If I Ain’t Got You

JT Poole-Walden

JT, physical therapist and psychiatrist, is the father of Kasai and husband to Mark Walden. JT’s life turns upside down when things in his personal life start to coincide with his work.  Taking on a challenge, JT’s tries to improve the lives of those around him.  

Mark Poole-Walden

Mark, JT’s significant other, is an actor, solo singing artist and devoted father-figure to Kasai. When Mark isn’t flipping out about all the men hanging around JT, he’s trying to keep his family from falling apart. With JT and Angie’s moms around, that makes his job so much more harder. Will he fail or succeed? Who knows…  


Kasai ‘Kai’ Poole

Kasai, JT’s son has trouble dealing with things in his life. Realizing that he would never be able to be with the person he has a crush on, he starts a relationship with the next best thing. Trying to hide his feelings, he tries to concentrate on his two dads and his friends. Seeing that his family is falling apart, Kasai orchestrates things/problems to get his family to work together to get to the bottom of things.


Justin Tanner

Justin, once a member of All*Star, now a solo artist and ex lover of Josh Charles. Justin, in a terrible accident, deals with coping with his new life.  Trying to find a way to be happy again, Justin faces new challenges with the help of his family and some new friends.


Nick Canton

Nick, a member of a band, decides to go off the grid and take a break from things. Having his love rejected by many people, Nick feels his life isn’t worth the effort. Ending up in a bad situation, Nick runs into someone and his life does a full 180. Experiencing what he’s always wanted for his life, others attempt to make changes.


Angela ‘Angie’ Sebastian

Angie, friend and co-worker of JT that works in the Hospital.  Angie’s life makes a strange turn when she takes on the role of counselor with a new friend.  Having her life turned upside down, Angie welcomes drama into her life, but just a little.  Doing what she can to keep her life and those of her friends’ lives balanced, she has her hands full.  Opening her heart, Angie takes a chance, but should she?

Kevin Richards

Kevin, friend to Nick, is currently spending his time trying to get his own life together.  Trying to change some of his ways, Kevin attempts to find something real and lasting.

Aaron Canton

Aaron, Nick’s brother is around to provide support to his brother during his time of need. Meeting someone that catches his eye, Aaron’s new goal is to help his brother and his new boyfriend through some of the issues they face. Tired of dealing with others, Aaron starts to rebel a bit and cause unneeded drama that he himself can’t fix.


Brian Lang

Brian, doing something unthinkable is currently in jail, awaiting trial.  Trying to convince his family and friends that he’s innocent of the charges against him, Brian reveals unnecessary information to interested parties.  Experiencing something unthinkable of his own, Brian tries to see things as others saw them.


Steve Lambert

Steve, JT’s best friend and assistant at the hospital has been around for a long time. Steve and JT met in high school and have been friends since then. Since JT and Steve never started a relationship together, Steve set his sights on other men to take his mind off the love he let slip away.

Alexander McCall

Alex, bandmate to Kevin, Brian, and Nick, has some issues, dealing with his past decisions.  Coming to terms with what he allowed to happen and what he has suppressed about himself, Alex decides to live his life, being true to himself and making amends for his actions with his friends. 

Dean Camp

Dean, past lover of JT and friend to Steve and Angela, shows back up in town for a while to get away from his ex-wife and the man that he loved.  Not able to be with his true love, Dean tries to start over and ends up with conflicted feelings.