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List of Characters

Psychic Warrior / Psychik

JT Poole

JT, leader of the X-Ternals has some ups and downs with his team mates when his past comes into play.  Feeling that he’s nothing but trouble to his friends, JT tends to doubt himself when drastic decisions need to be made.  When using the vast psychic, magical and cosmic powers at his command, others tend to think JT is a force to be reckoned with.  Trying to regain his confidence, JT has to jump through a lot of hoops when others try to add salt to his already open mental wounds.


A’mora Asland-Claybourne

A’mora, the Guardian of Andor uses her psychic illusions and magic to keep evil doers at bay.  Having some major conflicts with her sister, A’mora, her husband and the team tends to butt heads with affairs of a magical nature.  Doing her best to keep everyone on the same page and not looking to the past, A’mora has her hands full trying to keep the peace between all of her friends.


Brett Andrew Claybourne

Brett, the psionic speedster has issues with some members of the team.  Not happy with some things that transpired in the past, Brett spends most of his time arguing with others while A’mora and JT are trying to cool his jets. Trying to put the past behind him, Brett tends to dwell on the past when he should be looking ahead.

Amazon / Wonder Woman

Tara Kent-James

Tara, a friend of JT’s from his past rejoins the team when a great evil threatens to cause problems for him personally. Doing her best to keep things in perspective, Tara goes through a lot of changes when JT’s powers alters her history and life. Being changed back into her normal self, Tara takes a small leave of absense, but returns later on, fully restored.

Tress / Phantasma / Robotic Girl / Phasing Girl

Amy Ramsey

Amy, a friend of JT’s from the past joins the show when he’s captured by some sinister creatures from their past.  Helping the gang find JT, Amy sticks around after the trouble is over.  Having some issues with her powers and body, Amy hopes that JT can help her solve her problems.


Henry ‘Hank’ Hart

Hank, the shape changing comedic clown does what he can to save the day, but always finds the time to be the clown.  Jealous of others around him, Hank tends to wear his heart on his sleeve.  Deciding to make a play for one of his friends, Hank winds up heartbroken.

Miz Melody

Ramona Donovan

Ramona, a friend of JT’s from an alternate reality joins the gang when some of JT’s family pops up for a visit.  Using her magical energy constructs (mainly disc-shaped objects that look like records) to knock down her foes, Ramona does what she can to safeguard JT’s life when she’s around.

Eyes (Only) / Psi Lad

Jordan Logan

Jordan the team’s telepathic communication system (so to speak) hardly ever
appears anywhere physically outside of the X-Ternals’ compound.  His body badly damaged by a mad man, Jordan tends to stay secluded away from other people.  Coming to terms with the things that happened to him, Jordan has opted a very defensive approach to using his psychic powers.

Spider Girl

A’Lana Dayle-Miles

A’Lana, having the psychic ability to create webbing like Spider Man, doesn’t have his super strength, his agility or his ability to stick to walls.  A’Lana has her own arsenal of power stunts to fight crime while doing what’s needed to help her friends and family out of tight situations.  Having some strange things happen with her powers, A’Lana hopes that JT can help her fix her powers.

Elantra / Black Cat / Tigersbane

Wanda Langley

Wanda, sharing her cat-like soul, powers and knowledge with a like-minded soul tends to disappear from time to time with JT, A’mora and Brett to fight crime elsewhere.

Masquerade / Murderess / Glamor

Mara Drake

Mara, a shape shifter much like Psychic Warrior has the ability to assume the form and powers of those around her.  Having issues being around Psychic Warrior, Mara focuses on keeping herself in control while making sure the bad guys don’t get the upper hand.


Michura Hino

Michura, mistress of the seven seas uses her control over aquatic energies and magic to do her bidding.  Going through a terrible ordeal in her life, Michura tends to monopolize the team’s time by trying to run down ghosts of her past.


Tamra Knight-Kane

Tamara, super hero by day, exotic dancer by night.  Tamara uses her powers of invisibility and intangibility to get into places that others can’t get into.  Constantly arguing with her husband, Tamara does what she can to get under Benji’s skin.


Benjamin Alonso Kane

Benji, having the speed and power to produce light and use it as he wishes tends to dazzle the competition.  Married to Midknight, Benji is always on his toes while arguing with his wife about her other profession.

Running Bear

Daniel McCulloch

Daniel, using his powers of the mystic arts to become one with the mighty bear, gains the ability to run fast, enhanced strength and senses.  Daniel sometimes uses his mystical skills for other things, but he claims that’s not his forte.


Laura Lynn-McCulloch

Laura, skilled in demolition with the use of her explosive energy powers, tends to always go out with a ‘Bang’.  Married to Running Bear, things in Laura’s life is always up scale and exciting when she has to choose between saving lives and  having a nice night out with her husband.


Jennifer Blake

Jennifer, a shape shifter like Onyx tends to take up the slack when needed.  Having the extra ability to generate and project concussive force beams from her hands and eyes, Jennifer is always able to take down the bad guys when the others can’t.

Pulsar / Samurai / Ninja Kid

Kevin James Edenfield

Kevin, having a sorted past with Psychic Warrior, tends to pop up from time to time to lend a needed hand.  Hoping to recapture the essence of the past, Kevin tries to use his psychic and magically enhanced fighting skills to get on a past love’s good side.  Having someone else to compete with, Kevin tends to butt heads with others

Psi Lad / Psy-Man

Richard Johnson

Richard, once Psi Lad, joins the team when he confronts issues of his own past.  Not happy about what is revealed to him, Richard apologizes for his actions and asks for a spot on the team.  Rekindling things with an old friend, Richard’s life is turned upside down when he discovers something odd about himself.

Malik / Warlocke

Kyle Fowler

Kyle, past member of the team returns when it’s revealed where he’s been for the last decade.  Going to the others for help, Kyle rejoins the team in hopes of getting closer to an old crush and getting the gang to stop the plans of an evil tyrant that wants to take over the world.  Fighting a somewhat no-win battle with his heart, Kyle decides to leave the team when he realizes that he can’t recapture what he once had.

Major Stryker

Ezra Tyler Sheridan

Tyler, a wounded soldier leaves the military when it’s discovered that he has different advantages over the other soldiers.  Enhanced with incredible strength, a cybernetic arm, agility, stamina and the ability to fly and manipulate energy, Tyler does what he can to fight evil while trying to love one of his team mates.


Celeste Preston

Celeste,  a clearly solitary being, keeps to herself until she’s needed to intervene in the affairs of others.  Only appearing when the world is threatened, she uses her magical might to help put things right.  



Prudence ‘Prue’ Rast

Prue, appearing out of the blue to lend a hand to the team, joins them to help defeat an evil man.  Figuring out some things about herself, Prue learns of new methods to control her powers and others around her.  Going a bit too far with her abilities, Prue does the unthinkable and butt heads with a few members of the team.  On the outs with almost everyone on the team, Prue gets some help from an unsuspecting friend on how to get everyone on her side again.

The Evil Creeps


Jamie Fowler

Marek, a sadistic, power obsessed man has the psychic ability to possess those around him and to use them to his liking.  Having a thing for Psychic Warrior, Marek got a taste of his power and doesn’t know how to let it go.

Pythoness / Christina Merritt


Christina Merritt

Pythoness, a young sorceress in the making, uses her magical powers to manipulate others to her way of thinking.  Having a strange connection with some popular people, Pythoness uses that connection to gain prominence in the entertainment industry.



Ryan Hall 

Devastation, a demonic apprentice, uses his magical powers to cause problems in the lives of JT and those in his family. Hell bent on wanting to be a part of something bigger than himself, Devastation aligns himself with beings, in hopes of belonging, only to be left on the side lines, wanting.


Gwendolyn Setterwynd

Setterwynd, a centuries old witch pops up from time-to-time to wreak havoc in the lives of the X-Ternals.  Wanting to know the secrets of all magic, Setterwynd tends to cross paths with many different people, good or evil and tends to dip her nose where it doesn’t belong so she can increase her knowledge.


Samuel Hain

Halloween, a centuries old demonic wizard has a knack for wanting to bring eternal darkness to the world.  Trying unsuccessfully many times, Halloween uses his demonic magics to try to open the doorway to hell to unleash hell’s fury on this plane.  Being stopped by Psychic Warrior plenty of times in the past, Halloween always leaves with a score that needs to be settled on Psychic Warrior’s end.

Halloween II

Brandon Hain / Brandon Knight

Samuel Hain’s great grandson, takes on the mantle of being Halloween.  Wanting to take over where his great grandfather left off, Brandon attempts to use his powers to bring hell to Earth.  Taking a different approach, Brandon tries to get what he wants in a different way, a way that his great grandfather never tried.

Pearl Sol Disma

Megan Prince

Pearl Sol Disma is an omniversal magistrate in a different dimension that governs the dimension that the X-Ternals live in.  Having issues with Psychic Warrior’s constant time-jumps and meddling throughout time, Pearl Sol Disma tends to pop up to undo what he has done.  Not happy with her job, Pearl Sol Disma tries to imprison Psychic Warrior to try to get what she wants.


Ezekiel Rage

Rage, a constant thorn in the sides of the guys of the X-Ternals has a thing for using his demonic magic to bend men to his will to do his bidding, rather it’s good or evil.  Having a few run-ins in the past with the X-Ternals, Rage plays a strange part in a few reunions of some people that the world thought was dead and reveals some things about people that never left.


Elizabeth Shane

Persephone, a member of Mutant One has fun tormenting different members
of X-Ternals when she feels the need to exert her advanced telepathic powers.  Not really from a future time like the other members of Mutant One, Persephone has a close connection to to the ever growing non-mutant factions popping up to ‘purify’ the human race.  With ties to Kiefer’s Rock, Persephone’s real true destiny has yet to be revealed.


Daria Patel

Celestia, hell bent on controlling the world, uses her cosmic might to take what she wants.  Having a thing for one of the X-Ternals, Celestia tends to let her plans foil, just to take it easy on the person she has her eyes on.  Coming in contact with something to help her, Celestia joins forces with someone else in hopes of getting what she wants, total world domination.

Master One

Devon Knight

Master One, an unknown kind of super-soldier from a future time does what he can to extinguish all mutants that he come across.  Almost silencing a few members of the X-Ternals, Master One has come close to shattering the ranks of X-Ternals on more than one occasion.  Making it his moral objective to go after JT and his lover at every turn, certain members of X-Ternals believe that Master One is actually someone that has encountered the couple somewhere in their lives.

Princess Magottah

Jessica Setterwynd

Princess Magottah, half sister to Setterwynd was imprisoned in a different time and reality for betrayal at the hands of would be world conqueror.  Swearing revenge on her sister for being imprisoned the way she was, Princess Magottah uses her magical powers and her control over nature’s elements to make her sister pay.  Crossing paths with the X-Ternals, Princess Magottah has to choose which is important, her revenge on her sister or saving her life.


Daniel Quinn

DeathShadow, a vigilante bent on revenge uses his powers of shadow-walking and his death touch to inflict pain on those that have hurt him and his family.  Taking out anyone that crosses his path, DeathShadow tries to honor the memory of his lost loved ones.

Fatality / Calamity

En Sabah Muhl

Fatality, a centuries old tyrant is released from the past to unleash
his dark reign on the rest of the world.  Using his power and control over the elements and magic, Fatality reveals a connection that one soul has been hell bent on trying to figure out.  Somewhat changing the world into his own image, Fatality emulates the Apocalypse.

Brock Seoul

Brock Seoul

Brock, an evil man from an alternate universe uses his military resources and technological control to get what he wants.  Causing devastation throughout time and space, Brock is wanted by different worldly factions, including the X-Ternals for the crimes he’s committed.