The Chastayne Life – Chapter 4

Chapter 4 — The Past Comes a Knocking

Saturday Evening — Albany, NY — The Chastayne-Donovan Home – The Living Room

“Where is Kevin now baby?”  Alex asked.

“No one knows where he is,” JT replied as he looked down again.  “He’s been gone for so long, we all—we all think he’s dead.”

“That’s because he is dead,” Alex stated with a frown.  “You know as well as anyone that James isn’t going to allow any loose ends with his business.  Kevin was a very big loose end.  Right now, you’re a loose end to him and his business.  The one thing that James loves besides his family is his money and he’s not going to let you do something to cause a problem for his money.”

“I—I’m not worried about him,” JT stated as Alex shook his head again.

“You may not be worried about him, but I am baby,” Alex stated as he pulled JT into his arms.  “I love you and I don’t want to lose you.  Come on baby, I’m not ready to become a single parent here.  I along with those two boys upstairs need you.”

“You’re not going to lose me Alex,” JT stated as he leaned in and kissed Alex’s mouth.

“I hope you’re right baby,” Alex stated as he rested his head on JT’s shoulder as more of his tears fell.

Sunday Night — The Chastayne Family Estate — The Patio

“Well hello darling, how is my loving daughter doing this evening?”  Geraldine asked, walking out onto the patio as she took a seat in one of the lounge chairs.

“Hello Mother,” Ashley, the youngest daughter of the Chastayne children replied in a cold tone as she looked up from the book she browsed through.

“Why darling, why do I get the feeling that I’m treading through muddy waters, being here, talking to you right now?”  Geraldine asked.

“Did you hear what’s going on with Daddy and John?”  Ashley asked s she turned on the lounger chair to face her mother.

“What’s happened now?”  Geraldine asked as she fanned herself and then motioned with her hand, getting the butler’s attention as he walked over.  “I need a drink.”

“Yes ma’am,” the butler replied, walking over to the bar that was nearby as he picked up the Vodka bottle, filled a glass on the counter and then added some soda as he opened a box, picked up a toothpick with a cherry on it and then placed it in the glass as he carried the drink over to Geraldine, handing it to her.  “Madame.”

“Thank you,” Geraldine spoke as she turned her attention back to Ashley.  “It’s always something with the men in this family.”

“Mother, John quit the firm,” Ashley stated as Geraldine waved her hand dismissively at her.  “And then Daddy went to John’s house last night and tried to talk to him and they got into an argument or something.”

“Okay, hold the phone, what you say now?”  Geraldine asked, looking at Ashley strangely.  “They talked at the office when John walked out, but that was it.”

“No Mother, Daddy went to John’s house last night and got into a big argument with him,” Ashley stated with a mean look on her face.  “Why is Daddy always trying to start trouble with him?”

“You know how they are,” Geraldine replied as she snapped her fingers as a woman rushed over to where she sat.  “I need another drink Magdalena, make sure it’s stiffer than the one he made.”

“Yes ma’am,” the woman replied as a shadow loomed over Geraldine and Ashley.

“Whoever you are, you’re standing in the light,” Ashley stated as she turned around to see her father standing there.  “Sorry Daddy.”

“Hello Baby-girl,” James said as he leaned down and then kissed the top of Ashley’s head as he moved over to Geraldine and then kissed her lips.  “Baby, what are you doing here?  I thought you were going to be out with Dahlia and the other girls tonight.”

“Plans changed,” Geraldine stated as she looked up at James.  “So, what happened with you and John last night?  I don’t remember you telling me anything about it.”

“What are you talking about?”  James asked as Geraldine raised an eye at him.

“You know what I’m talking about James.  Don’t play dumb with me.  What happened with you two last night?”  Geraldine asked as she accepted the drink from Magdalena and then sipped it.  “Thank you, this is fine.”

“Don’t start no mess with me woman,” James stated as Ashley sighed, got up and then walked away, going into the house.

“James, I’m getting tired of this mess,” Geraldine stated as she looked up at him.  “There’s something with you every time I see you.  I’m really getting tired of playing referee between you and our children.  Enough is enough already.”

“I’ll say when it’s enough,” James stated as he looked over at Geraldine.  “We’re the parents, not them.  They walk around here, acting like they damn crazy!  I’m not going to have a child of mine, talk to me like I’m no damn body!”

“What did you expect to happen James?  You the one that had been spying on the boy,” Geraldine stated as she took a sip of her drink.  “Did you really think he was just going to be buddy-buddy with you?  He’s a grown ass man that has a life of his own, a life that you have nothing to do with.  Because you don’t agree with the things that he does, doesn’t mean you can do what you do.  There has to be boundaries James.”

“This coming from the woman that used to set up dates for her daughter and niece,” James stated as he shook his head.  “I’m not going to have you telling me how to deal with our children!”

“Either take my advice or you deal with the consequences when they cut you out of their lives,” Geraldine stated as she shook her head.  “From the sounds of things, John has already done that.”

“He can’t cut me out of his life, I’ll make him keep me in it,” James stated as Geraldine shook her head again.  “He…”

“Listen to yourself James,” Geraldine stated as she sighed.  “Do you think I enjoy being in this house with no laughter, no happiness?”

“What are you trying to say woman?”  James asked as he glared at Geraldine.

“There’s no happiness in this house James,” Geraldine replied with a frown on her face as she took another sip of her drink.  “Because of your actions, I can’t even have a relationship with my—our grandchildren.”

“What grandchildren?”  James asked as he looked at Geraldine strangely.

“Your son’s kids,” Geraldine stated as she took another sip of her drink.

“Our son doesn’t have any kids, he just have those adopted kidlets, that cause so many distractions for him, when he should be working for me,” James stated as Geraldine shook her head.

“For a man that claims he knows everything, you don’t know nothing,” Geraldine stated as she got up from the lounge chair and stood in front of James.  “Mason and Caleb are his kids, they are not adopted.”

“What do you mean they aren’t adopted?”  James asked as Geraldine shook her head and then walked past him.

“You’re a grown ass man, I’m sure you can figure it out,” Geraldine stated as she walked into the house.

“Excuse me, Mrs. Chastayne, you—you have a visitor,” a young woman spoke as she walked up to Geraldine.

“Well who is it Vivian?”  Geraldine asked as she looked at the young woman strangely.

“She—she says her name is Donna,” the young woman replied as Geraldine looked at her strangely as the young woman continued.  “She—she doesn’t seem well.”

“Where is she?”  Geraldine asked.

“She—she’s down in the study,” the young woman replied as Geraldine shook her head, handed her drink to the young woman and then she walked down the hall quickly.

The Taurus Club

“Hi there, may I help you sir?”  A woman spoke as she walked up to the man that had walked into the area.

“Your name is?”  The man asked as he looked at the woman closely.

“Sir, is there something I can help you with?”  The woman asked as she looked at the man closely.

“Why yes, you can tell me what your name is,” the man stated as the woman motioned with her head to a man that stood near the door.

“Why is my name of any concern to you?”  The woman asked as a man walked up behind the man she spoke with.

“I would like to know the name of the woman that is here in my building,” the man stated as the man that stood behind him, cleared his throat and then moved around in front of him as he stopped in his tracks and then covered his mouth quickly.

“Oh God,” the man spoke as he looked at the other man, looking as if he had seen a ghost as he shook his head and then stepped back.  “Who are you man?”

“You know who I am Dougie,” the man replied as the other man shook his head quickly and then backed up, turning to leave as the other man smiled, opened his blazer and then pulled out a gun as he aimed and then shot the man through the back of his head as he turned his attention back to the woman just as the body hit the floor and the woman covered her mouth quickly, trying to keep her scream from escaping her lips.  “Now, back to you.  Who are you and why are you in my building?”

“Oh God, you just… Ah… Well… My… Who are you?”  The woman asked as the man looked at her as if she was crazy as she took a look at the man that lay on the floor in front of her as she turned her attention back to the man that held the gun that was pointed at her.  “Please… Please don’t kill me.”

“Who are you?”  The man asked.

“My name is Janet… Janet Rayner… Please sir… Please don’t kill me,” the woman begged as she covered her chest as the man smiled at her and then lowered the gun.

“So tell me Janet… Janet Rayner, who are you working for here?”  The man asked.

“I’m not working for anyone here,” the woman replied as the man raised an eye at her and then held the gun out at her again.  “All right, I work for Mr. Chastayne… He—he owns this place, please don’t kill me!”

“If you holler like that one more time, killing you will be a reality,” the man said with a small smile as he laughed and then turned around.  “If you want to live, you’ll get your shit and come with me.”

“Go with you where?”  The woman asked as the man stopped walking and then turned back around.

“You can either come with me right now or you can stay here forever, resting in peace,” the man spoke in a cold tone as the woman’s eyes widened as she moved quickly, grabbing some things from a nearby table as she stepped over the man that lay on the floor and then stood next to the man.  “See, you see things my way.”

“Yes sir,” the woman replied as the man opened the door as the two of them walked through the doors.

“When the big man shows up to see that, he’ll know what’s up,” the man stated with a smile as the doors closed as he and the woman walked over to a waiting limo and then got in.

Half Hour Later — The Chastayne Family Estate — Geraldine’s Study

“Why in the hell are you here Donna?”  Geraldine asked, looking at the woman with a mean look on her face.  “For the life of me, I don’t understand why you chose to brang your nasty ass here of all places!”

“I—I came here because I had no place else to go,” the woman replied as Geraldine shook her head.  “Please Geraldine, please… I—I need help here.”

“No, you don’t need help from here,” Geraldine stated as she shook her head.  “I’m not traveling down that muthafuckin’ road with you again.”

“Please Geraldine, please help me,” the woman pleaded as Geraldine turned her back on the woman.  “I don’t have any place else to go.  My—my…”

“Can that shit Donna, I’ve heard it all before.  I’m not up to hearing your little story and I’m not fucking interested in it!”  Geraldine snapped, turning around as the woman clasped her hands together, acting as if she were praying.

“What am I supposed to do Geraldine, you—you were my last resort,” the woman stated.

“Do you think I give a damn Donna?”  Geraldine asked as she crossed her arms across her chest.  “Out of all the places you could’ve gone, why in the hell did you crawl your ass here?”

“I—I came here because you’re my friend Geraldine,” the woman replied as she stood up and then walked towards Geraldine.  “I came here because we were girls and…”

“Donna, that was way before you did what you did!”  Geraldine snapped, throwing her hands up..  “That boy doesn’t need to see you here!”

“But—but I want to see him,” the woman replied as she looked down at her closed hands.  “I’ve thought of nothing but him for the last… I couldn’t help it that Harold didn’t want a child.”

“You silly fucking bitch!”  Geraldine screamed, turning around and pointing her finger in the woman’s face.  “You should’ve chosen your child, not some damn man that turned his back on you when you really needed him!”

“No Geraldine, it wasn’t like that, really it wasn’t,” the woman stated as she shook her head.  “I…”

“That fool made you choose between being the mother of your child or being with has no-good, low-down, dirty ass!”  Geraldine screamed as she pointed her finger in the woman’s face.  “You made the wrong fucking choice Donna, but that’s okay!”

“I made the right choice Geraldine,” the woman stated, shaking her head as the tears streamed down her face.

“You are out of your fucking mind woman!”  Geraldine screamed as she pointed her fingers in the woman’s face.  “His dick wasn’t that damn good!  Hell, I’ve seen and fucked better!”

“G—Geraldine,” the woman said as Geraldine shook her head and then smacked her across the face.  “You… You…”

“Damn right I did!”  Geraldine screamed as the tears streamed down her face.  “That boy needed you, but you choose some damn man that…”

“I chose a man that decided to take care of me and not kill me or my child,” the woman stated as she sniffled as she pushed Geraldine backwards, trying to get away from her grasp.  “If I hadn’t done what he wanted, he would’ve killed me and Dylan.”

“What!”  Geraldine screamed as someone knocked at the door to the room.  “Go away!”

“Geraldine, open this damn door!”  James’ voice could be heard as the knocking continued.  “Open this damn door right now woman!”

“I said go away!”  Geraldine screamed as she turned and looked at the door as she shook her head.

“I’m not leaving from this damn door until I get some answers woman!  Open this damn door!”  James yelled as he banged on the door again.

“Fine,” Geraldine relented as she unlocked and then opened the door as James stood there watching her.  “What in pray tell do you want James?

“What’s with all the damn yelling woman?”  James asked as he walked further into the room and then looked around.  “Donna Owens, what in the hell are you doing back here?”

“That’s none of your business James,” Geraldine stated as she glared at James, walking around in front of him, trying to block his view of the woman.  “She’s not here to be your whore anymore James.”

“Woman, don’t you start no shit with me tonight.  I’m in no damn mood for anything you want to start,” James stated as he eyed Geraldine and then looked over her shoulder at the woman.  “I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow and I would like to get some damn sleep.  I can’t do that with all the hootin’ and hollerin’ you two are doing here.”

“Get out of here James and…” Geraldine said as James shook his head and then held up his hand, interrupting her.

“I’m going back to bed.  Don’t make me come back down here woman,” James stated as he pointed his finger in Geraldine’s face and then walked out of the room.  “Goodnight women.”

“Bye,” Geraldine stated as she closed and then locked the door again.  “Now back to your ass.”

“Please Geraldine, I—I need a place to stay and I… I would like to see Dylan,” the woman stated as Geraldine’s eyes widened.  “I’ll get a job and do what I can to prove to you that I’m a changed woman.”

“The only thing that’s changed about you is your damn hair color ho,” Geraldine stated as she shook her head.

“Please Geraldine, I—I just need some time to get back on my feet and then…” The woman stated as Geraldine shook her head and then sighed.

“And then what Donna?”  Geraldine asked as she turned to look at the woman.  “You get enough money and then you run off again?  Is that the plan you have in your head Donna?  Do I look like a damn fool to you?”

“No Geraldine,” the woman replied as more tears fell from her eyes.  “I—I just need a chance here Geraldine and you’re the one that can give me that chance.  I want to prove to you that I have changed.  I can’t do that without a place to live and a job.”

“Fine then Donna, you have a job,” Geraldine replied as she turned around and then pressed a button on the wall.  “Vivian, come down to my study please.”

“Thank you,” the woman spoke, getting up off the floor, dusting off her knees and then looking at Geraldine.

“To start, I’ll have one of the maids set you up, in a room here, in a different part of the house.  In order for you to stay here, you can’t tell anyone that you’re Dylan’s mother.  Do you understand that Donna?”  Geraldine asked as the woman nodded her head.  “Good, then see that you don’t break that rule and I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Thank you Geraldine,” the woman said as someone knocked on the door.

“Go ahead and get that, it’s probably Vivian,” Geraldine stated as the woman walked over to the door, unlocked and opened it, only to see Dylan Chastayne standing there.

“Dylan,” the woman spoke softly, backing away from the door as Geraldine’s head snapped up.

“What’s going on?”  Geraldine asked, moving past the woman to see Dylan at the door.  “Boy, what are you doing down here right now?”

“Hi Mom, I came to talk to you about something, but I see that you are already busy with a visitor, I guess I’ll talk with you in the morning.”

“You do that,” Geraldine stated as she ushered Dylan out of the room and then closed the door back.

“That was my baby,” the woman softly said as she looked down at the floor.  “He’s all grown up and he’s so handsome.  He looks like his father.”

“Yes, he looks just like that bastard and that’s not a good thing,” Geraldine stated as she turned back to the woman.  “Dylan lives in this house.  If you want to remain a guest here, you better keep your distance from him.  Promise me Donna.”

“I…” The woman trailed off ad Geraldine forcefully turned her around, looking her in the face.

“Promise me Donna,” Geraldine spoke as some more tears fell from the woman’s eyes.

“I promise,” the woman replied as she sniffled and then wiped at her eyes.

“You stay away from him and everything will be fine and dandy,” Geraldine stated as she sighed.  “I don’t need that young man getting to know you and then you up and disappear from his life again or better yet, you introduce him to that bastard of a father and cause a way bigger problem.”

“I’ll stay away from him like you said,” the woman responded as she looked down, wiping at the tears of her eyes as Geraldine shook her head.

To Be Continued…