Operation Magic


Oscar Saunders

Oscar, a White House press correspondent and a secret agent, has issues with keeping his friends and family safe.  Finding out about a cover-up in the government, Oscar tries to use his connections to get his friends and family to safety but has issues along the way.

Anne Levitz-Saunders

Anne, a fashion designer and ex-model is the ex-wife of Oscar Saunders. Trying to establish herself in the world as a business mogul, Anne has an issue with keeping her mouth shut about the things she sees and hears. Caught up in a strange affair, Anne has to keep on her toes when she discovers something life-altering.


JT Poole / John Donovan

JT, a secret agent with a magical edge, has some issues when he attempts to assist a past acquaintance.  Having his secret found out by someone in the government, that information is used against him in an attempt to get to other field operatives that JT has worked with.


Roland Chase / Roland Donovan

Roland, JT’s partner is targeted when JT’s blackmailer in the government wants more information than what JT is willing to give.  Having some skills of his own, Roland attempts to keep his personal life safe from harm.

Gavin James

Gavin, a past colleague of JT and Roland, pops back up into their lives to bring disturbing news.  Lending a hand with the current situation, some old emotions come into play that bogs Gavin down into another issue.  Allowing his emotions to control things around him, Gavin has to make a decision about what his next move is.

Melody / Ramona Donovan

Melody, JT’s adopted sister, has some similar secrets as him.  Coming to the rescue when some bad news is delivered, Melody sticks by JT and Roland’s side in their time of need.  Making sure to do her part, Melody plays an important role in the Donovan family line.


Senator Peter McCallister

Senator McCallister, involved in a government cover-up, discovers that his partners in the scheme of things have set him up to take a fall.  Trying to recoup his losses, the senator involves others in a plan to keep his life and career going.

Quartz / Richard Dante

Richard, a cousin to JT and Ramona joins things when their private lives are made public.  Providing assistance to his family in the most important way, Richard brings the muscle, when the muscle is needed.


Cadet Skip Bridges

Cadet Bridges, a rising star in the communication division has his hands into things that have nothing to do with him.  Using the information at his disposal against those around him, Cadet Bridges does what he can to get ahead by what and who he knows and what he knows they have done.


Major Les Kemper

Major Kemper, a senior intelligence officer, has his hands full, trying to keep things in the White House on the up and up.  Covering up some issues that don’t need to be made public, Major Kemper is put on the spot when things of a magical nature, come to light.  Having some secrets of his own, Major Kemper does what he can to safeguard the secrets of others.

Max Kingsley

Max, an industrial tycoon, and a past espionage agent has his hands full with keeping on top of things in his life.  Taking on secret missions, someone from his past makes a request he can’t deny.  His services enlisted by the Government, Max finds out some things about some friends he never knew about.  Using this new information, Max goes after what he wants.