Close To You

Story Warnings, Disclaimers, and Credits

I, John T Poole, don’t know any of the celebrities mentioned. I don’t know anything about their sexual orientation (unless otherwise stated in the public eye). This story is fiction and shouldn’t be taken for real life. This is for entertainment value only folks. Please don’t take this story seriously, it could lead “you” to get into a lot of trouble if you do. You’ve been warned. This is for entertainment only.

Pictures of celebrities on this website are depictions of what characters are envisioned to look like for the particular story. The pictures of celebrities presented here don’t mean that the characters they represent are how that celebrity actually acts in real life. Come on, it’s just like a movie, the celebrity pictures are only helping you to visualize what the character is like in the story. Don’t take this for more than what it actually it is. It’s a story and nothing more. Again, this is for entertainment value only folks.

Picture Credits

Dylan Chastayne is actor Brian Kubach JT Chastayne-Donovan is actor Rockmond Dunbar
Hillary Chastayne is actress Sanaa Lathan Julie Sheldon is actress Allison Mack
Dr. Gregory Sheldon is actor Hugh Laurie James Chastayne is actor Ving Rhames
Alan Quartermane is actor Alan Ritchson Kevin Chastayne is actor Michael Jai White
Ashley Chastayne is singer Beyonce Knowles Geraldine Crestmore-Chastayne is singer/actress Whitney Houston
Ari Campbell is actor Josh Hopkins Dahlia Crestmore-Jordan is actress Tisha Campbell-Martin
Donna Owens-Knight is actress Kathy Bates Alex Chastayne-Donovan is actor Alex O’Loughlin
Janet Rayner is actress Vivica A. Fox Justin Randall is singer/performer Justin Timberlake
Rev. Ely Carter is singer/actor Scott Clifton  Keegan James is actor Gary LeRoi Gray