said as I wanted him to go on, since I already knew that part.

“Why is she in jail Howard?”  I asked.

“Well, while she was hospitalized at Penn Med in Philly, she was arrested and charged with sexually assaulting you,” he replied.

“She was arrested by who and when?  What in the hell is going on Howard?”  I asked, thinking back to our conversation when I asked him about pressing charges against her.

“She was arrested by a detective in Philly named Warren Charles.  He arrested her while she was still in the hospital after her suicide attempt,” Howard stated as I shook my head.  “She had an arraignment hearing that led to her freaking out in front of the judge and then she was charged with contempt of court and disorderly conduct, adding more charges to what was already pending against her.”

“Why do I get the feeling that there’s more to this Howard,” I said, sighing.

“There is,” he replied.

“Well, why are you stalling man?”  I asked.

“The judge put her arraignment off for a few days to let her gain some self-control, but that didn’t work at all, it only made matters worse for her.  When she was taken back to court, she freaked out again and the judge ordered a seven-thirty exam for her,” Howard stated as I waited for him to say something I understood.

“I’m not too hip on the law, but is she trying to set up some kind of insanity defense or something?”  I asked.

“She’s had a meeting with a therapist and now she’s been declared incompetent to stand trial for her crimes,” Howard stated.

“So, what are you saying Howard?”  I asked as Justin looked at me.  “What is that ho trying to pull?”

“Calm down JT, let me get to it,” Howard said as I shook my head.

“Basically, she’s been declared crazy and that means she doesn’t have to answer for all the things she’s done to me, is that it Howard?”  I asked.

“No JT, she hasn’t been declared crazy or anything, it just means that she can’t take part in her defense, because of her actions.  She’s been acting as if she doesn’t understand what’s going on.  She claims that you two had a relationship and that she never did anything wrong to you,” Howard stated as I shook my head again.

“I can’t believe this.  I—I can’t take this right now,” I said as I made a move to hang up the phone.

“JT!  JT, listen to me buddy,” I heard Howard say as I placed the phone back to my ear.

“What is it that you want to say Howard?”  I asked, feeling a bit defeated again.

“Let me tell you what’s going to happen,” he said as I shook my head.  “She hasn’t been declared crazy or anything.  She’s not going to get away with anything here.  Because she’s been acting like she didn’t do anything…”

“We both know that’s a big bunch of bull!  She did a whole lot!”  I snapped as Justin looked at me and then sat up on the bed quickly as he took off his shirt and then laid on the edge of the bed.  “How did you find out all of this anyway?”

“I filed an agreement with the courts to bar her from being around you, while your son is with you,” he said as I thought about that.  “I received this information from the courts today.  I was rather shocked to see all of this.  Apparently, someone in the court system wants me to use this information on your behalf.”

“I’m shocked, but what does this mean for Caleb?”  I asked.

“For now, while she’s in jail and declared incompetent, Caleb is your sole responsibility… He’s in your complete custody, since you are his next of kin, his actual biological parent,” he said as I looked at Justin.  “While she’s in jail, you’re his only custodial parent.”

“So, you’re saying he’s mine, all the time?”  I asked as Justin looked at me again.

“Until Heather gets out of jail, he’s yours all the time.  As I said, you’re his biological parent, the custody automatically goes to you,” he replied as I looked down.

“So, what do I do now?”  I asked.

“You enjoy your time with your son.  That’s all I can tell you for right now,” he said.  “Regardless of all that’s going on, you should expect to receive some information regarding his schooling and medical history by carrier, by the end of the week.  Until then, you and Justin enjoy the summer with your new son.”

“Howard, this seems sketchy to me.  Is this completely legal?  Aren’t you supposed to file some papers with the court or something for me to have custody?”  I asked, thinking about what Ken told me about him having custody.  “Ken told me that he was his guardian and…”

“Ken is currently in the hospital, in a coma, unable to take care of Caleb.  Custody still goes to you, you are his biological and custodial parent,” Howard stated as I sighed.  “If you like, I will file custody paperwork on your behalf with the courts if that will calm your fears about things.”

“Do what you feel is necessary Howard.  I know Heather and she’s good at creating trouble.  I don’t want her creating an issue, saying I kidnapped my own child,” I said as he laughed.  “I’m being serious Howard.  That heffa crazy and that’s something she would actually plot at some point.”

“Well as I said, you and Justin enjoy the summer with your new son,” he said as I looked over at Justin.  Hell, we just got married and we haven’t gone on a honeymoon or anything.

“Is there anything else Howard?”  I asked.

“Work related no, personal related, yes there is,” he said as I wondered what that was about, since he hardly ever shared his personal life with me.

“Really?  What’s on your mind Howard?”  I asked.

“What are you doing tomorrow?”  He asked.

“I’m supposed to have a meeting with the label in the morning and then I’ll be here at the house, working in the studio for a bit.  Why Howard?”  I asked.

“I—I would like to talk to you about something, if that’s okay, but I would like to talk with you in person,” he replied.

“Okay Howard, you know where I live,” I said as Justin looked at me again as I shrugged my shoulders.

“Alright, thanks JT, I’ll see you sometime after lunch,” he said.

“Alright Howard, you have a good night,” I said, turning off the phone and placing it on the bedside table base as Justin rolled over on the bed, rubbing my leg.  “Are you trying to make time with my leg Justin?”

“Maybe I am baby,” he replied, giggling as he slid his hand up my leg, tickling me a bit.

“Stop it, that tickles,” I said as he moved around on the bed quickly, jumping on top of me, straddling my hips as he leaned down and kissed my mouth.  “Mmmmm.”

“I love you baby,” he said as he leaned in and kissed my mouth again.

“I love you too,” I replied as he laid his body down on top of mine as I hugged him close, sliding my hands down to his ass as he grinned at me.

“You ready for that shower now?”  He asked.

“No, I’ve gotten comfortable with you like this,” I replied as we kissed again.  “Are you okay baby?”

“Yeah, I’m okay,” he replied as we kissed again as a phone rang somewhere in the room.

“Grrrr,” I said, wondering whose phone that was, since it was the generic tone that played.

“I think that’s my cell… if so, I’m not answering,” he said with a smile as he leaned in and kissed my mouth again.

“It could be important,” I said as he shook his head.

“Nothing is more important than our time together,” he said as the phone on the bedside table rang as I turned my head, looking at the phone, wondering who would be calling at this time of night.

“Maybe there is,” I said, sighing as I reached over to phone, grabbing it as I turned it on to answer.  “Hello?”

“Hi JT, are you watching TV right now?”  I heard Chad’s voice on the other end.

“Chad, is that you?  What’s up man?  Why are you calling at such a late hour of the night?”  I asked.

“Over here, it’s just a little after nine,” Chad replied as I shook my head.  “Are you watching TV, if not, I think you need to turn it on to VidTV.  I think there’s something on you might want to see right now.”

“Come on Chad, what is it that I need to see on VidTV?”  I asked as someone knocked on the door as Justin rolled off of me, lying flat on the bed as I slid up a bit.

“Just turn to the channel quickly,” he said as I grabbed the remote, turning on the television and changing the channel as I’m sure my mouth dropped open when I saw Glitter on the TV, decked out like a cheap, back-alley hooker and she was singing.

“Baby, is that Glitter?”  Justin asked as he pointed at the TV.

“Yeah, seems so,” I replied, turning the volume up on the TV as we both heard Glitter singing.  “I can’t believe what that heffa is wearing.  She looks like a stripper and her dancing on that stripper pole right now isn’t helping change my view of things.  Lawd, this chick here is getting on my nerves.”

“I see you found what I’m watching, I’m going to let you go,” I heard Chad say as the phone clicked and the call disconnected.

[1]Lost all reality, you’ve really got a hold
Turned myself over to you body, mind, and soul
It might seem crazy and though I’m in over my head
Got no direction and my world is spinnin’ ’round
Feel like I’m risin’ up and never comin’ down
A million people talk but I don’t hear a word they say

Don’t know what to do, nothin’ I can do
I’m losin’ myself over you
And it hurts me so right
Can’t deny it’s true
You know I couldn’t fight it baby even if I wanted to
I’m losin’ myself over you

Love like the ocean feel it rushin’ over me
You are the treasure that I’ve searched for desperately
The tide it races in, its pullin’ me out to the sea
You’re my celebration boy, the reason I exist
I feel a hundred lifetimes deep within your kiss
Don’t say a word just hold me close
I hear your heart talkin’ to me

Don’t know what to do, nothin’ I can do
I’m losin’ myself over you
And it hurts me so right
Can’t deny it’s true
You know I couldn’t fight it baby even if I wanted to
I’m losin’ myself over you

And when the darkness came
You washed away the pain
You can do anything when it comes to me
I won’t hold back
I wanna know no shame
Take me away in the sky

“What in the hell was that?”  I asked as Justin looked at me as the credits for the video flashed across the screen.  “She’s calling herself just Glitter and the name of the damn song is called ‘Losin’ Myself’.  This chick is… I can’t believe…”

“Calm down baby,” Justin said as I placed the phone on the hook this time.

“I’m not about to calm down!”  I snapped as Justin held a finger to his lips at me, trying to silence me.

“You’ll wake Caleb up baby,” he said as I shook my head.

“I’m not a child Justin,” I said as he looked at me.

“Well you’re not far from acting like one right now,” he said as I wondered had he fallen and bumped his head.

“Excuse me,” I said as he shook his head.

“I’m going to shower baby.  Are you coming or not?”  He asked as I shook my head as he sighed and then walked out of the room, heading into the bathroom.

Sighing, I got out of bed and then looked back at the bathroom door.  Walking out of the room, I headed down the hall to Caleb’s room, checked on him and then walked on down the hall as I turned the corner, heading towards my studio on the other side of the house.

“Damn it, I shouldn’t have gotten upset with Justin that way, but I’m not in the mood for an argument with him either,” I said as I walked into the studio, turned on the lights and then walked over to my desk.

Looking at the desk strangely, I noticed a picture frame that hadn’t been there before.  Picking up the picture frame, it contained a picture of me and Justin.  When did this get here?  I don’t know when he had the chance to put this here.

“We look so cute together,” I said as I held the picture in my hands.

Placing the picture frame back on the desk, I picked up my song notebook and flipped a few pages as I came to a song that my Aunt Donna inspired me to write a long time ago, called ‘Play the Cards You’re Dealt’.

“This song fits my life right now.  I’ve been dealt a hand that I don’t know if I’ll be able to win or not,” I said aloud as I looked down.  “I have so much going on in my life right now and it seems like stuff keeps getting added to the top.”

When I looked at this song a few months back, the plan was to put this song on the album, but maybe it should be released as a single—a single to show the fans that I’m dealing with the problems that are currently plaguing my life, but am I really doing that?

There’s so much going on and I don’t know what’s going to happen next.  I just married a man—a man that’s six years younger than I am, that claims he loves me and our love will outshine all the negative things that can ever happen in our lives.  I hope he’s right on that accord because I don’t think I can handle anything else bad happening right now.

Now that Nikki’s flown the coop again and is off somewhere with Joshua Charles of all people, I have no one to bounce my feelings off of.  Then again, the way she says it, I never really bounced my real feelings off of her, because she never knew the real me.  I guess I have to get myself a new sounding board.  Then again, maybe I already have one.

“I shouldn’t be thinking about that kind of stuff.  I should be thinking about my man and how I just treated him.  The way I acted and talked to him, I probably pissed him off.  I guess I’ll have to go back and apologize to him,” I said as I walked over to the piano to see some sheet music on the stand.

Hmmm, this looks interesting. Sitting down on the bench, I put the sheets back on the stand and then started playing the first couple of notes.  Hmmm, sounds good, but whose work is this, it’s not mine… It must be Justin’s.  Tapping out a few more chords on the piano, I started humming to the tune I played and then it hit me.

To Be Continued

[1] Song Excerpt = Losin’ Myself by Deborah ‘Debbie’ Gibson