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Limbo Uprising – Chapter 6

Chapter 6 — Devastation Cometh Jun 2, 1996 – Somewhere in Orange Park, FL “Venus!  Heart Reflection!”  Someone screamed as a continuous beam of solar light zapped Ryan, knocking him backwards to the ground. “Neptune!  Aqua Moon Medley!”  Someone else screamed as a strange portal-like phenomenon appeared, dumping water on Ryan, holding him down on…

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The Chaos Factor – Chapter 7

Chapter 7 — Is It the End or What? Mar 15, 1996 – Jacksonville, FL – X-Ternals’ Compound – The Infirmary “Stop!”  Everyone heard, but didn’t see the person the voice belonged to. “That voice,” Hank said, looking around.  “It sounded like Michura, but—but no one has seen or heard from her since the other…

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The Chaos Factor – Chapter 4

Chapter 4 — Chaos Cometh This Way Between Here and There – The Limbo Dimension – Castle Limbo “You need to calm down my boy,” Necroloque spoke, standing in front of JT. “No Uncle, no!”  JT screamed as Necroloque shook his head. “Screaming about this isn’t going to make things right,” Necroloque spoke. “Are you…

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