All That Glitters

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List of Characters

The Poole-Tanner Family

JT Poole

Child actor, songwriter, vocalist and producer JT Poole brought a distinctive sound to the world but that sound was brought to a screeching halt when his personal life is thrown into the media spotlight. Getting some help from some of his friends, JT’s life starts to get a little better.  Picking up the pieces of his life, those pieces shatter into smaller pieces when someone out of the past shows up to cause unneeded stress in his life. Finally getting rid of most of the drama from his life, JT tries to get his life and career back on track but is it too late?

Caleb Hunter Poole

Caleb, JT’s son that he didn’t know he had, pops up when Caleb’s mother is tired of taking care of him. Wanting a piece of the pie that JT has, Caleb’s mother tries to use him as a bargaining piece to get money out of JT through blackmailing him. Just wanting to know his father, Caleb’s life is turned upside down when it is revealed how
he was conceived.

Justin Tanner

Justin, coming to JT and Nikki’s rescue puts his own career in jeopardy when it’s discovered that he and JT were once in a relationship together in a sexual way.  Having problems spring up in the Tanner camp, his parents get involved and makes an ultimatum. Not knowing which path to travel, Justin decides it’s time to make a decision in his life that will forever affect his life and career.

Mutual Attraction / Desire / Soul Connection

Mo’ette LaCasta

Mo’ette, sultry soul singer joins the fray when her past (that coincides with JT’s) is revealed. Coming back into the spotlight to clear her name, Mo’ette joins forces with Nikki to combat the rumors and speculation going around. Having some issues with Marc, Mo’ette brings in some information to get Marc into trouble. Finally getting the fans back on her side, Mo’ette decides to go on tour and later joins forces with ‘Mutual Attraction’.

Glitter Mon’et

Glitter, pop and rock princess (also) life is turned upside down when Nikki and JT’s business is put in the streets. Not happy with what’s going on with her friends; Glitter decides to call it quits and goes out on her own. Getting somewhat chopped up by the Paparazzi, Glitter turns into a glamor hog and focuses on herself and no one else. Adding more fuel to the fire for Nikki and JT, Glitter says what the hell and does a tell-all that almost destroys the lives of her friends.

Syndi Lambert

Syndi Perry-Lambert

Syndi, an old friend of JT and Mo’ette’s pops up when there is an issue with some past contracts.  Having some drama created by Marc, Syndi’s personal life comes into play when accusations are made by Marc.  Having to prove some things that aren’t really necessary, Syndi has to make some drastic decisions about her life, to keep some form of order.

 Lisa Irwin

Lisa Irwin

Lisa, singer and friend to Syndi has some issues when Marc and Darren causes problem with her career.  Not happy with recent contract negotiations, Lisa goes to get help from an unexpected source.  Happy with some of the changes to her life, Lisa makes some tough decisions to keep ahead of the game.

Starletta London

Starletta, the new singer on the block takes Glitter’s place when she leaves. Not caring about the crap going on in JT and Nikki’s lives,  Starletta uses that for instant fame. Not really having to do much performing, a rumor is started about Starletta and she’s forced to prove herself in the spotlight. Feeling the pressure from the media, Starletta falls in with a bad crowd and her life starts to mimic those around her.

The Baby Mama Drama Club
Gladys Knight

Gladys Knotts

Nikki’s mother, Gladys hangs around to make sure that her daughter is being properly taken care of.  Knowing the history between Nikki and JC, Gladys goes on the defensive to make sure all is well.  Having to put in a few calls to some family and friends, Gladys does her motherly bit to put a few Charles’s in their place.

Heather Stewart

Heather, once a star on a TV show with Justin,  Josh, and JT, had a thing for all three of her co-stars. Once a close friend of JT’s, she did something that would forever keep her in JT’s life. Not happy with the life that she’s currently leading, Heather tries to become a part of JT’s life again but is upset when he turns his back on her. Devastated, Heather does something drastic to get attention. Pissed off at JT when her plans didn’t work the way she wants them, Heather tries to ruin what JT has in his career and life.

Vanessa Jameson

Vanessa, JT’s mother pops up to offer support to her son at a difficult part of his life. Not really happy with the way things are playing out, she calls in some favors from some friends to try to take all the attention off of her son. Somewhat successful with her plans, Vanessa gets into trouble when the cops come knocking on her door.  Having to pay the price for trying to save her son’s life and career, Vanessa plans get
sidetracked when her and JT’s past knocks at the door and stares her in the face.

Laci Greylek

Laci Greylek

Laci, a single mother, living someplace in Tennessee, pops up to cause unneeded stress and drama in the lives of JT and Justin.  Starting a rumor in the celebrity world that Justin is the father of her child, Laci goes on the offensive to get to Justin.  Justin, admitting he had a past with Laci, has fears that the rumors are actually true.

Lynda Hamilton 

Lynda Hamilton

Lynda, Justin’s mother isn’t always happy about the choices her son makes, but she does what she can to support him.  Having issues with a few lifestyle choices, Lynda goes on the defensive with Justin, trying to get him to make some changes she thinks he needs to make.

The Faulk-Raymond Connection

Joshua Raymond-Poole

Josh, JT’s twin brother, thought to be dead, is alive and has been living nearby.  Not knowing who his real family is because of some medical and mental health issues, Josh welcomes his brother into his life.  Adapting to being around JT and his developing family, Josh tries to be happy for JT, but is unhappy about the different lives the two of them have lived.  Finding some form of happiness, Josh starts to live his life to the fullest.

Chad Faulk

Chad, a friend of JT’s from his acting days, develops a thing for Josh.  Taking a chance, Chad opens up about his feelings and things in his life take a turn for the better.  Happy with his decisions, Chad has a portion of what he wants, when Josh returns his affection.

Patrick Fugit

Patrick Faldon

Patrick, in a strange relationship with Chad Faulk, has to come to terms with Chad’s choice to move on.  Not really ready to let go, Patrick does different things to include himself in Chad’s life.

The Babcock-Ransom Family
Wes Ramsey

Wes Ransom

Wes, once in a relationship with JT, pops up to try to recapture what he and JT once had.  Seeing his time had passed, Wes sets his sights on someone else that has the same torch.  Facing some opposition from a friend, Wes calls on someone else for help with the situation at hand.  Getting what he wants, Wes helps others fix the fallout of his actions.

Todd Babcock

Todd, a friend of JT’s has his personal life thrown into the spotlight when it’s discovered that he and JT had a sexual relationship in the past. Trying to keep his life out of the spotlight, more things about him and JT tend to surface. Trying to go to the source of his issues, Todd does something drastic.

The Knotts-Charles Family

Nikki Knotts

Nikki, pop and rock princess and one of JT’s back up vocalists has similar troubles as JT when someone from her past pops up into her life. Not expecting the person causing trouble to be causing trouble, some other issues from Nikki’s past is revealed. Her career and friendship with JT almost shattered forever, Nikki does some soul searching, wondering if she should really be a performer or doing something else.

Joshua Charles

JC Charles, once in a relationship with Nikki, comes back into her life when Justin pushes him to repair his heart. Wanting to recapture what he and Nikki once had, that’s not so easy when the media and others are against them being together. Doing his best to handle issues created by others, JC offers something to Nikki that she can’t refuse.

The Aldon-Marshall Family

Chad Aldon

Chad, releasing his anger of not having the life and love that he’s always wanted that he’s portrayed so many times in his films, finally gets what he wants.  His life on the path that he’s waited so long for, Chad make some drastic changes and decides to take his life and career in a different direction.

Howard Marshall aka Ian Ziering

Howard Marshall

Howard, finally being true to himself, is happy with the new changes and additions to his life.  Deciding to brave the world away from the law firm he’s been with for a while, Howard starts a private company to continue practicing law and to further help his
friends.  Living his life the way he wants to, Howard feels more carefree than he’s ever been.

The Boles-Detton Scandal

David Boles

David, once in a relationship with Mo’ette, joins things when he sees a way to get back with her.   Blaming their past relationship issues on the spotlight, David tries to embrace what he has with Mo’ette until someone else steps in to cause problems.  Having no choice but to do what the other person wants, David ends up leaving Mo’ette, but only temporarily.  Taking his anger out on a few people around him, he later regrets what he’s done and proposes marriage to Mo’ette again.

Emily Detton

Emily, secretly in lust with David, decides to make a play for him.  Finding out some things that could hurt David’s career, Emily blackmails him into getting into a relationship with her.  Taking things a bit further, Emily and David are married and Emily goes on the defensive with everyone around.  Being found out, someone out takes Emily’s story to a higher level.

James and the Assistants

James Poole

James, JT’s father pops up when the media starts making a mess of JT’s personal life.  Taking a stand against Vanessa, something drastic happens to him and he’s forgotten.  Not worried about being thought about, James keeps an eye on the news so he can figure out the perfect time to reintroduce himself to his son.

David Marin

David, James’ personal and business aide, has a secret that he’s not ready to let his boss in on.  Having some connections to someone else in JT’s life, David has to answer for strange happenings that James suspects that he’s responsible for.  Revealing some information that should’ve remained secret, David butts heads with

Other Supporting Cast
Eddie Clemons

Eddie Clemons

Eddie, Vanessa’s brother (JT and Josh’s Uncle) pops up when he learns some startling information about his family.  Trying to set some things right, Eddie has trouble getting things solved when the media gets a hold of what he knows.  Trying to smooth things over with his family first, Eddie isn’t allowed to when his connections to past events is uncovered.

Darren Haynes

Darren, one of the executives at the record label that ‘Mutual Attraction’ is signed to, joins things when he has to put right what Jarrod and Marc has made wrong.  Having to approach different people, certain things about the happenings within ‘Mutual Attraction’ comes to light and Darren has to go on the offensive to fix those things.  Making some decisions about the outcomes of careers, Darren finds himself in trouble of his own.

Marc Prestige

Marc, JT’s manager, and resident troublemaker is one of the leaks that cause most of JT and Nikki’s problems. Knowing JT’s secret, Marc was jealous of not having JT and wanted revenge when JT refused to be with him. Having some similar issues with Nikki, Marc used his influence in the music industry to cause problems with Nikki’s career. Being found out for the rat that he is, Marc’s ways are changed when someone shows him some special attention.

Ken Hampton

Ken, Heather’s brother isn’t happy about the things he’s gotten himself into the middle of. Putting his anger to the side, Ken goes against family to help out an old friend.  Doing what he feels is best for his nephew, things take a turn for the worst when his family and some of their friends put him on the outs because of his actions.  Something drastic happening, someone around Ken is suspected.

Brian Lake

Brian, a past sexual interest of Justin, pops into things when he receives a visit from JT about a collaboration project.  Feelings of the past stirring in his mind, Brian meets up with Justin in regards to how to handle his feelings of the past.  Concentrating his focus on someone else, Brian falls into something that will more than likely cause problems for his family and career.

Taryn Charles

Taryn, one of the nurses that oversaw Heather’s care while she was on lockdown, discovers some harsh secrets about Heather’s past. Helping herself shed some light on the things that happened between JT, Heather, and others, Taryn helps make right some things that were drastically wrong.

Detective Warren Charles

Detective Charles joins things when he’s alerted to what had happened to JT by Heather and Marc. Stressing to Heather, what will happen in the coming days, Detective Charles takes matters into his own hands instead of waiting on the law.  Enlisting the help of others that share his views, Detective Charles creates his own form of justice.  Approaching JT about all that he’d learned of his past, Detective Charles makes a plea to JT and Justin.

Lance Banks

Lance, friends with Justin and past band mate pops up when Justin asks him for a favor.  Trying to comply with Justin’s wishes, Lance’s life is turned upside down when he has to work extra hard to keep the peace in his own relationship.  Doing his best to not cause a scene during an intimate gathering, Lance does what he feels to set things right.

Joey Fatori

Joey, in a relationship with Lance is jealous of the past relationship that Lance had with Justin.  A bit pissed off that he was forced to drop what he was doing to pacify Justin’s wants, Joey gives Lance an ultimatum.  Scared of what would come of his
ultimatum, Joey goes on the defensive and takes matters into his own hands.

Chris Keller

Chris, secretly in love with Justin, is dead set against him marrying JT or any man that isn’t him.  Having some issues with other races, Chris causes some unneeded stress and drama with others that hit a little bit closer to home.  On the verge of trouble, Chris reveals some information that changes the lives of a few people.

Jarrod Lee

Jarrod, one of the managing execs at the company that manages JT’s group pops up to solve some problems with the gang. Getting pulled into the drama that’s currently going on with JT, Justin, and Nikki, Jarrod’s life is turned upside down when Marc makes some accusations that cause unneeded stress and drama and puts way too much information out in the open.

Shannon Tate

Shannon Tate

Shannon, Heather’s friend, and confidant has always done what she could to stand by Heather’s side.  Secretly in love with Heather, Shannon does her best to try to get Heather to put her plans of causing problems for JT to rest.  After the news of what
Heather did to JT hits the media, Shannon changes how she views Heather.  Trying not to succumb to her desires, Shannon goes to someone for help.


Martin ‘Marty’ Singletary

Marty, a security guard in the employ of Justin and JT, also works as JT’s nanny for Caleb.  Having some ups and downs with a few haters, Marty does his job to make sure that Caleb, Justin and JT are personally protected.  Having some connections with Vanessa and James’ past, information about Marty’s past is revealed and that shakes things up a bit.

Rev. Brett Hammond

Brett, a very religious man has doubts about the path that he’s currently following. Going to friends for help and guidance, Brett makes a decision to try out a new path.  Discovering some new things about himself, Brett makes a drastic decision that causes a rift with others, but repairs a problem with his soul that he thought could never be fixed.