Author’s Notes

I, John T Poole, don’t know any of the celebrities mentioned. I don’t know anything about their sexual orientation (unless otherwise stated in the public eye). This story is fiction and shouldn’t be taken for real life. This is for entertainment value only folks. Please don’t take this story seriously, it could lead “you” to get into a lot of trouble if you do. You’ve been warned. This is for entertainment only. Pictures of celebrities on this website are depictions of what characters are envisioned to look like for the particular story. The pictures of celebrities presented here doesn’t mean that the characters they represent are how that celebrity actually acts in real life. Come on, it’s just like a movie, the celebrity pictures are only helping you to visualize what the character is like in the story. Don’t take this for more than what it actually it is. It’s a story and nothing more. Again, this is for entertainment value only folks.

Picture Credits

The Good Guys

  1. Psychic Warrior is actor Rockmond Dunbar
  2. Illusion is singer/actress Brandy Norwood
  3. Speedster is actor Wil Traval
  4. Amazon is actress Paula Patton
  5. Tress is actress Denise Richards
  6. Malaphyion is singer Deborah Cox
  7. Onyx is actor Ryan Kwanten
  8. Eyes (Only) is actor Kellan Lutz
  9. Elantra is singer/actress Beyonce Knowles
  10. Atlantis is actress Michaela Conlin
  11. Midknight is actress Jessica Lucas
  12. Glamor is singer Toni Braxton
  13. Spider Girl is singer Mary J. Blige
  14. Lightspeed is actor Bryan Greenburg
  15. Running Bear is actor Scott Eastwood
  16. Plastyque is actress Rose McGowan
  17. Amaryllis is actress Rosario Dawson
  18. Pulsar is actor Mike Vogel
  19. Malik/Warlkocke is actor Tad Hilgenbrink
  20. Bliss is actress Vivica A. Fox
  21. Miz Melody is actress/comedian Monique
  22. Lynk is Omari Hardwick
  23. Major Stryker is actor Eddie McClintock
  24. Psy-Man is actor Michael B. Jordan

The Evil Creeps

  1. Setterwynd is actress Debbi Morgan
  2. Marek is actor Lucien Laviscount
  3. Halloween is actor Tom Selleck
  4. Halloween II is actor Ted Jan Roberts
  5. Pearl Sol Disma is singer Mariah Carey
  6. Rage is actor Sean Bean
  7. Master One is actor Chad Faust
  8. Celestia is actress Zoe Saldana
  9. Devastation is actor Noah Segan
  10. Brock Seoul is actor Donnie Wahlberg
  11. Fatality is actor Guy Pearce
  12. Death Shadow is Callum Blue
  13. Princess Magottah is singer Leona Lewis
  14. Persephone is actress Alison Mack
  15. Pythoness is actress Anne Hathaway