When The Glitter Turns Gold – Chapter 4

Chapter 4 — Illusionary Freedom

Jun 8, 2004 – Toronto, Ontario, Canada – Hotel Victoria – JT and Justin’s Hotel Room

Justin’s POV

What in the hell is going on around this place?  Is the whole world out to get us or what?  Why is this happening to us?  Our lives just started together and now we have another obstacle to overcome.  With all this new shit popping up, is that a damn sign that our lives together is destined to fail?

It’s been a whole damn day since JT was taken away from me at the hospital, by the damn police.  I thought they were only going to talk to him, but now I’m wondering what more is going on, since it doesn’t take a whole damn day to talk to someone.  What in the hell is really going on with that mess?  Hell, the most I was able to hear, when the cops were around is that this mess has something to do with whatever happened to Ken and the reasons for why he’s in the hospital right now.  I know JT didn’t have anything to do with Ken being in the hospital, but it seems the cops think he does.  Right now, Ken isn’t in any condition to tell anyone what happened to him.

Truly, I can give a fuck about why Ken is in the hospital.  My main concern is why my husband isn’t back here, with me and his son.  Why haven’t they let him go?  They were only supposed to be talking to him, so why do I feel like something more is going on?  It seems more like something else has happened that has led to him being locked behind bars, starring in his own made for TV movie about a black man, serving time in jail for a crime he didn’t commit.

Damn it all to hell!  Those creeps aren’t talking to him. Hell, when I went by the Toronto Police Service last night, to try to see if I could talk with him about Caleb, they wouldn’t allow me to.  With the way those creeps acted, I should’ve known something more was going on.  That was my clue to call Howard and tell him what was happening.  After talking with him, he assured me that he was going to do what he could to take care of things and that he would be here as soon as he could be.  I’m just waiting on his call to let me know that he’s arrived.

“Justin, where is my Daddy?”  Caleb asked as he rolled around on the bed as he looked up at me with that sad expression on his face that broke my heart all over again.  “I want my Daddy, Justin.”

“I know you do buddy, but he’s not here right now,” I replied as he looked down as the tears fell from his eyes as he clutched the teddy bear that JT had bought him yesterday, in his arms.

“Why isn’t he here Justin?  Where is he?”  He asked, sniffling.  “You said he would be back soon and he not here!”

“I know I said that buddy and I—I’m sorry,” I replied, sliding closer to him as I rubbed his back as he sniffled again.

“You—you said he would be here,” he said, sniffling again.

“I know I said that buddy, but—but he’s not finished handling the business he went to go take care of,” I said as he looked at me, his tear-stained face, breaking my heart all over again.

“That’s not true Justin, he—he doesn’t love me… Nobody loves me, that’s why he’s not here right now,” he declared as he looked back down at the teddy bear and then threw it on the floor as he turned away from me.  “He doesn’t love me… He doesn’t want me… Nobody wants me!”

“That’s not true buddy,” I said, dreading this topic with him.

“It’s true Justin!”  He snapped, sliding out of the bed quickly as he ran into the bathroom, slamming the door shut.

“Caleb!”  I called out as I rushed over to the bathroom door, turning the knob, but it was locked.  Yeah, he’s JT’s son all right.  It seems his kid likes to hide in bathrooms too.  “Come on buddy, open the door.”

“No! Leave me ‘lone Justin,” he said as I could hear him sniffling more.  “Just leave me ‘lone, nobody wants me an’way, just leave me here by m’self!”

“Caleb, buddy please open the door,” I said as I tried turning the knob again.  “Come on buddy, open the door and come out here.”

“No!”  He screamed out.

“I’m not leaving this door young man,” I sternly said, feeling a bit defeated, but I wasn’t going to give up right now.

Why in the hell is this happening with him?  Why is he acting this way?  It took me a long time to calm him down yesterday when he started this scene and here it is, he’s started the scene all over again.  It seems Caleb has some abandonment issues, but why does it seem like it’s been enhanced, now that he’s here around with JT?

Why is he acting this way?  Has Heather abandoned him at some point in his life?  Has she left him alone for a long period of time, making him think that she wasn’t coming back to him?  What has that woman done to this kid, to make him think that nobody wants him?  Why does this kid feel that nobody wants him and that I’m just going to leave him alone in here?  That’s not going to happen.  As long as I’m married to JT, that little boy will always have one of us around.

The Airport

Howard’s POV

Thank you God, I’m on the ground!  I’m glad the plane landed safely.  With all the turbulence the plane experienced during the flight, I’m lucky to be here right now.  Now that I’m here, I can find out what’s going on with the on-going soap opera that seems to be JT’s life.

When Justin first called and informed me of what had happened at the hospital, I was under the impression that JT was just going down for a little talk as Justin had stated.  I should’ve known better than to believe that line.  My suspicions about the so-called talk were correct when Justin called me back and told me that the police wasn’t allowing JT to be seen and they wouldn’t give him any information about what was going on.  That was my cue to go ahead and jump on the next plane coming here, so I could handle things and get JT and Justin back together, so I could have some peace in my own life.  Once I get to the bottom of things going on with JT, maybe I’ll finally achieve the peace that I’ve been wanting for a long time.

Most of the time, I don’t know what’s going on in my own life now-a-days.  I shouldn’t have let my guard down on things.  I know that when the police get involved in anything dealing with celebrities, it’s never a thing about talking, it’s always a thing about someone getting locked behind bars and their rights being trampled on, mainly because the police wants to knock the so-called celebrity down a peg or two.  With this madness, I don’t believe they should be trying to knock JT down a peg or two, he’s been knocked down enough lately and I thought with this marriage to Justin, his life was turning around.  Hell, with this shit happening, I guess I was wrong about that.  I guess this is another mess, created by others that I have to clean up to keep his life from spiraling out of control.

“This must not be JT’s year to have a drama free life,” I said as I hopped into the waiting taxi as I headed to the Toronto Police Service to deal with things concerning JT.

Once I get this mess with JT solved, I think I’m going to call it quits and try to focus on my own life for once.  He’s been telling me for years that I needed to work on me.  I guess now is the time for me to do just that.  I’m getting too old to be doing this and I haven’t focused on my life to make myself happy.  I’ve spent the last twenty years of my life, making other people happy.  Well that’s about to change…

Kyle Chamber’s POV

What in the hell am I doing here?  I—I can’t just leave him like that.  I have to go make sure that he’s okay.  I—I never should’ve come here.  I should’ve just stayed home and waited for him to come back…  By then, I would’ve been angrier than I was the other night and things probably would’ve played out the same way, just in a different place.

Now that I’ve calmed down and see things clearly, I have to go to him and make him understand how I felt about things that night.  I can’t let things stay the way they are.  I love him and I can’t allow him to do what he’s been doing.  I’ve given him the last five years of my life and if I’d known that he was going to up and do this, I could’ve been with someone else—someone else that really loves me, not deal with this shit from him!

“How dare he cheat on me with some other man,” I said aloud as a woman that sat across from me, looked up at me and then got up from her seat and then moved over to another set of seats.

He told me that he would never cheat on me, that he loved me and wouldn’t dare do something like that.  So, if he loves me so much, why in the hell is he here with his sister’s kid?  Why have I seen him meeting up with his fucking ex, multiple times no less?  There has to be something to that, since the two of them are here at the same time.  They must be getting back together again.  Well they’ll get back together over their dead bodies damn it!

Half Hour Later – Toronto Police Service

“Hi, I’m here to see my client John Poole,” Howard stated as he stood at the entrance desk.

“Sorry, but visiting hours are over.  The time to visit with your client has passed,” the person behind the desk informed Howard.

“No, you’re not hearing me.  I need to see my client,” Howard stated as he opened his briefcase and pulled out a legal pad and pen.  “You people took my client into custody earlier and didn’t give him the right to call his lawyer, which happens to be me.”

“Again sir, I’m sorry, but the time to see your client has passed,” the person behind the desk stated again as Howard shook his head and then turned around.

“When I return here, my client better be in a state to see me or this place will have sanctions imposed against it,” Howard stated as he walked away, writing information down on his legal pad.

Hotel Victoria – The Floor of JT and Justin’s Hotel Room

Darren’s POV

Why in the hell am I actually here?  Oh yeah, I’m here, like a damn fool, to collect a grown ass man.  What in the hell is wrong with those damn fools, sending me here, to collect JT, like he’s some damn object.  He’s a grown damn man, not a damn thing that can be controlled.

Why in the hell did I let those damn vultures convince me into coming here in the first place?  Why did I let them tell me that if I didn’t come here to get him, to bring him back to Jacksonville, the company would go down the damn drain?  The way they talked and acted the other morning, they act as if JT’s the sole bread-and-butter of the damn company.  Hell, to listen to Marc and Jarrod talk, they sometimes act like he’s the sole proprietor of the damn record label.

If JT’s group is the only act the label has that’s worth something to the damn company, why are any of us wasting our time, working there, trying to recruit new acts?  My biggest question is, why am I trying to keep this damn act going?

From what I’ve heard from others in the company and members of JT’s tour staff, JT isn’t looking to continue performing.  Based on how the company reacted to Jarrod and Marc’s recent actions, I don’t blame him.  From all the things I’ve been told, if I was JT, I wouldn’t want to keep performing under contract with the company either.  If they would allow Marc and Jarrod to do what they did to him, they’ll let those fools do it to someone else.  Knowing those two, they probably already have.

“You, what are you doing up here?”  A tall black man asked as he walked towards me.

“I’m Darren Hay…” I replied as the man shook his head and then pointed behind me.  “What?”

“You aren’t allowed on this floor,” the man said as he pushed me backwards.  “Take it back to the elevator and then go someplace else.”

“Excuse me… I’m not about to leave here,” I said as the man looked at me with one eye raised as he shook his head again.

“Look, you don’t have to leave the hotel, but you need to leave this floor,” the man stated as he smiled and then pulled a phone from his pocket.  “You can turn around and leave on your own accord or I can help you leave.  Choose one and choose wisely.”

“Fine, I’ll turn around and leave,” I said as I turned around and walked back to the elevator.

Damn, was that one of JT’s security guys?  If so, he’s really keeping security beefed up, but for what?  What could’ve happened to make him have security on guard like that?  Now, I really need to know what’s going on with ‘Mutual Attraction’.

Howard’s POV

That was a complete waste of my damn time. I knew I should’ve gotten the American Embassy involved in this madness, before I even ventured there.  These people are going to make me resort to doing things I normally shouldn’t have to do.  When I’m done with this country, they probably won’t allow me back into it, for fear I would cause the economic value to go down a notch.

“It serves them right for denying my client the right to counsel,” I said as I walked through the lobby of the hotel as I walked over to the elevator and pressed the call button.  Now, I just need to find the room that Justin has set up for me and call it a night or whatever.”

Now that I’m here at the hotel where JT and Justin are staying, I can brief Justin on what’s happened so far and what I’ve tried to do.  What’s taking this thing so long?  The sooner I get up there and talk to Justin, the sooner I can get to the room and get some much-needed sleep.  Maybe I should just take the damn stairs.  I need to get some rest, so I can be up in the morning to take care of things with JT and hopefully get him out of jail.  I feel the day is going to be a really hectic one, since it’s already after two in the morning and I’m still awake, trying to get things settled.  I’m tired as hell right now, so I know when I wake up again, I’m not going to be worth shit.

“Finally,” I said as I stepped into the elevator and then rode it up to the floor reserved for JT and Justin.

As I stepped out of the elevator, I noticed a tall black man that stood across the hall.  He walked over to where I stood with what looked like a sarcastic smile on his face.  Who is this guy?  Is this one of JT’s security guys or what?  He looks gruesome, but he looks sexy too.  I don’t need any drama right now, so I hope he isn’t here to cause any trouble.

“Good morning Mr. Marshall, Justin is waiting for you in the last room on the left,” the man spoke as he pointed down the hall, smiling at me.

“Ah, thanks for the information,” I replied as the man patted me on the back as I turned and walked down the hall to the room he indicated.

As I stopped at the door, I looked back to see that the man was watching me as he waved.  Okay Howard, get your mind out of the gutter.  I don’t have time for this.  It’s the middle of the night and I need to talk with Justin and then get to bed.  Ready to knock on the door, it opened quickly and there stood Justin, with a saddened look on his face.

“Justin, are you okay?”  I asked as he stepped aside to allow me entry into the room.

“No, not really, but I’ll be okay,” he replied as I looked at him as he just shook his head.

“Are you sure Justin?  You look as if you haven’t gotten any rest at all,” I said as he nodded his head and then yawned.  “You might need to turn in too.”

“I’ve been trying to, but that’s a hard thing to do, having a little kid around that thinks he’s been abandoned,” Justin stated as I looked over his shoulder to see a little boy lying on the bed.  I take it that’s JT’s son.  “Besides that, what news do you have for me?”

“I—I don’t have any news at the moment Justin,” I replied as he frowned.  “When I got to the station, they wouldn’t even allow me to talk to him either.”

“They have him locked away from me and his son.  What—what are we going to do about this Howard?”  Justin asked as he sighed and then looked down, shaking his head.  “He didn’t do anything, he’s innocent.  He hasn’t done anything wrong to be locked up for.”

“I know Justin,” I replied as he shook his head.

“I think I need to call in some special help and get the media involved in this and then we’ll see what the police thinks about that,” Justin stated as I shook my head, placing a hand on his shoulder to stop him.

“I don’t think that’s such a good idea Justin,” I said as he looked at me and then folded his arms across his chest.  “The media is JT crazy already.  I don’t think adding more to that frenzy is needed.”

“Howard, they said they were going to talk to him and there ain’t that much talking in the damn world,” Justin said as he shook his head and then threw his hands up.  “Those fools wouldn’t even let me see him.  They wouldn’t even let me tell him about his son.  That’s a sign that something’s up.”

“I know Justin, but I don’t need you compounding the issue of him being locked up right now,” I said as he looked at me again.  “Just let me do what I do and you stay here and try to stay calm.”

“Try to stay calm?  Are you kidding me Howard?  It’s hard for me to stay here and stay calm… My husband is in jail… My husband is in jail for something he hasn’t done,” Justin stated as the little boy on the bed moved around.

“Right now, there’s nothing we can do about things.  I’ll see you in the morning.  Until then, get back to him and do what you can to keep him calm,” I said as he looked around at the bed and then frowned.

“Okay Howard, I’ll do my best to do as you ask.  Thank you for coming over here to help us out,” he said as he smiled weakly and then shook my hand.

“Just get some rest and I’ll let you know when I know something more,” I said as I patted him on the back as we walked to the door as I saw the hot black guy again.

“Okay Howard, I’ll talk with you later on,” he said as the black guy just stood there, watching us.  If Justin had said something more, I don’t think I heard it.  The only thing I could think of was getting into bed with that black guy, getting in next to me and the two of us making love until the sun comes up.  “Howard…”

“Ah yeah, I’ll call you later on when I know something.  I—I’m going to go ahead and get to bed.”

“K’ Howard, you have a good night… Pinky will show you to your room,” Justin said as he looked at me strangely as I walked out of the room.

The Next Day – Toronto Police Service – The Holding Area

“When are you fuckers letting me out of here?”  JT asked as one of the officers glared at him.  “I haven’t done anything wrong to be locked up for!  I want to call my lawyer!  My rights have been trampled on and violated royally!”

“Quiet down or I’ll give you something to really shout about singer boy,” the officer stated as he looked at JT and then pointed his baton at him.

“Oh yeah, what is it that you’re going to give me?”  JT asked as he looked up at the officer like he was crazy.  “I dare you to touch me; I’ll forever own your life and the lives of your kids if you do.”

“You’re not in America any fucking more superstar, you’re in Canada now,” the officer stated as he looked around at JT with a strange smirk on his face.  “Don’t make me teach you a new trick…”

“I’ve already said what I needed to say here,” JT stated as he smiled at the officer.  “I double dog dare you.”

“That’s it; I’ve had enough of you!”  The officer screamed as the door behind him opened up as Howard stood there with two other men.

“That will be enough out of you.  I’ve heard enough also,” Howard stated as he walked over to the holding cell where JT was.  “JT, are you okay this morning?”

“I’ll be fine when I’m out of here and able to get back to my son and my husband,” JT replied as he looked at Howard.

“You, open this up,” Howard demanded as he looked at one of the men that accompanied him into the area.  “Get him out of there right now.”

“Hell no, you don’t give orders around here man,” the first officer objected.

“At this point in time, I do give the orders around here when those orders pertain to this man,” Howard stated as one of the men nodded his head as the officer looked at the man strangely, groaned out loud, pulled the cell keys from his pocket and then unlocked the cell door.  “Thank you.”

“I thank you too,” JT said as he stepped out of the holding cell and then glared at the other officer.  “I’m not going to say my stay here was a nice one… Are we leaving now Howard?”

“Not yet,” Howard replied as he looked over at the other men.  “The police still need to find out what happened to your friend.  From what they told me, your fingerprints were the only prints found at the scene of the aforementioned crime—a crime I still don’t understand why you were charged with, when you have multiple alibis.”

“You know, that’s the same thing I said to that damn investigator Lawrence Hudson.  Howard, he violated my rights here,” JT stated as he shook his head.  “Everyone here is responsible for violating my rights!”

“Yes JT, I know that, but I need you to calm down and let me do my job here,” Howard stated as JT turned around and looked at him.

“No Howard, I want that creep charged with a crime,” JT stated as he pointed his finger at Howard.  “You’re not getting the big picture here Howard.  That man violated my rights and allowed these people here to do the same thing.  He questioned me for hours on end and wouldn’t let me call you, the multiple times I asked to call you.”

“JT please,” Howard said as he held up his hand.

“Fine then,” JT stated as he crossed his arms across his chest as he leaned against the wall.

“I need all the paperwork for the charges against my client and I need his belongings,” Howard started as he looked at one of the officers.

“We didn’t take his belongings from him,” one of the officers spoke.

“You’re a lie!”  JT snapped as Howard rolled his eyes.  “You took my phone to keep me from calling him!”

“JT,” Howard spoke as JT shook his head again and then closed his mouth.  “Let me handle this.”

“Fine,” JT stated as he turned his back to the men and Howard.

A Few Hours Later – Hotel Victoria – JT and Justin’s Hotel Room

“Daddy!”  Caleb squealed as he ran over to JT, jumping into his arms and hugging him around his neck.  “I missed you Daddy.”

“I missed you too little buddy,” JT stated as he kissed the top of Caleb’s head.

“I missed you too baby,” Justin stated as he walked over to JT and wrapped his arms around JT’s waist as they kissed.  “I’m glad you’re back here, safe and sound baby.”

“I missed you two more,” JT stated as the tears streamed down his face.

“Daddy, you okay?”  Caleb spoke as he looked JT in the face.

“I’m okay Caleb, I’m just glad that I’m back here with my two favorite guys in the whole wide world,” JT stated as he pulled Caleb to him and hugged him close.  “I love you two very much.”

“I love you too Daddy,” Caleb replied as Howard cleared his throat.

“No one has forgotten about you,” Justin said as he moved away from JT and Caleb and walked over to Howard.  “Thank you very much for bringing my man back to me.”

“You’re very welcomed,” Howard stated as Justin shook his head and then pulled him close, hugging him around the neck.

“I don’t know what I would’ve done if you hadn’t come here to solve this problem for us,” Justin stated as Howard smiled.

“Well the problem isn’t completely solved yet,” Howard stated as he looked down and then frowned.  “This issue won’t be solved until Ken wakes up to reveal what really happened to him.”

“When I talked to Ken at the hospital, he wasn’t quite in the talking mood, to tell me about what actually happened the night that caused him to end up in the hospital, in his current condition,” JT stated as he looked down.  “I just hope him getting hurt has nothing to do with my family, in any way.”

“Say what?  Do you think Vanessa or James had something to do with Ken getting hurt?”  Justin asked as he turned and looked at JT.

“I wouldn’t put anything past either of them,” JT replied as he shook his head.

“I don’t think Vanessa or James, for that matter would do something to Ken.  If they were going to hurt a guy, I’m sure it would’ve been Marc or Justin…” Howard stated as Justin gasped, interrupting him.

“Hey,” Justin said as he looked over at Howard.

“I’m just saying man,” Howard responded as he held up his hands.  “If they were going to hurt someone, it wouldn’t be Ken, he was ages ago.  Hell, if they wanted to get somebody that caused problems, that they know, it should’ve been Wes or Cameron.”

“Howard, we’re not going to hash out which of my ex-boyfriends deserve to get the ‘Creep of the Year’ award or which one was the worst that my parents would try to off,” JT stated as Justin shook his head.  “Besides, we have young ears in the room.”

“Good point,” Howard spoke as Justin turned around.

“So, what are we going to do now?  Can we actually leave here?”  Justin asked with a concerned look on his face.

“You can go back to Jacksonville, to JT’s home,” Howard stated with a small smile.  “So far, the evidence that the police service has against JT is minimal at best and not good enough to actually hold him on.  So far, I’ve subpoenaed the surveillance footage from the hotel and the surrounding areas and JT’s alibis are all ready to be shown to a court, if need be.”

“Well that’s good to know,” Justin responded with a smile.

“I can actually say I’ve had enough of Canada, to last me for a long while,” Justin stated as he shook his head.

“You telling me,” JT stated as he put Caleb down on the bed.  “Let’s get our things packed, so we…”

“I don’t have anything to pack Daddy,” Caleb stated with a frown.

“You have to pack the things we bought the other day,” JT stated as he smiled weakly at Caleb.  “I’m sure we’ll get you some new things when we get home.”

“When we get home?  So—so you taking me home with you Daddy?”  Caleb asked as Justin and Howard looked over at JT.

“Why wouldn’t I take you home with me?”  JT asked as he knelt down in front of Caleb, caressing his cheeks.  “You’re my little boy and we’re going home.”

“Okay Daddy,” Caleb replied as he hugged JT around the neck as Justin let go of the breath he had been holding in.

To Be Continued…