To Protect and Serve – Chapter 7

Chapter 7 — The Arrival of Demonloque

Aug 6, 1995 – Somewhere in Texas – All Star’s Tour Bus

“Wanda, I’m going after them,” JT spoke, grabbing Wanda’s communicator.

“No JT, you can’t go,” Wanda stated, trying to grab his hand.

“No Wanda, I’m going after them and I’m going alone,” JT stated as he jumped into the air, taking flight.

“Hey, honey… Don’t leave, wait!”  Joey called out.

“Wanda, stop him!  He knows that if given the chance, Marek will and can hurt him this time,” Hank said as he shifted back to his natural form as Wanda waved her hand in JT’s direction, ensnaring him in a magical energy field.

‘Stop JT, you can’t go after them alone.  One of us is going with you.  I’m not letting you out of my field until you agree to those terms.  Don’t try to sync with my powers, because I know most of your weaknesses and I’m prepared to use them against you,’ Wanda telepathically spoke to JT.

‘Fine, Hank can come with me.  Wanda, you get everyone back on the bus and fix that hole in the roof.  You get those guys to the next destination so that they can rest for the next couple of days.  They need to be in tip-top shape for their next concert,’ JT telepathically broadcasted his thoughts to Wanda as he enveloped Hank in a telekinetic energy sphere and then lifted him up to where he was.

“Wanda, why did JT sound like that?  He sounded like something—something out of a horror movie.  I’m really scared now.  Can we all wake up?”  Joey asked, grabbing Chris’ arm.

“Get off me man,” Chris said, shaking his head.  “He’s not going to hurt you, he’s your boyfriend.  Besides, he just flew away.”

Somewhere Else in Texas

“JT, slow down… I can barely keep up with you man.  Where is all this extra speed coming from?  I don’t ever remember you being able to fly this fast,” Hank stated.

“A lot of things have changed with me since you last saw me before we got back together here on Earth,” JT stated as Hank looked at him strangely.

“Changes like what?”  Hank asked.  “What happened to you?”

“When the Elders found me, I was given my full powers back,” JT replied as Hank’s eyes widened.

“You got ALL of your powers back?”  Hank said as he ad JT streaked through the sky.

“Yeah, I got them back, but for a price,” JT responded.

“What did you have to give up?”  Hank asked.

“I had to become one of their watchers,” JT answered.

“You had to become one of their watchers?  What’s a watcher?”  Hank asked.

“Since I’m already psychic, they just amped up my powers by one hundred-fold.  The drawback to that is, I’m now the gatekeeper of Limbo, taking the place of one of my ancestors that had the job.  I’m that person that makes sure nothing escapes from Limbo or no one enters there, unless they’re supposed to be there,” JT explained as Hank shook his head.

“All that happened within a year?  What happened to the others that were with you?  Vicky Bale?  A’Lana Dayle?  Andy Claybourne?  What happened to them?”  Hank asked.

“Video decided to go have some downtime, spending it with her parents.  Spider Girl got married and wanted to take time to start a family and as for Speedster, he returned home and became more depressed,” JT stated as he stopped flying.

“Why have we stopped?”  Hank asked.

“I’ve located the place where we’ve been going,” JT replied as he looked around.  “Marek’s inside that building, but there’s no sign of Joshua or Tyler.  I wonder where they are and why I’m not able to detect them telepathically.”

“Are you sure he’s in that building?”  Hank asked as JT nodded his head.

“Yes, I’m sure,” JT replied with a frown.

“Well let’s go in there and get his ass.  We’ll make him tell us where our friends are,” Hank said as he morphed into a bulked up version of himself full of muscles as the two of them disappeared and then reappeared on the ground.  “I have to get used to you being able to do that.”

“I’ve always been able to do that,” JT stated as Hank looked at him strangely as he waved his hand at the wall, knocking a hole into it as the two of them stepped in to see Joshua and Tyler, stark naked and chained to a wall as Marek stood next to them with an assortment of sex toys.

“Hello boys,” Marek spoke with a wide small on his face as he laughed.  “I’m glad you were able to join us.  You’re just in time for the festivities.”

“What festivities?”  JT asked as Marek waved a hand in his direction as JT’s thrown against the wall as chains appeared to hold him in place.  “What the hell!  Let me go!”

“Stop freak, let him go!”  Hank yelled as Marek smiled and then waved a hand in his direction, knocking him down to the floor as he walked over and stood over him.  “Get the hell away from me!”

“Now now little Hanky, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you,” Marek stated as he reached down and grabbed Hank’s crotch as Hank screamed out.  “It seems you’re not packing as much as you used to.  What happened Hanky, you didn’t morph into a more suitable man?”

“Get your fucking hands off me freak!”  Hank screamed as his visage changed as Marek laughed and then slapped him across the face.

“Little Hanky, you can’t do anything to hurt me, I’m in your head,” Marek stated as moved away from Hank as he motioned with his hand as Hank floated up off the floor and then moved through the air, landing against a wall, having chains placed on his arms and legs, same as JT.

Three Hours Later – All Star’s Tour Bus

“Have you heard anything yet Wanda?  It’s been three hours already.  I’m getting really scared for Joshua and Tyler.  I hope JT and Hank finds them,” Joey stated as he sat uneasy in his seat.

“Don’t worry about it Joey, JT and Hank can take care of themselves.  I’m quite sure they’ll get Joshua and Tyler back without a problem,” Wanda stated as she stopped talking, noticing the strange phenomenon in the area as Joshua’s body appeared and then fell to the floor before her.

“What in the hell!  Joshua?  Joshua, are you okay?  I think he’s unconscious or something,” Lance said as he hopped over a seat, getting to where Joshua’s body lay on the floor as he lifted his head, placing it into his lap as he pulled a blanket from under the seat that he used to cover Joshua’s naked body with.  “How did he get here, like this?”

“I—I think JT teleported him here,” Wanda replied, looking down and back at Lance.  “Why didn’t he contact me telepathically or through the communicator to tell me this?”

“That’s something I can’t help you answer,” Lance replied as he looked down at Joshua.  “What are we going to do with him?”

“Let’s get him in a bunk until we can get him and Justin to a doctor,” Wanda replied as she used her powers to levitate Joshua’s body off of the floor, grabbed him and then carried him to the back of the bus to the bunk area.

“Put him in the bunk with Justin.  When he opens his eyes and sees Justin, he’ll know he’s okay,” Joey suggested as he and Lance walked back to the front of the bus.

“Barbara, something is very wrong here.  Where are they?  If JT teleported Joshua here, why not teleport the rest of them back too?”  Wanda asked as Barbara pulled the curtain closed to the bunk.

“I’m sure it’s nothing.  They—they’re probably on their way back here or they are doing something else to make sure that Marek is not causing unneeded problems,” Barbara stated as Wanda’s eyes glowed and then she screamed.  “Wanda?”

“No!  This cannot be!  This can’t be happening!  We must get to him in a hurry, but it’s already too late!”  Wanda screamed as the tour bus came to a screeching halt, causing them to fall forward to the floor.

“What’s going on back there?”  The bus driver asked.

“What’s going on Wanda?  What’s happening?”  Barbara asked, getting up off the floor, but not getting too close to Wanda in the state she was in, afraid she would be attacked by her cat form.

“It’s happening!  The world you know is no more!  I rule all now!  Bow down to your new master!”  Wanda screamed, her voice sounding more like Marek than her own.

“What?  Marek… How did you possess her?  Where are JT, Hank and Tyler?”  Barbara asked, projecting beams of ice at Wanda’s body.

“Are you referring to my slaves?  They’re here with me, doing my bidding, just like you will be, very soon my dear,” Wanda stated as her eyes glowed.

“I don’t think so you monster,” Barbara stated as Wanda smiled.

“I do think so.  As Black Cat here hypnotizes all of you, you’ll all be mine, to do my bidding,” Wanda stated as a psychic projection of Marek appeared over her face.

“I won’t let you; you’ll release Wanda, now!”  Barbara screamed as Joey, Lance and Chris ran off the bus.

“Damn, we forgot about Justin and Joshua!  They’re back there on the bus!  They’re going to get hurt in there!”  Joey screamed as Justin and Joshua appeared in front of them, scaring Joey as he fell backwards to the ground.

“How did they get out here?”  Lance asked, moving over to Joshua and Justin’s body as they lay on the ground.  “Let’s get them and hide somewhere.”

“I think he was the reason,” Chris said, pointing up at the air where JT floated.

“Oh thank goodness,” Joey replied, looking up at JT and then frowned when he saw the red glow to JT’s eyes.

“What’s wrong Joey?”  Lance asked.

“Look at his eyes,” Joey said, pointing in JT’s direction as JT’s clothing changed to all black in the blink of an eye.  “Look at his clothes!”

“Oh God, is—is that a bad sign?”  Lance asked as Joey cried.

“I don’t know, but I have a feeling that I’ll never have my boyfriend back,” Joey said, wiping at his eyes.  “I just met and fell in love with him and—and I don’t think he’ll ever be able to be with me.  I won’t be able to spend the rest of my life with him!”

A Valentine’s Day in the Past – Jacksonville, FL – The Home of JT Mendez

“Tim, why can’t you love me the way I love you?”  Marek asked, holding JT’s hands in his own.  “When I first saw you, I knew you were the man for me.  Just let me love you and let’s see what happens between us.”

“I don’t love you Marek.  I don’t have any feelings for you at all.  I barely know you, now after all that’s happened,” JT stated in a calm manner.  “I don’t remember what it was like to…”

“You remember everyone else, but you don’t remember what it was like ot be with me!”  Marek screamed as JT stepped back.  “You loved me—me, the man that saved you from Lord Zeos, the evil guy that tried to make you his slave for all eternity!”

“It’s not my fault that my short-term memory was damaged.  It wasn’t my choice to have a bomb explode near me and I got caught in the aftershock of it,” JT stated as Marek shook his head.

“Honey, it’s your fault that you tried to save those people from it.  If you hadn’t tried to use your telekinetic powers to shield those people, you never would’ve been near that bomb in the first place,” Marek stated as he pointed his finger in JT’s face.

“I’m leaving.  I’m going back to the X-Ternals, where I belong.  At least with them, I can be me and no one cares about what I do.  If I want to save the world, I’ll save it, but I don’t have to answer to you or anyone else for that matter.  Just leave me alone Marek!  I have a father, I don’t’ need another one!”  JT snapped as he pushed Marek backwards and then turned to leave the room as Marek shook his head as JT fell to the floor.

“You can’t leave me JT!  I love you and I’ll keep you forever.  As long as you’re in that coma, you’ll never be able to leave me,” Marek stated as he raised his hands as JT’s body floated up off the floor and then moved into his arms.  “You are forever mine JT, forever!”

Aug 6, 1995 – Somewhere in Texas – Outside of All Star’s Tour Bus

“What’s wrong JT?  What’s going on?”  Joey asked as JT appeared in the clearing next to the bus.

“I’m not JT!  I wish you’d stop calling me that!”  JT snapped as he walked past Joey.

“If you’re not JT, then who are you?  What should I be calling you?”  Joey asked, his body trembling as he watched JT.

“You may call me Love, but everyone else will refer to me as Demonloque!”  JT snapped as energy radiated from his body, causing everyone around to shield their eyes.

“Okay Love, how about you help us with Wanda… It seems she’s flipped out.  We need to get away from here and find some place safe to be,” Joey stated as Lance grabbed Joshua and hefted him up on his shoulders as Chris grabbed Justin in his arms and started walking away with him.

“Where are you two going?”  JT snapped, pointing at Lance and Chris as he waved his hand at the men as they floated into the air, landing near where he and Joey were.

“Ah—ah, we’re going nowhere.  We were just trying to get into the shade,” Lance stated.

“Silly boy, haven’t you learned that I am psychic and I can read your mind?  You should be very ashamed Lance.  What a filthy mind you have.  I see that you have a crush on Hank,” JT stated as he floated over to where Lance and Joshua were.  “I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but Hank doesn’t have feelings for you anymore, he’s fallen in love with someone else.  That’s what happens when you procrastinate.”

“What’s going on?  What’re you doing?”  Joey asked as JT used his telekinetic powers to lift his body into the air.

“Stop!  What’re you doing Tim?  What have you done?”  Hank asked, using his morphing powers to pose as JT’s father.

“Daddy?  Daddy, what are you doing here?”  JT asked, his eyes no longer glowing as Joey’s body fell to the ground.

“Son, what caused you to become this way again?  What has caused you to lose your purity?”  Hank asked, floating over to where JT and Joey were.

“I—I don’t know Daddy.  I went to save them, I really did, but they were already dead when I got to them.  I couldn’t save them!  If you can’t save someone, what’s the point in being good?”  JT asked as the tears streamed down his face as Hank looked at him strangely.

“Son, who’s dead?  Who did you try to save?”  Hank asked.

“I tried to save them all, but—but no one survived.  I held Rachel in my arms as she spoke her last words.  I—I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forget that, ever forget that at all!”  JT snapped as the strange ribbon-like energy flared around his body as his clothing changed to reveal his regular costume.

‘Oh thank God.  He changed back into his regular clothes, so I guess his dad is getting through to him.  I thought we were all goners when he started talking a few minutes ago.  What have I gotten myself into, falling in love with a super hero of the worst kind?’  Joey thought to himself or so he thought as JT’s head snapped around, looking in his direction.

“I’m sorry Joey.  I’m sorry that you and the others went through this.  I didn’t mean for any of this to happen with you guys.  I—I was weak and Marek… He—he was able to use the past against me,” JT stated as he walked over to Joey and tried to hug him as Joey pulled away from him.

“Look man, just stay away from me.  I don’t know what you are anymore.  You scared the hell out of me… I didn’t know if you were going to kill us or what!”  Joey snapped, throwing his hands up as JT looked down.

“I—I said I was sorry Joey.  It—it wasn’t my fault.  Please—please don’t do this Joey,” JT pleaded as he reached out to Joey as Joey stepped backwards again.

“No man, no!”  Joey yelled as he turned away from JT.

“Fine,” JT said as his eyes crackled with energy as the strange ribbon-like energy flared around his body quickly, changing his clothing back to the black with red markings.  “If you don’t like me anymore, then there’s nothing left to be good for!”

“Oh great, that didn’t help matters any,” Hank said as JT disappeared in a flash of light as he morphed back into his normal appearance.

“I—I thought you were one of Marek’s slaves,” Lance said as he walked over to Hank and then hugged him around the neck, lingering a bit.

“No, I’m not one of his slaves.  It’s kind of hard for him to turn me into a slave when I can move faster than he can,” Hank stated as he averted his eyes from Lance’s.

“Well I’m glad of that,” Lance said, smiling at Hank and then looked down quickly.

“I’m going to need to call the others in for some back up, to help us with this current situation.  Since Joey just pushed JT back into his evil state of mind, nothing really matters to JT now.  With JT’s evil persona in charge, he doesn’t care who or what he destroys in the process of his angered state,” Hank stated as he glared at Joey.  “Thanks a lot man.”

“That’s not fair Hank,” Lance said, looking at Hank and then looked over at Joey.

“It’s his fault,” Hank said, pointing his finger at Joey.

“Don’t blame this on me.  I didn’t make him that way!  He scared the hell out of me and I don’t like being scared that way,” Joey stated as Justin and Joshua woke up.

“What’s going on?  Where are we?”  Joshua asked, looking around.

“We’re somewhere between Dallas and nowhere,” Lance answered as he looked over at Hank again.

“Why do I have a banging headache?  It feels like someone dropped an anvil on my head in one of those zany cartoons,” Justin said as he stood up and then leaned against Chris.

“I’m sorry to say, but you two are the victims of Marek’s psychic attack.  Now it seems we have a total of four of you now.  I’m going back inside to see what’s going on with Wanda, Barbara and the driver.  You all stay out here until I get back,” Hank said as he jumped into the air, taking flight as he flew over to the bus and then went inside.

“I thought this was all a dream, but I guess it’s all real,” Joshua said as he rubbed his head.

“What’s the status of things ladies?”  Hank asked, walking onto the bus and heading for where he saw Wanda standing.

“Oh God, I’m so sorry.  I didn’t mean to kill her.  She—she jumped on me and—and I blasted her with a magical energy bolt.  I didn’t mean to do it,” Wanda stated as she held Barbara in her arms as she cried.

“Wanda!”  Hank screamed, grabbing Barbara’s body from Wanda as he flew off the bus at his highest speed.

Jacksonville, FL – X-Ternals’ Compound – The Command Center

“I didn’t quite understand your message hank, repeat it again,” Michuro Hino, known as Atlantis spoke into the communicator, listening to Hank’s message as she tried to contemplate all that was said.

= I said everything is fucked up right now!  I’m on my way to HQ because Barbara is gone, she’s dead! =

“What?  How in the hell is she dead?  What happened?”  Michura spoke into the communicator as she paced around the room.

= All this has to do with Marek!  His ass has returned again!  He took possession of Wanda’s mind and through her, he used her powers and killed Barbara!  Wanda didn’t do it, Marek did it, since he was in her body! =

“Do I need to fly out there Hank?”  Michura asked, looking around as she shook her head.  “I can take one of the jets and be there within the hour.”

= Wait, I don’t think that’s necessary.  I think I was wrong… she’s moving Michura. =

“I’m glad she’s alive, but we still have another problem on our hand,” Michura stated as she looked at the computer console.  “JT’s not himself.  I’m coming out there with Illusion.  We can help with what’s going on.”

= Put a hold on that, I don’t think it’s necessary Michura. =

“Well it’s too late, we’re coming to help,” Michura stated as she pressed a button on the computer console, sending a signal to her teammate to meet her in the hangar.

Somewhere in Texas

“Oh Barbara, I—I thought you were dead.  You—you looked so pale when you were in Wanda’s arms on the  bus back there,” Hank said as he hugged Barbara.

“I’m okay Hank,” Barbara stated with a small smile.  “Why don’t you get us back to the bus… I have a feeling that things with Marek isn’t quite over just yet.”

“What do you mean?”  Hank asked as he and Barbara flew.

“Where’s JT right now?”  Barbara asked.

“He disappeared after Joey rejected him,” Hank replied as they landed on the ground in front of the tour bus.

“Thank God, you’re okay Barb,” Justin said as he approached Hank and Barbara.

“Justy, why are you up and moving about?  You should be somewhere, lying down.  We still need to get you and Joshua some medical attention,” Barbara stated as Hank placed her on the ground to stand up on her own feet.

“Since you’re not dead, I would like to know how you survived Wanda’s attack on you.  She’s just as strong as Black Witch and you almost died going up against her.  How did you do it?”  Hank asked as Wanda moved over to Barbara quickly.

“I’m so glad you’re alive right now.  I—I thought I had killed you when my magi-bolt blasted through your midsection,” Wanda stated as she looked down with tears in her eyes.

“You should remember,” Barbara spoke as she looked over at Wada.  “You taught me to freeze my body to help minimize any physical damage when I get injured.  When I froze the area where you had zapped me, that allowed me the time I needed for my body to completely rejuvenate.”

“I didn’t know you could do that,” Hank said as he looked at Barbara strangely and then over to Wanda.  “Since JT and Tyler are gone for the moment, Atlantis and Illusion are on their way here to help us out.”

“I feel like we’re sitting ducks here.  Can we please leave from this spot?”  Joey asked, looking over at Hank.

“Sounds like a good idea.  We really should be going,” Barbara stated as she looked at Joey.  “So, what happened with JT?”

“He’s no longer JT anymore, he’s calling himself Demonloque,” Hank stated, looking down as he shook his head.  “It seems Marek started his transformation back to his dark side.  I got him back to being normal, but stud-muffin here said he didn’t like him anymore and he freaked out and changed back into Demonloque.  So he and Tyler can be anywhere, since I’m assuming Tyler is still under Marek’s control.”

“Doofus,” Chris said as he and Joshua smacked Joey in the back of the head in unison.

“There’s no law that says I must continue liking him when he’s evil.  So lay off of me guys!”  Joey snapped as he pointed his finger at Chris and then turned to Joshua and glared at him.

To Be Continued…