The Awakening – Chapter 10

Chapter 10 — Time Travel, Nah Uh — Part 1

A Different Time — Earth — A Small Town in Georgia — A Dive Bar

“Stay away from him!”  A woman screamed as she pushed another woman in front of her backwards.

“No reason to, he’s mine!”  The other woman screamed as she smiled and then placed her hands on her hips as she stood between a man and the other woman.

“You know her?”  The man asked as the other woman smiled again.

“Oh she knows me all right,” the woman replied as she raised an eye and then smiled again.

“How do you know her Jen?”  The man asked.  “She acts as if you two had…”

“That wasn’t an act!”  The other woman exclaimed as she pushed the man backwards to the floor as she grabbed the woman named Jen by the hand, pulling her close, close enough to kiss, but didn’t.

“No!  I told you to stay away from him—us!”  Jen screamed as her eyes glowed brightly.

“How dare you!  You’re choosing him over me?  You’re going to fight for him?  He’s a damn man!”  The woman screamed as she pulled the belt from around her waist, it lengthening out to become a whip as she snapped it at Jen.  “If I can’t have you, no one else will!”

“I don’t want you Protectra, it was just a phase!”  Jen yelled as she deflected the woman’s attack against her with the whip.  “I don’t want to hurt you, but I will if I have to!”

“Fine, have it your way then.  If you want him, fight for him!”  The woman screamed as she popped the whip towards the man, it wrapping around his neck, squeezing his windpipe so he couldn’t breath. “If he’s dead, he can’t do anything for you!”

“I’m not going to let you hurt him Protectra, you might as well stop this!”  Jen screamed as her eyes glowed brightly.  “Just leave here and don’t come back!”

“Not on your life bitch!”  The woman screamed as she disappeared and then reappeared again behind Jen, knocking her down to the floor as she grabbed the man again.

“Fine, have it your way!”  Jen screamed as beams of light flashed from her eyes, zapping the woman, knocking her backwards to the floor, causing her to release her grasp on the whip, freeing the man’s windpipe so he could breathe.

“Randy, are you okay?”  Jen asked as she looked over at the man as he shook his head as he coughed as she projected beams of energy from her hand at the woman, holding her down with the beam on the floor.

“I’m okay babe, that bitch tried to choke my ass out!”  The man screamed as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a small toy that looked like a motorcycle as he placed it on the floor as he gestured with his hand as it grew in size to reveal that it was a real motorcycle.

“Get out of here and get to safety.  Call the others and tell them what’s happening,” Jen instructed as the woman disappeared from the floor and then appeared above Jen, falling down on top of her, knocking her down to the floor.  “This bitch here!  Get the hell off of me!”

“Do you really want me to do that Jen?”  The woman asked as she caressed Jen’s face as she leaned in close and then kissed Jen’s lips.  “You used to love this.  How can that man compare to all of this?”

“I don’t love you Protectra and I never will,” Jen stated as she moved away from the woman as everything around her went black as a mirror appeared.  “What in the hell is going on?  A mirror?  Damn it, now I remember.  I was in Limbo with JT when all of this mess happened.  The mirror brought me here and it can take me back.  When I get my hands on JT, his ass is mine!”

Sometime in December 1990 — Tempe, AZ — Stroyer Industries — A Private Laboratory

“Have there been any changes with the subject with the new additives?”  A woman asked as she walked into the room with a clipboard in her hands.  “Last report said there hadn’t been any changes since the first trial run.”

“None Dr. Hamlin, the subject seems to be immune to the different chemicals we’ve imbued her with,” one of the lab assistants spoke as the woman wrote something down on the clipboard and then shook her head.  “The last trial showed a hypothermal spike in her cellular structure, but that spike quickly resolved itself.”

“I gave you all the proper schematics to follow and so far, this project hasn’t yielded any usable results.  What’s the problem here?”  The woman asked as she walked over to one of the young men.

“Doctor we followed your directions to the letter, but we think it’s the subject, not your methods,” the young man stated as the woman shook her head.

“Fine, then find me a different subject!”  The woman screamed as she slapped the young man across the face and then slung him to the floor.  “This experiment should’ve yielded results by now!”

“We’re trying, but so far, we haven’t been able to determine why the subject is immune to the different chemicals,” another lab assistant spoke as the woman shook her head and then walked over to him.

“Find an answer to this and find it now!”  The woman screamed as she pointed her finger in the young man’s face.

“Right away doctor,” the young man said as he quickly moved away from the woman, trying to do as she asked as there as a scream and a blinding flash of light as the lab subject disappeared from the chemical bath in the center of the room.

“What in the hell!  Where did she go?”  The woman asked as she looked around.  “Where in the hell is she?  Find that girl right now!”

“Right away doctor,” another lab assistant spoke as he pressed a button on the wall as an alarm sounded.

“Attention complex, this is Dr. Efrem Zino.  There is a problem in lab zero,” the man spoke on a phone.  “Helia Stroyer has gone missing.  Keep a look out for her in the building.  Report to me at once when she has been found.”

Sometime in July 1998 — Las Vegas, NV — The Gold Nugget Casino

“Come on dice, Momma needs a new pair of shoes!”  A young woman screamed as she threw the dice on the table.

“Snake eyes!”  The crap’s table stickman excitedly announced as she used the stick to pull the dice in her direction.  “Sorry Doll, rolling like that, you don’t make the cut.”

“Oh come on, I need another roll,” the young woman said as the stickman looked at her strangely and then pushed the dice in the direction of another player.  “I have more money, I…”

“Put up or shut up Doll,” the stickman said as the boxman watched the table, making sure all bets were fairly placed on the table.

“Fine then,” the young woman said as she pushed two chips forward as the stickman used the stick to pull her bet to the pot.  “This is my only chance.”

“Let the woman set the bet again,” someone else that stood around the table said as the stickman pushed the dice to the young woman.

“Okay Doll, it’s all on you,” the stickman spoke as the young woman picked up the dice, blew on them and then closed her hand, shaking the dice as she cast them down on the table.  “Well, it looks like someone got lucky!”

“Yes!”  The young woman screamed as she jumped up and down, clapping her hands as two men walked over to the table.  “Oh yeah, that’s what Momma needs!”

“Miss, please calm down, you’re distracting other guests here,” one of the men spoke as the young woman looked at the man and then shook her head.

“Uh huh,” the young woman replied as she turned her attention back to the table as the stickman pushed the dice back towards her.  “All right, Momma needs a new car… Come on baby, Momma needs a new car.”

“Just go ahead and throw the dice,” another one of the patrons spoke as the young woman rolled the dice, coming up lucky again.  “Damn, she did it again.”

“Whooopeee!”  The young woman screamed as she clapped her hands together again while she jumped up and down.

“Miss,” one of the security men spoke as the young woman shook her head and then collected the dice and then rolled again, coming up lucky again.

“This girl is on a streak,” another patron spoke as the young woman clapped her hands again as the stickman pushed the winnings towards her.

“All right, let’s see if I can get one more,” the young woman stated as she pushed her wager to the center of the table and then picked up the dice as she blew on them again and then rolled them, coming up lucky again as one of the security guys looked at the stickman and then made a gesture with his head.  “This must be my lucky day!”

“Excuse me miss, come with us,” one of the security men spoke as he motioned with his head to someone in the corner as the young woman looked at him as another man came over to the table.

“Go with you for what?”  The young woman asked.

“So you can cash out your winnings,” the security guy spoke as the young woman looked at him strangely.

“Sorry, but I’m not ready to cash out my winnings just yet,” the young woman stated as the security guy nodded his head.

“We think you are,” the security guy replied as he motioned for the young woman to step away from the table as the stickman used the stick to pull the dice from the spot.

“Awww come on, that’s totally not fair,” another patron spoke as the young woman scooped up her chips and then walked away from the table, heading towards the cashier.

“Right this way miss,” the security guy spoke as he pointed for the woman to step up to the window for the cashier.

Almost An Hour Later — Outside the Casino

“Hi there young lady,” General Ranger spoke as he walked up to the young woman.  “My name is Mr. Ranger, what’s yours?”

“Ah hi,” the young woman spoke as she looked at General Ranger strangely.  “What is it that you want?”

“I just want a moment of your time,” General Ranger replied with a smile.

“I’m not a hooker or anything like that, so I’m not looking for any trouble,” the young woman replied, not taking her eyes off of the man.

“I’m not a john either.  I’m not looking for that sort of thing,” General Ranger spoke with a sly smile.  “Not to sound too crass, but what I’m looking for has nothing to do with what’s between your legs, but what’s in your head.”

“Excuse me,” the young woman said as she stepped back, trying to move away from General Ranger.

“There’s no excuse for your kind Ms. Randall, but I’m sure when I’m done with you, you’ll be best at serving your country,” General Ranger stated as he pressed a button as a spotlight came on, blinding the young woman as she tried to shield her eyes.  “Men, tag and bag her, now!”

“No!”  The young woman screamed as she took off running and then stopped in her tracks when she realized that military soldiers surrounded her.

“Sorry, but there will be no escaping me tonight Ms. Randall,” General Ranger stated with a sly smile.  “I’ll follow you to the ends of the Earth if I have to.  I promise you, if you make me chase you, I’ll make you hurt for every minute of the chase.  It’ll be in your best interest to just give up and come with me quietly.”

“No!”  The young woman screamed as she looked around, trying to figure out which way to go as some of the soldiers tackled her to the ground, placing some strange handcuffs on her and a device on her head.

“Perfect, let’s get the hell out of here, Vegas doesn’t agree with me and I don’t agree with it,” General Ranger stated as he and the soldiers ran through an alley and then boarded a helicopter.

Sometime in March 1996 — Staten Island, NY — Staten Island University Hospital — The Emergency Room

“Somebody, I need help!”  A young woman screamed as she rushed into the area with a baby in her arms.  “There’s something wrong with my baby!”

“What seems to be the problem?”  A nurse asked as a doctor walked over to the woman.

“What seems to be the problem here?”  A doctor asked as he looked at the young woman and then at the baby.  “What makes you think there’s a problem miss?”

“Every—every time I feed him, he—he looks as if there’s something wrong and then he sleeps… He sleeps for hours without a problem.  That’s not normal for a baby.  He doesn’t react like other babies.”

“What do you mean miss?”  The doctor asked as he looked at the young woman strangely.  “One would think a new mother would love a quiet baby, that doesn’t put up a fuss.”

“I have more than just a quiet baby.  Sometimes it seems… It seems like he’s dead,” the young woman spoke as the doctor and nurse looked at her strangely.  “Sometimes he sleeps for ten to twelve hours a day, then he wakes up and eats and then sleeps for the same amount of time again.  That’s not regular for a normal baby.”

“That sounds rather odd,” the doctor spoke as he scratched at his head.  “He sleeps ten to twelve hours a day?  Are you sure?”

“Yes I’m sure and sometimes he sleeps longer than that,” the young woman stated as she pushed the scarf back that covered her baby’s face to reveal that he was asleep.  “With all the noise I’ve made, he should’ve been fussy right now, but he’s sleeping very soundly.  I don’t think this to be normal for a baby.  What do you think Doctor?”

“How old is this baby?”  The doctor asked, looking at the young woman and then looking back at the baby.

“He’s twenty-one months old,” the young woman replied with a frown.

“Yes, that does seem rather odd,” the doctor spoke as he scratched at his head again.  “Come with me.  Nurse, I need to document this case.”

“Yes sir,” the nurse spoke as she picked up a clipboard and then followed the doctor and the young woman into an examination room.

An Hour Later

“Ma’am, it seems your son has a strange form of what I can only call, hypersomnia,” the doctor stated as the young woman looked at him strangely.

“What is that doctor?”  The young woman asked.

“It seems he has the reverse of someone not being able to sleep,” the doctor stated as he flashed his penlight into the baby’s eyes with no results.  “There is minimal retinal activity while he’s sleeping.  I guess he’s in a deep form of REM sleep.”

“What does all of this mean doctor?”  The young woman asked.

“I think there’s a different, deeper reason for your baby sleeping like this,” the doctor stated as the baby’s eyes shot open and the baby started crying, screaming at the top of his lungs.

“He—he must be hungry,” the young woman stated as she opened her purse and pulled out three baby bottles, feeding the first one to the baby as he hurriedly nursed on the bottle, finishing it off and started crying again.  “I hope I have enough.”

“Is this the routine you’ve developed with him?”  The doctor asked as the young lady nodded her head. “So he sleeps and then eats and then what happens?”

“After he finishes off the bottles, he plays for a few minutes and then he goes back to sleep,” the young woman stated as the nurse watched things transpire as she documented what was going on.

“Is there any interaction between you and your son that goes beyond him eating, sleeping and playing for a few minutes at a time?”  The doctor asked as the young woman shook her head negatively.

“No sir,” the young woman replied as she looked down.

“I think we need to keep your baby here at the hospital overnight for observation,” the doctor spoke as the young woman’s eyes widened as she looked at him and then over at the nurse.

“Doctor, I can’t…” the young woman started as the doctor interrupted her.

“I’m sorry miss, but from what I’ve observed here tonight, there’s something not right with this and I think some more testing needs to be done to get to the bottom of this matter,” the doctor stated as he walked to the door of the room.  “The nurse will assist you until I return.”

“Okay Doctor,” the young woman spoke as the doctor walked out of the room and then down the hall to a private office, where he walked over to the desk and picked up the phone, dialing a number.

“This is Dr. Miles Templeton at Staten Island University and I have something here I think you might want to see,” the doctor spoke with a sly smile on his face.  “I’m sure what I have here will help you in your research.”

Sometime in February 2002 — Myrtle Beach, SC — An Abandoned Hotel

“Hey Zee, I found us some food,” a little boy spoke as he crawled through a hole in the wall with a bag in his shirt.  “I waited for the man at the taco truck to close up and then I swiped us some dinner when he wasn’t looking.”

“No Kedan, that wasn’t a good idea, that was very dangerous of you,” a short, Latin girl spoke as she walked over to where the little boy stood.  “You could’ve gotten caught and thrown into jail for stealing.”

“But it was my turn to find food for us and I found us some.  We get to eat another day,” the little boy spoke as he opened the bag, taking the food out for the two of them.  “All I was able to get us was these fish tacos.”

“Oooh, I love fish, that’s my favorite,” the girl spoke as she accepted the food the little boy handed her.

“I know,” the little boy replied as he watched the girl eat as she licked her fingers and made strange noises, sounding more like a cat than a human girl.  “Zee, why do you sound like that?  You sound like a cat.  Are you a cat?”

“No, I’m not a cat Kedan,” the girl replied as she finished eating the meal and then looked away from the little boy.

“Then why do you sound like a kitty cat?”  The little boy asked as he finished eating his meal and looked at her strangely as he took a sip of the water and then passed the cup to her.

“I—I don’t know why I sound the way I do,” the girl replied as she took a drink of the water and then got up from where they sat.  “Thanks for the food Kedan, but I’m getting sleepy.”

“Are we sleeping here tonight or are we going to find some place down the beach?”  The little boy asked.

“We can sleep here tonight, since it’s raining out,” the girl asked as she sighed.  “I found us a comfortable spot, where we can sleep and be warm for the night.”

“Okay Zee,” the little boy said as he got up and then followed behind the girl as they walked through the ruins of the hotel as they got into another room where there was a bed.

“It’s not a fancy place, but it’ll do for the night kid,” the girl spoke as she grabbed the frayed mattress from the bed and put it on the floor in the closet and then waited for the little boy to go in.  “We can sleep in here and nobody will bother us.”

“All right Zee, that’s cool with me,” the little boy stated as they went into the closet and then laid down on the mattress.  “Goodnight Zee.”

“Goodnight Kedan,” the girl spoke as she moved around on the mattress, trying to get comfortable as her body started to shake as she screamed out as the little boy jumped up and then moved back in the closet, rummaging around through his pockets, finding a flashlight as he turned it on to see that the girl that he had walked into the closet with was now gone but there was a cat, lying where she was before.

“Zee!  Zee, where did you go?”  The little boy called out as he moved towards the door of the closet and opened it, flashing the light on the cat and then shaking his head as he rubbed at his eyes.  “Zee!”

“What happened to me?”  The cat spoke as the little boy’s eyes widened as he fell out of the closet, trying to back away quickly.

“Zee!  Zee, is that you?  You—you’re a cat!  You’re a talking cat!”  The little boy screamed as he got up off the floor and ran from the room, screaming as he flailed his arms around, slinging the flashlight to a distant corner of the room.

“Oh Deus, what’s happened to me?  I—I’m a cat!  How… I… What… I’m a cat!  How did I turn into a cat?”  The cat spoke as it stood up on it’s hind legs, looking at itself.  “What’s happening to me Deus, what’s happening to me?”

To Be Continued…