The Awakening – Chapter 15

Chapter 15 — General Ranger’s Revelation

Day 150 — Washington, D.C. — A Restricted Area of the Pentagon — The Prisoner Cells

“It’s morning gene-freak,” General Ranger spoke, standing in front of one of the cells that contained one of his captured victims.  Smiling, he pressed a button on his wristband as the energy bars disappeared, allowing him to step into the cell.  “Today’s your lucky day freak.”

“How in the hell is it my lucky day?”  The person asked, looking up at General Ranger.  “You fuckers kidnapped me!  You’ve kept me here for only God only knows how long!”

“It’s your lucky day because you finally get to leave this cell,” General Ranger replied with a crooked smile on his face.

“You—you’re letting me go?”  The person asked, looking down and then back up at General Ranger.

“Not exactly, I said you get to leave this cell,” General Ranger stated as he pressed a button on his wristband as some soldiers rushed into the cell.  “I have a little something I want you to do for your country.”

“What?  You want me to do something for my country… what the hell are you talking about?”  The person asked, looking at General Ranger as if he were crazy.  “You fuckers are really off your damn rockers!”

“Come now, don’t you want to serve your country?”  General Ranger asked, smiling slyly.  “One should be happy to serve her country.”

“As I said, you fuckers are really off your rockers!”  The person screamed, jumping up from the cot in the cell as she made a move to run past General Ranger as one of the soldiers pulled an energy rod from his armor and then used it to knock the person down to the floor.  “Owwww!”

“Play nice now and that won’t happen again,” General Ranger stated as he turned and then walked out of the cell.  “Men, bring her along, I want to show her something.”

“Yes sir,” one of the soldiers responded, saluting General Ranger and then turning to one of the other soldiers.

With a smile, two of the soldiers forcefully helped the woman up off the floor, lifting her off her feet as they poked her in the sides with the energy rods.  Flinching from the pain with each step she took, they stopped at a door, waiting for General Ranger.  With the motion of his head, another soldier entered the area and placed something over the woman’s head.  With a smile, General Ranger pressed some numbers on a keypad and walked through the door when it opened.

“Escort her down to the conference room on the left.  We’ll set up in there,” General Ranger instructed the men as they lifted her off of her feet and carried her into the room.

“What’s going on?”  The woman asked.

“Take the dampener off her,” General Ranger instructed as one of the soldiers removed the device that was placed over her head before she left the cellblock.  “Ms. Burns, do you remember this?”

“Do I remember what?”  The woman asked as General Ranger pressed a button on his wristband as he pointed at the screen across the room as the woman’s eyes widened.  “I’ll take that as a yes.”

“Where—where did you get that?”  The woman asked as the door to the room opened as more men walked into the room.

“Ranger, what have you called us here for today?”  One of the men asked, taking a seat in one of the chairs at the table.  “Make it quick, I have other things to do with my time.”

“I brought you here today because this young lady is going to help all of us solve some of our problems,” General Ranger stated with a smile, pressing multiple buttons on his wristband as a video played on the screen before all of them.

= This young lady is Elaina Burns, she’s ten years old and she’s one of the strongest minds in America.  At an early age, it was discovered that Elaina had a latent psychic talent; a talent that allowed her to move things with her mind.  We scientists eloquently dubbed this talent psychokinesis. =

“Is this her?”  One of the other men in the room asked, looking over at General Ranger.

“To answer the questions floating around in your little minds, yes she’s Elaina Burns,” General Ranger spoke as he turned around with a sly smile on his face.  “She’s the answer… This young woman is going to solve all the problems we face.  She has a power like that of the black man I told you all about months ago.”

“You said the black man was psychic and was able to communicate with others, using only his mind.  You said that man could move mountains with just a thought.  Can she do the same?”  One of the men asked.

“We’re going to put her to the test real soon,” General Ranger stated with a smile as he pressed a button on the table.  “Shall we get things rolling now?”

“What are you up to Ranger?”  One of the other men asked with a curious grin on his face.

“Let’s just say that I’ve already put something in the works.  Let’s watch the monitors to see what happens,” General Ranger stated as he took a seat and then pressed another button as a few monitors activated across the room.

West Jacksonville, FL — A Private Gentlemen’s Club — Patio Area

“So, are you having a good time baby?”  Brian asked as he and JT sat in a booth, embracing and kissing one another.  “I’ve never been to a place such as this before.  I’ve seen stuff like this in movies, but I’ve never been.”

“I know baby, the reason why I chose for us to spend the weekend here,” JT responded as he motioned with his hand, getting the attention of the waiter.

“What’re you doing baby?”  Brian asked as the waiter walked over to the table.

“I’m hungry, aren’t you?”  JT asked as he leaned in and kissed Brian’s lips.

“I’m hungry, but what I want, I don’t think it’s on the menu he has,” Brian replied as JT smiled and then shook his head.

“I’m sure there are some hot dogs on the menu, but I’m sure those aren’t the kind that you want,” JT stated with a chuckle as Brian’s face went red as he leaned in and pinched his nipple, eliciting a yelp from his lover.

“No baby, stop,” Brian said as the waiter cleared his throat, trying to get the two men’s attention.

“What would you guys like?”  The waiter asked.

“I would like to get a grilled chicken caesar salad with the dressing on the side with breadsticks instead of croutons and I would also like a raspberry sweet tea,” JT answered as the waiter wrote down his order on his order pad and then looked over at Brian with a smile.

“Do you have pizza?”  Brian asked, looking at the waiter as he noticed JT’s eyes shimmering.  ‘Baby, is there something wrong?  Your eyes, they’re glowing.’

‘It seems we have some unneeded company approaching our location,’ JT mentally replied to Brian’s mental thoughts.  ‘It looks like our little getaway from things is about…’


“What the fuck!”  The waiter screamed as some soldiers stormed the area, knocking things over and destroying property as they arrived on the scene.

“Oh this isn’t good!”  JT snapped as Brian vanished in a blur and then returned, wearing his costume.

“Baby, go ahead and transform already,” Brian said as JT held out his hand as his eyes glowed an eerie purple color as the strange ribbon-like energy surrounded his body, changing his street clothes into his costume.  “See, Chase and Malevolent are in the house now.”

“I guess so,” JT responded as he rolled his eyes.  “We have to take these guys down and quick, before they hurt innocent bystanders.”

“On it babe,” Brian stated as he disappeared as a few of the soldiers’ rifles disappeared and then reappeared in multiple pieces on the floor at their feet.  “That didn’t take long at all.”

“It didn’t, but I feel there is something else going on here,” JT stated as his eyes glowed an eerie green color as his facial expression changed as he’s lifted off his feet by an invisible force and then he was thrown into the wall.  “Owwww!”

“Malevolent!”  Brian screamed as JT groaned as his body caught on fire as he moved along the wall as it seemed as if something was trying to hold him in place.

“I don’t know which one of you are doing this, but you’re going down when I find you!”  JT snapped as his eyes flared with magical and psychic energy as his sword of psychic energy appeared in one hand and a strange metallic-like rod appeared in the other.  “Cosmic stella potest immutare – Up[1]!”

“Malevolent, are you okay?  Why are you transforming again?”  Brian asked, running around the area, using his super speed to knock a few of the soldiers down and out.

‘Someone or something is blocking me… somewhat holding me back!  It seems I’m not allowed to use my regular powers.  So, to even the odds, I figured it was time for an upgrade to my ultimate form so I could use my other powers,’ JT mentally spoke with Brian just as his eyes glowed an eerie purple color as he gestured with his hand as the metallic-like rod glowed brightly.  “Gloria Mundi[2]!”

Motioning with his hand, a wave of magical energy emanated from the rod that JT held towards the ceiling, the energy bathing the whole area in a golden light as the remaining military soldiers were knocked backwards, sending them smashing through a wall and landing outside on the ground as patrons that were walking by, quickly turned and ran in the other direction, trying to get away from the scene.  With the sound of a strange scream, the strange ribbon-like energy flared around JT’s body, transforming him back into his regular street clothes as his body floated down to the floor.  Brian rushing over to JT’s side, he removed his goggles, trying to make sure his boyfriend was okay.

“Are you alright baby?”  Brian asked, holding JT in his arms as he looked at him closely.

“Don’t worry about me.  I need you to check on the regular people here.  Make sure that they’re all okay,” JT stated as his eyes glowed the eerie purple color again as he vanished from the area.

“No!  Where did he go?  Is he okay?”  Brian asked as he looked around and then took off running to do what JT had asked of him.

Washington, D.C. — The Pentagon


“Ranger!”  JT yelled, appearing in the air above the Pentagon.  “Come on Ranger, come on out!  Go ahead and show yourself damn it!”

Floating in mid-air, JT emanated telekinetic energy all around his body as the bolts of energy zapped the ground, causing things to shake and rumble.  Hovering lower within the atmosphere, closer to a few buildings within the Pentagon airspace, JT lashed out with his powers, shaking a few buildings near him, trying to get the attention of the person he sought.

Not getting the results he was aiming for, JT used his powers to warp the weather as the sky filled with dark clouds.  With a smile, JT motioned with his hand as multiple bolts of lightning struck different areas on the ground.  After a moment, a few helicopters with sharp shooters took flight while tons of military soldiers stormed the grounds, firing their weapons of JT.

“Come out, come out, wherever you are Ranger.  I know you’re down there some damn where!  Don’t make me come down there to find you!”  JT yelled as he motioned with his hand, using his telekinetic powers to strike at one of the helicopters, sending it hurdling towards the ground, crashing and catching fire.  “Stop playing with me Ranger, I don’t like being toyed with!  Let’s go ahead and get this over with!”

More moments passed as more soldiers arrived on the scene, firing their weapons at JT.  Shaking his head, JT waved his hand in the soldiers’ directions, sending them flying through the air, crashing into other objects.  Tired of waiting for what he was after, JT waved his hand through the air as his eyes glowed a strange goldish color as a strange portal-like phenomenon appeared before him as he reached his hand into it and then the phenomenon disappeared as General Ranger materialized in front of him.

“Hi there Ranger, I’m sure you heard me calling for you!”  JT snapped as he held General Ranger by the collar of his uniform.

“What… How… You aren’t supposed to be able to do what you just did!  How did you do that?”  General Ranger asked as JT laughed, holding him tighter.

“How are you to know what I’m supposed to be able to do?”  JT asked, his eyes flaring with psychic energy as their surroundings changed from day to night, trees and other plants taking on a demonic-like appearance as a mirror appeared behind General Ranger.  “I’ve grown tired of you and your little friends down there in that damn building!  I’ve come to the conclusion that a direct approach was necessary to solve things with you and your little friends down there that are currently plaguing this world.”


“Well hey there buddy, what’s going on?”  Darren asked, appearing in a burst of light near JT and General Ranger.  “Malevolent, what’s going on here?  What are you doing?”

“What’s going on here is that I’m solving a very big problem,” JT answered, turning and looking at Darren.  “Why are you here Conjurer?”

“I’m here because I detected the use of myriad levels of…” Darren replied as JT interrupted him.

“So, you detected the use of magical energies here and you came a runnin’?  Is that right Conjurer?”  JT asked as Darren nodded his head.  “Guess what, that’s not going to change at all around here.  I’m about to do what I should’ve done a long time ago.”

“No buddy, not that way.  I can’t let you do that,” Darren stated as his eyes glowed a strange, eerie blue color as he pointed in JT’s direction as magical energy projected from his eyes, zapping JT as magical energy bonds appeared around JT’s hands, holding him in place.

“What in the hell do you think you’re doing?”  JT asked, looking at Darren as General Ranger’s body floated away from the mirror that floated behind him.  “You must be mad!”

“I’m not mad, but I think you are,” Darren responded as JT shook his head as his eyes glowed brightly as the magical bonds around his hands dissipated.

“Are you out of your damn mind?  You dare pit your puny manipulation of magic against mine?”  JT asked as he waved his hand in Darren’s direction, sending his body plunging backwards, slamming into a tree on the ground.  “You must have me confused with some parlor trick peddler that performs in Vegas or something!  I am the sovereign ruler of the realm of Limbo!  Do you understand what that means?”

“It doesn’t mean that you can’t be stopped,” Darren replied as he floated closer to JT as his eyes glowed a goldish yellow color, zapping JT with magical energy again as magical energy bonds wrapped around JT’s entire body, holding him tight.  “I’m not going to allow you to kill this man, especially if you’re going to use magic to do it.  If you do that, the balance of this plane of existence could be offset.  That would doom us all!”

“Are you crazy?  Open your eyes man, we’re already doomed!  If we leave that damn monster in control of what he and his damn friends are doing, we’re all as good as dead!”  JT snapped, his voice causing things around him to shake and rumble.  “He’s a very evil man!  He’s trying to kill all of us!  He doesn’t care if you’re human or not!  If you’re different or special in some way, he’s going to do his damn worst!”

“No Malevolent, that’s not true,” Darren stated as JT shook his head as his eyes crackled with energy as the magical bonds around his body dispersed as Darren held his head.  “He’s not the evil…”

“He’s evil!  It’s time for you to finally see the truth about what he’s done!”  JT yelled as he flew towards Darren as he vanished quickly and then reappeared behind Darren, almost looking as if he were a shadow as his hand connected to Darren’s head as the man screamed out.  “See the truth of what that monster has done!”

“No, stop it!  Stop it now!”  Darren screamed as images flooded his mind of the things that General Ranger had done to others.  “No, make it stop!  Please make it stop!”

“No you need to see what that monster has done to others… our own kind!  You need to see all the things that he’s capable of doing to each and every one of us!”  JT screamed as a portal appeared as Tara, Brian, Walden, Carter, Helia and Zee emerged as General Ranger’s body fell to the ground as Zee transformed into her hybrid cat form, leapt into the air and then caught his body before he could hit the ground.

“What in the hell is going on here?”  Tara asked, looking around as Zee laid General Ranger’s body on the ground.

‘I’m showing your husband the error of his ways Tara,’ JT mentally spoke to Tara as Darren’s eyes glowed brightly, projecting magical energy around the two of them as they vanished just as she flew up to confront them.

“What in the hell just happened to them?  Did Malevolent do that?”  Brian asked, looking up at Tara.  “Where did they go?”

“I’m not sensing either of them nearby,” Tara replied, landing on the ground next to Brian and Walden.  “Is that creep okay?”

“I think he’s unconscious or something,” Zee replied, looking at General Ranger closely.  “I felt a pulse, so he’s not dead or anything.”

“He may not be dead, but even unconscious, he’s still a shifty character to look out for,” Tara stated as there was a strange phenomenon above them as the sky caught on fire as JT and Darren appeared.

“That doesn’t look good,” Helia spoke as she shielded her eyes, trying to look up at the sky.

“What in the hell is happening up there?”  Brian asked, looking up at the sky.  “Malevolent, are you okay?”

“Can it man, now isn’t the time to be concerned about your boyfriend,” Walden stated, shaking his head.  “We’re in the middle of enemy ground… we need to be concerned about keeping ourselves safe.”

“He’s right,” Tara stated, flying into the air, heading towards JT and Darren.

‘Are you even listening to me Darren?  Why are you fighting me on this matter?’  JT mentally spoke to Darren as the two of them tussled in the air, zapping each other with magical energy beams.

“I’m not going to allow you to use magic to destroy anyone, especially that man.  Regardless of how evil he is, there has to be a different way of solving things.  Magic isn’t the answer,” Darren stated as he pushed JT away from his body just as his body shimmered with light as his costume appeared.

“Fine, have it your way,” JT stated, floating backwards as he lashed out with his powers as magical flame, psionic energy and lightning struck Darren, knocking him backwards a bit, leaving his costume smoking.

“Stop it!”  Tara screamed, reaching Darren as she grabbed his hand as her armor disappeared from her body and then reappeared on Darren’s body as JT lashed out again, striking the two of them with his powers as he vanished and then reappeared on the ground in front of Zee and General Ranger.

“Thanks, he’s what I was looking for,” JT said as Zee jumped back as JT grabbed General Ranger and then disappeared with him.

“No!”  Darren yelled as he and Tara landed on the ground in front of Zee.  “Damn it, you should’ve stopped him!”

“What did you expect me to do, I’m just a cat.  I’m not going up against him and all of his powers,” Zee stated as she glared at Darren.  “We’re supposed to be on the same side here, stopping that evil creep from hurting people like us and here you are, trying to help him.”

“I’m not trying to help him, I’m trying to save all of us,” Darren stated, shaking his head as he turned his back to Zee.  “If Malevolent uses his magic to kill General Ranger, like he plans to do, that means our world is in grave danger.  If one uses magic to take a life, that life must be taken also to balance out the universe.”

“What are you trying to say here man?”  Brian asked, looking at Darren closely.

“I’m saying that if Malevolent kills General Ranger with his magic, he must also be killed to balance the universe out,” Darren replied as Brian shook his head and then ran off, disappearing from view.

“Come on, how do you know he’s trying to kill General Ranger?”  Walden asked as he looked down and then shook his head.  “Never mind, he’s always trying to kill somebody.”

“We have to stop him, before the world is doomed,” Darren stated as he looked around just as there was a loud crash as a bolt of lightning struck a building near them as JT’s body appeared in a burst of light and then fell to the ground.  “Over there!”

“No!”  JT’s voice was heard as Tara landed on the ground where he lay.  “Stop!  Make it stop!”

“Malevolent, what’s wrong?  What’s happened?”  Tara asked as she knelt close to JT’s body, trying to touch him as the strange, ribbon-like energy surrounded his body, keeping his costume constantly changing between his costume and his regular clothes.  “Come on Malevolent, what’s going on here?”

“Did you fools really think I was just going to let you actually walk in here and hurt me?”  General Ranger asked with a smile on his face as he appeared from the shadows, standing over JT and Tara.  “I want to thank you all for coming here.  You made things very easy for me to capture all of you.  I finally have the powerhouse, the magician, the speedster and the amazon warrior.  You all will be the perfect weapons I need to stop the coming war.”

“What in the hell did you do to him?”  Tara asked, standing up quickly, taking on a defensive stance.

“Oh come now, you shouldn’t be worried about him, you need to be worried more about yourself,” General Ranger stated with a smile as he pressed a button on his wrist module as there was a loud noise as Tara looked around quickly and then back at him.  “Now I have the strong man, a cat and my prized possession that you all stole from me.”

“Forgive me Malevolent,” Tara stated as she leaned down to JT, kissed his forehead and then flew off into the air, leaving him on the ground with General Ranger.

“Come back here you freak!”  General Ranger screamed as he pressed another button on his wrist module as the air lit up like it was filled with energy as Tara flew into the area, being shocked as if she was being zapped with electricity.


“Noooooo!”  Tara screamed out as her eyes flared with energy, her eyes closing as her body fell to the ground, hitting hard as a few soldiers rushed over to where she landed, aiming their guns at her.

“Is she out?”  General Ranger asked, speaking into a microphone on his wrist.

“Yes sir,” one of the soldiers responded as General Ranger smiled and then laughed.

“She actually thought she was going to get away from me,” General Ranger stated as he walked towards Tara.  “Now that she’s out, I can get what I need from her.”

“What are you doing to us?”  Darren asked as a few soldiers walked him over to where General Ranger stood.

“That’s none of your concern for right now,” General Ranger stated as he grabbed Tara by her throat, lifting her up off the ground as he injected something into her arm as he pressed a button on his wristband and then threw her down to the ground.

“No, stop!”  Darren screamed and struggled with the soldiers.  “What did you do to her?”

“Shut the hell up!”  General Ranger snapped as he slapped Darren across the face, knocking him unconscious as he injected something into his arm also.  “I have their DNA now and I’ll add it to the others.  Make sure my new toys are inside and ready for phase two.  Be sure to put him in with Ms. Burns and let’s see what happens when the two telepaths encounter each other.”

“Yes sir,” another soldier responded as the soldiers started collecting the fallen comrades.

To Be Continued…

[1] Translated from Latin = Cosmic Star Power, Change-Up!

[2] Translated from Latin = Silent World!