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If I Ain’t Got You – Chapter 18

Chapter 18 — Romance is in the Air

Jan 1, 2003 – Orlando, FL – El Valentera – The Parking Lot

“Angela—Angie, stop!”  Kevin yelled, rushing to catch up to Angela as she strode across the parking lot.  Angela came to an abrupt stop, swinging around to face him.  “Angie…”

“What do you want Kevin?”  She asked, anger glinting in her eyes.

“I want to know who that woman was and why did she attack you like that,” Kevin replied with a frown on his face.

“That… The bitch was the bane of my damn existence.  Her name is Valgina and for four years in high school and several years afterwards, she made my life a living hell.  She stole my boyfriends and eventually my fiancée,” Angela retorted, turning to walk away from Kevin before he grabbed her arm, stopping her.

“Wait… Angie, are you okay?”  Kevin softly asked, brushing her hair away from her face, before letting his fingers stroke her cheek.  Angela visibly relaxed under his careful caresses, letting the anger she felt dissipate.

“I’m okay now,” Angela replied, turning her face into the soft touch like a cat.  A smile began to play across her lips as she looked up at Kevin.  “You called me Angie.”

“I guess I did, didn’t I,” Kevin replied with a grin, leaning down towards her as their eyes locked in a very heated gaze.  “Is that a good or bad thing?”

“When you say it, it’s a very good thing,” Angela responded, her eyes never leaving his.

“Well then I guess I’ll just have to call you Angie from now on… won’t I,” Kevin whispered, covering her lips with his own, both of them oblivious to the whistles and catcalls from the patrons coming out of the restaurant.

“I—I think we need to stop, before we get into something neither of us is ready for yet,” Angela spoke softly as she rested her head on Kevin’s shoulder when they finally broke the kiss.  Kevin held her close, hugging her tight before letting her go.

“You’re right… Let’s go see that movie we didn’t see last night,” he replied, taking her hand in his as the two of them walked hand-in-hand towards the car.

After Midnight – The Poole-Walden Estates – The Family Room


It’s well after midnight and I’m sitting here, like a fool, wondering what’s going to happen next.  Since coming back home after his misunderstand, Mark hasn’t come in here.  Sometimes I wonder about Mark.  Why is he so jealous?  He should know by now that If I wanted to leave him, I would’ve left already.  If I wasn’t going to leave, it wouldn’t be with Dean of all people.  As for Dean, I told him to leave and not to come back here.  I don’t know what the hell he was thinking, coming here in the first place.  Damn, it’s the first of the new year and I don’t need all of this fucking drama.  Something’s got to give and real soon.  With the way the new year came in, I wonder what’s going to happen next.

“Are you coming up to bed baby?”  I heard behind me as I felt arms wrap around me.

“Do you want me to come to bed?”  I asked, turning slightly to look him in the face.

“You know I do.  You shouldn’t be down here, in the dark, all alone like this,” he said as I sighed.

“Maybe I should be down here, alone,” I said, moving away from him.  “You made up your mind Mark.  You didn’t even give me a fucking chance to say what had happened, you just jumped to conclusions, like you always do.”

“I know I did baby and I’m very sorry for that.  I shouldn’t have did what I did.  I should’ve listened to you.  I know you wouldn’t do something like that to me.  You love me too much to hurt me that way,” he said as I shook my head.

“I do love you Mark, but you need to get a grip on your anger, before you actually break us up,” I told him as he sighed and then sat down next to me.

“I know baby, I know.  I’m stressed with everything that’s happened,” he said just as the phone rang.

“Who in the hell could that be at this time of night?”  I asked, reaching over to the phone, answering it.  “Hello?”

“Yo’ JT, hey, is my bud Mark around?”  Jordan, one of his friends asked as I sighed and then handed him the phone.

“It’s Jordan… Why is he calling for you, at this time of night Mark?”  I asked, looking at him strangely, wondering why his friend, a friend he used to be really close with in the past was calling here this late.

“What’s up Jordan?”  He asked, looking at me strangely as he pressed the speaker button on the phone.

“Yo’ man, me and Joe are at a club and we need a ride.  We’re at the Playa’s Club down on Figueroa  and we need you to come pick us up and take us home,” Jordan’s voice rattled out through the speaker as I shook my head and then looked at him as I turned up my nose.

“I’m not coming out to get you two fools.  Call a damn cab or wake up Danny,” Mark said.

“Come on man, I don’t need the publicity of being seen leaving a gay club, riding in a damn taxi with the paparazzi taking pictures of me,” Jordan said as he shrugged his shoulders.

“Maybe you should’ve thought about that before you started drinking then.  I have other things going on.  Night Jordan, tell Joe I said hi and bye,” he said as he pressed the button to hang up the phone.

“So, the unhappy couple need a ride,” I said as I looked at him, wondering was he really going to leave them hanging like that.

“They just need a ride.  Both of them are drunk and you heard him, he doesn’t want to be seen by the paparazzi,” he said, shrugging his shoulders again.

“Just call them back and tell them that you’re going to pick them up,” I told him.

“No, I’m not leaving here.  I’m here with you; this is our time baby.  We’re talking,” he said, leaning in as he kissed my lips.

“They’re your friends and more than likely, they’ll call back,” I said.

“So what, you’re my husband,” he said, pulling me closer to him as he wrapped his arms around me, kissing my lips again.  “And that’s all that matters, you, me and our son.”

“Oh Mark,” I said, lying back on the sofa as I pulled him on top of me.

“This would be so much better in our bed upstairs baby,” he said, getting up off of me as he pulled me up.  “I love you baby.”

“I love you too,” I replied as we walked towards the stairs.

Jan 4, 2003 – Orlando, FL – Florida Hospital – Justin’s Hospital Room

“Good morning Mr. Tanner, how are you feeling this morning?”  Amy, the morning nurse asked as she walked into the room.

“I’m feeling damn fine!”  Justin snapped, rolling over in the bed, turning his back to the woman.

“I’m sorry Mr. Tanner; I didn’t mean to disturb you,” Amy replied, backing away from Justin’s bed.

“No, I’m sorry.  I—I shouldn’t have snapped at you like that,” Justin said as he rolled back over in the bed, facing the woman.

“It’s quite alright Mr. Tanner.  My name is Amy, I’ll be the nurse on duty today,” Amy informed him, smiling as she wrote her name on the dry-erase board in the room.

“Okay,” Justin replied, lying his head back down on the pillow.

“If you need anything, anything at all, just press the call button to let me know,” Amy stated as she waved, smiled and then turned to leave the room.

“Okay Amy thanks and again, I’m very sorry for the way I acted earlier,” Justin stated with a frown.

“It’s quite all right.  I’ll be back later on to check on you,” Amy replied, waving as she left the room.

“That was no way to speak to the nurse Justin,” Nick spoke as he walked into the room.

“Nick?  Baby, what’re you doing here?”  Justin asked as he looked up.

“I’m here to check on my boyfriend.  Has that become a crime?”  Nick asked as he sat on the edge of Justin’s bed.

“No—no, it’s not a crime baby.  You know what I meant,” Justin said, looking at Nick closely.  “Why are you here?  You know I can’t do what you want me to do.”

“Yes, you can.  All I want you to do is love me Justin, that’s all I want from you,” Nick softly spoke as he leaned in close and kissed Justin’s lips.  “Stay right here, don’t go anywhere, okay.”

“I’m not going anywhere for obvious reasons,” Justin stated as Nick shot him a knowing glare.  “Sorry.”

“Don’t start baby,” Nick said, walking out of the room.

“I wonder what he’s up to,” Justin said as Nick came back into the room a moment later.  “What did you just do?”

“That’s none of your business baby.  Get up, you’re coming with me,” Nick said, grabbing Justin by the hand and assisting him over to his wheelchair.

“What do you mean, I’m going with you?”  Justin asked, looking up at Nick strangely.

“Just what I said, you’re coming with me for the day.  So, stop wasting time baby,” Nick said as he tapped his foot, waiting for Justin to get moving.

“I—I don’t want to go anywhere,” Justin whine as he folded his arms across his chest.

“Come on baby, you have to go.  I have a surprise for you back at my hotel, in my room,” Nick stated as he leaned in close and kissed Justin’s lips again.

“Oh alright, help me get started,” Justin stated, motioning with his head at the bathroom.  “I’m going in there; I’ll be out in about thirty minutes or less.”

An Hour Later – The Hyatt Regency Hotel

Justin’s POV

It didn’t take us very long to get here.  After I finished handling my business and had gotten dressed, Nick came back to my room.  I don’t know what’s going on.  Before we left the hospital, he was watching me rather strangely.  As I asked him questions about what was going to take place, he did his best to avoid all of my questions as he walked around the room, gathering things he thought I would possibly need and put them in his knapsack.  The way he moved around the room scared me a bit.  He acted as if he was in a rush, trying to get everything before someone possibly caught us or something.

Before we left my room, the nurse came in with a small bag and handed it to him as he accepted it and placed it in his knapsack also.  Apparently, he talked with the nurse and arranged for me to get some pain medication, just in case I needed it.  It seems he thought of everything for our little outing today that he hasn’t told me more about.  All I know is that I’m going to be with him today and that he has a surprise for me back at his hotel room later on.

After a few minutes, we were downstairs in the parking garage as he got me into his rental care.  After that short task, we were on our way, heading someplace for our day together that would lead to my surprise at some point, that I desperately wanted to know what it was.  We rode around for a few minutes and not once did he give me any clues to where we were headed, in such a big hurry.  Should I be worried here?  What’s really going on?  What in the hell was I in for?  When we finally stopped, we were outside of a hotel.  Okay, why are we at the hotel first?  Smiling at me, he drove around to the parking garage, found his spot and then smiled at me again.  Okay, what’s about to happen to me here?

“Nick, what’s going on?  Where’s my surprise?”  I asked as he smiled and then got out of the car as he got my chair out of the trunk and then came around to my side, assisting me with getting into the chair as he wheeled me through the back of the hotel, passing the restaurant.

“We’re going up to my room silly,” he replied with a smirk on his face.

“We’re going up to your room?  Are you done with the hospital?”  I asked.

“I was officially released when Mom tried to nab me, to take me back to Tampa with her,” he said as we stopped at the elevator.

“So, you’re out of the hospital and staying here, at this hotel?”  I asked, looking down.  “Is this why I haven’t seen you in a few days?”

“Somewhat,” he replied as the doors opened as he pushed me inside and then stepped in behind me.  “I’m staying here until I can find a place to live out here.  When are you getting sprung from the clink?”

“I don’t know when I’m getting out of the hospital, it’s been weeks now,” I told him.  “They say people in my condition normally stay in the hospital for months, depending on the damage.”

“You’ve been there for a while, but I feel that will change real soon,” he said as the elevator dinged and then the doors opened as he pushed me out of the elevator and then down the hall as we stopped at a door, I guess was his room.  “Welcome welcome.”

“You’re in room 1234, why am I not surprised.  That’s the easiest room number I’ve ever seen,” I told him, laughing as he opened the room door as we both went in.

“Well this is your home for today, until you’re tired of this place and want to go back,” he said as he sat down on the sofa and then gestured with his hand for me to join him.

“What do you want Nicky?”  I asked.

“I want my man to lay down on the sofa with me,” he replied as I rolled over to him.  “Come on, do you need me to help you?”

“No, I think I can do it,” I replied as I put the brakes on and then slid out of the chair, easing over to the sofa with him.

“Move over, I’m coming down there where you are,” he said, moving down to the end of the sofa where I was.

“Why do you want to lay down here with me Nick?”  I asked.

“My name isn’t Nick, it’s baby,” he said, looking at me sternly.  “Why are you acting so strange Justin?”

“I’m not acting strange,” I replied as he shook his head.

“Yes you have been, it started the other night.  I’m still waiting on your excuse for leaving me the way you did,” he said, looking at me closely.

“I—I told you that I—I couldn’t be with you.  I—I can’t do what you want me to do,” I said, feeling the tears building up in my eyes again as I looked away from him.

“Hush baby, I’ll prove you wrong,” he said as he used his hand to turn my face to look at him as he leaned in and kissed my lips.

“What’re you doing baby?”  I asked.

“I’m proving you wrong,” he replied as he unbuttoned my shirt.

“Nick stop!”  I demanded, hoping I didn’t just scare the hell out of him.

“Nope, I’m not going to stop baby.  When you admit that you’re wrong, only then will I stop, but by then, you probably wouldn’t want me to stop and you wouldn’t have to admit that you were wrong either,” he said, kissing my lips again.

“Why—why are you doing this to me?  You’re only in for a big letdown,” I said as the tears streamed down my face.

“Let down no, something big, maybe.  I have to be sure to go slow with you,” he said as I sniffled and looked at him strangely.  “If the rumors are true about you, I’ll have a good time making love with you.”

“What rumors?”  I asked, looking at him strangely, sniffling as he kissed my lips again and then wiped at my eyes.

“The rumors floating around the industry about you being hung in the dick department,” he replied, groping my crotch now.  “Mmmm, now that’s what I call potential.”

“Please stop baby, I don’t want to ever disappoint you,” I told him, sniffing more as he shook his head.

“You will never disappoint me baby,” he said, moving down a bit.

“What’re you doing Nicky?”  I asked, feeling his hand slide under the waistband of the track pants I had on.

“I’m doing this,” he replied, his hand making contact with my dick as he moaned and then licked his lips.

“Baby don’t,” I said.

“Baby, I love you, but right now, I want you to be quiet,” he said, removing his hand from my pants as he stood up and started taking off his clothes.

“I won’t be quiet,” I said as he smiled, shook his head and then pulled my track pants down my legs.  “Give those back… Give me back my track pants!”

“No baby, not going to happen,” he replied as I sat up on the sofa, getting angry at him.

“Give those back to me damn it!”  I snapped, not knowing what to do right now because he was going to prove that I am less of a man, a man that can’t give him what he wants.

“I’m not giving you back anything, you’re going to stay here with me and enjoy this,” he said, kneeling down in front of me.

“Please Nick, just give me back my track pants and we can…” I said as he shook his head, placing a finger to my lips.

“Baby, be quiet,” he said as he touched my legs as he stared up at me.  It’s like his eyes were piercing deep into my soul

What’s going on?  I’m pissed off with him, but something in my heart is pushing that anger away.  I could feel him trying to get past my barriers and I wondered what it was he was trying to see.  He took my hand into his own and then kissed the top of it.  He massaged my legs and then smiled up at me.  I don’t know what was happening, but it felt nice.   It’s like my whole world turned upside down or something.  I felt things at that moment, that I didn’t think I would ever feel again.  He looked up at me again and then got up off the floor as he moved me back into a lying position on the sofa.

“Nick,” I said as he shook his head, placing a finger to my lips again.

He smiled and then straddled my waist as he leaned over me, kissing me tenderly on the shoulder and then down my chest as he nipped at both of my nipples.  His actions created a pleasure within me, a pleasure I hadn’t felt in a long time.  Oh God, this feel so good.

“Oh baby,” I moaned out.  “This feels so good.”

I could hardly take it.  He’s making me feel things that I thought I could never in a million years, feel again. Oh God, he’s doing things to me that I would’ve never dreamt possible, since the accident.  He’s better than anyone I’ve ever been with.  I love him so much.

“Baby, are you okay?”  He asked.

“Yeah, I—I’m okay,” I replied as he sat down on me.  “Baby, what did you just do?”

“You’re all the way in me Justin,” he answered as he leaned down and then kissed my lips.  “We’re going to take this very slowly.”

“I’m all the way in you?  What do you mean?”  I asked as he nodded his head and then smiled.

“I mean you’re all the way in me,” he replied, motioning with his head in a downward motion as he gave me the thumbs up and then smiled again.  “You’re so thick.”

“Oh God, this feels so strange, but wonderful all the same,” I said as he moved slowly up and then he came back down as that motion sent a new sensation through me and I actually felt tingles in my lap.

“Baby, do you want me to stop?”  He asked as I held onto his hips, controlling how fast he moved up and down on me.

“No—no, don’t stop baby,” I told him as he moved faster on me.  “Oh baby, I think I’m close… I think I’m close to coming.”

“I am too baby,” he replied as I felt myself going over the edge of oblivion as mini fireworks went off in my mind.

“Oh God baby, I love you!”  I screamed, my orgasm overtaking me.

“I love you Justin,” he said, stroking himself faster as he shot his load all over my chest, some of it landing on my chin.

“Oh God, baby that was wonderful,” I told him.

“Yes it was baby.  Do you still believe that you can’t make our love physical?”  He asked, looking at me with a serious expression as I was about to speak as he burst into laughter.

“I don’t believe that anymore baby.  Thank you for showing me that I’m still a man,” I said as he laid his head on my chest with my dick still buried in his ass as I felt a few tears escape the corners of my eyes.

“I love you Justin Tanner,” he said as we both drifted off into a wonderful sleep.

The Poole-Walden Estates

“Who could that be, knocking on the door right now?”  Mark asked, walking down the stairs, heading to the front door with a mean expression on his face as he got to the door and then opened it.  “Hello Angie, what’s up?  Is there something wrong with Kai, is he alright?”

“Last I heard, he was okay.  Where’s JT, I really need to talk to him,” Angela replied as she walked into the house.

“He’s upstairs, let me go get him,” Mark said as she smiled and then shook her head.

“Is he decent?”  Angela asked, looking at Mark closely.

“Yeah, he decent,” Mark replied.

“Fine, I’ll just run up and talk to him,” Angela stated with a smile.

“Okay then, let him know that I’m headed into the kitchen to fix us some breakfast,” Mark stated, kissing her on the cheek as he walked into the kitchen as she headed up the stairs.


It’s an early Saturday morning and I’m lying here, in bed, basking in the afterglow of our morning lovemaking.  I really do love Mark with all of my heart, but sometimes I wonder did I make the right decision, being with him.  Mark, in all the things I love about him, he has a bad temper and when things don’t go his way, he goes off the deep end on anyone around, including me at times.  I can admit that when I was with Dean, I didn’t have to worry about bad tempers and him going off on someone when things didn’t go his way.  Hell, the problem with Dean was he was never around when I needed him to be.  When I chose to be with Mark, over Dean, I thought I was making the right decision, but sometimes I still wonder about that.  It’s been ten long years and we’re still together.  Will our love last longer than it already has?  Being that I’m getting older and I don’t think anything else is going to change with my life, I hope things between us get better.  I love Mark, I shouldn’t be thinking like this, besides Dean could never devote enough time to me and Kai.  Our relationship was mainly me, Kai and a dog and the dog spent more time in bed with me, than Dean did.  Rubbing at my eyes, the sound of knocking on the door, brought me back to reality a bit.

“Who’s knocking?”  I asked as the door opened as Angie walked in with a somewhat strange, but serious look on her face.

“Well good morning, it is a good morning, isn’t it?”  She asked, sitting down on the edge of the bed as she looked down, twiddling her fingers.

“Somewhat girl, why are you here so early in the morning?”  I asked as she looked up at me and then sighed.

“I went out with Kevin again last night,” she answered as she twirled her hair as I shook my head.

“Great, how was it?”  I asked.

“Well, I think it went okay, I just have conflicted feelings,” she replied as she moved to the head of the bed, getting close to me as she sat up against the headboard, looking me in the face.

“Why do you have conflicted feelings Angie?”  I asked.

“Kevinwasinarelationshipwithamanoncebefore,” she quickly said and then looked down as I had to look at her to try to figure out what she said.

“Whoa whoa whoa, go back and tell me that part again, I don’t think I caught all of that,” I said, trying to play over what she had said in my mind, but I wasn’t getting it.

“I said that Kevin was in a relationship with a man once before,” she said again as I noticed she had tears in her eyes that were threatening to fall.

“Girl, why do you keep putting yourself in these situations?”  I asked, holding her in my arms as she sniffled and then sighed.

“I guess I keep falling for the wrong people,” she said, wiping at her eyes.

“It’s going to be alright.  Tell me about this.  I seem to be out of the loop on this one,” I said, hoping to gain some background on this guy because all I knew about him was that he’s Nick’s friend.

“Last night, we went out and let’s just say that I had a good time, but I knew about his past and it’s going to interfere with things,” she told me as I looked at her strangely.


Downtown – The Movie Cineplex

Angie’s POV

“Well, since I don’t know what you like, I figure that seeing ‘Chicago’ with Catherine Zeta Jones would be a safe bet,” Kevin said, pulling into the parking space as he turned the car off.  When I started to open the car door, he put a hand on my arm, stopping me.  “Let me get that for you Angie.”

“Okay,” I replied with a smile as I waited for him to come around the car to open the door.

“Come on sweet girl, we’re missing the movie,” he said, offering me his hand as he kissed me softly on the lips, before closing the door behind me.

Kevin held my hand as we walked towards the theater, laughing and talking softly as we went.  I stood by the entrance, waiting while he paid for our tickets, accepting mine before we walked inside the cool, brightly lit building.  Once we got snacks and sodas, we headed hand-in-hand to the theater where our movie was showing, making it in time to see the last of the previews.

We found seats in the back of the theater and got settled in.  We sat side-by-side, sharing popcorn and kisses all throughout the movie.  I had to admit, I loved the way he made me feel when we kissed, but at the same time, I’m afraid that he’s still feeling something for the man I saw him with.  I’m trying to put that out of my mind, but it kept sneaking back in.

“Are you enjoying the movie Angie?”  He asked as I snapped out of my reverie, smiling and nodding, but my mind was obviously elsewhere and I think he noticed.

“It’s pretty good,” I replied, still not paying the screen any attention.  I looked over at his face in profile.  He is totally focused on the movie again, so I continued exploring his face with my eyes.  I love the way he looked, so intense when he’s trying to concentrate, but I’m feeling a little bit naughty.  I decided that now was a good time to redirect his attention to more important things.

I sat up a little straighter in my seat, shifting so that I was facing him.  I put my head on his shoulder, yawning loudly so that he didn’t suspect what I was about to do.  He shifted closer to me, wrapping one arm over my shoulder to bring me closer to him. I reached up and nuzzled the side of his neck with my nose.  I noticed that even though he’s still watching the movie, he’s not as intense in concentration as before.

I flicked my tongue over the shell of his ear, tugging gently on the lobe as I breathed softly on the wet skin.  Kevin shivered slightly, but still continued trying to watch the movie.  I licked a trail down the column of his neck, pausing to lick and suck lightly on the skin at the crook of his neck.  Kevin squirmed in his seat, trying to find a comfortable position, but failing miserably as I continued charting a path of kisses across his body.

I could feel his pulse under my tongue.  It’s becoming more and more erratic as I teased him, but that’s a good thing.  I ran my tongue over his Adam’s apple, swirling over it with lips and soft nips before I attached myself to it.  Kevin groaned, but not loud enough for the people near us to hear, but loud enough to let me know that he enjoyed himself.

“Angie, you—you need—fuck, to stop,” he managed to say, before I pulled his head down and attacked his lips.  I licked his lips, softly tracing the shape with the tip of my tongue, before I moved to taste his mouth.  I slipped inside of the soft, wet cavern, teasing him until he’s panting and straining to find some kind of release.

“We need to go,” he abruptly said as he stood up and then pulled me along with him.

“Wait… What about the movie?”  I innocently asked.  Kevin moved lightning fast as he spun us around and pinned me to the wall of the theater, grinding into me.  All I could do was gasp, feeling the hardness against me.

“Still want to stay for the movie?”  He asked, rocking against me as I wrapped myself around him.  I whimpered when his mouth claimed mine again, my body clinging to him like a vine.  He continued gyrating his hips, whipping me into a frenzy of passion.  He finally broke the kiss, looking down into my eyes.  “I didn’t think so… Let’s go.”


“Wait a minute girl, are you telling me, what I think you’re telling me?”  I asked as she sniffled as I felt her moving around in my arms.  “You didn’t, did you?”

“You know how long it’s been since…” she said as I sighed this time and shook my head, wondering what else she was going to tell me.

To Be Continued…

If I Ain’t Got You – Chapter 10

Chapter 10 — Things Slow to a Screeching Halt  

Dec 30, 2002 – Orlando, FL – Florida Hospital — The Parking Garage

“Justin… Justin Tanner,” Kasai replied as he looked down as Mark looked up and then around.

“Justin Tanner?  Am I missing something here?  Kai, he’s a guy,” Mark stated as he rubbed at his head.

“See!  I told you that you wouldn’t understand!”  Kasai snapped as he tried to pull away from Mark.  “I’m gay Daddy Mark, I’m gay.”

“Are… are you sure about that buddy?” Mark asked as he looked at Kasai closely.

“Yeah, I’m totally sure about that.  That’s the only thing I’m sure about now-a-days,” Kasai replied as he wiped his face on his shirtsleeve.

“Okay Kai… I’m good with that if you’re gay,” Mark stated as he looked down and then back at Kasai.  “Be honest with me here.  Have you had sex with someone?”

“I—I don’t want to answer that question Daddy Mark,” Kasai replied as he looked down again.

“Why don’t you want to answer that question boy?  It sounds like you’ve already done the deed already,” Mark said with a sigh.  “I don’t understand Kai, what about Lisa?”

“Things have changed Daddy Mark.  I don’t have the same feelings for her anymore,” Kasai replied with a frown.

“Did… Is it something me and your Dad did?”  Mark asked as he removed his hand from Kasai’s back.

“You and Daddy didn’t do anything,” Kasai replied as he looked at Mark strangely.  “What are you talking about?”

“Is seeing me and your Dad together… is that corrupting you?”  Mark asked as he looked down.

“What!  No, you and Daddy have nothing to do with my feelings,” Kasai stated as he shook his head.

“Then why are you standing here, telling me that you’re gay all of a sudden?  You can’t just wake up one day and say that you’re gay Kai,” Mark said as he threw his hands up.

“Daddy Mark… oh what’s the use,” Kasai said as he pushed Mark away from him and then took off running.

“Kasai!  Kasai, come back here!”  Mark screamed out.  “Oh great, what have I just done?”

The Home of Angela Sebastian

“Kevin, I’ve changed my mind,” Angela spoke as she walked back into the room, wearing a pair of sweats and a t-shirt.

“You’ve changed your mind about what?”  Kevin asked, standing up.

“I think I would rather stay in tonight,” Angela replied as Kevin ran a hand through his hair.

“Okay Angela, I—I guess I should leave then,” Kevin responded with a frown.

“You don’t have to, but if you want you can,” Angela stated as she picked up the phone on the counter.  “I’m going to call and have some food delivered.  You’re welcomed to stay and chat with…”

“Are you sure about that Angela?”  Kevin asked, watching Angela’s facial expression.

“I’m sure Kevin, but the choice is totally yours though.  You can sit here and get to know me or you can go find that Joshua guy and let him hang all over you like a cheap suit.  It’s your decision Kevin,” Angela sarcastically said with a stern look as Kevin winced at her words.

“Angela, please…” Kevin said as she shook her head.

“Please what,” Angela said as she looked over at him.  “I’m totally confused with you.  Why don’t you tell me the truth?”

“Angela…” Kevin started as Angela interrupted him.

“Come on Kevin, tell me the truth here.  I still have this aching feeling that you’re not being totally honest with me about things,” Angela stated as she pointed the phone at him.

“Angela, I’m being honest with you.  There’s nothing to worry about here. I want to get to know you and see what can possibly happen between the two of us,” Kevin stated, sighing with a frown on his face as Angela waved the phone at him in a threatening manner.

“I don’t think you’ve been completely upfront with me here.  My women’s intuition is telling me that you and that Joshua guy had some kind of relationship at some point in the past,” Angela stated as she shook her head and then waved the phone at him again.

“Okay Angela, I’ve said my peace here.  You can either believe me or not,” Kevin stated as he turned and grabbed his jacket.

“Yes, you said your peace Kevin, but I believe you’ve left out a few pieces of the story.  Like the stuff you told me about your friend Nick.  If he’s gay, then I’m quite sure you can be implicated too, with the things I saw in the hospital lobby earlier.  All this stuff is telling me that you’re gay or at least bisexual,” Angela stated as she crossed her arms across her chest as Kevin winced again.

“Could we please just stop talking about this?”  Kevin asked, his cheeks reddening with each passing moment.

“Fine, it’s a touchy subject for you then.  We can talk about something else,” Angela stated as she looked at Kevin with squinted eyes.  “Why don’t you tell me about the relationship you and Nick didn’t have.”

“Say what?”  Kevin said with a sigh.  “What do you mean?”

“I want you to tell me about the relationship that you and Nick didn’t have,” Angela stated.

“We didn’t have a relationship,” Kevin replied with a frown.  “We’re only friends, almost like brothers.”

“I can understand that, but Nick wanted more from you,” Angela stated as she walked over to the fireplace, grabbed the fire poker as Kevin’s eyes widened as she pushed some wood logs around in the fireplace.

“Angela…” Kevin spoke as Angela kept using the fire poker to move the logs around in the fireplace and then she placed it back in it’s holder.

“Kevin, your past doesn’t really matter to me.  I just don’t want to get hurt in the end.  He’s in love with you and I’m sure that Joshua guy is in love with you too.  That’s enough to make any woman think you have a shaky past,” Angela stated as she turned around and then looked at Kevin.

“Well considering that I’m here with you and not with him or Nick, what does that tell you?”  Kevin asked as he looked at her.  “You saw me push him away when he kissed me and you heard the stuff I said to him.  Isn’t that enough for you Angela?”

“I don’t really know Kevin.  I don’t fully know what I’m getting myself into here with you.  I feel like you’re hiding a great deal from me, but you basically seem like someone that I would be happy with, but would you be happy with me?  Can you honestly answer that question Kevin?”  Angela asked, walking over and looking him in the face.

“You’re a nice and beautiful woman, of course I would be happy with you,” Kevin answered.

“Do I have the right equipment for you?”  Angela asked as she continued looking him in the face.

“What’s that supposed to mean Angela?”  Kevin asked with a sigh.

“It means just what it means Kevin.  Do I have the right equipment for you?  Is it really a woman that you want to be with?”  Angela asked as she took a seat as Kevin sighed again and then took a seat next to her as she looked at him strangely.

“I refuse to answer that question, mainly because it’s a stupid one,” Kevin stated.  “Do you want me to stay here with you or do you prefer it better if I left?”

“I would like it if you stayed, but Kevin you have to promise me that you won’t hurt me,” Angela stated as she looked him in the face again.

“That’s something I can’t promise you Angela.  I don’t think anyone would be able to make that kind of promise to you or anyone else for that matter,” Kevin stated as he stood up, grabbed his jacket again, pulling it on as he headed towards the door.

“Where are you going Kevin?”  Angela asked as she stood up quickly.

“I think I better just go.  I don’t think this was such a good idea,” Kevin answered her as he opened the door and then walked out.

Florida Hospital – Nick’s Hospital Room

“Aaron, where’s your brother?”  Janet asked, walking into the room as Aaron opened his eyes and looked up at her.  “I just got a call from someone here, telling me that he hasn’t been here for some time.”

“He’s downstairs in that patio thing,” Aaron replied, yawning as he rubbed at his eyes.

“And you left him down there?”  Janet asked, walking over to Aaron and popping him on the top of his head as she glared at him.  “Are you out of your mind?”

“No Mom, he told me to leave him alone, so I left him alone,” Aaron replied with a frown.

“What!  In his current condition, he doesn’t need to be left alone!  You know he could possibly do something to hurt himself while he’s by himself,” Janet stated as she shook her head.

“He’s not alone, Justin’s with him in there,” Aaron replied as he opened the magazine that sat on his lap and then flipped the pages.

“What?  You left him with Justin Tanner?  Why did you do that Aaron?”  Janet asked as she shook her head again.

“Because I think Justin can help him Mom.  I told you how he was in the therapy session.  As soon as he saw Justin and heard Justin’s voice, he was trying to snap out of it,” Aaron replied as he got up.  “I think Justin can help him out.  If he can, let him.”

“How so Aaron?”  Janet asked, looking at Aaron strangely.

“Dang Mom, Nick’s gay and so is Justin.  They’ve been through a lot of crap lately and I think they need each other,” Aaron stated as he continued looking through the magazine in his hand.

“Aaron…” Janet said, not actually knowing what to say.

“Just let things happen Mom and don’t interfere with them,” Aaron said as he walked out of the room.

“Aaron, where do you think you’re going?”  Janet asked, walking to the room door.

“I need some air,” Aaron replied as he rolled his eyes and continued walking down the hall.

The First Floor – The Hospital Veranda

Justin’s POV

I feel so content right now… now that I’m here with Nick and he has his head lying in my lap.  I know he might think I pity him, but I don’t.  Pity is the farthest thing from my mind right now.  I don’t pity him, I think I’m falling for him.

We’ve been out here for a bit and the things we’ve talked about, I’m a bit concerned.  From what he said earlier, he’s gone through a lot lately and I know that feeling all too well.  I just don’t know what to say about what his friend Brian did to him.  How could he do that to someone he’s supposed to care about?  I know how Jamie and Chrissy reacted when they found out what Dan had done to me, but in Nick’s case, that’s totally different.  Brian was his best friend, Dan wasn’t anything to me, just a stranger in passing.  When we first started talking, I got angry.  If I could, I would’ve hunted Brian down and kicked his ass for what he did to this beautiful man.  I was taught to never wish death upon someone, but to force yourself on someone as innocent as Nick is just wrong.  This beautiful angel deserves better than that.  I just wish I were able to give him all that he really needs.

“Nick, Nick wake up,” I whispered to him as I kissed the side of his face.

“Huh, what’s going on?”  He asked, sitting up quickly and then looking around as he wrapped his arms around me.

“You fell asleep,” I replied as I held his hand in mine.  “How do you feel?”

“I—I feel okay Justin.  I feel a little bit better now,” he replied, hugging me tightly.  “How long have we been here?”

“I don’t really know.  I think I’ve been here about two hours or so.  I’m guessing you were here longer than me, being that you were out here before I knew you were,” I told him with a smile.  “I think I’ll ask someone to bring me a watch so I can keep better track of the time around this place.”

“Who cares about the time?  I have you here with me and I could care less about that,” he said as the door opened as JT and Steve walked out to where we were.

“So here you are,” JT stated with a stern look on his face.  “You know your mother is having a fit about you.  She’s been flipping out about you being missing for the last couple of hours.”

“That’s Ma for you,” I said as he shook his head and then smiled.  “I should’ve told someone I was coming out here.  I just wanted to get away and be by myself.”

“Well it seems you’re not by yourself right now.  How are you doing?”  JT asked as the smile on his face flattened out a bit.

“Okay, just keeping my new friend here company,” I replied, grabbing Nick’s hand and then kissing the top of it.

“Hello Mr. Canton,” JT spoke.  “I just got a call from Janet Canton, trying to find out where her son was.  I assured her that you were okay.  I assume she has calmed down some by now.”

“I hope she has, I’m happy right now and I want to stay that way,” Nick responded as he looked up at JT.  “Who are you?”

“I’m JT, I’m Justin’s physical therapist and counselor,” JT answered.

“You are?  What happened to Danielle?”  I asked.

“She mainly deals with the patients that need her help.  You, on the other hand, you don’t need her help, you just need to get up off your bottom and walk,” he said with a chuckle.

“I—I thought you told me that you couldn’t walk,” Nick said as he raised his head up and looked at me with a strange look on his face.

“I can’t walk,” I said as the expression on his face turned to one of confusion.

“But he just said…” Nick said as I cut him off.

“I can’t walk right now, but I might be able to regain the ability to walk again one day.  I just have to work at it,” I told him as the look on his face changed back to a happy one as he smiled again.

“Okay, for a second there, I thought you were lying to me,” he said, leaning close and kissing me on the cheek.

“Excuse me, are you two romantically linked?”  JT asked as he sat down in the lounge chair across from us.

“I think we are,” I replied, turning to look at Nick.

“Only if he wants me, like I want him,” Nick spoke as he looked down at our entwined fingers.

“You know I want you, that’s something you never have to wonder about,” I told him as I leaned over and kissed his lips as he blushed.

“Well I hate to cut this short, but I have to get you two back to your rooms,” JT stated as Steve walked over, motioned with his head and then helped me back into my wheelchair.

“Please JT, don’t do this right now.  Can I stay a little longer with Nick?”  I asked, wishing that he would let me.

“Right now, you can’t do that,” he stated as feelings of anger and sadness flooded my body.  “The only thing I can suggest is that you two take this up to your room.”

“He can come up to my room?”  I asked, the feeling of happiness replacing my other emotions.

“Yes, but I must warn you though that your mother is there and she’s a little bit worried about you right now,” he said as I looked down.  “She might not agree with this right off hand.”

“Well the way I feel right now, she’s going to have to deal with it or else,” I said as he smiled and then shook his head.  “I just fond Nick and I’m not letting him get away from me.”

“Don’t worry about me Justin, I’m not going to get away from you,” Nick stated as he kissed me on the cheek as Steve patted me on the back and then started pushing me towards the door.  “I’ll be thinking about you Justin.”

“I’ll be thinking about you too Nick,” I said as we exited the room.

Orange County Police Department – Holding Area

Brian’s POV

“Look man, I don’t care what the deal is, get your ass down here and get me out of this place!  I’ve been waiting here for almost a week!”  I screamed, talking on the phone with my friend Alex.

“I’m sorry Brian, but there’s nothing I can do right now.  You’re stuck until your hearing,” Alex replied.

“I’m not playing here.  You need to get your ass up and come bail me out of this place,” I said, looking around the area, noticing the other men that watched me.

“I’m sorry Brian, I can’t come get you.  You should’ve thought about what you were doing before you did it.  You’re staying put, until your court hearing.  I hope the judge throws the fucking book at you!”  Alex screamed as I held the phone away from my ear.

“What the fuck!  I told you I didn’t do anything!  It’s all a lie, a bold face lie!”  I yelled as the jailer opened the door to the cell, walked in and then grabbed the phone from my hand.  “Hey, I wasn’t finished!”

“You are now,” the jailer said as he hung up the phone, saluted, walked out and then closed the door back as he smiled.  “Next time you get the opportunity to use the phone, act a bit more civil.”

“Whatever,” I said as he walked away.

“Hey guy, what you in for?”  One of the guys behind me asked.

“I’m here for nothing,” I replied as the guy smiled, shook his head and then motioned with his head at the bench for me to sit down as I moved away from him.  “I didn’t do anything wrong to be put in here.  I don’t belong in here.  Those damn bozos locked me up because someone can’t handle the fucking truth.”

“We all got arrested for some bullshit reason or another,” the guy said, eyeing me like he wanted to take a bite.  “I’m Trent, you are?”

“None of your business,” I spoke, moving away from him again.

“Fuck you man.  I was only trying to be polite and make conversation to pass the time,” the guy said as he shook his head and shot me the bird.

“You can be polite over there, just stay the fuck away from me,” I said, moving again as the guy followed me around the damn room, stopping at each bench I stopped at until he slugged me in the face.

“You stuck-up, fucking twat, you’re on the inside now.  Who’s going to protect your preppy ass now?  I can’t stand you snobbish, preppy boy types that think you’re better than everybody, you ain’t better than anybody, you’re common just like the rest of us in here,” the guy said as he got up in my face as I rubbed at my nose.  “I ought to kick your ass right now and then take you as my bitch!  You’re one of the cute ones.  I bet you have a nice cherry ass that’s begging to be fucked.”

“Guard!  Guard!  Help me!  Someone help me!   I need to get out of here!”  I screamed out as the man approached me again.

“Shut up Lang!  I’m not going to tell you again!”  The jailer yelled from down the corridor.

“I need help man!”  I screamed again as the guy jumped on me, holding me down to the floor as he struggled to get my pants down.

“Shut up like the pig said.  Let’s see what you’re hiding under that jumpsuit,” he said as he held my head against the floor hard, still trying to get my pants down.  “I think I want to test you out right now.  It’s just you and me here; I think I need a work out.”

“No, please don’t!”  I screamed out the best I could as he continued to hold my head against the floor.

As he continued holding me down on the floor, the lights went out in the cell and some in various places down the corridor.  Damn it!  It’s dark in here and I can barely see a damn thing except for that little bit of light that shown in from the corridor, that allowed me to see a bit of his shadow moving.  When I heard a cell door close, I started to panic.  Did the damn jailer just leave completely?  Am I in here all alone with this fucker?  The next thing I knew, the guy had unzipped the zipper on his jumpsuit and then he yanked my pants the rest of the way down as he held my arms behind my back.

“Hot damn,” the guy said as I felt him using his finger to play with my hole.  “You have a nice puckered hole there boy.  It feels like it wants to be fucked.”

“Leave me alone please,” I begged as I continued to struggle to get away from him.

“Don’t worry, I’ll leave you alone after I’ve sprayed your insides with my nuts,” the man said as he pulled me up into a doggy-style position as he spat on my ass.  “That should take care of that pretty boy.  This should only hurt for a minute or two, maybe three.”

“Please don’t do this man, just let me up and we can act like none of this ever happened,” I said, hoping he wouldn’t do this and he would just stop as I felt the tears sliding down my face.

“Oh come on, you’ll love the feel of my dick pounding your ass pussy boy.  You better get used to it.  From what I see, you’ll be getting this kind of treatment on the regular,” the man said as intense pain enveloped me as he slid his dick into my ass as he covered my mouth with his other hand.  “Oh yeah boy, you got a tight man-pussy on you.  This is going to be good.”

The guy continued to pound in and out of my ass as if he didn’t care that he was hurting me.  Is this what everyone has been trying to tell me?  Is this what it’s like?  Is this what I did?  All I could think about was how I had treated Nick before.  The very thing I had done to him, was now being done to me.  I guess this is what people mean by karma.

Florida Hospital – Nick’s Hospital Room

Nick’s POV

I’m currently back in my room with the JT guy and he’s trying to explain to mom about where I’ve been.  Like always, she isn’t trying to listen to what’s being said.  Apparently, she acts the same way, regardless of who it is talking.  Damn, I feel so empty, now that Justin’s not with me.  Was that all just a dream for me or are things with Justin real?

It’s been thirty minutes and Mom’s bitching the JT guy out because she feels that the hospital doesn’t have adequate security here in place for me.  I wish she would just shut the hell up and go home or something.  Her being here is putting more strain on me, than it is for everybody else.  Mom’s one of the reasons I have problems in my life.  Because of her and sometimes dad, they always tend to judge me because of my so-called lifestyle.  Being gay is a part of me, not a sin that they don’t believe in.  I wonder how they’ll react when they find out that Aaron is just as gay as I am…

“What would you people have done if he hurt himself somewhere in the hospital?”  Mom asked as she placed her hands on her hips and then stood in front of him.

“Mom, please just be quiet, I’m really okay.  I’m not hurt in any way,” I said, walking over to where she and JT were.  “There’s nothing wrong with me, I’m fine.  Now could you please stop this bickering, it’s starting to get on my nerves, he’s a doctor for Christ’s sake.”

“Technically, I’m not a doctor,” JT stated, raising his hand, trying to diffuse the situation.  “I’m a counselor and a physical therapist.”

“I don’t care what your so-called official title is.  If this place had adequate security, my son wouldn’t have been missing for almost four hours,” Mom stated with a frown.

“Mom, I wasn’t missing, I was downstairs on the patio,” I told her.

“No one else knew that,” Mom said as Aaron stood up.

“I told you where he was when you got here,” Aaron stated as he shook his head, sighed and then threw his hands up.  “Just drop all of this Mom.  Nick’s right here and as you can see, he’s in a good mood.”

“Stay out of this Aaron, adults are talking here,” Mom stated as she turned back to JT.  “As I was saying, what’s going to be done to make sure that this doesn’t happen again?”

“It sounds like you want them to tag me as if I was a dog!”  I snapped as she turned and looked at me.

“Mrs. Canton, from my viewpoint, nothing happened here.  Nick decided to take a walk.  I think him walking around is a good thing, it helps clear the mind,” JT stated with a small smile as she glared at him.

“Do you also think it’s good for him being with that Justin Tanner guy?”  Mom asked, getting right on to the point of her hatred of my so-called sin.

“Mrs. Canton, I have nothing to do with Nick’s personal relationship matters.  If he wants to associate with Mr. Tanner, then there’s nothing I can say or do about that,” JT stated as his cell phone rang.  “Excuse me, I need to take this.”

“We’re not done here, not by a long shot,” Mom said as JT moved over to the corner of the room to talk on his phone.

To Be Continued…

If I Ain’t Got You – Chapter 9

Chapter 9 – A New Beginning

Dec 30, 2002 – Orlando, FL – Florida Hospital — A Veranda on the First Floor

Nick stood at the railing, looking out into the night as Aaron sighed once more as a few tears fell from his eyes as he shook his head. Opening the door, Aaron looked at Nick once more and then walked back into the hospital, giving Nick the privacy he wanted.

“God, here I am again. My life is at a stand-still it seems. Where do I actually go from here?” Nick asked, rubbing at his eyes as more tears came. “He hurt me, he hurt me badly. He doesn’t love me. If he could do something so horrid and vile as that to me, there’s no love in his heart for me. Love isn’t supposed to hurt.”

Nick turned around and walked further into the veranda as he continued crying, watching his reflection in the window, not noticing that there was someone else in the area with him. Getting to a row of seats, Nick stopped and prepared to sit down, but changed his mind.

“Come on God, help me out here. The very thing that I want, why can’t I get it? Why God, why am I doomed to be like this?” Nick asked as he walked over to a door that led outside. “God, when are you going to send a man to love me, that won’t hurt or use me? I would love to have a man that would love me for…”

“Were you actually expecting to get an answer?” Nick heard someone say as he turned around to see Justin Tanner in the room with him.

“Ju—Justin… Justin Tanner, what’re you doing here?” Nick asked, walking over to where Justin was. “Justin, why are you sitting in a wheelchair? Are you sick?”

“I—I was in an accident Nick,” Justin replied, motioning for Nick to sit down.

“You were in an accident? Damn, what happened to you Justin?” Nick asked, taking a seat in the chair next to Justin as he moved it around a bit.

“Well the short and sweet version of things is that I was trying to get away from someone. I was upset and wasn’t paying attention to where I was going, while driving in a car and I collided with another car. I lost consciousness and when I woke up again, I was here and I was told that I wouldn’t be able to walk again,” Justin explained as Nick looked down.

“Oh God Justin, I’m so sorry,” Nick responded as he leaned in and hugged Justin, lingering close to him a bit.

“It was my own fault. I should’ve been paying attention to what was going on around me, instead of letting my anger over what Josh was doing, push me to run away the way I did,” Justin said as he shook his head and then covered his mouth.

“What do you mean Justin? Why were you trying to run away from Josh? What did he do? I thought you two were best friends,” Nick said as he looked at Justin closely.

“We were the best of friends at one point, but he…(<sniffle>)… he did something to hurt me. I—I couldn’t stand to be around him anymore,” Justin said as he looked away from Nick.

“What did he do to you Justin?” Nick asked, reaching out with his hand, touching Justin’s face quickly and then pulled his hand back.

“He lied and betrayed my trust in him. He hurt my feelings,” Justin said as some tears streamed down his face.

“I’m sorry Justin, I didn’t mean to bring that up,” Nick said as he entwined his fingers with Justin’s. “I shouldn’t have asked that.”

“It’s okay Nick. I have to deal with it again anyway,” Justin said with a frown. “I have to deal with my problems first hand or they’ll destroy me in the end.”

“Destroy you how Justin?” Nick asked, rubbing Justin’s hand.

“Our whole relationship was nothing but a lie. He lied, he cheated on me, with men and women both. Hell, he even cheated with someone that had hurt me in the worst way,” Justin said as sniffled as the tears streamed down his face. “I loved him and he just threw our love away.”

“I—I’m so sorry Justin. I’m sorry that he didn’t love you enough to cherish you,” Nick said, moving Justin’s hand up to his mouth and kissing the top of it. “If you were my boyfriend, I would cherish you Justin. I would show you the love you deserve.”

“Nick…” Justin stuttered as Nick pulled his chair closer to him.

“Don’t cry Justin. I know things are not going great for you, but they aren’t going great for me either,” Nick said as the tears fell from his eyes also.

“That was so sweet,” Justin said as he wiped at his eyes. “Nick?”

“Yes Justin,” Nick spoke as he looked into Justin’s eyes.

“Why are you here in the hospital?” Justin asked, looking down, not wanting Nick to see the hurt in his eyes, being that he already knew partially of why Nick was there, but wanted him to tell him.

“I—I’m not happy Justin. I’m alone and I—I don’t want to live anymore,” Nick answered as he gasped and then looked down again. “I’ve been unhappy for a very long time and so far, things in my life are depressing me.”

“Why aren’t you happy Nick? Why don’t you want to live?” Justin asked, looking at Nick.

“I have so much love to give, but no one to give it to. Every time I give my love to someone, that someone pushes my love away,” Nick said as he sniffled.

“Shhh, it’s going to be okay. I know how you feel in that department,” Justin said as he rubbed Nick’s hand in his own. “It’s going to be okay Nick.”

“It’s not going to be okay Justin. I will always be alone,” Nick said as he pulled away from Justin, got up and then walked back over towards the windows.

“Yes it will Nick. Whether you know it or not, the answer to your problems are right under your nose and you don’t even know it,” Justin said as he moved up behind Nick, with a hopeful smile on his face.

“Yeah right Justin. I don’t have any answers to my problems. I have too many of them to count,” Nick spoke as he starred out the window. “I’m fat and ugly Justin. My appearance is revolting to most. Men look at me and then run in the opposite direction.”

“That’s not true Nick, not true at all,” Justin said with a frown.

“Trust me Justin, it’s the truth. The only thing that men see in me is sex and a quick way of getting fame. The men I’ve been with, they only used me to have sex and when they got tired of me, they dropped me like a bad habit and then ran away and acted as though I was lower than trash when they saw me again,” Nick stated as he slid down the wall to the floor as he continued to cry. “Men don’t want me for something special, they just want one thing and one thing only it seems.”

“That’s not true Nick,” Justin said again as he sniffled.

“Stop trying to make me feel better Justin, it’s the truth. All the men in my life have used me. Hell, even Brian used me, raped me and then threw me away for a woman when he was tired of me,” Nick said as he heard Justin gasp at the sound of what he’d just said.

“Oh God, so he was the one that raped you. I’m so sorry Nick. I’m soooo sorry,” Justin said as he reached for Nick, but Nick pulled away.

“It doesn’t matter anymore,” Nick said as he pulled his knees up to his chest as he wrapped his arms around his legs and continued to softly cry.

“I’m sorry Nick, I’m not going to hurt you,” Justin said as the tears streamed down his face as he realized how helpless he was at that moment.

“Just leave me alone Justin, I need to be alone,” Nick said as he shook his head and then wiped at his tears.

“I’m not going to leave you here like this Nick. I like you and I don’t want to see you like this,” Justin said as he sniffled. “Come on.”

“No Justin, just leave me alone,” Nick spoke, his voice trembling.

“Come here Nick,” Justin spoke.

“Just leave me alone Justin,” Nick replied, his voice still trembling.

“Come here Nick!” Justin demanded.

“No Justin, just leave me alone,” Nick said as he shook his head.

“Please Nick, I want to help you. Please come here to me,” Justin begged as he moved over to the couch that was nearby.

Justin’s POV

Poor Nick, he’s been through a whole lot lately. Here I am, feeling sorry for myself and here he is, trying to hold all the stuff that’s happened to him, all on the inside. I wish he would just come over here with me. I so want to hold him and take his pain away. I know how he feels about the rape and I don’t want him to hurt like that.

Damn Brian! That bastard needs his ass kicked and his dick cut off and buried some place. If I could walk, I would hunt his horrible ass down and then kick his ass all over this place! He needs to rot in hell for all that he’s done to Nick. Nick didn’t deserve to be treated that way. Shoot, no one deserves to be treated like that. Rape is a very horrid thing to do to a person.

“Come on Nick, please come over here, I need you,” I said, looking in Nick’s direction. “Please Nick, please let me help you. I promise, I won’t hurt you.”

“No Justin, I can’t… Just leave me alone here,” he said, lying down next to the window.

“I already told you Nick, I’m not going to leave you alone here. If you want me to leave you alone, first come over here and tell me to leave you alone,” I said, hoping that would get him to come closer to me.

“Why are you doing this Justin?” He asked, watching me as he stood up and then moved towards me as I got out of the wheelchair and then slid over to the sofa, panting hard as I sat back, happy that I didn’t feel in the process. JT’s going to be happy to know that I actually got out of that thing without hurting myself. Yay me.

“I want to help you Nick,” I said, trying to catch my breath.

“Fine,” he said, walking towards me. “I don’t want to talk anymore Justin, just leave me alone here please.”

“Sorry, I’m not going to leave you alone, it’s not that easy Nick,” I told him, grabbing him by the arm as I pulled him down to me. “You’re going to sit here with me. I’m not going to let anything else happen to you.”

“Justin please…” he said, looking at me with sadness in his eyes.

“Nick…” I said, leaning in and kissing his lips. “I’m not going to leave you Nick. I’ll be here with you, for as long as I can be. I don’t want to leave you Nick and I know you don’t want me to leave you. Just sit here with me.”

“Justin,” he said as I leaned in and kissed his lips again.

“Nothing Nick, we’re here right now, so just enjoy the moment, no words,” I told him as he lay his head down in my lap as I ran my fingers through his hair.

Across Town – The Home of Angela Sebastian – The Living Room

“You have some explaining to do Kevin. What happened with you two?” Angela asked as she sat down across from Kevin.

“Please Angela, that’s something I really don’t want to get into,” Kevin replied as he shook his head.

“That’s something you don’t want to get into? You better get into something, before I kick you out of here!” Angela snapped as she stood up.

“Please Angela, that’s a part of my life that’s a little bit complicated,” Kevin stated, shaking his head.

“Complicated? How complicated is it Kevin?” Angela asked.

“It’s complicated enough that I don’t even know how to handle it,” Kevin replied as he looked away from her.

“Are—are you gay Kevin?” Angela asked, folding her arms across her chest as she tapped her foot, watching him closely.

“No, I’m not gay,” Kevin replied, still not meeting her gaze.

“But he was all over you like a cheap ass suit,” Angela said as she shook her head, pacing back and forth in front of him. “You kissed him.”

“I didn’t kiss him, he walked up and kissed me,” Kevin stated, looking over at her. “Before I noticed you were there, you should’ve seen me push him away. It’s not what you were thinking…”

“What am I supposed to be thinking Kevin? We talk, you tell me some personal things about you and your friend that happens to be in the hospital where I work, you kiss me on the cheek and then you ask me out to dinner with you,” Angela said as she stopped pacing and then shook her head. “When it’s time to go to dinner, I see you in the lobby with a guy, kissing all over you like he was your man or something. Talk to me here Kevin… I want to know what’s going on.”

“I—I know how it looked, but I promise you, I want nothing to do with him,” Kevin spoke with a frown.

“I hope you’re not lying to me Kevin, if you are, I would hate to be you,” Angela stated as she walked down the hall. “I’m going to shower. I’ll be out shortly and then I’ll be ready to go.”

“I’ll be here, waiting patiently for you Angela,” Kevin replied as he sat down in the chair and held his face in his hand. “That was close. How am I going to break that part of my life to her? I like her and want to be around her, but my past is still out there. Sooner or later, it’ll all hit the fan and she’ll hate me for it.”

Almost 9 PM – Florida Hospital – The First Floor Veranda

“Justin… Justin, are you out here?” Kasai called out as he walked out into the veranda. “Hello, is there anyone here?”

“Shhh, he’s sleeping,” Justin whispered as Kasai approached the area where he and Nick sat, Kasai noticing that Justin was running his fingers through Nick’s hair.

“I’m sorry Justin; I wasn’t trying to disturb anyone,” Kasai whispered as he looked around and then back to Justin. “You do know that everyone’s looking for you. Daddy and your mom thinks something bad has happened to you somewhere in the hospital. Your mom actually thinks you’ve run away from here or something.”

“No, I’m okay here, nothing’s wrong with me. It seems everything is starting to look a bit better in my life right now,” Justin declared, looking down at Nick as he smiled brightly.

“Is he okay?” Kasai asked, motioning with his head at Nick. “Did something happen to him?”

“He fell asleep,” Justin answered as he sighed. “We were just sitting out here talking.”

“You two were talking out here?” Kasai said as he looked at Justin strangely.

“Yeah, we were just talking about the current events in our lives,” Justin answered.

“Okay then, you two sit tight. I’m going to call Daddy and let him know where you are so they can call off the search,” Kasai stated as he got up and then walked towards the door.

Sighing, Kasai turned and looked back at Justin and Nick and then shook his head. Walking back into the hospital, he walked towards the nurses’ station with a sad expression on his face as a few tears fell from his eyes.

“Damn it to hell… He’s found Nick and likes him,” Kasai said to himself as he walked down the hall, wiping at his eyes. “There goes my shot with Justin.”

“What did you say little man?” Steve asked as he walked up to Kasai. “Are you okay little man?”

“I—I didn’t say nothing,” Kasai responded quickly. “Justin’s in the veranda back there with Nick Canton. You can call Daddy and let him know that information. I’m outta here.”

“Kasai, are you okay?” Steve asked as he grabbed Kasai’s hand, trying to stop him from walking away.

“I’m fine!” Kasai snapped as he snatched his hand away from Steve and then ran down the hall, crying.

“What in the hell was that all about? Kasai! Kasai, come back here!” Steve called out as he ran down the hall after Kasai.

“No Steve, leave me alone! I just want to be left alone right now,” Kasai responded as he walked through the doors that led outside.

“Come back here little man, what’s wrong with you?” Steve asked as he looked at Kasai, trying to get in front of him to stop him from walking.

“There’s nothing wrong with me,” Kasai replied as he sighed and then sat down on one of the benches.

“Oh there’s definitely something wrong here. Talk to me kiddo,” Steve said as he sat down next to Kasai. “What’s going on here? What was that back there in the hospital?”

“I just told you that there’s nothing wrong Steve, I’m totally fine!” Kasai snapped as he burst into tears. “Everything’s wrong!”

“What’s the matter?” Steve asked, hugging Kasai.

“Nothing, everything,” Kasai responded through his tears as he looked down at the ground.

“Come on kiddo, you’re not making any sense here,” Steve said, rubbing Kasai’s back. “Does this have anything to do with what you saw in the veranda with Justin and Nick?”

“No, yes,” Kasai replied and then shook his head.

“You’re really confusing me here kiddo. Which one is it, yes or no?” Steve asked, looking at Kasai closely.

“Yeah, it has something to do with what I saw,” Kasai relied with a frown.

“What was it that you saw back there with Justin and Nick?” Steve asked as he looked at Kasai closely.

“I—I like Justin… I wish I was the one he likes,” Kasai spoke as he held his head down and then wiped at his eyes.

“Sorry little man, but you’re way too young for Justin. You know he’s a full grown man,” Steve stated as he draped his arm over Kasai’s shoulder.

“That doesn’t matter, I love him,” Kasai replied just as Mark walked into the area.

“You love who?” Mark asked as he walked over to where Kasai and Steve sat. “Did you say ‘I love him’ ? Who is this him that you love?”

“Oh God,” Kasai responded as he pulled away from Steve, got up from the bench and then took off running in the opposite direction.

“Oh great, that ended well,” Steve said as he rolled his eyes and then stood up.

“What’s going on here Steve?” Mark asked.

“He’s upset Mark,” Steve answered as he shook his head.

“Upset about what? What did you do to my son?” Mark asked as he glared at Steve.

“I didn’t do anything to him. He’s upset about something and right now, I suggest you go talk to him to find out why,” Steve suggested as Mark cut his eyes at him. “The kid is upset enough as it is. He needs someone right now to tell him that everything will be okay. Maybe he’ll open up and tell you what’s going on.”

“Maybe he’ll open up and tell me what’s going on? Why in the hell did he tell you?’ Mark asked, looking at Steve as if he were crazy.

“Yeah, maybe if you talk to him nicely and ask him, he might tell you what’s going on,” Steve replied as he shook his head.

“What’s your problem Steve? Why do we end up arguing all the fucking time?” Mark asked as he watched Steve.

“I don’t know Mark, you tell me,” Steve replied as he rolled his eyes and got ready to walk away as Mark moved in front of him, blocking his way. “Could it be that you’re an asshole?”

“Fuck you man,” Mark said as he shook his head as Steve moved around him and headed towards the hospital.

“Go find him and talk to him, that’s if you want to know what’s wrong with him,” Steve suggested as he turned and walked into the hospital.

A Few Minutes Previously – Justin’s Hospital Room

“I’m really worried here. Has there been any sign of him?” Lynn Hart asked as she walked over to where JT sat.

“None as of this moment Mrs. Hart,” JT answered as he looked down at his watch. “He couldn’t have gotten far, not without someone here in the hospital, helping him.”

“I hope he’s alright, wherever he may be… I hope he’s not somewhere hurt,” Lynn said as JT’s cell phone rang. “Where could he possibly be right now?”


“Hello, JT here,” I spoke, holding the phone up to my ear.

“Hey JT, I’ve found Justin, he’s in the veranda,” I heard Steve’s voice on the line.

“Well what are you waiting…” I said as Steve interrupted me.

“Listen, he’s here with Nick Canton,” he said as all kinds of thoughts went through my mind. What is Justin doing with Nick Canton right now? “They’re here together. Just call off the search party and let him stay here a while longer with Nick.”

“What are you trying to say Steve?” I asked as I looked over at Lynn.

“It looks to me like they’ve made a connection,” he said with a sigh. “I think something is developing between the two, don’t break it just yet. Let them have some time here.”

“Steve that’s not how things…” I said as he interrupted me again.

“This could be helping both of them. Don’t break them… this up just yet,” he said as I dawned on me what he was getting at.

“Okay, I’ll call everyone else, but you make sure you stay close by, just in case something else happens. Don’t let them out of your sight and keep them there,” I said as I closed the phone.

“Was that about Justin?” Mrs. Hart asked as Mr. Banks and his husband entered the room, followed by the young lady that seemed to always be keeping Justin company.

“I haven’t seen him at all,” Mr. Banks’ husband said with a frown.

“Neither have I,” Mr. Banks replied as he looked over at Mrs. Hart.

“You can all rest easy now. Justin’s down in the veranda,” I announced.

“Well let’s go get him,” Mrs. Hart stated, making a move towards the door as I waved my hand, stopping her.

“That’s not necessary Mrs. Hart, he’ll be brought up here later on,” I said as Mrs. Hart looked at me strangely as she crossed her arms across her chest.

“Is there something going on JT?” Mrs. Hart asked, watching me like a hawk.

“Let’s just say that he’s having a therapy session right now,” I said with a smile.

“What? He’s having a therapy session, at this time of night, you must be kidding me here,” Mrs. Hart said as she shook her head and made a move to walk towards the door.

“I’m not kidding you Mrs. Hart, he’s currently having a therapy session, but I’ll tell you more about that later on. Right now, I must go down to check to make sure things are going okay,” I said as I grabbed my things and packed them up in my backpack.

“May I come along?” Mrs. Hart asked, still watching me like a hawk. “I don’t care what he’s doing; I just want to make sure he’s okay.”

“I think it would be best if you just stayed here for right now,” I said, moving towards the door. “Justin should be back here very shortly.”

“I—okay JT, I guess I’ll stay here,” Mrs. Hart replied as she sat down in the chair next to Justin’s bed.

“Thank you Mrs. Hart,” I replied as I left the room to go find out what was really going on with Justin Tanner and Nick Canton.

Outside – The Parking Garage

“Kai! Kai! What in the hell is wrong with you?” Mark Walden asked as he grabbed Kasai by his arm, stopped him from walking and spun him around to face him.

“Just leave me alone Daddy Mark, just go away,” Kasai said, turning around quickly as he made a move to walk away, but Mark didn’t release his grip.

“What in the world has gotten into you boy? I’m not going away. What in the world is going on? You’ve been acting strange for the last couple of days. Are you in some kind of trouble?” Mark asked as Kasai tried to walk away from him as Mark forced him to turn back to him.

“No, I’m not in any trouble! Just leave me alone, please,” Kasai said as he broke down crying in front of Mark.

“Kai, what’s wrong? What’s going on? Why are you crying?” Mark asked as he pulled Kasai close and held him to his chest, hugging him.

“You—you won’t understand, you just won’t understand,” Kasai said as he continued to cry.

“What won’t I understand son? Just talk to me buddy, tell me what’s going on here,” Mark said as he rubbed Kasai’s back.

“I can’t, I just can’t,” Kasai replied as he sniffled.

“Look buddy, I know I haven’t been one of the easiest people to talk to lately, but I’m here for you Kai, all you have to do is talk to me,” Mark stated as he kissed the top of Kasai’s forehead.

“I—I’m in love with someone and they don’t love me,” Kasai blurted out as he continued crying on Mark’s chest.

“Lisa doesn’t love you and you love her?” Mark asked as he moved Kasai back a bit and looked him in the face.

“No, it’s not Lisa,” Kasai replied as he shook his head.

“Then who is it?” Mark asked with a confused look on his face as Kasai cried more.

To Be Continued…

The Chastayne Life – Chapter 4

Chapter 4 — The Past Comes a Knocking

Saturday Evening — Albany, NY — The Chastayne-Donovan Home – The Living Room

“Where is Kevin now baby?”  Alex asked.

“No one knows where he is,” JT replied as he looked down again.  “He’s been gone for so long, we all—we all think he’s dead.”

“That’s because he is dead,” Alex stated with a frown.  “You know as well as anyone that James isn’t going to allow any loose ends with his business.  Kevin was a very big loose end.  Right now, you’re a loose end to him and his business.  The one thing that James loves besides his family is his money and he’s not going to let you do something to cause a problem for his money.”

“I—I’m not worried about him,” JT stated as Alex shook his head again.

“You may not be worried about him, but I am baby,” Alex stated as he pulled JT into his arms.  “I love you and I don’t want to lose you.  Come on baby, I’m not ready to become a single parent here.  I along with those two boys upstairs need you.”

“You’re not going to lose me Alex,” JT stated as he leaned in and kissed Alex’s mouth.

“I hope you’re right baby,” Alex stated as he rested his head on JT’s shoulder as more of his tears fell.

Sunday Night — The Chastayne Family Estate — The Patio

“Well hello darling, how is my loving daughter doing this evening?”  Geraldine asked, walking out onto the patio as she took a seat in one of the lounge chairs.

“Hello Mother,” Ashley, the youngest daughter of the Chastayne children replied in a cold tone as she looked up from the book she browsed through.

“Why darling, why do I get the feeling that I’m treading through muddy waters, being here, talking to you right now?”  Geraldine asked.

“Did you hear what’s going on with Daddy and John?”  Ashley asked s she turned on the lounger chair to face her mother.

“What’s happened now?”  Geraldine asked as she fanned herself and then motioned with her hand, getting the butler’s attention as he walked over.  “I need a drink.”

“Yes ma’am,” the butler replied, walking over to the bar that was nearby as he picked up the Vodka bottle, filled a glass on the counter and then added some soda as he opened a box, picked up a toothpick with a cherry on it and then placed it in the glass as he carried the drink over to Geraldine, handing it to her.  “Madame.”

“Thank you,” Geraldine spoke as she turned her attention back to Ashley.  “It’s always something with the men in this family.”

“Mother, John quit the firm,” Ashley stated as Geraldine waved her hand dismissively at her.  “And then Daddy went to John’s house last night and tried to talk to him and they got into an argument or something.”

“Okay, hold the phone, what you say now?”  Geraldine asked, looking at Ashley strangely.  “They talked at the office when John walked out, but that was it.”

“No Mother, Daddy went to John’s house last night and got into a big argument with him,” Ashley stated with a mean look on her face.  “Why is Daddy always trying to start trouble with him?”

“You know how they are,” Geraldine replied as she snapped her fingers as a woman rushed over to where she sat.  “I need another drink Magdalena, make sure it’s stiffer than the one he made.”

“Yes ma’am,” the woman replied as a shadow loomed over Geraldine and Ashley.

“Whoever you are, you’re standing in the light,” Ashley stated as she turned around to see her father standing there.  “Sorry Daddy.”

“Hello Baby-girl,” James said as he leaned down and then kissed the top of Ashley’s head as he moved over to Geraldine and then kissed her lips.  “Baby, what are you doing here?  I thought you were going to be out with Dahlia and the other girls tonight.”

“Plans changed,” Geraldine stated as she looked up at James.  “So, what happened with you and John last night?  I don’t remember you telling me anything about it.”

“What are you talking about?”  James asked as Geraldine raised an eye at him.

“You know what I’m talking about James.  Don’t play dumb with me.  What happened with you two last night?”  Geraldine asked as she accepted the drink from Magdalena and then sipped it.  “Thank you, this is fine.”

“Don’t start no mess with me woman,” James stated as Ashley sighed, got up and then walked away, going into the house.

“James, I’m getting tired of this mess,” Geraldine stated as she looked up at him.  “There’s something with you every time I see you.  I’m really getting tired of playing referee between you and our children.  Enough is enough already.”

“I’ll say when it’s enough,” James stated as he looked over at Geraldine.  “We’re the parents, not them.  They walk around here, acting like they damn crazy!  I’m not going to have a child of mine, talk to me like I’m no damn body!”

“What did you expect to happen James?  You the one that had been spying on the boy,” Geraldine stated as she took a sip of her drink.  “Did you really think he was just going to be buddy-buddy with you?  He’s a grown ass man that has a life of his own, a life that you have nothing to do with.  Because you don’t agree with the things that he does, doesn’t mean you can do what you do.  There has to be boundaries James.”

“This coming from the woman that used to set up dates for her daughter and niece,” James stated as he shook his head.  “I’m not going to have you telling me how to deal with our children!”

“Either take my advice or you deal with the consequences when they cut you out of their lives,” Geraldine stated as she shook her head.  “From the sounds of things, John has already done that.”

“He can’t cut me out of his life, I’ll make him keep me in it,” James stated as Geraldine shook her head again.  “He…”

“Listen to yourself James,” Geraldine stated as she sighed.  “Do you think I enjoy being in this house with no laughter, no happiness?”

“What are you trying to say woman?”  James asked as he glared at Geraldine.

“There’s no happiness in this house James,” Geraldine replied with a frown on her face as she took another sip of her drink.  “Because of your actions, I can’t even have a relationship with my—our grandchildren.”

“What grandchildren?”  James asked as he looked at Geraldine strangely.

“Your son’s kids,” Geraldine stated as she took another sip of her drink.

“Our son doesn’t have any kids, he just have those adopted kidlets, that cause so many distractions for him, when he should be working for me,” James stated as Geraldine shook her head.

“For a man that claims he knows everything, you don’t know nothing,” Geraldine stated as she got up from the lounge chair and stood in front of James.  “Mason and Caleb are his kids, they are not adopted.”

“What do you mean they aren’t adopted?”  James asked as Geraldine shook her head and then walked past him.

“You’re a grown ass man, I’m sure you can figure it out,” Geraldine stated as she walked into the house.

“Excuse me, Mrs. Chastayne, you—you have a visitor,” a young woman spoke as she walked up to Geraldine.

“Well who is it Vivian?”  Geraldine asked as she looked at the young woman strangely.

“She—she says her name is Donna,” the young woman replied as Geraldine looked at her strangely as the young woman continued.  “She—she doesn’t seem well.”

“Where is she?”  Geraldine asked.

“She—she’s down in the study,” the young woman replied as Geraldine shook her head, handed her drink to the young woman and then she walked down the hall quickly.

The Taurus Club

“Hi there, may I help you sir?”  A woman spoke as she walked up to the man that had walked into the area.

“Your name is?”  The man asked as he looked at the woman closely.

“Sir, is there something I can help you with?”  The woman asked as she looked at the man closely.

“Why yes, you can tell me what your name is,” the man stated as the woman motioned with her head to a man that stood near the door.

“Why is my name of any concern to you?”  The woman asked as a man walked up behind the man she spoke with.

“I would like to know the name of the woman that is here in my building,” the man stated as the man that stood behind him, cleared his throat and then moved around in front of him as he stopped in his tracks and then covered his mouth quickly.

“Oh God,” the man spoke as he looked at the other man, looking as if he had seen a ghost as he shook his head and then stepped back.  “Who are you man?”

“You know who I am Dougie,” the man replied as the other man shook his head quickly and then backed up, turning to leave as the other man smiled, opened his blazer and then pulled out a gun as he aimed and then shot the man through the back of his head as he turned his attention back to the woman just as the body hit the floor and the woman covered her mouth quickly, trying to keep her scream from escaping her lips.  “Now, back to you.  Who are you and why are you in my building?”

“Oh God, you just… Ah… Well… My… Who are you?”  The woman asked as the man looked at her as if she was crazy as she took a look at the man that lay on the floor in front of her as she turned her attention back to the man that held the gun that was pointed at her.  “Please… Please don’t kill me.”

“Who are you?”  The man asked.

“My name is Janet… Janet Rayner… Please sir… Please don’t kill me,” the woman begged as she covered her chest as the man smiled at her and then lowered the gun.

“So tell me Janet… Janet Rayner, who are you working for here?”  The man asked.

“I’m not working for anyone here,” the woman replied as the man raised an eye at her and then held the gun out at her again.  “All right, I work for Mr. Chastayne… He—he owns this place, please don’t kill me!”

“If you holler like that one more time, killing you will be a reality,” the man said with a small smile as he laughed and then turned around.  “If you want to live, you’ll get your shit and come with me.”

“Go with you where?”  The woman asked as the man stopped walking and then turned back around.

“You can either come with me right now or you can stay here forever, resting in peace,” the man spoke in a cold tone as the woman’s eyes widened as she moved quickly, grabbing some things from a nearby table as she stepped over the man that lay on the floor and then stood next to the man.  “See, you see things my way.”

“Yes sir,” the woman replied as the man opened the door as the two of them walked through the doors.

“When the big man shows up to see that, he’ll know what’s up,” the man stated with a smile as the doors closed as he and the woman walked over to a waiting limo and then got in.

Half Hour Later — The Chastayne Family Estate — Geraldine’s Study

“Why in the hell are you here Donna?”  Geraldine asked, looking at the woman with a mean look on her face.  “For the life of me, I don’t understand why you chose to brang your nasty ass here of all places!”

“I—I came here because I had no place else to go,” the woman replied as Geraldine shook her head.  “Please Geraldine, please… I—I need help here.”

“No, you don’t need help from here,” Geraldine stated as she shook her head.  “I’m not traveling down that muthafuckin’ road with you again.”

“Please Geraldine, please help me,” the woman pleaded as Geraldine turned her back on the woman.  “I don’t have any place else to go.  My—my…”

“Can that shit Donna, I’ve heard it all before.  I’m not up to hearing your little story and I’m not fucking interested in it!”  Geraldine snapped, turning around as the woman clasped her hands together, acting as if she were praying.

“What am I supposed to do Geraldine, you—you were my last resort,” the woman stated.

“Do you think I give a damn Donna?”  Geraldine asked as she crossed her arms across her chest.  “Out of all the places you could’ve gone, why in the hell did you crawl your ass here?”

“I—I came here because you’re my friend Geraldine,” the woman replied as she stood up and then walked towards Geraldine.  “I came here because we were girls and…”

“Donna, that was way before you did what you did!”  Geraldine snapped, throwing her hands up..  “That boy doesn’t need to see you here!”

“But—but I want to see him,” the woman replied as she looked down at her closed hands.  “I’ve thought of nothing but him for the last… I couldn’t help it that Harold didn’t want a child.”

“You silly fucking bitch!”  Geraldine screamed, turning around and pointing her finger in the woman’s face.  “You should’ve chosen your child, not some damn man that turned his back on you when you really needed him!”

“No Geraldine, it wasn’t like that, really it wasn’t,” the woman stated as she shook her head.  “I…”

“That fool made you choose between being the mother of your child or being with has no-good, low-down, dirty ass!”  Geraldine screamed as she pointed her finger in the woman’s face.  “You made the wrong fucking choice Donna, but that’s okay!”

“I made the right choice Geraldine,” the woman stated, shaking her head as the tears streamed down her face.

“You are out of your fucking mind woman!”  Geraldine screamed as she pointed her fingers in the woman’s face.  “His dick wasn’t that damn good!  Hell, I’ve seen and fucked better!”

“G—Geraldine,” the woman said as Geraldine shook her head and then smacked her across the face.  “You… You…”

“Damn right I did!”  Geraldine screamed as the tears streamed down her face.  “That boy needed you, but you choose some damn man that…”

“I chose a man that decided to take care of me and not kill me or my child,” the woman stated as she sniffled as she pushed Geraldine backwards, trying to get away from her grasp.  “If I hadn’t done what he wanted, he would’ve killed me and Dylan.”

“What!”  Geraldine screamed as someone knocked at the door to the room.  “Go away!”

“Geraldine, open this damn door!”  James’ voice could be heard as the knocking continued.  “Open this damn door right now woman!”

“I said go away!”  Geraldine screamed as she turned and looked at the door as she shook her head.

“I’m not leaving from this damn door until I get some answers woman!  Open this damn door!”  James yelled as he banged on the door again.

“Fine,” Geraldine relented as she unlocked and then opened the door as James stood there watching her.  “What in pray tell do you want James?

“What’s with all the damn yelling woman?”  James asked as he walked further into the room and then looked around.  “Donna Owens, what in the hell are you doing back here?”

“That’s none of your business James,” Geraldine stated as she glared at James, walking around in front of him, trying to block his view of the woman.  “She’s not here to be your whore anymore James.”

“Woman, don’t you start no shit with me tonight.  I’m in no damn mood for anything you want to start,” James stated as he eyed Geraldine and then looked over her shoulder at the woman.  “I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow and I would like to get some damn sleep.  I can’t do that with all the hootin’ and hollerin’ you two are doing here.”

“Get out of here James and…” Geraldine said as James shook his head and then held up his hand, interrupting her.

“I’m going back to bed.  Don’t make me come back down here woman,” James stated as he pointed his finger in Geraldine’s face and then walked out of the room.  “Goodnight women.”

“Bye,” Geraldine stated as she closed and then locked the door again.  “Now back to your ass.”

“Please Geraldine, I—I need a place to stay and I… I would like to see Dylan,” the woman stated as Geraldine’s eyes widened.  “I’ll get a job and do what I can to prove to you that I’m a changed woman.”

“The only thing that’s changed about you is your damn hair color ho,” Geraldine stated as she shook her head.

“Please Geraldine, I—I just need some time to get back on my feet and then…” The woman stated as Geraldine shook her head and then sighed.

“And then what Donna?”  Geraldine asked as she turned to look at the woman.  “You get enough money and then you run off again?  Is that the plan you have in your head Donna?  Do I look like a damn fool to you?”

“No Geraldine,” the woman replied as more tears fell from her eyes.  “I—I just need a chance here Geraldine and you’re the one that can give me that chance.  I want to prove to you that I have changed.  I can’t do that without a place to live and a job.”

“Fine then Donna, you have a job,” Geraldine replied as she turned around and then pressed a button on the wall.  “Vivian, come down to my study please.”

“Thank you,” the woman spoke, getting up off the floor, dusting off her knees and then looking at Geraldine.

“To start, I’ll have one of the maids set you up, in a room here, in a different part of the house.  In order for you to stay here, you can’t tell anyone that you’re Dylan’s mother.  Do you understand that Donna?”  Geraldine asked as the woman nodded her head.  “Good, then see that you don’t break that rule and I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Thank you Geraldine,” the woman said as someone knocked on the door.

“Go ahead and get that, it’s probably Vivian,” Geraldine stated as the woman walked over to the door, unlocked and opened it, only to see Dylan Chastayne standing there.

“Dylan,” the woman spoke softly, backing away from the door as Geraldine’s head snapped up.

“What’s going on?”  Geraldine asked, moving past the woman to see Dylan at the door.  “Boy, what are you doing down here right now?”

“Hi Mom, I came to talk to you about something, but I see that you are already busy with a visitor, I guess I’ll talk with you in the morning.”

“You do that,” Geraldine stated as she ushered Dylan out of the room and then closed the door back.

“That was my baby,” the woman softly said as she looked down at the floor.  “He’s all grown up and he’s so handsome.  He looks like his father.”

“Yes, he looks just like that bastard and that’s not a good thing,” Geraldine stated as she turned back to the woman.  “Dylan lives in this house.  If you want to remain a guest here, you better keep your distance from him.  Promise me Donna.”

“I…” The woman trailed off ad Geraldine forcefully turned her around, looking her in the face.

“Promise me Donna,” Geraldine spoke as some more tears fell from the woman’s eyes.

“I promise,” the woman replied as she sniffled and then wiped at her eyes.

“You stay away from him and everything will be fine and dandy,” Geraldine stated as she sighed.  “I don’t need that young man getting to know you and then you up and disappear from his life again or better yet, you introduce him to that bastard of a father and cause a way bigger problem.”

“I’ll stay away from him like you said,” the woman responded as she looked down, wiping at the tears of her eyes as Geraldine shook her head.

To Be Continued…

Celebrity Fantasy – It’s Your Birthday

Title: It’s Your Birthday (1/1)
Author: JT Poole
Starring: JT Poole, Wes Ramsey, Tyler Posey, AJ McLean, Melissa Benoist and Julie S.
Rating: Who Knows
Disclaimers: I don’t know any of the celebrities mentioned.  I don’t know anything about their sexuality or any other bit of information about the people mentioned.  This story is all fiction, for entertainment purposes only.  It’s not real, so don’t take it for real life people.  Again, this is for entertainment only.  Nothing written in this little work of fiction isn’t meant to imply anything about the celebrities mentioned.
Warnings: ‘Love For All Seasons’ sang by Christina Aguilera.  I don’t own the song and I didn’t write it.



June 5, 2017 – Manhattan, NY – Club Synergy

I must’ve been out of my damn mind, agreeing to come out to this club when Julie suggested it.  I know it’s my birthday and all, but I could’ve just stayed home.  That was the problem, she didn’t want me staying home.  She claims that since she’s known me, all I do is spend all of my time at home when I’m not working.  In her words, “Every year on your birthday JT, you do the same thing, you stay home with Jinxy and that’s not how you’re supposed to celebrate a birthday.”  After all, she was trying to do her friendly duty to get me out of the house to have some fun.  So, to stop her from whining and poking at me, I agreed to go out with her and her other friends.


After a half hour ride on the subway and a short walk, we arrived at this strange place called the Synergy Club.  It didn’t take us long to get in, the bouncer looked at Julie, smiled and ushered us right on in.  I thought only celebrities got into clubs that quick, but oh well, here we are.  I’ve been sitting at the bar, knocking back sodas for about an hour while Julie was out on the dance floor, dancing with her friend Chip.

So far, so good.  Nothing bad has happened to me and I’m not being picked on or harassed by anyone.  I guess I can take that as a good sign and just go with the flow.  This place seems like a nice place to hang out, but I would rather be home, relaxing with Jinxy.  Turning around to get the bartender’s attention, I spotted Julie dancing with this cute blond-haired guy.  Damn, the guy was all up on Julie like he was trying to be a new part of her body or something.  My mother always told me that if you dance like that, a baby would be sure to follow.  Well, being that I’m gay, I don’t have that problem.  Finally getting the attention of the bartender, I got my drink and knocked it back.  I guess this is a good way to celebrate a birthday as any.

The DJ was spinning some cool tunes that had me bopping my head to the beat.  As I took another sip of my drink, I looked around and noticed a guy standing across the room, watching me.  Feeling a bit self-conscious, I grabbed my glass and moved to the other side of the bar, hopefully getting out of his line of sight.

“Hey JT man, come on and dance with us,” Julie said as she grabbed my hand, smiling widely as I looked over her shoulder to see the blond-haired guy waiting for her to come back.

“What happened to Chip?”  I asked.

“Chip is dancing with his friend, I’m dancing with my boyfriend AJ.  Come on JT, stop being a bore and come on, hit the dance floor with us,” she said as I caught another glimpse of the guy from the other side of the bar, watching me.

“I guess I can,” I said as an up-beat techno song started playing.  “Who’s that messing with your friend?”

“Oh hell naw, that’s that ho Melissa I was telling you about,” Julie replied, surely changing into diva bitch mode.  “She best be getting away from mah man before I have to kick that ass.”

“Julie,” I said as she held up her hand, stopping me from talking as she moved away from me quickly and the next thing I knew, I saw her pulling the woman by the hair and pushing her face into the floor, over and over again.  “Julie, girl you better stop before the bouncer gets over here.”

“Tiny’s a good friend of mine, he’ll probably help me beat this ho down!  Look at the SuperGirl wannabe beach.  You ain’t so super huh!”  Julie snapped as the bouncer walked over and pulled her away from the woman as she struggled to get away from him.

“Come on Jules, leave the heffa alone.  I’m sure she’s had enough,” Tiny, the bouncer said as he helped the woman named Melissa up off the floor and then escorted her off the dance floor.

“Julie baby, I need you to calm down,” the guy named AJ said as he wrapped his arms around her and then kissed her cheek.

“I’m calm now baby.  I just can’t stand to stomach the thought of Melissa putting her hands on you again,” Julie stated as a strange white guy walked over to the three of us.

“Hey Jules, the VIP lounge you requested is ready for you and your party,” the man said as he hugged her and then shook AJ’s hand.

“Come on JT, we’re about to celebrate your birthday,” Julie said, grabbing my hand as we followed the guy through the crowd of dancing people as I noticed that strange guy from earlier, that was watching me, was moving in the same direction.


What in the hell have I gotten myself into?  I’m at some club I’ve never been to before.  Julie’s kicking ass and I have some strange guy following me around.  This is turning out to be a strange birthday for me.  Since we’ve come into some light, I notice that Julie’s mystery boyfriend is AJ McLean of the Backstreet Boys.  Talk about someone leading a secret life.  I never knew she was rubbing elbows with celebrities.  Knowing how Julie is, who would’ve known that?  So I wonder what else my friend is hiding from me.

Since we came into this VIP Lounge, I’ve met AJ, his band mates, Grant Gustin, Alex O’Loughlin, LL Cool J, Chris O’Donnell, Eric Christian Olsen, Candice Patton, Danielle Panabaker and Carlos Valdes.  I was shocked that Julie hung around these people all the time.  You learn something new about your friends every day.  As I turned around to head towards the door, the guy that had been watching me from the dance floor walked in and AJ walked over and shook hands with him.  Stopping in my tracks, AJ led the guy over to me and introduced him as Wes Ramsey.  I knew he looked familiar when I saw him the first time; I just didn’t make the pieces fit.  It’s the hair; he looks nothing like he does when he’s on TV.

After an hour of socializing with most of the people in the room, I was ready to call it a night and go home.  Almost laughing myself to death watching Alex O’Loughlin get sauced was a good enough birthday present for me.  I bet that’ll end up in one of the tabloids soon.  As I made my way over to Julie and AJ, I noticed that Chip had come back into the room and he had Tyler Posey with him.  When I saw Tyler, I almost died right there.  Damn, the guy is hot… Even in a night club with drunk people around, he’s still hot.  Regardless of all of that, he can maul me anytime he wants.

“Hey Julie, I think I’m going to call it a night,” I said as she grabbed my hand and stopped me from walking away.

“Come on JT, please stay here with us.  The party isn’t over yet,” she said, looking at me closely as Chip, Tyler and Wes walked closer to us.

“Hi there, so you’re the birthday boy,” Wes said as he extended his hand to me.  “Are you enjoying your birthday?”

“I can say it wasn’t boring like all the others over the last couple of years,” I replied, not looking up at him.

“Maybe we can do something to make up for all the other years,” Wes said as he took my hand.  “Why don’t you join me on the dance floor?”

“I… Ah… Well…” I stuttered as I saw his hand move towards me as he lifted my hand to his mouth and kissed the top of my hand.

“Come on, I think you’ll have a better time with me, Tyler and Chip,” he said as he pulled me closer to him.  “I think us gay guys need to leave these hetero freaks alone.”

“I… Ah… I guess so,” I replied as Julie smiled at me as she went back to kissing on AJ as I allowed Wes to escort me back out to the dance floor.


Damn it, I couldn’t take it much longer; I had to have him in me and in me right now!  We had been teasing each other since JT’s party in the VIP lounge and I’m sure he was just as horny as I was.  When JT left with Wes, I had nothing more to worry about, well except for getting some and that is what I plan on doing and I’m going to do that right now.

I grabbed AJ’s hand and planted a huge kiss on him.  Our lips locked and our tongues began their sexual, lust-filled duel as I’m sure that was all that was needed to wake up what I wanted from him.  As I laid back on the leather seat in the back of the limo, I lifted my arms and took off my shirt, while he loosened the belt to my pants and snapped the button.  Breathing hard, I tried to get his shirt off as I kissed his mouth again, not caring that we had barely gotten the door shut.

“Oh God AJ, I really need you baby, I can’t take it any longer,” I breathed out as he leaned down and kissed me hard as he got my pants down and my bra off.

“Oh God Jules, you’re so hot!”  AJ exclaimed, attacking my neck as I started working with his pants.

I enjoyed the heat of his mouth on me.  I always loved the feel of any part of him in contact with me.  As he continued working me over, I could feel the shivers shooting up and down my spine.  At that very moment, I felt his hand move up my leg and he was rubbing my clit.

“Oh God!”  I screamed as he closed his mouth over mine to muffle my screams.

He began to move his hands down more but once he brushed my spot again, I knew I wanted him to keep doing that.

“Don’t stop AJ, don’t stop!”  I yelled, turning the tables on him as I pushed him down in the seat as I got his pants down his legs, leaving them hanging around his ankles as he leaned up on his elbows, looking me in the face.

“Jules, I can’t wait, I need to be inside you and now,” he said, looking at me with lust and desire in his eyes.

“What are you waiting for baby, you know what to do,” I replied as he pulled me close, attacking my breast as I shank down on his lovestick, feeling him slide quickly into me.


We had been dancing for a while when Wes pulled me close and then kissed me.  To say the least, I was shocked to hell.  What did he think he was doing?  He just made a big mistake and that’s a mistake I won’t let happen again.

“I’m sorry, I have to go,” I said, looking down at the floor as I moved away from him and then walked away.

“JT wait, where are you going?”  Wes called after me as I started moving faster, trying to put some distance in between the two of us.

“No, I’ve had enough of this.  I’m going home,” I replied, getting to the door as Tiny looked at me strangely.

“Is there a problem JT?”  He asked.

“No, I’m just leaving.  If you see Julie, would you tell her I went home?”  I asked, not looking up at him as he patted me on the back.  “Thank you and have a good night.”

“Goodnight JT,” Tiny replied as I got outside, heading towards the subway terminal.

“JT!  JT wait!”  I heard Wes call out, still walking behind me.

“What is it that you want?  You had your fun, now it’s time for me to call it a night,” I said as I looked away from him quickly, not wanting him to see my anger and my sadness.

“I’ve had my fun?  What about you?  Didn’t you have fun too?”  He asked as he reached out to touch my hand as I moved back from him.

“Yeah I did, a little bit too much,” I replied as I turned around and started walking again.  “Thanks for the fun, good night.”

“Good night?  I’m not ready to call it a night yet!”  He yelled behind me as I ignored him and kept on walking.

“Whatever,” I said, shaking my head as I continued walking.

“JT, don’t leave!”  He yelled as I stopped for a second and let a few tears fall before I let my heart knock me back into reality and I started walking again, heading for the subway terminal.

Just keep on going JT, he’s not going to follow you forever.  When I make it home, I can take a long hot bath and forget that this night ever happened.  That’s what I need, a nice hot both.  That should do the trick.

“JT please, I’ll just keep on following you,” I heard Wes say as I looked up to see that he was almost behind me.

“No you won’t man.  I know how to walk into a police station or somewhere and wait until you leave me alone,” I said as he frowned and then stopped walking.

“Did… Did I do something wrong?  I—I thought we were having a good time together,” he spoke as I noticed the tears in his eyes.

“We were having too much fun, the kind of fun that I don’t need!”  I snapped as I took a breath and then took off running for the subway terminal.

“Wait!”  He yelled, making a mad dash to catch up to me. “Will you just stop and tell me what I did wrong!  Can you at least tell me that?”

“You didn’t do anything wrong at all,” I softly spoke as I leaned up against the railing of the terminal entrance.

“If I didn’t do anything wrong, why are we both out here crying then?  It’s your birthday and I’m trying to help you celebrate it, but instead, we’re out here, shedding tears.  We should be somewhere happy, together,” he stated, stepping closer to me again and then lifting my chin as he kissed my lips.

Julie’s Condo

Damn, I’m surprised we made it into her place without drawing attention to ourselves.  I’m sure we did enough of that back at the club.  I’m sure someone heard her scream a few times while we were fucking around there.  I’m sure she had came at least two of three times before the car started moving to bring us back here.

When we arrived here I was shocked that we could run out of the car, get through the lobby and into the elevator without being spotted in our half-dressed condition.  As soon as we got in here, she pushed me up against the door and we got started again.  I thought I was the horn dog, but she’s an animal.

As soon as we were in her bedroom, she commanded me to sit on the edge of the bed and to pull my briefs back off.  As I sat there, doing what she wanted, she threw her pants and shirt across the room someplace and then she sat down in my lap, pushing me down on the bed.  Before I knew it, she was rocking her hips, back and forth, teasing my cock the way she was.

“Make sure you have some leverage baby,” she said, easing back a little bit more as I slipped back into my rightful place inside of her.  “I’m going to ride you like you were one of those horses on JT’s uncle’s ranch!”

“Oh shit yeah baby, you’re mind!  Whose ass is this?”  I asked, smacking her ass playfully as she licked her lips and then kissed my mouth.

“You know whose ass it is.  It’s been yours for the last year or more, but who’s counting,” she answered as she rocked her hips faster and harder, causing my orgasm to approach a little quicker.

“Stop that baby before it’s all over with,” I whispered in her ear as she took that as a sign to rock faster anyway.

“Do it baby, do it!  I want to feel your love!”  She screamed as someone banged on the walls.  “Mind your own fucking business!  I’m fucking my man over here!  Damn crazy ass neighbors!”

“Baby, you’re an animal,” I said as she rocked on top of me frantically this time as I knew she was climaxing.

“Oh God!  Oh God!  That’s it!  Yeah baby, that’s it!”  She screamed as she collapsed on my chest, breathing hard as I started to shoot my load as I held her tighter to my body.  “Oh Damn, that was so awesome baby.”

“Damn right it was awesome baby,” I said, kissing her as I could feel myself harden again.  “I think I need another round.”

“You need another round?  Uh oh,” she spoke, closing her eyes, knowing what I was about to do.  “Let me catch my breath first baby.”

“No time,” I said as I flipped us over on the bed as I placed her legs on my shoulder and then thrust into her missionary style.  “Shit yes baby, I love it like this.”

“Oh God, I think… Oh yeah baby… Shit yeah… fuck me baby, fuck me!”  She screamed as the banging on the wall started again.


“Look, I know something is upsetting you, but why don’t you just tell me what it is.  I’m sure we can solve the problem” I spoke as he looked at me and then looked down at the subway entrance.

“Look Wes, I’m just a normal guy.  I don’t just get into situations like this with…” He said as I kissed his mouth again.  “Wes…”

“Is t the celebrity thing JT?”  I asked.  “Are you scared this might turn into a one-time thing or something?”

“Yeah, that’s what you celebrities do.  You love and leave ‘em and I’m not really in the mood to have my heart broken again,” he said as he looked away from me as I could see more tears falling from his eyes.

“JT please… I’m not that kind of man.  I’m not going to love you and leave you.  I would like to love you and stay,” I said as I lifted his chin so he could see my face.  “It’s like love at first sight with me JT.  When Julie said that she knew someone that I would like, I thought she was pulling my leg, but you’re the most handsomeness man I’ve seen in a long time and I surely believe you have a nice heart.”

“You know nothing of my heart!  You hardly know me damn it!”  He snapped.

“That’s because we’ve been wasting our time with you running away and me having to chase you.  Please JT, will you please come back with me?”  I asked as he looked away, making a move to move as I grabbed his arm, stopping him as I started to sing to him.

Hey there boy did ya happen to know
Wherever you go I’ll follow
Ooh baby like a cool breeze
On a summer day

When you’re near me
I don’t know what to do
I feel like a fool
Like a school boy
A true blue boy
Who wants to know
Can you come out and play

You make me feel the way
A man is supposed to feel
Let me show you
Show you that my love’s for real

“I—I know that song,” he said as he looked up at me strangely.  “That’s Christina Aguilera’s song, ‘Love For All Seasons’.  I know you can sing and all, but you can’t be biting her song like that man.  That’s a beat down in the making.”

“I’m not trying to bite her song JT, it’s not like I’m going to rush into the studio and record it for myself or anything.  That was the only song I could think up to convey what I’m feeling for you right now,” he said as he smiled and continued singing.

I’ll be the rain in your summer
The chill in your fall
I’ll be watcha want
Anything at all

I’ve got a love for all seasons
A love for all time
I’ll be the fire in your winter
The sun in your spring
I’ll do what you want
Give ya everything
I’ve got a love for all seasons
A love for all time

“Oh really?  What’s to say that you won’t grow tired of me by daybreak?”  He asked as I shook my head at him.

“If I was going to grow tired of you, I would have done so back there when you made that mad dash down here.  I may not be older than you, but that run took it out of me.  How old are you anyway?”  I asked as he looked at me, looked down and then shook his head as I grabbed his hand.  “Age is nothing but a number, remember that.”

“I’m 42 and how about you?”  He asked.

“I’m 39, not that much of a difference,” I said as he looked up at me.  “I was shocked when you took off the way you did.  I wasn’t expecting you to do that.”

“I’m capable of doing a whole lot of things that you wouldn’t expect,” he said as I moved closer to him, hoping he wouldn’t push me away as he took my hand and held it in his own.

“I’m sure you are,” I said as he looked down again.

“I’m not looking to get hurt,” he said as he looked up at me again, looking like a little child would.  “I’m taking a big chance here and I don’t want to regret this.”

“I don’t want to get hurt and I don’t want you to regret anything either JT.  I feel the same way you do.  So I ask of you the same thing you ask of me,” I said as he pulled me in and then kissed my lips.  “Why don’t we go back to the club now?”

“No, I think we need to go to my house,” he said as he kissed my mouth again.

JT’s House

When we arrived at my place, the first emotion I felt was fear.  What if this does turn into one of those one night stands?  I know what, I’d be crushed is what!  As we stood in the living room, I started to get self-conscious about every part of my life and myself.  What in the hell does a big-time celebrity see in me anyway?  I would be some nameless person to add under his fucking belt is what I would be!  Damn JT, what in the hell have you gotten yourself into here?

Alright JT, calm down.  You haven’t done anything with him, you haven’t lost anything yet.  Just bow out gracefully and call it a night.  I don’t need to get my feelings hurt because I can’t hang with the rest of the world.  What am I saying here?  He’s Julie’s friend too.  She would probably ream me for this one if I do something to hurt this man.

“JT, are you okay?”  Wes asked, stepping closer to me as I tensed up a bit.

“Yeah, I’m okay Wes.  I’m just trying to work some things out in my mind is all,” I replied as I looked down at the floor as we moved closer to the bed.

“This is so cute, it really is,” he said as he kissed me on the cheek.  “JT baby, we don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.  This is our time.  Whatever we do, we do because we want to.”

“True, but I don’t know what I want to do to you… Oops, I can’t trust my emotions right now,” I said as he smiled at me.  Lawd, if I could blush, I was probably doing it.

“So, what is it that you would want to do to me JT?”  He asked, stepping closer to me as he kissed my mouth again, this time unbuttoning my shirt and then pulling it out of my pants.  “Does it involve something like what we’re doing right now?”

“Y—yes it does,” I stuttered as he nibbled on my ear as he pushed my shirt open and over my shoulders, allowing it to fall to the floor as he worked on my belt buckle next.

“How about this here?”  He asked, his hand resting over my crotch.  “It seems like that’s a growing spot.”

“It is,” I answered, my breathing picking up as he massaged my manhood through the cloth of my boxers, since he had slid my pants down my legs.  “I feel so underdressed here.”

“Why don’t you help remedy that situation,” he said, kissing my mouth again as I unbutton his shirt and then pulled it off him as I quickly moved to his belt, working hurriedly with his pants.

Damn, if he didn’t think of me as an aggressive person, I’m sure he’d changed that view by now.  Within seconds I had him completely naked, while I still had my boxers on.  He looked down and then smiled as he reached over and pushed my boxers down my legs as he stepped closer to me, allowing our cocks touch.

Oh God, this feels so fucking good!  It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten this kind of action.  Come on JT, get a grip man (no pun intended), don’t go showing your nervousness, now isn’t the time for that.  Just go with the flow and show him that you’re happy and enjoy the THINGS he’s doing.

“That feels so good,” I said as he eased me back on the bed and then sat down on top of my hips.

“Yeah, it does feel good JT.  I think it would feel better if it was exercising within me right now,” he said as he leaned forward, kissing my mouth hard.  “I want you JT, I want you to make love to me.”

Damn, this was getting intense and going a little bit further than what I had planned in my head.  The passion that was building between us for the whole night was being released now.  I sat up on the bed and then moved the covers away, sitting there admiring the man in front of me.  My heart skipping a few beats, I thought of a life of having this man with me all the time…


with the look of fear and excitement on his face, I’m sure I was moving things a little bit fast for him, but I knew he wanted it as much as I did.  I wanted to feel every inch of his body connected to mine and to start, I wanted the two of us to make wild, passionate, monkey love.

I pushed JT on his back and then climbed on top of him, straddling his hips.  Facing him, I leaned down and kissed his mouth as my ass lingered inches away from his cock as I gyrated my hips, feeling his cock rub teasingly on my ass.  Damn, I was so hot for his body.  I’m sure the love making is going to be spectacular.  Please God, please don’t let this end badly.

Moving things along, I felt his stiff cock teasing my ass and lower back again.  I leaned down and kissed his lips again as I wrapped my arms around him, holding him close as we continued to kiss.  Taking the hint, he wrapped his arms around me, bringing us even closer, or in my mind we were closer.  Damn, his manly scent is driving me crazy, making me hotter by the second.  God, if we don’t do something now, I might just shoot my load without him.  I don’t think I’ve ever been turned on this much.

Thank you God for allowing me to find such a beautiful black man that has so much love and emotion in his heart, that he’s scared to let it out.  Oh God, just let him fuck me and make me his.  I don’t know if I can take much more of this.  Sliding my ass down so that his cock would press harder against my back door, I kissed his mouth more and touched him to occupy my mind until things started happening.  With each touch of his cock to my ass, sent shiver after shiver up and down my spine.  Oh God, he doesn’t know what he’s doing to me here.

“Oh God JT, I need you baby, I really need you inside of me,” I said, moving my ass a little bit more urgently as he moaned.

I eased my body downward, letting his cock slide across my cock as he moaned a little louder.  As I moved down his body, I started paying attention to his neck, his shoulders and his nipples.   As I slid past his bellybutton, I used my tongue to lick around his navel quickly as he laughed at that as he ran his fingers through my hair.

Thinking of the song I sang earlier, those words were replaced with something by ‘2 Live Crew’ that would surely get things going here, but I held my composure enough not to do that.  This is his birthday and our first time.  We can save that ghetto ass stuff for another night.  Tonight is totally different and it’s going to be all about making him happy on his birthday.  I’m going to be making love to my—my new boyfriend.

Oh thank you God for allowing us to be lying here, touching and exploring each other this way.  I’m totally in control of things right now and I like this.  I’m liking this just as much as he is.  He seems to be happy with what I’m doing and that’s totally okay with me.  As long as I have him here, I’m going to act out a few things I’ve fantasized doing with the person I would fall in love with.

“Don’t be afraid to ask me to do something you want me to do, I’ll do it you know,” I said as he nodded his head as he opened his eyes.

Looking up at me, I saw that lustful look in his eyes and I knew he was thinking about some of the things I wanted to do.  This guy is really out for my heart.  The closer I got to his dick, I would tease him by touching his balls or going back up to kiss his mouth quickly, causing him to tremble a bit.  As I got back up to what he was begging me to get to, I held his cock in my hand and then licked the precum that had settled at the tip of his dick.

“Oh God Wes, do it, I need that so much,” he whispered, urging me to keep going with his hands on my head and his thighs, rubbing my chest.

I knew he wanted me to suck him, his eyes told the whole story for him.  Watching him, I went down on his dick and then came all the way off of it quickly as he gasped.  Not taking my eyes off his, the look on his face said that he wasn’t happy with what I just did, but he wasn’t angry either.  The sounds coming from his mouth told me that he was really in need of me pleasuring him and he wasn’t in the mood for more of my teasing.  Kissing the side of his leg, I decided to give him what he wanted.  Using my tongue to lick teasingly around the head of his cock, he moaned out and then grabbed the sheets as he thrust his hips upward.  Taking him fulling into my mouth, I sucked his dick and played with his balls.

“Oh God yes!”  He exclaimed, his voice ringing throughout the room as he pounded his fist into the mattress.

Massing his dick with my tongue, I made love to his dick as he thrust his hips upward, fucking my mouth.  Not wanting him to cum, I pulled off of him and paid some attention to his balls and his taint.  Opening his legs more to give me access, he allowed me to use my tongue and fingers to play with his ass.

“That feels so good Wes.  Don’t stop, please don’t stop,” he moaned as I caressed his legs.

Upon my return to his cock, I found it covered with more precum, which had oozed out and down the side.  I knew that it was now time to give him what he really wanted.  Tapping his legs to get his attention, he looked up at the smile on my face.

“Are you ready baby?”  I asked.

“You know I’m ready baby,” he replied, smiling widely as the realization hit that we needed some lube and a condom.

Rolling around on the bed, he opened the nightstand drawer, pushing things around inside the drawer, finding the lube and a condom and then returning to his original position.  Positioning myself over him, I stroked his dick a bit while applying the condom and the lube.  Getting everything ready for our first time, I crawled back up the bed to kiss his mouth as he wrapped his arms around me and then pulled me down to him.

Damn, I’m so starting to like this more and more.  I’ve been craving this for a long time now and I have it.  As my mind was occupied with things of the future, I hardly noticed his manhood sliding into my ass as he thrust into me and I felt his pubic hair on my ass.  In one big swoop, he was all in me, all seven and a half inches of him.  God, this feels so wonderful.  It’s been a while since I gave myself to anyone like this.


I awoke to some strange noises outsides of the bedroom and the smell of coffee.  I crawled out of bed and searched the floor for any signs of my underwear.  As I walked into the bathroom to handle my morning ritual, I wondered to myself was last night all a dream.  Sighing, I took a piss and then washed my face.  Looking at the reflection of myself in the mirror, I sighed again and then brushed my teeth as the smell of eggs, grits and bacon filled my nostrils.  Strolling into the kitchen, I spotted Wes cooking breakfast and saw Julie sitting at the table with a cup of coffee in one hand and the newspaper in the other.

“Well look who decided to wake up.  How you doing sleeping beauty?  Did you sleep well?”  Julie asked, looking over the top of the paper at me.

“I hope he slept alright, he had me to keep him company in that big boring bedroom,” Wes stated as he turned the gas off and then walked over, kissing my mouth as he playfully smacked my ass.

“Yeah, I slept all right,” I said with a smile as he walked back over to the stove.

“I hope you didn’t mind me raiding the refrigerator and cooking us some breakfast,” he said as he smiled and turned his attention to stirring the grits.

“No, I don’t mind at all, I’m starved,” I replied as Julie winked at me and then placed her hand on top of mine.

“Happy Birthday JT,” she said as she leaned over and then kissed me on the cheek.


The End

If I Ain’t Got You – Chapter 8

Chapter 8 — Revelations, Part 3

Dec 30, 2002 – Orlando, FL – Florida Hospital – Nick’s Hospital Room

“Hi there,” Angela said as she walked into the room to see a man sitting in the chair next to Nick’s bed.

“Hello Miss,” Kevin said as he turned around to see Angela.

“Hi, I’m Angela, his day shift nurse,” Angela replied as she extended her hand to Kevin.

“Hi, ahhhh, I—I’m Kevin,” Kevin replied as he shook her hand.

“I don’t think I’ve seen you here today,” Angela said as she looked at Kevin closely.

“Ah yeah, I stopped in this morning and left after the doctor was last here,” Kevin replied as he smiled weakly at Angela.

“Okay,” Angela replied as she held Nick’s wrist, checking his pulse rate. “So, are you a friend of Mr. Canton’s?”

“Yes I am,” Kevin replied as he took a seat again. “We sing together in a band.”

“You sing together in a band?” Angela said as she turned around to look at Kevin again. “Oh my God, I didn’t see it before. Nickolas Canton and you are Kevin Richards. You two are part of the ‘Fifth Avenue Boys’.”

“Right you are,” Kevin said as he looked down.

“Oh my, what happened to him?” Angela asked as she looked over at Kevin. “It doesn’t really specify a general problem on his chart.”

“I don’t think I can tell you that Miss, that’s not my place to tell you,” Kevin answered her.

“You may call me Angela or Angie,” Angela said as she walked over to the sink and washed her hands. “I’m done here. If you or Mr. Canton need anything, just let me know.”

“I—I will,” Kevin replied as he saw her to the door.

“Have a good evening sir,” Angela replied as she walked out of the rom and then back down to the nurses’ station.

“Who’s in that room Angela?” One of the other nurses asked.

“That’s confidential information, I can’t tell you that information Carly,” Angela replied as she turned around.

“Oh, it must be one of those celebrities then,” Carly stated with a smile.

“I can’t tell you that, so you might as well drop it girl,” Angela said as she walked down the hall in the other direction.

“I’m going to see who’s in that room,” Carly said as she looked down the hall to see if Angela was out of sight and then she walked in the direction of Nick’s room.

As Carly approached the room, she looked around to see if anyone was watching her. Smiling, she opened the door and peaked into the room as her expression changed when she saw Nick Canton lying in bed. Stepping fully into the room, she saw Kevin Richards sitting next to the bed, holding Nick’s hand.

“Oh my God, it’s Nick Canton and Kevin Richards of the ‘Fifth Avenue Boys’,” Carly said as she turned around and bumped right into Angela who stood there, watching her.

“What are you doing here Carly?” Angela asked as she stood there, tapping her foot as she looked at the young woman closely.

“I… Well… Ah… I… I was just trying to see who was in the room,” Carly replied as she looked down.

“Did I not just tell you a few minutes ago that information was confidential?” Angela asked as the tapping of her foot got louder as she shook her head.

“Yes you did, but I didn’t do anything wrong, I just looked in here,” Carly stated with a frown. “I didn’t hurt anything.”

“You did something wrong Carly. You broke hospital protocol. I’m sorry, but I have no choice but to place you on suspension until further notice. You will go before the board next week and they’ll let you know whether or not you still have a job here,” Angela informed the young woman.

“But—but I didn’t do anything that warrants my termination,” Carly stated as she shook her head.

“You broke the rules and this isn’t the first time that you’ve done something like this. You’re dismissed Carly, someone else will work the remainder of your shift,” Angela stated as Carly walked away from the room with a mean look on her face as Angela walked into the room. “I’m sorry Kevin; I hope she didn’t cause any trouble.”

“It’s okay Angela, she didn’t do anything,” Kevin stated with a smile at Angela.

“Are you okay? You look like there’s something wrong,” Angela said as she walked over to Kevin.

“I don’t think I need to talk about what’s bothering me right now. There’s just too much stuff going on,” Kevin replied as he looked away from Angela.

“Well if you change your mind, I’m here. I’ve been told I’m a good listener,” Angela said as she walked over to Nick and then checked his vitals quickly as she turned around to head towards the door.

“Hey Angela, I think I do need to talk,” Kevin said as he got up from where he sat. “Are you able to listen for a few minutes?”

“Sure, I’m available to talk and listen Kevin,” Angela replied as she headed over to the table in the room and took a seat.

“How about something to drink; we have coffee and cola,” Kevin offered as he opened the little refrigerator in the room.

“A cup of coffee would do the trick,” Angela replied as Kevin poured a cup of coffee for her.

“What’s your poison?” Kevin asked as he looked at her. “Dark? Light? Do you take it with cream and sugar?”

“Some cream and two sugars will do it,” Angela said as Kevin walked over with a cold drink for himself and her cup of coffee.

“So Kevin what’s on your mind?” Angela asked, taking a sip of the coffee.

“I—I feel partially responsible for what happened to Nick,” Kevin replied with a frown. “I knew he was having problems and I basically ignored him. I was too busy, dealing with things in my own life that didn’t even matter, that I didn’t want to see the things that were really happening around me, to him. When he was younger, I told him I would always be there for him, but when he really needed me, I wasn’t there for him.”

Kevin talked about things he didn’t know if he could even trust Angela with or not. As he spoke, the tears slowly streamed down his face as secret after secret slipped from his lips, entering her ears. Angela sat there with Kevin, listening to the whole sad, but true story, not paying attention to anything else around her. Opening his eyes, Nick got up from the bed and then walked over to the table and took a seat, starring at Kevin strangely.

“What’s up Kevin?” Nick asked as he watched Kevin and Angela. “Fuck, my head hurts. It feels like I’m on fire.”

“What are you doing up and out of bed Nick? I thought you would sleep the rest of the evening,” Kevin said as he looked at Nick strangely. “What’s wrong with him Angela? Why do his eyes look like that? He looks like he’s on drugs.”

“I’m not exactly sure, but I think it could be a reaction to whatever the doctor gave him,” Angela replied as she got up from the table and then walked over to the phone, paging the doctor. “I’m quite sure Dr. Donaldson can tell us what’s going on.”

“Doctor? Who has a doctor?” Nick asked as he looked between Kevin and Angela. “Are one of you sick?”

“You have a doctor Nick,” Kevin replied as he looked at Nick strangely.

“Why do I have a doctor? There’s nothing wrong with me,” Nick replied as he got up quickly and then looked around.

“Something happened to you and we—we had to put you in the hospital,” Kevin stated with a frown.

“I don’t know why, I feel perfectly fine,” Nick said, walking over to Angela. “Hi there, I’m Nick Canton and you are?”

“Hi, I’m Angela Sebastian, HNIC,” Angela replied as Nick smiled.

“What does HNIC mean?” Nick asked as he looked at Angela strangely.

“It means I’m the head nurse in charge around here,” Angela replied with a small giggle.

“So Kevin, is this your new squeeze?” Nick asked, looking over at Kevin and then back to Angela, remembering how he saw them sitting at the table.

“No, we just met,” Kevin replied, looking at Angela with a strange glint in his eyes.

“Then why were you two holding hands?” Nick asked, looking at the two of them again. “If you were holding hands, there must be something there.”

“Seriously, we just met today,” Angela stated as she looked over at Nick with a nervous facial expression.

“That’s right Nicky, there’s nothing going on. I needed to talk and she was here to listen to me,” Kevin stated.

“Well whatever. I think you two would make a cute couple though,” Nick said as he got up and then walked over to the windows in the room as Kevin blushed, looking away from Angela quickly. “Where are we Kevin?”

“We’re in Orlando,” Kevin replied as Dr. Donaldson walked into the room.

“What seems to be the problem here Angie?” Dr. Donaldson asked, walking over to where she stood near the phone.

“Mr. Canton woke up a moment ago and his eyes are bloodshot. He complained of headache and he’s currently running a fever,” Angela stated.

“Thanks Angie, let’s see what we have here,” Dr. Donaldson said as Nick lay down in bed at the encouragement of Kevin. “He has all the signs of being in anaphylactic shock.”

“There’s nothing wrong with me, I’m really okay here,” Nick replied as the doctor touched his skin. “Really, I feel fine.”

“So your headache is gone and you’re not burning up?” Dr. Donaldson asked, looking at Nick closely.

“I feel fine, really I do,” Nick replied as the doctor flashed his penlight in his eyes. “Can I go home now?”

“No, you may not go home young man. I’m going to order that you be observed here for seventy-two more hours to make sure that you’re really okay,” Dr. Donaldson stated as Nick looked at him strangely.

“I said I was FINE!” Nick snapped, glaring at the doctor. “I want to go home!”

“Listen to the doctor Nicky. He knows what’s best for you,” Kevin said as he moved closer to Nick.

“No Kev, I want to go home!” Nick screamed as he sat up on the bed with a pout on his face.

“Well you can’t,” Kevin said as he walked over to where Angela stood as the doctor wrote some things on Nick’s chart and then handed it to Angela.

“Will there be anything else Doc?” Angela asked as she wrote some things on her notepad. “I’ll make sure that the next nurse knows what to do.”

“Good, I’ll get an update from you in the morning,” Dr. Donaldson stated as he waved and then left the room.

“Can I say something to you Angela?” Kevin asked as he stepped closer to her.

“Yes you may,” Angela replied, turning to look at Kevin.

“I want to thank you for listening to me,” Kevin said as he leaned in and kissed her on the cheek. “Thank you for being here to provide your time.”

“No problem Kevin,” Angela replied with a smile.

“Look, are… yeah… ah… Are you going to be busy later?” Kevin asked as he looked down.

“My shift will be over around seven,” Angela replied. “Why?”

“Well… ah… Can I take you out to grab something to eat?” Kevin nervously asked. “Like dinner or something?”

“I will be honored to,” Angela replied with a smile. “I have a few minutes to go and you can meet me down at the nurses’ station or I can come back here.”

“Just come back here, that would give him a reason to be all sappy with you in private,” Nick said, looking at the two of them.

“Oh shush,” Kevin said, looking back at Angela. “So it’s a date then?”

“It’s a date Kevin. See you in a little bit,” Angela replied as she waved and then walked out of the room.

Some Time Previously – The Gym

“How are you feeling Justin?” JT asked, walking into the room with Steve and Kasai following behind him. “Are you ready to get started?”

“I guess I am,” Justin replied, wheeling over to JT and Steve. “What are we going to do?”

“Well first, we’re just going to do some stretching,” JT replied as he walked over to where there were some mats laid out on the floor. “Come on over here Justin.”

“Aye aye captain,” Justin said as he wheeled over to the spot where JT sat.

“Don’t forget to put your brakes on,” JT informed Justin as he laid his crutches down on the floor.

Justin’s POV

We sat there on the floor, doing stretches and pulling my body in different directions as I kept thinking about how I so wanted to be like JT. Like damn, he has it all. He has a man that loves him, regardless if he’s able to walk or not and he’s got a wonderful kid. That’s what I want. I want a lover for life, I want a kid like JT has that loves me regardless. I want to love someone. I always thought that I would be with Josh forever, living with our kids, but he fucked that all up. There’s someone for me, but where is he?

“Earth to Justin,” JT said as he tapped me on the arm. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m okay. I—I was just thinking about something,” I replied as he grabbed my left leg and started bending it in and out.

“I don’t want you phasing out on me man. Talk to me here,” he said as Kasai grabbed my other leg and started doing the same thing he did. “Are you feeling anything when we do this?”

“Not much, but I know you guys are touching me,” I told him.

“Well duh, we’re touching you. We’re flexing your legs man,” he said as he laughed. “What’s on your mind Justin?”

“There’s a whole lot of stuff on my mind. Just so much stuff swarming around up here,” I said as I looked over to see Kasai staring at me with a dreamy look in his eyes.

“What kind of stuff Justin?” He asked, massaging my leg.

“Just stuff,” I replied as Kasai matched everything that JT did to my leg.

“Okay,” he said as he waved at Steve. “How are you doing with getting in and out of the bathroom?”

“Okay I guess. I can use the bathroom, if that’s what you’re asking me,” I replied as I looked at him strangely as Mark walked into the room.

“Is he putting you through the ringer yet Justin?” Mark asked as he sat down next to JT and then kissed him on the cheek.

“No, not yet, but I feel it coming,” I said as all of them laughed.

“I’m taking it easy on him this evening honey. I’ll let him know when I get ready to work him like a mule,” JT said as I frowned as the others continued laughing.

Kasai’s POV

Dang I can’t believe I’m actually here, getting to touch Justin Tanner’s body. I shouldn’t be thinking about him like this, but he’s so damn sexy. I wish Daddy wasn’t here with us right now; I just want to wrap my arms around him and love on him. I wish it were just the two of us, someplace alone, getting to do whatever. I would let him take me, like Jeff did yesterday. I bet sex with Justin would be so fantastic.

“Kasai, Kasai, Kai? Are you okay son?” Daddy asked, shaking me out of my thoughts.

“Yeah, I’m okay Daddy, I was just thinking about some things” I replied, putting on a smile.

“What is this, the zone out hour or something?” Daddy asked as he shook his head as he directed Justin back up into his chair.

“Okay Justin, how do you feel?” Daddy asked, rubbing on his legs.

“I’m tired is how I feel. Please tell me that we don’t have to do this every day,” Justin said as Daddy looked at him and then smiled strangely.

“I think I might let you get some rest on the weekends, only if you behave yourself during the week,” Daddy said just as his cell phone rang. “Hello?”


“Hi JT, Angie here,” I heard Angie say as I wondered why she was calling, since I would see her in a few minutes, when it was time for us to get going.

“Hi Angie, what’s up girl?” I asked, looking at my watch.

“Nothing really,” she replied as I wondered what was really up. It’s not like her to not come on out and say what’s on her mind. “I’m just getting ready to go for the night. I’ll catch up to you and the family later on.”

“Is there something wrong Angie?” I asked.

“No no, there’s nothing wrong, I’m just a little bit tired is all,” she replied as I shrugged my shoulders.

“Okay, that’s cool girl. I’m still working with a client, so we’ll be here for a bit longer. So are you going to get dinner?” I asked, grabbing Mark’s arm and pulling myself up.

“Maybe later, I’ve had a long day and all I can think about is having a nice soak in the tub and then taking a nap,” she said, her voice rising an octave. She’s up to something.

“That sounds great, but you don’t need to be missing dinner,” I said, seeing if I can get some info out of her.

“Fine JT, I have plans with someone tonight. I might catch you guys tomorrow night,” she said as I wondered who the person was. Did she finally give the guy in X-Ray a shot?

“Alright Angie, maybe tomorrow night then,” I said.

“Yes, maybe, but I’ll let you know. Night JT,” she said.

“Yeah, night Angie,” I replied as I closed the phone.

A Little After 7 PM – Down in the Hospital Lobby

“I’m so glad you decided to go out to dinner with me,” Kevin stated, taking Angela’s hand. “I would like to take you some place fancy, but I don’t think you would want to go in your nurses’ uniform.”

“Some place fancy, hmmm, let’s see. My house is only a few miles away from here. I can go home and change and come back,” Angela stated with a smile. “Is that going to be too much trouble?”

“No, it’s no trouble at all,” Kevin replied as he checked his watch. “Or, I can follow you to your place, wait for you and we can go on to the restaurant from there.”

“Okay, that’s doable,” Angela said as she looked at her cell phone and then slid it into her pocket as she and Kevin walked towards the doors. “My car is in the employee parking area. I’ll wait at the stop sign for you.”

“Alright,” Kevin replied as Joshua Charles walked through the door.

“Well hi there Kevin, what’re you doing here handsome?” Joshua asked, stopping in front of Kevin as Angela kept walking, not noticing that Kevin had stopped.

“I was here to see someone,” Kevin replied as he tried to move away from Joshua, but Joshua moved back in front of him.

“Hey now, what’s the big hurry handsome? It’s been a long while since I’ve seen you,” Joshua said as he grabbed Kevin by the waist and then pulled him close, kissing his lips.

“No Josh, stop it. I’m not going to let you do this to me again,” Kevin said as he pushed Joshua away, just as Angela stood there watching. “Angela, ahhhh…”

“What’s going on Kevin?” Angela asked with a saddened look on her face.

“It’s not what it looks like Angela,” Kevin replied as Joshua tried to grab his hand again.

“What does it ‘not’ look like Kevin?” Angela asked as the expression on her face changed to an angry one.

“Angela, I can explain,” Kevin said as she turned and then walked towards the door. “Wait, please let me explain.”

“What is there to explain Kevin? Wait, whatever that was, it’s your business, not mine,” Angela said as she continued walking, not slowing down. “It looks like you and he are an item.”

“No we’re not. It’s not what you think,” Kevin said again.

“Then what the hell is it? I’m waiting for you to explain to me what it is that I think it was,” Angela sarcastically said as she pointed her finger at Kevin. “I’m waiting, well… why did you kiss him? Are you gay?”

“He kissed me,” Kevin replied, standing in front of Angela. “I wasn’t kissing him, I wouldn’t…”

“You wouldn’t what Kevin?” Angela asked, looking Kevin in the eyes. “Make a date with me and then turn around and then kiss this guy here, in fact, the same guy I saw in the ER earlier today. I should’ve figured, you celebrity types are all the same.”

“No we’re not all the same Angela,” Kevin said, looking down. “Please Angela, give me a chance here.”

“Give you a chance to what Kevin, lead me on?” Angela asked with a sad expression. “I’m outta here.”

“Good riddance if you ask me,” Joshua said, walking up behind Kevin. “Come on handsome, why don’t we go back to my place and do the horizontal mambo, like we used to.”

“Get the hell away from me Josh!” Kevin screamed as he rushed out the door towards the parking garage, trying to follow Angela. “Angela! Angela wait! Please… Don’t leave like this!”

“I’ve had enough of this! I’m going home; I’ve had a very long and tiring day. I don’t need any of this crap right now,” Angela said as she continued walking.

“Please Angela, please don’t go,” Kevin pleaded as they arrived at a car.

“I said I was going home,” Angela stated with a frown as she unlocked the car door, opened it and then got in.

“Fine, let me come with you,” Kevin said as Angela pushed the button on the door panel as the passenger side door unlocked.

“You better get in here before I change my mind,” Angela stated as she watched Kevin walk around the car quickly and then get into the car.

Later that Evening – Back in the Hospital – A Veranda on the First Floor

“Hey Bro, what are you doing out here?” Aaron asked, walking up behind Nick. “I thought you were up in your room still.”

“I was in my room, but I’m out here now,” Nick replied as he rubbed at his eyes and then walked away from Aaron. “If it’s not too much to ask, I would like to be alone out here A.”

“Why?” Aaron asked.

“Because I don’t feel like being bothered by anyone and it is—was quiet out here,” Nick answered as Aaron looked down and then sighed.

“Nick…” Aaron said as Nick shook his head.

“I just want to be left alone, it’s really simple,” Nick said with a sigh. “So just go ahead and leave me alone here.”

“I’m not going to leave you out here alone Nick,” Aaron stated as he walked closer to Nick.

“There’s no reason for you to stay here, just go away. Can’t you understand that I want to be by myself?” Nick asked as Aaron sighed again and then ran a hand through his hair.

“Is it me Nick?” Aaron asked as he moved around in front of Nick and looked at him closely. “Is it me that you don’t want to be around?”

“It has nothing to do with you A, I just want to be left alone,” Nick said as he walked over to the other railing. “It seems the concept of being alone escapes people. Is that too much to ask for in this place?”

“NO, ah… Well I guess not,” Aaron replied as he turned around and then walked away from Nick. A sad expression on his face, Aaron stopped and looked back at Nick. “If you need or want me, I’ll be in your room. I love you Nick.”

To Be Continued…

The Chastayne Life – Chapter 3

Chapter 3 — Duty, No More

Saturday Morning — Albany, NY — The Chastayne-Donovan Home — The Living Room

“JT?”  Dylan spoke as JT stopped walking and then turned around.

“No Dylan, why are you here?”  JT asked as he turned around and then crossed his arms across his chest.

“I—I came to talk to you about something and maybe—maybe get your advice,” Dylan replied as he looked down.

“Okay, so get to talking Dylan,” JT stated as he moved over to the sofa as Alex took Caleb by the hand, escorting him into the kitchen as more footsteps could be heard upstairs.  “Mason, stop that running up there!”

“Okay Daddy,” a little boy’s voice could be heard as Dylan frowned.

“Baby, if you need me, I’m in the kitchen,” Alex said as he stood at the kitchen door.

“Alright honey,” JT replied as he turned his attention back to Dylan.  “Okay Dylan, spill already.”

“How—how do you handle things?”  Dylan asked as JT looked at him strangely as he moved around the sofa and then sat down.

“How do I handle what things Dylan?”  JT asked as he watched Dylan’s face.

“How—how do you handle being the way you are?”  Dylan asked as he looked down at his hands.

“What way am I Dylan?  What are you trying to get at?”  JT asked.

“The—the way you are…  Being—being gay and all,” Dylan spoke as JT sat up straight on the sofa.

“Why do you want to know that Dylan?”  JT asked as he looked at Dylan closely.

“I—I’m trying to help out a friend,” Dylan replied as JT shook his head.

“Tell me Dylan, would that friend happen to be you that you’re trying to help?” JT asked as he glared at Dylan.  “Or would that friend happen to be Alan Quatermane?”

“Why—why did you ask that?  Why did you ask about him?”  Dylan asked, his voice shaky a bit as he stepped back a bit.

“Are you trying to help yourself or help him Dylan?”  JT asked as he looked up at Dylan.

“I—I’m trying to help myself,” Dylan answered as he looked down as a few tears fell from his eyes.

“I figured that,” JT stated as he stood up and then moved over to where Dylan stood.  “I asked because if you’re trying to help yourself, I can’t help you.  If you’re trying to help Alan Quatermane, the simple way to help him is to do what he says and stop playing to the likes of others.  It’s that simple Dylan.”

“Why—why are you treating me this way?  What—what did I ever do to you?”  Dylan asked, looking at JT with wide eyes.  “Why are you always so mean to me?”

“I’m not treating you any kind of way Dylan.  I’m being real with you, unlike other people,” JT stated as Dylan turned away from him.  “I’m not being mean, I’m just not sugar-coating things for you, like everyone else around you does.  You have to take into consideration, I am not those other people in your life that like to spoon-feed you crap.”

“You’re being mean, you always are,” Dylan said, shaking his head as the tears streamed down his face.  “You—you treat me like I’m a piece of shit on the bottom of your fucking shoes!”

“Dylan, keep your voice down.  While you’re in my house you’ll act like you have some sense in that head of yours,” JT chastised Dylan.  “I don’t want my sons hearing that kind of language.  When you’re here in this house, you’ll have a civil tongue in your head.”

“I—I think I better go,” Dylan responded as he looked down.

“Yes, I think that’s best,” JT said as he walked over to the door and then opened it.  “Dylan, I don’t appreciate the way you’ve acted here today and for future references, call first.”

“Thanks for nothing,” Dylan said as he walked out of the house as JT closed the door behind him.

Dylan’s POV

That was a big fucking mistake!  I should’ve never wasted the dame time to come here to talk to him.  How in the hell did he know about Alan?  Why did he ask about him?  No, how in the hell does he know what Alan wants?  Has Alan said something to him?  Is that how he know about Alan and me?

“How in the hell would he know about what Alan wants?” I asked, walking towards the car as I saw something move in the car’s glossy reflection.

“It’s not like you two are a big secret or something,” I heard Alex’s voice as he walked up behind me.

“Shit man, you scared me,” I said as he frowned.  “What are you doing out here?”

“The real question here is, why are you really here Dylan?  Out of all of the people you could’ve gone to, why did you choose J to come and talk to today?”  He asked.

“I chose him because—because…” I said as he interrupted me.

“Because he’s gay just like you are,” he said as I looked down.

“Yeah,” I replied as he shook his head.

“And J has known that for a very long time, the reason he talked to you the way he did,” he stated as all I could do was look at him.  “He’s pissed that you didn’t tell him sooner.”

“He’s pissed that I didn’t tell him sooner?”  I asked as he sighed.

“Dylan, he shouldn’t have had to find that out from other people,” he said, looking at me closely.  “That was something you should’ve told…”

“What!  Who—who told him?”  I asked.

“It seems like you’re always asking the wrong questions,” he said as he crossed his arms across his chest.  “Do you think that’s the question you should be asking Dylan?”

“I—I think I better just go,” I said as he sighed, shrugged his shoulders and then turned around as he started walking back towards the house.  “Thank you Alex.”

“Yeah, okay,” he said as he walked inside the house and closed the door.

So how did JT know my secret?  Who in the hell told him about Alan and I?  What in the hell is going on around here?  Am I being followed or what?  If JT knows about the two of us, then does the rest of the family know too?  Is that why I always get treated the way I get treated?  Damn it!

The Courtyard Albany — Justin Randall’s Hotel Room

Justin’s POV

Damn it!  I can hardly remember a thing that happened to me last night.  What in the hell did I do to cause me to not remember anything from last night?  The last thing I can actually remember was meeting that damn ho at the Taurus Club.  It seems like that’s where everything gets fuzzy for me.  Hell, if I didn’t know any better, I’d think someone drugged me.  I haven’t felt like this since that crazy ass rapper I met on tour a few months back, drugged me and then had his way with me for a whole weekend, non-stop.

“Damn Justin, what did you get into last night?”  I asked, walking into the bathroom as I opened the shower stall door and then reached in to turn the cold water on.  “I don’t remember drinking or eating anything, so how was I drugged, if I was?”

Damn, what happened to me?  What in the hell did I do?  Did I do something I’m going to be ashamed of?  Did I do something that I’m going to regret later on?  What could I have possibly done that I can’t remember now?  Maybe after I get a shower, my mind will work more and I can piece together what I actually did last night to end up here, feeling like this.

A Few Hours Later — The Chastayne Family Estate — The Backyard

“Alan, what are you doing here?”  Dylan asked as he looked around quickly and then rushed over to where Alan Quatermane stood at the back gate.

“Hi Dylan,” Alan replied as Dylan shook his head and then looked around the yard.

“No Alan, what are you doing here?”  Dylan asked.

“I—I came here to talk to you,” Alan replied with a frown on his face.

“You came here to talk about what Alan?”  Dylan asked.

“I—I came to tell you something,” Alan replied as he looked down at the ground.

“What do you have to say that is so damn important, that you came here of all places, to tell me?”  Dylan asked as he looked Alan in the face with a mean expression on his face as he looked around the yard again.

“Fine then, have it your damn way Dylan.  I am leaving this town,” Alan stated as he looked down as Dylan’s eyes widened.  “I—I’m leaving this town and I’m never coming back again.”

“What?  Why are you leaving Alan?”  Dylan asked.

“There’s nothing keeping me here,” Alan replied as he shook his head as the tears streamed down his face.  “I’m not going to keep wasting my damn time here Dylan.  I’m not going to wait for you to open your damn eyes.  I—I’m done with this!”

“Keep your voice down,” Dylan said as he looked around quickly.

“That’s one of the reasons why I’m leaving, that right there!”  Alan snapped as he threw his hands up and then turned around.  “If you love me like you claim, none of this shit should even fucking matter!  But I see now that you…  You know what, things will never change.  I’m outta here!”

“Alan!  Alan wait!”  Dylan snapped as he followed behind Alan as he walked through the yard.

“Leave me alone Dylan, go back to your fucked up family on the damn hill!  Go be with them!”  Alan screamed as he pushed Dylan backwards, causing him to fall down to the ground.

“Alan, this is hurting me, I love you!  I don’t want you to leave me!”  Dylan screamed as he sat on the ground as the tears streamed down his face.  “If it means telling the whole world that I love you, to keep you here with me, then that’s what I’ll do!”

“It’s more than just that Dylan and you know it,” Alan said as he turned to face Dylan.  “I—I’m tired of hiding my love for you!  I’m tired of having to see you in a damn alley or on a deserted damn highway!   I’m not some damn street urchin that you have to hide!”

“I know that baby and I—I’m sorry if I made you feel that way,” Dylan stated as Alan walked to where he sat on the ground and then sat down too.

“Sometimes you made me feel like a cheap whore that you picked up off the damn street and paid for,” Alan said as he looked down as he took Dylan’s hand in his own.  “I didn’t like that feeling and I never want to feel that way again.”

“I’m sorry baby, I didn’t mean…” Dylan trailed off as a shadow loomed over the two of them as he looked around quickly as his eyes widened.  “Shit!”

“What in the hell is going on out there?  Are my eyes deceiving me?”  James asked, standing in front of Dylan and Alan.  “What in the hell is this boy?  Are you a fruit too?”

“Dad wait, let me explain,” Dylan said as he released Alan’s hand and hurried to his feet.

“What is there to explain boy?”  James asked as he looked at Dylan and then looked down at Alan.  “Now I know what al the buzz was, it wasn’t JT they were talking about, it was you!”

“What—what are you talking about Dad?”  Dylan asked as he looked at James strangely, scratching at his head as James shook his head and then turned around.

“So it seems I have another fruity ass son,” James said as he threw his hands up and then started walking towards the house.  “It must be something in the damn water around here for the gays to keep popping up!”

“So what is it going to be Dylan?”  Alan asked as Dylan looked at him and then looked at the door that James had just walked through.  “Am I leaving here or am I staying?”

“I—I…” Dylan stuttered as Alan sighed and then shook his head.

“I’ll make the decision for you,” Alan said as he turned and started walking away.

“No!”  Dylan screamed as he ran to catch up to Alan, grabbed his arm and spun him around to face him as he leaned in and then kissed his mouth.  “I’m not letting you leave me!”

“Don’t you ever let me down again,” Alan said as he pointed his finger in Dylan’s face.  “If you love me, you’ll never place anyone else above me.”

“I do love you Alan,” Dylan stated as he turned and looked at the door to see that James was still standing there, watching the two of them.  “Dad, this is Alan Quatermane, he’s my lover.  I love him and nothing’s going to change that.”

“For now,” James said as he glared at both men and then turned and walked into the house.

The Courtyard Albany — Justin Randall’s Hotel Room

Justin’s POV

As I finished my shower, I stepped out of the shower stall, dried my body off and then walked back into the main room with the towel wrapped around my waist.  Contemplating on what I should do about my headache and what I needed to do for the day, I stopped in my tracks when I noticed a pair of red silk panties lying on the floor.  Okay, I know those aren’t mind.  Scratching at my head, I walked over to where the panties lay on the floor, knelt down and then picked them up, eyeing them closely.

“I wonder who these could belong to.  It’s been a very long while since I bought myself something like this and plus this isn’t my size,” I said as I inspected the soft silky material in my hand.

Damn, did I bring someone back here with me last night?  Or is this a souvenir from my little escapade at the brothel?  Normally, I don’t bring things back with me, but maybe I did this time.  Since I can’t remember anything that happened last night, maybe these will help me put the pieces together of what I did.

“Good morning,” I heard behind me as I turned around quickly to see the ‘ho’ from the brothel I was fooling around with last night.

“Morning,” I replied, looking at her as if she were crazy because I was wondering what she was doing here.  “Ah… Why are you here?”

“You invited me here,” she replied as she looked at me strangely.

“I invited you here?  I invited you here to this room?”  I asked as she nodded her head and then walked closer to where I stood.

“Oh thanks, I’ve been looking all over for those,” she said, motioning with her head at the panties in my head.

“Here you go,” I said, handing her the panties as she smiled wickedly at me as she used her finger to trace the top of the towel’s edge, almost tickling the skin of my waistline.

“I heard the shower running.  I’m in need of some freshening up.  Do you want to finish things off with a shower?”  She asked, licking her lips.

“Ah… I… Well… No thank you.  I think last night was enough for me,” I replied as she shrugged her shoulders, turned around and then walked over to the sofa as she took a seat and then pulled the panties up her legs as she smiled once more.  “Besides, I have a full agenda that I need to get started on.”

“It was fun, but I have to get my day started also,” she stated as she slid her shoes on and then got up from the sofa as she started pulling at her dress, turning it around the right way as she looked at me and then smiled.  “If you ever want my services again, you know how to find me.”

“Ah… Yeah, okay miss, thanks,” I said as she walked over, kissed my cheek, patted me on the ass and then walked to the door and opened it.

“Until next time handsome,” she said as she walked out and then closed the door behind her.

Damn it!  Damn it!  What in the hell did I—we do last night?  The way she’s acting and the way things look, we must’ve fucked!  I don’t know what in the hell we did last night, but whatever it was, it was fun for her.  What in the hell happened to me last night?  Was she responsible for the way my head feels right now?  Did she do something to me?  Did she take from me?

Sighing, I walked into the other room in search of my wallet.  I found it and all of my other things in their proper place, like they should be.  So far, nothing’s missing.  So, if she didn’t rob me, what actually happened to me?  Did we just have sex and that was it?

“Hell, I guess she’s one of those honest hoes,” I said as I walked over to my bags to get dressed for the day.  “I wonder what JT and Alex is going to say about this one.”

The Home of Dr. Gregory Sheldon — The Master Bedroom

“So what in the hell did you tell him Greg?”  Julie, Dr. Sheldon’s wife asked as she stood in front of him with her arms crossed across her chest.  “What are you going to do?”

“I don’t know what to do,” Dr. Sheldon stated as he shook his head.  “I was supposed to have given him an answer already, but I haven’t yet.”

“Greg!”  Julie snapped as Dr. Sheldon shook his head.

“He told me that if I didn’t work for him, I would be unemployed,” Dr. Sheldon stated with a sigh as he shook his head.

“What?  I don’t think—then again, maybe he would do something like that,” Julie spoke as she shook her head.

“He—he’s trying to blackmail me about some other things,” Dr. Sheldon stated as he shook his head.

“He’s trying to blackmail you, how so?”  Julie asked as she watched her husband, tapping her foot as she waited for his answer.

“He—he knows about my medical issues,” Dr. Sheldon replied as Julie shook her head.

“Everyone knows about your medical issues Greg,” Julie stated, continuing to tap her foot on the floor as Dr. Sheldon flinched and then sighed.  “What does this man have on you Greg?”

“He—he thinks that he can use my past with drugs against me,” Dr. Sheldon replied with a frown as Julie looked at him and t hen shook her head.

“I don’t believe that’s all,” Julie stated, pointing her finger in Dr. Sheldon’s face.

“That’s all that it is baby,” Dr. Sheldon stated as he looked down at the floor as there was a knock on the door.  “Who could that be at a time like this?”

“Why don’t you go see who it is,” Julie stated as she turned around and then walked out of the room.

“Damn.  This isn’t going to get any better,” Dr. Sheldon stated as he walked through the house, getting to the front door and then opening it.  “Ari?  What are you doing here?”

“We need to talk and we need to talk right now,” Dr. Ari Campbell, Dr. Sheldon’s friend and colleague stated with a nervous look on his face as Dr. Sheldon looked around outside and then stepped outside.

“What is it that we need to talk about Ari?”  Dr. Sheldon asked as he grabbed the man by the arm and then pulled him over to a shaded area of the yard.  “Are you out of your fucking mind?”

“Right now, yes I’m out of my fucking mind,” Dr. Campbell replied with a sigh.  “I—I got a visitor today and I’m not happy with what was told to me.”

“Who visited you?  What did they say?”  Dr. Sheldon asked as he turned and looked at the door.

“James Chastayne visited me along with a few of his damn thugs.  Basically, he made me an offer I shouldn’t refuse,” Dr. Campbell stated with a frown on his face.

“I think I was offered the same thing,” Dr. Sheldon stated with a frown.  “Were you told to work for him or else?”

“Yes, that’s what I was told.  He said I work for him or he’ll expose what we did,” Dr. Campbell stated with a frown.  “That fucker has pictures of us together… He has pictures of us in compromising positions!”

“Shhhh!  Keep your fucking voice down!  I don’t want my wife to hear what we’re talking about,” Dr. Sheldon stated as he shook his head.  “How in the hell did he get pictures of us?  Who could’ve taken then?  When were they taken?”

“I don’t know who took them, when or where,” Dr. Campbell stated as he shook his head.  “The pictures just show us in a bed, fucking.  You can tell it’s us.”

“What are we going to do?”  Dr. Sheldon asked.

“It looks like we have no choice but to work for him, being that he has us by the balls,” Dr. Campbell stated as Dr. Sheldon shook his head.

“I’m not going to let that fucker use us,” Dr. Sheldon stated as he turned his back to the man.  “We haven’t done anything since I got married and I’m not going to…”

“It’s not just you here,” Dr. Campbell stated as he pushed Dr. Sheldon’s shoulder.  “I’m in this mess too, when I shouldn’t be.  They didn’t want me, they wanted you and you turned them down, so they went after me.  Thanks to you, I’m on the damn chopping block too!”

“Keep your voice down damn it,” Dr. Sheldon stated, pointing his finger in the man’s face.

“No, I’m not going to keep my voice down.  I don’t want to work for those…” Dr. Campbell stated as Dr. Sheldon pushed him against the wall.

“I’m not trying to get in bed with those damn thugs,” Dr. Sheldon stated as Dr. Campbell looked down.  “You know once you get mixed up with them, they’ll never let you go.  You’ll have to keep working and work, never getting the chance to get away from them.”

“From what the bastard told me, either I work for him or everyone would know about the affair I had with you.  I—I’ll never be able to work as a doctor around here again!”  Dr. Campbell yelled as Dr. Sheldon sighed as the door to the house opened as Julie stood there with a mean look on her face.

“Oh God,” Dr. Campbell said as he looked up to see Julie standing at the door.  “Oh no… How—how much did you hear?”

“I heard enough,” Julie replied as she looked at Dr. Sheldon, motioning with her head for him to come inside the house.  “I think you need to leave Dr. Campbell.”

“Yeah, I think I better go.  We—we’ll continue this some other time,” Dr. Campbell stated as he walked out of the yard as Dr. Sheldon walked back into the house.

Early Evening — The Chastayne-Donovan Home — The Living Room

“I’m so glad this day is almost over,” JT stated as he walked into the house.  “So, are the boys upstairs and in bed?”

“Yeah baby, both of them are in bed,” Alex replied as he looked over at JT.  “Is everything okay with the Chastayne family?”

“Yes, the family drama is still in full swing, as always,” JT responded as he sat down on the sofa next to Alex and then leaned in, kissing his lips.  “What’s this?”

“It’s the script for the new season’s opener,” Alex replied with a smile as he flipped some pages and then showed them to JT.  “The new show director sent this and some other things over earlier today, while you were gone, handling things with the mob.  The guy is really trying way too hard…”

“Speaking of trying to hard, have you spoken with Scott?”  JT asked as he glared at Alex.

“No, I haven’t spoken with him.  I need to call him to talk over some things,” Alex stated as JT shook his head.

“How are things going with you two?”  JT asked as he yawned and then stretched his arms over his head.

“With all the things I’ve seen and heard, he’s headed for a divorce,” Alex replied with a frown.  “Things between him and her are getting worse.  All they do is fight about the time that he’s away filming and that he’s never there for her and the kids.”

“That’s not good, but considering the way she acts at time, I wouldn’t want to be home with her either,” JT stated as Alex shook his head.  “Hmmm, that gives me an idea.  I can get a job working for…”

“Baby, I thought you decided that you were going to stay home for a bit and let me bring home the bread,” Alex stated as the doorbell rang.  “Oh, who in the hell could that be?”

“I’ll go see who it is,” JT stated as he got up off the sofa, walked out of the room and then turned the corner to look out the curtains as he sighed and shook his head.  “What in the hell does he want?”

“Who is it baby?”  Alex called out. “Is there something wrong?”

“I don’t know yet, Dad’s outside,” JT replied with another sigh as he rolled his eyes and then opened the door.  “Is there something that you want Dad?  Didn’t I just see you a few minutes ago?”

“I wasn’t done talking to you,” James stated as he got in JT’s face.

“I was done talking to you,” JT replied, making a move to close the door as James pushed the door back open, almost knocking JT backwards.  “The hell!”

“Baby, be cool,” Alex said as James smiled at him.

“You better listen to the white boy,” James stated as he moved back in front of JT.  “I’m not going to just let you walk away!  You’re part of this damn family and you need to start acting like it!”

“Ah, no thank you,” JT replied as he shook his head.  “I’m not going to work for you any longer Dad.  That ship has officially sailed.  Go ahead and let that thought sink in.”

“Is that how you really want it boy?”  James asked as he looked at JT.  “Don’t make me do something to fuck up your happy life here with the white boy.”

“Are you threatening me Dad?”  JT asked as he looked at James closely.  “If you are, that’s perfectly fine with me.”

“Baby, please…” Alex said as JT held up his hand, stopping him from saying more.

“You may be my father, but I don’t have to do what you say.  I’m a grown damn man and I’m not going to let you talk to me any way you want to, in my own damn house.  Get out of her and don’t you come back anymore.  As of this moment, you’re not welcomed here ever again,” JT stated as he turned his back to James as James shook his head, pointed at the back of JT’s head and then walked outside as JT closed the door.

“B—baby, what have you done?”  Alex asked as he moved over to JT quickly, hugging him close to his chest.

“Something that needed to be done years ago,” JT stated as he shook his head.  “One day he’ll realize that he can’t control the lives of those around him.  I’m not one of his thugs that do his bidding in the streets.  I’m not going to allow him to control me like a damn robot.”

“I hope you know what you’re doing baby.  I—I don’t want to lose you,” Alex stated as the tears streamed down his face.  “He’s crazy… You know he always does what he can to get what he wants.  I don’t want him taking you away from me.”

“He’s not going to take me away from you.  I’m not going to leave you because of him,” JT stated as he waved his hand dismissively.

“No baby, you’re not getting it!”  Alex snapped as JT stopped moving and turned to look at him.

“Your father is crazy.  I don’t want him to kill you, like he killed your older brother,” Alex stated as JT’s eyes widened as he stepped back.  “I—I’m sorry baby.”

“Why did you bring that up?”  JT asked as he looked down.

“Because it needed to be brought up JT,” Alex stated as he lifted JT’s chin, looking him in the eyes.  “You’re just like Kevin… Come on Baby, you know about your father’s dealings, just like he did.  When the heat got too strong around your brother, James made sure he handled his business and Kevin didn’t talk.”

“Alex, that—that’s not the case.  I—I don’t think…” JT trailed off as Alex shook his head.

“If this isn’t the case, where is Kevin now?”  Alex asked as JT looked down again as the tears fell from his eyes.

To Be Continued…

The Chastayne Life – Chapter 2

Chapter 2 — The Spying Lies

Friday Afternoon — Albany, NY —Chastayne, Crestmore and Johnson Law Office — JT’s Office


Yes, it’s almost that time!  I’m so thankful that this day is almost over.  After deal with three cases, four motions and a mediation session, I’m ready to call it a day.  I’m past ready to get home so I can relax and try to let the stress of this day flee from my body.  I have one more thing to do and then I’m going to sneak out of here and get home so that Alex, the boys and I can start our weekend.  I know we haven’t made plans yet, but I’m sure we’ll think of something to do to enjoy our time.

“Excuse me, JT you have a call on line two.  The woman says she’s from the school your kids go to,” my secretary informed me as she stood in the doorway, looking at me with a serious expression on her face.

“What?  I hope there’s nothing wrong,” I said, picking up the phone and pressing the button to answer the waiting call. “Hello, this is John, may I help you?”

“Hello Mr. Chastayne, this is Deanna Shepherd, how are you this afternoon?”  The woman asked as I shook my head, waiting for her to get to the reason of her call.

“I’m fine Mrs. Shepherd, is there something wrong?”  I asked.  “Is Caleb and Mason okay?”

“Oh no no, there’s nothing wrong Mr. Chastayne, the boys are perfectly fine as can be expected,” the woman replied as I wondered why in the hell she had called, scaring the hell out of me like this, if there’s nothing wrong with either of them.  If Caleb and Mason are fine, then what is it that she wants?

“Ah—well, if the boys are fine, why are you calling?”  I asked, probably sounding a bit snippy.

“To get to the point, the reason for my call is to set up a meeting to discuss Caleb’s ISP[1] with you and Mr. Donovan.  I feel that with his recent improvements, we may be able to make some changes to his goals.  So with that being said, when can I schedule you and Mr. Donovan in to discuss this matter?”  She asked.

“Ah… Well… I—I think I would need to discuss this with Alex first, so we can see when we’re both available to talk with you,” I said as I flipped through my calendar, trying to find an available day to do this on.

“That’s fine Mr. Chastayne.  You two can call me when you are ready to set a date.  If possible, I’ll be in my office today until around seven, but I’m here Monday through Friday from nine until five,” she stated as I scribbled that information down on a piece of paper.

“Okay Dr. Shepherd, I’ve made a note of that and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible,” I said as I looked up to see Mother standing in the doorway.

“Thank you for your time Mr. Chastayne, I’ll await your call.  Have a nice day,” she said as I hung up the phone.

“Hello Mother, what can I do for you?”  I asked, standing up from my chair as she waved her hand dismissively at me as I sat back down.

“I would like to know what’s going on between you and your father,” she replied.

“What do you mean Mother?”  I asked, wondering what it was she was referring to, since I didn’t know there was something going on between Dad and I.

“For one, why does he avoid coming up to your office?”  She asked.

“Can’t answer that.  That’s something you’ll have to ask him about,” I replied as she shook her head.

“No boy, I’m here asking you,” she said as she looked at me with that stern look I didn’t like.  “Earlier today, your father and I went to lunch and I suggest that you come too and he had a fit about you going.  Did I miss something?”

“I guess I missed it too,” I said as she gave me that look again, showing that she wasn’t amused with my answer.  “But it really doesn’t matter, there’s no need for me to spend my time, worrying about the feelings of a man that hates me because I’m gay and married to another man.”

“Don’t be asinine with me boy,” she said with a sigh as she shook her head.  “So, that’s what’s going on between you two.”

“I guess so, whatever it is,” I said as she cut her eyes at me as the phone rang.

“Don’t answer that boy,” she said as I looked at her strangely.

“What?  Why shouldn’t I answer it?”  I asked.

“Because you’re talking to me right now.  Whoever that is can leave you a message and you’ll call them back later on when I’m done talking to you,” she said as I moved my hand away from the phone, pissed off that she was wasting valuable time, as always.  That’s Mother for you.

“Yes ma’am,” I said as she smiled that smile that I hated so much.

“It probably was that man of yours any damn way,” she said as she shook her head and t hen turned slightly, looking around the room.

“It probably was,” I said as my cell phone rang next.

“I guess it was,” she said as she watched me closely, probably wondering if I was going to answer the phone against her previous demand.

“I think I need to get that,” I said as she looked like she was going to jump over the desk and hit me if I dared answered the ringing cell phone.  “I need to get this.  I’ve already gotten a phone call from the school.  This could be important as well.”

“Fine,” she said as I opened the phone, checked the caller id and then pressed the button to answer the call.

“Hello Alex,” I said, glad to hear his voice, compared to hearing the voice of my Mother, who stood there watching me like a hawk.  “What’s up?”

“I just got a message from Dr. Shepherd.  Is everything okay?”  He questioned.

“I talked with her and she wants to meet with us to talk about Caleb,” I said, relaying parts of the information to him.  I surely didn’t want my mother hearing what was actually talked about in regards to one of our children.

“Is everything all right?”  He asked.  “Is there something bad going on?”

“Not that I know of, but I guess we’ll find out when we talk to her when we can find some time,” I informed him.  “She wants to meet with us as soon as possible.”

“Is she available now?”  he asked as I looked at the clock, noticing that it was well after five.

“She possibly could be.  She stated she would be in her office today until seven.  Since I’m still at the office, we might have to wait until another day,” I stated.

“When is she normally available?”  He asked.

“Nine to five, Monday through Friday,” I replied.  “So maybe it’s another day…”

“I guess so baby,” he said.  “So when are you heading here?”

“When I pack things up here,” I replied as Mother looked at me like I was crazy.

“Okay baby, I’ll see you when you get here.  Kisses baby,” he said as the phone clicked, signaling that he had hung up the phone.

“So, what was that all about?  Is there something wrong with one of the kids?”  She asked.

“I—I don’t think that’s any of your business Mother,” I replied as the door burst open as Dad stood there with a mean look on his face.  Oh here we go again.

“How dare you talk to your mother that way!”  Dad snapped as I shook my head.  “You need to apologize to her right now boy!”

“Sorry,” I said as he closed his eyes, took a breath and then said something to himself that I couldn’t quite hear.

“Come on James, let it go,” she said as she walked over to him.  “He was talking to his…”

“I know who he was talking to,” he said as I wondered how it was that he knew that information.

“Excuse me, how do you know who I was talking to Dad?”  I asked as I stood up from my chair.  “Well?”

“That’s none of your concern,” he said as I looked at him strangely, wondering how it was that he always knew what was going on between Alex and myself and others for that matter.

“I don’t fucking believe this!”  I snapped, figuring things out.  My Dad has my office bugged and has heard all of my conversations, meetings, etcetera… Hell, he probably has people following me around also.

“What can’t you believe boy?”  Mother asked as she looked at me strangely, frowned and then looked over at Dad.

“He bugged my damn office!  He has been listening to all of my conversations!  How could you do that Dad?”  I asked.

“You’ve been listening to his conversations James?”  She asked as she looked at him like he was crazy.

“He—he left me no damn choice,” he replied as I shook my head and then walked away from my desk.

“Well Dad, since you bugged my office and it seems I can’t have any privacy from you, I guess I’ll let you have this office,” I said as he looked at me like I was crazy.  “You can have this job!  I quit this bitch!”

“What!”  Dad yelled as he grabbed my arm, forcefully snatching me backwards, almost yanking my arm out of the socket.

“I said I quit this bitch!”  I said again as I yanked my arm out of his grasp as I looked at Mother and then walked past him out of the room.  “Since you want to spy on people, try that with whomever else you hire to take my place.  I’m sure they’ll put you in your place real quick when they find out.  I’m sure the state bar and the ethics board would love those complaints.”

“Get your ass back in here boy!”  Dad screamed as he flailed his arms around as people around in the area watched him like he was losing his damn mind.

“Not going to happen.  I’m going home and never coming back here!”  I snapped as I got into the elevator, pressed the button to close the doors as I my emotions took over as anger flooded through me as I started crying.

A Few Hours Later — A Shady Part of Town — Tin-Top’s Joint (A Nightclub)

“What’s going on here Jake?  What did you call me here for?”  Dr. Gregory Sheldon asked as he walked over to the young man that stood over another man’s body.  “What happened here?”

“He—he was shot,” the man identified as Jake answered.  “I called the boss and he told me to call you to help him.”

“Why in the hell did your boss tell you to call me?”  Dr. Sheldon asked.

“I don’t know why man.  You’ll have to ask the boss about that one when you see him,” Jake replied as he stepped back.

“So, how did this happen Jake?”  Dr. Sheldon asked.

“I don’t know how this happened.  When I got here, to open this place up for the night, I found him here like this,” Jake stated as he looked around, trying to avoid eye contact with the man.  “This place should’ve been open for business an hour ago.  The boss isn’t very happy about this either.  He wants this problem fixed right now.”

“You might need to call your boss and tell him to send this person to the hospital,” Dr. Sheldon stated as he shook his head.  “I don’t see after just anyone.”

“Well in this case, I think you might want to rethink that choice Dr. Sheldon,” the two men heard as they both turned around to see James Chastayne walk into the club with two other men by his side.  “Here’s how it’ll be doc.  You help me out here and I’ll make sure your fondest dreams come true.  What do you say to that Doc?”

“And you are?”  Dr. Sheldon asked as he looked at James as if he were crazy.

“I’m the H.N.I.C[2]. around here,” James replied as he extended his hand to Dr. Sheldon, but Dr. Sheldon refused.  “Okay then, I’ll make it quite simple for you then.  You work for me and take care of my people here and I’ll make sure you get all the drugs you want.”

“Excuse me,” Dr. Sheldon said as he looked at James strangely.

“I know all about you Dr. Sheldon,” James stated with a sly smile.  “I know everything there is to know about you, your job and that little wife of yours.”

“What is it that you think you know?”  Dr. Sheldon asked as he stood in front of James.

“For instance, the hospital you work for, the staff there keeps a close eye on you, to make sure that you’re not self-medicating, based on your past with drug use.  I also know that you have a thing going on with that colleague of yours, Dr. Ari Campbell, something that little wife of yours knows nothing about,” James stated as he looked at Dr. Sheldon closely.  “Your good friend Warren Zane has been covering your ass for a long time and he’s not happy about doing it anymore.  So again, you work for me and I’ll give you what you want.  I’ll even supply you with all the dick that you want, as long as you do what I want.”

“And what if I say no,” Dr. Sheldon stated as he folded his arms across his chest.

“You say no to me and I’ll make your life more miserable than it already is right now,” James stated as he smiled crookedly.  “When I’m done with you, you’ll have no choice but to come back and work for me.  Either way, I win.”

“Is that so,” Dr. Sheldon stated as he turned around, ready to walk away as Jake stood in front of him.

“Mr. Chastayne is talking to you,” Jake stated as he pushed Dr. Sheldon backwards a bit.

“I’m done talking,” Dr. Sheldon stated as he moved past Jake and then walked towards the door.

“Put it this way Dr. Sheldon, if you turn me down right now, you’ll be unemployed tomorrow,” James stated as he walked up behind Dr. Sheldon.

“I see,” Dr. Sheldon said as he turned around and then looked James in the face.  “Can I at least have some time to think about this arrangement?”

“I’ll give you twenty-four hours to think about it, only after you work on my man there.  Once done, then you can think about it,” James stated as he pointed to the man that lay on the floor.

“Fine,” Dr. Sheldon stated as he turned around and then walked back over to the man that lay on the floor.  “I’m going to need some help with this.”

“Whatever you need, you tell him and he’ll get it for you,” James stated as he pointed to Jake.  “See you next time Doc.”

“Yeah, okay then,” Dr. Sheldon responded as he waved and then shook his head as he looked the guy over.

The Taurus Club — A Private Room

“Hello Mr. Kelly, what am I doing for you tonight?”  Hillary asked as she stepped into the room.  “Are we going to do the same ole thing that we normally do or are we going to try something a little bit new?”

“Well hello Ms. Chastayne, I didn’t know you were going to be here tonight,” the man spoke with a bright smile.  “If I’d known you were going to be here tonight, I would’ve arrived sooner.”

“Is that so,” Hillary said as she sashayed over to the man and then stood in front of him as she played with his belt buckle.  “I saw that you were here, waiting for some attention, so I decided to stop in to see if I could be of service to you, instead of allowing one of the other girls to keep you waiting all night long.”

“Oh Ms. Chastayne, I always prefer your services to those of the other girls here,” the man said as he lay back on the bed as Hillary opened his belt, unsnapped the button of his pants and then lowered the zipper.

“I’m glad to hear that Mr. Kelly,” Hillary replied as she stood up and then undid her blouse.  “Do you like what you see so far Mr. Kelly?”

“Oh yes ma’am,” the man replied as he leaned up on his elbows, watching Hillary move, enjoying the striptease she put on for him.

“From the way I see things, I guess you are,” Hillary stated as she watched the man, motioning with her head down to his crotch.  “It looks like you’re really happy about what I’m doing right now.  Is that the case Mr. Kelly?”

“Oh yes Ms. Chastayne, I’m very, very happy,” the man stated as Hillary moved to the center of the room and then moved in a seductive dance.  “That’s right brown sugar, do it for me.”

“How do you want me to do it for you daddy?”  Hillary asked as she bent over, running her fingers across the hosiery on her legs as she wiggled her ass seductively and then turned around, showing the man her ass.

“Any way you want to do it for Daddy,” the man spoke as he watched Hillary move.  “That’s right baby, bend it over for Daddy and shake it.”

“How do you want me to shake it, like this Daddy?”  Hillary asked as she turned around, facing away from the man as she shook her ass seductively at the man.  “You like that Daddy?”

“Oh yeah, just like that baby… Oh God yes baby, just like that,” the man said as he touched himself.  “Take your panties off for me baby…  That’s right, take off your panties… Slide them down your legs, slowly baby, slowly.”

“Once I get them off, what do you want me to do?”  Hillary asked as she stood straight up and then played with the waistband of her panties as she moved her fingers around the edges.

“Daddy wants you to finger that hot twat… Do it for me baby,” the man demanded as he lay there on the bed, playing with his nipples.  “That’s right baby, finger that red hot twat!”

“Does Daddy like it when I do this?”  Hillary asked as she stood there in front of the man, moving her fingers around her opening as the man nodded his head as he licked his lips.  “What else do you want me to do Daddy?”

“Oh God baby, just keep doing what you’re doing right now… Just like that baby… Keep doing that baby,” the man said as Hillary inserted her fingers inside herself, thrusting in and out quickly.  “Oh shit yeah baby!  Just like that!  Just like that baby!”

At the Lobby

“Well good evening Mr. Randall, are you here for your usual or is there something else you would like tonight?”  The woman behind the reception desk asked as the man stood there, watching her with a smile plastered to his face as she moved away from the desk and then walked over to where he stood.

“The usual would be fine,” the man replied as the woman took his hand and then escorted him down the hall to a room.

“In here Mr. Randall,” the woman spoke as she opened the door for him.  “Someone will be with you very shortly, make yourself comfortable.  Would you like something while you wait?”

“No thank you, I believe I’ll be all right,” the man replied as he moved past the woman into the room as he took off his jacket, opened the closet door and then hung the jacket on a hook in there, closing the door as he turned around.

“Are you sure sir?  A glass of wine or…” the woman said as the man held up his hand, stopping her.

“I’m good for the time being, but thank you for the offer,” the man replied as he turned to the woman.  “If I require anything, I know how to ask for it.”

“Yes sir Mr. Randall,” the woman spoke as she nodded her head, turned around and then stopped at the door as she looked back at him.  “Have a good evening sir.”

“You too,” the man responded as the woman smiled, walked out of the room and then closed the door behind her.  “I wonder who I’ll see this time around.”

With a smile on this face, the man sat down on the bed and then looked around the room.  Looking at the different paintings that hung on the wall along with the strange designs of the wallpaper, the man shook his head and then cringed a bit inside.  After sitting on the bed for what seemed like an eternity, someone knocked on the door.  Getting up from the bed, the man walked over to the door and opened it.

“Good evening Mr. Randall,” Hillary spoke as she stood in front of the man.  “Are you going to welcome me in or not?”

“Oh yes, I—I’m sorry, please come right in,” the man said with a bright smile as he stepped to the side to allow Hillary to enter the room.

“What a gentleman you are,” Hillary stated as she walked behind the door and pushed it closed as the man turned slowly, watching her movements.  “So Mr. Randall, what would you like me to do first?”

“I—I would… Why don’t you tell me what you would want to do first,” the man replied, his voice raising a few octaves.

“How about we start with this,” Hillary stated as she pushed him against the door, caressing his chest with one hand as she used the other hand to grope his ass.

Early Saturday Morning — Albany, NY — The Chastayne-Donovan Home — The Kitchen

“So baby, what are you going to do about your father?”  Alex asked as he walked up behind JT, leaned in and then kissed his lips.  “The phone has been ringing most of the night.  Because you’re ignoring him, doesn’t mean he’s going to stop calling.”

“We can easily change the numbers around here Alex,” JT replied as he took a sip from his coffee cup.

“That would be a temporary fix, but do you really think you could avoid him forever baby?”  Alex asked as he reached around JT and grabbed a piece of toast from the saucer in front of him.

“Yes, I could avoid him if I need to baby,” JT replied as he sighed and then took another sip of his coffee.  “I—I really can’t trust him anymore.  I thought there was some form of decency in him, but it seems I was totally wrong about that.  I thought at work, he wouldn’t be so—so controlling and underhanded, but was wrong about that too.”

“So after you figured out that he had your office bugged, you just up and quit?  What about the clients that you’re working with?”  Alex asked, tuning JT around to look him in the face.

“They’ll have to get new council or they can deal with me directly, without dealing with the firm,” JT stated, shaking his head as the phone started ringing again.  “I just can’t believe he would do something like that.  I wonder how long he’d been spying on me like that.  Looking back at things, it could’ve been months, hell it could’ve been years, being that he’s always been in my—our business.”

“That explains how he always knew what was going on in our lives baby,” Alex said as he shook his head and then looked down with a frown on his face.

“It does, but it still pisses me off to no end, that I didn’t have any privacy in my place of business,” JT stated as he shook his head.

“Well, putting what he did aside, what are you going to do?”  Alex asked as he leaned in and kissed JT’s lips.  “Are you going to at least talk to your mother?  She called an hour ago and left a long, drawn out message about how unhappy she is that this ‘thing’ is going on between the two of you.”

“I’m not going to talk to her either; she’s just as bad as him.  At least she doesn’t have to bug my office, she just picks up the phone to listen in on the conversations,” JT stated as he shook his head and then took another sip of his coffee as another phone in the house could be heard ringing.

“Baby, you make it sound like…” Alex said as JT held up his hand, stopping him.

“I’m not making it sound like anything honey,” JT stated as he shook his head.  “It’s not wonder they’ve been together so long, they’re perfect for each other, regardless if they sleep in different parts of the house.  They make the perfect ‘I-Spy’ team.”

“So what are you going to do for work then?  Are you going to find a job elsewhere or what?”  Alex asked as he rubbed JT’s shoulders.

“I guess I’ll be a stay at home dad for a bit.  Besides, don’t you think Caleb and Mason can use some family time here, instead of being at the center so much?”  JT asked as he reached up and caressed Alex’s cheek.

“I guess so baby,” Alex replied as they both heard footsteps above them.  “I guess the little ones are awake now.”

“I guess we better get breakfast going.  Who’s cooking?”  JT asked as he turned around and then walked over to the refrigerator.

“We both are baby,” Alex replied as he walked over to the pantry and then grabbed a few things out of it.  “You do the bacon and eggs and I’ll handle the pancakes.”

“How sweet,” JT replied as the doorbell sounded.  “Who could that be at this time of morning?  Are you expecting someone?”

“No baby,” Alex replied as Caleb rushed down the stairs and straight towards the front door.

“I got it Daddy,” Caleb said, laughing as Alex rushed out of the room.

“Caleb, stop!”  Alex yelled as Caleb opened the door and then moved back quickly.  “What are you doing here?”

“I—I came to talk to my brother,” Dylan Chastayne replied as he stood at the door.  “Can—can I come in?”

“JT,” Alex said as he turned around as JT poked his head from the kitchen.  “It’s for you.”

“Fine,” JT responded as he moved back into the kitchen as Dylan walked into the house.  “So, what do you want Dylan?  Did Dad send you, of all people, here to talk to me about what happened yesterday?”

“Huh?  Did something happen?”  Dylan asked as he looked at JT strangely.

“You could say that,” JT replied as he shook his head and then threw up his hand.

To Be Continued…

[1] ISP = Individual Service Plan

[2] H.N.I.C. = Head Nigga in Charge aka the Boss Man.

If I Ain’t Got You – Chapter 7

Chapter 7 — Revelations, Part 2

Dec 30, 2002 – Orlando, FL – Florida Hospital – A Veranda in the Hospital 
“Come on Nick, say something else,” Aaron said as he held Nick’s hand. “Come on bro, you spoke for Justin, say something for me.”

“I think we’re going to break here for now,” Danielle stated as she got up from her chair and then grabbed some folders from the table. “We’ll pick up from here later on.”

“Do we have to?” Aaron asked as he got up and then walked over to Danielle.

“We’ve been here all morning and I’m quite sure everyone here would like to break to go get lunch,” Danielle stated as JT, Steve, Janet and Lynn got up from their seats.

“Yeah, I am hungry,” Aaron said as he walked back over to Nick. “I guess we can pick this up later on.”

“Well, look who’s here. Hello little man,” JT said as he Kasai and Mark entered the room.

“Daddy, where’s your chair?” Kasai asked as he walked over to JT and hugged him and then looked around the room.

“It’s up in my other office,” JT replied as he ruffled Kasai’s hair. “I assume you two are here to kidnap me for lunch, right?”

“Yep, we’re here to take you to lunch Daddy,” Kasai said with a smile. “I’m starving; could we please just go now?”

“Calm down sonny boy, give your Dad some time to gather his things,” Mark said as he patted Kasai on the shoulder.

“I’m sorry Daddy Mark,” Kasai sarcastically said as Mark raised an eye at him.

“For a young man going on fifteen years old, you sure do catch an attitude quickly,” Mark said as he glared at Kasai.

“Come on guys, don’t you two get started,” JT said as he walked back over to the table and leaned against the table. “Kai, would you go up to my office and grab my jacket for me?”

“Sure thing Daddy,” Kasai replied as he headed for the door.

“Baby, why are you always cutting me off when I get on to him?” Mark asked as he and JT sat down at the table.

“Come on honey, you know he’s had a hard time for the last couple of months,” JT said with a frown. “Since his Mom’s passing and all, I think he’s allowed to have some days too.”

“He’s been having a lot of those days lately baby,” Mark said as he looked down at the table.

“I know Mark, but I’m just trying to give him some time to heal and all,” JT said as he looked down.

“Give him time for what baby?” Mark asked as he draped his arm across JT’s should. “She was never in his life. He bounced from home to home. You’ve had him since he was a little kid. He knows you more than he knew her.”

“I know that baby, but she was still his mother. He knows that she’s gone forever and there’s no coming back for her,” JT said as he laid his head on Mark’s chest, forgetting that they had an audience in the room with them.

“Excuse me, but are you two intimately involved?” Justin asked as he rolled over to where Mark and JT sat.

“Oh…” Mark said as he looked up, looked at JT and then shook his head.

“Crap,” JT said as he sat up quickly, releasing Mark’s hand.

“Well it’s a little bit too late for that now. We all saw you two. You both are cute together as a couple,” Justin said as he extended his hand to Mark. “Hi, I’m Justin Tanner, but you can call me Justin.”

“Hi Justin, I already know you. I’m Mark Walden,” Mark said with a small smile.

“I knew that, just wanted to make sure you remembered it was me,” Justin said as he smiled weakly. “I’m a little bit shorter now though.”

“Justin,” Lynn spoke in a chastising tone.

“I am shorter now, if you haven’t noticed,” Justin said as he turned his head to look up at Lynn.

“That’s not true Justin. You’re still the same height, you’re just sitting down for the time being,” Mark stated.

“I’ll be doing this for a long time,” Justin said as he smiled weakly again.

“I doubt that Justin. Have you started with his exercise program yet?” Mark asked, pointing at JT.

“No, we start that later on today,” Justin answered as he looked at Mark strangely. “Is there something I should know?”

“Ah no, nothing at all,” Mark replied, chuckling as Kasai returned.

“Here you go Daddy,” Kasai said, handing JT his jacket. “Oh my God, it’s Justin Tanner!”

“Boy be quiet,” JT reprimanded Kasai.

“Daddy, this is Justin Tanner, the ‘Shut Up and Dance’ guy,” Kasai said as he covered his mouth and jumped up and down in the spot he stood in.

“He’s that guy?” JT asked as he looked between Justin and Kasai strangely.

“Yeah, he’s the guy Daddy. He’s the guy that did the thing on the football show,” Kasai stated as JT turned and looked at Justin.

“Damn,” Justin said as he looked down. “It looks like my reputation is catching up to me again.”

“I guess so,” JT replied as he shook his head as the way his son acted.

“Man, I’m so stoked right now,” Kasai said as he continued bouncing around with enthusiasm.

“Kai, please calm down son,” JT said as he grabbed Kasai by the hand.

“I can’t daddy, we have a legend here in front of us,” Kasai said as JT and Mark shook their heads.

“Yes, I know son, you’ve said that many times before. He’s the guy that stripped some woman’s clothes off while he was performing,” JT said as Justin looked up at him.

“No I didn’t, it was all an accident. I didn’t mean for her clothes to fall off the way they did,” Justin said as Kasai, JT and Mark laughed.

“Oh yes you did. That was a stunt for your song,” JT said with a smirk. “I’ve heard the song plenty of times in my home. Kasai here is one of your hardcore fans.”

“Oh cool,” Justin said as he reached out his hand to shake Kasai’s hand.

“So Dad, I’m starving here. Can we go eat now?” Kasai asked as he stepped away from Justin.

“Come on, let’s go feed motor mouth here,” Mark said as he put his arm around Kasai and walked out with him.

“It’s really going to be one of those days,” JT said as he got up from his chair and then fell down to the floor.

“JT!” Justin screamed out as Mark, Kasai and Lynn rushed over to where they were.

“Baby,” Mark said, looking JT in the face as he held him in his arms. “Are you alright?”

“Oh yeah, I’m fine, it’s just my legs. As always, they have gone out on me again,” JT said as he grabbed onto Mark and pulled himself up. “Did you drive the van today?”

“Yeah baby, I did,” Mark replied.

“Well go get the van and meet me at the side entrance,” JT said as he sat back down in the chair at the table. “Steve, will you run up to my office and get my wheelchair, please?”

“Will do boss,” Steve replied as he walked out of the room.

“Come on Kasai, let’s go get the van,” Mark spoke as he leaned in and kissed JT on the cheek.

“No, I’m staying here with Daddy,” Kasai declared as he wrapped his arms around JT’s waist, holding on tightly to him. “You go ahead without me; I’ll be right here with Daddy.”

“Fine, I’ll see you two in a few minutes,” Mark said as he shook his head and then walked out of the room.

“Young man, we need to have a talk,” JT said as he looked down at Kasai.

“Why? What did I do Daddy?” Kasai asked, looking away from JT.

“We’ll talk about that later on, but right now, I need you to do me a favor,” JT said as he hugged Kasai. “Go over to the desk over there and get my duffle bag.”

“Okay Daddy,” Kasai said as he got up and then passed by Aaron and Janet as he walked over to the table, picked up JT’s bag and returned over to where JT was as Steve returned with the wheelchair.

“Alright, we can roll out now,” JT said as he opened his bag, pulled out some leather gloves and then pulled them onto his hands. “Come on Kasai, let’s not keep Mark waiting.”

“Yes Daddy,” Kasai replied as the two of them left the room.

A Few Minutes Previously – Down in the Emergency Room

“Hey Angie, we’re getting ready to go. Are you still coming?” Mark asked as he stood in the doorway to Joshua’s exam room.

“Afraid not, I’m still working with Mr. Charles, as you can see,” Angela replied as she looked over at Mark. “It’s going to take a while to finish up with him.”

“Well, I see you have your hands full here. I guess we’ll hang out later on tonight when all of you get off then,” Mark said with a frown.

“I guess so. You guys go ahead without me,” Angela said as she shook her head. “I’m tired now; I might just go home and crash.”

“Are you sure Angie?” Mark asked as he watched her strangely.

“Yeah, I’ll grab something from the cafeteria,” Angela stated as she cut some tape and then applied it to a bandage on Joshua’s arms. “Tell that man of yours to stop by before he leaves for the night.”

“I’ll tell him,” Mark replied as he walked over, kissed her on the cheek and then walked out of the room, heading to get the van.

The Intensive Care Unit – Nick’s Room

Aaron’s POV

Dang, I wish I knew what was going on with my brother. Why did this happen to him? Why isn’t he talking to us? Why isn’t he talking to me? I—I thought we were cool with each other, but right now, I feel like I don’t matter to him anymore. He spoke to Justin, but he won’t speak to me. Why? Justin is a nobody to him, so why did he talk to him, but not to me or Mom?

From what Mom and Kevin says, this is all Brian’s fault. I can’t believe that Brian did the things I overheard Mom and Kevin talking about. Why did he do that to Nick? I thought he loved him. Why would he do something so bad to the person he’s supposed to love? If I had someone to love, I wouldn’t do something like that to hurt them. One day, I’ll have someone to love and they love me. One day…

Two Hours Later – Florida Hospital – Justin’s Hospital Room

“Oh man you really beat him up?” Justin asked as watched Christina.

“Yeah, I beat his ass like he owed me for back child support,” Christina replied as she punched her hand for emphasis.

“Chrissy, you have to be careful. You could’ve gone to jail if you got caught,” Justin stated as he shook his head and then leaned in to hug her. “I know you mean well and all, but you can’t keep beating him up to keep him away from me.”

“Oh yes I can. Josh is very smart. What is he really going to tell the cops?” Christina asked as she looked at Justin. “Is he really going to tell them that he got beat up by a girl? You know that’ll be the funniest thing if he told the truth about that ass whooping.”

“That would be funny, but still Chrissy…” Justin said as Christina cut him off.

“He’s been warned to stay away from you. He needs to get the picture, since he doesn’t seem to care about the restraining order against him. I’m sure after today, he’ll understand that I mean business when I say he needs to keep his distance from you,” Christina stated as she pulled out an emery board to file her nails.

“I hope for his sake, that he gets the picture this time,” Justin said as he tried to get comfortable in bed, after having a big lunch.

“Keep that up and you’re going to get fat, going to sleep after eating a big meal,” Jamie said, walking into the room with Marshall.

“Oh hush up Jamie,” Justin replied as he stuck his tongue out at his friend.

“How are you feeling this afternoon?” Jamie asked, walking over to Justin’s bed and then hugged him.

“I feel okay today for some strange reason,” Justin replied with a smile on his face.

“Look, he—he’s smiling,” Jamie said as Justin giggled.

“I do know how to smile,” Justin said as he looked up at Jamie and then waved at Marshall.

“But this is the first time I’ve seen you smile since you’ve been here in the hospital,” Jamie stated as he hugged Justin again. “What has you all happy and giddy today?”

“You act as if I can’t have a good day,” Justin said as he looked at Jamie with a strange expression on his face.

“Well, since you’ve been here, it hasn’t been a normal occurrence of you having them, but I’m happy all the same, whatever the case may be,” Jamie said as he shrugged and then smiled too.

“Did you know that JT’s gay and he has a lover and a kid?” Justin asked as he looked at Jamie with this faraway look in his eyes.

“Say what?” Jamie said as he sat down in the chair next to Justin’s bed as Christina moved over to the other side and then grabbed the other chair. “That tall black man is gay, has a lover and a kid?”

“Yeah, he’s gay, has a kid and this was the big blow away, Mark Walden is his lover,” Justin stated as Jamie’s jaw dropped as Christina fell out of her chair.

“No, say it ain’t so Justin,” Christina said as she shook her head. “Not ‘Bad Boy Mark’ Walden… I wanted that man when I was younger. He was the star of some of my hottest fantasies…”

“Please Chrissy, I don’t think we should be hearing this,” Justin said as he giggled some more and then made a face.

“So, you finding out that JT is gay and has a kid, has you in this good mood?” Jamie asked as he looked over at Christina and then waved his hand at her dismissively.

“Well it’s the fact that he’s like me and he has someone to love him,” Justin said as he sat up in bed. “If he can have someone to love him, then I’m sure someone will love me.”

“Good going honey. Because you’re down right now, doesn’t mean you won’t rise up again,” Christina said as her cell phone rang. “Hello?”

“I don’t think I’m going to be ready for JT’s session later on. Something that Mark said has me scared a bit,” Justin said as he shook his head.

“What did he say?” Jamie asked as Marshall walked over to them, standing next to his husband.

“Nothing really, it was the way he said it and then how he laughed about it,” Justin said with a frown.

“He probably was just joking with you. Don’t worry about it, I’m sure things will go just fine,” Jamie said as he rubbed Justin’s hand.

“I hope so. I want to be able to keep my good mood for a while,” Justin replied as Jamie looked at him funny.

“I think something else has you happy too. Spill it Justin, what else has your hormones up?” Jamie asked as Marshall rubbed his back.

“I talked to Nick Canton today,” Justin said with a dreamy look on his face.

“You talked to ‘Fifth Avenue Boys’ Nick?” Marshall asked as he looked at Justin.

“You talked with Nick Canton?” Jamie asked, looking up at Marshall and then back to Justin. “Why is Nick Canton visiting you?”

“He didn’t come to visit me,” Justin replied as the dreamy look faded away. “He—he’s here in the hospital too.”

“What’s wrong Justin?” Jamie asked, paying close attention to Justin’s facial expression. “What’s wrong with Nick? Why is he in the hospital?”

“Something bad happened to him,” Justin replied as the tears streamed down his face.

“What Justin? What happened to him?” Jamie asked, rubbing Justin’s hand.

“Someone hurt him. They hurt him very badly,” Justin said as he reached up and hugged Jamie.

Nick’s Hospital Room

“Come on baby, talk to Momma,” Janet spoke as she held Nick in her arms. “Just talk to me, tell me that you’re okay.”

“Janet, I don’t think he’s going to talk,” Kevin replied as he walked into the room. “I just think it was a touch and go type situation from earlier. I think he’s ashamed of what happened and thinks you’re ashamed of him too. I think he thinks you blame him for what happened.”

“No, it wasn’t a touch and go thing Kevin. My baby just doesn’t want to talk to me. He doesn’t want me to know what happened to him. I’m not ashamed of him, I love him. I just wish he could understand that. It wasn’t his fault for what Brian did to him. I don’t blame him, I blame Brian,” Janet said as she hugged Nick close to her chest.

“Calm down Mom,” Aaron said as he got up and walked over to Janet. “Please don’t get upset again.”

“I’m calm, I’ll be alright son,” Janet replied as she got up from the bed and then laid Nick down on his pillow. “I think I’m going to go for a walk.”

“I want to die, just let me die,” Nick softly spoke as Janet stopped at the door and turned around.

“Nick! No, don’t say that baby,” Janet said as she rushed back over to the bed and held Nick in her arms as he cried.

“Please, just let me die! I don’t want to live like this,” Nick said as he pushed away from Janet.

“Someone get the doctor,” Janet said as Nick thrashed around on the bed, kicking at anything near him.

“Let me go! Let me go damn it!” Nick screamed out as he continued to thrash about.

“Please baby, please tell me what’s wrong,” Janet said as she tried to hold Nick in her arms, trying to keep him from kicking and thrashing about.

“Stay away from me Brian! Stop! You’re hurting me!” Nick screamed out as he continued struggling to get away from Janet.

“Oh baby, stop, I’m not Brian. Brian’s not here, he’s far away from him,” Janet said as she tried to hug Nick to her chest again to calm him down.

“No! No! Don’t touch me! DON’T TOUCH ME BRIAN!” Nick screamed out as he pushed Janet to the floor and then ran to the corner of the room as he slid down the wall, pulled his knees up to his chest and started rocking back and forth.

“No Mom, don’t get too close to him,” Laura stated as the doctor rushed into the room.

“I think this will calm him down,” Dr. Donaldson said as he injected something into Nick’s arm that caused an immediate reaction as Nick started to calm down and then he was fast asleep.

“What did you give him doctor?” Janet asked as she moved closer.

“I gave him a little something to make him sleep for a while,” Dr. Donaldson replied.

“Doctor, why is this happening?” Janet asked as she looked down. “Why is he like this?”

“I think he’s finally coming back to reality and things are starting to sink in about what actually happened to him,” Dr. Donaldson stated as he and Kevin got Nick up off the floor and got him over to the bed as he grabbed Nick’s chart and wrote some things in different places throughout the pages. “He’s probably reliving what happened to him.”

“Oh God, no,” Aaron said as he shook his head.

“So you’re saying he’s just now remembering what happened to him?” Laura asked as she walked over to the doctor.

“That’s correct Ms. Canton,” Dr. Donaldson replied as he continued writing on Nick’s chart and then started writing some things on his notepad. “He should sleep the rest of the day and possibly the night. I think he’ll want to be alone for a bit. Just give him some space for the rest of the day and hopefully tomorrow will be different.”

“No doctor, I’m not going to leave my baby like this,” Janet declared as she looked up at the man.

“There’s really nothing you can do here right now Mrs. Canton. Your son is going to sleep for a while, possibly the entire day. He’s going to stay that way until the medication wears off,” Dr. Donaldson stated as he walked to the door. “Just give him a little time Mrs. Canton; he’s going to take all of this very hard.”

“How is he going to cope with what happened to him?” Janet asked as the tears streamed down her face. “From what I know about my son, he’s already taking this hard.”

“I don’t really know. It’s going to take some time, but I’m quite sure he’ll come to terms with it,” Dr. Donaldson said as he walked out of the room as Angela walked into the room.

“Hello,” Angela greeted everyone as she walked over to Nick’s bed. “I’m Angela Sebastian; I’ll be Mr. Canton’s nurse while he’s here.”

“What happened to Peaches?” Aaron asked as he looked up at Angela. “I thought she was going to be his nurse when he was moved to this room.”

“I think you’re referring to Tichina, am I correct?” Angela asked as she walked over to Aaron. “She was reassigned to the Pediatrics Ward.”

“Yeah, that’s her. She’s really cool,” Aaron said as he walked over to the windows as he sat on the edge of the sill.

“Well I’m not an old stiff or anything. I hope I still got some spunk left in me,” Angela said, giggling as Aaron just looked on. “Okay then, I’ll be back in an hour to check on him. You all have a great day.”

“Bye now,” Aaron said as he looked away again.

“I think I better contact Ms. Michaels and tell her of what just happened here. She might need to know about this,” Janet said as she looked over at Kevin and Laura.

“That’s a good idea Mom. I think I’m going to head back to the hotel. Do you want me to bring you back anything?” Laura asked as she looked over at her mother.

“No baby, I’ll be heading back to the hotel as well. I don’t see any reason for me to stay here while he’s sleeping,” Janet said as she smoothed Nick’s hair away from his face and then kissed him on his cheek. “I love you Nick.”

JT’s Office

“Hi Daddy, can I talk to you?” Kasai asked as he walked into JT’s office and then took a seat in front of the desk. “I have a big problem and…”

“What’s up buddy boy?” JT asked as he looked over at his son.

“I—I think I’m like you and Daddy Mark,” Kasai replied as he looked down as the tears fell from his eyes.

“You think you’re what buddy?” JT asked as he got up, walked around his desk and then sat down next to Kasai.

“For—for the last couple of weeks, I’ve been having these—these thoughts. They’re not regular thoughts, they’re sexual thoughts about guys and I don’t know what to do about them,” Kasai explained as he hugged onto JT as he cried on his chest.

“Come on buddy boy, there’s nothing for you to be crying for,” JT said as he patted Kasai on the back. “If you’re gay son, then that’s okay with me as long as you be true to yourself.”

“But but…” Kasai said as JT cut him off.

“But nothing son; if you’re gay, then you’re gay. There’s nothing wrong with being gay. It’s not like I’m going to love you any less,” JT said as Kasai looked up and then smiled as he sniffled.

“What about everyone else? What about Grandma? Oh God, what about Lisa?” Kasai asked as he looked down again and sniffled.

“The only thing I can tell you is that you need to be truthful to her and not lead her on,” JT said as he got back up to grab his phone. “Don’t worry about Grandma, I’ll handle her. First, I think you need to help me out.”

“Help you out, with what Daddy?” Kasai questioned as he looked up at JT strangely.

“Yeah son, help me out. It’s about time for Justin’s session. Do you want to join me?” JT asked as the smile on Kasai’s face grew.

“Oh God, would I ever,” Kasai replied as he got up and then hugged JT again. “Thanks Daddy, you’re the coolest dad I know.”

“Yeah, you say that now. Just wait until Mark does something you like next week and then he’ll be the coolest dad ever,” JT said with a laugh.

“No he won’t, you’re the coolest dad for me,” Kasai said as he hugged JT around the waist as there was a knock at the door as Steve walked into the room.

“Hi Steve, what’s up buddy?” JT asked as he looked over at Steve.

“Hey boss, hey little man, what’s up with you?” Steve asked as he walked over to Kasai and hugged him.

“Nothing’s up,” Kasai replied with a scared look on his face.

“Ah, did I interrupt something?” Steve asked as he looked between JT and Kasai. “Oh man, did I just interrupt one of those father son moments?”

“No, I think we’re done talking,” Kasai replied as he turned away from Steve.

“Well anyway, Justin’s ready and he’s down in the gym, ready to get going with his session,” Steve stated as Kasai turned back around.

“Oh well, I guess it’s time to go shock him back to walking again,” JT said as he got up out of his chair, grabbed his crutches and then pressed a button on the keyboard, turning off the computer.

“Daddy, I think you might need to get back into your chair. You might hurt yourself again,” Kasai suggested with a frown.

“I’ll be alright buddy. Don’t worry about me,” JT said as he stepped out of the room and headed down the hall towards the elevators.

“Are you going to stay here little man?” Steve asked as he collected some papers from a filing cabinet and then turned to Kasai.

“Steve, can I talk to you for a minute?” Kasai asked as he moved in front of Steve.

“Sure, what’s up little man?” Steve asked as he sat down in the chair and then patted the seat next to him for Kasai to join him.

“Well… Ah… I… Well… I… Ah… I did something I don’t know if I was supposed to do or not,” Kasai said as he held his head down.

“What did you do little man?” Steve asked as he watched Kasai.

“I—I had sex,” Kasai replied as the tears streamed down his face.

“You had sex with Lisa?” Steve asked, smiling. “Cool man.”

“No, I didn’t have sex with her, I—I had sex with a guy from school,” Kasai replied as Steve’s eyes widened.

“You had sex with a guy from school!” Steve spoke rather loudly as he jumped up from the chair. “Wait a minute, are you gay Kasai?”

“Yeah, I’m gay Steve,” Kasai replied as he looked down. “Dang, now I wish I hadn’t told you. I think I would’ve had better luck talking to Aunt Angie.”

“It’s… It’s really cool man. I’m just a little bit surprised is all. I had always suspected that there was a chance, but I wasn’t sure if you were or not,” Steve said as he leaned down and hugged Kasai. “You’re cool with me buddy; don’t you forget that.”

“Are you sure about that Steve?” Kasai asked as he looked at Steve closely.

“Yeah, I’m sure kid. Nothing’s going to change between us because you like guys instead of girls. That’s not a problem to me,” Steve said with a smile. “Is that what you and the boss were talking about?”

“Well no, I only told him about being gay. I didn’t tell him I already slept with someone. I don’t know how he’s going to react when he finds out about it and I’m basically scared to tell him in fear that he’ll kick my ass for it,” Kasai stated with a frown.

“Hey little big person, no cursing,” Steve said as he looked at Kasai sternly.

“Sorry Steve, I didn’t mean to. I’m just scared here. Daddy will be so upset with me and I don’t even want to think about what Daddy Mark will do and say,” Kasai said as he shook his head.

“It’s okay little man, just don’t let it happen again,” Steve said as Kasai looked down again.

“I just don’t know what to do right now,” Kasai said as he shook his head. “I don’t want to get into trouble, but I know if Daddy finds out, it’ll be trouble.”

“Well I suggest you tell him before he finds out. It’s better for him to find out from you and not from another source,” Steve suggested as he stood up and then rustled Kasai’s hair.

“Hey, watch the hair dude,” Kasai said as he stood up.

“Just get your Dad alone, while he’s in a good mood and tell him and things should be fine,” Steve stated as Kasai looked up at him and then frowned.

“I hope you’re right,” Kasai said as the two of them walked out of the office.

To Be Continued…

The Chastayne Life – Chapter 1

Chapter 1 — The Fear of Love

Jan 1, 2015 — Albany, NY — The Chastayne Family Estate — The Backyard

“Well, it’s about damn time that you showed up,” Hillary Chastayne, the eldest female of the Clastayne children spoke as she walked over and hugged one of the two men that had entered the yard.  “So bro, what did you bring me back from Paris?  I know you went shopping, so you might as well give it up already.”

“Of course we went shopping, but we didn’t bring you anything back with us,” one of the men replied as the other man looked down and then snickered at the shocked expression on the woman’s face.

“Come on, you’re joking, right bro?”  Hillary said as she cut her eyes at the man.  “I can’t believe you didn’t bring me anything back with you JT.  You—you always bring me something back when you go out of the country.  I… Damn, I’m speechless here.”

“Yeah right, like that’ll last very long,” JT, currently the eldest male of the Chastayne children stated as he laughed and then shook his head.  “You can’t keep quiet for longer than a minute girl, so don’t even try it.”

“Fuck you JT,” Hillary spoke as she crossed her arms across her chest.  “So, you didn’t bring me a single thing?  Not one simple, little gift?  You didn’t bring me anything at all?  What about you Alex?  Did you bring me anything?”

“No, he didn’t bring you anything either,” JT replied as he shook his head.  “We’re not your personal shoppers Ms. Thang.  We didn’t bring you anything at all, so stop asking.”

“Believe it girl,” the other man identified as Alex spoke as he turned around and then chuckled as Hillary glared in his direction and then displayed the middle finger.  “My husband can’t be wasting time, trolling through stores, looking for gifts for you; he’s supposed to do that for me only.”

“Fine then, be that way jerk,” Hillary said as she turned her back to the two men.  “You’re useless to me anyways.”

“Oh whatever Hill; you’ll get over it eventually,” JT said as he walked up behind Hillary.  “Besides, I didn’t buy you anything, but you’ll be getting something real soon.”

“What?  Really?  What is it?”  Hillary asked as she threw her arms around JT’s neck, hugging him.

“I’m not going to tell you, but I suggest you go here later on tonight and you’ll find out,” JT suggested as he handed Hillary a business card with someone’s name scribbled on it as Alex sighed and then shook his head.  “Please be there before nine or you might not get anything at all.”

“Why do I get the feeling that this is some kind of set up?”  Hillary asked as she looked at JT strangely.

“In a way, it is a set up girl. Just be there on time or else,” JT said as he looked over the rim of his glasses at her.  “Do as you’re told and you might find something very interesting.”

“Hmmm, the way you’re talking, it better be worth my time bro,” Hillary stated as she looked at JT.  “It better be worth a whole lot.  Worth a whole lot, if you know what I mean.”

“Damn girl, just take it and go on,” Alex said as he sighed and then shook his head.  “You already know what it’s for, stop acting like…”

“Behave Alex,” JT said as Alex turned around and then walked towards the gate.  “Alex?  Alex wait!”

“Let his ass go JT,” Hillary said as she walked over to the outdoor bar, picked up the bottle of wine that sat there and then poured herself a drink.  “You know Mommy and Daddy don’t really like him.  Let him go on about his business.”

“Hush up girl, you know I love him, he’s part of my family,” JT said as he looked down.

“Can you really call what you two do, love JT?”  Hillary asked, looking JT in the face as she took a sip of her drink.  “You know people don’t consider what you two have as a real family.”

“It’s love, just like anybody else in love,” JT said as he glared at his sister, looking as if he wanted to smack her.  “I’m not going to have this argument with you again.”

“You might want to have that argument with Daddy,” Hillary said as she shook her head, pointed her finger at him and then took a sip of her drink.  “He’s waiting for you in hi study upstairs.”

“He’s what?  Why didn’t you tell me that little tidbit earlier when we got here?”  JT asked as he shook his head.  “I’m really not in the mood for hearing one of his damn lectures about being on time and how important it is to be punctual.  He just loves pointing out when people make him wait.”

“Well, you might as well settle on in for the long haul bro, you just might hear one,” Hillary stated as JT sighed and then walked away as he headed into the house.  “It serves his ass right for not bringing me an actual present back from Paris.  I bet he bought that faggot everything he wanted.  I hope Daddy kicks his ass.”

A Few Minutes Later — Inside the House — The Upstairs Study

“Come on in here boy,” James Chastayne, the patriarch of the Chastayne family spoke as he stood up behind his desk.  “I expected you here a few hours ago.”

“I’m sorry Dad, I wasn’t aware that you were here, waiting for me,” JT stated as he walked into the room as he closed the door behind him.  “So Dad, what’s on your mind?”

“Sit down boy,” James suggested as he pointed to the chair in front of his desk as he took a seat in his own.

“Ah, I think I’d rather stand,” JT replied as James looked up at him and then motioned at the chair again.  “Dad…”

“Sit your ass down boy!”  James harshly demanded as JT shook his head and then sat down.  “I’m in no mood for your diva-styled antics right now, so zip it up boy.”

“Dad…” JT said as he stood back up from the chair as James stood up also.

“Shut up boy!”  James snapped as he pointed his finger at JT.  “Sit your ass down and you better not move an inch.  Because you think you’re a damn man, doesn’t mean I can’t knock the hell outta you!”

“Fine,” JT said as he sat back down.  “What’s the problem now Dad?”

“The problem is you, as always,” James replied as he looked at JT closely.

“Excuse me!”  JT snapped as James’ eyes widened a bit.

“You and that white man—the white man that you’re with is the big problem I have to deal with,” James stated as he looked over at JT.  “Before I go any further, I would like to know why in the hell you were seen in Australia, acting as if you don’t have any damn responsibilities here… What kind of hold does that damn white man have on you son?”

“Love,” JT replied as he shook his head and then looked down.  “We love each other Dad.  If that’s what you call a hold, then yeah, we have that hold over each other.”

“That’s not natural boy,” James stated as he looked at JT.  “If your grandfather was here to see you, he would be ashamed of you.”

“He’s not here, so oh well,” JT said as James got up from his chair and made a move to hit him, but stopped himself and then turned around, breathing deeply as he moved back over to his chair and then sat down as he crossed his leg over the other one.

“One of these days… One of these days you’re going to sass me and I’m not going to have the self-control I have right now, to remain as calm as I am,” James stated as he looked down, picked up a handkerchief from his desk and then wiped at his forehead.  “You’re going to cross me wrong one of these days and there won’t be any more you.”

“So Dad, what are you trying to say?”  JT asked as he leaned closer to the desk with his face in his hand with his elbow on the desk.

“Boy…” James said as JT held up his hand.

“Dad, are you saying that if I don’t conform to the way you want me to be, you’ll kill me?  Is that it Dad?”  JT asked as he jumped up from the chair, knocking it over.  “So, what is it Dad?  You want me to act more like Hillary?  Do you want me out there, sleeping with anything that moves, using people for their money?  Oh wait, or do you want me to be more like Derrick?  Do you want me acting like a thug in the street, trying to kill people and getting money out of them in fear?  Do you want me like him?”

“I ought to…” James said as JT shook his head.

“But as you know, he’s no longer with us.  So Dad how is it that you want me to be?”  JT asked, both of his hands on the desk as he looked at James closely.

“How dare you!  How dare you talk ill of the dead like that!  Don’t you have any kind of respect for your brother?”  James asked as he got up from the chair, getting in JT’s face.  “Your—your brother was a fine young man that knew how to act like a man, of which you know nothing about.  He knew how to get things done, the way you should, but you don’t!”

“I get it.  You want me out there in the streets, running hoes and slinging dope, is that it Dad?”  JT asked as he moved away from the desk and then walked towards the door.  “Sorry Dad, but I want to live a little bit longer and going to jail isn’t an option for me or my kids.”

“Hold the fuck up boy!  Where do you think you’re going?  I’m not done with you!”  James snapped.

“I think I’ve heard enough for one day,” JT said as he opened the door.  “When you want to have a civil conversation with me, let me know, that’s when I’ll return here.”

“If you walk out that door boy, you’ll be sorry,” James said as he slammed his hand down on the desk.

“I guess I’ll be sorry then.  My husband and our children are waiting for me,” JT stated as he walked through the door, closing it shut behind him.

Half An Hour Later — A Car on a Deserted Highway

“So, are you going to tell me why you’re being so quiet right now?”  Alex Donovan, JT’s lover and husband asked as he placed a hand over JT’s knee.  “You haven’t spoke a word since we left your family’s estate.”

“Fine, a word,” JT replied as he looked down.

Alex’s POV

Damn, whatever happened between him and his Dad must’ve been a real big deal.  For him to be acting like this right now, it must’ve been monumental.  I wonder what happened between them.  When it comes to JT’s family, anything is possible.

“That’s real funny handsome, but that’s not what I meant,” I said as I slowed the car down, pulled over to the side of the highway and then turned the engine off.

“Why did you stop Alex?”  He asked as he turned and looked at me.  “If you don’t get back on the road, we’re going to be late getting to where we need to be.  We don’t need to keep our boys waiting.”

“I’m sure Caleb and Mason will be fine until we get to them,” I said as he sighed.  “What did Sir James say to you?”

“It doesn’t really matter Alex,” he replied and then sighed again.  “Just get back on the road before it gets too late.”

“Come on babe, I would like to know what’s going on with you,” I said as I lifted his chin and then kissed his lips.

“As always, Dad isn’t happy that I’m with you and says that it’s not natural that we’re together,” he said with a frown as I kind of figured that conversation would rear its ugly head again between him and his father.  His dad is always spewing homophobic crap at him about the two of us being together.  One of these days, he’ll learn his lesson and keep his mouth shut.  “He asked why in the hell was I in Australia.”

“Well did you tell him that you were there with me?”  I asked.

“No, I didn’t have to tell him that, he already knew,” he replied as I wondered how he would know that.  “I guess he wanted to talk about that, but I left before I told him anything about why we were there.”

“Why?”  I asked, wondering what could’ve happened that would make him leave his father abruptly.

“He actually had the damn gall to threaten to kill me,” he replied, my eyes widening with fear upon hearing that.  “He didn’t actually say he would kill me, but he alluded to it.  He said that there would be no more me if I continued sassing him.  He acts like I’m some kind of mindless slave or something.  I’m a grown ass man; I can say and do whatever the hell I want!”

“When it comes to your Dad, maybe you should just be quiet and not say anything to make him angrier than he normally is,” I said, wondering what else was said to him while he was with his father.  “I don’t want to lose you baby…”

“You’re not going to lose me handsome,” he said as I shook my head.

“Come on baby, please don’t piss that crazy ass man off,” I said as he looked at me closely.  “Don’t do anything that would cause him to do something stupid.  So please baby, don’t piss him off.”

“Just living my life the way I do, pisses him off Alex,” he replied as he looked up at me as I saw a few tears in his eyes.  “He’ll never be happy with me, ever!”

“Are—are you happy with you baby?”  I asked, wondering if my husband really loved himself or not.  “Are you okay being a gay man?”

“You already know I’m happy being a gay man.  If I wasn’t happy being gay, do you think I would’ve married you?”  He asked, looking at me with a weak smile on his face.  “I’m just sad that I have a fucked up family that does what it can to cause unneeded stress, drama and problems for me, for us.”

“Well I’m not worried about that baby and you shouldn’t either,” I told him.  “There’s nothing your father, family or his friends can ever do to run me off.”

“Yeah right, just give it some time Alex,” he said with a frown.  “I know my family and I know what they’re capable of.”

“What I already know of your family is enough to turn me off of the rest of the Chastayne family, but I’ll always love you, no matter what,” I told him, leaning in and kissing his mouth.

“You say that now,” he said as his cell phone rang.  “I’m not in the mood for talking to anyone, so I’m just going to let that go to voicemail.”

“Baby, don’t let your family get you down,” I said, rubbing his neck as I leaned closer and kissed his forehead.  “I don’t need you getting down and depressed because of the actions of the high and mighty Chastayne family.”

“Regardless of what you say, I’m part of that family and I always will be.  There’s no changing that Mr. Donovan,” he said with a sigh as he shook his head.  “Let’s just go before it gets too late.  The boys are waiting for us.”

“Okay baby,” I said, starting the engine and pulling back onto the highway so we could go pick up our kids.

A Few Miles Away — Another Highway

Dylan’s POV

“Hey baby, how are things going with you?”  I asked my boyfriend, caressing his cheek as I leaned in close to kiss his lips as he sighed and then pushed me backwards away from him.  “Baby?”

“So, why are we here Dylan?  Why in the hell are you meeting me here, on this abandoned damn highway and not at that big fancy house that you live in on the hill?”  He asked.  “Why are we parked out here, miles from town, on this damn highway of all places?”

“This—this was the safest place for us to meet,” I replied as he sighed again, shook his head and then turned his back to me, looking out the window.

“I—I’m tired of this shit Dylan, really I am,” he said as he crossed his arms across his chest and then made a move to open the car door as I grabbed his hand, stopping him.  “Why are you stopping me Dylan?  I don’t want to be here, not like this!”

“I—I’m sorry baby, but…” I said as he interrupted me.

“Why—why can’t we be open like everyone else?  Isn’t your brother John open with his lover?”  He asked.

“John is open, but everyone in the family hates him,” I said with a frown.  “I don’t want to be on the receiving end of that kind of hatred from them.  Hell, they already don’t like me as it is because I’m white.”

“I don’t believe that Dylan,” he said as he turned around in the seat, looking at me.

“Believe it Alan,” I said as he shook his head and then looked down.  “They—they treat me totally different than everyone else in the family.”

“How do they treat you differently?”  He asked.

“They don’t really share anything with me,” I replied as I looked down at my hands.  “I really don’t know what the Chastayne family business really is; I just know that it’s real hush-hush.”

“Oh please,” he said as he shook his head again.  “That’s not a secret Dylan and you know it.”

“Oh here we go,” I said as he looked at me and then turned back around in the seat.

“Oh here we go what Dylan?  It’s not like you don’t know that your Dad dabbles in criminal activities.  Hell, you know that he owns those night clubs on the east side of town and you know he’s running drugs and whores through each and every one of them.  I hope you don’t think that law office downtown is the real deal with the Chastayne family,” he said as I shook my head.

“I don’t know Alan, that’s what I’m talking about.  If that’s what’s really going on, then I don’t really know, mainly because no one in the family will actually say anything to me.  I’m the outsider in the Chastayne family.  I’m not really one of them, so they treat me differently,” I told him as he sighed and then shook his head.

“You can’t be that naïve Dylan,” he said, placing a hand on my leg.

“You call it being naïve; I call it being in the dark about what everyone else knows that I don’t.  It’s always been like that Alan,” I said as he just looked at me.

“Fine Dylan, if you didn’t know, I just told you,” he said as placed a finger under my chin and lifted my face so I could see his eyes.  “If you don’t believe me, maybe it’s time you go find out for yourself.”

“Meaning what baby?”  I asked as he sighed and then shook his head.

“If you want to find out what it is that your family does, maybe it’s time you go find out on your own,” He said as he grabbed my hand, rubbing the top of my fingers.  “You know, be a little bit nosey and proactive on your own.  Better yet, I’m sure your brother John will help you out with that.  From what I hear around, he’s not too keen on what your Dad does either.  Why not talk to him?”

“Me and John… We… We don’t get along very well,” I said, wondering why we didn’t get along.  I don’t’ remember ever doing anything bad or wrong to him, so why doesn’t he like me?

“I don’t believe that Dylan,” he said as he sighed again.  “Just talk to him and see what he’ll tell you.”

“Why don’t we just change the subject baby?  I would rather talk about us, not what the Chastayne family does, while my back is turned,” I said as he shook his head again and then sighed.

“There’s really nothing to talk about, pertaining to us that is,” he said as he looked at me.  “Every time we see each other, we’re either in the car on a deserted damn highway like tonight, meeting up at a hotel in the next town over or you pop up at my place late at night where no one could see.  Besides that, there’s really nothing new.  Nothing ever changes with…”

“I—I hope to change that one day Alan, I really do,” I said, leaning in and kissing his lips.  “I want to be able to be with you in the open, but—but as I said, I’m not ready for that kind of hatred.”

“If you love me, like you claim you love me, then isn’t that kind of so-called hatred worth it?”  He asked.

“I—I, Alan…” I said as he shook his head again, unsnapped the seatbelt and then opened the door.  “Alan, wait baby…”

“No Dylan, no!  It seems I’m not worthy of having your love!”  He snapped as he got out of the car and then slammed the door shut, causing the window to shatter and break.  “I’ve had enough of this madness Dylan Chastayne!  I’m tired of waiting around for you to see the damn light!”

“Alan, please…” I said as I got out of the car and followed behind him as he walked down the highway.

“Leave me the hell alone Dylan!”  He snapped, shooting me the bird as he kept walking down the highway as a car passed the two of us.  Oh great, someone has seen us.  “Go on back to your rich family and forget that you ever knew me!”

“I—I can’t forget that I ever knew you, I love you Alan Quatermane,” I said, hoping that would snap him back to reality.

“That’s a bit lie Dylan!  You don’t know what love is!”  He snapped as he turned to me as I noticed he was crying.  “I—I can’t keep doing this to myself.  I—I want someone in my life that wants to be with me, that can be with me, without hiding and that’s not you and it never will be!”

“That—that can be me Alan, just please—please give me a chance here and let me do things my way,” I said as he shook his head.

“No Dylan, I’ve given you chance after chance and yet, here we fucking are!”  He yelled as he turned back around as I grabbed his hand and then pulled him to me, kissing his lips quickly as he melted into my arms, flowing into the kiss.  “Dylan, I—I don’t want to hide my love for you.”

“I don’t want to hide either,” I said as he sighed and then turned his gaze away from mine.

“Then don’t” was all he said as he pulled away from me.

A Few Miles Down the Road

Hillary’s POV

What in the hell is wrong with this damn picture here?  Are my eyes deceiving me here?  It seems my little brother Dylan has a secret of his own.  Why in the hell is he carrying on with that guy, in the middle of the damn highway like that?  Why in the hell didn’t he take that shit to a private place, like a hotel or someplace?  From what I can see and what I heard, the two of them are having an argument.  I wonder what has the both of them on edge so much.

I wonder if he’s told anyone about his secret.  I’m sure Daddy doesn’t know, being that he hasn’t made any off the wall comments about him and he’s still alive.  Hell, he must be good at what he does, I didn’t even know and I’m good at figuring out fags when they are around me.  Being that there hasn’t been any fighting at the estate, I’m sure he hasn’t told anyone about this new development in his life.  Seems little brother is like big brother.  When Daddy finds this shit out, he’s going to go through the fucking roof.  Then again, being that Dylan isn’t really his son, maybe he won’t.

Oh sweet little Dylan, what am I going to do with you?  Wait, this could work to my advantage, if I play my cards right.  Being that Daddy sees gay men as being unnatural and nasty, I’m sure I can get Dylan to do my bidding, just to keep his secret from Daddy.  I wonder just what I can get him to do for me?

Late Evening — The Chastayne-Donovan Home — The Kitchen

“So, with all that you’ve told me tonight, about what happened between you and your Dad, are you going to work in the morning?” Alex asked as he walked over to the stove and looked JT in the face.  “Are you going to be around him, where he could possibly do something to hurt you baby?”

“Yes, I’m going to work in the morning baby,” JT replied as he turned his gaze away from Alex.  “There isn’t a week that goes by that my Dad or somebody in the Chastayne family…”

“I know you might be used to them threatening you, but this threat came from the big man, your dad of all people,” Alex said as he shook his head.

“Come on baby, I’m totally used to that sort of thing. I’m sure the threats he made are just that, threats and nothing more than that,” JT stated as Alex sighed.

“I’m not ready to take the chance that this will be the time that he carries out his threats against you,” Alex said as he wrapped his arms around JT’s waist.  “Caleb, Mason and I need you, we can’t lose you now.”

“You and the boys aren’t going to lose me,” JT stated as he put down the knife and then turned to Alex.  “I wish you’d stop worrying about things that aren’t going to happen.”

“It’s hard not to worry when there are crazy people in the world that make threats against my husband’s life on a regular basis.  You might not worry about it baby, but I do.  Because you don’t worry about those crazy family members threatening you, I worry about them following through on their words and killing you, because they can,” Alex said as he turned away from JT as JT grabbed his hand, puling him close and turning him around as he noticed the tears in his eyes.  “I love you baby, but your family scares me.  You may not take them seriously, but I do baby.”

“I know you do baby.  They used to scare me too, but I don’t worry about them anymore,” JT said as he laid his head on Alex’s shoulder.  “Besides, I have a strong husband to protect me.”

“Oh, now I’m your strong husband,” Alex said with a smile.  “Last night you said I was weak when we were watching those scary movies.”

“Ha, you were a wimp last night baby,” JT said with a smile.  “You were acting like Freddy and Jason were actually coming to get you.  They would have to go through me first to get to you.  I’m the only one that plagues your dreams handsome, you got that?”

“Ha ha ha, real funny baby,” Alex said as JT laughed.

“Yeah, I thought it was.  It’s getting late, are the boys tucked in and asleep?”  JT asked as he rubbed Alex’s tummy.

“Yes, our little bundles of energy are tucked in and asleep,” Alex replied as he turned his head slightly and kissed JT’s lips.  “Why don’t we hurry this along and get up to bed as well?”

“Hmmm, it sounds like someone is feeling a bit frisky,” JT stated as he turned back to finish what he was doing.  “When I’m done preparing things for tomorrow’s outing for Caleb’s class, I’ll be right up.  Why don’t you go ahead and get the bed warm for us and…”

“Are you sure baby?”  Alex asked.

“Yeah baby, I’m sure,” JT replied as he started on something else.  “I have one more batch to do and I’ll be done.  I shouldn’t have told Mrs. Garvey I’d help with their class outings if I’d known she would have me doing this sort of stuff.”

“I tried to warn you baby,” Alex said as he laughed, kissing JT’s cheek as he waved and then walked up the back stairs.

“Yeah yeah whatever, just go warm up that bed,” JT said as he continued what he was doing.

To Be Continued…