Summer Catch – Chapter 2

Chapter 2 — Introductions Made Imperfect

Bahia Honda, FL – Camp Henderson – The Mess Hall

“So, is everyone clear on the camp safety protocols?”  Kevin asked as the door to the room opened as Randy walked in, all eyes on him.  “Everyone, welcome one of our newest junior counselors, Randy Tanner.  Randy, there’s a seat right up front, just for you.”

“Yeah okay,” Randy mumbled, walking around the room until he got to the seat that Kevin had pointed to.

“We were just talking about the camp safety protocols Randy.  I’m sure one of the other counselors can catch you up on that and bring you up to speed with the rest of us,” Kevin stated as he looked down at some notes in front of him.  “Moving along, for those of you that were here last summer, there have been some changes with the camp boundaries.  Lake Massey and the little island within it are now part of Camp Henderson.  We’re now able to allow the campers to use the lake when they want to and they’re allowed to canoe over to the island and camp out there.”

“That’s so cool,” Nicky said with a smile.

“Yes it is,” Kevin replied with a smile.  “I’m sure you and Jamie will be able to take the freshmen campers on an overnight within the week.”

“Even cooler,” Nicky said, putting his elbows on the table, supporting his chin as he paid attention to Kevin.

“Dang man, why don’t you just go on out in the hallway and yank it, if it makes you that hot and bothered,” Randy suggested, shaking his head and rolling his eyes as Kevin, Tommy and Joey glared in his direction as Nicky sighed and then put his head down on the table.

“Randy, please refrain from smarting off,” Kevin stated, turning his attention to Randy.  “We don’t need to have our previous conversation again, do we?”

“Whatever,” Randy said, waving his hand dismissively at Kevin.

“Someone really needs to bust his ass,” Ana whispered to Tommy.  “He’s just an all-around jerk.”

“Yeah, but I say just steer clear of him.  We don’t need any trouble out of him,” Tommy whispered back to Ana as Christina leaned in to hear what they were saying.

An Hour Later – The Junior Counselors’ Cabin

Randy’s POV

What a fucking jerk!  I can’t believe he did that in front of everyone like that.  How dare he put me on the spot and then try to embarrass me.  He’s the luckiest man on the planet right now.  If he didn’t have the power to screw my life over, I would kick my foot so far up his ass, it would quench his damn thirst.  He thinks he’s so smart, but I’m not going to let him get away with what he did.  When he least expects it, I’m going to show him up.

It’s an hour later and he just let us out of that boring ass meeting.  I can already tell this is going to be one boring ass summer.  Kevin just handed out duties that we’re supposed to do as counselors and I’m already pissed off.  I don’t know if I should be angry about the damn schedule or the damn activities he has listed for me to do.  I can’t believe we must get up at the ass crack of dawn to get things started.  I don’t like starting my day before nine and here it is I have to get up at five so I can get the kitchen ready for breakfast and then when breakfast is over, I have to clear up all the mess.  I don’t like washing dishes in my own damn home, that’s what the maid is for.  What in the hell do I look like, cleaning up after a assload of brats?  Regardless of that, when breakfast is done, I have to help out with the morning exercises and then do special activities.  After lunch, I’m pretty much attached to one of the senior counselors, having to be a damn tag-along.  I don’t think I’ll be able to handle this crap.  Dad has to let me get the hell away from here.

“Well good evening Mr. Tanner,” I heard behind me as the guy named Jamie walked into the room and then tossed his hat down on the small night table besides his bed.

“Yeah, hey,” I replied, looking up at him as he smiled weakly as I looked back at the schedule that Kevin had given me.

“So what did they stick you with?”  He asked, sitting down across from me.

“Kitchen duties and morning activities,” I replied.

“Damn, you got the good stuff,” he said as I raised an eye at him.  “They stuck me with afternoon activities and gimp patrol.”

“Lucky you,” I said as he shook his head, got up and then stretched his arms over his head.

“I can’t wait for this damn summer to be over.  It’s the first day here and I’m already ready to blow this joint,” he said as he walked around the room.  “So, what’s the deal with Tommy, Ana and Christina?”

“Don’t know, this is my first summer here,” I told him.

“Mine too,” he replied with a frown.  “I was supposed to have started here last summer, but I didn’t make it and they invited me to come here this summer and…”

“Look man, I’m not trying to get your whole back story,” I said, getting up as the door opened up as Tommy walked into the room, wearing nothing but a towel as Jamie looked at him, his mouth dropping open like a hung-up school girl.  Damn, another fag.

“What’s going on you two?”  Tommy asked, walking over to his bed and grabbing his things.

I’m sure glad they put the tramps in another room.  I like to be free and not confined in my down time and you can’t do that with tramps around.  With my view of things now, I think me walking around in here, free is going to be a problem with this guy.  The way he’s looking at Tommy, I take it that he’s a fruit too, like that Nicky pervert is.  If I catch him eyeing me like that, I’m going to bust his ass and not in the way that he wants.  It seems like I’m trapped in hell, with no way to get out.

“… I asked were you okay?”  Tommy said as he tapped me on my arm as I moved away from him.

“What do you want man?”  I asked, getting up quickly.

“I was asking were you okay.  You were sitting there, staring at the wall like a zombie,” Tommy said as he shook his head.  “Never mind dude.”

“Whatever,” I said, walking towards the door.

“Where are you going?  It’s almost nine and you have a big day ahead of you,” Tommy said, looking at me like he was crazy.

“I’m going someplace where I won’t be bothered by the fruit and the loon,” I replied, opening the door and then walking out of the room.

Sometime Later – Down by the Lake

Nicky’s POV

What a jerk!  I can’t believe he acted the way he did in the meeting and in the bathroom.  How can someone be so cold and mean to a person he doesn’t even known?  I was only trying to be nice to him and he turned that into something evil.  That guy doesn’t know anything about me and he’s here, treating me like a redheaded step child.  I don’t know what his problem is, but I’m not the person for him to be laying his crap on.  I get along with everyone, but there are just some people in the world that you just can’t get along with and he’s one of them.

Dang, I shouldn’t even be thinking about him right now.  This is my last summer to do something fun and amazing with my life, this is supposed to be my happy time.  I’m not going to allow him or anyone else to bring me down and spoil my mood.  Yeah right Nicky, it’s a little bit too late for that.  He’s already in my system and my mood is already rock bottom.  Why did he have to treat me the way he did?  I was only trying to help him out.

“Stupid jerk he is,” I said, getting up from my spot around the lake.  “You can’t always be nice and help people.  There are jerks in the world that take your niceness and throw it back in your face.  How could I have been so stupid to start liking him?  It must be the hot body and the blond curls that form the creature that he is.  Come on Nicky, get your head out of the clouds.  A guy like him will never, ever in a million years, have anything to do with a guy like me.  It’s just wishful thinking on my part.”

Dang, it’s getting late out.  I’ve been out here for a while now.  I know it’s way past lights out for the campers, so I’m sure it’s way past my bedtime also.  I better mosey on back to the cabin and get to bed.  Tomorrow’s a new day and hopefully it’ll be better than this one.

Randy’s POV

That’s just fucking great!  He really is a fucking pervert.  Why did I have to be stuck at a place like this with gay people all around?  Is this one of those gay camps they talk about on the news?  Is this one of those places that parents send their children to, when they suspect them of being gay?  Oh come the fuck on!  Dad really fucked up this time around.  Is this his way of punishing me for beating up Jordan when he came out?  What’s the deal here?  I’d rather go to jail, than stay at this place.

This night is just getting stranger and stranger.  First the scene between Tommy and Jamie back in the cabin and now this crap out here with the Nicky pervert.  If I hadn’t bene out here, walking around, trying to relax myself, I would’ve never known how the pervert feels about… how he feels about me.  For a fat ass, whiny wimp, he thinks I’m a jerk.  I’m the one that should be thinking he’s a jerk for the stunt he helped Kevin and Joey pull off today in the shower.  Hell, that alone was enough to prove that he’s a fruit, regardless if he just admitted that when he said I was hot.  I don’t mind the ladies thinking I’m hot, but knowing that a guy thinks that, makes me sick to my stomach.

As I walked back towards the cabin, I leaned against a tree and lurched.  Clearing my stomach of its contents, the thought of Nicky trying to make passes at me kept flashing through my mind.  Did he check me out in the shower when Kevin and Joey undressed me today?  That’s what the nasty pervert did.  He was checking me out and he’s probably thinking of nasty things to do to me.  He’s nothing but a sick fucking pervert.  Damn my father!  Damn him straight to hell!  For a man that frowns upon homosexuality, why in the hell did he send me to this place?

I can’t take this.  I have to do something to get the hell away from here.  If I try to leave, I go straight to jail and if I get fired, I go straight to jail.  It’s a fucking lose-lose situation.  No matter what I do, I don’t come out on top of things.

Two Weeks Later – Bahia Honda, FL – Camp Henderson – Kevin’s Office

Nicky’s POV

This is the third time I’ve been called to Kevin’s office this week.  If I didn’t know any better, I’d think that Kevin was making excuses to get me into his office, but that’s not the case, since Aaron’s involved, yet again.

I don’t know what’s the deal with Aaron.  I thought bringing him to camp would be a good experience for him, but all he’s done so far is cause trouble, getting into fights and being mean to everyone that comes into contact with him.  I don’t know what to do anymore.  I don’t want to send him home to Mom, but if he keeps fighting the way he is, I won’t have any other choice but to.  I’ve tried talking to him and he refuses to tell me what’s going on with him.  I wish he’d just talk to me and tell me what’s going on.  I’m standing outside of Kevin’s office door and I can actually hear him and Ana going at it like they were in a screaming contest or something.  I better get in there and stop this before it goes too far.

“What’s going on in here?”  I asked, walking over to Aaron as he crossed his arms and then turned away from me.  “I’m talking to you Aaron.”

“Fuck off Nicky,” he responded as I wanted to grab him by the arm and shake him senseless, but I kept my composure.

“You need to close your mouth young man and behave,” Ana said, pointing her finger at Aaron.  “You need some soap for that potty mouth of yours.”

“I think you need some dick in your life and maybe you’d stop acting like a bitch!”  Aaron snapped as I shook my head and then grabbed him as he looked at me strangely and then snatched his arm away from me.  “I just told you to fuck off!”

“I see he’s still at it,” Kevin said as he walked into the room as Aaron looked up at him and then stopped.

“And it’s the gay doctor that likes to touch everybody’s ass,” Aaron said, pushing me backwards as he displayed the middle finger to Kevin and then kicked Ana on the leg.

“Stop it Aaron!”  I snapped this time as he stopped what he was doing and then looked at me.  “I’ve had enough of your mouth and this attitude of yours!  I’m calling Dad!”

“I—I’m sorry,” Aaron replied as he looked down.

“You should be sorry,” I said as he looked at all of us and then ran from the room.  “Aaron!  Aaron, get back here!”

“What has gotten into that child?”  Kevin asked, shaking his head as he looked over at me.  “How long has he been acting this way Nicky?”

“This is all new behavior to me,” I replied as I turned to leave as Kevin grabbed my hand.

“Go find him and talk to him.  I think there’s something bothering him,” Kevin said with a frown as I shrugged my shoulders and then walked out of the room in search of my baby brother with the foul mouth and rotten attitude.

Across the Way – The Mess Hall

Randy’s POV

This is going to take me a few hours to clean up, hell maybe more!  I can’t believe those brats started a damn food fight in here.  This will be the last time I clean up behind some rich ass, spoiled brats like the ones that just left from here.  I will never in my life fall prey to this crap.  I’m stuck here for right now, but I won’t be here forever.  I just have to give Dad some time to see that I don’t belong here and allow me to leave here without sending me to the joint.

“This place looks like who did it,” I said, looking around the room to see the potatoes on the walls.

Damn, there’s even ketchup on the tables and I don’t even know what the hell is on the floor.  Those kids even went as far as throwing food at the cook and janitor.  Those kids are very lucky I wasn’t in here while this crap was going on.  If someone had thrown something at me, I would’ve been beating ass right and left.  I’m cleaning the walls down and low and behold, Nicky’s brother Aaron runs in.  Looking around like he’s a bit lost, he looked at me, shot me the bird and then he ran on out the backdoor.  About to go say something to him, Nicky comes in, he looks around too and then he runs out the backdoor also.  It seems they’re having one of their brotherly spats again.  I’m glad my brother isn’t a brat like Aaron is.  I would beat Jonathan and Steve’s asses if they acted as bad as that child.

“What’s taking you so long in here Randy?”  Josh Charles, one of the lifeguards asked, standing at the door, watching me like a hawk.

“I have to clean up the mess from the so-called food fight the brats left behind,” I replied.

“Well you need to hurry it up man, you’re supposed to be on duty with me around the pool,” he said as I shook my head and then pointed to the mess.  “I don’t care about that, hurry it up.”

“Don’t rush me man,” I said, stopping what I was doing to look over at him, to see if he wanted me to beat his ass.  “It’s not my fault that you guys allowed those spoiled ass brats to do what they did.”

“Well those spoiled ass brats being here is what pays your wages,” he said, looking at me with his nose turned up.  “You need to hurry up and get changed so you can join me at the pool.”

“Fine, I’ll go to the pool, I’ll just leave the rest of this mess here,” I said with a smile as I handed him the mop and the towel I was using.  “Have fun buddy boy.”

“What?  I’m not about to do your job,” he said as I walked off, leaving him standing there with the towel and mop, acting like he was too good to do it.

Early Evening – Memphis, TN – The District Court of Shelby County – The Chambers of Judge Randall Tanner

“Good afternoon Mr. Richards,” Randall Tanner spoke as he sat down at his desk.  “How are things going at Camp Henderson?”

“Things are going fine sir,” Kevin’s voice rattled out of the speaker phone.  “What do I owe the privilege of talking to you today sir?”

“I was just checking in on my boy,” Randal said as he pulled out a file folder with Randy’s name on it.  “Is he behaving himself like he should?”

“Yes sir, Randy’s behaving himself,” Kevin replied as Randall sat back in his chair.

“That’s good to hear,” Randall said as someone knocked on the door.  “Well I have to cut this short, but I’ll speak with you again sometime later on in the week.  You take it easy Mr. Richards.”

“You too Mr. Tanner,” Kevin replied as Randall hung up the phone.

Bahia Honda, FL – Camp Henderson — The Junior Counselors’ Cabin

Tommy’s POV

Dang, I’ve been studying all afternoon and it seems I don’t understand anything I’ve previously read in this darn biology book.  Why in the world did I have to choose advanced biology?  Why couldn’t I have chosen something simpler?  I’m just a stickler for punishment with this stuff.

I know I need it for my degree, but I could’ve done this class next to the last or something.  I have a test on this chapter in a week and I don’t understand anything.  I’m doomed if I don’t figure this stuff out quickly.  I’ve been interrupted several times since I’ve been sitting here and I feel I’m going to continue to be interrupted, mainly by Nicky and his little brother.  For brothers that are supposed to be close as they are, they sure do fight a lot.  It seems they’re having some kind of issue that goes way beyond sibling rivalry, that borders on jealousy.

From the conversation I heard between Nicky and Aaron, it seems Aaron is pissed that Nicky gives so much attention to the other campers and hardly pays attention to him.  Nicky told him that he has to spend time with the campers assigned to him, but that only pissed Aaron off more.  After that, I heard a slap and then I saw Aaron rushing through here like his pants were on fire as Nicky appeared in the doorway, holding the side of his face.  I don’t think I’ve ever had any arguments with my brother that resembled anything I’ve heard between those two.

Now that my main interruptions seem to be gone, I’m about ready to call it quits with the studying all together.  I just got a text message from my brother to give him a call.  I don’t know if I should or not, I’m a bit sketchy about talking to him right now.  The more I talk to him, the more I feel like I’m getting myself into trouble.  I just know if I talk to him, he’s going to tell me something about his new found ‘gayness’ and we’ll start talking shop and I’ll end up telling something I shouldn’t.  This is a time of discovery for me and I’m not really sure of what I want just yet.  I want to be able to make a decision based on my own feelings, not the feelings that could possibly be influenced by my brother and his stories of love and erotic lust.

“Hi Tommy,” Jamie spoke as he walked into the room and then sat down on his bed.  “Have you seen Randy?”

“Nah, he’s probably in the kitchen, getting ready for supper,” I replied as he looked at me and then looked through his backpack for something as I closed my book.

“Nope, he’s not there,” he stated as he started pulling his shoes off.  “One of the instructors are looking for him and Kevin is too.”

“Well I don’t know where he could be then,” I said, getting up from my spot as my cell phone started beeping, probably another message from my brother.

“Well he better show his face quick.  I think he’s in some more trouble,” Jamie stated as the door opened as Nicky and Kevin walked in.

“Hi guys,” Nicky said as he smiled weakly at me.

“Hi Nicky,” I replied, trying to avoid his eyes.

“Is Howard here?”  Kevin asked, looking around the room.

“He’s down by the lake with a few campers,” Jamie answered as he laughed.  “The lil buggers pushed him in the water and almost let him drown.”

“What?  Is he okay?”  Kevin asked, looking at Jamie with a strange look on his face.

“Yeah, he’s okay,” Jamie replied as he laughed again.  “He was trying to show the boys how to…”

“Someone almost drowning isn’t a laughing matter Jamie,” Kevin said as Jamie stopped laughing.

“Sorre,” Jamie said as he turned around and then pulled his shirt over his head as he tossed it on the bed.  “I’m going to shower.”

“Good, you need it,” Nicky said with a laugh as Kevin glared at him.  “Hey, I was only joking with him Kev.”

“Whatever, I’m going to check on Howard,” Kevin said with a mean look on his face as he left the room.

Later On – The Mess Hall – Kitchen Area

Randy’s POV

Damn it, I can’t believe I’m stuck working in the damn kitchen again!  I think Kevin’s doing his best to piss me off with the way he’s giving me these crappy jobs.  If I wanted a crappy job, I would’ve left here and gotten myself locked up.  This shit is getting on my nerves.

The brats just filed into the room and they’re already banging on the damn tables, chanting the ‘I’m Hungry’ song.  I can’t stand nelly little children.  If I had my way, I would put them all on an island somewhere and let them fend for themselves for a few weeks.  Whoever got off the island and made it back to land would be considered the strong.

It seems their supper is complete and is ready to be handed out to them.  I see a few of the ones from lunch that started the food fight.  If those brats start another damn food fight, I’m not going to clean it up.  I’m going to grab the ones responsible and hand them the damn mop and some towels and make them clean the shit up.  I know they aren’t here to get free damn maid service and I’m not it.

I guess Kevin is still trying to punish me.  Nicky just walked back here and he has that happy go lucky, shitty grin on his face.  Is this guy a retard or what?  Every time I see him, he’s always smiling.  Is he smiling because he’s around me?  Is he smiling because he has nothing better to do with his time?  Why does he smile so much?

“What’s up pervert?”  I asked as he turned and looked at me, shaking his head.  “What’re you doing here?”

“I’m here to help you serve supper dummy,” he replied as he walked over to the dish trays and pulled plates down.

“Don’t call me a dummy man!”  I snapped as he backed away from me, almost bumping into Kevin as he walked into the room.

“Behave yourself Randy,” Kevin said as he walked across the room.  “You two need to get supper served and quick.  Those guys seem to be really hungry.”

“Let them starve,” I said as Kevin looked at me with one eye raised.

“I’m not even going to reply to that Randy,” Kevin said as he pointed at the door.

“Let’s go feed the troops,” Nicky said as he walked out of the room, carrying plates as I walked behind him, carrying plates also.

With two more trips, we had handed out all the plates and the silverware.  Once we got back into the kitchen area, the cooks had everything on the push cart, waiting for us.  Standing against the wall, I waited for Nicky to come back into the room as I stuck my foot out in front of him as he tripped and fell into the push cart.  Laughing hysterically, I shook my head as Nicky got up, looked at me with this hurt look on his face as he continued getting things ready for the meal.  Damn, what’s with that look?  He just looked at me like his soul was hurting or something.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone look that sad and hurt before.  What is it with that look?

“Nicky,” I said as he piled some more items onto the push cart.  “Nicky?”

“Let’s just get supper served Randy,” he coldly said as he pushed the cart into the main room, not even looking back at me.

“Damn, that was cold as hell,” I said, walking through the doors to help him serve the food.

We served the food to our little group of bottomless pits in silence.  We hit all the tables without a word said between the two of us.  The silence only broken when Nicky’s brother walked over to the two of us, asked for another roll to go with his chicken and then he shot both of us the bird.  The way Nicky acted during that interaction was so cold that even Aaron noticed it.  Now I’m getting scared.  I’ve seen a lot of nice quiet boys go off and kill people.  I don’t want him going off and killing me.

“Nicky,” I said again as he continued moving, not looking at me.  He kept pushing the cart on to the next camper.  “Come on Nicky, say something.”

“What is it that you want me to say Randy!?”  Nicky snapped as all the campers turned and looked at him as Kevin rushed out of the kitchen area.

“Hey hey hey, calm down out here,” Kevin said as he looked between the two of us as I stepped back away from Nicky.  “What seems to be the problem here?”

“He—he screamed at me,” I replied as Kevin looked at me strangely and then crossed his arms across his chest.  “Well he did, you heard him.”

“Why did I scream at you?”  Nicky asked, glaring at me.

“I don’t know,” I replied, fully knowing damn well why, but I didn’t want to say it in front of Kevin.

“You’re a liar Randy,” Nicky said as he kicked the push cart and then ran from the room.

“Nicky!”  I yelled as Aaron pushed me backwards and then ran after Nicky as Kevin just stood there, shaking his head as he watched me.

“It looks like you want more kitchen duty,” Kevin said, walking away from me.

“Fuck this shit,” I said as Ana and Christina walked over to where I was.

Both women stood in front of me, starring daggers at me like I was the scum of the earth.  Moving away from them, Ana grabbed me by the collar of my shirt and then jacked me up against the wall as Christina joined her, pinning me, so I couldn’t get away.  Held firmly in place, Ana got closer to my ear and I wondered what was about to happen.  Don’t get me wrong, don’t have a problem with two women pinning me down, but I have a feeling this isn’t going to be sexual.

“You hurt Nicky’s feelings Randy,” Ana growled at me.  Damn, she was so damn close to me, I could actually feel her teeth scrape the flesh of my ear.  “Nicky’s a very nice guy that doesn’t need a creep like you, treating him the way you do.  You really need to apologize to him or I promise you that I will make your life around here a living hell.”

“I second that,” Christina said, punching me in the guy as a few campers in the room cheered and then clapped.

What the hell!  I—I can’t believe these bitches just attached me that way!  They just hit me and these kids are actually clapping their fucking hands and cheering them on.  This isn’t funny!  I can’t believe this blond-haired bitch just socked me.  I gotta do something to her.  I can’t go out like a damn punk.

Pissed off, I pushed Ana and Christina away from me as Kevin rushed back into the room.  Fuck his punk ass, looking like he was more pissed than I was.  The look on his face screamed that I was in more trouble than I already was.  Shaking my head, I held my stomach as I rushed to get out of the room as a couple of the campers followed behind me.  I’m outside now, it’s dark and I’m running through the damn woods.

What in the hell is going on?  Is this some kind of damn monster movie and I’m playing the role of the monster that’s trying to get away the evil townsfolk?  Ducking behind some trees, I stopped so I could catch my breath.  That bitch socked me good.  My stomach feels like crap and I feel like I’m about to purge everything I already had in me.

“Those stupid bitches jumped me because of Nicky,” I whispered as I coughed, trying to get myself under control, wishing that the pain in my stomach would stop. “He really is a fucking wimp.  He needs girls to fight his damn battles for him.”

To Be Continued…