After The Glitter Fades – Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – An Evil Revelation

May 29, 2004 – Philadelphia, PA – Penn Medicine – Intensive Care Unit – Heather’s Room

“Damn right you’re a monster Heather, you raped me!  What else are you supposed to be, besides a damn monster?”  JT asked.

“I didn’t rape you JT,” Heather stated as she shook her head.

“Heather, you had sex with me, against my will, without my damn consent, while I was unconscious!  That’s rape Heather!” JT snapped as he sighed.  “Hell, I couldn’t even say no to you because I was unconscious!”

“If you had been awake at the time, you would’ve said yes to me,” Heather stated as some more tears fell from her eyes.

“Are you out of your damn mind Heather?  I’m a gay man.  I would’ve never said yes to you or any other woman,” JT stated as he shook his head again and then wiped at his eyes.  “I’m a gay man and gay men don’t have sex with women.”

“You’re not gay JT, it’s just a phase that you’re going through,” Heather stated as JT shook his head.

“Come on Heather, you’ve always known that I’m gay.  I’ve been gay since you’ve known me.  That has been a very long phase that started with your brother,” JT stated as Heather shook her head.  “Hell, if you didn’t know about me and Ken, you knew when you walked in on me and one of our cast mates, having sex after rehearsal one evening.”

“If you want to claim someone raped you, it was that guy,” Heather stated as JT shook his head.  “You should be accusing that guy of rape, not me.  If it wasn’t for him and his actions, you would be with me.”

“Are you fucking serious?”  JT asked, getting up from the chair.

“Yes, I’m very serious JT,” Heather replied as the tears fell from her eyes.  “That guy is the one you should be accusing of rape, not me.  He raped you JT, I’m a woman; a woman can’t rape a man.”

“Ha,” JT said, laughing.  “Honey, stop kidding yourself here.  You raped me and you have a child as that evidence.”

“I didn’t rape you, it just proves that we had sex,” Heather stated.

“Yeah, we had sex that I didn’t consent to, while I was unconscious,” JT stated as he shook his head again.  “How can I consent to having sex with you when I was unconscious from the actions of you and someone else?”

“I—I told you, if you were awake, you would’ve said yes,” Heather stated as she struggled with the bounds on her arms again.

“I think I’ve had enough of this,” JT said as he slid the chair back over next to the bed.

“What are you doing JT?”  Heather asked.

“I’m leaving here.  I’m going back to the hotel to wait for my lawyer to call me back and then I’m heading home, a place you are never welcomed to again,” JT stated as he shook his head and then walked out of the room.

“JT!  JT come back here!”  Heather called after him.  “JT come back here!  We’re not finished talking about this!”

Down the Hall – The Nurses’ Station

“Damn, that was like some funky soap opera,” one of the nurse spoke as she shook her head and then straightened up when she saw JT walking towards the station.

“Heads up ladies,” another nurse said as JT walked over to the elevator and then pressed the button to call for it.  “How could a woman do that to a man, especially him?”

“Don’t know, but it sounds freaky,” one of the other nurses stated as she straightened her uniform top.  “Some women give us a bad name and that woman is the worst one.”

“How could she do that to a gay man?”  Another nurse asked. “If he told her that he’s gay, he’s gay.  She’s not going to change him.  Why settle for him when there are other men out there that would more than likely like her, unless she’s a total bitch and then she’s just screwed.”

“No, she should be in trouble with the law,” another nurse spoke up.  “She took advantage of him while he was passed out, because someone else put something in his drink.  No matter how you look at it, that’s rape.”

“It’s rape, but as the psycho bitch said, women don’t rape men or that’s how the law looks at it,” the first nurse said as another nurse shook her head.

“What do you call it then Erica?”  The other nurse asked.  “Someone put something in his drink and while he was unconscious, she had sex with him.  She said that if he were awake, he would’ve said yes to having sex with her.  He said multiple times that he’s gay and that she had raped him.  That’s rape.  He couldn’t consent to having sex, so it’s rape!”

“Calm down Taryn,” another nurse said as she rubbed the young lady’s back.

“I’m not going to calm down,” the nurse identified as Taryn said as she got up and walked away from the station.

The Radisson Plaza Hotel – Mutual Attraction’s Hotel Suite – JT’s Room

“Well there you are baby; I’ve been looking all over for you.  Where have you been?”  Justin asked, walking into the room to see JT sitting on the edge of the bed.

“I—I went to the hospital to see Heather,” JT replied as Justin frowned and then walked over to the bed, sitting next to him.  “I wanted to know why she did what she did to me.”

“And what did she say?”  Justin asked, rubbing JT’s back.

“She claimed that she did it because she loved me,” JT replied, shaking his head.  “She said that she loved me and that she did it because—because…”

“Because of what baby?”  Justin asked as he turned JT’s face to look at him.

“She only did that because I didn’t love her the way she wanted me to love her,” JT stated as the tears fell from his eyes.  “She said that if I had been awake, I would’ve consented to having sex with her, that she didn’t do anything wrong.”

“Oh baby,” Justin said with a frown as JT shook his head.

“This is all Marc’s fault,” JT said as he looked down.  “If he hadn’t put something in my drunk, so he could have his way with me, she wouldn’t have had the chance to do what he was trying to do.  I—I hate him!  I hope—I hope he burns in hell for this!”

“Baby, calm down,” Justin stated with a frown.

“I’m not going to calm down Justin!”  JT snapped, turning around.  “He drugged me up!  He drugged me and I could’ve died!  What if I hadn’t woken up from that?”

“He’s a bad man baby,” Justin said as JT shook his head.

“He’s worse than a bad man Justin,” JT said, sighing.  “He drugged me up and allowed me to be raped by someone else!  He—he’s a monster… He’s a monster that deserves to die!  He better keep his distance from me or I’m going to kick his ass into oblivion.  All of this is his fault!  If he hadn’t done what he did, she wouldn’t have done what she did and I wouldn’t have a child in the world, by someone that I—I can’t stand!”

“Baby,” Justin said, pulling JT into his arms.  “Why don’t we just give this subject a rest for now and go ahead and finish packing so we can head to your…”

“I—I don’t know what to do right now Justin,” JT stated as he shook his head as the tears continued falling from his eyes.  “My life… My life is falling apart right now.”

“No baby, your life isn’t falling apart,” Justin said, kissing JT’s lips.  “Things are a bit shaky right…”

“No Justin, my life is falling apart,” JT replied as he walked to a corner of the room.  “This shouldn’t be happening to me.  None of this is my fault, yet I’m the one that’s being punished for it.  Why am I being put through this?”

“I don’t have an answer to that question baby,” Justin replied, sighing.

“It seems I’m the only one that’s concerned with this crap,” JT said as he shook his head.  “I’ve been waiting for Howard to call me back.  So far, he’s not answering his phone.  I don’t think he cares about what’s going on in my life right now.  A lawyer is supposed to be available for his clients, when they call.  He—no one cares about this, no one at all.”

“That’s not true baby, I care and so does everyone else around here,” Justin said as JT shook his head.  “I can’t speak for everyone else, but I’m appalled at what Heather did.  I feel what she did is wrong and she needs to spend time in jail for it.  Marc does too.”

“I feel that way, but I doubt it will happen,” JT said as he sighed and then looked at the clock on the wall.  “I guess I better get my things and just go on home.”

“Let’s get to it then,” Justin said as someone knocked on the room door.

“Oh, I’m not in the mood for whoever that is,” JT stated, walking over to the door and opened it to see one of the security guards there.

“Are you okay babe?”  Justin asked, walking up behind JT.

“I’m fine, what do you need Greg?”  JT asked, looking at the man strangely.

“The vans are here to escort everyone to the airport,” the security guard informed JT and Justin.

“Thank you,” JT replied, turning around as Justin looked at the guard funny.

“Why do I feel like I know him?”  Justin asked.

“He used to work with us on the show,” JT stated as he shook his head.  “That’s just another thing from my past that I don’t need to remember.”

“All blasts from the past aren’t bad,” Justin said as he looked at JT closely as the two of them embraced and then kissed.

“Maybe, maybe not,” JT stated as he pulled away from Justin.  “Let’s get this done, so we can get to the airport on time.”

“Okay baby,” Justin replied as he and JT returned to packing his things.

Two Hours Later – The Airport – The VIP Lounge

Justin’s POV

We just got here to the airport and so far, it seems we’re the only ones here.  Where is everyone else?  When we left the hotel, Nikki, Mo’ette nor Vanessa were anywhere to be found.  Speaking of Nikki, what’s going on with her anyway?  I haven’t seen much of her since her and Josh started talking and spending time together.  Are they actually back together again?  If they are, that might put things back right with him.  I wasn’t the only one that was going crazy and acting suicidal.

As for people acting suicidal, Mo’ette hasn’t said much to anyone as of late.  Since the news hit that her boyfriend David was now married to Emily Detton, she hasn’t been the same.  I know that betrayal can be rough and that sort of thing does something to a person.  I wonder how that’s going to affect her in the long run.  What’s going to happen to her?  I know she left the spotlight in the past because of love.  Now it seems love has gone and done her wrong again.  Is she going to disappear again?  Has she already disappeared, being that she’s not here with us right now?

“What’re you thinking about Justin?”  JT asked, looking at me closely.  “You haven’t said much, since we got out of the van.  Is there something wrong?”

“I’m just thinking about things baby,” I replied as he raised an eye at me.  “Not things with us baby.”

“Oh, then who are you thinking about?”  He asked.

“I’m wondering where the others are.  I know we’re not the only ones going to Jacksonville, are we?”  I asked as he shook his head.  “Then, where are the others?  Aren’t they supposed to be here too?”

“I have no idea where Nikki, Mo’ette or Starletta is right now,” he replied as he looked down. “Since Josh has been around, Nikki hasn’t spent any time with the rest of us.  I wonder what’s up with that.  Sometimes I wonder if that girl is hiding something.”

“Hiding something like what baby?”  I asked as he shrugged his shoulders.

“I don’t know Justin,” he replied.  “I just feel like there’s something going on with her, behind my back is all I’m saying.”

“Why do you feel that way?”  I asked.

“Whenever we’re not working, I hardly see her.  She’ll call me and such, but she doesn’t show her face much, unless it’s work related.  When we’re not on tour, I don’t see much of her,” he stated as he looked down.  “Sometimes I’m glad we’re on tour, that’s the only time I get to see her.”

“Maybe she’s like the rest of us.  She enjoys her downtime the best she can, while she has it,” I said as he shrugged his shoulders again as I looked up to see Vanessa walking into the room.  “Well your mom’s here.”

“Where?”  He asked as I nodded in Vanessa’s direction.  “Well that leaves Mo’ette, Nikki and Starletta.”

“Hello boys,” Vanessa spoke as she sat down across from us. “How much longer are we supposed to be here?”

“We have less than an hour, I think,” I replied as she shrugged and then pulled out her phone, flipping it open as she looked at the screen and then closed it back.  “Did you see Mo’ette or Nikki anywhere?”

“I think Nikki’s already gone and Mo’ette was behind me,” Vanessa replied with a frown.  “So, are we going to your place out in Jax or what?”

“Yeah,” JT replied with a sigh as our flight was called over the PA system.  “It’s about time.”

“Cool, now we can leave this place behind,” I said, getting up as the three of us headed towards the boarding gate.

May 30, 2004 – Aboard a US Airlines Flight to Jacksonville, FL

Vanessa’s POV

I’m glad we’re away from Pennsylvania now.  With all that mess going on in that boy’s life, I didn’t need James adding more to it.  If James had gotten to him and told him all that had happened in the past, I don’t know what would’ve happened.

I’m just glad I don’t have to worry about that or him anymore.  I’ve finally gotten that part of my past, out of my life forever.  I don’t have to worry about James ever telling John about what I did in the past and I never have to worry about John hating me for it.  If John ever found out what I did, he’ll never forgive me and he’ll turn his back on me.

“Are you okay Vanessa?”  I heard, looking up to see Mo’ette looking back at me.

“I’m fine Mo’ette, how about you?”  I asked, doing my best to get her focus off of me. “How are things going with you since—since David married that heffa?”

Asking that question of her should really take the focus off of me and put it on something else, something that doesn’t have me at the center of attention.  With all I’ve had to deal with lately, I’m tired of being the center of attention and someone else deserves that honor.  Being that I’ve probably hit a sore spot with her, I won’t have to worry about her asking me any more questions on this flight tonight.

“Things are going fine Vanessa,” she replied, looking at me with fire in her eyes.

“I just thought that…” I said as she shook her head and then held up her hand, stopping me.

“Well whatever you though, I’m doing just fine Vanessa,” she said, turning away from me.

Wow, that didn’t take long at all.

A Few Hours Later – Jacksonville International Airport – The VIP Lounge

Justin’s POV

We’ve made it to Jacksonville and it seems something’s up.  We just got off the plane and something seems off.  If I didn’t’ know any better, I’d think that something else was going on between JT and I.  Is he upset with me about something?  What did I do to make him upset with me, if he is?  He hasn’t said much of anything since we left Philly.

“Are you okay baby?”  I asked, watching him.

What’s going on?  It seems the whole area is filled with paparazzi and other people as we make our way outside.  We’re trying to head out to the car that should be waiting for us, to take us to his place, but it’s a pretty hard task of getting to it.  It’s almost four in the damn morning… What are all these damn people doing here?  How did they know we would be here anyway?

“I’m okay,” he replied with a frown as a camera flash went off as people clamored around, following us through the airport.  “I would be even better if these damn people would get the fuck away from me!”

“Calm down baby,” I said as someone poked a microphone in his face.

“Lou Jennings from the…” the guy said as JT knocked the microphone out of his face, sending it flying through the air as he pushed the guy out of his way.

“Man, I’m in no mood for dealing with the crap or the likes of you!  Get the hell out of my face!”  JT snapped as he continued walking down the corridor.

We continued walking down the corridor as more reporters and paparazzi followed behind us.  When we got to the door that led to the outside, all hell broke loose when JT locked eyes with Glitter.  What in the hell is she doing here at his hour?

“Well look who it is,” Glitter spoke, walking up to us as Marc walked up behind her.

“Look what the damn cat drug in, a snake in the grass and a bitch in the street,” JT stated as he shook his head.

“Excuse me!”  Glitter snapped as JT shook his head again.

“Too late for that, you were excused earlier,” JT responded as he walked around Glitter as Marc stepped in front of him.

“What’s up JT?  Did you leave something back in Philly?”  Marc asked with a crooked smile on his face as JT looked at him strangely, looking as if he was ready to knock the hell out of him for whatever the hell this scene was.

“No, did you?”  JT asked, shaking his head again as he moved around Marc.

Oh, this guy is a piece of work.  What is his damn problem anyway?  Right now, he’s really asking for it.  Does he have any common sense in that head of his or what?  From what Ken told JT and what Heather later verified, he’s just as guilty as Heather is for the rape.  If he doesn’t know, he better ask somebody before he get a can of whoop-ass opened up on him.  The way JT talked before we left the hotel, he’s ready to release the beast on his ass.  The way Marc is, I bet that’s a beating he won’t…

“Look man, I think you need to abide by the restraining order that’s already in place against you.  Keep your distance from JT like you’re supposed to and…” I said, watching Marc as he acted as if he wasn’t paying any attention to what I had said. “If you don’t want to do that, then you might want to keep this in…”

“I don’t care what you have to say Tanner,” Marc said, shaking his head as he got closer to JT, a bit too close for my liking.

“JT knows that you helped Heather rape him,” I said as he stopped moving as his eyes widened.  “Keep in mind that there is a standing restraining order against you for the crap you’ve already done to JT in the last week.  If JT goes in front of a judge and adds the current information to that, you won’t have to worry about the restraining order, your ass will be in jail, worrying about how to keep what’s left of your skanky ass from getting used, more than it already has.”

“I—I’m not going to jail,” Marc responded as I chuckled at hearing how he said it.

“Oh, you’ll be going to jail Marc, it’s just a matter of when you go that I’m concerned with,” I said with a smile.  “Keep your distance, away from both of us.  If you don’t want to do that, that’s perfectly fine with me.  I’ll see to it that you go to jail as soon as possible.”

“Whatever bitch, I’m not going to jail,” Marc stated as he smiled at me.  “I can’t be prosecuted for raping him, I didn’t do it.”

“You can be prosecuted for what you did,” I said, watching him.  “You and Heather will both be prosecuted for that.  You drugged him up and she raped him.  You assisted her and believe me; I hope you both rot in jail for what you did.  You might not have raped him, but you’re an accessory to the crime of rape.”

“Shut up,” he said as JT turned around at the door and looked back at me.  He was probably wondering what was going on between Marc and myself, since I’ve spent so much time, talking to this piece of scum.

“Justin, if you’re coming with me, we’re leaving now,” JT stated, watching me.

“Coming,” I replied as Marc grabbed my arm, stopping me.

“If you know what’s good for you, you won’t be running that mouth of yours about shit you don’t know about,” he said as I shook my head.  “You weren’t even around, so you don’t know what happened.”

“You just brought yourself a quick ticket to Duval County jail,” I said, pulling out my cell phone as I dialed the number for the police.  “You know assault is against the law and you just assaulted me.”

“I—I did no such thing,” he whined as I smiled, waiting for the 911 operator to come on the line as he snatched the phone out of my hand, sending it flying across the floor as two of my security guards rushed over and tackled him to the floor.  “Get the hell off me!”

“Are you okay Justin?  Is there a problem here?”  Rhett, one of the new guys on my security team asked as he looked at me closely.

“I’m okay, but make sure he sees the inside of a jail cell and stay there for a long while,” I replied, walking over and grabbing my phone off the floor as I put it away and then moved to catch up to JT.

To Be Continued…