The Awakening – Chapter 14

Chapter 14 — Chaos Strike, Part 2

Day 121 — Washington, D.C. — The Pentagon — A Restricted Area

“Into the elevator,” General Ranger directed as he and a few soldiers entered the elevator with a captured super enhanced human.

“I’m not going to let you take me!”  The young black man screamed as bones popped out of his wrists as General Ranger smiled and then shook his head as he pressed a button on his bracelet that caused the young man to scream out, sounding as if he were in agony.

“Is that a bone?”  One of the soldiers asked as General Ranger leaned in close, inspecting one of the bones.

“It seems to be,” General Ranger replied with a neutral expression on his face. “One of the scientist needs to look into this.  Did you men rough him up this evening?”

“No, no one did anything to the freak,” one of the soldiers replied as the elevator beeped, signaling that they were on the requested floor.

“Get him down to the lab right now and have them analyze him to see what his enhanced ability is.  I want to know why the bone popped out like that,” General Ranger stated as he walked down the corridor as the other men grabbed the young black man and took him down the opposite corridor.

“What is this place?  Where am I?”  The young black man asked.

“That’s none of your business freak,” one of the soldiers’ replied, pushing the young man forward as a door opened.  “Sir, he needs to be analyzed, General’s orders.”

“Put him over there,” one of the lab technicians directed as the two soldiers carried the young man over to an exam table and placed him on it, holding him down.

“Standby and start the projector,” a scientist in the room spoke as a strange light shown down on the young black man as the scientist watched a computer terminal, making adjustments as necessary as the two soldiers had to struggle to hold the young man down.  “He is a super enhanced human, but I can’t tell what his abilities are.”

“The General would like to know what caused his bones to pop out that way,” one of the soldiers in the room spoke as the scientist made more adjustments on the computer terminal as the young black man got an arm free from one of the soldiers and swung his arm as a bone popped out, attacking the scientist, knocking him down to the floor.

“Stop him!”  The other soldier yelled as the young black man turned around and then produced another bone from his arm as he used the bone as if it were a bat, swinging it from side to side in front of his body, trying to keep everyone away from him.  “Stop freak!  Stop or I’ll shoot you!”

“I’m not going to let you hurt me!”  The young black man yelled, continuing to swing the bone around.  “Let me out of here!”

“You’re not leaving here freak boy,” one of the soldiers spoke as he aimed his rifle at the young black man.


“Put that weapon down creep,” JT spoke, appearing in a burst of black flame as he moved in front of the young black man.  “Are you okay kid?”

“Do I look like I’m all right?”  The young black man asked as JT shook his head and then waved his hand outward as the soldier with the rifle was slammed into the wall as the scientist got up off the floor.

“One down, there’s probably many more outside to go,” JT stated as he turned around as the scientist typed on the computer terminal.  “What are you doing guy?”

“I’m trying to get help,” the scientist replied as he pressed a button on the terminal as an alarm sounded.

“That would be our cue to leave,” JT stated as he grabbed the young man’s hand as the two of them disappeared in a burst of black flame.

“The General isn’t going to be happy at all,” the soldier that was slammed into the wall spoke as he got up off the floor.  “Were you able to find out anything about that freak?”

“I wasn’t able to determine what caused his bones to protrude that way, if that was what you were asking,” the scientist spoke as the door to the room opened and General Ranger walked in.

“What happened here?”  General Ranger asked as a group of soldiers rushed into the room behind him.

“The black super freak popped up in here and took the freak kid with the bones,” one of the soldiers replied as General Ranger shook his head, pulled the gun from his holster and then shot the soldier.

“Failure won’t be tolerated any longer around here,” General Ranger stated as he turned and walked towards the door and then stopped.  “One of you needs to perform a SMR[1] on him and then get back to me.”

“Yes sir,” one of the scientists replied as General Ranger walked out of the room as the other soldiers just watched him leave.

Jacksonville, FL — Extensive Enterprises — The Training Room

“Dang, this place is amazing,” Walden stated as he hung upside down on a swing bar.  “I’m doing things I never thought I would be doing with my skills.  I knew I had skills, but I didn’t know I was this good.”

“The training room is designed to help you hone your skills and abilities to their fullest extent.  You’ll learn how to keep yourself protected from the bad guys out there in the world,” Tara stated as she flew through the air, using her lasso to rope in one of the droids that fought with her.  “Come on Brian, you have to keep your head on things.  There’s a bot heading your way, you need to stay focused!”

“I’m really not in the mood for this right now,” Brian replied with a frown on his face as he ran to a corner of the room and stood still as a robot that Tara had knocked through the air was headed for the spot he stood in.

“Brian, look out!”  Tara screamed as Brian looked up and then took off running.  “Man, you have to keep your head in the game here.”

“I don’t want to keep my head in the game…” Brian spoke as he stopped running and then turned around to see a strange phenomenon in the room.  “Guys, what is that?”

“Don’t know,” Tara replied as she landed on the floor.

“Are we under attack?”  Walden asked as he looked over at Tara.  “Is Helia responsible for that?”

“She’s in a coma man, I don’t think her powers would work while she’s out,” Brian stated as an alarm sounded in the room.  “What’s that alarm for?”

“Don’t know, but be prepared for anything,” Tara stated as the robots and other items in the room started to fade into nothing as JT appeared in the room with his passengers.

“Baby, it’s you!”  Brian squealed, running over to where JT appeared, hugging him around the neck.  “You’ve been gone for over a month and—and what’s with the new costume baby?”

“I’m not concerned with the new costume, I’m more worried about the black flame and the reason for you being gone for so long,” Tara stated as she raised an eye at the new people around them.  “Who are these people and where have you been, Limbo?”

“Yes, I’ve been in Limbo,” JT replied as Tara shook her head as his eyes glowed.  “Yes, I’ve been in Limbo since I left you guys.”

“And, who are these people?”  Tara asked as she looked around.  “Why are they here?”

“This is Zeelanda Martinez, Derek Booth and Beth Randall,” JT stated as he turned his attention to the alarm that sounded in the room as he walked over to a computer panel in the room and typed in a code as the sound stopped.

“What was that noise for?” Tara asked.

“That was the alarm to alert everyone that unidentified people were here in the building,” JT stated as he turned around.  “So, if any of you hear that noise again, that means you’ll know that someone that doesn’t belong here is in the building.”

“Okay,” Walden replied as he watched Tara and JT.

“So JT, I didn’t think you could stay in Limbo for too long.  Are you okay?  Is there something wrong?”  Tara asked as JT cleared his throat as his eyes flared with psychic energy.

“I’m fine Tara,” JT replied as his eyes glowed again as Tara was about to say more as he raised his hand, stopping her.  “Tara, it doesn’t really matter.  I’m here now, so let it go.”

“Okay then,” Tara stated as she looked down.  “So, what can these new guys do?”

“Derek here can create extra bones and use them as weapons,” JT stated as he raised his hand as the young black male known as Derek Booth floated off the floor and then vanished in a burst of black flame.  “This is Zeelanda, she can turn into a humanoid cat.”

“Sounds cool,” Brian stated as the young Latina vanished in a burst of black flame as Tara watched JT and then covered her mouth.

“JT, what’s going on with the black flame?”  Tara asked as JT ignored her question.

“And this is Beth Randall, she has the power to alter reality somewhat,” JT stated as Tara walked closer to the woman, looking at her closely.

“Elizabeth?”  Tara said as JT sighed and then frowned.

“She’s probably not the Elizabeth Randall you knew,” JT stated as his eyes glowed.  “She’s not the young girl I knew as a child that always caused problems for me and you—well the you I grew up with in my dimension.  But it seems she has similar powers.”

“So is she psychic too?”  Tara asked as JT shook his head.

“I don’t think she is.  For the time being, I believe she just has the power to alter reality and probability,” JT stated as Tara raised an eye and then turned to look at JT again.

“So basically, she throws hexes?  Is that it?  Does her powers work like your hex powers?”  Tara asked as she crossed her arms across her chest.

“No, it seems her probability altering goes a bit further than mine.  Her powers borders on those of wish granting, more than just her altering the outcome of a particular thing happening,” JT stated as his eyes glowed.

“So, looking back at the past, are you going to try to kill her again or whatever it was you did when you started acting and sounding like Chaos, based on the last time you saw her?”  Tara asked as Brian and JT looked at her strangely.

“No,” JT stated as he looked down and then turned around as his body shimmered with black flame as Brian grabbed his arm, stopping him from disappearing.

“No baby, don’t leave me again,” Brian stated as JT sighed and then removed Brian’s hand from his arm as he faded from the room.  “Damn it!”

“Oh no, Brian wait!”  Tara called out as Brian ran out of the room, shattering the door as he went.  “It seems he still doesn’t care about smashing doors.”

“Did I miss something here?”  Walden asked.  “I thought they were together.”

“It looks like things are a bit shaky right now,” Tara stated with a frown.

“I don’t mean to be too nosey or anything, but what’s going on with the black flame and all?”  Walden asked as he looked at Tara.  “Is that how his powers work?”

“Normally, no they don’t work that way,” Tara stated as she looked down and then scratched at her head.  “I think there’s something wrong and I would like to know what that is.”

“Me too,” Jennifer spoke as she stood in the entryway of the room, looking at the smashed framing of the door.  “What happened here?”

“Brian smashed the door as he was leaving,” Tara replied with a frown.

“Why would he…” Jennifer asked as Tara interrupted her.

“He and JT are having a problem, it seems,” Tara replied as Jennifer raised an eye.  “Yes, he was here and then he left, only before dropping off some new recruits for us.”

“Yeah, I saw them,” Jennifer stated as she shook her head.  “Helia is awake from her coma and she’s a bit agitated.  I would like to know what’s with the black flame and…”

“I can’t answer any questions about the black flame as of yet,” Tara stated as her eyes glowed as she looked around, acting as if something was touching her as her body was enveloped by black flame and then she vanished from the room.

“What in the hell is going on?”  Jennifer asked as she looked around.  “Is that fool out of his mind?”

“Are you talking about Malevolent?”  Walden asked as he walked over to Jennifer as she sighed.

Between Here and There — The Limbo Dimension — Castle Limbo


“JT!  What in the hell is going on here?”  Tara asked as she appeared in the area, the black flame dissipating from her body.

“Hello Wonder Woman,” Tara heard as she turned around to see a mirror appear.

“JT?  What—what are you doing in a mirror?”  Tara asked as she looked at the mirror strangely.

“I’m not really in the mirror,” the image in the mirror spoke as the reflection changed.

“If you’re not in the mirror, then what’s going on around here?”  Tara asked.

“I can answer that question for you Amazon,” another voice was heard as another mirror appeared near her.

“This is getting really confusing,” Tara stated as she looked between the two mirrors.  “Which of you is Guardian?”

“I am the guardian of the castle,” the image in the second mirror spoke.

“Is there something wrong?”  Tara asked.  “I believe there’s something wrong with JT.”

“The Prince isn’t himself right now,” the image in the mirror spoke as Tara sighed.

“What’s happening?”  Tara asked.  “Would what’s happening to him have anything to do with the new people that he brought to the team?”

“The Prince’s heart is conflicted,” the image in the mirror spoke as Tara looked at the image strangely.  “Somehow, the Prince was able to see something that was not to be.”

“What did he see?”  Tara asked.  “What could he possibly seen that caused him to act so—so heartless.  He’s acting more like Chaos than…”

“The Prince saw his son,” the image in the mirror spoke as Tara stopped talking and closed her mouth.

“He has a son,” Tara spoke as she looked down and then back at the mirror.  “Wait a minute, he’s gay and…”

“In a different reality, the Prince and his husband had a son—a son named Xander,” the image in the mirror spoke.  “The child was considered a paradox in the world and with the vast power that he possessed, being the child of a demi-god, the child saw the errors of the universe and destroyed himself, putting the universe right again.”

“His son destroyed himself?”  Tara asked as some tears fell from her eyes.  “Why?”

“The world the son was conceived in, he was not supposed to have existed, which caused other events to take place because of his existence.  Once he destroyed himself, the reality repaired itself, solving the issues of his existence,” the image in the mirror explained as Tara shook her head.

“So, why is this son an issue now?”  Tara asked.

“The woman from your reality, the Beth Randall woman, has a strange power to warp reality,” the image in the mirror spoke as the surface of the mirror changed, showing an image of Beth Randall.  “When the Prince encountered her in your dimension, she somehow showed him his son, which he shouldn’t have remembered.”

“So she’s still a trickster for him?”  Tara asked as the image in the mirror changed, showing an image of a woman that looked like Beth Randall, but wasn’t her.  “Who is that Guardian?”

“That happens to be Elizabeth Randall from his original dimension, her name is Chance,” the image in the mirror spoke.  “Because of Ms. Randall’s actions in your dimension, the Prince reacted to memories and emotions that were once removed by the King.  Now that the King is no more, the Prince was not able to handle the emotions and memories thrust upon him and henceforth, he has embraced his darker side.”

“Is there a way to get rid of those memories and emotions?”  Tara asked as the image in the mirror changed, displaying what JT had done earlier, destroying the previous mirror.  “What just happened there?  Did he really destroy the mirror?  Did he destroy you in the mirror?”

“He attempted to use his magic to destroy me, but that is not possible,” the image in the mirror spoke.  “For I am the essence and spirit of the Castle, which is a pivotal part of Limbo.  I can not be easily destroyed.”

“Then why did he do what he did?”  Tara asked.

“In his grief stricken moment, I don’t think the Prince cared about what he was doing or trying to do,” the image in the mirror spoke as there was a burst of black flame as JT appeared.  “My liege.”

“What are you doing here Tara?”  JT asked as he looked at Tara strangely.  “I knew I felt a slight disturbance in the realm and it seems to be you.”

“What am I disturbing?” Tara asked as she looked at JT.

“You’re here in Limbo, my domain—a domain where you shouldn’t be right now,” JT replied as he waved his hand in Tara’s direction as his hand sparkled with black flame.

“My liege, may I suggest…” The image in the mirror spoke as JT turned and looked at the reflection, waving his hand at it as the surface shattered.

“Silence Guardian!”  JT snapped as his eyes flared with magical energy.  “You have spoken enough.”

“What has gotten into you JT?”  Tara asked as she moved around in front of JT.  “Why are you acting this way?”

“What way am I acting Amazon?”  JT asked as the ribbon-like energy flared around his body, keeping his clothing constantly changing.

“You’re acting evil!”  Tara snapped.  “That’s a way you said you never wanted to be, but it seems you are not a man of your word!”

“I’m not a man of my word!”  JT snapped as his eyes flared with energy as Tara covered her mouth and then stepped back.  “I’ve always been a man of my word!”

“JT!”  Tara screamed as the ribbon-like energy collapsed upon JT’s body as he was wearing the black costume with the white firebird on the chest as his body burned with black flame.

“You dare to question my character, in my domain!”  JT screamed as he waved his hand at Tara, zapping her with a bolt of black flame as she screamed and thrashed about as the Amazon costume faded away as her body glowed brightly as she looked like her normal self.

“What have you done to me?”  Tara asked as JT turned away from her as she faded away from view.

“My liege, did you reverse your spell on Amazon, turning her back into a regular human being?”  The image in the mirror spoke as JT’s eyes shimmered with black flame.  “My liege, you have made a grave mistake.”

“You want to question me too Guardian?”  JT asked as he turned around and then step towards the mirror.  “It seems you feel as if you can’t be destroyed… may I remind you, I am the…”

“You are the Prince of the realm, but that does not mean you can destroy me,” the image in the mirror spoke.  “My liege, I know you are hurting and don’t know how to handle your emotions right now, but you must…”

“Silence Guardian!”  JT snapped as he waved his hand at the image of the mirror as the surface of the mirror cracked once more, but the crack quickly repaired itself.  “I no longer want to hear from you!”

“I am the essence of the castle my liege, I can not be silenced so easily,” the image in the mirror spoke.

“Are you sure of that Guardian?”  JT asked as his hands crackled with energy.  “I’m sure I can get rid of you very easily.”

“My liege, maybe you need to rest and think about your actions with Amazon,” the image in the mirror spoke as JT vanished in a burst of black flame.

Day 134 — Jacksonville, FL — Extensive Enterprises — The Infirmary


“Guys, he’s here!  Look out!”  Brian screamed as he ran from the room as JT appeared in the room in a burst of black flame as an alarm sounded.

“What in the world is going on here?”  JT asked in a somewhat cold tone.

“Sorry friend, not going to let you get the drop on anybody here,” Walden spoke as he ran towards JT, trying to punch him as JT disappeared quickly and then reappeared, avoiding Walden’s punch.

“Apparently you are mad,” JT stated as he waved his hand as Walden’s body is slammed into the nearest wall as Helia appeared in one of her portals as Tara appeared, wearing a suit of armor, swinging a sword from side-to-side.  “So it seems Amazon is still in the game.”

“Yes, regardless of the fact of you getting rid of my powers,” Tara stated as she jumped from the portal’s opening, landing on the floor.  “I don’t know what your problem is JT, but I think you best rethink things. Restore me to Amazon!”

“Not going to happen,” JT stated as Brian ran past him quickly, grabbing him by the arm, trying to pull him from the area.  “Stop it little boy!”

“Little boy?  Why are you acting this way baby?  Don’t you love me?  Why are you doing this to your friends?”  Brian asked as he removed his goggles from his face.  “What’s wrong with you?”

“There’s nothing wrong with me!”  JT snapped as he waved his hand in Brian’s direction as an invisible force knocked Brian into the wall, knocking him out.  “There’s nothing wrong with me, it seems there’s something wrong with all of you!”

“Sorry buddy, but the only one that has a problem here is you,” Jennifer spoke as she flew towards JT as he lashed out with his hand as black streams of energy wrapped around Jennifer, holding her in place as she’s thrown across the room, sliding her across the floor as her image changed.  “Damn, that hurt!”

“It’s going to hurt all of you more!”  JT snapped as his eyes flared with black flame as a strange phenomenon appeared in the room with them as mirrors suddenly surrounded him.

“What in the hell is going on?”  Tara asked as she jumped back quickly.

“What madness is this?”  JT asked as the mirrors moved closer to him, creating a circle around him that was closing in on him.  “Stop!  Who’s responsible for this?”

“Tara, what’s going on?”  Brian asked as he got up off the floor to see what was happening in the room.

“Stop!  What are you doing?”  JT asked as the ribbon-like energy flared around his body, his costume disappearing, leaving him naked as the ribbon-like energy continued to flare as the mirrors glowed.

“My liege, this isn’t you,” a voice was heard in the room.  “Your actions have been swayed by emotions that are not meant to be.”

“Guardian, what are you doing?”  JT asked as a pentagram made of energy appeared on the floor below the mirrors as his body was bathed in a strange light as the ribbon-like energy collapsed upon his body, revealing his regular costume.

“What just happened here?”  Walden asked as he got up off the floor.  “Amazon, Amaryllis, do you guys know what’s going on here?”

“I think our problems with JT just solved themselves,” Tara stated as the mirrors disappeared from the room, leaving JT on the floor.  “JT?  JT, are you all right?”

“What happened?”  Brian asked as he ran over to where JT lay on the floor, touching his face as he got closer.  “He—he looks like he’s sleeping.”

“In nomine Patris, et regni principes restituam paro[2],” JT spoke as Tara’s body glowed brightly as she’s transformed into Amazon.

“Tara, what just happened?”  Jennifer asked as she walked over to where Tara stood.

“I think I’m me again,” Tara replied as JT opened his eyes and then sat up on the floor.

“You have been restored,” JT spoke as he looked up at Brian and then pulled him close as his eyes flared with psychic energy as Brian smiled as the two of them kissed.  ‘I’m sorry Brian, I didn’t mean to hurt you.’

‘I have a long list of how you’re going to make it all up to me,’ Brian mentally replied as he and JT continued kissing.

“Excuse me, but what just happened here?”  Walden asked as he stood behind Brian.  “Are we supposed to just forget how you’ve been acting for the last couple of months?”

“No,” JT stated as he broke away from Brian and then stood up.  “You’re not to forget at all.  If I wanted you to forget, I could easily do that.”

“Hey now, don’t go messing with a man’s mind,” Walden stated as he stepped back from JT and Brian.

“I am psychic no less,” JT stated with a frown.  “I know saying sorry isn’t going to make up for all that’s happened or the things I…”

“No JT, saying sorry isn’t going to make up for any of the things you did,” Tara stated as she folded her arms across her chest.  “I think you need to tell all of us the reason why you acted the…”

“No Tara, that’s not going to happen,” JT stated as he turned away as Brian grabbed his hand and stopped him from leaving.

“Baby, who is Xander?”  Brian asked as Tara looked at him and then grabbed him by the arm, yanking him away from JT.  “Stop Tara, things are all right here.  Come on baby, who is Xander?”

“I don’t think we need to be breaching this subject right now,” Tara stated as JT snapped his finger as all of them disappeared from the room and then reappeared in the conference room.  “Okay, it seems the power is still there.”

“So baby, you brought us all here, go ahead and tell us what happened,” Brian stated with a frown.  “Who’s Xander?”

“Xander… Xander was my son,” JT stated as he looked down as some tears fell from his eyes.  “In a different place and time, I—I was married to a man and we—we had a son—a son named Xander.”

“Was this in the other reality you came from?”  Brian asked as JT shook his head.

“The reality was much like my original reality, except it wasn’t supposed to have existed,” JT stated as more tears fell from his eyes.  “A friend of mine had a daughter… My friend’s daughter had the power to alter reality and somewhat grant wishes, somewhat like you do Ms. Randall.”

“Is that why you hate me?”  Beth asked as she looked over at JT.

“I don’t hate you,” JT replied as he looked over at Beth.  “I hated what your power was able to show me during our first encounter.  But back to the story, my friend’s daughter was involved in a little scenario, where she was tricked into using her powers to create the perfect world by an evil man named Halloween.  His plan was for her to use his thoughts to create this perfect world, but instead, she used my thoughts—my thoughts of having the perfect life with my husband, my friends and our child.”

“I envision a life like that one day,” Brian spoke as he looked over at JT.

“In that reality, I had the perfect life that I wanted.  I fought for what’s right with my husband and our friends and we had our child,” JT stated as he shook his head.  “That world was like this one.  We fought against the government that hated beings like us.  We didn’t have the best of things to make us happy, but we were happy, mainly because we had each other.  I didn’t care if we lived in a damn cave, hiding out from those soldiers that tried to kill us, because they hated what they didn’t understand.  The suffering we endured didn’t bother me because I had my husband, our son and our friends.”

“JT, is that why you came here to stop General Ranger?  Is General Ranger the evil that was in the reality that your son was destroyed in?”  Tara asked.

“General Ranger isn’t the evil, but if he’s left unchecked, he’ll progress into that evil,” JT stated with a frown.

“Then what happened to your son?”  Walden asked.

“That’s the hard part,” JT stated as he looked down again.  “Xander’s code name was Dreamer.  He had psychic powers like mine and he had magical powers like his other father.  When you add his psychic powers to his magical abilities, you make for a being that’s able to see into the cosmos and beyond.”

“What did he see?”  Beth asked as she and the others listened intently to JT’s tale.

“He saw that the reality we were in wasn’t supposed to be, that he didn’t really exist like he should, that his existence was because of the actions of an evil man,” JT stated as more tears fell from his eyes.  “Knowing the truth about what Halloween had done, he used his powers to undo what Halloween tricked Princess Esmeralda into doing, which meant his death and that reality never existing.  With that, here we are.”

“Damn,” Brian said as he got up from the conference table and walked over to a corner of the room.  “So your son, used his powers to destroy himself and restore the rest of you to the reality that you belonged in, right?”

“Yeah,” JT replied as he sniffled and then wiped at his eyes.

“Where is this Princess Esmeralda now?”  Brian asked.

“After things were restored to their proper place, she saw what her powers were capable of doing and she used her powers to get rid of her powers,” JT stated as he looked down.  “I’m guessing she’s living a normal childhood.”

“She’s a princess, is—is she related to you?”  Brian asked as JT shook his head. “All royal figures aren’t related.”

“So you’re a prince?  You’re really a prince?”  Zeelanda asked.

“In a magical sense, yes I am,” JT replied with a frown as he got up from the table.

“What does that mean?”  Zeelanda asked.

“In the magical world, I am the Prince of the magical realm of Limbo, but I am no prince nowhere else,” JT replied as he turned around.  “So here, in this world, I am not royalty.”

“What a bummer,” Zeelanda stated as JT laughed and then smiled.

“I’m tired of the sadness here.  Why don’t we all go grab some food, I’m a bit hungry,” JT suggested.

“Sounds good to me,” Tara stated with a small smile as they all got up from the table and then walked out of the room.

To Be Continued…

[1] SMR = Synaptic Memory Recall — a process in which a person’s memory can be read/recorded for posterity, to be used later.

[2] Translated from Latin = “In the name of the Father, I prince of the realm restore you.”