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To Protect and Serve – Chapter 13

Chapter 13 – Marek’s Special Ending

Between Here and There – The Limbo Dimension – Castle Limbo

“Come on JT, just give up already.  You know I still love you,” Marek stated, stepping closer to JT and then kissing his lips.  “Be mine and end all of this madness.”

“No!  I will never submit to the likes of you!  I will continue fighting you until I can’t breathe anymore!”  JT screamed as psychic energy flared around his body.

“Have it your way, you’ll never see Joey Fallon again.  I’ll kill you and no one will ever see you again!”  Marek exclaimed as he projected a continuous beam of psychic energy at JT as he laughed.

“Stop it!”  JT screamed, his costume flaring with energy as it started to unravel.

“I’m not going to stop, not until you agree to be mine!  Give yourself to me damn it!”  Marek screamed as he laughed again.

“Nooooooo!”  JT screamed, falling to the floor.  “I won’t be yours, never!”

Waco, TX – The Santa Clara Hotel – Lance and Hank’s Hotel Room

“Something’s wrong!  Something’s wrong with JT!”  Joey screamed, looking around the room.

“What is it?”  Wanda asked as she looked at Joey closely.

“I don’t know, I just know something is wrong with JT, I can feel it!”  Joey screamed as the tears streamed down his face.

“Oh Joey, I’m so sorry.  I wish there was something we could do, but none of us can get to where he is right now,” Michura stated as Joey shook his head.

“No, there must be something that can be done, I love him!  I don’t want him getting hurt.  I—I must do something!”  Joey screamed, pacing the room.

“Wanda, you’re still not able to use your powers to get to him?”  Barbara asked as Wanda frowned.

“Something’s blocking me from teleporting into Limbo,” Wanda replied as she folded her arms across her chest.

“That has to be Marek’s doing,” Barbara stated as she looked down.

“Probably so,” Michura said as she looked at Barbara.  “We have to do something.  We can’t just leave JT and the others at the mercy of Marek.  Marek will surely kill them all!”

Between Here and There – The Limbo Dimension – Castle Limbo

“What’s wrong Psychic Warrior?  Not so strong now, are you really the Psychic Warrior?  All those years… I—I waited to get you back in my grasp!  Now, I have you right where I want you!”  Marek screamed as he stood in front of JT’s body that was pinned against a wall with magical energy.  “You’re mine now JT.  I’m not going to let you run from me.  Your powers can’t save you this time and there’s no one else here with the power to help you!”

“I will escape you.  I will not submit to you, never!”  JT screamed as Marek slapped his face.

“You have no choice but to submit to me,” Marek said, laughing.

“I won’t let you beat me, for I am the Psychic Warrior!  I will erase this evil from my domain!”  JT snapped, his body glowing brightly, the light slashing through the magical bonds that held his body tight.

“You can’t beat me!”  Marek screamed as he waved his hand, shield himself from JT’s attack.  “Try as you might, my powers rival those of a demi-god!  You should know, I stole them from you!”

“You are no god here Marek!”  JT screamed, floating above Marek as a strange ribbon-like energy flared around his body.  “I will erase this evil!”

“You won’t erase nothing!”  Marek screamed, projecting a continuous stream of energy at JT that knocked him against the castle wall, holding him in place.

“I am power here Marek, you won’t win!”  JT screamed as the glow around his body brightened as the energy that Marek projected at him ricocheted across the area, bouncing off the giant mirror and then zapping Marek in the back.

“No!”  Marek screamed as Kevin Williams snapped out of his trance as he looked around.

“What in the hell is going on?  Where in the hell am I?”  Kevin asked, turning around to see Marek lying on the floor, screaming.

“Kevin Williams, are you okay?”  JT asked, waving his hand, using his powers to place a force-field around the man’s body.

Waco, TX – The Santa Clara Hotel – Lance and Hank’s Hotel Room

“Wanda, you don’t have enough power to get into Limbo to save JT on your own?”  Michura asked.

“I’m not powerful enough to travel to Limbo alone.  The times I’ve teleported to Limbo, I had to rely on power from JT to get there.  If he doesn’t grant me access into Limbo, I’ll bounce back to where I started from.  Being that Marek has blocked access to Limbo, the same thing will more than likely happen,” Wanda explained.

“We have to do something to save him!”  Joey screamed.

“Right now, I don’t know how we can help him.  If Marek is controlling things, there’s nothing we can really do to save anybody,” Wanda stated as Joey walked up to her and then grabbed her hands.  “Joey?”

“There’s something that can be done and I’ll do it!”  Joey screamed as his eyes glowed a strange purple color.

“What can you do, you’re not…” Michura said as she noticed the color of Joey’s eyes.  “Ahhh, what’s going on with his eyes?”

“You can’t fight Marek, he’ll kill you,” Wanda stated as Joey shook his head.

“I can do this!”  Joey snapped as he turned to look at Barbara and then back at Michura as he held onto Wanda’s hand.  “Star Heart Power Transform!”

“What in the world,” Barbara said as the room flooded with a strange light as Joey’s clothing changed to something new.

“What’s going on here?  What’s happening to Joey?”  Lance asked, watching the things that transpired before him.

“Don’t know, but maybe this is something good.  I truly hope this isn’t bad,” Wanda stated as they, sans Lance, disappeared from the room.

Between Here and There – The Limbo Dimension


“What just happened here?”  Barbara asked, looking around as they all appeared in a dark area.

“We need to go there,” Joey said as he pointed at the castle on the hill.

“Joey, what’s going on?  Have you been hiding something about yourself from us and the others?”  Barbara asked.

“I—I’m sorry for scaring you guys.  I—I don’t know how to explain any of this to you all.  But if you remember the events that took place when Christina Merritt attacked us, this is how all of this with me started,” Joey stated.

“I remember that, but it doesn’t explain the power you’re using right now,” Wanda stated.  “Are you a Legacy Chosen member?”

“I—I don’t know the answer to that,” Joey replied, shrugging his shoulders.  “I just know it has something to do with those people that JT hangs out with when he calls himself Legacy Saturn.”

“But are you a legacy Joey?  Are you like JT?”  Wanda asked, walking closer to Joey and then looking at the back of his neck.

“Wanda, what is it that you’re looking for?  Why are you messing with my hair?”  Joey asked, moving away from Wanda as they all heard someone scream.

“What in the hell!”  Michura screamed, looking around as her hair changed to water, splashing around her neck.

“That sounded like JT!  We must get in there.  I don’t know how to get into the castle,” Joey stated as he looked over at Wanda.  “I got us this far, someone help me save my boyfriend!”

Castle Limbo


“Tim!  Tim, where are you?”  Wanda called out as she and her passengers appeared inside the castle.

“Oh thank the heavens.  I didn’t know if my psychic shields would’ve protected me for much longer,” JT stated as Barbara walked over to him as Hank appeared next to her.

“Now that you guys are here, let’s see if I can put things right,” JT stated as his eyes crackled with energy as his costume changed to black as he floated higher in the area.

“Uh no, I don’t like the looks of this.  He’s changed back into that evil person again,” Joey stated as he ran towards the private chamber, hiding.

“Joey, what are you doing here?  How did he get here?”  JT asked, floating down to the floor quickly as he waved his hand at Marek, holding him in place.

“You may not believe this, but Joey was the one that brought us here.  He said something similar to what you would say to transform and he teleported us here,” Wanda stated, moving out of Kevin’s way, who seemed to be back under Marek’s control.

“Stop or I’ll kill Kevin!  Don’t force me to do that, because you know I will!”  Marek stated as he moved away from JT and then grabbed Kevin as he used his powers, creating a psychic axe and held it under Kevin’s chin.

“Marek please… Please don’t hurt him.  Just leave him alone.  He’s not the one you wanted,” Joey said as he walked into the area.

“And how do you know what I want?  Your tiny brain can’t fathom what I want!”  Marek screamed as he held Kevin tighter as Kevin struggled to get free.

“Please man, just let me live.  I won’t do anything.  Please—please don’t kill me,” Kevin begged as the tears streamed down his face.

“Shut the hell up!”  Marek screamed as JT shook his head.

“You never learn,” JT said as he snapped his fingers as Kevin disappeared, leaving Marek empty-handed.

“No!  It can’t end like this!”  Marek screamed.

“Just give up Marek, you’re busted.  As of now, I’m going to stop you for good.  You have a one-way ticket to hell and I have the doorway to get you there.  There’s no need to try to escape that!”  JT snapped as his eyes glowed brightly as he waved his hand as a strange looking portal opened.

“You’re not going to stop me!”  Marek screamed as another portal opened as JT’s uncle appeared in the area.

“No my boy, that’s not the way to stop this man,” JT’s uncle stated as JT shook his head.

“He—he’s caused a great deal of pain,” JT stated as his uncle shook his head again as Wanda, Michura, Barbara, Joey and Kevin disappeared from the area.

“I know he has, but that’s forbidden my boy,” JT’s uncle stated.  “You are not the one that has the say-so for where he goes.”

“If I don’t stop him now he’ll hurt others,” JT stated as Marek smiled.

“That’s right I will!  You’ll never be free of me, you’re mine!”  Marek screamed as JT’s uncle turned and looked at him.

“I’ve heard enough from you,” JT’s uncle said as he waved his hand in Marek’s direction.

“Noooo!”  Marek screamed as his body burst into flame.

“As I told you once before, you will not hurt anyone else,” JT’s uncle said as he turned to JT.  “Leave him to me; he will not hurt you or anyone else.  This time, I will make sure he’s locked away.”

“But Uncle…” JT said as his uncle interrupted him.

“He’s not going to hurt you or anyone else for that matter,” JT’s uncle stated as he waved his hand in Marek’s direction as Marek’s body floated off the floor and then disappeared as the giant mirror in the area glowed brightly.

“What just happened Uncle?”  JT asked.

“Marek is now with the Elders,” JT’s uncle answered as he waved his hand as a portal opened.  “Return to your friend, they are waiting for you back on Earth.”

“Yes Uncle,” JT replied as he stepped through the portal, disappearing from Limbo.

“As for you Marek, we won’t have this conversation ever again,” JT’s uncle stated as he waved his hand as Marek reappeared in the area as the two floated in front of the mirror.  “I wouldn’t allow my boy to kill you, but that doesn’t mean I won’t do it!”

“You’re not going to hurt me,” Marek said as he smirked at JT’s uncle.  “You and those fools need me.”

“That’s where you’re wrong,” JT’s uncle spoke as his hand crackled with energy as he touched Marek’s chest.

“What in the hell are you doing?”  Marek asked, struggling to get free of the magical energy bonds that held his body tight.

“For all the pain that you’ve caused my boy, I’m going to cause that same pain to you,” JT’s uncle stated with an evil grin on his face.  “James Fowler, you are forever cursed!”

“What!”  Marek screamed as the magical energy bonds dissipated from his body as he fell to the floor.  “What have you done to me?”

“Just what I’ve said,” JT’s uncle stated.  “I suggest you not cause any more harm for my boy or anyone around him.”

“Why is that?”  Marek asked, standing up, getting in JT’s uncle’s face.

“As of this point, I’m going to send you back to Earth, but I suggest you not go anywhere near my boy or anyone he knows,” JT’s uncle stated.

“I’ll go where I damn want to man, you don’t control me,” Marek stated as JT’s uncle shook his head.

“I don’t think you want to put my magic to the test boy,” JT’s uncle stated as he waved his hand as Marek disappeared.

“Necroloque, do you think it was wise, sending him back to Earth that way?”  A voice was heard in the area as JT’s uncle turned around.

“When he returns to Earth, he won’t remember anything about his life,” JT’s uncle stated as he smiled.  “For the time being, he’s powerless and has no memory of who he is or what he’s capable of doing.  I put him back on Earth as a blank slate.”

“Will he regain his memory?”  The voice asked.

“Never,” JT’s uncle stated as he turned around as his image shifted to look like the bus driver for All Star.  “I have somewhere else to be.”

“As you were Necroloque,” the voice said as JT’s uncle waved his hand and then disappeared from the area.

Waco, TX – The Santa Clara Hotel – Joshua and Tyler’s Hotel Room

“Hi,” JT said as he walked into the room as all eyes were on him.

“I’m so glad to see you.  Are you okay baby?”  Joey asked, rushing over to JT and hugging him.

“I’m okay Joey.  Is everyone accounted for?  Where’s Kevin Williams?”  JT asked, looking around the room.

“Yeah, where is Kevin anyway?”  Joey asked.

“Does anyone know where he lives?”  JT asked, looking around at the All Star guys.  “When you were sent back, I thought you all would’ve been sent back here.”

“Maybe he’s in his hotel room,” Wanda stated as she looked at JT with a frown.  “Can you sense him?”

“No, I can barely sense anyone here,” JT replied as he shook his head.  “Something’s not right here.”

“Maybe it’s because your powers are strained,” Barbara stated as she looked at JT strangely.  “You did use a lot of your powers fighting Marek.  When we got there, you were already weak.  You had to change into Demonloque just to continue fighting him.”

“I—I guess that could be the reason.  Maybe—maybe I need to go lie down for a bit,” JT stated as he looked down.  “Could you guys please watch out for everyone and let me know later on when it’s time to go so that Wanda and I can teleport these guys to the next venue?”

“Go get some rest Tim,” Wanda stated as she watched JT closely.

“Can I come with you JT?  I would very much like to be with you,” Joey stated as he looked JT in the face.

“Yeah, I guess you can.  I think we need to talk anyway,” JT stated as he grabbed Joey’s hand as their bodies glowed.

“There’s that strange glow again,” Wanda stated as Joey looked at her and then frowned.

“You ready to go?”  Joey asked as JT smiled weakly as the two of them faded out partially and then reappeared as JT groaned and then they finally disappeared.

“Barbara, did you see that?”  Wanda asked, walking over to where Barbara stood.  “The fight with Marek must’ve really taken it out of him.”

“It must have,” Barbara stated as she walked towards the door.

Joey and JT’s Hotel Room

“Honey, you don’t look so good,” Joey stated as he and JT sat down on the sofa.  “Your natural glow isn’t as bright…”

“I’m fine Joey, I just need some rest,” JT stated as Joey sighed and then looked down.

“Honey, you were barely able to teleport us into the room.  When you grabbed my hand, I felt you trembling.  You had trouble moving us from point to point,” Joey stated as he rubbed JT’s hand.  “Something’s wrong baby; I think you need more than rest.  What did Marek do to you?”

“I’m fine Joey, just let it go,” JT stated as he looked at Joey.  “But, I would like to know how you got into Limbo the way you did.”

“I don’t really know,” Joey replied as he looked down.  “When Lance popped up, back at the hotel the way he did, I got scared.  I—I was able to somehow feel you, to sense you.  I felt your pain.”

“You felt my pain?”  JT asked.

“I knew something was wrong with you,” Joey stated as he looked JT in the face.  “I was so upset about trying to get to you.  Michura and Wanda kept talking about different things they could do to get to you, but Wanda wasn’t able to.”

“But that doesn’t explain how you got into Limbo Joey,” JT stated as Joey frowned.

“I heard this voice in my head that told me to say ‘Star Heart Power Transform’ and I said it.  Once I did that, I changed and my clothes looked like yours from the other night,” Joey explained as JT looked down.  “At that point, with help from Wanda, I was able to teleport to Limbo to help you.”

“So you’re a legacy too?  I guess that’s what the Elders meant about your light,” JT stated as he looked down again and then shrugged his shoulders as he bent down and took off his boots.

“What does that mean baby?”  Joey asked.

“Right now, I guess that means you’re a chosen one too and when the time comes, you’ll be around to help fight the evil that threatens the Earth.  As you saw that night with Christina Merritt, we appeared to stop her when she used her magic—magic that was dangerously able to destroy the planet,” JT stated as Joey nodded his head.

“So that means I’m just like you.  Do I turn evil like you do too?”  Joey asked as JT sighed.

“No, you won’t turn evil like I do,” JT replied as he leaned in and kissed Joey’s lips.  “Enough of that, it’s time for sleep.”

“Okay baby,” Joey replied as JT’s eyes glowed as Joey closed his eyes and went to sleep.

“I might regret what I just did, but I didn’t want to answer more of his questions,” JT stated as he sighed and then closed his eyes.  “We’ll have to save those questions for another time.  Now he’ll just have to settle with knowing that I’m here to protect and serve.”

The End

To Protect and Serve – Chapter 12

Chapter 12 — Love Gone Wrong

Aug 13, 1995 – Waco, TX – The Santa Clara Hotel – Lance and Hank’s Hotel Room

Hank’s POV

I can’t believe this has finally happened… Well it’s happening right now.  I’m having sex with the man of my dreams.  I’ve waited so long for this to happen and now that it is, I can barely contain myself.  For the past hour, I’ve had to do everything within my power to hold myself together.   The way we’re going on right now, I don’t know how much longer I can keep this up.

“Come on Hank, give it to me baby!  Give me what you got damn it!”  Lance screamed as he sat atop my hips, riding up and down on my dick.

“Oh Lance, oh God, I don’t think I can hold out for much longer baby… You’re going to make me shoot soon!”  I yelled, pounding my fist into the mattress as his ass muscles worked their magic on my dick.

“Do it baby, do it!”  He screamed, bouncing faster on top of my hips as I did my best to hold onto him as I heard the door creak and then open as I was able to see Tyler standing there, watching the two of us.

“Oh shit Lance!”  I screamed, feeling my orgasm taking over as I notice Tyler cover his mouth and then stepped back out of the room.

“Oh yeah, that’s what I’m talking about baby,” he said, slowing down as he bent down and hugged me a he continued to move his ass on my dick, trying to milk me for all I was worth.  “Push your spunk up in me baby.”

“Oh God, you are so dirty,” I said as we kissed as I wondered why Tyler just stood there, watching us that way with that sad look on his face.  What was up with that?

In in the Hallway

Tyler’s POV

“I—I never thought I would see that happening,” I said, sniffling as I walked down the hall, trying to put some distance between myself and what I just saw.

What in the hell has gotten into everybody around me?  Does everyone have love and sex on their minds?  We’re supposed to be here protecting people, not hooking up for love and sex.  How did we get so far off of track?  Our goal here was to keep these guys protected, not hop into bed with them.  In the past few weeks, I’ve wondered about the direction of this team.  Should I stay here among them or should I take my leave of exit?

Maybe I should take my leave… I think being away from these guys, may make a difference for me.  Like damn, I gave up being around my family and friends, to go gallivanting around the world, helping them fight the evils of the world that don’t like people like us.

I just don’t get what’s happening with my friends.  First JT goes off and starts breaking his personal rules about relationships and now Hank is doing the same thing.  JT vowed never to mix work with his love life and it seems he’s doing the same thing all over again.  I just hope things with him and Joey don’t turn out like they did with him and Marek.  Hell, we’re still dealing with the issues of Marek and I hope with all that I’ve heard about yesterday, JT will finally get his mind back on things so we can get back to business.

A Few Minutes Later – Joshua and Tyler’s Hotel Room

“Let me out of this damn room!”  Joshua screamed, banging on the hotel room door.  “Damn it, I’ve been trapped in here for far too long.  I want out of here right now!”

“Have you returned to being yourself Joshua or are you still acting strange?”  Tyler asked as he walked up to the door.

“I wasn’t acting strange!  I’m being truthful Tyler, I want you!  I want to feel you inside of me!”  Joshua yelled as Tyler shook his head as a few tears fell from his eyes.

“What kind of game are you trying to play here Joshua?  You need to stop this.  I don’t want to do anything with you and then you go back to being normal or whatever it was you were before and we both end up regretting it!”  Tyler snapped as Joshua banged on the door again.

“I’m not playing a game Tyler,” Joshua spoke as he sighed.  “Just come in here with me.”

“I’m not coming in there with you,” Tyler replied as he shook his head.

“Just come in here and kiss me, hold me and fuck the hell out of me!  Once you do that, everything will be alright.  That’s all I want right now,” Joshua stated as Tyler shook his head.

“I’m not coming in there to do anything with you,” Tyler stated as Joshua banged on the door again.

“I don’t see what the problem is man.  I’ll have you and you’ll have someone to love you!  You’ll have someone to help you with those sexual frustrations you’re having!  I can give you what Hank won’t!  I can give you what you want Tyler!”  Joshua exclaimed as Tyler slid down the door, landing on the floor as more tears fell from his eyes.

“How did he know about my feelings for Hank?”  Tyler whispered to himself as he wiped at his eyes.

“Whatever you want Tyler.  If you want to fuck me, we can do that!  If you want me to fuck you, I can do that.  I want you Tyler; I will be what you want me to be!”  Joshua screamed as he banged on the door again as Tyler shook his head again and then sniffled.

“You need some help man,” Tyler stated, his voice barely audible.  “You need to get some help.”

“I need you man,” Joshua spoke from the other side of the door.  “I want you.”

“I don’t think you know what you want,” Tyler stated as he sniffled again.  “When I joined this tour to provide protection for you, there was not a gay bone in your body!  What happened to make you act this way all of a sudden?”

“To make who act what way?  Is there something wrong?”  JT asked as he, Joey and Wanda walked up to where Tyler sat in the hallway.

“What’s going on here Tyler?  Are you crying?”  Wanda asked, looking at the hotel room door and then down at Tyler.

“What’s going on Tyler?  Why are you and Joshua playing this soap opera drama out for the whole hotel to hear?”  JT asked as Tyler looked up at him.

“I need you to scan his mind.  There’s something wrong with him.  That can’t be the real Joshua in there.  Ever since we got back from Marek’s complex, he’s been acting really strange,” Tyler stated as JT sighed.

“You know I don’t like doing that sort of thing Tyler, it makes me feel evil,” JT stated as Wanda shook her head and then kicked the door, knocking it down.  “Wanda?”

“Something’s not right,” Wanda stated, turning to look at JT.  “Scan Joshua’s mind, there’s something wrong here.”

“Wrong such as what?”  JT asked, his eyes glowing an eerie purple color, a sign that he was using his telepathic powers as he grabbed his head.  “Ahhhhhhh!”

“Honey, what’s wrong?  Why did you scream?”  Joey asked, looking at JT and then over at Tyler.  “Joshua, what’s going on in that damn head of yours?  What did you do to JT?”

“I didn’t do anything to him.  What are you talking about Joey?”  Joshua asked as Wanda moved over to JT.

“If you want to really know what’s wrong with him, all you have to do is ask me.  I am responsible for what just happened, not him,” Kevin Williams spoke as he appeared behind Joey and Joshua.

“Kevin, what are you doing here?”  Joey asked, making a move to walk towards Kevin as Kevin waved his hand as Joey, JT and Wanda were thrown against the wall, knocking them unconscious.

“Oh no!”  Joshua screamed, looking around as he backed away from Kevin.  “What in the hell is going on?”

“Three down, so many more to go,” Kevin said as he waved his hand and then disappeared as Joshua looked around again and then sat down on the floor as he pulled his knees up to his chest and started crying.

‘You’re mine again Joshua,’ Joshua heard in his mind as he got up off the floor and then walked out of the room with an evil smirk on his face.

A Few Minutes Previously – Lance and Hank’s Hotel Room

“Hey honey, are you awake?”  Lance asked, sitting up on the sofa.

“Yeah, I’m awake.  I’m just basking in the afterglow of what we shared,” Hank stated as he leaned in close and kissed Lance’s lips.

“Yeah baby, I enjoyed hat very much too.  Now we know what each other is capable of,” Lance stated, reaching down and stroking Hank’s dick.

“If you keep doing that, we might have to do it all again,” Hank stated, getting up from the sofa as he stretched his arms over his head and then walked over to the bathroom.

“Maybe I want to do it all again.  Maybe I want to have you inside of me, thrusting hard and fast again,” Lance said as he got up and then followed Hank into the bathroom, standing in the doorway, watching him.

“Damn baby, that’s hot,” Hank said as he wrapped his arms around Lance and then kissed his mouth as he felt him up.

“I’m glad you agree,” Lance said as the two of them moved around in the bathroom, dancing to unheard music as they embraced and groped each other.

“Damn right I do,” Hank replied as he turned the water on in the shower stall.

“You’re so damn sexy baby,” Lance said as the two of them stepped into the shower stall, kissing and touching as the water rained down on their heads.

“Oh shit yeah!”  Hank growled, pushing Lance against the shower stall wall and entering him from behind.

“Yeah baby, fuck me!”  Lance screamed, holding himself up against the shower stall wall as Hank thrust hard, fast and deep into his ass.

“Ooooh!”  Hank growled, speeding up his thrusting into Lance’s ass as their sexual activity made loud thumping noises against the shower wall.

“I—I—I’m coming!”  Lance screamed, closing his eyes as he threw his head back as Hank bit down on his neck as he thrust a final time into him.

“Damn baby, that was so hot,” Lance spoke, breathing heavy as Hank pulled away from him and then turned him around.

“Yeah it was, now let me help clean you up,” Hank said as Lance leaned against the shower stall wall, allowing Hank to wash him.

“Rubbing me there is only going to get me started again,” Lance said as he caressed the top of Hank’s head.

“Do you ever get enough?  We’ve had sex all afternoon and evening.  I need a rest,” Hank stated as Lance draped his leg over his shoulder, trying to slide his dick into his mouth.

“Come on, just one more time,” Lance begged as Hank kissed the tip of his dick and then moved back into a standing position.  “Please baby… I want to make sure I don’t forget how good your cock feels in my ass before we have to get back on the road.”

“You’re not going to forget about my cock baby,” Hank said as Lance shook his head.

“I will forget,” Lance said, looking down with a pout on his face.  “We have to get back on the road tomorrow.  I don’t want to head to the next venue, that means we won’t have much time…”

“No baby, you’re not going to forget this,” Hank said as he grabbed his dick for emphasis.  “I’m sure you can wait until tomorrow night after we’ve made it to the next hotel.”

“No baby, we’ll be trapped on that boring ass bus for only God knows how long and we won’t get to do anything,” Lance stated as he stepped out of the shower with a sad look on his face.  “You know how Justin’s been acting, so that means we can’t fool around on the bus.”

“I’m sure JT would probably teleport us to the next stop, so we can have all the sex we want when we get there,” Hank stated, grabbing a towel to dry himself as Lance did the same.

“But Hank…” Lance whine as Hank leaned in and kissed his lips quickly to shut him up.

“Let’s go have a rest and then we’ll talk about this more,” Hank said as he walked out of the bathroom and then stopped when he saw Joshua standing in the main part of the room.  “Joshua, is there something wrong?”

“Why yes there is, it’s you,” Joshua said as he smiled evilly and then moved over to Hank quickly as he waved his hand as Hank flew into the wall.

“No!”  Hank screamed, getting up off the floor quickly.

“Hank, what’s going on?”  Lance asked, walking out of the bathroom and looking around.

“Why are you here?  How did you get here?  I know you’re not Joshua.  I can see through your disguise Marek.  Leave us alone!”  Hank yelled as Joshua’s image fizzled, reveling Marek’s true form.

“So, it seems you have a touch of psychic powers too, since you were able to see my true form.  I guess you’re going to make the Psychic Warrior very proud,” Joshua spoke as he telekinetically lifted Hank up and then threw him against the wall again.

“No!  Leave him alone!  Stop it!”  Lance screamed as Joshua approached him.

“I think I’ll do to you, what I did to Justin and Joshua!  I hope you have a nice tight ass, just like those two had,” Joshua said as he grabbed Lance by the arm, holding him tight as the two of them vanished.

Miles Away – Marek’s Complex

Lance’s POV

“Where is Joshua?  What’s going on here?”  I asked, looking around the area we appeared in.

“Joshua isn’t here right now; may I take a message?”  The guy posing as Joshua asked with a creepy smile on his face as he stepped closer to me.

“What are you going to do with me?”  I asked, stepping backwards from the guy as he stepped closer to me and then touched my forehead as I saw lots of things… things that he had done to different people.

“I’m going to do to you, the same thing I did to your precious friend Joshua,” he replied, pushing me backwards as it felt like an electric shock had went through my body as I wasn’t able to do anything, my body violently shaking.


“No, someone please help me!”  Joshua screamed, looking around the room.

“Well it looks like you’ve been left with me Joshua.  Those guys don’t want you anymore,” Marek spoke, smiling evilly.  “If the Psychic Warrior wanted you, he would’ve been here already.  I guess I’ll have some fun with you instead.  Since I can’t fuck him, I’ll fuck you!”

“No!”  Joshua screamed as Marek handcuffed him to the bed and then ripped his clothes off of his body.  “Stop it!  Don’t touch me you freak!  Leave me alone!  I don’t go that way!”

“Shut the hell up you little bitch!”  Marek screamed.

“Please don’t touch me, don’t do that!  No!”  Joshua screamed as Marek pushed his face down into the bed and then forced his cock into his ass.

“Help… Me!”  Joshua’s muffled screams could be heard as Marek continued holding his face down into the bed while he forcefully fucked him.

“Shut up bitch and take it like a man!”  Marek screamed, slapping the back of Joshua’s head as Joshua stopped struggling.

“Okay,” Joshua said as he gave in to what Marek did to him, giving no resistance.

“Good bitch,” Marek said as he thrust faster into Joshua’s ass, signaling that he was getting close to orgasm.

“Oh God,” Joshua said as the tears streamed down his face at the thought of how he was just abused and used.  “I didn’t’ want to lose myself to you; I wanted it to be with someone special.”

“There’s no such thing as someone special,” Marek said as his eyes sparkled an eerie red color.  “Kevin Williams doesn’t want you; he’s mine, he serves only me.”

“He—he was special to me,” Joshua said as Marek slapped the back of his head again.

“Damn boy, you was a good fuck.  I didn’t know white boys like you had nice, tight asses like this.  Keep it in your head boy, that you satisfied a strong black man and put a nice smile on his face today,” Marek said as he slapped Joshua across the face, got up off the bed and then walked over to the door.  “I think I’ll be back a bit later to have some more fun with you again.”

“God no,” Joshua said as Marek smiled and then walked out of the room as Joshua lay on the bed, trembling and bleeding.

End Flashback

“Oh God, no…” I said, opening my eyes to see that Marek was standing over me and he had the same look on his face that I saw in my mind when I saw him hurt Joshua.  Oh God, he’s going to hurt me the way he hurt Joshua.  Why does he look so much taller than everyone?  Now that he’s not in Joshua’s body, he looks like a damn giant.

The Santa Clara Hotel – Joshua and Tyler’s Hotel Room

“Oh God… Joey, JT, are you two all right?”  Michura asked, walking over to both men.

“So, I guess you know that Marek’s back, right?”  Joey asked, rubbing at his head.

“Yeah, I just didn’t know he had the power to go lurking around in the bodies of other people, since he’s supposed to be trapped in Limbo,” JT stated as he got up off the floor.

“Honey, what are you going to do about this?”  Joey asked, walking over to JT.

“I don’t know, but I must locate Marek and stop him before he hurts anymore of you,” JT stated as he waved his hand as a dimensional portal appeared as he stepped through it, vanishing.

Between Here and There – The Limbo Dimension – Castle Limbo

“Someone please help me!”  Lance screamed out, struggling to get free of the bounds on his wrists and ankles.  “Where in the hell am I?”

“You’re partly right.  This is JT’s world.  This is the place that he controls.  This is the dimensional planed called Limbo,” Marek stated as he slapped Lance across the face and then pinched one of his nipples.

“Stop it, what are you doing?  Let me go!”  Lance screamed as Marek slapped his face again and then squeezed his mouth as he leaned in and kissed him.

“Shut the fuck up boy!  I’m going to show you a thing or two.  When I’m done with you, you’ll know your role in life forever!”  Marek stated with a smile.  “What I’ll do to you, Hank will never ever be able to accomplish.”

“No!  Don’t do this!  Please, just let me go!”  Lance screamed as he struggled to get free as Marek laughed.


“Stop it!”  JT screamed, appearing in the room.  “Let him go Marek!”

“Come now Psychic Warrior, why in the hell would I do something like that?”  Marek asked, leaning in and kissing Lance’s lips again as Lance struggled to get free.

“I mean it Marek, you need to stop it!”  JT screamed as Marek laughed and then shook his head.  “You’re on my turf now.  I control all that’s here.  Let him go and I’ll let you walk away without any damage to your body.”

“You silly fool, you gave me what I really wanted,” Marek said, smiling at JT.

“What is it that you think you have?”  JT asked as he walked slowly towards Marek.

“I have you here, Kevin Williams, Joshua Chandler and Lance Baker,” Marek replied as he laughed.  “I have four men here that I can keep locked up for my own sadistic and sexual pleasures.”

“Oh please,” JT said as he shook his head as Marek waved his hand as Lance disappeared.

“What did you do with Lance?”  JT asked, his eyes glowing, a sign that he was using his psychic powers.  “Where did you send him?”

“I sent him back to where I got him from.  Since you’re here baby, you’ve taken his place.  Now bring that sweet ass over here.  You already know what I want,” Marek said as he smiled and then waved his hand towards JT as his body lifted up off the floor.

“No Marek, I won’t be your fucktoy,” JT stated as energy flared around his body.

Aug 14, 1995 – Waco, TX – The Santa Clara Hotel – Lance and Hank’s Hotel Room


“Help!  Someone help me!”  Lance screamed, appearing in the room.

“What in the hell is going on in here?”  Barbara asked as she, Wanda and Michura rushed into the room.

“I need help!”  Lance screamed as Barbara passed a towel to Lance so he could cover his body as he smiled weakly and then wrapped it around his waist.

“What’s going on?  Where have you been?”  Wanda asked.

“I—I think I was in some place called Limbo,” Lance replied as Wanda looked at him strangely.  “No time to worry about me, JT’s in trouble!”

“What’s going on with JT?”  Wanda asked, looking at Lance closely.

“Marek has him,” Lance replied as Barbara shook her head.

“We have Lance back, but can we get the others?”  Michura asked, sighing.  “We’re going to get our asses handed to us on a silver platter.”

“How can we defeat someone that has the same powers as JT?”  Barbara asked, looking over at Wanda.  “We need to come up with a plan to stop him.”

“Tell you what, I’ll use my powers to get him all wet and then you can freeze him,” Michura stated as Barbara cut her eyes at her and then sighed.  “Well it was a start.”

“Yeah right,” Barbara stated with a frown.  “Like JT, Marek is immune to our powers.  The only one of us that has had some effect on him is Tyler.”

“Yeah, but Tyler isn’t here right now,” Michura stated as she shook her head.  “Our numbers are diminished here.  So far, we’re the only ones accounted for around here.  What did Marek do with Tyler before he left?”

“If you guys can’t kick the guy’s ass then maybe you need to call in reinforcements or something!”  Lance snapped as Wanda looked at him strangely.

“Maybe he’s right,” Wanda stated as she looked down.  “Maybe we need to get A’Mora and the others here.”

“Send out a distress signal for the others,” Barbara stated with a frown.

“I hope someone answers,” Michura said with a frown.

To Be Continued…

To Protect and Serve – Chapter 11

Chapter 11 – A Strange Entrance

Between Here and There – The Limbo Dimension – Castle Limbo


I’m so glad to be back here and away from there.  Why did he have to do that to me?  Why did they have to start asking questions?  I didn’t want to answer their questions, the reason I came here.  They can’t get here and I don’t have to listen to them.  I know I was wrong in using my powers on a normal the way I did, but that doesn’t really matter now.

“I can’t believe he did that to me!”  I yelled as the castle walls shook, almost knocking me down where I stood.

How—how could he cheat on me like that?  How could he stand by and idly kiss that man and think it wouldn’t hurt me!  Did he not care about what we were trying to develop?  I—I know we just got together and all, but that doesn’t mean he could just push me to the side and take up time with the ex!

“This is all the Elders fault!”  I yelled, turning around as I walked over to my scrying glass.  “If it wasn’t for their actions, I wouldn’t be here, hurting like this right now.”

Yeah, this is the Elders fault.  If they hadn’t meddled in my life, like always, I wouldn’t be here in Limbo; feeling like my heart had been yanked out of my chest.  I—I just can’t believe they orchestrated all of this to get me and Joey together, only to have him cheat on me like that.  What’s the meaning of all of this?

“I—I can’t handle this… I’m going to go lie down for a bit and once I’ve had some rest, then I’ll deal with this matter,” I said as I walked into my private chamber as something didn’t feel quite right.

“Tim!  Tim, where are you?”  I heard Wanda’s voice as I stopped walking and then turned around.

‘Wanda, I’m in my private chamber, resting.  What do you want and what are you doing here?’  I telepathically asked.

“I’m here to see you,” she spoke aloud as I shook my head and then sighed, regretting ever giving her the power to travel into Limbo.

‘Sorry Wanda, but now isn’t a good time to bother me, I’m not in the mood!’  I telepathically yelled, hoping that would scare off and send her running back to where she had come from.

“Sorry Tim, you can’t just scare me off.  Stop trying to avoid me man!”  She yelled as I shook my head again.  “I felt what you did and I came here to make you go back.  You can’t stay here in Limbo and hide away from your troubles.”

“Please leave me alone Wanda!  I can’t deal with this shit right now.  Just leave me be woman!”  I snapped as I waved my hand, using my magic to send her flying backwards through the corridor.

“Stop Tim, I’m not going to leave you here,” she said as she got up off the floor, vanished and then reappeared in front of me.

“I need to be left alone!”  I snapped, pushing her backwards to the floor.

“Stop this Tim!  You know you can’t stay here in Limbo for too long and you know this.  The more you stay here, the more you become like this place!”  Wanda snapped, using her magic to wrap eldritch bonds around me, holding me tight.  “I’m not letting you go Tim.  Get your ass together and let’s return back to the real world before it’s too late!”

“It’s already too late!”  I snapped, using my powers to cancel out her powers as I summoned the creatures of the castle to defend me.

“Stop this Tim, don’t do this!”  Wanda screamed as a few statues around her came to life and grabbed her, holding her in place.  “We have to leave, you have to go back!”

“I’m not going back and that’s final!”  I screamed as I waved my hand in her direction, as she and the creatures disappeared from view.  “Now, I can go lie down and forget about all that’s happened.”

“It’s not going to be that easy Tim, you forget, I’m just as powerful as you are,” I heard Wanda say as I turned around to see her walking towards me.

“You may be as strong as me, but this is my realm and I reign supreme here,” I said as she shook her head.

“I’m not going to give up until we go back,” she said as I sighed as I created a portal to go back to the hotel.

Aug 12, 1995 – Waco, TX – The Santa Clara Hotel – The Floor Reserved for All Star – Joey and JT’s Hotel Room


“You fucking bastard!”  Joey screamed as JT appeared in the room with Wanda.

“I think I’m going to take my leave now,” Wanda said as she sighed and then walked through the room door, not even opening it.

“Joey, please,” JT said as Joey shook his head.

“Please nothing!  You’ve been gone for two damn days and…” Joey said as JT sighed.

“Please let me…” JT said as Joey shook his head and then pointed his finger in JT’s face.

“No, you made a damn promise to me and you broke it!  I thought you loved me, but I see you didn’t love me enough to trust me or keep your fucking word!  You should’ve given me a chance to explain the situation, before you started reacting with the powers of death flaring all around!  You reacted to things that weren’t right!”  Joey yelled as he walked away from JT.

“Joey, I am so sorry.  Please—please just let me apologize and explain from my point of view of things.  I want you to see what I saw,” JT stated as Joey shook his head.

“I don’t want to see what you fucking saw, you lied to me!”  Joey screamed.

“Okay, I see your point there, but if you see things the way I saw them, then you would understand why I was so mad and upset,” JT stated as Joey shook his head again.  “If you saw what I saw when I turned around and saw you guys…”

“That’s not the fucking point!  You promised me that you wouldn’t use your powers against me like that and you did it again!  You could’ve killed us when you used your powers the way you did and slammed us against the fucking wall!  How am I ever going to be able to trust you again?”  Joey asked as JT looked at him and then looked down.

“Joey… Just let me show you,” JT stated as Joey shook his head.

“Don’t try using your psychic powers to erase my mind of this.  If you did that, that would make me hate and despise you for messing with my mind that way,” Joey stated as he walked out of the room and then slammed the door behind him.

“Damn it, I knew I shouldn’t have let Wanda talk me into coming back here.  I should’ve just stayed in Limbo where I was.  I’m not wanted here and the way things are, I feel my place is in Limbo, a place where I am wanted,” JT stated as he looked around the room, waving his hand at his belongings, teleporting them away.  “With all that’s happened, Joey doesn’t love me at all.  I guess I should just leave here and have someone else take my place as his bodyguard.”

Downstairs – The Hotel Lobby

“Excuse me, can you tell me what all the commotion is on the seventeenth floor?  I’m on the sixteenth and it sounds like someone is throwing a wild party up there or something,” a young woman stated as she stood at the check-in desk, speaking with the concierge.

“I’m very sorry ma’am, I’ll go up and check it out and make sure that everything is okay.  I’ll make sure that it doesn’t happen again, whatever it may be.  I am so sorry that you were disturbed,” the concierge spoke as he led the young woman to the elevator.

“Well I hope they quiet it down up there, I have a very important meeting to go to in the morning,” the young woman stated.

“Again ma’am, I’ll make sure it gets quiet,” the concierge said as he and the young woman stepped into the elevator.

“Good, I’d like to be fully rested for my meeting,” the young woman said as the elevator dinged and the doors opened.

“You can return to your room and I’ll go ahead and check to see what’s going on,” the concierge stated as he waved as the young woman stepped off the elevator, walking down the hall, heading to her room as the doors closed.

Lance and Hank’s Room

“Lance… Lance, are you okay?”  Hank asked, walking over to where Lance sat.  “You haven’t spoken a word since we got in here.  What’s wrong honey?”

“I—I’m sorry Hank; I—I just got a lot on my mind,” Lance replied as he looked up at Hank.  “I wasn’t trying to ignore you or anything.”

“It’s okay,” Hank stated as he sighed.  “What’s going on with you guys?  Since that guy popped up, all of you have been acting strange.”

“I don’t like Kevin,” Lance stated as he shook his head and then sighed.  “When he and Joey first started dating, he always seemed as though he was hiding his true self from everyone.”

“Sounds like your everyday bisexual man,” Hank stated as Lance shook his head.  “Why don’t you like this guy, besides the fact that he dumped your friend?”

“He and Joey got really heavy.  They were making plans to be together and then a couple of months later, he up and dumped Joey without even a goodbye.  That hurt Joey very badly, which hindered his performances with the group,” Lance explained as Hank just watched him.  “After a while, things with Joey returned to normal, or so we thought.”

“Meaning what,” Hank said as Lance shook his head.

“Joey was just putting up a front for all of us,” Lance stated as he stood up.  “We didn’t know what was going on until we found out he had been drinking and possibly using drugs.”

“Not good,” Hank spoke as he walked over to Lance.

“No it wasn’t good, but with some help from us and his family, he came around and started getting better,” Lance stated as he sighed again.

“Well that’s a good thing,” Hank stated as Lance laid his head on Hank’s shoulder.

“It was a good thing until the news broke that Kevin had gotten married and then Joey cracked up again,” Lance stated as he sniffled as the tears fell from his eyes.

“Oh honey, I’m so sorry,” Hank stated as he rubbed Lance’s back.  “I’m here for you, don’t cry.  I don’t know what all that happened to Joey and that guy, but hopefully things will be okay this time around, now that he’s with JT.  By the way, why is that guy hanging around here?”

“He—he said he came here for vacation, but I think he’s lying.  He said he was trying to get away from his friends, but it’s rather odd that he appeared here.  He says he being here with us is all a big coincidence, but I don’t believe that or him,” Lance stated as he wiped at his eyes.

“I don’t know the guy personally, but I hope JT didn’t hurt him too badly when he threw him up against the wall the way he did,” Hank stated as he leaned in and kissed Lance’s forehead quickly and then turned and walked over to Tyler as Joey walked into the room.

“Joey, are you okay?  I heard that JT was back and you two were talking,” Lance stated as he walked over to where Joey stood, looking very angry.

“I’m done talking to him!  He broke his word to me and I don’t have anything more to say about it!”  Joey snapped as Lance looked at him strangely.

“But… But you just found him… The two of you just found each other,” Lance stated with a frown.  “You two can’t be breaking up already.”

“We’re not breaking up, I just don’t have anything more to say to him, for a while at least, until I feel I can trust him again,” Joey stated, sitting down on the sofa in the room as the tears fell from his eyes.

“It’s going to be okay Joey,” Lance stated as he sat down besides Joey and then pulled him close, hugging him.

“He—he promised me,” Joey said as he cried on Lance’s shoulder.  “He said he would never use his powers against me and he… He threw me against a fucking wall.”

“I know,” Lance responded as he sighed, rubbing Joey’s back, hoping his friend wasn’t slipping into a pat condition that would be hard to break out of.

“I—I thought he loved me… He didn’t even give me a chance to explain things, he just jumped the gun and threw me away,” Joey said as there was a bright flash of light in front of them as JT became visible, grabbed his hand and the two of them disappeared.

“I don’t think I’ll ever get used to that sort of thing on a regular basis,” Lance said as he held his chest.  “That man can pop up anywhere, at any damn time.  That’s totally scary.”

Kevin Williams’ Hotel Room

“Who in the hell could that be?”  Kevin asked as he sighed and walked over to the room door, opening it.

“Hello Mr. Williams, is everything okay here?”  The concierge asked as Kevin stood in the doorway, looking at him strangely.

“Yes, everything is fine here, why do you ask?”  Kevin asked, folding his arms across his chest as he watched the man.

“There have been several complaints from the occupants below you that they’ve heard some very disturbing noises.  So again, is everything okay here?”  The concierge asked.

“Everything’s fine here sir.  I think the complaints resulted from my playing of the television too loudly.  I’m sorry for disturbing the other patrons here.  I’ll make sure it won’t happen again sir,” Kevin stated, shaking the man’s hand as he turned to close the door but the concierge stopped him.

“Wait just a moment Mr. Williams,” the concierge stated with a slight smile.

“Yes,” Kevin said in a cold voice.

“See that you do abide by the hotel policies,” the concierge stated as Kevin nodded his head and turned to close the door again as he stopped the door from closing.  “Beyond that, I hope you enjoy the rest of your stay here.”

“Yes sir,” Kevin stated as the concierge back away from the door, allowing it to close.  “I guess the little thing I walked in on the other night with Joey and his new friends has been causing some problems for the people below.  I wonder what got people complaining about me, being that I haven’t done anything remotely noisy.  Since I’ve been here, I haven’t watched TV or listened to any music.  The only thing I can think about is Joey.  Damn!  I wish I had him back with me.  There must be something I can do to get him away from that guy and back in my arms again.”

Kevin walked away from the door and then walked into the bathroom.  Handling his business there, when done, he moved over to the sink and looked at his reflection in the mirror.  Running a hand through his hair, he sighed and then shook his head.  Turning the water on in the sink, he washed his hands and then splashed some water in his face.

“Getting Joey back is going to be a hard task.  Justin and Lance don’t trust me, but I think I can get Chris and Joshua on my side to help me out, but I feel that’s going to take some motivation from some friends of mine,” Kevin stated as he turned around and stopped in his tracks as if he were frozen.

‘Hello Mr. Williams,’ Kevin heard in his mind, while standing in the bathroom.

“Who’s there?”  Kevin asked, turning his head to look around the room as he noticed something strange in the mirror’s reflection.  “What in the hell is that?”

‘Hello Mr. Williams, my name is Marek,’ Kevin heard in his mind as he looked at the image in the mirror strangely and then reached out with his hand to touch it as something strange happened, it looked like electricity had flowed from the mirror, shocking his body as the image in the mirror’s reflection changed and Kevin Williams no longer looked like Kevin Williams.  ‘You’re mine now Mr. Williams!’

Down the Hall – Joshua and Tyler’s Room

“Hi Tyler, may—may I talk to you for a minute?”  Joshua asked, walking over to Tyler.

“Sure thing, what’s on your mind?”  Tyler asked, looking up at Joshua as he put his magazine down.

“I don’t know how you’re going to take this, but I—I want you and I want you bad,” Joshua stated, leaning in and kissing Tyler’s mouth.

“Joshua, what are you doing?  I—I thought you were straight!”  Tyler snapped, pushing Joshua backwards and getting up from the sofa.

“What did it feel like I was doing?”  Joshua asked, moving closer to Tyler as he tried to lean in and kiss him as Tyler did his best to avoid Joshua’s actions, pushing him away again.

“No Joshua, stop!  I don’t know what’s wrong with you, but I’m not going to touch you.  I think something’s wrong with you and you’re not in your right mind right now,” Tyler stated as Joshua smiled and then grabbed his arm, pulling him close again as he grabbed his crotch, squeezing it a bit.

“No lover, I’m in my right mind, are you?”  Joshua asked, unzipping Tyler’s pants as he tried to get them down with one hand.

“Joshua please… I’m not going to do something we both will regret later on,” Tyler stated, pushing Joshua again and then floating towards the main room door as Joshua was amazed at what he saw.

“Cool, you can fly, but I’m not going to regret anything lover,” Joshua said, running behind Tyler as he stopped at the door.  “Come on Tyler, I know you want to do it.  I’ve seen you eyeing me when you thought no one was watching.  I know you want this ass.”

“Just stop it Joshua,” Tyler stated as he pushed Joshua backwards once more.  “I’m locking you in here until JT gets back so he can scan you, to see what’s going on in that head of yours.  I think something’s very wrong with you right now.”

“Come on handsome, you’re worrying about the wrong head,” Joshua said, unzipping his pants and then sliding them down his legs as he looked at Tyler.  “See this cock, it’s aching for you.”

“No it’s not,” Tyler said, walking out of the room, closing the door behind him quickly as he used his powers, melding the door shut so Joshua couldn’t leave the room.

“Are you kidding me?  Unlock the door man!  Come on Tyler, open this damn door!  Let me out of here or you get your cute ass back in here with me!”  Joshua screamed as he banged on the door.

“Not going to happen,” Tyler said as he walked down the hall, heading towards Hank and Lance’s room with tears in his eyes.

Between Here and There – The Limbo Dimension – Castle Limbo


“What the hell did you bring me here for JT?”  Joey asked as he and JT appeared in the main chamber of the castle.

“I brought you here so we could talk.  I want to do what I can to save what little we have left,” JT stated, walking over to Joey and kissing his mouth as there was a strange humming sound emanating within the castle.

“Kisses aren’t going to make everything alright between us.  I—I need a little time to evaluate this… to evaluate what we have and what we may have,” Joey stated as he moved away from JT.

“Fine,” JT said, waving his hand in front of his scrying glass and then moved away as it showed an image of Joey and Kevin, standing in the hotel hallway, kissing.

“That—that’s Kevin and me, we… we’re kissing,” Joey said as he walked over to the scrying glass, staring at it in awe.  “That makes it looks like I welcomed what he did, but I didn’t!”

“You did Joey, you didn’t do anything to stop him,” JT said as Joey turned and then stopped when he saw the look on Kevin’s face in the scrying glass’ reflection.

“I didn’t know he was going to kiss me JT, honest I didn’t,” Joey stated as he sighed and then groaned when he noticed the evil looking grin on Kevin’s face, a grin he knew very well.  “He—he set me up JT.  Look at the grin on his face.”

“Yes, I saw the grin on his face,” JT replied as Joey walked around to him and then looked down as the image faded away from the mirror.

“JT,” Joey said as JT shook his head.

“I’ll send you back to Earth and I’ll remain here.  You’ll have a new bodyguard in the morning,” JT stated as he looked down.  “I do love you Joseph Fallon.”

“Stop it!  You’re not sending me anywhere and you’re not staying here neither!  If I go, you go too!  If you love me so much, then you’ll do as I ask and give me the space that I need so we can work this out,” Joey said as he walked over to JT’s thrown and sat down.

“I don’t want to hurt you or cause you any pain.  It seems that, as you said it, I don’t love you enough to trust you.  When it came down to it, apparently I didn’t.  As I said, I will remain here and you’ll return back to where you belong,” JT stated, waving his hand as he used his powers to create a dimensional portal.

“I’m not leaving here JT!  If you make me leave, then you’re the one ending this relationship for the both of us, not me,” Joey stated as he looked at JT.  “That tells me that you don’t have what it takes to be my lover or partner in the future.”

“You know I love you Joey, but…” JT stated as Joey interrupted him.

“But what JT?  Go ahead and say it, whatever it is.  It seems that what we’ve shared is not worth saving in your eyes!  Damn it JT, I love you too, but things aren’t always automatic,” Joey stated as he looked down.

“Meaning what Joey?”  JT asked as Joey sighed again.

“I love you, don’t you get that?  You’re the guy that I want to try to spend forever with.  I don’t want to be with another person.  I want to be with you, my lover, my partner, my super hero,” Joey stated as he looked down as the tears fell from his eyes.

“I don’t know what to say,” JT said, watching the man in front of him as his body glowed as Joey stopped crying and then turned and kissed his lips.

“JT, be mine.  Be the person that stays with me forever.  Be the person that I grow older with. Be the person that I never stop loving.  Be the person that I start a family with and love forever and ever, until the end of time.  JT I love you and I don’t want to lose you.  When all of this is over, I want you to be the person that I get to go home to, the person that will be with me, no matter what.  I want you to be the person that will love me for me and I want that forever with you.  Marry me JT, marry me when we can finally be together…” Joey said as he and JT embraced as their bodies continued glowing and then they disappeared.

Aug 13, 1995 – Waco, TX – The Santa Clara Hotel – Justin and Barbara’s Hotel Room


“Hello, anyone here?”  Joey asked as he and JT appeared in the room.  “Hey!  Where’s everybody?”

“Where could they be?”  JT asked, his eyes glowing brightly.

“Honey, are you able to sense anyone here?  Do you happen to know where everyone is?”  Joey asked.

“Something’s not right here.  Something’s very wrong!”  JT screamed, his body floating up off the floor as he used his psychic powers, scanning the entire hotel.

“What’s wrong honey?  What’s got you so upset?”  Joey asked as JT’s eyes flashed a red color.

“It seems we have unwanted company here.  Justin’s not here, Hank and Lance are in their room, having sex it seems, Joshua is trapped in his room, Chris is asleep and my security team is out in the hallway, save for Hank, who seems to be having way too much fun,” JT explained, opening the door to the room to see what was going on.

“What are you two doing in there?”  Barbara asked, grabbing JT by the arm and yanking him from the room and then grabbing Joey, doing the same to him.

“Barbara, what’s going on?  I’m getting strange vibes from all over the place,” JT said as Barbara shook her head.

“Earlier tonight, Justin and I were watching TV and well… He disappeared out of the damn blue,” Barbara stated as she looked at JT strangely.

“How did that happen?  Is he special like us too?”  JT asked, looking at Joey and then back to Barbara as she shrugged her shoulders.

“Don’t know JT, we were just sitting there, watching TV and all of a sudden, his body was surrounded by a gold-colored light and then boom, he was gone,” Barbara explained as JT shook his head.

“He was surrounded by a gold-colored light and then he was gone?  Was it anything like when I teleport people?  What time did that happen?”  JT asked, his clothing changing back to normal.

“It happened about an hour ago,” Barbara stated as JT shook his head as Michura walked over with a communicator in hand.


“Wanda,” JT said as the light faded away as Wanda stepped into view.

“What’s going on here?  I felt something strange… I had no choice but to come and investigate it,” Wanda stated, moving over to JT and Joey.

“I’m so glad you came back Wanda,” Barbara stated, hugging Wanda as they all heard someone banging on a door.

To Be Continued…

To Protect and Serve – Chapter 10

Chapter 10 — A Chosen One Awakens

Aug 9, 1995 – Waco, TX – The Santa Carla Hotel – Joey and JT’s Hotel Room

“Joey, Joey wait,” JT called after Joey as he walked into their hotel room.

“That wasn’t funny at all!  You didn’t have to do that to me!  That was very embarrassing damn it!  Everyone laughed at me!”  Joey snapped as he threw up his hands and then walked over to the bathroom, grabbed a towel and started drying himself.  “You did that on purpose so that everyone would laugh at me!”

“Honey, I wasn’t trying to embarrass you.  I was just having a bit of fun with you.  Would you please forgive me?  I wasn’t trying to hurt your feelings or upset you in any way,” JT stated as he stepped closer to Joey and then kissed his lips.

“Alright, I will forgive you, but only on one condition,” Joey said as JT looked at him strangely.

“Which is?”  JT said.

“Next time, don’t use your powers against me.  I thought you were trying to kill me the way the water crashed down on me and knocked me out of the pool.  That really hurt,” Joey said as he leaned in and kissed JT’s lips.

“I’m so sorry… Sometimes I forget how strong my telekinesis are,” JT stated as he snapped his fingers as his clothing changed.  “I’ll do my best to never do that again.”

“Okay, you’re forgiven then.  What’s with the clothing change?  Are you going somewhere?”  Joey asked.

“Yeah, we’re going out,” JT replied as Joey’s eyes lit up.  “We’re all going out to a club downtown.”

“Oh,” Joey responded, looking down with a frown on his face as JT walked over and touched his shirt, using his powers to change his clothes also.

“Don’t forget, while we’re out, you have to keep your distance from me and keep it straight-acting,” JT stated as Joey frowned again and then perked up a bit.

“You know, I can really get used to you dressing me like this.  I can also get used to you undressing me like that too,” Joey said, winking his eye as he leaned in and kissed JT’s lips.

“No time for that now, we have to get going,” JT said as Joey sighed as he opened the room door as the two of them walked out of the room, heading down to Justin’s room.

A Few Hours Later – A Local Night Club

“Why aren’t you four dancing?  Come on, this is a night club.  You have to get up and shake your thangs,” Justin said as he gyrated to the beat of the music.

“I think we’re good, not shaking our ‘thangs’,” JT said as he shook his head, keeping a watchful eye on the guys, mainly Joey, who was dancing with Lance, while Justin went back over to dance with a red-headed girl that looked rather familiar, while Chris danced with a set of twins and Joshua had drawn a crowd around him, showing off his new solo dance moves.

“We’re in a nightclub man,” Hank said as Justin waved at them, trying to get them out on the dance floor.

“We’re also on duty too,” JT stated, shaking his head as the building shook all of a sudden as a few people looked around as a few things fell from the ceiling.

“What’s going on?  Is Texas known for having earthquakes?”  Lance asked, moving over to where JT and Hank were.

“Something’s not right, that shaking wasn’t a natural occurrence.  I think the shaking was generated by a person,” JT stated, his eyes glowing brightly.  “X-Ternals, it’s time for us to rock and roll!”

“Okay boss, what’s the plan?”  Hank asked, looking around.

“Get the guys to safety and let’s find out what’s causing the problem,” JT stated as the building shook once more as people started running outside.

“Look!  JT, isn’t that your sister Tanya,” Hank spoke, pointing at a woman near the entrance as his clothing changed into his costume.

“Tanya?  What in the hell are you doing here?  Are you responsible for the shaking?”  JT asked, his clothing changing into his costume as he moved over to the woman.

“I’m glad I found you.  I need your help with something,” the woman spoke, standing in front of JT.

“What kind of help are you trying to get Tanya?”  JT asked as he looked around, his eyes glowing brightly, his body emanating psychic energy all around.

“I need you and your X-Ternals to help me,” the woman spoke as she looked around quickly as if she was looking for something.

“What’s going on Tanya?”  JT asked.  “Are you responsible for what’s happening right now?”

“The only way I was able to get your damn attention was to shake things up this way,” the woman stated, floating in place as she looked around again.  “I’ve been searching for you for days, trying to track down your psychic energy signature, but I got lost and I figured you had ran off to Limbo or someplace strange.”

“What can possibly be wrong that the powerful Maxis couldn’t handle things all by herself?”  Hank asked as JT glared at him and then shook his head.

“Something like this,” the woman stated, handing JT a magazine as JT just looked at it strangely.  “I just discovered that my girlfriend is a witch and she’s been using her powers to manipulate people in high places.”

“Wait a minute, I know her,” Justin said, looking at the woman as he took the magazine from JT.  “That’s my friend… Are you talking about her?”

“Do you know Christina Merritt?”  The woman asked, looking at Justin strangely.

“Yeah, I know her, she’s a good friend of mine,” Justin replied as Joshua walked over to them.

“Well then your so-called good friend is a witch,” the woman stated, turning her attention back to JT.

“Look lady, Christina isn’t a witch and she sure as hell isn’t gay!”  Joshua snapped as the woman’s eyes crackled with energy.

“Girl, calm it down.  I don’t need you zapping my employers to oblivion,” JT stated as the woman’s eyes stopped crackling as she sighed.  “That’s better…  Was that an explosion?”


“Oh no,” the woman said as she shook her head.

“What the hell was that?”  JT asked, looking around as he tried to find the source of the loud noise and the smell.

“Don’t know, but I don’t like it,” Hank stated as the smoke cleared and there stood Christina Merritt, all dressed in black.

“Really Josh, the last time I checked, I don’t remember seeing you in my bed!”  The woman identified as Christina snapped as she gestured with her hand as everyone was slammed into a wall.  “Know, let’s get things rolling in the right direction.”

“Damn, that hurt!  Now it’s my turn!  I hope you like a mouthful of solar energy, because that’s what you’re going to get!”  Tyler exclaimed as he jumped into the air, projecting beams of solar energy at Christina.

“Really dude?  You’re throwing sunlight at me,” Christina said as she laughed as the energy beams passed through her body, not touching her at all.

“What’s up with that?  My energy had no effect on her!”  Tyler exclaimed, landing on the floor.  “Warrior, it’s your turn to see what you can do to put her down!”

“Isalu Askomi Laschi!!!”  Christina yelled as vines sprouted up from the floor, wrapping around everyone.

“That’s not good!  We seem to have a big problem here.  She’s speaking a different language and it sounds ancient,” JT said as he projected beams of energy from his eyes, zapping the vines.  “Maxis, what have you gotten yourself into?”

“This is too tight!  I—I can’t breathe!”  Joey yelled as JT tried using his psychic powers against the vines, having no luck at all with his sword.  “I can barely breathe!”

“Hold on Joey!”  JT yelled as his eyes crackled with energy as he waved his hand in Joey’s direction, trying to get rid of the vine that was wrapped around him as his body faded away, reappeared and then was grabbed by another vine.

“These things are going to kill us!”  Justin yelled.

“These things just won’t quit!  I must do something to null her spell or find a way to get all of us free,” JT said as he gestured with his hand as his body glowed.

“What are you doing man?”  Christina asked as she watched JT as though she was watching a star form as she had to shield her eyes.

“Stop this Christina!  Why are you doing this?  Why are you hurting us?”  Joey asked as he struggled to get free of the vines wrapped around him.

“No, what is he doing?”  Christina asked as she floated over to where JT was as she grabbed his head as he screamed out, sounding as if he were in pain.

“What are you doing to my brother bitch?”  The woman identified as Tanya asked, zapping a few of the vines with energy beams from her eyes.

“Don’t you worry about that,” Christina replied as she laughed as Tanya floated closer to her, trying to grab her, but her hands passed through her body, not able to touch her.

“What is she doing to him?  He’s screaming like someone’s trying to rip out his soul or something!”  Lance yelled as the moonlit sky got bright as it looked as if a hole had opened between their world and heaven.

“I’ve waited a long time for this.  I’ve found a chosen one.  I’ve found the last human on this planet that has the power to control the earthly gateways!”  Christina yelled as she laughed, continuing to hold onto JT as the energy poured from his body into hers.

“Get off of him Christina, you’re hurting him and I won’t allow it!”  Joey yelled as he got free of the vine that held him as he ran over to Christina and punched her in the face.

“You will regret ever doing that to me Mr. Fallon.  You’ll pay dearly for that!”  Christina yelled, using her other hand to grab Joey’s face as he started screaming like JT.

“What in the hell are you doing to them?”  Hank asked as Christina stood there with a smile on her face.  “Why are you smiling like that?”

“Simple, I have what I want,” Christina replied, looking in Hank’s direction.  “I have a powerful being in one hand that will allow me access to the earthly gateways and I have a hated enemy in the other.”

“What… Did… Joe… Ever… Do to you?”  Lance asked, struggling to get free of the vines that squeezed his body tight.

“That’s none of your damn cancer Lance!”  Christina snapped, looking at Joey as she laughed again.  “It seems Joey here has some extra energy to spare.  Had he been a regular human being, he would’ve been dead already.  It seems someone’s fantasy to be a hero could be true.”

“Let us go witch!”  Hank yelled as Tyler, Michura, A’Mora and Barbara tried multiple times to get free.

“The names Pythoness and I’ll never let you go as long as I have this chosen one in my grasp!  You’ll be my prisoners forever!”  Christina yelled as JT stopped screamed and then groaned.

“How does she know he’s a chosen one?”  A’Mora asked, looking in JT’s direction.  “What’s happening?  Why did he stop screaming?  JT?”

“Joey, Joey are you okay?  Joey, can you hear me?”  JT asked, his eyes glowing an eerie purple color.

“He can’t hear you handsome.  For a guy, you sure are cute.  If I would’ve met you a couple of years ago, before I changed and jumped the fence, maybe I would’ve loved having some fun with you,” Christina stated as Tanya shook her head.

“You’re nothing but a nasty ass bitch!”  Tanya snapped, struggling with a vine, trying to get close to Christina to grab her as she was zapped with a beam of energy from Christina’s eyes.

“Call me what you want, but it doesn’t really matter anymore,” Christina stated, letting go of Joey’s face as she looked at him closely and then tossed him to the floor.  “I don’t think lover boy here can hear anything any of you have to say right now, he’s dead!”

“What!  No!  He can’t be dead!”  Lance screamed as he struggled more to get free with no luck in the process.

“What have you done to him?  What are you trying to do to me?  Let me go, you don’t know what you’re doing!”  JT snapped, struggling more to get away from Christina and her vines.

“I know damn well what I’m doing.  I’ve drained him of all of his energy and I’m going to do the same thing to you.  Since you’re a super being, it seems the process is taking a bit longer than expected.  When I’m done draining you, I’ll use that power of yours to open the heavens and bring forth the end of all things!”  Christina exclaimed as Lance shook his head as tears slid down his face.

“You can’t do that!  You’re out of your fucking mind!”  Lance screamed.

“I’m not out of my mind.  I’m going to cleanse this world and make it the way it should be,” Christina stated, laughing as she pointed her finger at Lance.

“No!  I—I won’t let you!”  JT snapped, his body enveloped in a bright light, taking on the form of a giant bird made of energy.

“What in the hell is happening?”  Christina asked, looking away because the light was too bright for her to look at.

“That doesn’t look so good!”  A’Mora screamed as the vines hardened and then turned to dust as JT and Joey disappeared as the light faded from the area.

“No!”  Christina screamed as she looked around and then stopped when she noticed ten new people standing in the area with all of them.  “What’s going on here?  Where did those two go?  Who in the hell are those people?”

“Christina Merritt, you have done a bad thing,” JT stated as he stepped forward from the small crowd of people.  “You must be held accountable for what you’ve done.”

“Who are you and what do you think you can inflict on me?”  Christina asked as she laughed, her hands glowing with energy.

“The name’s Legacy Saturn and they are Legacy Chosen,” JT stated as he moved closer to Christina.  “You’ve committed an unjust offense against the planet, an offense that threatened to destroy all of reality.  That cannot and won’t be overlooked.”

“Whatever,” Christina said as she laughed, waving her hand in JT’s direction, but nothing happened.

“You will be taken into custody and you will stand trial before the Elders of the Universe,” JT stated, stepping closer to Christina as she laughed again and then gestured with her hand, this time her powers working, sending him sliding backwards across the floor as he sighed, got up and then shook his head as he snapped his fingers as she’s enveloped in a bubble of energy.

“What?  How did you trap me so easily?”  Christina asked, trying to get out of the bubble that surrounded her body, having no luck.

“JT, what’s going on here?  What happened to you and where’s Joey’s body?  That bitch killed Joey!”  Justin snapped as the tears streamed down his face.  “Why are you just standing there, the bitch needs to go to jail!”

“Calm down Justin,” JT stated as Justin shook his hand, moving past the others.

“Where is Joey’s body?”  Justin asked.  “What happened to Joey?  Why are you wearing those clothes?  What’s going on here?”

“I will try to explain all of this later, but Joey’s not dead, he’s right over there, standing beside Legacy Neptune,” JT stated, pointing across the room as Justin turned and looked and then turned back to look at JT strangely.

Across Town – The Santa Carla Hotel – The Lobby

“Good morning, I’m Kevin Williams and I’m here to check in.  Is my room ready?”  A tall white man asked, standing at the check-in desk.

“Good morning sir, let me check,” the concierge responded, typing some information into the computer and then opening a folder on the desk.  “Why yes sir, your room is ready and waiting.”

“Has the modifications…” the man started to say as the concierge raised a hand, stopping him.

“Everything you requested has been prepared and placed in the room,” the concierge stated as the man smiled and then looked down.  “Here is your room keycard sir.”

“Thank you,” the man said as the concierge walked from behind the check-in desk and led him over to the elevator.  “If I need you, I’ll call for you.”

“All right sir, you have a great morning and again, welcome to the Santa Carla Hotel,” the concierge stated as the man stepped into the elevator.

The Floor Reserved for All Star – The Hallway


“JT, are you okay?  What’s going on?  Why are Legacy Chosen here?  I know it’s not the end of the world, is it?”  Michura asked as she looked around as they all appeared in the hallway at the hotel.

“I’m fine Atlantis, I just need some rest… Where’s Joey?”  JT asked as the glow around his body dimmed and then he collapsed to the floor, his body hitting like a sack of potatoes.

“I’m here honey, please—please be alright,” Joey said as the elevator doors dinged and opened as he looked over at the doors.

“What in the hell is going on here?  What happened to the man that’s lying on the floor?”  The gentleman asked, stepping off the elevator and rushing over to where JT lay on the floor.

“What in the hell?  How did he get on this floor?”  Justin asked, looking over at Barbara.

“Justin Lake?  What are you doing here and who’s that with Joey and why is he dressed like that?  Is that part of you guys’ show?”  The man asked as the Legacy Chosen members started fading from view.

“Kevin Williams?  What in the hell are you doing here?”  Lance asked as he turned around quickly, recognizing the voice of the person that spoke.  “Are you damn following us or something?”

“I came here to get away from the guys.  I—I had no idea that you guys would be here,” the man replied as Lance shook his head.

“Okay, who are you and what’s with all the commotion?”  Barbara asked as she walked over to the man.  “How did you get on this floor?”

“I—I… Ah… Yeah… I’m Kevin—Kevin Williams.  I don’t know what’s going on here.  I was about to head to my room, until I saw all of this going on with this guy here on the floor and all,” the man stated as he looked up at Barbara like she was crazy.  “By the way, what’s going on here, like I asked the first time?”

“Frankly, that’s none of your business Kevin, just leave us alone!”  Joey snapped as Barbara, Hank and A’Mora raised an eye.

“Look babe what’s with all the hostility?  I haven’t done anything wrong to anyone and almost all of you have jumped down my fucking throat!”  The man yelled as he stood up and stepped back from Joey and JT.

“Just leave here Kevin!”  Joey yelled as the man shook his head and then stepped closer to him.

“No, stay back, don’t you come any closer!”  JT snapped, his body glowing and floating up from the floor as he grabbed onto Joey’s hand as the two of them floated down the hallway.

“What the hell!  He—He’s… They’re flying!”  The man yelled as he stepped backwards, falling against the elevator doors.

“I don’t know how we’re going to explain this one,” A’Mora said as she rolled her eyes and then sighed.

“Joey honey, what’s going on here?  What’s with the black guy with all the light and the flying?”  The man asked as he moved away from the elevators, getting closer to where Justin and Joshua stood.

“Honey?  Don’t call him that!  You’re not screwing around with him anymore!”  Justin snapped, pushing the man backwards as Barbara looked at him and then folded her arms across her chest.

“Leave the man alone Justin,” Barbara stated as she zapped some ice bolts at Justin’s feet, freezing him to the spot he stood in.

“Barb?  What in the hell did you do that for?”  Justin asked as he bent down, trying to get the ice off his feet as he trembled.

“You stay put Justin and don’t move from that spot.  Lance, Chris and Joshua, I need you guys to come with me please,” Barbara stated as she led the three men down the hall to Justin’s room.

“Justin, what’s going on around here?  I’m watching things happen that I was brought up not to believe in.  Can you or someone around here explain what’s going on, please?”  The man asked, looking around.

“Look, these guys are our new bodyguards and they’re here to protect us,” Justin stated as the man just looked at him.  “We had some strange stalkers and it seems we needed people like them to handle the stalkers.  One of the stalkers, which I thought was you, had this strange obsession with Joey and the other one had one with me and they did everything they could to get to us.  Hell, even Lance had a damn stalker.”

“Hey, you act like Lance isn’t good enough to have a stalker,” Hank stated, glaring at Justin as A’Mora looked at him and then shook her head.

“So you’re telling me that someone actually tried to hurt Joey?”  The man asked.

“Oh stop with the lovey-dovey stuff Kevin.  Stop acting like you actually care about him.  Joey has moved on and you should too.  You dumped him and broke his heart.  Then to top it all off, you went on to marry a woman,” Justin stated as he pointed his finger in the man’s face.  “Leave him alone.”

“I can’t leave him alone, I love him,” the man stated as Justin shook his head.

“He’s moved on and he’s with his new boyfriend now,” Justin stated as he looked down the hall towards Joey and JT as the two men sat on the hall couch, talking.

“He—he moved on?”  The man asked as Justin smiled evilly.  “So, is that guy his bodyguard?  Is he dating his bodyguard?”

“Yeah, yeah he is.  Why do you even care?  If you’re here to do something to hurt them, I’ll step in and handle you myself.  You hurt him and you hurt him badly!  He doesn’t need you coming back into his life, trying to hurt him again.  Joey doesn’t need that kind of hurt in his life again.  After you left him, I thought he had abandoned his bisexuality and become fully straight, but I was wrong,” Justin stated as the man shook his head.

“I just told you I still love him,” the man said as Justin shook his head.  “Besides, why do you care about what Joey does?  You have never been one of his supportive friends in the first place.”

“You’re right, I don’t agree with him being the way he is, but I’m not going to allow you to hurt him either,” Justin stated as the ice around his feet melted a bit and he was able to get his feet free as he pointed his finger at the man, turned and then walked down the hall to his room.

Down the Hall

“Honey, can you explain what happened to me, now that you’re awake and somewhat conscious.  I look like the opposite of you, just a little bit taller though,” Joey said as he giggled.

“Your questions will be answered in due time.  Just don’t think about it right now and things will go back to normal,” JT stated as he noticed Justin walking towards them.

“Hey guys, are you two okay?  I—I was kind of worried when you both started glowing and then disappeared the way you did, especially when Christina said you were dead.  Joey, are you okay with that lunkhead back there being here?”  Justin asked as he pointed towards the man that stood at the elevator.

“Not really, but I guess I better go get to the bottom of this,” Joey said as he got up and then sighed as he walked towards the man that started walking towards him.

“Joey…” The man said as Joey shook his head.

“No Kevin, what in the hell are you doing here?”  Joey asked as he stopped in front of the man.

“I came here for a small vacation to get away from the other guys,” the man stated as Joey shook his head.

“How did you know we were going to be here?”  Joey asked.

“I didn’t know you guys would be here,” the man stated as he reached out a hand to touch Joey as Joey stepped back, avoiding his touch.  “Joey, honey… what’s going on here?  What have you gotten yourself mixed up in?  What’s with the clothes you’re wearing?”

“I haven’t gotten myself mixed up in anything that concerns you.  Why are you even worrying about me at all?  Don’t you have a wife and kid to worry about?”  Joey asked, looking at the man.

“Joey, honey please…” the man said as Joey shook his head.  “I’m worried about you here.  This is some strange shit going on here.”

“You didn’t worry about me two years ago when you dumped me and then married that skank!”  Joey snapped as he turned as the man grabbed his arm, stopping him from walking away.  “No Kevin…”

“Joey,” the man said, pulling Joey close as he looked deep into his eyes, searching for the love the two of them once shared as Joey tried to pull away again as the man turned him back around and then kissed his mouth passionately.

“Joey… What in the hell are you doing?”  JT asked, appearing in front of Joey and the man.  “Why I ought to…”

“JT, it’s not what you think!”  Joey exclaimed as JT’s eyes glowed brightly as he threw his hands up, his body expelling energy that slammed both men against the elevator doors.

“JT!  What are you doing?  Joey?  Mr. Williams, are you okay?”  Barbara asked, walking over to the two men that lay on the floor.

“His name is Kevin Williams and he’s here under false pretenses!”  JT snapped, using his telekinetic powers to pull Barbara out of his way.

“JT stop!  What are you doing?  Let me go and keep that psychic claw of yours to yourself!”  Barbara screamed as Hank, Tyler and A’Mora rushed down the hall from Justin’s room.

“What’s going on JT?  Why are you holding Barbara in the air like that and why is Joey and that guy lying on the floor?”  Hank asked, walking over to where Joey and the guy lay on the floor as he started to inspect them.

“They’re lying on the floor because they were doing something wrong!  Joey kissed him!  Joey kissed him!  This is the guy Joey dated before he met me!  This is the no-name boyfriend that he didn’t want anyone knowing about.  This is the guy that left him, the guy that married a woman to escape being gay,” JT said as the tears streamed down his face as his body glowed brightly and then he disappeared.

To Be Continued…