When The Glitter Turns Gold – Chapter 18

Chapter 18 — The Truth and Heather’s Fan

Jul 24, 2004 – New York City, NY – Madison Square Gardens – The Backstage Area


“Thank God it’s the weekend,” I said in a sarcastic way as Caleb and I followed Justin and his security team around the area, checking for possible security flaws while his crew set things up for his show later on tonight.  “A few more hours and we can get some rest.”

“Daddy, are we still going to the zoo?”  Caleb asked, looking up at me.

“When Justin…” I said as Justin turned around and interrupted me.

“Baby, why don’t you two go ahead and head on to the zoo.  I’ll join you guys a bit later on,” Justin suggested as he leaned in and kissed my mouth.  “There’s no point in you two being cooped up here with me, while I’m working.”

“Justin, we planned on going to the zoo as a…” I said as he placed a finger to my lips, stopping me from talking.

“I know baby, but I have a bit more work here to do and as I said, there’s no reason for you two being cooped up here with me,” he said as I sighed.  “I promise baby, when I’m done with things here, I’ll be right there with you two.”

“Are you sure about that Justin?”  I asked, looking him in the face as he nodded his head.

“Yeah baby, I’m sure,” he replied as he leaned in and kissed my mouth again.  “You two go on ahead and I’ll join you, just as soon as I’m finished here.”

“Okay,” I replied with a pout, hoping he noticed that I wasn’t entirely happy with his decision as I looked down at Caleb again.  “Where are Marty and David?”

“I think they’re outside in the car, waiting,” he replied as one of the crew members walked over, getting his attention and showing him something on a piece of paper.

“Well you have fun here, we’ll see you when you’re done,” I said, taking Caleb’s hand as we walked down the corridor that led to the exit, so we could leave and head on to the zoo.

I hope he knows I’m totally pissed off with him right now.  Today is starting to look like our family plans are not going to be attended by all of the family.  What was the point of us making plans to do something as a family, if he’s not able to actually do what we planned?  When he told Caleb that we would visit the Zoo here in New York for his birthday, I knew that would be a big mistake.  He knows better than to make a promise to a child that he knew he wasn’t able to keep.  Hell, if I’d known that he was here, doing work for his concert for tonight, I would’ve had Marty and David take us on to the hotel, so we could get some more rest, instead of having them bring us here.  I was under the impression that we came here to pick him up, so we could start our plans, but I see that was a mistake on my part.

“Daddy, is there something wrong?”  Caleb asked as we made it outside to the car, but Marty and David were nowhere around.

“No son, why do you ask?”  I asked, looking at him as he frowned at me.

“Because I had to walk fast to keep up with you,” he replied as I frowned.

“I—I’m sorry,” I said, pulling him to me and hugging him.  “I didn’t mean to drag you.  I’m just in a hurry to get our plans started is all.”

“I want to go to the zoo too Daddy,” he said as I noticed Marty walking around the corner of the building with David, following behind him, zipping up his pants.  Lawd, please tell me those two aren’t up to no good.

“Well security is here, so we get to go,” I said with a smile as I stood up and waved Marty over.  “It’s just the two of us, Justin isn’t coming, he’ll pop up later on when he’s done here.”

“Okay sir,” Marty spoke with that look that made me wonder if he really liked me or not and just tolerated me because I’m married to Justin.  “Are you ready to go?”

“Yes, we’re ready,” I replied as he opened the door as Caleb and I got into the backseat.

Almost Two Hours Later – Central Park Zoo


Damn, it’s been a long day and it’s not even one o’clock yet.  It’s a little after lunch time and I’m already beat.  So far, we’ve been around to see the snow monkeys, the grizzly bears, the sea lions and the pandas.  At each exhibit we visited, Caleb made sure he got a keepsake to remember that he came here to the Zoo.  Hell, he was so entertained by the grizzly bears, that we circled back to see them again and while we were there, he picked up another keepsake, a big stuffed grizzly bear, a teddy bear that’s bigger than he is.  I’m thankful that Marty and David are with us because I wasn’t able to carry everything he’s picked up so far.  I’m not trying to spoil the boy, but this is his birthday outing and I want it to be a memorable one, even if Justin isn’t here with us.

With some of Caleb’s energy levels waning, we got to sit down at a table to get some rest.  Yes, I need the rest, this little boy has walked me rampant, so to speak.  Now that we’ve gotten a bit of rest, we’re trying to decide what we’re going to do about lunch.  I thought Justin would’ve been around with us, but apparently, he’s not here yet.  When I get my hands on him, he might as well hang it up.

“Daddy, do they have hamburgers here?”  Caleb asked as I looked at the map of the park to see what was near us.

“I don’t know buddy boy,” I replied as I scanned the map closely, not happy with what I saw.  Hell, I don’t feel like walking all the way back to the front of the place to go to that little café we passed coming in and I sure as hell don’t want…

“Hello handsome,” I heard Justin’s voice as I turned around to see him hovering above me, standing behind the bench.

“Finally,” I said, giving him the ‘look’ as he frowned and then moved around the bench quickly as he sighed and then sat down next to me.  “You wait until we have a good moment alone.”

“I’m sorry baby,” he whispered to me.

“Yeah, I’m sure you will be when we have that good moment alone,” I whispered back to him as he frowned again.  “We’re trying to figure out what to do about lunch.”

“I already got that covered,” he said as he looked at me.  “Come on.”

“Where are we going?”  I asked as he stood up quickly and then pulled me up.

“Don’t worry about it, just come on,” he said as he took Caleb’s hand.  “Come on buddy, I know you want a burger.”

“How did you know that Justin?”  Caleb asked with a smile.

“Because that’s what my little man likes,” he said as Caleb giggled.

“Where are we going Justin?”  I asked as we walked along as I noticed that people were watching us.

“We’re almost there,” Justin replied as I saw Marty and David heading in opposite directions.

“Ah Justin, where are Marty and David going?”  I asked, noticing that we had exited the zoo and was walking down Fifth Avenue.

“They are going to put away Caleb’s things,” he answered as I shook my head.  “Don’t sweat it baby, we’re almost to where we’re going.”

“Are you sure?”  I asked, looking around as I noticed a few guys from his security detail walking near us.

Okay, now that I’ve recognized some of his security guys, I feel a bit better and safer.  I don’t want there to be another scene like it was when we were at the Landing in Jacksonville.  That was a horrible experience for Caleb to go through and I don’t want him to experience anything like that again, anytime soon.

“Daddy, look!”  Caleb squealed as we approached, I guess our destination.  “Look at all the people.”

“I see,” I replied, looking around as we trekked into Central Park.

Where are we going?  Why does it seem like Justin is being secretive all of a sudden?  I’m not liking this one bit and when I get the chance, I’m going to let him know just how I feel about all of this.  I didn’t drag me and Caleb here, just so he could work and leave us to our own devices.  We could’ve stayed back in Jacksonville and would’ve been just fine.  I’m tired and hungry and all of this is getting to be a bit…

“We’re here,” Justin announced as we arrived at a picnic table that was already decked out with food as a few of his tour crew worked on bringing more stuff to the table.

“What is all of this?”  I asked, trying to figure out what was going on around us.

“It’s our lunch,” he replied with a smile.

“Duh, I know what food looks like Justin,” I sarcastically said as he frowned.  “What is all of this?”

“I wanted to do something special for my husband and…” he said as I held up my hand, stopping him.

“So, you orchestrated some kind of special luncheon for us in a public park, where others could see and possibly intrude,” I said as he frowned again.  “What a perfect plan there Justin.”

“Baby,” he said as I shook my head and then held up my hand.  “What’s going on baby?  Why are you not happy about this?”

“Had I known you would be working today, Caleb and I could’ve stayed back in Jacksonville,” I said as he frowned again.  “Today was supposed to be about family, not you going off to work, leaving the two of us to do things by ourselves.”

“I—I’m sorry baby, there were some last-minute changes for tonight’s show and I…” he said as I shook my head.

“I’m sure you knew about those ‘last minute’ changes before we jumped on a plane to come out here,” I said as he sighed.  “We could’ve done this some other time.”

“Yes, we could have done this some other time, but I didn’t want to break my promise to Caleb,” he said as he looked down.  “I don’t want him thinking I’m a liar, baby.”

“He wouldn’t have thought you were a liar,” I said as he frowned.

“Baby, you know how he is about promises,” he said as we both looked over at Caleb as Marty kept him busy.  “I was only trying to keep my word to him.  I didn’t know there were going to be so many problems with the crew this morning.”

“Still, you just wait until we get a good moment alone,” I said as he sighed again.

“Okay, I’ll look forward to you reaming me a new one later on,” he said as I pulled him close and kissed his lips as Caleb giggled.  What is it with that boy with the giggling when he sees us kissing?

“I’m hungry, what do we have?”  I asked.

“To start, my buddy Caleb has a cheeseburger with all the fixings and some fries and milk,” Justin replied as he motioned with his head as Marty removed the cover from Caleb’s food.  “We have grilled salmon…”

“Ooooh, grilled salmon with what baby?”  I asked.

“Grilled salmon, seasoned with lemon,” he said as I rubbed my hands together in anticipation of the meal.  “Grilled peppers, steamed rice, garlic bread sticks and sweet tea.”

“Stop the talking and serve the food,” I said as he smiled and then got up as he moved around the table and then grabbed some food containers, placing one in front of me and the other in front of his spot.

“Buddy, there is another burger and fries, if that’s not enough,” he said, looking over at Caleb as he poked a few fries in his mouth.  Lawd, if he doesn’t slow down, he’s going to choke himself.  Why does he eat like that?  Did Heather not feed him enough?

“Okay Justin, thank you,” Caleb replied, taking a bite of the burger and then taking a sip of his milk.

“This looks so delicious,” I said as the aroma filled my nostrils.  Lawd, it’s on now.

He’s so lucky that I’m hungry right now.  Had it not been for those hunger pains in my gut, trying to take me out, I would still be on his case.  Besides, I don’t feel like keeping this drama going.  I’ll deal with him later on.  I think after I’ve calmed my nerves a bit, we’ll have a discussion about priorities and how he needs to deal with them in the future.  After an hour had passed, we were all done eating our meal and to say the least, I’m totally full.  I don’t know about Justin, but I don’t feel like dragging this body anywhere now.

“Are you okay baby?”  Justin asked as he looked at me.

“I’m full,” I answered as he smiled.

“I’m full too,” he said as he patted my leg.  “Do you want to go find a place to be alone, so you can fuss at me?”

“Naw, I’ll fuss at you later on,” I replied as he shook his head and then leaned in and kissed my lips.

“I don’t care if you fuss at me, I still love you baby,” he said as he draped his arm over my shoulder as Caleb played around with Marty.

Wow, it seems Marty is great with Caleb.  From what I know about the man, he’s never been married and he doesn’t have any kids.  The two of them seem to get along perfectly and so far, Caleb doesn’t have any complaints.  It’s almost as if Caleb has an adult playmate when Marty is around.  With the way things are going, I might have to lure him away from Justin and hire him to be a security guard and nanny for Caleb, mainly for when I’m on the road or when we’re out in about.

“Baby, what’s on your mind, besides being full?”  Justin asked, caressing my cheek.  “We have four hours of free time.  What are we going to do with it?”

“This is fine,” I replied as Caleb and Marty continued playing.  “Look at those two… They seem to be having a great time.”

“Yay, everybody enjoys playing freeze tag,” he said as I shook my head and then laughed.

“Well I’m stuck in this spot, I’m already frozen,” I said as I looked over the rim of my glasses at him.  “Speaking of frozen, I thought I saw ice cream and cake over there.”

“You did baby, but that’s for a later time,” he replied as I shook my head.

“Oh no, we’re not giving him ice cream and cake later on, for him to re-energize and run me rampant,” I said as Justin raised an eye at me.  “If he’s going to have the sweets, you best give it to him now, while there’s someone around to tire him out.”

“Okay baby,” Justin said, giggling as he got up from the bench and walked over to the containers were the food was.  “Hey buddy, I have a surprise for you.”

“You have a surprise for who?”  Caleb asked, stopping as he looked at Justin.

“For you buddy,” Justin replied as he motioned with his head for Caleb to come over.

“What is it?”  Caleb asked as he walked over to the table, standing next to Justin.

“This,” Justin replied as he lifted the cover off of one of the containers, revealing the cake and ice cream.  “Happy Birthday again.”

“Oh boy, cake and ice cream,” Caleb said as he turned and looked at me.  “Daddy, we having cake and ice cream?”

“Y’all are having cake and ice cream, I’m too full for anything else,” I replied, waving my hand dismissively at the two of them.  “Enjoy yourself sonny boy.”

“Okay Daddy,” Caleb replied as Justin grabbed a bowl from another container and then cut the cake, placing the slice into the bowl and then dipped out some ice cream, adding it to the side of the cake in the bowl.

“Here you go buddy,” Justin said as he prepared another bowl with cake and ice cream in it.  “Marty, you want some?”

“Sure thing sir,” Marty replied as he walked over as Justin pointed at the cake and the ice cream.

Later that Evening – Madison Square Gardens

Justin’s POV

Lord, please give me the peace and serenity to overlook the crazy people around me, because if you give me strength, JT’s going to need bail money to get me out of jail.  With all the crap going on, I can’t believe someone was stupid enough to place a damn paper cup, full of liquid, atop an amplifier!  What the hell was that person thinking?  I don’t know what that person was thinking, but they couldn’t have been using common damn sense.  Did they actually think them placing a cup of damn water on top of an amplifier would be safe?

“Justin, half of the stage electronics aren’t working properly,” one of the crew technicians spoke as I shook my head.  “The guy from the city is here to look things over also.”

“So basically, the show isn’t going to be a go, is that it?”  I asked, looking at the technician as he shrugged his shoulders and then slunk backwards, moving away from me.

“Look, am I going to be able to perform here tonight or what?”  I asked as another technician walked over to where I and the guy was.  “What’s the real problem here?”

“The real problem here is when the amplifier blew, it sent a surge through all the nearby circuits, causing everything connected to short,” the other guy said as I shook my head.

“Is there a way around these problems?”  I asked as the guy nodded his head.  “Which is?”

“Reschedule your concert for a later time, a different day,” he suggested as I shook my head.

“I can’t do that, this show has to go off tonight,” I said, thinking about all the crap Sheldon talked with me about tonight’s show and how bad I need to get back into the swing of things.

“Right now, we can try to patch things up, but it’s not a guarantee,” the guy said as I motioned with my hand for him to get to it.  My show is supposed to be starting soon.

This is outrageous!  Is someone trying to cause problems for me today or what?  Because of the actions of one dumb ass person, things have been delayed.  My crew has been doing their best to replace things and get things set up, in a working order, but the people here at Madison Square Gardens’ are acting as if they could care less if my show went on or not.  I wonder what’s up with that shit?

I’m really waiting for the next bomb to drop around here.  With all that’s happened to me today, I don’t think this show is really going to go off without a hitch, like it should.  One of the stage crew has been on the phone for the last hour, trying to get the needed equipment here and the way she’s looking, I don’t think she’s had much luck either.  We have less than an hour left to get things fixed, so the show can start without any problems.  I don’t feel like having to go through the process of having to refund customers’ their money back and reschedule a show.  If I have to, I will do this show acapella, like they did shows back in the old days.  I have too much on my plate and rescheduling a one-night show isn’t something I have time for.

“Yo Justin, if we don’t put too much strain on the power system, things should work out fine,” one of the stage technician’s stated as he walked over with a clipboard.  “You may not get to use some of your special pyrotechnics in this show, but you’ll be able to keep the music and the screens going.”

“Great,” I said as I looked around.  “So, things will start as scheduled?”

“We’re going to try that, being that you weren’t able to properly rehearse,” the guy said with a weak smile.

“Well I’ll pray that everything goes off without a hitch,” I said as I shook the man’s hand and then walked towards the area where JT and Caleb were supposed to be.

A Few Hours Later – The Samson-Chek Hotel – Justin and JT’s Hotel Suite

“Baby, is he still asleep?”  Justin asked as he, JT and Marty walked into the room.

“Yeah, he’s out like a light,” JT replied as he turned his head to look at Caleb in his arms.  “He’s been out since way before we left the Square.”

“Do you want me to take him JT?”  Marty asked as he looked over at JT.

“I’m good,” JT replied with a smile.  “I’ll just put him to bed and I’ll be right back.”

“So, did JT talk with you?”  Justin asked, looking over at Marty.

“No sir, is there something wrong?”  Marty asked, looking at Justin with a concerned look on his face.

“No, there’s nothing wrong at all,” Justin responded as he stepped closer to Marty.  “It seems there…”

“He’s in bed and I’m starved,” JT announced as he reentered the room, stopping Justin and Marty’s talk.  “Did I miss something?”

“No baby, I was just about to tell Marty about what a good job he’s been doing with Caleb,” Justin stated as Marty looked at him and then over at JT.

“Oh good,” JT said with a smile. “So, are you going to do it Marty?”

“Do what?”  Marty asked, looking at JT strangely as Justin shook his head and then giggled.

“Baby, I didn’t ask him yet,” Justin spoke, looking over at JT as Marty just looked between both men.

“You haven’t asked me what sir?”  Marty spoke, looking at Justin.

“We would like to know if you would be interested in coming to work full time for us,” Justin stated as he looked at Marty.  “Meaning you’d be one of our personal security guards and Caleb’s protector when he’s out and about in public.  What do you say?”

“Full time, meaning all the time, twenty-four seven?” Marty spoke as Justin nodded his head.  “I… Ah… I don’t know what to say sir.”

“There’s a raise in it for you if you say yes,” JT stated with a smile.  “There are plenty of benefits of this position.”

“Such as what sir?”  Marty asked, looking over at JT.

“More money, you get to live with us, you wouldn’t be constantly changing projects and working for other people.  We would be the only ones you work for,” JT stated, still smiling.  “Plus, you’d have constant company when Caleb is around, he enjoys hanging out with you, it seems.”

“He’s a good kid sir,” Marty replied as he rubbed his head.  “A raise would be good and not changing clients often would be great.  When do I need to give you two an answer?”

“There’s no rush in this matter,” JT stated as he walked around Marty and got close to Justin.  “Man, I’m calling room service and order food.  You want something?”

“Yeah, just get me whatever you’re going to get,” Justin responded as JT raised an eye at him.

“I don’t think that would work,” JT stated as Justin looked at him.  “I’m in the mood for tons of junk food and…”

“You?  You’re going to get junk food?”  Justin asked, fake gasping as he shook his head.  “I knew there was a junk food nut in there somewhere.”

“I eat junk food, just not often handsome,” JT stated as he walked over to the phone and pressed the number on the phone to call room service.  “I feel like pizza, fries and a milk shake.”

“Sounds good to me,” Justin stated with a smile.

“Marty, do you want something?”  JT asked, looking over at the man.

“No thank you, I picked up something before we left the venue,” Marty replied with a smile.  “But thanks anyway.  If I’m needed, I’ll be in the room.”

“Alright Marty,” Justin replied as he waved as JT sat down on the sofa in the room and talked on the phone, placing their order as he walked over to the windows in the room, looking out at the lights of the city.

Philadelphia, PA – FairView Mental Hospital – Heather’s Room

“What’s the problem here?”  The resident technician asked, walking into the room and turning on the lights.  “Is there a problem Heather?”

“No, there isn’t a problem,” Heather replied as she sniffled and then wiped at her eyes.

“If there’s no problem, why are you crying?”  The resident technician asked, stepping further into the room.

“I said there wasn’t a problem,” Heather stated, sniffling as the resident technician shook her head and then turned around, turning the light off in the room.  “Good fucking night.”

“Keep it up Heather, you’ll lose another day of privileges,” the resident technician stated as Heather shot her the bird.

“What is it with you Heather?”  The resident technician asked, turning the light back on in the room and leaning against the doorframe.  “Why is it always you that causes problems on my shift?  You know, I don’t like the ones like you that like to cause problems for me.  I like my shifts to go smoothly and right now, it’s not going that way.”

“Screw you,” Heather stated, waving her hand dismissively at the woman.

“No thank you, you’re not my type,” the resident technician spoke with a sneer.  “I hear your type is the kind that isn’t awake to say ‘no’ to you.  I’m awake and I know how to say ‘no’ and if you don’t listen to the words, I’m sure there are other conscious ways to get you off of me, unlike the guy you took advantage of while he was unconscious.”

“I didn’t take advantage of anyone,” Heather stated as she shook her head, covering her ears.  “Get out!  Get out of here!”

“That’s probably what that gay man would have said to you if he had known you were looking to have sex with him, but you didn’t give him that option, now did you?”  The resident technician asked, smirking as the tears streamed down Heather’s face more.  “How damn pitiful are you?  It’s a damn shame that you had to drug a gay man, wait for him to be unconscious and then have sex with him, just to get your damn thrill.  That’s some fucked up shit there.”

“Get the hell out!”  Heather screamed as the resident technician shook her head.

“Damn, you have to be real low on the damn chain if you had to stoop that low as to drug someone up and then rape them to get the pole,” the resident technician stated as she shook her head.  “Are you telling me that there were no other men available that you could get the pole from?  There weren’t any straight men around to get a stab at your cookie jar?  Come on, I want to know.  There weren’t any straight men around that wanted the cookie jar?”

“Why are you doing this?”  Heather asked as she wiped at her eyes, sliding to the back corner of her bed, leaning against the wall.  “I want you to leave and not come back!  Just leave me alone!”

“I’m sure that black guy would have said something like that, but you didn’t give him a chance to, now did you?”  The resident technician asked.

“No!  No, I didn’t give him a chance to do or say anything!”  Heather screamed as the resident technician’s eyes widened.  “Yes, I took advantage of him!  I took something from him, that he can never get back!  Is that what you wanted to fucking hear?  He said I was a monster and I guess I am, since all you fuckers keep treating me the same way!”

“What’s going on here?”  Another resident technician asked, walking into the room with Heather and the woman.

“It looks like Ms. Stewart is having a break-through,” the first resident technician stated with a smile.  “How long have I been down here?”

“Half an hour,” the other resident technician stated as the first turned around, turned off the light and then closed the door, leaving Heather in the corner of her bed, still crying.  “Are you going to call the counselor and report all of that?”

“Nah, she only said that to get a rise out of me,” the first resident technician stated as she looked into another room, checking on the patient in the room.  “She’s only seeking sympathy, she doesn’t really mean what she’s saying right now.  Had she meant it, she would’ve said it a long time ago, while she was in court, in front of a judge.  I think she’s only saying it now to get out of here.”

“I think I heard some emotion in that outcry,” the second resident technician stated with a frown.  “Maybe she’s finally coming to terms with her actions.”

“Maybe, maybe not,” the first resident technician stated as she shook her head.  “I still say she did it in an effort for her to get out of here.”

“Well think of it this way,” the second resident technician stated as she sighed.  “If she leaves here, she has nothing to go back to.  Once she’s released from here, she’s going to jail.  She’s lost the rights to her child and all the stuff she’s done will become public knowledge, she’ll have a felony record.”

“Well I guess she won’t be going back to Hollywood,” the first resident technician stated as the second sighed.

“No, she won’t be going back to Hollywood,” the second resident technician stated as they arrived at the resident station desk.  “She’ll be lucky to have any family interaction at all.”

“I guess she’ll have to see what the future holds,” the first resident technician stated as she took a seat and then started to type on the computer.

To Be Continued…