After The Glitter Fades – Chapter 4

Chapter 4 — It’s A Boy

May 28, 2004 – Philadelphia, PA – A Shady Hotel

Vanessa’s POV

God, why is this mess happening to him now?  Why of all the times for this mess to happen, it had to happen now?  Why are our lives plagued with this damn drama?  There’s just too much stuff going on.  I’ve worked way too hard for things to fall apart in our lives now.  Between dealing with shit in my own life, now I have to deal with the crap going on in John’s life too.  Again God, why is this mess happening to us now?

Lord knows there are too many hits against us right now.  We don’t need too much more of this.  With the world looking at him because of what’s going on in the media, I don’t think there’s anything else that group can take.  The scandals, mainly his alcoholism and possible drug use, the shit going on with the group, his relationship with Justin and now this mess with Heather, what else is going to happen to show the spotlight on him more?

If Heather tries to go public with that little boy, all hell will break out.  If that gets out, I’m sure he’ll shut down and turn away from everything.  Right now, I don’t need that happening and he doesn’t either.  I’m not going to lose another son because of that damn spotlight.

“What are you doing here woman?”  I heard behind me, turning around to see the man I hoped to never lay eyes on again, but had no choice but to be here regardless.

“You know why I’m here James,” I replied, walking over to where he stood.

“I take it, you calling me here had something to do with the news I’ve seen about John,” he said with a laugh as he shook his head.  “It has something to do with his drug and alcohol problems, the theft of his money, the crooked record deals you’re involved in and that damn sex scandal with the new white boy, correct?”

“Yeah, something like that,” I replied, looking down and shaking my head.

Lawd, sometimes I wonder why I ever married this man in the first place.  He’s the reason why my own child doesn’t get along with me.  If it wasn’t for his actions, the relationship I have with my son wouldn’t consist of us living states away from each other and only get to see each other when necessary.

“Then what’s it like ‘Nessa,” he said, looking at me strangely.

“Most of the stuff about him in the media isn’t true.  Our son isn’t a drug addict and never has been.  He does drink too much, but that’s a trait he got from you,” I said as he shook his head.  “Yes James, he got that trait from you.  When he doesn’t want to deal with his problems, he turns to drinking, just like you fucking do.  Does that sound familiar James?”

“Look woman, I didn’t come here for you to talk shit to me.  If you want my damn help here, tell me now or I can get my black ass back on that damn plane and get out of your life, for good if necessary,” he said, walking towards me.  “I did what you wanted woman.  I stayed away from the two of you, let you two live the lives that you…”

“That we wanted, but I—I think I made a mistake,” I said, frowning as I thought about all the times that John asked about where his father was.

“What do you expect ‘Nessa, you kicked me out of your life!  You kept my sons away from me and when they needed me, they didn’t have me,” he said as he pointed his finger in my face.  “Because of you, I lost something dear to me, something that I can never get back!”

“You didn’t lose it; you threw it away with that damn drinking!”  I snapped, mad as hell at him for talking to me the way he was.  In a way, he told the truth, but in a way, I’m glad I kept John and Joshua away from him.

“What did you expect me to do woman?  Was I supposed to sit around and just deal with…” he said as I slapped him, stopping him from saying more.

“Don’t say no more James,” I said, looking down at the floor, not wanting to hear any more of what he had to say.

“Why?  You don’t want to hear the truth ‘Nessa?”  He asked, looking at me as I could see the hate in his eyes.

“Hush James!”  I snapped.

“Woman, you took my boys away from me and you let them both get hurt by other people!  Because of you, my sons—son will never be the same, ever again,” he said, looking down as he shook his head.  “Why ‘Nessa?  Was the cost of the fame for you so much precious than the innocence of your children?  Was it ‘Nessa?  Come on, was it worth it woman?  How much was John worth for you to be the famous Vanessa Jameson?”

Oh God, I can’t believe this shit is happening right now.  Why did he bring this shit back up?  I—I can’t deal with this shit right now.

“Stop it James, stop it right now!”  I snapped, shaking my head as he grabbed my arms, holding me in place so I couldn’t move away from him.

“No woman, I’m not going to stop!  You took my boys away from me!  I was their father!” He screamed, shaking me back and forth.  “You didn’t have to take them away from me and hand them over to that damn monster!”

“James please,” I begged as he slapped me across the face and then pushed me down to the floor.

“For what you did to those boys, I’ll hate you forever ‘Nessa!  Forever damn it!”  He screamed.  “Does John know what you did to him?  Does he know the reason why his twin brother died?”

“No,” was all I could say.  “He doesn’t know anything and he never will.”

“That’s where you’re wrong,” he said, turning away from me as he walked towards the door as I jumped up quickly, trying to stop him, grabbing his arm as he pushed me off of him.  “Get off me woman!”

“No James, what’re you doing?”  I asked.

“I’m going to talk to my son,” he responded, looking at me like he wanted to hit me again.  “I’m going to tell him just what you’ve done and why I wasn’t around.”

“No, you can’t do that!”  I snapped as he turned to look at me and then slapped me again, knocking me down to the floor.  “I’m not going to let you talk to him James, never!”

“You can’t stop me woman,” he said, going for the door again as I pulled the gun from my purse, aiming at him and then pulling the trigger, shooting him through the back, stopping him from opening the door and leaving the room as he fell backwards to the floor, groaning as he coughed and then clutched at his chest.

“I’m not going to let you talk to John.  I’m not going to let you reveal my damn shame to him,” I said as he grabbed my leg, causing me to trip and fall down to the floor as he grabbed me, pulling himself closer to me, trying to hold me as I hit him upside the head with the gun.

If I’ve told him once, I’ve told him a million damn times… I’m not going to allow him to talk to John and possibly tell him what happened to him or his brother in the past.  I’m not going to let him ruin things.  Damn it, I should’ve just done things myself and not involved him, but I thought he could help solve the problems at hand with his connections.

Damn, with this new situation, I guess coming to him for help was the wrong idea.  I should’ve known better than to try to get help from him.  If I want something done right, I can’t trust anybody and just do it myself.  If I’d known I’d have to put up with this kind of shit, I’d never called him here in the first place and gone ahead with my original plan.  Oh well, so much for this fucking idea.

“You can’t continue hurting him ‘Nessa,” he said as I hit him again with the gun and then got up off the floor.  “I’m going to stop you woman, I promise I will.”

“No, you’re not,” I replied, shooting him in the chest as I kicked him in the side.  “You’re not going to leave this room.”

“You’re not going to win this ‘Nessa,” he said, coughing as I kicked him in the side again as I stepped over his body and then walked over to the door.

“I’ve already won,” I replied with a smile as I looked down at my hands and then put the gun back into my purse.

Opening the door slowly, I peeked outside, looking around to make sure that no one was actually around.  Looking back into the room, I placed the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the door, locked it and then walked out of the room, closing the door behind me.  This should give me some time to get back to where I belong, before someone discovers him in there.

“That’s it girl, get away from here quickly before someone spots me,” I said, rushing down the hall, doing my best to make sure no one saw me.

May 29, 2004 – Penn Medicine (Hospital) – A Waiting Area

“Are you okay?”  Justin asked, looking over at JT.  “You look like a long-tailed cat in a room filled with rocking chairs.”

“Ha ha ha, real funny Justin,” JT sarcastically replied as he shook his head.  “They called me an hour ago, yet I’m still sitting out here, waiting.  What’s taking them so damn long?  I want to get this shit over and done with.  Once they say this child isn’t mine, I’m going to do everything I can to make…”

“Mr. Poole, we’re ready for you now,” a lab technician spoke, walking over to JT and Justin.

“Well it’s about time,” JT stated as he got up to follow the woman as Justin looked at him strangely and then got up and followed him too.

“How are you doing today Mr. Poole?”  The lab technician asked, directing JT and Justin into a room.

“I think we can bypass all the small talk here and just go ahead and take care of what I’m here for,” JT stated as he looked at the woman.

“Okay then, let’s get right to it,” the lab technician spoke as she opened a file cabinet, thumbed through some file folders inside and then handed JT a sealed manila envelope.  “These are the results of the paternity tests that were completed for you Mr. Poole and for Caleb Hunter Stewart.”

“Swell,” JT sarcastically said as he opened the envelope so he could read the test results.

Contents of DNA Report

Sixteen genetic loci were tested. Testing process: DNA amplification with PowerPlex® 16 System, detected using the ABI PRISM® 3130xl Genetic Analyzer and analyzed with GeneMapper® ID Software. 

Interpretation:  Based on the DNA Analysis, the alleged Father, JOHN TIMOTHY POOLE cannot be excluded as the biological Father of the Child, CALEB HUNTER STEWART, because they share the same genetic markers. The probability of the stated relationship is indicated below, as compared to an untested, unrelated person of the same ethnicity.  

Combined Direct Index:  17,446

Probability Percentage:  99.9942%          

Therefore, assuming a prior probability of 50%, the probability of paternity is 99.9942%

End DNA Report


Oh God, I—I can’t believe this!  How can this be possible?  Someone must’ve fucked up somewhere.  How can that little boy be my son?  He just can’t be.  This is totally impossible, damn impossible!  I’ve never slept with a woman in my whole… How did this happen?  What did Heather do?  How did that little boy get here?

“Are you okay JT?”  I heard Justin ask as I looked over at him and then handed him the test results as he looked at the paper, reading them quickly as he looked back at me.  “JT?”

“I—I gotta go talk to Heather,” I said, getting up quickly.

“Mr. Poole, is everything alright?”  The lab technician asked.

“No, but right now, there’s nothing you can do about that,” I said as Justin shook the woman’s hand, thanking her for assisting us as I walked out of the room, heading towards the elevators quickly, so that I could go find Heather.

“JT baby… Baby, wait up,” I heard Justin say as he rushed to catch up to me.

“I—I don’t know how this is possible,” I said, pressing the call button for the elevator multiple times as if that would make it come any faster.  “I… I’ve never slept with Heather, so how can Caleb be my son?”

“She’s the only one that has the answer to how that’s possible,” he said as I shook my head.

“Apparently, Marc knows something too,” I said as he shook his head.  “I have a sinking feeling that he had a hand in whatever this was… Is!”

“I wouldn’t put anything past Marc baby,” he said as the elevator doors opened as we stepped inside the car.

“Right now, it doesn’t matter, I’m going to find Heather and get some answers,” I said as we rode in the elevator as the silence between us was a bit deafening.

A Few Minutes Later – A Rental Car Headed to the Radisson Plaza Hotel

“So, you’re not going to say anything at all?”  Justin asked, looking at JT strangely.

“What is there to say Justin?”  JT asked, keeping his eyes on the road, while he drove.

“There has to be an explanation for all of this,” Justin said as JT sighed and then shook his head.

“Oh there is, but only Heather can provide that explanation,” JT said with a sigh as he stopped at a traffic light.  “I have this feeling that she and Marc did something downright disgusting to make all of this possible.  I knew Heather was a bit on the crazy side and all, but I didn’t think she would do something like this to get what she wants.”

“What is it that you think she did?”  Justin asked with a frown.

“I’m starting to think that maybe she did something like steal one of my used condoms from the trash or—or maybe she—she raped me while I was asleep.  Hell, there were many times she had the opportunity to do something like that.  Hell, I don’t really know what happened.  But then again, her raping me is the only way this could’ve happened,” JT stated as he shook his head again as he turned into the hotel’s parking area.  “Those are the only ideas that are floating through my head at the moment.”

“Baby, do you really think she… Never mind,” Justin said as he looked down.  “Do you remember where you were when this could’ve possibly happened?”

“No!”  JT snapped, looking over at Justin as his expression changed.  “I’m sorry, I… I’m just a bit on edge right now.”

“I know you are baby, I would be too, if I was in this situation,” Justin replied, undoing the seatbelt as he leaned in close and hugged JT.  “We’re going to get through this baby, we’re okay.”

“You think we’re going to be okay, yeah right!” JT exclaimed as Justin frowned while he undid the seatbelt around JT’s waist.

“Yeah baby, I think we’ll be okay,” Justin replied, pulling away from JT as he looked him in the face.

“I don’t know what to think or feel right now.  A man in my situation should be happy about finding out that he had a child, a son no less, but I’m not happy, I’m fucking mad.  I shouldn’t have a son!”  JT snapped, slamming his hands on the steering wheel.

“Well now you have one,” Justin stated, looking down.  “Look at it this way; you know the mother and you…”

“I’m going to find out what’s going on, before I have a nervous breakdown,” JT stated as he opened the car door and then stepped out as he smoothed his suit, sighed and then walked towards the hotel’s back entrance as Justin followed behind him.

“Wait up,” Justin said with a frown, trying to catch up to JT.

“Wait up for what Justin?  I want to know what that bitch did, mainly what she did to me,” JT stated as he walked through the hotel doors, walking through the lobby, noticing all the people around in the area.  “Oh my God!”

“Look, there he is!”  Someone screamed.

“Look, he’s with Justin Tanner!”  Someone else screamed as JT turned around in a circle, looking around at all the people in the area.

“Shit, I’m not staying around here,” JT said, turning around, almost bumping into Justin.  “You can stay down here and talk with these damn vultures if you want, but I’m going to finish the task at hand.”

“If you’re not here with me, I’m not staying down here with these freaks,” Justin replied as he and JT made a mad dash to the other side of the room, taking the stairs.

A Few Minutes Later – Heather’s Hotel Room

“Are you sure you want to face her right now?”  Justin asked as he and JT stood at Heather’s room door.

“Oh, I’m more than sure Justin,” JT replied, banging on the hotel room door, waiting for Heather to answer.

“Hello, is there something I can help you with sir?”  JT and Justin heard as the room door opened as a strange looking woman stood in the doorway.

“Who are you and where’s Heather?”  JT asked, looking at the woman strangely.

“Why are you here?” The woman asked, looking at JT and Justin closely as she crossed her arms across her chest.

“I’m here to talk to Heather,” JT replied, looking at the woman as if she were crazy.  “Not that it’s any of your damn business.”

“Right now, it’s very much my business,” the woman stated, pulling out a notepad and a pen from her blazer pocket as JT shook his head.

“Where is Heather?  I need to talk to her about Caleb,” JT stated as he looked at the woman, waiting for her to step aside so he could enter the room.

“Why do you need to talk to her?”  The woman asked, looking JT up and down as she wrote some things down on the notepad.  “Why do you need to talk about the kid in there?”

“I need to talk to her… Because that’s our damn business, not yours lady,” JT stated, moving away from the woman. “Now, where is Heather?”

“He’s okay, he’s Caleb’s father,” someone said as the woman looked around and then moved out of the way to let JT and Justin enter the room.

“Well come on in,” the woman said as JT sighed and then stopped in his tracks, Justin bumping into him, when he saw all the people that moved around in the room.

“Ah, what’s going on in here?”  JT asked as Justin walked around the sofa and then stopped in his tracks as he pointed, covering his mouth as he gestured with his hand for JT to come closer.  “Ah baby… Baby, you might want to come over here to see this.”

“I might want to see what,” JT said as he walked over to where Justin stood and then stopped in his tracks again when he saw Heather lying on the floor.  “Oh my God; is—is she dead?”

“No, she’s not dead, but someone surely tried,” the woman responded as she walked over to Justin and JT.  “So, can you two tell me where you were for the last few hours?”

“What happened to her?  Why aren’t you people getting her some help?”  JT asked, looking at the woman strangely.

“We’re waiting for the paramedics to get up here.  The hotel doctor has looked at her and now we’re just waiting,” the woman stated as she looked at Justin and JT strangely.  “Being that there are so many people downstairs, clamoring about to see some celebrities staying at the hotel, it might be a long wait.”

“See, what your actions have done,” another woman said as she walked over to JT.  “If it wasn’t for you, she wouldn’t be like this right now.  She would be fine, but no, you had to yell at her and then call her names!”

“Lady, I don’t know what you’re talking about,” JT said, looking at the other woman closely.  “You’re the woman that was here the other night.  Who are you?”

“Shannon, if you didn’t already know,” the woman replied with a mean expression on her face.

“Well Shannon, when did I supposedly yell at her and call her names?”  JT asked, looking at the woman as a tall white man walked into the room.  “Ken, is that you?”

“Hello John, it’s been a long time,” the man spoke, walking over to JT.

“What’re you doing here?”  JT asked, looking at the man closely.  “The last time I saw you, you swore that you would never set foot anywhere near Heather.  So, what are you doing here right now?”

“She’s my sister man.  I can’t stay away from her,” the man identified as Ken stated with a frown.  “When she told me what she was planning, I had no choice but to come here and try to stop her.”

“What did she tell you she was planning on doing?”  JT asked, looking at Ken closely.

“John, maybe we need to go somewhere else and talk about that,” Ken suggested as JT shook his head.

“No, we can talk right here,” JT said, glaring at the man.

“No JT, I think we need to go somewhere else, that’s if you want to know everything that I know,” Ken stated as JT’s eyes perked up a bit.

“Fine,” JT said with a frown on his face.  “Lead the way.”


Okay, what in the hell is going on around here?  First, I see all those damn people downstairs in the lobby, probably trying to get more pictures of me and Justin, being together or they were trying to find out more about my so-called drug issues.  Then, we come up here to talk to Heather, only to see more people scattered around in various places in her room and her ass laid out on the damn floor.

Am I actually awake or am I still asleep, trapped in a bad dream?  Is that heffa dead or what?  Something must be up, for that damn woman to be asking questions like she’s a damn cop or something.  The way Heather’s laid out on the damn floor; it looks like she’s the one that’s strung out on drugs.  And the world thinks I’m the drug addict.

Now that I see Ken here, what is his involvement in what’s going on?  What can he possibly tell me, that I don’t already know?  Him being here now, may be a sign that I’ve been waiting for.  Maybe he has some good answers, to the damn questions that are floating around in my head.  Since he swore he would never be around Heather, this must be something big, to make him go back on his word the way he has, being that he’s here now.

“Follow me buddy,” Ken said as Caleb walked out of one of the rooms.

“Uncle Ken, where are you going?”  Caleb asked, rushing over to where Ken stood.

“I’m going to talk to your dad for… Shit,” Ken said as Caleb looked at him and then looked back at me as he ran a hand through his hair.

To Be Continued…