The Awakening – Chapter 13

Chapter 13 — Chaos Strike, Part 1

Day 84 — Augusta, ME — The Home of Leighton Stroyer — The Backyard

“You just let them get away, right?”  General Ranger spoke as he looked at the soldier that stood at the fence.  “Do you have an excuse for this?”

“None sir,” the soldier spoke as another soldier walked over and then saluted.

“At ease soldier,” General Ranger spoke as the soldier handed him an electronic device as he looked at it and then frowned.  “This can’t be right.  This says she’s dead.”

“She wasn’t dead sir,” the first soldier spoke as General Ranger raised an eye at him.  “She and the black man were very much alive.”

“That was an hour ago,” General Ranger stated as he turned away from the soldier and then pressed some buttons on the electronic device.  “I’ve recalibrated the unit and it says it can’t find her within a five hundred mile radius.”

“What does that mean sir?”  The second soldier asked as General Ranger rubbed at his head.

“It means the woman must be dead,” General Ranger stated as he scratched at his head again.  “There is no other way to explain these readings unless—unless she found out about the tracking device that was in her skull and had it removed.”

“Is that possible sir?  The woman has been gone from here for only an hour,” one of the soldiers spoke as General Ranger looked at him.  “There wouldn’t have been enough time for her or anyone to remove the device sir.”

“That’s where you’re wrong soldier,” General Ranger stated as he looked down.  “When it comes to super enhanced humans, anything is possible.”

“Wasn’t there a failsafe in place for the device sir?”  The soldier asked as General Ranger smiled.

“Yes there is a failsafe in place,” General Ranger spoke as he turned the electronic device off.  “Okay, new plan.  Load up and let’s head back to base.”

“Yes sir,” a soldier responded as he saluted and then ran off to follow General Ranger’s order.

“If she’s not dead, she will be when that tracker explodes,” General Ranger stated as he laughed maniacally, walking in the direction the other soldiers had gone in.

Somewhere in the Air

Tara’s POV

“Thank the Goddess that there is wind out right now,” I said as I flew through the air, heading to Jacksonville to join the others.  “Looks like my lasso is holding up, carrying all of the things I would need.  I can’t believe Darren chose to stay home and not come with me!”

Sometimes I wonder about that husband of mine.  What is his problem anyway?  With all that’s going on and all that we discussed, there’s really something wrong in his thought process unit. Like really, he spent a whole damn hour, telling me about how he felt he was going to lose me, if we joined the others in the fight against General Ranger and his followers.  He said he feels that I would forget all about him and I wouldn’t love him anymore.  As if, how could he think something like that?  With all that we’ve been through over the years, how could he think I would ever not love him or forget about him?

There has to be something up and I think JT knows what it is.  While Darren and I talked, he kept talking about the same things, over and over.  He wouldn’t let it go that JT gave me my powers and he claims JT made all my wishes come true.  That’s not true, but in his head, that’s what he believes.  A while back, JT told me to talk to him, that he wasn’t completely innocent in the scheme of things and I keep wondering what JT was talking about.  Now that Darren isn’t with me and I’m headed to join him and the others by myself, maybe I can get an answer out of him, even if I have to use my empathic abilities on him and try to compel him to tell me what he knows about my absentee husband.

“I can see a few bridges, I think I’m getting closer to the city,” I said, passing over the interstate’s bridge as a few passenger in their cars looked up at me.

I better cut that out.  I don’t need to be drawing attention to myself here.  I don’t think JT would be too happy with me, exposing my powers like this.  I’ll fly higher until I get to where I’m going and I think that’s the building there.  I think getting here would’ve been faster if Darren would’ve just transported me.  I don’t know why I didn’t use my empathic powers to persuade him to do so.  I’ll just land in that alley down there behind the building and then transform back into myself and then walk in.  In all the years I’ve been Amazon, I never wondered where my clothes disappear to when I transform the way I do.  I guess that’s something I’ll have to ask JT when I see him.  Spinning around in a circle, my body exploded in a burst of light as my Amazon costume disappeared and my regular clothes I wear on the street appeared.

“There, that looks so much better,” I said as I picked up the bag my lasso changed into and carried my things down the alley, heading towards the entrance to the building.

Extensive Enterprises — The Lobby

“Hmmm, I wonder where everyone is,” Tara said as she walked through the lobby doors as a holographic image appeared before her.  “Ahhhh, it looks human, but I don’t think it’s real.”

= Hello and welcome to Extensive Enterprises.  State your business here. =

“State my business?  I’m a guest here,” Tara spoke as a beam of energy scanned her body as the holographic image fizzled a bit and then changed.

= You are not authorized to be here.  Again, state your business. =

“I’m supposed to be here, I am Amazon,” Tara stated as another beam of energy scanned her body as the holographic image fizzled again.  “What in the world is going on here?”

= You are not authorized to be here.  Again, state your business or extreme measures will be taken against you. =

“Apparently this thing is serious.  Why is it saying I’m not authorized to be here?  Wait, maybe I’m not authorized to be here, being that I’m currently Tara James and not Amazon,” Tara stated as she sighed, put her bag down on the floor and then spun around in a circle as her body exploded in a burst of light as she’s transformed into Amazon.  The holographic image scanned her body with an energy beam again and then the image changed.

= Welcome to Extensive Enterprises Amazon.  What may I help you with? =

“Oh now I get some attention,” Tara said as she shook her head.  “Where is everyone?”

= Currently Malevolent, Chase, Alpha and Amaryllis are in the infirmary. =

“In the infirmary?  Where is that?”  Tara asked as the holographic image pointed down the corridor.

= You will be led to the infirmary.  Just follow the arrows to your destination. =

“Thanks,” Tara stated as she looked at the arrows on the wall panel and ran down the corridor, following the directions of the arrows until she got to her destination.

“Amazon, you’re here,” JT spoke as he turned around from where Helia lay on an exam table.

“What’s going on?  What happened here?  Is she all right?”  Tara asked as she walked over to JT and then hugged him.

“It seems General Ranger placed that device there in Helia’s skull to track her down, whenever he wanted to.  The computer analyzed it and figured out that it was a tracker and that it was also a bomb,” JT stated as Tara looked at him.

“It’s a bomb?  What is it doing in here?  Is the damn thing active?”  Tara asked.

“The computer deactivated it, but I’m taking extra precautions, I have a stasis field around it, to keep it cut off from the rest of us for the time being,” JT stated as Tara raised an eye at him.  “What?”

“How is this building so user friendly all of a sudden?”  Tara asked as she looked around.  “A talking hologram, a computer that can analyze things, a stasis field?  How did you get all of this stuff?”

“I…” JT stated as Tara shook her head.

“You used your magic to do this, didn’t you?”  Tara asked as JT nodded his head.  “Is this going to be a consequence to you later?  Is this spell or wish, whatever the hell it is, going to bite you in the ass later on?”

“I hope it don’t,” JT replied as he looked down.  “I don’t see this as personal gain, being that I cast a spell to help us.”

“Is Chaos ringing any bells JT?”  Tara asked as JT sighed.

“It was just a simple spell to retrofit the building for the things we needed is all,” JT stated as Tara sighed.  “The things here will help us save the world.  It’s not just personal for me, this is for all of us.”

“Personal gain is still personal gain,” Tara stated as an alarm sounded in the room.  “What’s that?”

“There’s something going down,” JT stated as he moved away from Tara, walking over to the computer terminal in the room and pressing a button.

“Looks like someone is getting their ass kicked.  Is that a giant robot?”  Tara asked as Brian and Walden walked over to the view screen.

“Man, is that real?”  Walden asked as he watched things on the screen.

“It looks real,” JT stated as he turned and looked at Tara.  “Amazon, are we going to stop this thing?”

“You know we are,” Tara stated as she sighed.  “How do we get out of this place?”

“I’m going to provide transportation,” JT stated with a small smile as Brian ran from the room and then came back within the blink of an eye.

“I’m ready when you guys are,” Brian stated with a smile as Walden just shook his head.

“If we’re going somewhere, let’s go,” Walden stated as JT’s eyes sparkled with energy as the four of them disappeared, leaving Amaryllis in the room with Helia.

Somewhere in Upstate New York


“That thing looks bigger in person,” JT stated as he and his passengers appeared in the sky, looking as if they were sitting in the clouds.  “What is it doing?”

“The way it’s acting, it looks like it’s searching for something,” Brian replied as he touched something on the side of his goggles and then frowned.  “Baby, with it’s pattern of destruction, it seems to be looking for something.  What do you think?”

“I think you’re right,” JT replied as he and Brian floated downward as Amazon grabbed Walden’s hand, carrying him through the air as they headed for the robot.

“Alpha, I think the two of us should use a direct approach, what do you think?”  Tara asked as she and Walden streaked through the sky as she got closer to the robot and let him go as he slammed into it, putting a dent in it’s armor.  “Nice, let’s see what my super punch can do!”

“This thing definitely looks tougher than it looks,” JT stated, streaking through the sky with lightning crackling around his body as he zapped the robot with multiple bolts, having no effect.  “Hey tin can!  If you’re looking for a playmate, follow me!”

“Babe, what are you doing?”  Chase asked as he ran around one of the robot’s legs, punching it very fast as the sounds of his punches made a clacking noise that vibrated the metallic armor.

“I’m trying to lure this thing away from the innocent people around here,” JT replied as his body grew in size, with him doing his best as to not to step on any people or buildings below him, unlike the robot nearby.  “There’s something wrong, the robot has a heartbeat.”

“What do you mean it has a heartbeat?”  Walden asked as he held on to one of the robot’s arms, being swung around as the robot tried to shake him off.

“Either there’s someone in the robot or the robot is a person,” JT stated as his eyes flared with psychic energy as the robot raised it’s other arm and fired missiles and rockets at him.  “No!”

“Look out!”  Tara screamed as JT held up his arm, shielding his face as a strange energy flared around his body, looking like a large bird, made of black flame.  “What the hell is that?  Is—is that a new power of yours?”

“Oh no!”  JT exclaimed as the energy wrapped around him as he disappeared.

“What the hell is going on?  What just happened Amazon?”  Brian asked as he ran around in a circle, creating a cyclone as his body floated into the air.  “Where is he Amazon?  What just happened?  He screamed as if he was surprised at that?”

“I think he was,” Tara replied with a frown as the robot grabbed for her, holding her tight as the face of the robot changed.  “Awwwww!”

“Amazon, no!”  Brian screamed as he took off running as there was a loud noise that sounded like metal grinding against metal as another robot arm appeared and then grabbed him in mid-stride, holding him tight as he thrashed about.  “Amazon!  How are we going to get out of this?”

“I’m thinking!”  Tara screamed as Walden continued punching at the robot, having no effect on it as a panel on the robot opened to reveal cat-like figure that jumped out, lashing out at Walden, trying to grab him.  “Alpha, watch out!”

“Is that a cat?”  Walden asked as he let go of the robot’s arm, falling to the ground.  “This is going to hurt!”


“Not today!”  JT’s voice was heard, appearing in a flash of light as he flew towards Walden, grabbing him by the arm as he carried him up into the air.  “Are you okay Alpha?”

“Where have you been?  Are you okay?”  Walden asked, looking at JT strangely.  “What’s with the new clothes?”

“Let’s just say, I’ve been on a journey,” JT replied as his eyes flared with energy as the cat-like figure jumped into the air, trying to grab for him and Walden.  “Hey, down girl!”

“What is that thing?”  Walden asked.

“She’s a cat,” JT stated as his eyes flared with energy as the cat-like figure was enveloped in an energy bubble.

“How do you know it’s a she?”  Walden asked.

“Because I saw her being captured by Ranger and his men and I’ve seen the things they’ve done to her,” JT stated as he waved his hand at the cat-like figure, freezing it in place.  “They experimented on her, just like they did with Helia.”

“Like he did with me, is that what you were going to say next man?”  Walden asked as JT sighed.  “Can you undo what that fool did?”

“I’m going to try, but we first have to stop the robot,” JT stated as another panel on the robot opened as a woman he had seen before appeared.  “You!”

“What’s going on man?”  Walden asked as JT’s body shimmered with energy as his body turned intangible for an instant as he fell from JT’s grasp.  “Hey man!  Hey!”

“You tried to do something to my mind!”  JT snapped as his body caught on fire as he gestured with his hand as a bird-like claw, made of fire grabbed the woman, holding her tight as Tara broke free of the robot’s grasp and flew down to grab Walden.  “You will pay for what you did!”

“Malevolent, snap out of it!”  Tara screamed as she flew up to where he was, carrying Walden by the hand. “Man, we don’t have time for you to be acting all wonky!  Let the woman go!”

“She tried to mess with my mind!”  JT snapped, his voice shaking things up around them as another panel opened up on the robot and a man flew out.

“I don’t care what she did.  Hell, it’s not like you haven’t tried messing with our minds before,” Tara stated as Walden looked up at her.  “She’s just like us, we shouldn’t be fighting with her; we should be helping her.”

“No, I won’t help someone that tried to hurt me!  That woman tried to corrupt my heart, taint my soul with sadness and pain!”  JT snapped as his eyes flared with energy as the flame turned black as the fire took on the form of a giant bird that enveloped him and the woman and they both disappeared.

“No!”  Tara screamed as the man that had flown out of the robot grabbed her, trying to tackle her as she, Walden and the man tussled around and fell to the ground.

“Is this fool crazy?”  Walden asked as the guy punched him again.  “Does he know I’m pretty much invulnerable to his punches?”

“The master wants you two!”  The man exclaimed as he punched Walden again.  “I’m going to take you to him, dead or alive, you choose.”

“You’ll have to kill me before I let you take me any damn where!”  Walden screamed, looking around, noticing a strange blur as Brian became visible as he punched at the guy quickly.  “Chase, how did you get free of the robot?”

“Let’s just say Malevolent taught me to improvise with how I use my skills,” Brian replied as he punched the guy again.  “I think he’s out.  We need to get away from here or something.  It seems nothing is stopping the human carrying robot over there.  Amazon, are you all right?”

“No, I’m not all right!”  Tara snapped as she looked up at the sky.  “Where in the hell is Malevolent and that woman?”

“That’s something we can’t worry about right now,” Walden stated as the robot made a strange noise as it stopped moving.  “Ah guys, it stopped.”

“Is there something wrong with it?”  Brian asked as he ran towards the robot, being deflected back away from it by a strange force.  “Be careful guys, there’s something around the robot.”

“Let me try,” Tara said as she jumped into the air, flying towards the robot as she slammed into an invisible barrier.  “Yeah, there’s some kind of barrier around the robot.”

= Hello Amazon =

“What,” Tara said as General Ranger’s voice was heard as she looked around.  “That’s Ranger.  Where is that monster?”

= I’m not the monster here Amazon, it’s people like you that are. =

“We’re not the monsters here!”  Walden yelled.  “You are evil, you are hurting these people!”

= I’ve hurt no one here.  If you want this to stop, all you have to do is turn yourselves over to me. =

“Never!”  Walden yelled, preparing to fight as there was a strange noise as the robot started moving again.  “Look, the robot is moving again!”

“Oh no!”  Brian yelled as the robot’s leg raised and then came down on top of a house.  “No!  There were people in that house!”

= You all could have made this very easy, but you chose a different way.  Oh well.  Case, destroy every thing there!  Destroy them all! =

“Damn you monster!  Damn you!”  Tara screamed as she flew towards the robot again, bouncing off of the invisible barrier, being knocked clear across the town.

“Damn, I’ll go get her!  Alpha, try to stop that damn thing!”  Brian screamed as he ran as fast as he can, trying to get to Tara as the cat-like figure that lay on the ground disappeared in black flame.

Between Here and There — The Limbo Dimension — Castle Limbo

“Please, let me go,” a woman’s voice could be heard as JT stood in front of a mirror.

“Guardian, who is she?”  JT asked as he watched the mirror’s image.  “Is she really an innocent in all of this or is she an enemy?”

“My liege,” the image in the mirror spoke.  “She is not your enemy, but she is a soul that you already know.”

“I know her?  Who is she?”  JT asked as he looked at the mirror closely as the image changed.  “That—that’s Elizabeth…”

“My liege, in the world that you are a part of now, she is not the Elizabeth you once knew.  She is innocent and hasn’t been touched by chaos magic,” the image in the mirror spoke.  “Take into consideration that your actions are altering her life in that world.  Your use of chaos magic has altered the present and will very much alter the future.”

“In what way Guardian?”  JT asked as he turned and looked at another mirror.  “How have I altered the present and the future?”

“The three of you have been gone for five years,” the image in the mirror stated.  “Her children have…”

“Time isn’t a factor and you know that Guardian,” JT stated as the image displayed in the mirror changed.  “Are those children?”

“Yes my liege,” the image in the mirror spoke.  “Those are her children and with her being gone for the length of time that she has been, her children have grown jaded and evil, bent to the ways of the evil you are trying to fight.”

“Ranger has her children?”  JT asked as another image was displayed in the mirror as JT’s eyes flared with energy.  “The first time I saw her, she said something about someone had done something to hurt her kids.  I brought her here because the last time I saw her, she—she showed me Xander and I r…”

“My liege, the prince is where he belongs,” the image in the mirror spoke as JT shook his head as tears streamed down his face.

“The prince isn’t where he belongs, he’s nowhere!”  JT snapped as a crack formed in the mirror but quickly repaired itself.

“My liege, the prince was never supposed to have existed where you would see,” the image in the mirror spoke as JT shook his head again.

“Shut up Guardian!  Shut up!”  JT snapped as the castle shook and the floor rumbled.  “How dare you tell me that my son wasn’t supposed to have existed!!”

“My liege…” the image in the mirror attempted to speak again as JT waved his hand at the mirror as the surface of the mirror exploded as a woman materialized before him.

“Where—where am I?”  The woman asked.

“You’re in Limbo,” JT replied as he wiped at his eyes as the ribbon-like energy shot out from his body, enveloping him as his clothing changed, revealing a new look, a costume made of black fabric with a white firebird on the chest.

“What’s Limbo?”  The woman asked as JT turned and started walking away from her.  “Wait a minute, where are you going?”

“Silence!”  JT snapped as he waved his hand as the woman disappeared in a burst of black flame.

To Be Continued…