To Protect and Serve – Chapter 13

Chapter 13 – Marek’s Special Ending

Between Here and There – The Limbo Dimension – Castle Limbo

“Come on JT, just give up already.  You know I still love you,” Marek stated, stepping closer to JT and then kissing his lips.  “Be mine and end all of this madness.”

“No!  I will never submit to the likes of you!  I will continue fighting you until I can’t breathe anymore!”  JT screamed as psychic energy flared around his body.

“Have it your way, you’ll never see Joey Fallon again.  I’ll kill you and no one will ever see you again!”  Marek exclaimed as he projected a continuous beam of psychic energy at JT as he laughed.

“Stop it!”  JT screamed, his costume flaring with energy as it started to unravel.

“I’m not going to stop, not until you agree to be mine!  Give yourself to me damn it!”  Marek screamed as he laughed again.

“Nooooooo!”  JT screamed, falling to the floor.  “I won’t be yours, never!”

Waco, TX – The Santa Clara Hotel – Lance and Hank’s Hotel Room

“Something’s wrong!  Something’s wrong with JT!”  Joey screamed, looking around the room.

“What is it?”  Wanda asked as she looked at Joey closely.

“I don’t know, I just know something is wrong with JT, I can feel it!”  Joey screamed as the tears streamed down his face.

“Oh Joey, I’m so sorry.  I wish there was something we could do, but none of us can get to where he is right now,” Michura stated as Joey shook his head.

“No, there must be something that can be done, I love him!  I don’t want him getting hurt.  I—I must do something!”  Joey screamed, pacing the room.

“Wanda, you’re still not able to use your powers to get to him?”  Barbara asked as Wanda frowned.

“Something’s blocking me from teleporting into Limbo,” Wanda replied as she folded her arms across her chest.

“That has to be Marek’s doing,” Barbara stated as she looked down.

“Probably so,” Michura said as she looked at Barbara.  “We have to do something.  We can’t just leave JT and the others at the mercy of Marek.  Marek will surely kill them all!”

Between Here and There – The Limbo Dimension – Castle Limbo

“What’s wrong Psychic Warrior?  Not so strong now, are you really the Psychic Warrior?  All those years… I—I waited to get you back in my grasp!  Now, I have you right where I want you!”  Marek screamed as he stood in front of JT’s body that was pinned against a wall with magical energy.  “You’re mine now JT.  I’m not going to let you run from me.  Your powers can’t save you this time and there’s no one else here with the power to help you!”

“I will escape you.  I will not submit to you, never!”  JT screamed as Marek slapped his face.

“You have no choice but to submit to me,” Marek said, laughing.

“I won’t let you beat me, for I am the Psychic Warrior!  I will erase this evil from my domain!”  JT snapped, his body glowing brightly, the light slashing through the magical bonds that held his body tight.

“You can’t beat me!”  Marek screamed as he waved his hand, shield himself from JT’s attack.  “Try as you might, my powers rival those of a demi-god!  You should know, I stole them from you!”

“You are no god here Marek!”  JT screamed, floating above Marek as a strange ribbon-like energy flared around his body.  “I will erase this evil!”

“You won’t erase nothing!”  Marek screamed, projecting a continuous stream of energy at JT that knocked him against the castle wall, holding him in place.

“I am power here Marek, you won’t win!”  JT screamed as the glow around his body brightened as the energy that Marek projected at him ricocheted across the area, bouncing off the giant mirror and then zapping Marek in the back.

“No!”  Marek screamed as Kevin Williams snapped out of his trance as he looked around.

“What in the hell is going on?  Where in the hell am I?”  Kevin asked, turning around to see Marek lying on the floor, screaming.

“Kevin Williams, are you okay?”  JT asked, waving his hand, using his powers to place a force-field around the man’s body.

Waco, TX – The Santa Clara Hotel – Lance and Hank’s Hotel Room

“Wanda, you don’t have enough power to get into Limbo to save JT on your own?”  Michura asked.

“I’m not powerful enough to travel to Limbo alone.  The times I’ve teleported to Limbo, I had to rely on power from JT to get there.  If he doesn’t grant me access into Limbo, I’ll bounce back to where I started from.  Being that Marek has blocked access to Limbo, the same thing will more than likely happen,” Wanda explained.

“We have to do something to save him!”  Joey screamed.

“Right now, I don’t know how we can help him.  If Marek is controlling things, there’s nothing we can really do to save anybody,” Wanda stated as Joey walked up to her and then grabbed her hands.  “Joey?”

“There’s something that can be done and I’ll do it!”  Joey screamed as his eyes glowed a strange purple color.

“What can you do, you’re not…” Michura said as she noticed the color of Joey’s eyes.  “Ahhh, what’s going on with his eyes?”

“You can’t fight Marek, he’ll kill you,” Wanda stated as Joey shook his head.

“I can do this!”  Joey snapped as he turned to look at Barbara and then back at Michura as he held onto Wanda’s hand.  “Star Heart Power Transform!”

“What in the world,” Barbara said as the room flooded with a strange light as Joey’s clothing changed to something new.

“What’s going on here?  What’s happening to Joey?”  Lance asked, watching the things that transpired before him.

“Don’t know, but maybe this is something good.  I truly hope this isn’t bad,” Wanda stated as they, sans Lance, disappeared from the room.

Between Here and There – The Limbo Dimension


“What just happened here?”  Barbara asked, looking around as they all appeared in a dark area.

“We need to go there,” Joey said as he pointed at the castle on the hill.

“Joey, what’s going on?  Have you been hiding something about yourself from us and the others?”  Barbara asked.

“I—I’m sorry for scaring you guys.  I—I don’t know how to explain any of this to you all.  But if you remember the events that took place when Christina Merritt attacked us, this is how all of this with me started,” Joey stated.

“I remember that, but it doesn’t explain the power you’re using right now,” Wanda stated.  “Are you a Legacy Chosen member?”

“I—I don’t know the answer to that,” Joey replied, shrugging his shoulders.  “I just know it has something to do with those people that JT hangs out with when he calls himself Legacy Saturn.”

“But are you a legacy Joey?  Are you like JT?”  Wanda asked, walking closer to Joey and then looking at the back of his neck.

“Wanda, what is it that you’re looking for?  Why are you messing with my hair?”  Joey asked, moving away from Wanda as they all heard someone scream.

“What in the hell!”  Michura screamed, looking around as her hair changed to water, splashing around her neck.

“That sounded like JT!  We must get in there.  I don’t know how to get into the castle,” Joey stated as he looked over at Wanda.  “I got us this far, someone help me save my boyfriend!”

Castle Limbo


“Tim!  Tim, where are you?”  Wanda called out as she and her passengers appeared inside the castle.

“Oh thank the heavens.  I didn’t know if my psychic shields would’ve protected me for much longer,” JT stated as Barbara walked over to him as Hank appeared next to her.

“Now that you guys are here, let’s see if I can put things right,” JT stated as his eyes crackled with energy as his costume changed to black as he floated higher in the area.

“Uh no, I don’t like the looks of this.  He’s changed back into that evil person again,” Joey stated as he ran towards the private chamber, hiding.

“Joey, what are you doing here?  How did he get here?”  JT asked, floating down to the floor quickly as he waved his hand at Marek, holding him in place.

“You may not believe this, but Joey was the one that brought us here.  He said something similar to what you would say to transform and he teleported us here,” Wanda stated, moving out of Kevin’s way, who seemed to be back under Marek’s control.

“Stop or I’ll kill Kevin!  Don’t force me to do that, because you know I will!”  Marek stated as he moved away from JT and then grabbed Kevin as he used his powers, creating a psychic axe and held it under Kevin’s chin.

“Marek please… Please don’t hurt him.  Just leave him alone.  He’s not the one you wanted,” Joey said as he walked into the area.

“And how do you know what I want?  Your tiny brain can’t fathom what I want!”  Marek screamed as he held Kevin tighter as Kevin struggled to get free.

“Please man, just let me live.  I won’t do anything.  Please—please don’t kill me,” Kevin begged as the tears streamed down his face.

“Shut the hell up!”  Marek screamed as JT shook his head.

“You never learn,” JT said as he snapped his fingers as Kevin disappeared, leaving Marek empty-handed.

“No!  It can’t end like this!”  Marek screamed.

“Just give up Marek, you’re busted.  As of now, I’m going to stop you for good.  You have a one-way ticket to hell and I have the doorway to get you there.  There’s no need to try to escape that!”  JT snapped as his eyes glowed brightly as he waved his hand as a strange looking portal opened.

“You’re not going to stop me!”  Marek screamed as another portal opened as JT’s uncle appeared in the area.

“No my boy, that’s not the way to stop this man,” JT’s uncle stated as JT shook his head.

“He—he’s caused a great deal of pain,” JT stated as his uncle shook his head again as Wanda, Michura, Barbara, Joey and Kevin disappeared from the area.

“I know he has, but that’s forbidden my boy,” JT’s uncle stated.  “You are not the one that has the say-so for where he goes.”

“If I don’t stop him now he’ll hurt others,” JT stated as Marek smiled.

“That’s right I will!  You’ll never be free of me, you’re mine!”  Marek screamed as JT’s uncle turned and looked at him.

“I’ve heard enough from you,” JT’s uncle said as he waved his hand in Marek’s direction.

“Noooo!”  Marek screamed as his body burst into flame.

“As I told you once before, you will not hurt anyone else,” JT’s uncle said as he turned to JT.  “Leave him to me; he will not hurt you or anyone else.  This time, I will make sure he’s locked away.”

“But Uncle…” JT said as his uncle interrupted him.

“He’s not going to hurt you or anyone else for that matter,” JT’s uncle stated as he waved his hand in Marek’s direction as Marek’s body floated off the floor and then disappeared as the giant mirror in the area glowed brightly.

“What just happened Uncle?”  JT asked.

“Marek is now with the Elders,” JT’s uncle answered as he waved his hand as a portal opened.  “Return to your friend, they are waiting for you back on Earth.”

“Yes Uncle,” JT replied as he stepped through the portal, disappearing from Limbo.

“As for you Marek, we won’t have this conversation ever again,” JT’s uncle stated as he waved his hand as Marek reappeared in the area as the two floated in front of the mirror.  “I wouldn’t allow my boy to kill you, but that doesn’t mean I won’t do it!”

“You’re not going to hurt me,” Marek said as he smirked at JT’s uncle.  “You and those fools need me.”

“That’s where you’re wrong,” JT’s uncle spoke as his hand crackled with energy as he touched Marek’s chest.

“What in the hell are you doing?”  Marek asked, struggling to get free of the magical energy bonds that held his body tight.

“For all the pain that you’ve caused my boy, I’m going to cause that same pain to you,” JT’s uncle stated with an evil grin on his face.  “James Fowler, you are forever cursed!”

“What!”  Marek screamed as the magical energy bonds dissipated from his body as he fell to the floor.  “What have you done to me?”

“Just what I’ve said,” JT’s uncle stated.  “I suggest you not cause any more harm for my boy or anyone around him.”

“Why is that?”  Marek asked, standing up, getting in JT’s uncle’s face.

“As of this point, I’m going to send you back to Earth, but I suggest you not go anywhere near my boy or anyone he knows,” JT’s uncle stated.

“I’ll go where I damn want to man, you don’t control me,” Marek stated as JT’s uncle shook his head.

“I don’t think you want to put my magic to the test boy,” JT’s uncle stated as he waved his hand as Marek disappeared.

“Necroloque, do you think it was wise, sending him back to Earth that way?”  A voice was heard in the area as JT’s uncle turned around.

“When he returns to Earth, he won’t remember anything about his life,” JT’s uncle stated as he smiled.  “For the time being, he’s powerless and has no memory of who he is or what he’s capable of doing.  I put him back on Earth as a blank slate.”

“Will he regain his memory?”  The voice asked.

“Never,” JT’s uncle stated as he turned around as his image shifted to look like the bus driver for All Star.  “I have somewhere else to be.”

“As you were Necroloque,” the voice said as JT’s uncle waved his hand and then disappeared from the area.

Waco, TX – The Santa Clara Hotel – Joshua and Tyler’s Hotel Room

“Hi,” JT said as he walked into the room as all eyes were on him.

“I’m so glad to see you.  Are you okay baby?”  Joey asked, rushing over to JT and hugging him.

“I’m okay Joey.  Is everyone accounted for?  Where’s Kevin Williams?”  JT asked, looking around the room.

“Yeah, where is Kevin anyway?”  Joey asked.

“Does anyone know where he lives?”  JT asked, looking around at the All Star guys.  “When you were sent back, I thought you all would’ve been sent back here.”

“Maybe he’s in his hotel room,” Wanda stated as she looked at JT with a frown.  “Can you sense him?”

“No, I can barely sense anyone here,” JT replied as he shook his head.  “Something’s not right here.”

“Maybe it’s because your powers are strained,” Barbara stated as she looked at JT strangely.  “You did use a lot of your powers fighting Marek.  When we got there, you were already weak.  You had to change into Demonloque just to continue fighting him.”

“I—I guess that could be the reason.  Maybe—maybe I need to go lie down for a bit,” JT stated as he looked down.  “Could you guys please watch out for everyone and let me know later on when it’s time to go so that Wanda and I can teleport these guys to the next venue?”

“Go get some rest Tim,” Wanda stated as she watched JT closely.

“Can I come with you JT?  I would very much like to be with you,” Joey stated as he looked JT in the face.

“Yeah, I guess you can.  I think we need to talk anyway,” JT stated as he grabbed Joey’s hand as their bodies glowed.

“There’s that strange glow again,” Wanda stated as Joey looked at her and then frowned.

“You ready to go?”  Joey asked as JT smiled weakly as the two of them faded out partially and then reappeared as JT groaned and then they finally disappeared.

“Barbara, did you see that?”  Wanda asked, walking over to where Barbara stood.  “The fight with Marek must’ve really taken it out of him.”

“It must have,” Barbara stated as she walked towards the door.

Joey and JT’s Hotel Room

“Honey, you don’t look so good,” Joey stated as he and JT sat down on the sofa.  “Your natural glow isn’t as bright…”

“I’m fine Joey, I just need some rest,” JT stated as Joey sighed and then looked down.

“Honey, you were barely able to teleport us into the room.  When you grabbed my hand, I felt you trembling.  You had trouble moving us from point to point,” Joey stated as he rubbed JT’s hand.  “Something’s wrong baby; I think you need more than rest.  What did Marek do to you?”

“I’m fine Joey, just let it go,” JT stated as he looked at Joey.  “But, I would like to know how you got into Limbo the way you did.”

“I don’t really know,” Joey replied as he looked down.  “When Lance popped up, back at the hotel the way he did, I got scared.  I—I was able to somehow feel you, to sense you.  I felt your pain.”

“You felt my pain?”  JT asked.

“I knew something was wrong with you,” Joey stated as he looked JT in the face.  “I was so upset about trying to get to you.  Michura and Wanda kept talking about different things they could do to get to you, but Wanda wasn’t able to.”

“But that doesn’t explain how you got into Limbo Joey,” JT stated as Joey frowned.

“I heard this voice in my head that told me to say ‘Star Heart Power Transform’ and I said it.  Once I did that, I changed and my clothes looked like yours from the other night,” Joey explained as JT looked down.  “At that point, with help from Wanda, I was able to teleport to Limbo to help you.”

“So you’re a legacy too?  I guess that’s what the Elders meant about your light,” JT stated as he looked down again and then shrugged his shoulders as he bent down and took off his boots.

“What does that mean baby?”  Joey asked.

“Right now, I guess that means you’re a chosen one too and when the time comes, you’ll be around to help fight the evil that threatens the Earth.  As you saw that night with Christina Merritt, we appeared to stop her when she used her magic—magic that was dangerously able to destroy the planet,” JT stated as Joey nodded his head.

“So that means I’m just like you.  Do I turn evil like you do too?”  Joey asked as JT sighed.

“No, you won’t turn evil like I do,” JT replied as he leaned in and kissed Joey’s lips.  “Enough of that, it’s time for sleep.”

“Okay baby,” Joey replied as JT’s eyes glowed as Joey closed his eyes and went to sleep.

“I might regret what I just did, but I didn’t want to answer more of his questions,” JT stated as he sighed and then closed his eyes.  “We’ll have to save those questions for another time.  Now he’ll just have to settle with knowing that I’m here to protect and serve.”

The End