When The Glitter Turns Gold – Chapter 18

Chapter 18 — The Truth and Heather’s Fan Jul 24, 2004 – New York City, NY – Madison Square Gardens – The Backstage Area JT’s POV “Thank God it’s the weekend,” I said in a sarcastic way as Caleb and I followed Justin and his security team around the area, checking for possible security flaws […]

Limbo Uprising – Chapter 6

Chapter 6 — Devastation Cometh Jun 2, 1996 – Somewhere in Orange Park, FL “Venus!  Heart Reflection!”  Someone screamed as a continuous beam of solar light zapped Ryan, knocking him backwards to the ground. “Neptune!  Aqua Moon Medley!”  Someone else screamed as a strange portal-like phenomenon appeared, dumping water on Ryan, holding him down on […]

When The Glitter Turns Gold – Chapter 17

Chapter 17 — Holiday Changes July 4, 2004 – Jacksonville, FL (Baymeadows Suburb) – The Home of JT Poole – The Backyard “Hey girl, I’m glad you could make it,” JT said as he and Nikki embraced as she passed a covered dish to Justin.  “Where’s the little lady and Josh?” “He’s getting her out […]

If I Ain’t Got You – Chapter 21

Chapter 21 — New Additions and Ultimatums Jan 4, 2003 – Orlando, FL – The Poole-Walden Estates “Come on baby, do you forgive me?”  Mark asked, holding JT in his arms as they stood in the doorway. “Yeah, I guess so,” JT replied as he looked into Mark’s eyes. “You guess so?  You guess so?  […]