Summer Catch – Chapter 3

Chapter 3 — Unstoppable Drama

Bahia Honda, FL – Somewhere on the Camp Henderson Grounds

Aaron’s POV

It’s been ten minutes and he still hasn’t said anything.  It seems like a of this happened so fast, like we were moving at light speed or something.  One minute we were in the cafeteria and the next, we’re out here and I’m trying to stop him from running away.  I wish I knew exactly what happened between him and Randy that set him off.  Hell, when Randy’s involved, anything’s possible with that guy.  Shit, he doesn’t get along with anybody.

I wish he would’ve waited until after supper to have this tantrum of his.  If I didn’t have food in my hand, I would be hungry as fuck right now.  I just can’t understand how a person goes from serving food one second and then screaming the next.  Nicky has his mood swings and all, but I doubt this to be one of his normal ones.  What’s going on right now seems to be a bit more severe, unlike the ones he has when he and Dad get into it.  The way he’s sitting here crying, not talking to me, tells me that there’s something else going on.

Why didn’t I see this before?  Is he in love?  The way he’s acting right now, is the same way he acted when he was in love with that guy at the arcade.  Who is the guy?  I hope he’s not in love with Randy, that wouldn’t be a good thing.  It wouldn’t be healthy for him to like an egotistical asshole like him.  He needs me to show him love.

“Come on Nicky,” I said, rubbing his back.  “Please Nicky, please talk to me.”

“There’s nothing to talk about Aaron,” he replied with a sniffle.  “Why don’t you just leave me alone here and…”

“No Nicky, I’m not going to leave you alone out here, not like this,” I said as I rubbed his back again.

“There’s no reason for you to stay out here.  It’s getting late and you should be heading to bed anyways,” he said as he sniffled again and then wiped at his eyes.

“No I shouldn’t be,” I said, getting up and moving around in front of him.  “I should be out here with you bro.”

Lifting his chin, I looked him in the eyes, trying to see what was going on.  He pulled away from my hand and then looked away.  Lifting his chin, forcing him to look at me again, I moved closer to him and then hugged him.  Rubbing his back again, I moved back, looked him in the face and then leaned in and kissed his lips.

“No Aaron!”  He snapped as he pushed me backwards and then ran off.

“Nicky please!”  I called after him as he continued running.

Early Morning – The Senior Counselors’ Cabin


It’s not even morning yet and there’s already drama around this place.  It seems like there’s always something wrong around here and it all centers around the young man named Randy Tanner.  It seems he’s missing in action and hasn’t returned to his bed as of yet.  If I didn’t know any better, I’d think the guy was somewhere around camp, hiding out.  He could possibly be in some of the unused cabins or possibly out in the woods.  Since he’s been gone for so long, I don’t think he really wants to be found.

Since the guy’s been here, there’s been wall-to-wall drama around this place.  I know I shouldn’t be talking about the guy, being that I’ve had my own issues with the other counselors around, but I don’t cause as much trouble and drama as Randy does.  I know all of the drama isn’t really his fault, but most of it is caused by him.  I be glad when this stuff settles down, the drama is starting to affect everyone around, including the campers.

You know a person is really bad news when the campers come to you and tell you about what’s going on in that person’s life.  It’s a crying shame when those very same campers can tell you word-for-word what that person has done and said at some point during the day.  I just hope the problems surrounding Randy doesn’t go further than that because these kids are young and very impressionable.

That Randy Tanner is something else.  The last thing we need is the campers leaving here, acting like him.  I tell you, those little guys listen to every little thing that’s being said around here and they don’t really care who says it.  I thought the counselors around here would know that these campers are impressionable and could easily pick up on things really easily, but I’m shocked that people don’t care about that aspect of a child’s mind.  If they cared, most of the guys and girls around here wouldn’t act the way they do.  Because the campers are kids, doesn’t mean they’re dumb.

Between the campers and the counselors, I don’t’ know who should actually be here, being counseled, the adults are the kids.  With the events that took place last night that involved Ana, I was shocked when I heard everything she told me about, including the gory details about Randy and Nicky.  After listening to her go on and on about all the stuff Randy does to Nicky, I somewhat added things up.  I’m not sure about this, but I think Nicky’s in love with Randy and well Randy is just a stuck up, homophobic jerk that needs to go ahead and get fucked by a guy and get it over with, if you asked me.  I’ve seen the way he looks at people around here and I’ve heard the way he talks in reference to certain people also.

The guy is just a step away from getting on my bad side.  I don’t know Randy personally and I haven’t had any run-ins with him, but I’m sure I will soon.  If he has issues with gay men, then he has an issue with men.  I have a feeling that he’ll be up in my business sooner or later.  I just hope things don’t get too out of control before he figures things out that he’s gay too.  The sooner he figures that out, the sooner he can stop putting up that fake front of his.

Alas, it’s almost daybreak and it’s almost the start of another morning for the campers.  I wonder what’s going to happen with Randy when he’s found.  I just know there’s going to be more drama around this place when Kevin and Uncle William get a hold of him.  I just wish there was some way we could stop this before it gets any worse off than it already is.  I don’t even know why they hired that boy in the first place.

A Few Hours Later – Kevin’s Office

Kevin’s POV

It’s a whole new day and no one around has heard from or seen Randy.  I don’t know where he could possibly be right now, but I have no choice but to call the police and report him missing like his father instructed me to do so if he ever left.  When all of this gets back to his father, Randy would be locked up for leaving here.  I wish there was something I could do for Randy, but he’s made it perfectly clear that he doesn’t want to be here.

After talking with Nicky last night, I was able to piece together of what actually happened that caused all the drama.  It seems Randy caused some problems before dinner and Nicky took offense to it all.  After speaking with others that witnessed things, it seems Christina and Ana, one of the new counselors, created a bigger problem by beating Randy up for hurting Nicky’s feelings.  I wish they hadn’t intervened that way, but it’s too late now.  I fear their actions made things worse than they already were.  They just turned a small problem into a bigger one that I fear will blow up in all of our faces at some point.  When this is all said and done, will Randy be a free man or a jail bound kid with no future?

“Good morning Kevin,” Nicky said, walking into the room to brighten up my day.

“Good morning Nicky,” I replied, looking at him closely as he sat down in the chair in front of my desk.  “Are you cool this morning?”

“As cool as I’m going to get,” he answered as he looked down at his hands.

“Is there something wrong?”  I asked.

“I—I’m worried about Randy,” he replied as he looked up at me with a strange expression on his face.  “Has he been found yet?  Has he returned to his bed?”

“Nope, not yet kiddo,” I replied as he frowned.  “Why are you worried about Randy?  From what you told me last night, he got on your nerves and hurt your feelings.  I thought you would be happy that he’s gone.”

“No, I wouldn’t be happy if he were gone,” he replied as I saw what looked like sadness in his eyes.  “I would be totally crushed.”

“You would be totally crushed?”  I said, looking at him strangely as I figured out what was going on.  “Is—is there something you want to tell me Nicky?”

“Nope, nothing at all,” he replied as he got up quickly.  “Regardless if he’s a jerk, I think he can do better.”

“With Randy, I don’t think that’s possible,” I said, internally pissed off.  Why in the hell is he worried about a guy that hurt his feelings yesterday and tried to make a fool of him?  He cried in here with me and didn’t seem to care if Randy had fallen off the face of the Earth last night.  Why the sudden change of heart now?

“Come on Kevin, you’re a doctor and a counselor.  You know anything’s possible,” he said with a small smile as he turned towards the door, waved and then walked towards the door.  “I’ll catch you later on during activities.”

“Okay Nicky,” I said as he walked on out of the room, closing the door behind him.  “Damn it…”

Damn it!  Damn it!  Damn it!  This is totally not what he or I need right now.  What in the hell is going on with Nicky?  If what I think is happening with him is happening, then I don’t want Randy here around Nicky.  Nicky is supposed to be mine and no one else’s.  Randy doesn’t deserve to have Nicky’s love and affection, I do.  I’m the one that’s loved him, not Randy.

I’m not going to let that bastard come between me and the guy I love.  I’m going to call Mr. Tanner and make sure that he knows that Randy’s missing.  Once he knows that, the police will be called and they’ll come get him, taking him away from here, so none of us will have to ever see him again.  I’m not going to waste my time competing with Randy for the man I love.  Once the police get here and take his ass away, Nicky will be all mine.

The Campers’ Showers

Aaron’s POV

I—I can’t believe he just blew me off like that!  I opened my heart and soul to him and he just blew me off like I was no one!  He—he just pushed me away like I was nothing.  I love him and he treated me like I was last night’s dinner.  I kissed him and he got up and walked away like I was the fucking plague!

What can I do to make him love me back?  I thought kissing him would’ve shown him that I love him, but I see that I was wrong about that.  I have to do something else to show him that I’m here for him.  I want him to know that I’ll be there for him and I’ll never do anything to hurt him.  I’m willing to do anything to be with him.  I know I’m his brother, but I can love him better than any other man around.  I know what feels good and I want to make him feel good.

Oh God, how did I ever fall in love with my brother?  I’ve been in love with him for so long, I don’t even remember when it started.  Was it when I first saw him jerking off to those pictures of that guy he was friends with or was it when I saw him playing with his ass while he was in the shower.  I don’t know exactly when I fell in love with him, but I want to be the one that touches him in that loving way to make him feel good.

God I love him so.  From the moment that I saw his beautiful naked body, I knew he was the one that I wanted to share my heart, my soul and my body with.  Nicky’s the only one that I could ever trust with what I hold so precious.  There’s no other man around that can love me like he can.  I think brotherly love will take on a new meaning with us.  I just have to get him to see that somehow.

Late Morning – A Few Miles from Camp Henderson – A Phone Booth

Randy’s POV

Finally, I’ve found a damn phone.  I’ve been walking around all damn night and for what, a phone in what looks to be the middle of no damn where.  I’m going to call Dad, tell him what’s going on and see what I need to do to get away from that damn camp.  I can’t continue staying there around those fuckers.  The more I stay there, the more problems I face.  I know if I remain at that place, I’m going to get into more trouble with those damn bitches and probably with Kevin too.

I can’t believe those bitches actually did what they did.  That Christina bitch is lucky she’s a bitch!  Had it not been for her being a damn girl, I would’ve beaten her ass for punching me the way she did.  I might be a jerk, but I’m not a jerk that beats on bitches.  I don’t even see why they were even there.  What went on was between me and the pervert, not her or that Ana chick.

Once I get Dad on the phone and tell him that the camp has fags, maybe he’ll let me leave and go back home.  I know he doesn’t like fags much, so maybe that’ll help me out.  If not, I’m stuck like Chuck.  Thinking of what to say, I dialed the number to the main house and waited for him to answer.  Smiling, I thought about how good it would finally be to go back home, to be in my own damn bed for a change.

“Damn, what’s taking him so long to answer the phone?  I know he’s not gone to work yet, it’s too early in the damn morning,” I said as the phone clicked.

“What?”  He said into the phone.

“Hey Dad,” I said, leaning against the phone booth door.

“Well, if it isn’t the jailbird.  Where are you Randy?”  Dad asked as I shook my head.

“I’m not a jailbird Dad,” I replied, pissed off that he said that.  Damn, he’s already condemned me.

“Oh you’re a jailbird Randy,” he said as I could hear that stuck-up sneer in his voice.  “I told you that if you left that camp, you would be locked up.  So, I’ve already made arrangements for you to be locked up once the police find out where you’re hiding.”

“I didn’t leave the damn camp Dad,” I said, getting more pissed off with him.  “I’m still at this fag-infested place you dumped me into.”

“What do you mean boy?”  He asked as I put my plan into motion.

“You sent me here to this place full of fags.  Is sending me here your way of punishing me for the way I treated Jordan?  Are you trying to turn me into a fruit like him or something?”  I asked as I could hear his breathing quicken.  “You want your real soon to be gay like your foster one?”

“Shut the hell up Justin Randall!”  He snapped as I smiled.

“Why should I Dad?  Does the truth hurt?”  I asked.  “You shouldn’t be upset; you’re the one that sent me to this den of fags.”

“I just told you to shut the hell up boy!”  He screamed as I felt my smile grow.

“Yeah you did, but I’m not going to be quiet until you say I can leave this damn place.  I’m not going to stay here with these faggots, trying to molest me at every turn,” I said.  “At the rate you’re going, you’re never going to have any grandchildren.”

“Your ploy to get away from the camp isn’t going to work Randy,” he said as I stopped smiling.  “You’re going to stay at that camp until the end of the summer.  You can’t trick me with your lies.”

“I’m not trying to trick you with lies Dad,” I replied.  “When I turn out gay, it’ll be your fault for sending me to this place.  I’ve already been sexually assaulted in the showers by three men.  What else are you going to allow to happen to me?”

“Lies, all lies boy!  You’re not going to turn out gay Randy, you’ve been caught fucking too many damn chicks to be gay,” Dad said as I looked at the ground.  “If there are gay people there, I doubt they can convert a clit hound like you.”

“I can’t fucking believe you!  I tell you someone tried to rape me in the showers and you don’t even care!”  I snapped as I looked up to see what looked like men coming through the trail I took to get to the phone booth.

“No one tried to rape you Randy.  I’m used to your lies,” he said as I slammed the phone down on the hook.

Fine, he doesn’t believe me!  Since he won’t let me leave here, I’ll just have to find something else to make him let me leave.  Since there being gay people around here didn’t work, I think I have another way of getting him to allow me to leave and be on my merry little way.  I know just what I need to do to get things on the way.  If this plan doesn’t work, then I’m really in trouble.

After Morning Activities – Down by the Lake

“Well, look who decided to come back to work,” Jamie said as he leaned against a tree.  “Hey Ana, Christina… Randy’s back!”

“Shut up man!”  Randy snapped as Tommy, Ana, JT and Nicky turned around.  “I don’t need you broadcasting it to everyone that I’m here.”

“Oh sorry man, I didn’t know you were trying to be incognito or something,” Jamie said with a laugh as Ana walked over to Randy and pushed his shoulder.

“Where have you been Randy?”  Ana asked, looking at Randy closely.  “People around here have been worried about you, only God knows why they have.”

“Keep your hands to yourself ho,” Randy stated, glaring at Ana.  “Where I’ve been is none of your business.”

“Hey, don’t you just walk away from me Randy!”  Ana snapped as she grabbed Randy’s arm as JT moved over to the two of them quickly.

“Behave yourself Ana,” JT said as he leaned against a tree.  “Please don’t go starting any trouble.  There’s been enough drama around this place for one day to last a lifetime.”

“You might want to listen to the crip,” Randy said as JT glared at him.

“See JT!  I’m not the one that caused the drama, he did.  He’s the one that starts the trouble and then runs away,” Ana said as she shook her head.  “He’s the one that had people searching for his scrawny ass all over the place.”

“Ana!”  JT snapped.

“Sorry about that JT,” Ana said as she looked down at the ground.

“Girl you need to learn to watch your mouth.  These kids seem to have ears all over the place,” JT stated as he looked around.

“Yeah they do, but still… Come on JT, you know I’m right about this,” Ana said with a frown.

“You might be right, but it’s not your place to confront him Ana,” JT said as he tripped and then fell down to the ground as Ana reached down to help him up as Joey ran over to the both of them.

“Are you okay JT?”  Joey asked as he looked at JT closely, attempting to dust his clothes off.

“I’m fine,” JT said as he grabbed his crutches and then moved away from Ana and Joey.

“You’re not fine JT,” Ana said as she rushed behind JT.  “You need to take…”

“I’m fine Ana, drop it!”  JT snapped as he kept on moving away from her.

Joey’s POV

Damn, that was a close one.  That’s the second time I’ve seen him fall like that since he’s been here.  He needs to be a little bit more careful around here.  If he’s not, he’s going to end up breaking something and hurting himself very badly.

“Stop it Ana, I said I was fine darn it!”  JT snapped as he used his crutch to move Ana backwards away from him.  “There’s no need for you to be making a fuss.”

“You’re not fine JT, I can see some blood on your arm,” Ana said as I watched the two of them.

“Leave me alone Ana or so help me…” JT said as Ana sighed and then stopped walking.

“Fine JT, have it your way,” Ana said as she turned and walked away.

What is wrong with him?  He’s clearly hurt and she’s only trying to help him out.  Does he have a problem with people helping him or something?  Watching him, I can see that his elbow is bleeding, but it seems he doesn’t care.  Damn, he’s a very hot guy.  I don’t care if he’s disabled or not, I’d love for him to fall on top of me anytime.  I’d give anything for him to fall into my arms and let me hold onto him.  That would be a dream come true.  I’ve been waiting a very long time for a guy to come along that caught my eye.  God, he’s definitely caught my eye.  I just need to find out how to catch his.

“Earth to Joey, Earth to Joey, come on man, snap out of it,” I heard Nicky’s voice as I looked up to see him snapping his fingers in front of my face.  “Where did you go off to this time?”

“Nowhere, I was just thinking,” I replied as he smiled at me and then shook his head.

“Sure you were Joe,” he said with a grin.  “I thought I was going to have to send a search party in after you.”

“Oh ha ha ha, real funny Nicky,” I said as he laughed and then patted me on the back.  “What do we have planned for activities?”

“Some of the kids are going to be doing arts and crafts,” he replied as I spotted Randy out the corner of my eye, walking towards us.  “And the others will be doing some archery and…”

“What am I going to be doing?  Am I doing the archery or the arts and crafts?”  I asked as Randy stopped short a few steps behind Nicky.  “Is there something I can help you with Randy?”

“I… Ah—ah… I—I… yeah… I just wanted to talk to Nicky for a second,” he replied as I looked at him funny as he glared at me.

“You want to talk to Nicky about what?”  I asked as he crossed his arms.

“That’s not your business man,” he said, stepping in front of Nicky.  “That’s between Nicky and myself, not you.”

“I’m not going to let you…” I said as Nicky shook his head.

“Calm down Joe,” Nicky said with a frown.  “What is it that you want Randy?”

“I just want to talk to you,” he said as Nicky moved away from me.

“Nicky?  What are you doing? Are—are you crazy?”   I asked as he moved over to Randy.  “What’re you doing?”

“I know what I’m doing Joe,” he stated as he turned to look at me.

Randy’s POV

Damn, it’s like everyone around this dump wants to be up in my damn business.  This guy must be the damn cream of the crop around here, since everybody comes a running to his beck and call when they feel he needs help.  I hope talking to him isn’t like talking to everyone at this damn camp.  If my plan is going to work, I need some kind of privacy for the moment.  Talking to him in front of that creep isn’t going to do me any good just yet.  Once I get on Nicky’s good side, then maybe I can keep this up and pretty soon, I’ll be out of here.

“What do you want to say Randy?”  Nicky asked as he stood in front of me.

“I… Well… I—I just wanted to say that I’m sorry for what happened—happened earlier,” I said as I looked down at the ground.  “I wasn’t really trying to be a jerk or anything.”

“Well you were anyway,” he said as he crossed his arms across his chest, reminding me of how Jordan acts.  “Is that all you have to say Randy?”

“Well… Ah… No,” I said as his brow raised.  “I—I wanted to know if we could… If we could like… Well, if we could hang out or something.”

“You, Randy Tanner want to hang out with me?”  He asked, looking at me strangely with a smirk on his face.  “Why Randy?”

“Because I think you’re a cool guy that I might want… I might want to hang out with,” I said as the thought of actually hanging out with him sickened me a bit.

Damn, just the thought of him being this close to me is making me want to hurl.  Hell, I already know he’s gay.  What if he tries to put the moves on me for real?  I just couldn’t handle that.  Just the thought of him trying to touch me that way is fucking with my mind.  I know that would totally fuck me up somehow.

“You’re a real piece of work man,” Joey said as he stood behind Nicky.  “You’re not falling for this creep, are you Nicky?”

“Stop it Joe,” Nicky said as he turned to look at him.  “I can take care of myself.”

“Can’t you see that he’s lying?  He’s trying to pull a fast one dude,” Joey said as I wanted to kick his teeth down his fucking throat.  “He’s not really sincere about wanting to hang out with you.  He’s probably trying to get you alone so he can beat you up or something.  You know he’s gotta be mad about what Christina and Ana did to him.”

“Joe!”  Nicky snapped as he moved away from Joey.  “Just let it go.  He’s trying to make an effort here and you’re making it hard for him.  Give a person a chance.”

“He doesn’t need a chance Nicky,” Joey said as Jamie walked over to us.  “Just say ‘no’ and get away from the fucking creep.”

“You need to watch it man,” I said as Joey walked over to me.

“What are you going to do if I don’t?”  He asked, getting up in my face.

“Look, I don’t want any trouble here, but if I have to, I know how to finish this,” I said as Nicky stepped in between the two of us, pushing Joey away from me and then pushing me backwards gently, the touch of his hand on my chest, sending strange shivers throughout my body.  Oh God!

“Just calm down Randy and don’t worry about Joe; he’s just a little bit protective of me at times,” Nicky said with a small smile at me as he moved his hand away from my chest and then looked at his hand.  “Sorry about that.”

“It—it’s okay,” I said, my voice trembling at the thought of what he was thinking while his hand was on my chest like that.

“I would be happy to hang out with you sometime, but Randy you have to work on that attitude and temper of yours,” he said with a wider smiler.  “Is it a deal?”

“Is what a deal?”  I asked as he looked at me funny.

“We can hang out if you learn to control that temper of yours and work on that attitude,” he said with a smile as he crossed his arms across his chest again.

“I—I guess I can do that,” I said as he leaned closer and then patted my shoulder.

“Good, then we can hang out sometime,” he said, stepping back from me.  “Come on, we have some campers that are ready to get their activities started.”

Good, I’m on his good side now.  All I have to do is play this my way and pretty soon, I’ll be out of this place for good.  I’ll just get Dad to come here and see me hanging out with a fag and he’ll be sure to get me out of this place quick.  Good work Randy, this could be the best pan I’ve ever come up with yet.

Memphis, TN – The District Court of Shelby County – The Chambers of Judge Randall Tanner

“Afternoon your honor, you have a visitor,” Judge Tanner’s bailiff announced as he stood in the doorway.

“Who is it?”  Judge Tanner asked.

“He says his name is William James,” the bailiff announced.

“Ah, Mr. James from Camp Henderson,” Judge Tanner stated with a small smile on his face.  “Send him in, maybe now I can learn the truth about what’s going on with that fuck-up of a son of mine.”

“Yes sir,” the bailiff spoke as he nodded his head and then motioned as William James walked into the room.

“Good afternoon your honor,” William James spoke as Judge Tanner nodded at the chair in front of his desk.  “Thank you sir.”

“So Mr. James, what do I owe the pleasure of seeing you today?”  Judge Tanner asked.

“I came here to give you an update on your son’s status at the camp and his actions as of late,” William James stated as he pulled a folder from his blazer and slid it over towards the judge.  “This should enlighten you a bit.”

“Let’s have a look see,” Judge Tanner said as he opened the folder and browsed through the pictures of his son and others that were there.  “Who is this person?”

“That’s Dr. Kevin Richards,” William James stated as Judge Tanner nodded his head and then pointed at another person in another picture.  “That’s Holden Warner, one of the counselors at camp.”

“Are you sure?” Judge Tanner spoke as he pointed at the picture again.  “I’ve seen this young man before and his name is Holden Warner.”

“Are you telling me that you’ve seen this young man in your court room?”  William James spoke as the judge smiled.  “Is he someone that I should be concerned with?”

“No concern, unless you have a hatred of gay people,” Judge Tanner spoke as he shook his head.  “He appeared in my court a few months back when the school district was being sued.  He gave testimony for the plaintiff and that’s about it.”

“Are my campers in danger with that young man?”  William asked as he looked at the judge.

“I think he would be in danger from your campers,” Judge Tanner stated as he shook his head.

“Meaning what?”  William asked.

“The boy is a softy,” Judge Tanner spoke with a laugh as he looked through more pictures in the folder.  “I spoke with Randy this morning and he gave me some damn cock and bull story that he was attacked at the camp and that he’s constantly being assaulted by gays.  Is that true?”

“Not that I know of,” William replied as Judge Tanner closed the folder and slid it back over to him.  “You can keep that; I don’t need it.”

“Okay,” Judge Tanner stated as he collected the folder and then opened a drawer and placed the folder in his desk.  “Sounds like another ploy for him to get away from there so he can go back home and cause more trouble.”

“It’s not my business, but do you really think making your son work at a camp with kids is going to actually make a difference in his life?”  William asked.

“I’m trying to get him to develop some responsibility,” Judge Tanner stated as William shook his head.

“Not to mean any harm, but from what I’ve heard, Randy is better at creating problems and not taking responsibility for his actions,” William stated as Judge Tanner nodded his head.  “I don’t think him working at this camp is going to make him develop respon…”

“Do you have a better suggestion?”  Judge Tanner asked.

“Ah no, I don’t have a better suggestion,” William replied with a frown.

“I thought making him work at a camp with kids and others from different diversities would help him develop as a person,” Judge Tanner spoke as he looked down.  “Maybe I need to try something different.”

“Maybe so, but whatever you try is totally up to you,” William stated as he got up from the chair.  “If you need me, you know how to reach me.”

“Yes I do,” Judge Tanner stated as he got up and shook William’s hand.

“It was a pleasure, but I need to be getting back to the camp, I have some meetings to attend to later on in the evening,” William stated as he turned to walk away.

To Be Continued…