The Past Comes Knocking – Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – Secrets Out

May 24, 2004 – Baltimore, MD – A Super8 Motel Room


“He left me… He actually left me.  He—he didn’t even give me a chance to say anything else to him.  I—I’ve tried calling him over and over again, but he’s not answering any of my calls.

Why?  Why is he doing this to me?  Does he really hate me that badly?  Why doesn’t he talk to me?  I—I thought he loved me, like I love him.  I guess I really have nothing to live for now.  He was the one that was keeping me going through all of this.  It wasn’t the damn fans or the fame; it was knowing that he was around with me.  I—I thought he knew that he was the real light of my life.  I guess I was wrong, yet again.

I guess I have a reason to sing Sybil’s song now, that I’m heartbroken again.  I guess Make It Easy On Me would fit for my life right now for sure.

Make it easy on me, just walk away and set me free.
Don’t try to do it gently just to please me, make it easy… easy on me…


Don’t keep me dreaming if all the hope is gone
If its all over, don’t keep me hanging on
I can’t stay and dream my life away
in some kind of wonderland
And if to help me honestly, not make a fool of me
my heart will understand

Make it easy on me, just walk away and set me free.
Don’t try to do it gently just to please me,
make it easy… easy on me…


If its the time to go
If it’s the last goodbye
Never turn around…
Don’t want you to see me cry
Don’t make me stay and
wish my time away in some fools paradise
Don’t give any hope to me
Spin any lies for me
Make the truth plain to see

Make it easy on me, just walk away and set me free.
Don’t try to do it gently just to please me,
make it easy… easy on me…


But if you hurt me honestly
Than make a fool of me
My heart will learn how to change

Make it easy on me, just walk away and set me free. 
Don’t try to do it gently just to please me,
make it easy… easy on me…

No, this isn’t easy!  Cameron didn’t do a good job of making this easy for me.  He just up and walked out of me, without even a damn goodbye.  He—he didn’t let me—let me do what I wanted to do.  I—I wish there was something I could do to make him listen to me.  What can I do to get him to see me again?  I—I gotta do something to bring him back to me.  Maybe—maybe it’s too late…

Los Angeles, CA – The Home of Josh Charles

Josh’s POV

Whoooo!  It’s been a really long day and I’m glad I’m finally home.  I should’ve been here two hours ago, but my hold up at the music store kept me busy.  If I’d known that I would’ve been swamped, signing autographs and such, I would’ve taken more security in with me, than the few guys that the company stuck me with.  I’ll know next time that I’ll need a lot more guys to be with me, especially when I go to functions like that.  If it wasn’t for the men that worked in the store already, I probably would’ve been torn to pieces by those crazy fans.  This is the last time that I do a promotional appearance for a damn TV show.

Now that I’m home, I’m not going to think about or do anything work-related, not until tomorrow or the next day at least.  I’m going to go grab a shower first and then I’ll find some food.  Once I’ve finished supper, then I’ll settle in for the night.  I know it’s really early, but I just don’t have the willpower to will myself to go out tonight.  I don’t really feel like pushing the groupies off of me either.  Back in the day, that shit was fun and okay, but now, it’s gotten really old and way past its prime.  I just want to hang around here and just chill out.

“Rocko!  Bebe!”  I called out, wondering where the dogs were.  I haven’t seen or heard either of them since I’ve been here.  I guess they’re somewhere upstairs or possibly out back.  “Hmmm, who could’ve called and left so many messages for me today?  If the matter was so important, why didn’t they just call my cell?”

Rubbing my head, I pressed the playback button on the answering machine and waited for the messages to rattle off.  Skipping through the first set, I stopped pressing the delete button when I got to one from my friend Justin.

= Josh, Justin here.  I don’t know if you’ve seen the news or read any of those damn tabloids, but JT’s in trouble man.  I don’t believe any of the stuff they’re saying about him, but anyway, I called to let you know that I’m going to find him and help him and Nicole out.  You know if they’re smearing his name, they’ll be doing the same to hers real soon.  It’s just a matter of time before they make up some shit about her and beat her down too.  I know you still have feelings for her.  If you want to try to get her back for once, hop the next plane to New York and meet me there.  I hope to see you soon man. =

No, I—I can’t face her.  I can’t face her again.  She—she hurt me once and I don’t think I can go through that kind of hurt again.  I just can’t do that.  He—he’s asking for too much.  I—I just can’t do that.  I would love to see her again, but it’ll hurt me way too much in the long run.  I just can’t do that, I just can’t.  The wound that she left in my heart is still open.  Just the thought of her is causing me pain.  I’m sure he knows that just being near her would hurt me.

With all the stuff that happened in the past, why would he even suggest that I go anywhere near her.  Talking of hurt, why is he going to find the man that broke his heart?  Hell, he got hurt just like I did, so why would he think of opening the wounds of his own heart?  From what he told me, JT ripped his heart out of his chest and then threw it on the ground and stomped on it a few times.  So, why is he going after him?

New York City, NY – The Marius Hilton – Nikki’s Hotel Room

“So, let me get this straight, no pun intended,” Vanessa said as she looked at Marc.  “JT said ‘no’ to your sexual advances and then you got pissed off at him?  Is that what happened to get us to where we are right now?  Is that a correct assumption, based on what Mo’ette and the girls have said Marc?”

“No Vanessa, that’s not a correct assumption at all!”  Marc snapped, glaring at her.  “I didn’t do anything to him or anyone else!  That bitch is lying on me as usual!”

“That’s it!”  Mo’ette snapped as she grabbed Marc by the throat and then slammed him up against the wall.  “I told you earlier today that you only had one more chance to call me out of my name, before I got into that ass and not in a good way either!  You blew it bastard!”

“G-get your—hands—offa—me!”  Marc got out in between gasps as he struggled to get away from Mo’ette.  “What—what are you girls—just standing—there—for—help me!”

“Naw playa, you brought that ass whooping on yourself,” Glitter said as she backed away as Mo’ette pushed Marc down to the floor and then started kicking him in the side.  “Whoop his ass, beat him like he stole money from you!”

“He did that fucking shit too!” Mo’ette screamed as she went into overdrive, kicking at Marc as the door swung open as a tall white man rushed into the room.

“Baby, you need to stop!”  The man yelled as he walked towards Mo’ette slowly with his hands up in the air.

“David… What are you doing here?”  Mo’ette asked, turning to look at the man.

“When I saw the news about what was happening here with your friend, I figured you would show up here to help him,” the man replied as he walked over to Mo’ette with open arms.  “You need to calm down baby.”

“I—I can’t,” Mo’ette replied, trying to get herself calmed down as Marc coughed.

“Please baby, please don’t let that rascal make you do something you’ll regret later on,” the man said as he turned and looked at Marc, motioning for him to leave the room.  “I know he hurt you, but don’t let that hurt control you right now.  Think about the good times baby.  If you want, you can think of it as if it wasn’t for the hurt that he caused you, you never would’ve met me.”

“David,” Mo’ette said as the door to the room opened again as JT stood there with a mean look on his face.

“JT!”  Vanessa exclaimed as she walked towards JT as he held up his hand, stopping her.  “Baby, where have you been?”

“You!”  JT screamed as he ran over to Marc, grabbed him by his shirt collar and then slammed him against the wall.  “So, this is how you get your revenge on me?  You hurt me, like you hurt her!  How could you do this to me, to all of us?”

“I—I don’t know what—what you—you’re talking—talking about—buddy, but I—I’m glad… Really glad to see you,” Marc said as he moved away from JT quickly.  “Where have you been buddy?”

“I’m not your buddy!”  JT snapped, turning away from Marc.  “I—I can’t believe you did this!”

“I didn’t do this JT,” Marc said as he walked towards JT with outstretched arms.  “I had nothing to do with what’s going on around here.”

“You fucking liar!  You’re nothing but a bold face liar!”  JT snapped as Marc stepped back.  “I know you, I know you did this!”

“I didn’t, honest I didn’t,” Marc responded as he shook his head.  “I didn’t do this to you.”

“But you did it to Mo’ette,” Glitter said as she got up and then walked towards Marc.  “Why should we believe what you’re saying now?  If you did it to her, why not have reason to believe that you didn’t do it to JT?”

“I didn’t do this,” Marc stated as he looked down.

“Then, if it wasn’t you, then who fucking did it Marc?”  JT asked, turning away from everyone in the room.  “Is this happening to me because I turned you down the other night?  Well is it?”

“So, that part is true,” Nikki said as she looked over at Marc.  “This is because JT wouldn’t be with you?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Marc said as he glared at Nikki and then turned away from her.

“What!  You don’t know what I’m talking about?”  JT asked as he grabbed Marc again and then threw him against another wall as some security guards rushed into the room, grabbing him, doing their best to hold him back.  “Before I left the other night, you don’t remember what you fucking did?  Really Marc?  Really?”


May 21, 2004 (After the Concert) – New York City, NY – The Excelsior Hotel – JT’s Hotel Room

“What in the hell are you doing here?”  JT asked as he stood in the doorway, looking at the pissed off expression on his manager’s face.

“What in the hell was that at the show tonight JT?”  Marc Prestige asked, walking past JT into the room.  “Are you trying to ruin your damn career?  It was like you skated through every damn dong you sang tonight.”

“No, the real question is what in the hell do you want Marc?  I’m soooo not in the mood for dealing with you right now,” JT stated as he walked over to the mini-bar in the room, pulled out the bottle of Vodka and then poured himself a drink.

“Fuck it JT, you better get yourself into the mood then,” Marc said as he walked over to JT, took the glass out of his hand and then laid it on the counter.  “I’m getting really tired of this.”

“I don’t really care Marc, I—I don’t feel like talking right now,” JT stated as he grabbed the glass off the counter and then downed the contents quickly.  “We can talk some other time, but not right now.”

“No JT, we’re going to talk about this right now.  I’m getting sick and tired of this little routine of yours, that you go through when you’re in one of those damn moods.  You might want to ruin your career with this shit, but I’m not going to let you ruin mine with it!”  Marc screamed as he pointed his finger in JT’s face.

“Excuse me!”  JT snapped as he put the glass down.  “How in the hell am I ruining your damn career Marc?”

“That’s pretty damn simple JT.  When you go out there on stage and fuck up a step, a song or whatever, you’re making me look bad!”  Marc snapped, pointing his finger in JT’s face again.  “When you take your drunk ass out on that damn stage and fuck up, you’re fucking up my good name!”

“Hmph, nobody said your damn name was good Marc,” JT sarcastically said as he looked away from Marc.

“How dare you say that shit to me, you’re nothing more than a fucking drunk!  After all I’ve done for you; you should be on your damn hands and knees, thanking me!”  Marc screamed as he grabbed JT by the face, squeezing his lips shut.  “You should be giving yourself to me every damn night with all the shit that I’ve kept you out of ot!”

“I so don’t think so Marc.  That’ll never happen,” JT stated as he pushed Marc away from him.  “Is that the problem Marc?  You’re pissed off that I won’t get with you?  Is that it?”

“Fuck you JT,” Marc said as he turned away from him.

“No thank you, not into catching whatever it is that you got,” JT replied as Marc turned around and then smacked him across the face.

“You fucker!”  Marc screamed, looking down.  “I—I’ve always held you above all others and you say such things to me.  How can you say that shit about me, when the one you’re with sleeps with anything that moves in Hollywood!  You’re nothing but an old man to him.  He’s a young kid JT, you should be ashamed of yourself for robbing the damn cradle!  You don’t need a kid, you need a man, a real man like me.”

“Shut the fuck up Marc!  Cameron isn’t like you!”  JT exclaimed as he poured himself another drink.  “You’re just mad that I’m with—with him and not you.”

“If you’re with him, why isn’t he here now?  I heard that you two are no more,” Marc said with a smile.  “How about it JT, you have no reason not to give me a chance, now that the young pretty boi has left you high and dry.  What do you say?”

“I say fuck no!”  JT snapped as Marc balled up his hands into fists.

“Either you let me fuck you or you can kiss this life goodbye JT.  I’m tired of this fucking game you’re playing with me.  I know you feel the same way for me, that I feel for you,” Marc said as he got up in JT’s face and then groped his ass. “You’ve pushed me away long enough.  You know that ass been begging for this dick for a long time.”

“Get off of me Marc!”  JT yelled, pushing Marc away from him.  “Don’t you dare put your hands on me ever again!”

“You better let me or you can forget about ever being famous the way you are now,” Marc said as JT shook his head and then popped Marc in the face.  “You fucker!  You’re so going to regret doing that!  Mark my words JT, you’ll regret it!”

“I already do,” JT replied as he put the glass down and then walked into the bathroom, shutting the door behind him as he punched the wall.  

End Flashback

“What the hell!  Are you out of your damn mind?”  Nikki asked, glaring at Marc.

“That—that’s not how it happened!”  Marc screamed, shaking his head as Nikki pointed her finger at him.

“Well how in the hell did it happen Marc?”  Mo’ette asked, moving away from male friend.  “Tell us what you did, since you claim it didn’t happen the way JT said it did!”

“It really doesn’t matter anymore,” JT said as he shook his head.  “My life is ruined, regardless if he confesses to fucking things up more or not.”

“None of that stuff in the media is true JT, so you’re life isn’t fucked up,” Nikki said as she walked over to him.

“I can care less about any of that shit in the media,” JT said as he sat down on the nearest sofa, holding his head in his hands.  “My life is meaningless now that…”

“Baby, it’s going to be all right,” Vanessa said, sitting next to JT.

“You’re supposed to say that because you’re my mother,” JT said as the tears streamed down his face.  “He—he just up and left me.”

“Who up and left you?”  Nikki asked, already figuring things out as the door to the room opened again as Justin Tanner walked in.  “Justin?  What’re you doing here?”

“Damn, that’s one popular door,” Glitter said as she got up, watching Justin as if she could eat him up.

“Are you guys all right?”  Justin asked, walking over to Nikki as he pulled her close and then hugged her and then moved back as he looked at JT.  “JT?”

“I’m not all right.  What are you doing here Justin?”  JT asked, looking up as he sniffled.

“I’m here to find out what’s going on with you guys,” Justin replied as he sat down across from JT.  “I’ve known you for a long time and I know what I’ve seen and heard about you isn’t true.  So, why haven’t you put a stop to any of this?”

“He just got back here with us,” Nikki replied.

“Just got back?  Where have you been, that you couldn’t take care of this madness?”  Justin asked, looking back at JT.

“I—I went away to clear my head and when I got back here, I was bombarded with all of that out there,” JT replied as he looked down, shook his head and then sighed.  “Marc here is the main culprit to all of this shit going on.”

“Marc?  As in your manager Marc?”  Justin asked, looking around the room and then locking eyes with Marc.  “I told you that you should’ve let Momma manage your and the girls.  He was only…”

“I didn’t want your mother in the middle of things.  It would’ve been too—too complicated,” JT stated as he looked at Justin as Justin looked down.

“I know, I—I shouldn’t have said that, but that was so long ago JT.  Because we had some small issues, doesn’t mean that Momma cared any less for you,” Justin said as Marc, Nikki and Glitter looked at him like he was crazy.  “Because we had a spat, doesn’t mean that Momma would’ve turned you away.”

“What kind of spat did you two have?”  Marc asked as the frown on his face turned into a smirk.  “Well, what kind of fight did you two get into?  Was it a lover’s quarrel?”

“Is this fool really trying to talk to me right now?”  Justin asked as he looked over at Marc with an evil expression on his face.

“Sounds like it,” Nikki replied as she sighed and then shook her head.  “Sounds like someone trying to cash in an ass whooping chip.”

“Damn, did you sleep with him too?  Is that why you two had a spat?”  Marc asked, looking between Justin and JT.  “It makes sense now.  You can sleep with everyone around, but me it seems.  It must be that damn age factor.  It seems you like them all younger than yourself.  No wonder you and Cameron were so good together.  The both of you were fucking everything around in the industry!”

“Shut the hell up!”  Mo’ette screamed as she moved closer to Marc as her male friend grabbed her arm.  “No David, I’ve had enough of this joker!”

“Stop Mo’ette, don’t let him control your anger,” David, Mo’ette’s male friend said as Justin got up and then looked over at her.

“Oh my God, it is you,” Justin said as he stepped in front of Mo’ette, looked at her closely and then leaned in and hugged her.  “You’ve changed so much girl, I hardly recognized you.”

“A lot of difference a decade makes handsome,” Mo’ette said as she looked down.

“Tell me about it,” Justin said as he turned and looked at JT.  “JT, you need to do something to fix this mess, before it gets too far out of control.  The rumor mill is bustling and it’s not going to get any better, if you don’t say something.”

“It doesn’t matter any damn more Justin.  None of this really matters to me now,” JT said as he looked down and then sniffled.

“What about us JT?”  Glitter asked as she looked at JT with a mean expression on her face.  “You’re bringing all of us down by not speaking up!”

“Hush up Glitter,” Nikki said as she sat down in front of JT.  “This is about Cameron, isn’t it?  He left you?”

“Yeah,” was all JT said as the dam broke and he cried out.  “He just up and left me without even a damn goodbye.”

“I’m so sorry about that J,” Nikki said with a frown.  “Why—why didn’t you ever tell any of us about you and him?”

“Probably because of Marc here,” Justin said as he shook his head.

“Why does everyone keep saying that?”  Marc asked, glaring at Justin.

“Because you’re a low-down dirty pig, that’s why Marc,” Vanessa responded as she shook her head.  “It’s people like you that always made him hide his true self from his friends.”

“I didn’t do anything to make him hide from anyone,” Marc said as JT looked over at him.

“Really?  You’ve been after me since you found out that I’m gay,” JT said as he shook his head and then sniffled again.  “You were the cause of a lot of my breakups.  It always seemed strange that someone would stop talking to me or they would just up and leave me, because they’ve been threatened or something along those lines.  It was always your damn meddling that caused problems for me.  You always had to have things your way and if things didn’t go your way, you always made things miserable for all of us.”

“You’re just imagining things,” Marc said as Justin walked over and then punched him in the face, knocking him down to the floor.

“Well, since he’s imagining things, I guess you just imagined that,” Justin said as he shook his head while shaking his hand as he moved away from Marc.  “How—how dare you hurt him!”

“Just—just let it go Justin,” JT said as he got up.  “None of this stuff matters to me anymore.”

“You—you can’t be serious about that JT,” Glitter said as she moved in front of JT quickly.  “What about me JT?  What about Nikki here?”

“Now isn’t the time Glitter, damn!”  Nikki snapped as she got up and then pushed Glitter away from JT.  “There are bigger things going on here, than the fucking group.”

“Maybe for you two, but not for me,” Glitter said as she shook her head.

“Glitter,” JT said as Glitter shook her head and then walked towards the door.

“You guys let me know when he’s going to fix this damn mess,” Glitter said, walking out of the room.

“Oh, this is just great,” JT said as he shook his head.  “Someone else has walked out on me.”

“Don’t worry about her JT, she’ll be okay,” Nikki said with a frown.  “We need to concentrate on getting you all right.”

“Hah, I’m not going to ever be all right,” JT stated as he moved away from Nikki and then walked into the bathroom, closing the door behind him.

“What’re we going to do to fix all of this?”  Nikki asked, looking around the room.  “This is monumental and if he doesn’t have the push to fix this, it won’t get fixed.”

“I’m sure he’ll come around.  Has anyone heard from Cameron?”  Vanessa asked, looking at Nikki and then over at Marc.

“No, but it seems he’s the key to all of this with JT,” Nikki said as she sighed and then looked down as she shook her head.  “We need to find him and get him back here.”

“Don’t worry about Cameron, I think I can reach JT and get him to fix this stuff,” Justin said as Vanessa looked at him strangely and then shook her head.

To Be Continued…