All That Glitters

Included Songs

The Queen, Donna Summer

  • Love’s About To Change My Heart (Season 1)
  • One of a Kind (Season 2)
  • I Love You (Season 2)
  • Only One Man (Season 3, Chapter 6-7)

The Queen, Whitney Houston

  • Whatchulookinat (Season 3, Chapter 7-8)
  • Million Dollar Bill (Season 3, Chapter 15)

  • I Hope You Dance by Gladys Knight (Season 2, Season Finale)
  • Make it Easy on Me by Sybil (Season 1)
  • Walk On By by Dionne Warwick (Season 1)
  • Nobody Not Really by Alicia Keys (Season 1)
  • Crazy For You by Madonna
  • Somebody to Love by Robin Thicke and Leighton Meester (Season 1)
  • All I Could Do Was Cry by Etta James (Season 2)
  • Here We Are by Gloria Estefan
  • Losin’ Myself by Debbie Gibson (Season 3, Chapter 7)
  • Cold Blooded by Rick James
  • I Dedicate (Part 1) by Brandy
  • She’s Like The Wind by Patrick Swayze
  • Charades by Maxwell Caufield (Season 3, Chapter 7-8)
  • Looker by Sue Saad and The Next (Season 3, Chapter 14)
  • I’m Still Breathing by Toni Braxton (Season 3, Chapter 19)
  • Hands Off by Maria Vidal (Season 3)
  • You Don’t Own Me by Lesley Gore (Season 4, Chapter 9)

Author’s Notes

All songs used in this work of fiction is/are owned by the singer’s respected song writers or the singer themselves. I stake no claim to the songs used, unless otherwise stated. The songs were used for entertainment purposes only, not for monetary gain.

Author’s Notes #2

I, John T Poole, don’t know any of the celebrities mentioned. I don’t know anything about their sexual orientation (unless otherwise stated in the public eye). This story is fiction and shouldn’t be taken for real life. This is for entertainment value only folks. Please don’t take this story seriously, it could lead “you” to get into a lot of trouble if you do. You’ve been warned. This is for entertainment only.

Pictures of celebrities on this website are depictions of what characters are envisioned to look like for the particular story. The pictures of celebrities presented here doesn’t mean that the characters they represent are how that celebrity actually acts in real life. Come on, it’s just like a movie, the celebrity pictures are only helping you to visualize what the character is like in the story. Don’t take this for more than what it actually it is. It’s a story and nothing more. Again, this is for entertainment value only folks.

Picture Credits

  1. JT Poole is actor/model Keith Hamilton Cobb
  2. Justin Tanner is actor/singer Justin Timberlake
  3. Joshua Charles is singer JC Chasez
  4. Chris Keller is singer/actor Chris Kirkpatrick
  5. David Boles is actor David Boreanaz
  6. Emily Detton is actress Emily Deschanel
  7. Nikki Knotts is actress Sherri Saum
  8. Gladys Knotts is singer Gladys Knight
  9. Glitter Mon’et is actress Jessica Alba
  10. Vanessa Jameson is singer Dina Carroll
  11. Lisa Irwin is actress Zoe Saldana
  12. Caleb Poole is actor Noah Gray-Cabey
  13. Starletta London is actress Lauren London
  14. Syndi Lambert is actress/singer Rah Digga
  15. Marc Prestige is actor Brian Krause
  16. Howard Marshall is actor Ian Ziering
  17. Chad Aldon is actor Chad Allen
  18. Wes Ransom is actor Wes Ramsey
  19. Todd Babcock is actor Rob Estes
  20. Patrick Faldon is actor Patrick Fugit
  21. Chad Faulk as actor Chad Faust
  22. Jarrod Lee is actor Jon Seda
  23. David Marin is actor Kaj-Erik Eriksen
  24. James Poole is actor Ving Rhames
  25. Laci Greylek is actress Rose McGowan
  26. Heather Stewart is actress Heather McComb
  27. Lynda Hamilton is actress Kathy Bates
  28. Ken Hampton is actor Kristoffer Polaha
  29. Darren Haynes is actor Colton Haynes
  30. Taryn Charles is actress Halle Berry
  31. Josh Raymond is actor Rockmond Dunbar
  32. Shannon Tate is actress Michaela Conlin
  33. Detective Warren Charles is actor Michael Jai White
  34. Eddie Clemons is actor Wendell Pierce
  35. Brian Lake is singer Brian Littrell
  36. Lance Banks is singer/actor Lance Bass
  37. Joey Fatori is actor/singer Joey Fatone
  38. Marty Singletary is actor Stephen Collins
  39. Rev. Brett Hammond is actor Scott Clifton