The Awakening

List of Characters

General David Ranger

General David Ranger

General David Ranger, head of the government’s new scientific and discovery department, heads up a division that is looking for super enhanced humans. Helping create the technology to track the super enhanced humans, General Ranger butts heads with a super enhanced human he doesn’t like, but need the help of.

Powers: None Known

Malevolent / JT

Malevolent / JT Poole

Malevolent, doing his best to help others, comes into contact with some old friends. Gathering a team of like-minded people, Malevolent and his friends take on the factions of the government, protecting their own from the actions of General Ranger and the people that follow him.

Powers: Telepathy, Telekinesis, Energy absorbing, Human Energy Morphing, Magical Energy Projection and Manipulation, Magical Spell Casting, Sound Energy Manipulation/Generation/Projections

Tara Kent-James / Amazon

Amazon / Tara Kent-James

Amazon, a friend of Malevolent and wife to Conjurer, does what she can to lend a hand in protecting her friends, family and those like her. Using her abilities to fight for what’s right, Amazon tends to throw the winning blow.

Powers: Empathy, Flight, Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Agility, Enhanced Natural Senses

Darren James / Conjurer

Conjurer / Darren James

Conjurer, husband to Amazon, does what he can to keep his wife protected. Not happy with being a team player, Conjurer sticks around with his wife and her friends to make sure she’s protected from harm.  Having a secret agenda, Conjurer is put on the spot for his actions.  His life crumbling before his eyes, Conjurer goes on the defensive, taking the fight to those that caused his issues.

Powers: Magical Energy Projection/Manipulation, Magical Spell Casting

Jennifer Blake / Amaryllis

Amaryllis / Jennifer Blake

Amaryllis, a past friend of Malevolent, joins things when the government attempts to capture her. Not always a team player, Amaryllis does what’s necessary to keep the balance of power from shifting.  Having some complications with an acquaintance, Amaryllis changes her mind about the team perspective.

Powers: Metamorph, Energy Manipulation and Projection

Walden Nest / Alpha

Alpha / Walden Nest

Alpha, kidnapped from his family’s home by the government’s unofficial security department, is used as a test subject to help the government’s scientist figure out how to make an enhanced superhuman soldier. His hatred growing for all things government, Alpha joins forces with those that rescued him.

Powers: Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Speed, Agility, Enhanced Natural Senses

Brian Steele / Chase

Chase / Brian Steele

Chase, orphaned at a young age, bounced from foster home to foster home until he discovered that he could move really fast. Using his gift of speed to his advantage, Chase tends to cause unneeded trouble.  Approached by Malevolent and Amazon, Chase joins them in their quest.

Powers: Enhanced Speed and Agility, Resistance to Some Forms of Physical Attacks

Ramona Donovan / Miz Melody

Miz Melody / Ramona Donovan

Miz Melody, a friend of Malevolent’s from his original reality, pops up in search of him, only to find that he’s okay and has started a new life. Told of the plight he faces in this new reality, Miz Melody decides joins the others to fight the evil that Malevolent has pledged to stop, to make things right.

Powers: Magical Energy Projection/Manipulation, Magical Spell Casting

Caleb Carter / Champion

Champion / Caleb Carter

Champion, saved from General Ranger’s soldiers by Malevolent and Chase, pledges to help in the fight to bring General Ranger and the faction he serves down. Not fully knowledgable of his powers and abilities, Malevolent and Amazon work with him on developing his skills, causing an unneeded problem. Developing a dangerous obsession with a fellow comrade, Champion has a hard decision to make when he’s confronted.

Powers: Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Senses, Enhanced Speed, Flight

Helia Stroyer / Abyss

Abyss / Helia Stroyer

Abyss, having an unknown past, was abused by and experimented on by scientists within the government’s secret sector. Tired of being used as a guinea pig, Abyss made her escape from her captors to find out that the scientists tinkering with her body left her with a curse and a gift.

Powers: Teleportation / Dimensional Aperture

Derek Perry / Artemis

Artemis / Derek Perry

Artemis, exposed to tremendous amounts of radioactive rays, gained some strange abilities. Captured by General Ranger, Artemis was tinkered with by Ranger’s science team, causing a mental breakdown within the young man. Rescued by Malevolent and his friends, Artemis decides to lend a hand.

Powers: Enhanced Strength and Flight

Zeelanda Martinez / Cat

Cat / Zeelanda Martinez

Cat, a homeless teenager living in a rundown hotel on a beach in South Carolina, unknown to her is exposed to toxic chemicals that were stored on the property of the hotel. Discovering that she has been changed, Cat stumbles into battle when the General and his soldiers raid the grounds of the hotel to catch her. Getting help from
Malevolent and his friends, Cat decides to join the cause.

Powers: Body Transformation to Cat, Enhanced Strength, Agility and Cat-like Reflexes and Senses

Chou Hong / Flashpoint

Flashpoint / Chou Hong

Flashpoint, already having the ability to bend light was kidnapped from his family and experimented on and brainwashed. Believing that he’s serving his Country, Flashpoint follows General Ranger and his soldiers until he’s shown the error of General Ranger’s ways.

Powers: Manipulation of Light Energy, Flight, Hologram Creation/Projection

Beth Randall / Jinx

Jinx / Beth Randall

Her kids kidnapped by General Ranger’s soldiers, Jinx was brainwashed into working for General Ranger’s cause. Her brainwashing making her think that Malevolent and the super enhanced humans like him were responsible for the taking of her kids, Jinx used her abilities to alter reality to punish those until she’s shown what happened to her kids. Jinx aids Malevolent and his friends in trying to stop General Ranger.

Powers: Probability Altering/Reality Warping

Mark Townes / Maker

Maker / Mark Townes

Maker, one of the psychologist the government called in to assist with the quest to define the super enhanced human brain, has his hands full with using his skills to sway others to his way of thinking. Going up against Malevolent, things change when he’s pitted against his own skills.

Powers: Enhanced Hypnotism

 Ion / Skip Lawson

Ion, genetically altered to be an enhanced super soldier for General Ranger’s faction, breaks away and joins Malevolent and his friends when he finds out his true purpose. Using his abilities to help free others tinkered with the way he was, Ion generally has issues with his anger that makes him hard to get back under control.

Powers: Energy Generation, Manipulation and Projection, Flight