The Awakening – Chapter 16

Chapter 16 —End Game  Washington, D.C. – The Pentagon – The Restricted Prison Cell Area JT’s POV Damn it, my head feels like someone used it to play a damn drum solo out on.  Did I get my ass beat or what?  What in the hell is going on?  Where in the hell am I?  […]

Operation Magic – Chapter 3

  Chapter 3 — Silence of the Heart A Week Later – Arlington, VA – The Home of John and Roland Donovan – The Backyard John’s POV “Did you think it was such a good idea, having a barbecue bro?”  Ramona asked, walking over to where I stood.  “I just told you last week that […]

Operation Magic – Chapter 2

Chapter 2 — Fool On The Street Arlington, VA – The Home of John and Roland Donovan Roland’s POV We just arrived at the house and both boys are fast asleep in the back seat.  We’re just sitting here in the car, not saying anything.  What’s going on and what happened at the Gala?  Since […]

Operation Magic – Chapter 1

Chapter 1 — Classless Washington, D.C. — The White House — A Private Research Room “Summers, have you found the connection we’re looking for?” A research scientist asked, walking into the room with a clipboard in hand. “No sir,” a military cadet spoke, saluting the man. “I think we would need a live specimen to […]