After The Glitter Fades – Chapter 8

Chapter 8 — Lustful Advances

May 30, 2004 – Los Angeles, CA – The Hyatt Regency Century Plaza – The Hotel’s Restaurant

“You’ve already made my life miserable Emily,” David spoke, sighing as he shook his head.  “Forcing me to marry you, has made me miserable as hell as it is.”

“As I said, you will treat me like your wife or I’ll ruin you David.  That means you treat me right or I’ll start talking about everything that I know and providing the proof of it all,” Emily stated with a sly smile as she pointed her finger at David.  “I suggest you get your ass over here and smooch up to me.”

“I’m not about…” David said as Emily smiled again and then pulled out her cell phone.

“I can easily drop a line to the tabloids that you had an affair with…” Emily spoke as David got up from the chair and moved over to where Emily sat.  “That’s better.”

“So you say,” David replied as Emily leaned in close and kissed his neck.

“I say that after dinner, we go up to our room and have a good time,” Emily said, sliding a hand closer to David’s crotch, groping him there as his eyes widened.  “I think we can finally put big boy here to the test.”

“Maybe big boy doesn’t want to take the test,” David stated.

“I suggest that David’s big boy take the test because David hasn’t been capable of passing his oral exams, if you get my drift,” Emily said as David groaned.  “Either big boy takes the test or I’ll start an assignment of my own.”

“Fine,” David replied as he moved away from Emily as her cell phone rang.

Huntington Beach, CA – The Home of Todd Babcock – The Master Bedroom

Todd’s POV

Oh man, I really don’t want to be getting up right now.  Whoever that is, somebody better be on their damn death bed.  With the damn ruckus they’re making, they are trying to wake up the dead.  After all that went down between me and Veronica yesterday and last night, I’m really in no damn mood for dealing with anything else.

Why does it seem like I’m the only one that hears that damn banging on the door?  Am I the only one here in the house?  Come on, really?

“Veronica,” I said, reaching over to the bedside table to turn on the lamp.  “Hello, Veronica?  Great, it seems I’m the only one in here.  I guess I’m the designated one that gets to get the damn door.”

Sighing, I got out of bed, slid my feet into my slippers, grabbed my robe and then trekked down the hall and then down the sitars to go see who was at the door, making such a habit to cause the ruckus they were creating.  The way it sounds, they’re banging like the world is coming to a damn end or something.  As I got to the door, I looked out the side window and noticed Chad’s car out by the curb.  If that’s him out there causing this damn commotion, I’m going to beat his ass silly.

Opening the door, I stood there, watching him strangely as he looked like hell warmed over.  What in the hell is going on and why am I the only one here to hear this damn crap?  Did Veronica and the kids leave the house?

“Chad, what’s going on buddy?”  I asked as he looked up at me and as I noticed that his eyes were bloodshot.  “Chad?”

“He—he’s been cheating on me,” was all he said as he wiped at his eyes and then sniffled.  “He’s been cheating on me with a woman no less.”

“What?  Chad?”  I said as he shook his head.

“Yeah, he cheated on me,” he said, looking at me like he was ready to fight.

“He cheated on you with who?”  I asked.

“Take a wild fucking guess buddy!”  He snapped, looking at me.

“I don’t know Chad, who is it?’  I asked as he shook his head, walked over to the mantle in the room and then picked up a picture of Veronica that was there.

“Veronica,” was all he said, looking down at the floor.  “Veronica is sleeping with my man.”

Okay, what in the hell is really going on here?  Did he just say that my wife Veronica, she’s sleeping with his man?  What?  I’m not hearing this, am i?

“What do you mean?”  I asked as he moved passed me, dropping the picture into my hands as he went.  “Chad!”

“I—I just got back into town and—and when I got home… She—she was in bed with him!  They—they were fucking Todd!  They were fucking so much that they didn’t even notice that I had entered the damn room!  They were so occupied with their fucking that they didn’t know I was there, watching them for a few minutes until I decided to damn leave!”  He screamed as he sniffled again and then wiped at his eyes.  “What the hell is going on Todd?  Why is your wife, fucking around with my man?”

“I—I don’t know what’s going on,” I replied, clearly in the dark of what was really going on.

“Can you please tell me why the love of my life is fucking around with your wife?  Why is this happening?”  Chad asked, moving over to the sofa and sitting down.  “Why Todd, why is this happening?”

“I—I don’t know,” I replied, sitting down across from him as he cried.  “Things between me and Roni have been a bit strained as of late.  I didn’t know it was this strained though, for her to be having sex with someone else, a gay man no less.”

“No Todd, they weren’t having sex, they were all out fucking!”  Chad snapped, getting back up as he threw his hands up.  “She was lying on her back and he was pounding away at her!  That’s not sex, that’s animalistic fucking!”

“I—I don’t want any details Chad,” I said, feeling a tear roll down my cheek.  “Just keep the details to yourself.”

“I—I thought he loved me,” Chad spoke as he shook his head and then sniffled again.  “I—I never thought he would do something like this to me.  I—I thought he was something special.”

“I—I don’t know what to say here,” I said, wondering when Roni would make her appearance here and where are the kids?  “So, what are you going to do about all of this Chad?”

“I don’t fucking know what I’m going to do Todd!”  He snapped, getting up quickly as he ran his hand through his hair.  “What am I supposed to do when I find the man that I love, in bed with someone else?  And it wasn’t just some damn stranger Todd, it’s the wife of one of my best friends!  So tell me Todd, tell me what one does when he finds himself in this kind of damn situation!”

“I…” I started to say as he shook his head and then waved his hand at me.  “I don’t know what to say about any of this Chad.”

“I don’t either,” he replied, already knowing that if he hadn’t been here with me, I would be breaking down.

This is all so much to take in all at once.  I—I can’t be mad at her, it’s not like I haven’t done the same thing in the past.  She’s cheating with someone right now and I’ve cheated on her in the past.  If I didn’t know any better, I’d think she knows about that and that’s why we’re having so many damn problems right now.  Between dealing with her, the kids and trying to work, life isn’t really the best.  I don’t think I can keep doing this.  I can’t sit here, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

“So, what are you going to do about this Todd?”  He asked, snapping me out of my thoughts.

“I don’t know what to do,” I replied, looking down as he sighed.

“You know what I think you should do?”  Chad asked as he walked over and sat down next to me.

“What do you suggest Chad?”  I asked as he put an arm around me and then kissed my cheek.  “Chad?”

“We don’t need to be hurt over what they’ve done,” he said as I shook my head.  “We can do the same thing. They want to fuck each other, why don’t we do the…”

“Chad no, I—I can’t do that,” I said as he removed his arm from around me quickly.

“I—I’m sorry,” Chad said as he looked down as some tears fell from his eyes.  “I—I didn’t mean to.”

“Yes you did,” I said, already knowing he’s had a thing for me for a long time.  I’ve always known about how he feels about me.  “I know how you feel about me.”

“You do, how?”  He asked.

“Hello, we both have a gay friend in common,” I said as he looked down and then realized I was talking about JT.

“He—he told you?”  He asked as I shook my head.  “Then how did you know?”

“He didn’t tell me, but he tried to convince me a while ago to give you a chance,” I said as he looked at me strangely.

“He—he did?  Why?”  He asked.

“Because he knows I’m not happy,” I replied as he turned up his nose.  “He knows that I only married Roni to keep my secret.”

“Is it worth it?”  He asked.

“Some way it was and other ways it wasn’t,” I replied, thinking about the kids.  “I love my kids, but I never should’ve married Roni.”

“Why you say that?”  He asked.

“It’s been one fight after another with her, since we’ve been married.  The last few years have been hell on both of us.  If I feel this way, I’m sure she does too.   That’s probably why you found her with your lover,” I said, wondering why she would sleep with a gay man, well another gay man.

“I—I don’t understand why Trent would sleep with a woman,” he said, sniffling as he frowned and then shook his head. 

Why would Chad’s boyfriend sleep with Roni?  All the time that I’ve known him, I never thought of him as the type of person that would sleep around with women.  She must’ve gotten him high, like she used to do to me.  Whatever she did, it worked, since Chad caught them together.

“I don’t either,” I replied, thinking that maybe there’s more to this than meets the eye with Chad’s boyfriend.

“I—I can’t believe this shit is happening,” he said as he sniffled again and then wiped at his eyes.  “Fucker, no pun intended!”

“What are you going to do?”  I asked.

“I would rather stay here… I would like to stay here with you,” he said as I heard footsteps and then saw Michael walking down the hall.

“Give me a minute,” I said, getting up quickly to tend to my wandering child that must’ve slept through all the shouting.  “What’s up little man?”

“Hey Daddy,” Michael said as I ruffled his hair as he yawned in my face.  “Me hungree… Is it time for breakfast yet?”

“You’re hungry?  Well let’s go get something to eat,” I said, wondering what time it actually was as I went into the kitchen to see that it was almost eleven in the morning.  “Chad, how long did it take you to get here?”

“I—I sat out in the parking area, I think for an hour or two,” Chad replied with a sniffle.  “And then I came over here.  I didn’t mean to interrupt you, I…”

“It’s okay this time,” I replied, making a peanut butter sandwich for Michael and handing it to him as I walked over to the frig and got the milk.

“Well I’m glad it’s okay,” Chad said as he sighed and then yawned.  “I guess I’m going to check into a hotel.  I don’t think I should go back to the house right now.”

“You can stay here,” I said as he shook his head.

“No, if I did that, she would know something was wrong,” he said as I sighed, not wanting to think of her coming back here either.

“Okay, whatever you do buddy, keep in touch with me, so I’ll know what’s going on,” I said as he smiled, walked over and hugged me and then walked out of the kitchen.

Jacksonville, FL (Baymeadows Suburb) – The Home of JT Poole — JT’s Private Den

“Come on Howard, do you want to say that again?”  JT asked, walking around the sofa to stand in front of his lawyer.  “How can she get away with this crap?”

“I’m sorry JT, but there’s no proof that she actually did anything wrong to you.  In the eyes of the law, you have to have proof that a crime was committed against you.  Since there’s no proof, that’s how she can get away with…” Howard Marshall, JT’s lawyer stated as JT shook his head and then held up his hand, interrupting the man.

“Howard, there’s a little boy out there in the world with my DNA floating around in him!  Of course, she did something wrong and that little boy is the damn proof of the wrong she did!”  JT snapped, pointing his finger at the man.

“No JT, that’s just proof that you two had sex at some point and she got pregnant,” Howard stated as JT sighed and then shook his head.

“Oh yeah, we had sex without my damn consent Howard!  That’s rape, isn’t it?”  JT asked, looking at the man closely as he threw his hands up.  “If I had been awake when she did what she did, I would’ve said ‘Hell No!’ and got the hell away from her Howard!”

“I know you would JT, but right now, there’s really nothing you can do about any of this,” Howard stated with a frown.  “There’s no law or…”

“What do you fucking me there’s no law?  Who cares about the damn law?!”  JT snapped, turning away from Howard.  “That bitch drugged me up and then raped me while I was unconscious damn it!”

“JT, please just listen…” Howard started as JT shook his head.

“No Howard, she raped me so that she could have a child… She did those bad things to me so she could have a child with me, a man that she’s always had a thing for!  I don’t love her Howard!  I don’t!”  JT snapped.

“Calm down JT,” Howard said as Justin rushed into the room.

“Calm down?  How dare you tell me to calm down!  How do you expect me to calm down right now?  How would you feel if this had happened to you?”  JT asked, turning to look at Howard.

“Baby, are you okay?”  Justin asked, walking over to JT quickly and then hugged him.

“No, I’m not okay Justin,” JT replied with a sigh.  “What am I going to do to fix this mess Howard?”

“Right now, your only option is to sue her,” Howard stated as JT looked at him strangely.  “You can sue her for the information that was leaked to the media and…”

“And the little boy,” JT said as he crossed his arms across his chest.

“As for the little boy, there’s really nothing you can do to her about him, unless you have proof of the rape.  If you have proof of that, it may not hold up in court because of the statute of limitations on rape cases,” Howard stated as JT shook his head again.

“The damn statute of limitations shouldn’t apply in this situation Howard!  I didn’t even know I had been raped until a few days ago!”  JT snapped as Justin moved back a bit.  “I guess that’s an eye opener that I need to stop drinking and watch what I put into my mouth, no pun intended.”

“TMI JT,” Howard said as he shook his head and then frowned.  “You not drinking would be a good step in the right direction for yourself and your career.”

“Hardy fucking har-har Howard,” JT said as he shook his head again.  “So, this bitch is just going to get away with fucking up my life and my career anyway…  There’s nothing I can actually do about the shit she did, right Howard?”

“There’s nothing wrong with your career that a press conference won’t solve,” Howard stated as he walked around to JT and Justin.  “As for your life, is it really that bad to have a son?”

“That’s not the point Howard!”  JT snapped as he shook his head again.  “I didn’t want to have a son with that damn heffa!  I would rather have a son with a person I’m married to, not some bitch that had to resort to putting something into my damn drink to get my damn sperm into her body!”

“I get you JT, I really do, but there’s nothing you can really do about that right now.  From what you say, the little boy is yours and he’s already here and…” Howard stated as JT interrupted him.

“And I’m stuck with that bitch being around in my life forever,” JT said, sighing as he looked down.  “I see baby mama drama in my future.  I just know that ho is going to do something to keep trouble brewing around here.  How could I be that little boy’s father, without her doing something… Her doing something stupid and…”

“You can be Caleb’s father, without Heather being around,” Justin stated as he looked at JT closely.

“He has a point JT,” Howard stated as JT shook his head again.

“You know that heffa just like I do Justin.  You know she’ll do any and everything she could to be around, so she could make a name for herself.  That’s all she really did this shit for,” JT said as he sighed.  “I don’t believe she loves that little boy, she just did what she did, so she could have a finger to point at someone else, to keep herself rooted in the spotlight.”

“Probably so, but I’m sure a well-placed restraining order will work against her too baby,” Justin said, looking JT in the eyes.  “Things can work without her causing a bigger problem baby.  She doesn’t have to be around you.  If you want Caleb around in your life, let him be.  It’s not his fault that his mother did something stupid for him to be here.  I feel he shouldn’t be deprived of his father because of her.  He is your son JT.”

“Yeah, he’s my son, a son that I never knew about,” JT said as he looked around.  “Do you honestly think that Heather would allow him to be here with me and she not be here too?  Come on now, you have to look at the big picture, through that ho’s spotlight-loving eyes here.”

“I understand what you’re saying baby, but I’m sure you can have Howard draw up an agreement of some kind and you can have Caleb in your life, without Heather being around too, right Howard?”  Justin said as he looked over at Howard.

“I will do my best to make sure that Heather stays out of your life, permanently if necessary,” Howard said with a weak smile.

“See baby,” Justin said as he ran his fingers through JT’s hair and then leaned in and kissed his lips.  “We’re here to make sure you are okay baby.”

“I—I don’t know about this,” JT said as he looked down.  “I don’t know him and…”

“He doesn’t know you either, but he wants to know you.  When he found out who you were, all he could do was ask questions about you,” Justin stated.

“What… What did you tell him?”  JT asked, looking Justin in the face.

“I didn’t tell him anything major baby, just general stuff he could find out about you from reading a magazine or a newspaper,” Justin replied with a smile.  “He’s fascinated with finding out more about you.  He would very much like to be around with you.”

“How do you know that?”  JT asked, looking at Justin strangely.

“He said so, while you and Ken were out on the patio talking,” Justin answered.  “He’s not happy being with Heather it seems.”

“No damn body is happy being around with that ho,” JT said as he sighed.  “I don’t know what to do about any of this.”

“If it helps any, you have my vote of confidence baby,” Justin said as he rubbed JT’s shoulders as Howard averted his eyes.

“I—I would be a bad father,” JT stated as Justin sighed.  “I wouldn’t know what to do and as it seems, he’s already seen some of my bad qualities and probably read about the rest of them, courtesy of his mother and Glitter Mo’net.”

“Being a parent comes to you, it’s not something that develops overnight,” Howard stated with a smile.  “All you can do is try.”

“How am I supposed to try?”  JT asked as the phone in the room rang.  “I wonder who that could be.”

“It’s probably someone from the record label.  Someone called earlier, looking for you and Jarrod,” Justin stated.

“I’m not in the mood for dealing with anyone at the label and I haven’t heard from Jarrod since way before we left Philly,” JT stated as he sighed.  “I’ll let the answering machine get it.”

“So, what’s going to happen?”  Howard asked, turning his attention back to JT.  “Do you want to have Caleb in your life or…”

“I really don’t know what to do right now Howard,” JT replied with a sigh.  “I’m not a father… I’m not father material.  I just don’t know what to do about things.  I just don’t know how to handle all of this.”

“It’s not about handling things baby, you just do,” Justin said as he turned JT around to look at him.  “What happened to you has nothing to do with Caleb.  He’s not responsible for what Heather did.  Don’t hold that against him.”

“I—I’m not trying to hold that against him Justin,” JT stated as he shook his head.  “How—how can I look at him and not see… Every time I look at him I would think about what happened to me.  How can I get past that?”

“I—I don’t know baby.  All I know is that we’re here for you baby,” Justin declared as he wrapped his arms around JT.  “I’ll always be here for you, as long as you want me to be.”

“How can you be so sure that things will be okay Justin?”  JT asked as he looked at Justin strangely.

“I know you,” Justin replied with a smile as he used his finger to lift JT’s chin.  “I know you baby and you can get through anything.”

“I—I thought I could get through anything, but—but right now… I don’t know about that anymore,” JT stated as a few tears fell from his eyes.

“I believe in you baby,” Justin said, leaning in and kissing JT’s lips again.  “You’re a strong man baby, you’re my strong man.”

“I just hope you’re right about that,” JT said as he looked up to see that Howard wasn’t in the room with them anymore.  “What happened to Howard?”

“I don’t know,” Justin replied as he looked around the room.  “I guess he stepped out to give us some privacy.”

“Guess so,” JT replied as he looked down.  “So, what do you think I should do?”

“I can’t tell you what you should do baby,” Justin replied as he rubbed his hand across JT’s chest.  “You have to listen to your heart and follow your instincts for that answer baby.”

“Damn,” JT stated as he sighed.  “Right now, my heart is telling me to run for the hills.  I need to head to the hills and hide from everybody and just wait until the world has forgotten who the hell I am.”

“Sorry baby, you can’t do that,” Justin said as the phone rang again.

To Be Continued…

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