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If I Ain’t Got You – Chapter 21

Chapter 21 — New Additions and Ultimatums Jan 4, 2003 – Orlando, FL – The Poole-Walden Estates “Come on baby, do you forgive me?”  Mark asked, holding JT in his arms as they stood in the doorway. “Yeah, I guess so,” JT replied as he looked into Mark’s eyes. “You guess so?  You guess so? …

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If I Ain’t Got You – Chapter 18

Chapter 18 — Romance is in the Air Jan 1, 2003 – Orlando, FL – El Valentera – The Parking Lot “Angela—Angie, stop!”  Kevin yelled, rushing to catch up to Angela as she strode across the parking lot.  Angela came to an abrupt stop, swinging around to face him.  “Angie…” “What do you want Kevin?” …

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The Chaos Factor – Chapter 7

Chapter 7 — Is It the End or What? Mar 15, 1996 – Jacksonville, FL – X-Ternals’ Compound – The Infirmary “Stop!”  Everyone heard, but didn’t see the person the voice belonged to. “That voice,” Hank said, looking around.  “It sounded like Michura, but—but no one has seen or heard from her since the other…

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