After The Glitter Fades – Chapter 7

Chapter 7 – A New Frontier

May 30, 2004 – Jacksonville, FL (Baymeadows Suburb) – The Home of JT Poole

“So, this is your place,” Justin said as he and JT walked through the front door.

“Yeah, this is my place,” JT replied, dropping his bags to the floor as Mo’ette and Vanessa walked in behind him.

“Boy, pick those bags up and put them away,” Vanessa said, looking at JT as he rolled his eyes and then walked away.  “Boy, don’t act like you didn’t just hear me talking to you.”

“The last time I checked woman, this is my house, not yours,” JT said, turning to look at Vanessa.  “You may be my mother, but here in this place, you don’t give orders.”

“Oh, you just begging for a beat down,” Vanessa said, sighing as she shook her head and then pointed her finger at JT.  “I know you in a mood right now, but I’m not the one to be…”

“Look mother, I’m not in the mood for one of your long-winded speeches.  Just let it go,” JT said, walking over to a wall panel and pressing a few buttons as it seemed the house came to life.

“What’s that?”  Justin asked, walking over to where JT stood.

“This is the security control panel.  From this panel, you can control the alarm system and the gates around on the property.  You can also see what’s going on around and inside my house,” JT stated as he pressed a button as the images on the monitor changed.  “There is another panel like this, upstairs that’s close to my bedroom.”

“Wow baby,” Justin said as he looked at the device closely.  “You can see everything.”

“Yep, everything,” JT replied as he looked at Justin.  “The cameras can be disabled in the rooms if needed.”

“Oh good, we don’t need anyone catching our private moments,” Justin said, smiling weakly.

“I’m sure nobody will,” JT said as Justin frowned.  “I’ve had a long night.  I’m going to shower and then I’m going to lie down.”

“What about…” Mo’ette said as JT interrupted her.

“Just pick yourself out a room Mo and make yourself a home,” JT said with a weak smile at her.  “If Nikki pops up, someone come get me.  Oh and her room is right around the corner from mine, the one with the teddy bear on the door.”

“She has a room here?”  Mo’ette asked.

“Yeah, she stays here sometimes, not often though,” JT replied with a frown.  “So, as I said, just pick out a room and make yourself a home.”

“Okay,” Mo’ette replied, walking down the corridor and up the stairs in search of a room for herself.

Later that Morning – Philadelphia, PA – Penn Medicine – The Intensive Care Unit – Heather’s Room

Ken’s POV

Lord, why am I here at this damn hospital?  Oh yeah, that’s right, I’m here with my nephew, playing the part of his guardian.  Since my whacked-out sister is on lock down here in the hospital, in the nut ward, for trying to kill herself, my duties as uncle have been upgraded.  Until she’s released from here, I’m the new legalized, unofficial babysitter, since I’m the closet blood relative.  If JT had stayed around, he would’ve been, but that’s not possible right now, with all that’s going on with him and how he feels.

This is just a swell mess she’s created.  When I figured out what was going on, why didn’t I just go back home when I had the chance?  I could be somewhere else, enjoying myself, instead of having doctors, nurses, therapist and social workers ask me strange questions about my sister.  I don’t understand what her deal is right now.  What is her angle with this new turn of events?  Why in the hell did she try to kill herself?  How in the hell is she going to make her plan of getting with JT work, if she’s dead?

Hell, none of this crap is making any sense to me.  When I spoke with Shannon, after she got back to the hotel, she didn’t have a good answer to give me for any of my questions.  Pushing her for information, the only thing I got out of her was that Heather said she didn’t try to kill herself, that someone else tried to hurt her, but she doesn’t know who that person was.  I really don’t believe that.  Based on the information I got from the police, they went through the hotel room with security and found no evidence that anyone else had been in the room with her, when all of this took place.  No video footage of anyone coming into the room but her, Caleb and Shannon and that’s it.  When the police questioned her about this, she got very emotional and the doctor almost had to sedate her again.

As requested by my whacked-out sister, I’m here to see her.  What is it that she wants of me?  I hope she knows I’m in no mood for dealing with any of her off-the-wall crap right now.  I’m pissed off to the point where I’m ready to cut her out of my life for good this time.  With the way things happened with JT, I can barely stand to look at her right now.  Just being here in the room with her sickens me.  All these years, she had me believing that JT cheated on me with her, when it was actually her that had raped him and lied all along.  I wish there was something I could do to make her pay for her lies, but it’s way too late now, JT has moved on.

“Hello Heather; what is it that you want to see me about?”  I asked, walking further into the room.  “Why did you summon me here?”

“I—I heard that JT left, is that true?”  She asked as I nodded my head.  “Damn it.”

“Just stop it Heather.  JT should be the least of your worries right now,” I said as she frowned.

“Why is that?”  She asked.

“You need to be concerned about yourself and what’s going to happen with Caleb,” I said as she sighed and then looked down at the bed as she tried to move her arms, but couldn’t because of the restraints.

“Why Ken, why did you tell him everything?”  She asked, watching me like a hawk.

“I told him because he needed to know what you and Marc did to him,” I replied, thinking about the talk I had with JT and how he looked when everything was out in the open.

“No, you didn’t have to tell him everything Ken,” she said as I shook my head.

“Are you serious Heather?”  I asked, looking at her closely.  “How else was he going to know how his son came into being?  Were you really going to tell him how Caleb came along?”

“I—I…” she stuttered as I shook my head.

“The real answer is ‘no’ Heather,” I said as she averted her eyes.  “You were going to tell him some damn lie, weren’t you?”

“I was going to…” she said as I interrupted her again.

“All you’ve done for the last ten years is lie about things Heather,” I said as she sighed.  “Now that JT knows everything about what happened, I hope you finally get what’s coming to you.”

“What!”  She snapped as one of the machines in the room buzzed loudly.  “How dare…”

“How dare I what Heather?  How dare I confront you with the truth, something you know nothing about?  Is that what you’re daring me to do?”  I asked as she looked as if I had punched her in the gut as I moved closer to the bed, pointing my finger at her.

“Shut up Ken,” she said as the machine continued making noises.

“You know what… I hope he sues you for the shit that you did to him!”  I snapped, fuming mad at her now. “I hope upon hope that he has you arrested for what you did to him and Caleb.  I hope the world sees you for what you really are!”

“Shut up Ken!  You’re only saying those mean and hurtful things because I got what you couldn’t,” she said as I looked at her like she was crazy.  “I gave him what you never could.  You could never give him a child Ken.”

“Oh my God, are you serious?  Do you honestly think John would want a child with you?”  I asked, shaking my head, wondering what the hell was going through her damn mind.  Are they giving her drugs up in this place?  “If you really knew him, like you claim you know him, you would know he didn’t want a child with a twisted and demented vulture…”

“You fuck…” she started as I interrupted her.

“You are a twisted and demented vulture Heather.  You already know that!  You will always be that,” I said, shaking my head.  “I don’t want to hear any damn more of this crap from you!”

“You’re going to hear more from…” she said as I interrupted her again.

“No, I’m not going to hear anything more from you,” I said as I shook my head.  “Because of your fucked up actions, Caleb is the one that’s going to end up suffering forever.  Your actions have forever hurt your son!”

“I—I haven’t hurt Caleb,” she said as I shook my head again.

“Look at things logically here Heather.  You had a baby.  You had a baby with someone that doesn’t love you.  You raped him so you could have your son.  You have to know that man hates you, right?  There’s no love for you or your son there.  What I saw in JT’s eyes when we talked… that was pure hatred, hatred for you Heather.  That man hates you because of what you did to him.  Caleb shouldn’t be hated like that for your actions,” I said as she just lay there, acting as if I hadn’t said anything to her.

“He—he doesn’t hate me,” she said as I shook my head again.

“Heather, are you high on drugs or something?  Have you been drinking for the last decade?”  I asked.  “John Poole is gay.  He will never, ever love you.  That man hates you with all of his being.”

“He doesn’t hate me,” she spoke up, sniffling.

“You raped him Heather!  You raped him so you could have his child!  He hates you; he hates you with all of his heart.  He’ll probably stop at nothing to see that you end up in jail for the rest of your life for what you’ve done to him.  When you go to jail, what’s going to happen to Caleb then?”  I asked.

“I—I’m not going to jail,” she replied, looking at me like she was ready to fight.

“When you get out of here, I’m sure there will be some surprises waiting just for you,” I said, turning around quickly as I opened the door to leave, but stopped in my tracks when I saw who was there.  Oh damn, this doesn’t look good one bit.  “Well hello Mom.”

“Mom,” Heather said as I moved out of the way quickly as Mom looked at me strangely as I smiled weakly, making sure that Heather was able to see Mom.

“What’s going on here Ken?”  Mom asked.  “I got the strangest call from Shannon, telling me that I needed to come here.  So, tell me, what’s going on here?”

“You might want to ask your lovely daughter there,” I said as Mom raised an eye at me and then sighed.

“I’m in no mood for your smart-alecky remarks Ken,” she said as I shook my head.

“With that being said, I’m out of here,” I said as Heather looked at Mom and then back at me, as if she was pleading with her eyes for me not to go.

“Wait,” Heather said, her eyes ticking between Mom and me.  “Where’s Caleb?”

“He’s down in the waiting room, but that’s not where he wants to be,” I said as she looked down again.

“Where—where does he want to be?”  She asked.

“He wishes he were in Jacksonville, to answer your question,” I replied as her eyes widened.

“He—he doesn’t want to be here with me?”  She asked.

“No,” I replied, walking out of the room to leave her to chat with mother.

Across Town – The County Jail – The Holding Area

Jarrod’s POV

Oh shit, I’m really in trouble now.  Why in the hell am I locked up like this?  How in the hell did I get into this fix?  Why am I here?  What does this have to do with?  The company’s really going to shit a fucking brick, when they find out where the hell I am right now.

I’m supposed to be on my way back to Jacksonville, not still here in Philly, locked up, behind bars, like this.  With all the shit going on with JT and the girls, everyone’s careers are circling the damn drain with every second that passes.  I need to be there, trying to make sure things go like they should, not be here, locked up like this, for reasons unknown to me.

When that security guy stopped me at the airport and requested that I follow him, I thought he was pulling me to the side for some security measure, because of my status or something.  Now that I’m here, I have no fucking idea of why I was pulled to the side the way I was or fucking know what’s going on.  What have I possibly done to get myself locked up and thrown in here like this?  I know I’ve done some shady shit in the past, but what does that stuff have to do with me being in jail right now?

Jacksonville, FL – The OMNI Hotel – Starletta’s Hotel Room

“What do you want cretin?”  Starletta asked as she stood at the door, watching Glitter.

“Where’s Jarrod Ho?”  Glitter asked, pushing past Starletta, going into the room as she looked around.  “I need to talk to him, where is he?”

“Get out!”  Starletta demanded.

“Jarrod, get your skanky ass out here, right now!”  Glitter demanded as she walked over to a room and looked inside.

“Jarrod’s not here,” Starletta stated as she moved around in front of Glitter, pointing at the main room door.  “Now get out!”

“I’m not leaving here until Jarrod gets his skanky ass out here!”  Glitter snapped, pointing her finger in Starletta’s face as Starletta shook her head.

“I just told your monkey ass that he’s not here.  I haven’t seen him since I left Philadelphia,” Starletta stated with a frown.  “So again, get the hell out!”

“Oh, so you’re like all the other ordinary chicks now,” Glitter said as she laughed.  “You were only needed for a temporary fuck and now you’ve been dropped.  That’s a damn shame.  Was it worth it ho?”

“Excuse me,” Starletta said as she grabbed Glitter by her arm, snatching her around as she pushed her up against the wall.  “I wasn’t a temporary anything and don’t you dare call me out of my name again!”

“Hmph,” Glitter scoffed, snatching her arm away from Starletta.  “Then why isn’t Jarrod here right now?  Why haven’t you seen him since you left Philadelphia?”

“I’m guessing he had business to take care of,” Starletta responded as she glared at Glitter.  “I’m not his damn keeper and again, you need to leave.”

“He probably is taking care of business, since you’re not the business he needs to be taking care of anymore,” Glitter said with a smirk as Starletta shook her head again.

“You know what; I’m not in the mood for this little game of yours.  Just go ahead and get the hell out of my room,” Starletta said as she pointed at the door again.

“Fine, I’ll leave, but when you see that scrawny ass fool, tell him he better get in contact with me as soon as possible or his ass is going down too,” Glitter stated with a smile as she turned and walked out of the room, slamming the door behind her.

“That is one crazy ass bitch,” Starletta said as she sighed and then shook her head again.

The Home of JT Poole – Mo’ette’s Bedroom

Mo’ette’s POV

Damn it all to fucking hell!  Why are those damn fools still showing that mess on the damn TV?  Why damn it, why?  Showing the fucking crap once was enough for me!  How?  How could he do this shit to me?  Why in the hell would he do this to me?  Why now?  Why with her, of all people?

I—I thought he loved me.  Why is he with her and not here with me?  If he wanted to be with her, why didn’t he just tell me that sooner?  Why did he marry her and not me, like we talked about many times in the past?  Was—was he just using me for his own sexual gratification or what?  What in the hell is going on between the two of us?

“What in the hell is going on David?”  I asked aloud, flipping through the channels on the TV, wondering why David hadn’t called or answered the phone the many times I’ve tried calling him.

“Mo!  Mo, open this doh,” I heard Justin’s voice outside of the room.  “Come on Mo, open the doh.”

“No Justin, go away,” I said as he started tapping on the door.

“I’m not leaving Mo, not until you talk to me,” I heard him say as he started banging on the door, like he was the damn police.  “Mo, just open the door.”

“No Justin, I don’t want to talk, I’m not opening the door,” I said as he stopped banging on the door.

Finally, I can go back to what I was doing, before I was so rudely interu…

“Mo,” I heard behind me as I turned around to see Justin standing there, with a mean expression on his face.  Damn it, I should’ve locked that damn bathroom door too.  “I don’t like it when my friends ignore more.”

“I’m not in the mood right now Justin,” I said as he shook his head.

“I don’t care about that right now Mo,” he said as he looked at me closely.

“Justin…” I said as he interrupted me again.

“When I was going to give up on love with JT, you stopped me and now I’m here to stop you from giving up on love too,” he said as I shook my head.

“I didn’t give up on love Justin,” I stated as he frowned.  “Love turned it’s back on me, once again.”

“I—I’m sure there’s a perfectly good explanation for what’s going on with—with David right now,” he said as I shook my head.  “Have you…”

“No Justin, I haven’t heard from him.  He hasn’t said a word to me since he left Philly,” I said as his eyes widened.  “I don’t know what the hell is going on, so yeah Justin, I’m giving up on love.”

“You can’t,” he said, frowning.  “Okay, maybe David isn’t the one, but there is someone out there for everyone, including you.”

“I don’t want to hear this right now Justin.  Just leave me alone,” I said as he frowned again as he looked down.  “Just go back to JT and leave me the hell alone.”

“Mo, I… Okay then,” he said, leaning in close and hugging me as he turned around to walk back into the bathroom, going back to where he came from.

I appreciate his kindness, but it’s not doing me any good right now.  Nobody’s kindness is going to do me any good, not until I find out what’s going on with David and that whore Emily Detton.

Los Angeles, CA – The Hyatt Regency Century Plaza – The Hotel’s Restaurant

“Oh come on David, cheer up,” Emily Detton said as she and David were escorted over to a table to be seated.

“I’m not in the mood for talking to you right now Emily,” David spoke as the host pulled out the chair for Emily to be seated.

“David, straighten up your face.  I’m not going to have you looking like a beaten dog, while you’re out and about with me.  You better put a smile on your face or…” Emily spoke as David interrupted her.

“Fine,” David responded with a fake smile firmly plastered on his face as the waiter walked over to the table.

“Good afternoon, I will be your waiter.  What shall I start you off with to drink?”  The waiter asked, smiling brightly at Emily.

“I would like a glass of red wine, any kind that you have will do,” Emily replied as she picked up the menu and looked up at the man.

“And what about you sir, what will you be having?”  The waiter asked, looking over at David.

“I’ll just have a glass of water,” David answered, his fake smile still in place.

“Is that what you really want David?”  Emily asked, looking over at David with a stern look on her face.

“While we’re in here, that’s what I really want Emily,” David replied, glaring at Emily.  “If you’re inquiring about what I want elsewhere, you already know the damn answer.”

“David, I will not have you talking that way around…” Emily spoke as David shook his head, stood up from the table and then turned around, ready to leave until Emily cleared her throat.  “I suggest you sit back down.”

“I’m not about to sit here with you and…” David spoke as the waiter watched them as Emily glared at him and then motioned with her head for him to sit down.

“David, sit back down, you’re starting to make a scene,” Emily stated in a harsh tone.

“It seems you really have a problem with understanding the English language,” David spoke, sliding the chair closer to the table.

“Either you sit back down or everyone will know what I know,” Emily stated, smiling slyly.  “I’m sure you don’t want that to happen.”

“Fine,” David replied, sliding the chair back and taking a seat.

“Are you sure you want just a glass of water?”  Emily asked, looking over at David.

“I’ll have a glass of white wine, any kind that you have,” David spoke to the waiter as he looked down at the table.

“I… Ah… I’ll have your drinks out in just a moment,” the waiter spoke, smiling weakly as he walked away from the table.

“How dare you embarrass me like that,” Emily snidely said, scolding David.  “If you don’t keep me happy, I’ll royally fuck up your life David.  Remember, I know what you really did.”

“I didn’t do anything that warrants me being here, married to you,” David stated with a frown on his face.

“So, you cheating on your girlfriend, sleeping your way to the top and paying people off does warrant you being here with me?”  Emily asked, placing the menu down on the table.  “If you wanted the world to find that out, why did you marry me?  You could’ve avoided marrying me and just let the world know that you cheated on your first wife to be with that bitch of a singer and you cheated on here by sleeping with every producer you could sleep with, man and woman.  Is that such a bad thing to find out about you David?”

“Shut up,” David said, looking around, as if he was worried that someone had overheard what Emily had said.

“Apparently, in your eyes, your actions were bad, the reason why you don’t want anyone knowing that you took it up the ass with a few men in the business,” Emily snootily said as the waiter returned to the table with their drinks.

“Your red wine madam,” the waiter spoke, placing a glass of wine in front of Emily with the bottle in an ice pail as he moved over to David and repeated the process again with his white wine.  “And your wine sir.”

“Thank you,” David spoke, taking a sip of the win as he knocked the whole glass back and then grabbed the bottle, pouring more into his glass.

“Are you ready to place your meal order or do you need more time?”  The waiter asked, looking over at Emily.

“Yes, I would like to have the lobster tail, poached in buerremonte infused with butter, the spinach salad with the hasselback potatoes,” Emily stated with a smile up at the waiter.

“Perfect choice madam,” the waiter spoke with a smile as he looked over at David.  “And for you sir?”

“I’ll have the salmon, baked with wine and cucumber cream sauce,” David replied as the waiter raised an eye at him.  “I’d also like to get a garlic chip coated baked chicken breast with a cobb salad.  Thank you.”

“Yes sir, I’ll get your orders placed and they’ll be out shortly,” the waiter stated as he smiled and then walked away from the table.

“You’re going to eat all of that?”  Emily asked, looking at David strangely.

“Damn right I am,” David replied with a smile.  “If I eat all of that, it will assure me that later on, you won’t be in the same room with me.”

“Gross,” Emily responded, shaking her head.  “I am your wife now and you’ll treat me as such.  You will treat me like your wife or I’ll make your life miserable.”

To Be Continued…